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“ You have to honor the fact they believe what they believe.” —Kevin Runbeck ’79

In addition, Runbeck wants all his employees to bring Leadership and SelfDeception’s key message to work with them: Whether speaking with family members, friends, or employees, it’s essential to recognize that the other person’s truth is just as valuable as your own. “Afterward, we can debate on the best compromise so we can advance both our

truths,” Runbeck says. “My mother, for example, is 92 and to the right of me, and we’ll have these lively debates. My children are generally more liberal than I am, and they’ll go the other way. You have to honor the fact they believe what they believe.”


has nothing to do with who’s running or how we feel; it is to make sure voters who are entitled to vote got a ballot, and the person who got the most votes is elected. That’s it.” Still, he requires each of his full-time employees to read the book Leadership and Self-Deception: Getting out of the Box by The Arbinger Institute—and takes time to discuss it with each of them. “It’s a two-hour conversation, and I have 180 [full-time] employees!” Runbeck says he holds four to five discussions a week in his office. Brandon Johnson joined Runbeck Election Services as a solutions consultant in April. At their one-on-one conversation, Runbeck explained the rationale behind the reading requirement: “Kevin said that we all come from different worlds, from diverse backgrounds, and sometimes even speak different languages. Having everyone read this book creates that one common topic [at work] that we can all discuss first,” says Johnson. “It’s great to have a CEO so focused on making the business grow from a company-culture perspective, rather than just focusing on the bottom line.”

Kevin Runbeck ’79 credits U of R with teaching him to be comfortable dialoguing with people of different beliefs.

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