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Centered around the iconic Oval, the University of Montana is home to over 11,000 students. Student groups, Greek life and sporting events provide unlimited opportunities for student involment.


The Princeton Review has named UM one the top four-year colleges and universities in North America for three years running.

Great Escapes

Missoula was named one of the “Sixteen Greatest Places to Live in America” in the August 2014 issue of Outside magazine. The University of Montana provides a jumping off point to the greater Missoula area.

Thank you participants! Nearly 1,000 students, staff and community members participated in the inagural “Best of UM” competition. Thank you for your nominations and votes!

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t of UM Food and Drink


Student Sweatshirt Winners

University of Montana was named the fourth healthiest dining hall in the nation by Bon Appetit. We pride ourselves on delicious and nutritious cuisine.

Consistently ranked among the top “most beautiful campus” in the nation, our campus rests at the base of Mount Sentinel. Campus serves as the state arboretum, housing approximately 2,000 trees.

All participants who voted in the inagural Best of UM contest were entered into a drawing for Griz gear! Three lucky winners were chosen this year.

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Student Life BEST CAMPUS EVENT: 1. Football Games 2. Homecoming 3. WelcomeFeast BEST OVAL ACTIVITY: 1. WelcomeFeast 2. Napping 3. Outdoor Movies BEST UM TRADITION: 1. Griz/Cat Game 2. Clocktower Bells 3. Lighting the M

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BEST PLACE TO MEET SOMEONE: 1. University Center 2. Griz Statue 3. Food Zoo

BEST SPOT TO SPEND A SATURDAY: 1. Washington-Grizzly Stadium 2. The Oval 3. PAR/TV Montana Theater BEST PLACE TO WATCH THE GRIZ: 1. Washington-Grizzly Stadium 2. The M Trail 3. Eleventh Floor of Aber Hall

BEST SELFIE LOCATION: 1. Top of M Trail 2. Griz Statue 3. Washington-Grizzly Stadium BEST INSTAGRAM ACCOUNT: 1. @umontana 2. @SquirrelsofUM 3. @UMspiritsquad BEST NETWORKING EVENT: 1. Student Employment Fair 2. Career Services Job Fair 3. Health Professions Career Fair

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Academics BEST PROFESSOR: 1. Dan Spencer 2. Lee Banville 3. Nicole McCray & Sara Rinfret

BEST MAJOR TO TRAVEL THE WORLD: 1. Journalism 2. International Development 3. Political Science

BEST MAJOR TO BEST FITNESS CLASS: PLAY FOR A LIVING: 1. Pilates-Yoga Fusion 1. Athletic Training 2. Whitewater Rafting 2. Music 3. Pink Gloves Boxing 3. Forestry BEST MAJOR FOR MONTANA JOBS: 1. Forestry 2. Wildlife Biology 3. Education

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BEST MAJOR TO BECOME FAMOUS: 1. Theater 2. Journalism 3. Music


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Great Escapes BEST ON-CAMPUS ESCAPE: 1. The M Trail 2. Fitness and Recreation Center 3. The Oval

BEST PLACE TO RELAX: 1. The Oval 2. Davidson Honors College 3. Meditation Room in the University Center

BEST PLACE TO GET IN A QUICK BEST PLACE TO WORKOUT: GO FOR ADVICE: 1. Fitness and 1. Curry Health Center Recreation Center 2. Griz Central 2. The M Trail 3. Laure Pengelly 3. Kim Williams Trail Drake

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Campus BEST RESIDENCE HALL: 1. Craig Hall 2. Miller Hall 3. Aber Hall BEST BATHROOM: 1. The Payne Family Native American Center 2. University Center 3. Skaggs Building BEST STUDY SPOT: 1. Mansfield Library 2. University Center 3. The Payne Family Native American Center

BEST ART GALLERY 1. Montana Museum of Art and Culture 2. Gallery of Visual Arts 3. The University Center Gallery BEST ARCHITECTURE: 1. The Payne Family Native American Center 2. Jeannette Rankin Hall 3. Stone Hall

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Food & Drink BEST DINNER MEAL: BEST BREAKFAST 1. Food Zoo MEAL: Chicken Strips 1. Griz Burrito from the 2. Tacos from Taco Corner Store Sano 2. Food Zoo Waffles 3. Noodle Express 3. Food Zoo Omelettes BEST GRAB-N-GO BEST LUNCH MEAL: SNACK: 1. Doc’s Sandwiches 1. Bagels on Broadway & 2. Corner Store Noodle Express Grilled Cheese 2. Food Zoo Mac-and3. Galloping Griz Cheese Bar Bombs/Tacos 3. Food Zoo Paninis

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BEST OVERALL DINING EXPERIENCE: 1. Food Zoo 2. University Center Commons 3. Iron Griz BEST COFFEE SHOP: 1. Jus Chill’n 2. Think Tank 3. Biz Buzz

BEST HEALTHY MEAL: 1. Food Zoo Salad Bar 2. Sushi 3. Doc’s Doctor Green Sandwich BEST SUGAR FIX: 1. Jus Chill’n Smoothies 2. UM Dining Griz Sugar Cookies 3. Jus Chill’n Giant Brownie

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Best of UM 2017 Winners  

Best of UM 2017 Winners