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MA in Global Affairs A Professional Training Programme Entries in April & September


A Professional Training Programme The only one of its kind in the United Kingdom •

This Programme aims to educate graduates for rapid advancement into senior professional work in foreign and other ministries, international organisations, financial and commercial institutions, trade and industry, international journalism and global civil society organisations. Areas of study include international law, global economics and finance, global governance, and the historical evolution of the global system, along with more specific subjects such as conflict and security issues, international environmental politics and international negotiating. Professional skills training - a Buckingham innovation - is

central to the Programme. Students are trained in the skills that would be required in senior professional work.

The courses are taught intensively in small groups through lectures and tutorials; they assume little prior knowledge but rapidly bring students to an advanced level of understanding. Buckingham is a small academic community and students have personal and frequent access to their instructors.

The Programme is also suitable for those without a specific career aim in mind but who wish to acquire an advanced understanding of global affairs.

Department of Economics and International Studies The MA in Global Affairs offered by the University of Buckingham's Department of Economics and International Studies covers a wide range of topic areas in global affairs. The twelve courses in the Programme are taught by experienced academics over the course of 12 months (4 terms). Academics on the programme: Dr Deborah S. Davenport, Programme Director BA (Wellesley, USA), MA (Salford, UK), PhD (Emory, USA) Dr Charles Henn, Founding Director LArts (Hons) (Buckingham), MSc [Econ] (London), LLM, PhD (Cantab) Professor John Clarke MA, DPhil (Oxon) Professor Richard Langhorne BA (St John's, Cambridge) Dr Cornelia Navari BA (Barnard College, New York) MSc [Econ] (LSE), DPhil (Birmingham)

Professor Martin Ricketts BA (Hons) [Econ] (Newcastle), DPhil (York) Dr Raouf Tajvidi DPhil (Westminster) Dr Philip Towle DPhil, BA (Cambridge), PhD (London) Professor Geoffrey Wood MA (Aberdeen), MA (Essex)

Courses on the Programme: • Economic Issues in Global Affairs (30 units) Many of the most important global issues are economic in nature. This course provides students with the knowledge of economic ideas necessary to understand and to criticise professional economic advice. It covers issues of trade, development and the environment as well as the nature and stability of the international financial system. • International Law for Global Affairs (30 units) Designed for non-lawyers and covering both public international law and international trade and investment law, the course aims to give students a mature graduate-level understanding of how international law facilitates, regulates and constrains global relations, and how arbitral and judicial institutions settle disputes between states and between states and other entities. The course includes personalised professional skills training. • International Environmental Politics (15 units) Aims to increase students’ awareness of a selection of critical environmental policy-making issues at the international level and the forces behind these issues and global environmental degradation more broadly. Students learn to assess attempted solutions and practise developing their own proposals. • Security Studies (30 units) Introduces pressing topical issues at the international level. It aims to enhance understanding of the interconnections between various global issues and encourages students to attempt to develop realistic ways of addressing them. • International Negotiation (15 units) Familiarises students with useful terms, concepts, and theories for understanding the negotiating process and the structures of international negotiations in particular. It is designed to build students’ negotiating skills and advance their understanding of international policy-making processes and the politics involved.

'International Day at Buckingham'

• Global Governance (15 units) Aims to advance students’ understanding of what globalisation is, why it has happened and what its principal consequences have been. The course addresses the effects of global institutions as well as situations where global governance does not exist even where there are global issues to be resolved. • History of the International System (30 units) Provides students with a basic knowledge of international history over approximately the past 1000 years. It is one of the underlying messages of the course that ‘history’ and ‘theory’ should not be regarded as separate compartments.

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Buckingham M A in Global Affairs Degree Programme is op en to applicants with a BA or BSc in any subject. Ap plicants withou t a BA or BSc bu t with relevant work experience will a lso be consider ed. How to apply? You can apply d irect to the Un iversity of Buckingham. D ownload an app lication form or apply on lin e. www.buckingha apply For more inform ation please co Linda Waterma ntact n, Tel. +44 (0)1 280 820120 Scholarships Students can ap scholarship in G ply for the Max Beloff lobal Affairs wor th £ which may be a warded annually 1,000, student with th to the e best perform a n ce after the first term's stu d y on th e MA in Global A ff a ir s Pr og ra mme. For information on other schola rships please contact the Ad missions Depa rtment.

• Low student-teacher ratio and small classes • Enjoy easy access to professors and to other academic members of staff

• Study in a uniquely international academic community (students from 80 different countries in a student body of fewer than 800)

• Live on campus in purpose-built student accommodation • Be near Oxford, Stratford-upon-Avon and London but live in the heart of the English countryside

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