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After reminiscing with one of his classmates, Wayne Mitchell ’60 wrote this poem about visiting the University:





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On Campus Late spring – Students everywhere Like springtime bushes, flowers, and birds Of brown, black, yellow, and white. Students mingle everywhere – Running, laughing, skating In groups, in twos, or sometimes alone. Some serious, some laughing, some even glum Talking to themselves, or is it to a phone? Kuncl rewriting his budget; Science faculty pondering the cosmos; And others defining a Sanskrit word, from far, far away. In some classrooms Are many students with laptops everywhere. What might they be writing?

“ I wouldn’t have traded my Redlands experience for anything.” — Gary Beverage ’66 He also wanted to acknowledge the role his maternal grandmother, Elizabeth Heilman, had in his education and did so by establishing an endowed scholarship for students in the new Graduate School of Theology (GST). He feels the U of R addition of San Francisco Theological Seminary under the umbrella of the GST as “one of the most strategic moves the University has ever made.” The recipients of these scholarships will be students of philosophy, religious studies, and theology, which Beverage cites among his family’s priorities: “They are important subjects, particularly in these current chaotic times.” Beverage worked for 26 years at IBM (where he met Nancy) and credits the University with broadening his interests. “Not only did I get my feet wet in the sciences, but I had to take liberal arts courses, which I have used as much in my life as my technical training,” he says. “I wouldn’t have traded my Redlands experience for anything, and I am so glad it worked out the way it did.” One of the most rewarding parts of the couple’s experience has been meeting the Bulldogs whose scholarships their generosity has made possible: “We love getting their photos and letters. It’s great to be involved in the lives of students in search of their own futures.”

I see some gray-bearded, bald-headed profs. Am I as old as they, I wonder? I am an outsider – Five absences per week for 49 years. Shocking to contemplate! The lecture is boring. Are the students really listening? Two or three of them go missing, Afterwards, ice cream on the Quad. Just like a kid from the Class of ’60. It’s a trip to be back on campus! To feel so groovy and cool, almost young again. Damn, I really dig my alma mater! The nourishing mother of my soul.

If you have reflections about returning to the Redlands campus, share them at forever_yours@redlands.edu.

For information on how you can establish an endowment to honor loved ones as the Beverages have, please contact Ericka Smith, senior philanthropic advisor, at 909-748-8357 or ericka_smith@redlands.edu. OT

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