Och Tamale Summer 2021 - University of Redlands

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“ Thirty years ago, I began teaching English literature at the University of Redlands with no idea of the excitement in store for me. I’ve offered courses in Romantic poetry and critical theory; Johnston seminars in Dante, Freud, and queer culture; and a regular interdisciplinary honors seminar embracing philosophy, anthropology, physics, opera, and Shakespeare. All my interests have been deepened by discussion with marvelous students. Happily settled in my Johnston Center office, I’ve enjoyed easy camaraderie with colleagues and students, directors, staff members, and housekeepers. Now that I’ve retired, I have made a bequest to Johnston in gratitude to Redlands for giving me a home among the best of friends.” —Daniel Kiefer, professor emeritus of English

Myrtle C. Quisenberry† Deborah R. Rada and Ronald I. Duvall Joseph W. ’47† and Maribelle Righter ’47† Rainville Robert A. Ramsay ’58† Kathryn Hansen Rawlinson ’61 Helen Hanges Reagan ’79† Helen Doss Reed ’54† Gwen Reid ’55† Robert N. ’72 and Ann A. Reiland Thomas R. ’61† and Louise Richardson Charles F. ’52† and Shirley Collins ’52 Rieger Barbara Cram Riordan ’62 Stuart M. ’52 and Marilyn H. Ripley † Deceased


Martha G. Robbins† Katharine A. Roberts ’54† Geoff S. ’96, ’98 and Rachel Johnson Roche ’96, ’02 Frederick A. and Linda J. ’62 Roesch Jack† and Mary† Roesch William N. Roethlisberger ’61 William E. ’40† and Jo† Roskam J. Gerald ’29† and Margaret Christensen ’30† Ross Ray S. ’53† and Gail Ruth ’54 Roulette Stanford H. Rowe ’64 John Ruark ’73 (JC) and Terri S. Stein Nancy and George Rupp Thomas P. Sargent Jr. ’70†

(JC) Johnston Center for Integrative Studies


Faire Virgin Sax ’32† Lorietta S. Scheerer ’29† Marco C. Schindelmann ’02 Robert K. ’72 and Vicki Betraun ’72 Schraner R. Christan ’65 and Jo Ann Schriner Laurence A. ’39† and Pauline E.† Scott Robert B. ’49† and Joann Leland ’51† Scott Forrest Sears ’55 Steven W. Seaworth ’91 Patsy Hall Seeley ’40† Shirley Starr Selkirk ’54 Miriam B. Serfass ’62† Thomas W. ’31† and Margaret V.† Sering J. Charles ’63, ’65 and Mei Ling Shackelton Caleb Elroy ’36† and Carol Calvin ’37† Shikles Virginia Williamson Shilling ’45† Zea Shimahara ’88 Courtney A. Shucker II ’68† Clinton Eugene ’40† and Dorothy Holmes ’41† Sill Robert L. ’62 and Linda Nelson ’62 Simms Daniel L. and Jean Montgomery ’59 Simonsen Dave ’96, ’14 and Gabrielle Gómez ’96, ’01 Singh Richard L. ’61† and Nancy H. Sjoberg Margaret Megredy Sloan ’55† Arthur W. ’50† and Gail Hollensteiner ’50† Smith Benjamin E. Smith ’37† Conway W. ’39† and Marjorie Frisius ’42† Snyder James and Diana ’82 Sommer James M. Sommerville ’46† Leslie P. Spelman† Helen Hall Splivalo ’31† J. Dennis ’56 and Sandy Robbins ’55† Staley David A. ’66 and Lana Skugrud ’67 Stanley Homer E. ’29† and Elizabeth W.† Stavely Claude E. ’55† and Anna-Mae Hoyt ’56 Stephenson Roy B.† and Irene L. Stephenson Shelli Stockton Chris and Colleen† Strand Rosanne W. Stratton ’81† Elizabeth A. Strong ’64 Robert Lee Stuart Warren I. ’68 and Tara Ryan ’71 Swanson Alton M. ’71 and Beryl Takabayashi N. Anthony ’63 and Sherryl Morrison ’64 Taylor Harold W. ’39† and Dorothy M.† Thompson Sylvia Akins Thompson†

Charles H. ’58 and Barbara Campbell ’58† Thorman David G. ’63 and Mary Alice Thornton William ’53† and Iola T. ’55† Threatt John M. ’64 and Karen Tincher Sandra Cerato ’62 Tinsley Leland H. ’63 and Mary Ann S. ’63 Tipton Collin ’67 and Linda† Tong John H. ’54† and Carol J. Townsend Ron ’64 and Sheila Troupe Thomas C. ’63 and Diane Tustin Dwight E. Twist ’37† Josephine E. Tyler† Bruce A. ’41† and Rebecca† Valentine Edith Cortner Valley ’35† Lois Corr Vance ’56 Kurt Van Horn ’66 Elizabeth Milsaps Van Iersel ’79† Juliette Vincour Venitsky ’44† Helen V. Vickroy ’38† George A. Vorpagel ’61† Mervyn R. ’40† and June S.† Voth Wilbur N. ’52† and Laura Walker ’36† Vroman Randy W. ’88 and Christina Walker Jo Ann Wall ’92 Ray and Judi Watts Wayne W. ’52† and Margaret Huebner ’52 Welch Anita R. West W. Richard ’65 and Mary Beth West Jason Doyle Whitlock ’04 Jean Oliver Whitt ’63 Robert G. ’56† and Marion Draper ’57 Wiens James R. Wieschendorff Family Chuck Wilke ’64 Richard O. Williams† David G. Wilson ’65 David L. Wilson ’63 Lois Fair Wilson ’45† Richard J. and Liz Wilson Harold S. Wood ’42† Laurence K.† and Barbara C.† Wormser Kathryn M. Wuest ’41† Randall L. ’66 and Sharon Uzzel ’66 Young Stephen A. ’61 and Lois M. Yung Charles N. ’42† and Dorothy Marti ’42† Ziilch LeAnn Zunich ’76, ’08

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