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Here for you in exceptional times


“We would like to enable every person using our spaces to help rebuild our physical community with safety and respect.”

To welcome you back, Dr Ghazwa Alwani-Starr

 r Ghazwa Alwani-Starr, D Pro Vice-Chancellor & Head of P&FM, University of London, 2020

PVC Strategy Planning and Partnerships and Director of PFM


warm hello to our staff, students and close partners at University of London (UoL).

I really don’t need to tell you how the pandemic has effected every aspect of our lives and that we simply don’t know how long this will continue. What I can tell you, is that we are getting ready to welcome you all back, giving priority to delivering our academic activities and face to face student support. Our property, facilities management and health and safety teams have worked with departmental representatives and close partners to create this information sheet which I hope you will find useful. We have followed health advice from the UK government and WHO to best prepare for welcoming you back safely into our spaces (the uncertainty means that I have to say subject to changes as we move forward). 2

Provisions for Future Visitors


e have developed an adapted version of this document for future visitors. As part of remobilisation, these processes will form part of Senate House working practices and facilitate revenue opportunities by inviting external hirers into the building. This will be managed very carefully with minimal impact to you wherever possible and always adhering to all the sources of guidance before agreement. You will also undoubtedly have increased opportunities to re-connect with your contacts and we will ensure you have our guidance available to enable the success of your departments in returning to a ‘community’ again.

We have conducted Covid-19 risk assessments and will continue to monitor risks. We have worked hard to include everyone and provide for all who need access. We would like to enable every person using our spaces to help rebuild our physical community with safety and respect. Our teams across the University have worked hard to develop and test measures and procedures vital for a safe environment as we return to work - I cannot thank them enough. I sincerely look forward to continuing work with you all, whatever the ‘newnorm’ will bring. We have all undoubtedly missed face to face interactions, both professional and personal, that make us human. Be assured, at UoL we are working hard to provide positive and flexible outcomes, building in innovative alternatives to ensure we all move forward safely and successfully. 7

Our commitment

O “

ur pledge is to provide you with a safe working environment, guiding you through times of Covid-19 and ensuring your comfort and well-being aligned with continued success at work. We will provide you with up-to-date information on changes to legislation and our procedures that will enhance and protect your working experience. We will ensure staff training in all key areas for their own protection and for the successful delivery of services to Senate House and our community. We ask that you work closely and collaboratively with your colleagues and the P&FM team during this time. From now, through to the new norm and beyond, we will ensure we do everything possible to maintain our safety and yours.”

“Be assured, at UoL we are working hard to provide positive and flexible outcomes, building in innovative alternatives to ensure we all move forward safely and successfully.” Dr Ghazwa Alwani-Starr, Pro Vice-Chancellor & Head of P&FM, University of London, 2020



e will continue to digest and assess all forms of guidance and integrate developments into existing protocols. We will utilise existing communication tools including the Intranet, H&S news, senior team meetings, posters and Town Halls to share future updates on what we know and the expected impact on us all.

3 We will regularly update you to improve the safety and comfort of your areas.

Each department will gather and discuss information appropriately before we return, working with HR and H&S to confirm working patterns and safety within your areas of work.

5 We will work with, and advise your departments on best safe use of your usual working areas and if other areas may be made available for you.

1 We will maintain a ‘live’ directory of department working practices and needs, alongside general protocols of shared spaces, so that we understand and plan for impact that future changes and improvements may have. We ask that you keep us up-to-date on any of your own actions in the event it may unknowingly compromise other staff groups or require specific risk assessments. 2 We will provide you with helpful documentation where available and 3

appropriate - which is available for you to disseminate should you wish to confirming safety measures, distancing and all other agreed protocols you will find in the following section.

4 We will have operational staff available at all times when you are on site to react to any eventuality and provide advice and guidance when needed.

6 Our staff will support you within an adapted induction framework should we have ‘new starters’ during the times ahead. 7 We will update you on future possibilities of departments being allowed to welcome external visitors to our buildings. 8 We ask that, within team meetings, you find time to discuss return to work details (regularity of which is at your discretion).

Safety measures


e have agreed and tested the following and will continue to monitor the effectiveness and legitimacy based on future guidance from all appropriate authorities. If you feel your questions or concerns are not addressed please contact us without hesitation. Cleaning and sanitising:

• Increased surface cleaning is in

• Details of how to enter and where to go will be sent out to your team and discussed well in advance.

• There will be facilitated entry and exit to avoid congestion of people • Barriers will be placed to further

enhance and protect you, denoting routes and helping to avoid congestion

• Clear signage and additional staffing in

your use at clearly marked ‘stations’ throughout our buildings

• Fire evacuation procedures will be

• Rest rooms clearly signed and sanitising products provided so that they are easily accessible

• Tissues provided in all of our event rooms

F requency of waste disposal adapted and increased

Social distancing:

• All spaces in our venues now have

strict capacity guidelines in place to allow for social distancing (including your departments, meeting spaces, rest rooms, lifts and corridors)

• Transparent partitions in place around key contact points such as reception and customer service desks

• ‘Privacy spaces’ open to visitors for general and mental well-being

• Where practical, suggested spacing is marked


operation in all areas, with frequent cleaning of busy spaces

• Sanitising products available for

Venue orientation: Your journey through Senate House will be clearly communicated to you and key individuals.

place to direct you around the venue comfortably made clear to all with additional assistance made available for those with disabilities

• Any additional security measures and

ID requirements on entry to Senate House, should they be required, will be communicated before implementation.

• Any additional health screening

adaptations on entry to Senate House, should they become available, will also be communicated before implementation.

Staff support: P&FM contacts will be available throughout normal business hours.

• • Our on-site operational staff are experts on our buildings. They will manage the necessary safety measures to be put in place ahead of your return and on a daily basis.

• ‘Hotline’ contact details for our key

staff will be provided should you need us throughout the day and will be on-hand to advise should you have questions or concerns.

Additional support:

• We have dedicated isolation areas and medical staff if required

• We can provide space for bicycle

storage (advanced notice required)

• Showers and changing areas are

available within our estate for cyclists (advanced notice required)

• We have conducted rigorous testing on

ventilation and air-con systems, which are working at optimum capacity

• We will ensure essential services, such

as our maintenance provision, will be scheduled safely away from you unless in an emergency

• Our team are versed in the successful balance of current legislation and how to safely direct you around and from the building in the event of an emergency or evacuation

• The Energybase team are health experts. Where practical, and at

pre-agreed times, they can provide free consultations via Skype/Microsoft Teams/telephone for advice on exercise, diet and health to further enhance your well-being. Changes to our catering offer: We have worked closely with our catering partner to provide the best experience possible at present.

• We are currently reviewing the use of

Deller Hall and how we will operate the delivery of hospitality and catering services for staff.

• Individually packaged meals will be

prepared in a sanitised environment. This will be made available from a monitored, marked and safety compliant area.

• Contact free payment will be available at all times.

• The procedures in place will facilitate

in reducing food waste in line with our award-winning sustainability drive.

University of London Senate House Malet Street London WC1E 7HU United Kingdom Telephone: +44 (0)20 7862 8000 All information correct as of May 2020 and subject to change.

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Here for you in exceptional times  

Senater House Reopening

Here for you in exceptional times  

Senater House Reopening

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