Your University magazine 2022-23

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Gordon Paterson Stayed on Conduit 1995–96. Remember walking home through the snow after a night on the town and met a couple skiing towards us

Claire Geoghegan I remember borrowing dinner trays from Tapton Hall and using them as sledges to get down Conduit Road when it was a sheet of ice...much safer than skidding by foot from one parked car to another, using their wing mirrors to hold on to. Fun times!

Louis Vis My legs are still stiff from climbing this hill every day for two years

Linda Woodham I know this sounds incredible, but I brought my bike to Uni in my first year. We were in Tapton...The ride down to the history dept was incredible, I just pushed off and coasted. The ride back I only attempted twice, and then got my parents to take the bike back home


Tanya Boden Ha! 1985-6 I lived in the upstairs house with that garden with the hole in the fence to the gym – used to go back into our kitchen via the back fire escape.

Rhian Whitley No.17 ladies & gents, there it is! Slugs in the kitchen and ice inside the windows – but what fun was had in that house!

Claire Remember finding a coffin (empty) in the cellar of our flat – gave it to the goths upstairs

Stuart Hamer Wow. That’s where I lived in my first year. Right behind the gym. There was a hole in the fence in our back yard that we used. These pictures bring back a lot of memories. This was back in 1986–1987.

Fernando Taffoya Wow... this brought back memories... I would love to visit again sometime. Sheffield will always be my home away from home.


Tuna Veysi Visiting 39 Parkers Road in 2016 after 59 years was very exciting. Great friends were there in 1957–1961. Enjoyed every moment of the Department of Architecture. In 2020 we saw our grandchild graduating from Accounting and Financial Management. Pity we could not enjoy [on campus], but an online ceremony we participated in in Cyprus. Cheers to ALL from Parkers Rd.

Andrew Burgess Notty House had great Tetley Beer on hand pump. Also lunchtime home made chilli 30p per bowl 1979

Georgie Godby We used to go to the Notty after fencing club training. Happy memories!

It does not matter what road it is; Sheffield is always a nice place to study.” Ahmad Azizuddin 2022/2023 | YOUR UNIVERSITY 27