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Panel Meeting 23/04/16 Notes and update Here is a summary of the discussion held at the April meeting. Representatives in attendance: Chair – John Sharp, Disabled students – Steven Shaw, Sport Groups rep – George Gough, Lancaster rep – Anick Sharma, Returning to Education – Theresa Ribeiro, MSS Rep – Robert Bamber, Part-time – Rowan CooperGritten, Fusehill Rep – Bethany Cutter, Brampton Rep – Rhianne Ikin, Women students rep – Emily Butt, International students rep – Erika Llamado, London RepAhmad Sayed, Ambleside Rep – Chris Warren. Proxy vote: BLPSS Rep -Matt Bradbury, Postgraduate Rep –Anisha Miah





Ambleside Gym

Currently being reviewed, possible new deal with Carlisle Living or creation of an area on site with swipe access.

The Panel has requested to continue to progress discussion on behalf of the Ambleside students.

London lockers

Summer re-development for EIDR will include lockers and prayer room. Plan now confirmed.

The Panel has requested to continue monitoring into 16/17 Academic year with a view towards completion then.

London Canteen

Arrival of Baxter Storey has somewhat improved catering but two new suppliers will start in September.

The Panel has requested to continue monitoring into 16/17 Academic year.

Dated Student ID Cards

Initially suggested ready for introduction in the 16/17 academic year but now postponed for introduction with new library system.

The Panel showed displeasure with current progress and lack of outcome. It has requested that a petition with a 100 signatories be presented to the University and that urgency requested. This is not just a matter of access to discount but also of student safety.

Brampton Rd. opening times

There is currently a review for access to specialist areas out of core hours.

The Panel requested an update in the new year with outcome of review and services provided in 16/17

Notice of Halls inspection

Notice is given in digital format, in line with the University procedures and adherence to Green Impact commitment.

The Panel expressed some concern for students who may get locked out of systems. Officers to ensure that students are not barred from communications.

Course costs

From the 17/18 Academic year, None required apart from all course costs, including ensuring will take place. incidental costs, will be advertised in UoC prospectuses.

London Library hours

Pilot ends at the end of May and results should be

Academic Officer to present results to new Panel in

published in June



All laptops have now been checked and any further noncomplying laptop will be removed.

None required, unless students advise otherwise.

Multiple plugging locations (Fusehill)

Trolley is due to arrive in one month. The trolley will provide multiple plugging points.

The Panel has requested to continue to progress chase this to ensure the trolley is in place as soon as possible.

Sexual Health provision

Terrence Higgins Trust has been contacted to see if provision may be available in the London area. Lancaster scheme has now ended as only 13% return. It is likely that NHS Trusts will take this over with a site visit. This is already in place at Fusehill and Brampton Rd.

The Panel has requested to continue to review the future of such provision in the next Academic year.

ÂŁ5 notes in cash machines

The machines are owned by the banks.

The Panel has requested to find out from the banks why the machines do not have ÂŁ5 notes.

Music in communal areas around campus

Video is currently being prepared for legal training for all Reach Radio would-be broadcasters. Possibility also explored for provision of docking stations for I-pods.

The Panel is to be advised in the new year of any progress in relation to Reach Radio broadcasts.

Brighter accommodation

This is already included in campus revitalisation plans and budgets are set year on year for the planned work. Money for accommodation will only become available when the overall plan will reach that stage.

The Panel has asked the Officers to continue discussion with the University in order to ensure that this will happen at the earliest opportunity. Good quality accommodation is important for a good student life experience.

Karate sessions

Adam Mather has investigated some providers in the Carlisle area.

The Panel has requested to publicise costs and location for this provision and to continue to investigate Karate sessions in the Lancaster area.

Prayer Rooms

Ambleside, London and Brampton Rd. are all to be

The Panel requested an

given Payer Rooms in the new Academic year.

update in the new year.

Hearing Loop Systems

Full audit of loops is now complete. All areas should be correctly signposted and any faulty hearing loops replaced.

None required, unless students advise otherwise.

Free dyslexia tests

The University will pay 50% of such costs.

The Panel has requested to review impact on students in the coming Academic year.

Water fountains

Provision is being reviewed.

Aden Fry to get in touch with students to discuss where new water fountains should be placed.

Cash Printing credit top-up facility

The provision was reviewed last year and current system was agreed by students.

The Panel have requested for a petition amongst students to be started and then presented by the Officers, if required.

Ambleside bus

Survey currently being undertaken amongst students to ascertain demand

Results of survey to be reviewed in the new Academic year.

Ambleside car parking

There is an aim to reduce the number of car users to maintain Green Impact objectives. Currently charge is 20p per day, which seems reasonable.

The Panel has requested for a further survey to be done amongst the Ambleside students, in order to collect their views.

NEW IDEAS CONSIDERED 2015.43 Introduction of a Men Representative as a new Panel position for the 16/17 Academic Year Discussion in support

Discussion against

In our University, men are a minority so may well be underrepresented (75% of students are female). A male rep may encourage students to discuss some issues that they may not be comfortable to discuss with a female. There a few male models, particularly in teaching professions and maybe a rep would improve this.

Generally speaking, men are not underrepresented. A gender neutral position maybe be more helpful?

DISCUSSION OUTCOME The Panel took a vote by secret ballot: 10 in favour + 2 additional proxy votes also in favour AGREED UCSU to introduce the new role Of Men Representative from the next Academic Year.

2015.44 Sexual attacks campaign “Raise awareness of incidents in the local area to keep students safe.” Discussion in support 

Discussion against

It is important that students understand  Campaigns may make students more anxious understand what constitutes a sexual rather than be of benefit. assault, what processes are in place to safeguard students, what students should do if they feel they have been a victim of a sexual assault and who is available to support them. DISCUSSION OUTCOME

AGREED The Panel has requested UCSU to ensure that this information is available for all students from the next Academic Year.

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Meeting 4 - Panel notes 23 april 2016  

Meeting 4 - Panel notes 23 april 2016