Och Tamale Summer 2021 - University of Redlands

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Dailyn Brown ’04 and Eric Sellers celebrate a beautiful fall wedding in Borrego Springs, California.

Keegan Tanghe ’04, Mike Werner ’04, Luke Willard ’04, and Brad Wenzel ’04 (left to right) play golf.

Jocelyn Buzzas Arthun ’06 and her husband, Mark, enjoy their new life in Malaysia.

Robyn Stringfellow ’05 (in red) thrives on transforming public education.

Casey Sylvester Daniel ’99, ’20 celebrates her 10th wedding anniversary in Jamaica with her husband, Steve, and friends.

Preet Srivastava ’94 displays her art at the Fresh Paint Gallery in La Jolla, California.

Elizabeth Mackey-Sall ’04 joins a new law firm in Santa Barbara, California.