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Let us celebrate you As the daughter of Mary Nelson Hunt ’70 and Ken Hunt ’69, I have been grateful to serve as my class notes reporter for several years, as it encourages me to check in on my friends regularly and keeps me in the loop of all that is happening with my classmates. I have even forged new Bulldog friendships through my service! I share my fondest memories and deepest friendships with those I studied with in Salzburg, fall 1994. Those experiences shaped my years at Redlands and were the very reason I chose the University. The same goes for my parents. Now, I am a mother to three daughters: a college freshman, high school junior, and high school freshman. (My mother and her friends are happy to know my girls are just as sassy as I am, so karma has come to roost!) I will always be grateful for my years at Redlands and the class reporting that keeps me connected.

—Heather Hunt Dugdale ’96 To volunteer as a class notes reporter or to send contact information updates, please contact ochtamale@redlands.edu.

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