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Issue 15 Autumn 2013 For alumni and friends living in North America

Carnegie Corporation of New York award grant to American Alumni of Glasgow University Carnegie devoted much of the rest of his life to philanthropic causes, including the endowment of universities and free libraries. His benefactions amounted to more than $350m during his lifetime, and he left much of his remaining fortune to the Carnegie Corporation for distribution in pursuit of the “advancement and diffusion of knowledge”. The Andrew Carnegie Lecture will take place annually over the next 10 years with the theme of promoting international discourse throughout Scotland and beyond, a theme which is at the very heart of the University’s current strategy – ‘Glasgow 2020: A global vision’.

Andrew Carnegie

American Alumni of Glasgow University (AAGU) are delighted to announce that the Carnegie Corporation of New York has awarded a grant of $250,000 on the occasion of its Centennial to fund an Andrew Carnegie Lecture at the University of Glasgow. As one of Carnegie’s legacy institutions, the creation of this new public lecture at the University is a most fitting way for Glasgow to honour its connection with Andrew Carnegie. Carnegie was born in Dunfermline, Fife but made his fortune in the USA. His family emigrated in 1848 and Carnegie worked in a cotton factory and a telegraph office before becoming a railroad manager. He began investing in other industries, most famously in iron and steel, and became one of the world’s richest men when he sold his business interests in 1900.

Professor Anton Muscatelli, Principal and Vice-Chancellor of the University, said: “This support means a great deal to the University, especially as Carnegie’s legacy is embodied in Glasgow’s mission to provide a stimulating learning environment that benefits our culture, our society and economy. This grant will strengthen AAGU and the University’s relationship with the Carnegie Corporation of New York ensuring a lasting legacy of collaborative excellence and I am very much looking forward to the first lecture in the series.” Dr Melvyn Pond, President of AAGU, said: “I take great pleasure in announcing that AAGU has been honoured by receiving a major grant from the Carnegie Corporation of New York. We are very grateful to the Carnegie Corporation and look forward to an interesting and stimulating series of events that will further enhance the role of the University of Glasgow in the international academic domain.” Further information about the inaugural lecture will be available online in the coming months at

Welcome from the International Dean We are delighted with the news that the Carnegie Corporation of New York has awarded a grant to American Alumni of Glasgow University (AAGU), on the occasion of its Centennial, to fund an Andrew Carnegie Lecture at the University of Glasgow over the next 10 years. This new public lecture is a most appropriate way for Glasgow to honour its connection with Andrew Carnegie and I look forward to keeping you updated on the lectures and associated events in future editions. In other news I hope you will enjoy reading the latest on our partnership agreement with Columbia University and the Principal’s Early Career Mobility Fund. This new scheme offers financial support to PhD students and postdoctoral researchers to spend a period of time at Columbia, enhancing the links between the two universities. It has generated a great deal of interest both here in Glasgow and in New York and this issue features a short profile on Mona Foth. Mona is one of the successful candidates from the first round of funding who has recently worked in New York with the Department of Pathology and Cell Biology at Columbia.

Professor David Fearn International Dean for the Americas

Principal’s early career mobility fund: Glasgow-Columbia In the last issue we reported the launch of the Principal’s Early Career Mobility Fund to support PhD students and post-doctoral researchers from Glasgow to visit and conduct research at Columbia University in New York. The University continues to enjoy a strong institutional partnership with Columbia and this new scheme offers financial support for those students and researchers to take advantage of the considerable resources and opportunities this partnership makes available by spending a period of time at Columbia University. Since the last newsletter we have had a very successful application round and were delighted to award funding to eight candidates representing a broad range of disciplines covering Law, Business, Electrical Engineering, Biomedical Engineering, Immunology, Physics and Astronomy, Education, and Film and Television. One recipient was Mona Foth, a PhD student in the School of Medicine. She received funding to spend six weeks at Columbia University, between May and June 2013, where she worked closely with Professor Cathy Mendelsohn at the Department of Pathology and Cell Biology. Her research examines the role of genetic mutations in bladder cancer, and she used the visit to exchange ideas on current

Photo: Mona, pictured far right, with members of the Columbia University Cancer Research

projects and learn the organotypic cell culture technique, which has enabled her to examine drug response in bladder tumour explants. Following her visit, Mona is now in discussion with Columbia about the possibility of a future position in their lab. Describing her experience, Mona said: “This opportunity has not only enriched my current PhD project and enhanced my skills and knowledge, but it has also opened a door for future collaboration between the laboratories at the University of Glasgow, the Beatson Institute for Cancer Research, and Columbia University.” These awards support our partnership agreement with Columbia University, by

giving researchers from both institutions the opportunity to work closely together to develop high-impact research themes. Columbia University has matched this funding and are sending three of their PhD/Post-doctoral students to undertake research visits to Glasgow. These are in the areas of High Energy Physics, Bioengineering and Earth Sciences. Strongly encouraged by the success of the first year of the scheme, both institutions have committed to at least two further years funding. For further information about our partnership agreement with Columbia visit internationalisation/ourpartners.

Providing internship opportunities for current students Bringing together the expertise and knowledge of our global alumni community, the Glasgow Careers Alumni Network supports the employability of our current students. In addition to participating in events and submitting their career information online a number of our alumni have been able to offer work placements and internships. As students face an increasingly challenging job market, internships are highly desirable as they offer much valuable work experience and build confidence for entering the job market.

Having had some experience working with current Glasgow students on an informal basis, Malcolm was pleased to be able to offer Kathryn a formal placement through the Club 21 Scheme. Describing his experience, Malcolm said: “This was our first experience working with Club 21 and our expectations were exceeded – from presenting us with a range of qualified Internship candidates at the start of the process through to the exceptional logistical support they provided it was a rewarding experience and one that we intend to utilise in future years.”

Malcolm Boyd (BAcc 1988) was able to provide such an opportunity within his organisation, M J Boyd Consulting, through the University’s Club 21 Business Partnership Scheme. The placement based in New York City proved to be very popular with current students eager to gain some international experience. After successfully completing the application process, History student Kathryn Hammond travelled to the US to start her four week placement on the 1 July 2013.

Whether you are a manager keen to develop new talent, or a graduate starting out in business, offering student internships can bring huge benefits to your organisation. If you are interested in finding out more please contact: Sarah Armour, Alumni Volunteers Coordinator, More information can be found at glasgowcareersalumninetwork.

Photo: Kathryn pictured with the team from MJ Boyd Consulting, from left to right - Conor Ritchie (MA 2013), Malcolm Boyd, and Alex Pole.

AAGU board member in profile Ginny Van Alyea (JYA 2001) My degree

News from AAGU

My Literary Theory course was recommended by my advisor at my home university. Being an English major, I didn’t yet know what I would do for a career, but extensive reading and learning to write well was always important to me. I found that the single Literary Theory course complemented the studies I’d been doing at home in English Literature, and I felt like I didn’t miss any steps while studying abroad. I’ve most enjoyed the ties I’ve kept up with the University and staying in touch with the friends I have made. The campus itself is stunning, and I’m proud to have studied there.

Bequests and planned gifts I would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone who has supported AAGU this year. The goodwill we receive from alumni and friends is an inspiration and without these funds we would have been unable to provide much needed support to University-wide projects. There are many ways to support AAGU in addition to being an annual contributor and I wanted to draw your attention to one way you might feel able to support the University and be part of its continuing story through leaving a bequest. The University regularly receives legacies which are unrestricted, directed to individual Colleges and Schools or intended for a specific purpose. For many donors, a bequest made under a Will is the easiest way to make a significant gift to AAGU and these charitable gifts are 100% deductible from your taxable estate. With a little planning, you can decide what kind of legacy gift to AAGU would suit you and your family best as well as directly benefiting the University of Glasgow. Information about life income plans including Charitable Remainder Trusts and Charitable Lead Trusts is available online at givingtoglasgow/aagu/guidetogiving. If you would like to include a gift in your estate plans without changing your Will you may consider making AAGU the beneficiary of a life insurance policy or Individual Retirement Account. In other news, the team in Glasgow are gearing up for the annual telephone campaign and in the next few weeks a student from the University will telephone you to update you on current developments and to ask you to make a donation to AAGU. The campaign is a great way to keep in touch with alumni and the students greatly enjoy speaking to graduates about current university life and are knowledgeable about the aims and potential benefits of all our fundraising campaigns. I hope you will enjoy participating in the campaign. As always please do not hesitate to get in touch if you have any questions or queries about giving or suggestions for formal or informal activities or events in your area. Melvyn Pond (BVMS 1966) President, AAGU

Life after Glasgow Since leaving Glasgow Ginny has been greatly involved with alumni activities in the Mid West region as coordinator of the Chicago Alumni Association. The Association welcomes all alumni from the area to meet and catch up and puts on regular events including Burns Suppers and occasional get-togethers during the year. Ginny was inspired to get involved by staff in the Development & Alumni Office and was appointed to the Board of AAGU in 2010. The University I was interested in spending an extended amount of time in Scotland and to get to know the country. Glasgow was a good base from which to do that. I studied in the US at a small college in upstate New York, so coming to a larger city like Glasgow was also a welcome change for me. I also knew that the University had reciprocity with the Glasgow School of Art, which was very appealing to me, and so I took a photography class while there.

I started as an Assistant to the Publisher of Chicago Gallery News, the magazine I now own and run. I also worked for the Executive Director of the Chicago Art Dealers Association. At the Chicago Gallery News, we have always been a small operation, so each day’s to-do list is different. For each issue we line up advertisers and gather exhibition details from galleries and artists around the city. We have to set our editorial and find out about all that is happening in the upcoming season. What is your role as a board member? I’ve served on a variety of boards in the US over the past 8 or so years, and I believe that for this board I can contribute a creative as well as a younger perspective. I contribute towards making a decision in allocating financial donations to the University. I thoroughly enjoyed my time at Glasgow and I’m happy to give back and help support a US presence for Glasgow. I hope that our fundraising as well as American visibility continues to increase through events and other networking opportunities here. Ginny’s full profile is available to view online at

Forthcoming events NYC alumni drinks evening An informal pre-Christmas drinks night for all alumni and friends in NYC is planned for week beginning Monday 2 December, date to be confirmed.

Burns Suppers Plans are underway to host a couple of Burns Suppers in Chicago and Boston in late February 2014. Further information will be available in the coming weeks at www. We are looking forward to meeting you at one of our forthcoming events. Further information and ticket booking is available online at

Promoting Glasgow at the Highland Games Over the summer colleagues from the Recruitment and International Office attended events across the country from the Illinois Highland Games in June to the Colorado Scottish Festival in August. Leann Schmitz and Amy Vansurksum were joined by a number of alumni volunteers who were keen to help to promote the University as well as the city of Glasgow to attendees at both events. Whitney Richardson (MPhil 2004) helped out at the Illinois event: “It was real Scottish

weather for our day at the Scottish Festival and Highland Games just outside of Chicago, Illinois. We mostly met fans of Scotland, but some stopped by the booth as alumni or interested students. It was great fun as always to share memories of my time at the University of Glasgow, and I look forward to the next event.” Festival goers in Colorado got as extra treat as they were encouraged to drop by the University’s stand to win their very own slice of Scotland!

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Colorado photo: From left to right - Katy Williams, Lauren Rice, Sally Tanner (all study abroad returnees from Denver University), Leann Schmitz and a representative from Clan Cumming, excited to try his luck at winning a piece of Scotland.

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Colorado photo 2: Craig Lewis (BSc 1987) and family brought along a mascot for the day. As you can see, representing the University of Glasgow is exhausting work.

Illinois photo: From left to right – Amy Vansurksum, Jennifer Sleeting (JYA) and Whitney Richardson. Amy Langenberg (MLitt 2009) also attended.

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In May of this year English Teacher Karyn Dickerson (MPhil 2005) was announced as North Carolina’s 2013-14 Burroughs Wellcome Fund Teacher of the Year. AAGU Board Member Harry Nicol visited Karyn at Grimsley High School in Guilford County to congratulate her on her award and to talk to her about her time at Glasgow. Karyn’s journey to Glasgow started after receiving a Rotary International Ambassadorial Scholarship. Her undergraduate thesis was on the Bronte Sisters and wanting to build on her passion for 19th Century British Literature she decided to continue her studies in the UK. After some research she concluded that Glasgow and the one year Masters degree in Romanticism and the Forms of Modernity was exactly what she was looking for to continue her studies.

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Karyn Dickerson named North Carolina’s Teacher of the Year

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When asked about the city itself she recalled, “In the South we have something called ‘Southern Hospitality’. I loved Glasgow as everyone was so willing to help me that my initial fears (of studying abroad) just melted away.” Karen will soon celebrate her success by meeting President Obama in the Rose Garden, a prospect that greatly excites her students who have renamed her as their “Teacher of the Universe”, praise indeed. She is wished well by all at AAGU. The full video interview can be viewed online at

Recalling the time Karyn spent at the University she said, “I have fond memories of Dorothy McMillan”, her Senior Lecturer in English Literature. “She pushed my boundaries of achievement and risk taking beyond what I thought I was capable of doing, and in doing so, teaching me a life lesson I have carried into my career.” On being asked about her experience at Glasgow Karyn added, “Glasgow has a tradition of being a strong research based school and I loved that we were encouraged by the Professors to take ownership of our own research. Taking that responsibility for my own education was a huge factor in me coming into teaching, and I can encourage my students to do the exactly the same. I loved being challenged intellectually at Glasgow.” Recounting other benefits of studying abroad she said, “Glasgow is great for gaining an international experience. The postgraduate programme provides a wonderful opportunity to meet students from all over the world.”

One of America’s best teachers - Karyn pictured in her classroom at Grimsley High School

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2013 Aut NA News

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Canada and Glasgow - The Commonwealth Connection

Houston alumni pub quiz night A great night was had by all in attendance at the Kelvin Arms on Monday 15 April. The quizmaster (Simon Phillips) was roundly booed when in answer to “Which is Britain’s most northern city?” he announced Inverness, and all alumni - who had answered Kirkwall - pelted him with bread rolls! Lively discussions continued throughout the night as beer and pizza was consumed. Special thanks must go to Helen Mann (MA 1967) for coordinating the evening. Photo: From left to right - Professor Sunny E Ohia (PhD 1986), our quizmaster’s assistant, Virginia and Dr Momoh A Yakubu (PhD 1989).

Dinner in New Orleans The City of Glasgow is proud to be hosting the twentieth Commonwealth Games from July 23rd to August 5th 2014 and the University is gearing up for some exciting activity both at home and abroad.....but we need help from our Canadian alumni! The Games will offer us the chance to celebrate the University’s impact on graduates across the Commonwealth so we want to hear all about your experiences while you were studying here in ‘the dear green place’. We’ll be building a collection of great Commonwealth alumni tales which will inspire all who read or hear them. What was life like for you in Glasgow? What were your first impressions of the city and did they change throughout your stay? How did your time here affect or shape your later life? Share your memories, experiences and discoveries with us and your lasting impressions of Glasgow, Scotland and the Scottish people. Email your memorable moments, in no more than 250 words, to We are also planning a series of alumni events to coincide with the Queen’s Baton Relay route. The relay sets off from Buckingham Palace on 9th October and will journey through each of the 71 Commonwealth nations, arriving in Canada for a 4 day tour from 27-30 April 2014.  We’ll be staging various events to help cheer on the baton as it passes through, before returning to Scotland for the Commonwealth Games Opening Ceremony on 23 July 2014. Further information about the baton’s route through Canada and our associated events will be available in the coming months at Hope to see you in 2014! 

The inaugural meeting of the New Orleans and Louisiana (NOLA) Alumni Association took place on Saturday 13 April at the Achafalaya Restaurant in New Orleans. Carole Kiehl (MA 1975, PhD 1994) contacted fellow graduates in the area and although only four alums including Carole turned up on the night they had a terrific evening. If you are interested in getting involved contact Carole for further information. She would be delighted to hear from you. alumniassociations.

Calling Canada We would like to thank all of our alumni in Canada who took the time to speak to one of our student callers as part of our telephone campaign in the spring of this year. A total of £45,000 was pledged over the duration of the campaign in support of our priority fundraising projects.

Photo: From left to right - Katherine Luer (JYA 2009), Erin Shaw (Strathclyde University), Mary Kate Delaney (MLitt 2011), Chalyn Fayard (BVMS 2011) and Carole.

Legacy gifts from Canada Alumni and friends in Canada can also support the University through leaving a bequest. We are always pleased to discuss gifts in confidence and would be happy to send you a copy of our Guide to Bequests and Wills should you wish to receive some further information. Please do not hesitate to contact or +44 (0)141 330 6886.

North American Newsletter Issue 15 – Autumn 2013  

The North American Alumni Newsletter from University of Glasgow, Issue 15: Autumn 2013.