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Describe the community involvement on campus. MGJ: Campus is easily its own living, breathing communal experience, from the student-run organizations and events that occur exclusively on campus, to Greek life and the sports community. SH: There are a lot of little things at UK that all come together to make one big community. The Living Learning Programs, for example, are like smaller communities within a bigger setting. It gives you the chance to adhere to little aspects of campus and branch out from there. MGJ: With individuals of all types of interests and hobbies, UK offers a well-rounded student community that undeniably creates a unique community with the school.

Can you tell us about any campus hacks you’ve discovered? MGJ: Try to get an understanding of the way the campus works in terms of scheduling. If you like to go to the gym the best time to choose your classes is probably early morning or later in the evening. Things like that. Also, get a bike.

LIVE WHERE YOU LEARN.  UK’s Living Learning Program is designed for you to live where you learn. Living on campus allows you to be part of a strong, tight-knit community and puts you close to your fellow classmates, classes, professors, downtown Lexington and all the opportunities available to students on campus. Plus, students who live on campus tend to do better academically and be more involved on campus. Space is limited for specific Living Learning Programs (LLPs), so be sure to keep track of application deadlines. A full list of LLPs can be found at

SH: Try not to rely too much on Google Maps when navigating campus. Talking to someone who’s been here for a year or two instead is the best way to learn campus shortcuts. MGJ: Your student ID can really help you out. If you’re an art student and you have a student ID and you’re polite, you can go to just about any hardware store and ask for a discount or donated items. I can’t tell you how many hundreds of dollars’ worth of items I’ve received just off of the goodwill of people that want to help UK students. 17

University of Kentucky Viewbook 2016