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Perspective Th e Ma g a zi n e fo r U n i v e r si t y L i g g e t t S c h o o l Fa l l 2 0 1 2

From the Head of School the current facilities together with the

long term, increase the annual giving,

Briarcliff gym and fields for this year.

increase the endowment and address the

We took a major step toward that goal

physical plant needs that had long been

thanks to the generosity of the Boll

recognized and thoughtfully considered.

family, which you will read about in this magazine.

The last Perspective article I wrote was in the chill of April. At that time, I focused a good deal on the move of the Middle School program to Cook Road. On September 4, 2012, we opened our unified school with 614 students enrolled, a major increase over last year and 25 more students than we budgeted for. The “punch list� of final items is still a work in progress, but the new Middle

The administration and the Board of Trustees adopted a long-term financial

The Briarcliff property will be sold.

plan in 2010. The bottom line is to

Once that happens, our athletic space will

ensure a net tuition revenue income that,

become even more restricted. We have

combined with a conservative draw on

developed our plans for next year on

endowment, will provide the financial

the assumption that we will not have

assistance for scholarships and aid that

access to that facility. It is a daunting

will allow the school to attract and

challenge, but we have made good

retain the brightest and best students in

progress on addressing the issues we

this area. The plan will also ensure the

will have.

quality of the faculty and support them

This is my sixth year as Head of School. It has been a time of very dramatic change and challenge. The demographic challenges that had buffeted the school

with competitive salaries and benefits, build the new facilities the combined campus requires, and upgrade and secure the existing facilities.

for decades became more and more

Over the next five years, all of these

pronounced as the economy of the region

goals will be achieved with your help,

suffered. The costs of independent school

our good work, and the evidence

education have always been high and

of our success in educating the

a serious obstacle particularly to many

incredibly gifted students in our care.

It is a great feeling to have the whole

young families. Schools like Liggett were

school sharing their daily life. It is

Reading this issue of Perspective gives

late in developing robust fundraising

a challenge too. We left a very large

you a glimpse of our shared life today

strategies, depending heavily on tuition,

facility and have to work harder to fit

and of our storied past. We welcome all

on the generosity of a small core of long-

all of our programs into this reduced

of you to come and visit. Join us online at

standing friends and annual events that

space. A major concern is the reduced Skype, Twitter or Facebook

were often the source of funding for

athletic facilities. With the Ford Gym

will do too.

some specific need and occasional

now being used for academic programs

capital campaigns.

School facility housed in the old Eleanor and Edsel Ford Gym and the arts wing of the 1954 Yamasaki building is bustling with activity and energy.

and the gym on Briarcliff used only for games and some practices but not physical education, we recognize the need for new athletic facilities on our Cook Road Campus. We had anticipated that and have developed plans to use

P ersp e c t i ve

My first priority when I came was to arrest the decline in enrollment and to develop a financial and marketing

You are part of this story. In fact, you are this story. University Liggett School: Shaping Lives that Shape Lives.

plan that would achieve an enrollment

Joseph P. Healey

number that was sustainable for the

Head of School

The M agaz in e f o r u n iv ersity liggett sch ool

Perspective Th e Ma g a zi n e fo r Un i v e r si t y L i g g e t t S c h o o l Fa l l 2 0 1 2


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Liggett Ladies A look at the Class of 1917

Middle School Settled In

Department of Alumni Relations An Exciting Year Ahead

Department of Institutional Advancement Thank You!

Parent Perspective Liggett’s Family Atmosphere

Student Perspective A Place of Opportunity

Cool Jobs Flying High at NASA

Class Notes News, Photos, Announcement, Memories

Alumni Events Celebrations, Farewells, Reunions, Homecoming, Alumni Athletic Hall of Fame

Cover art by member of Class of 1917. Fa ll 2012 1


Founder Rev. James D. Liggett had coined the Greek-sounding name early in the school’s history to signify the principle of working together for a common good.

The Liggett School Class of ’17 By Leslie Midkiff DeBauche Billie Brown, secretary of the Liggett

1902 when she was 3. Fran was joined

The Class of ’17 left its mark on

School Class of 1917, wrote the winning

in 1904 by girls who would grow up

Liggett School. Collectively, they were

lyrics in the Liggett School Song Contest

together over the next 13 years: Lydia

entrepreneurial: It was this class that

the year she graduated. Her second verse

Kahn, Dorothy Grant Kemp, Helen Laura

began the precedent of the eleventh

invited listeners to:

Schloss, Karolyn Louise Smith, and

grade raising money for their publication

…come and join our merry throng

Marion Calvert Smith. Liggett’s Class of

of Rivista the school yearbook. And

Drive care away and wear a smile

’17 remained stalwart friends serving as

ambitious: It was this class that expanded

Your hearts make light with joyous song

maids of honor in each other’s weddings,

dramatics so as to include the entire

For we have yet a little while

playing godmother to their children,

academic department. This new dramatic

To linger, you and youth and I

bridge partners later on, and some

society was called Symmathetea and

And Seventeen.”

remained close over a lifetime. Liggett

it had roots in the school’s origins.

introduced these girls, taught them

Founder, Rev. James D. Liggett, had

deportment and the proper “attitude,”

coined the Greek-sounding name early

readied them for elite colleges, for

in the school’s history to signify the

marriage, and to take their places in

principle of working together for a

society. The school had also endowed

common good. Revitalized by the Class

these young women with verve, and they

of ’17 under Fran Liggett’s leadership,

mustered that confidence to plunge into

Symmathetea mobilized the girls in the

the fast-changing world of the Roaring

upper grades to present an allegorical

Twenties, the Great Depression, and

pageant called, ”Symmathetea Speaks.”

World War II. While The Liggett School

Students wrote the play and designed

Frances Helen Liggett, editor-in-chief

prepared them to meet the world they

the costumes; they promoted the

of the yearbook, president of her class

found, it also helped to engender in the

event, recited its speeches, danced to

in 1916, and niece of Miss Ella and Miss

Class of ’17 an independent spirit and the

and performed the pageant’s musical

Jeannette Liggett was first enrolled in

will to try and change that world.

accompaniment. This was an ambitious

The twenty-six graduates assembled at the Woodward Avenue Baptist Church on June 8, 1917 might well have been tempted to linger. America had entered World War I only two months before commencement. The Class of ’17 was leaving a familiar and vibrant place, which some had attended since kindergarten.

2 P er sp e c t i ve


About the Author

Leslie DeBauche is a silent film historian, specializing in the World War I era, and professor of film studies at the University of Wisconsin at Stevens Point. So how did she come to be so fascinated with The Liggett School’s Class of 1917? Like most of the questions historians and researchers ask, the search for answers led her to follow a circuitous route, helped along the way by Liggett girls, their daughters, their teachers, their lawyers and movie stars like Theda Bara. In her work on films made in the 1910s, DeBauche kept encountering the same group of silent film actresses – Mary Pickford and Billie Burke being two biggest names – who tended to be cast in roles as “The American Girl.” These characters were athletic, outspoken, vivacious types who could always be counted on to help the underdog. These same actresses were used by big advertising firms to sell just about everything in the 1910s, while high-powered dress designers tapped them to model the latest fashion by creating costumes for their films. “It seemed like businesses were making an awful lot of money off the ‘American girl’ and it led me to wondering about who were the real American girls and what were the affects of the movies on them,” DeBauche said. In her research, DeBauche came across the high school scrapbook of Helen Schloss, a member of the Liggett School’s Class of 1917 and bought it. Scrapbooks were a common way of remembering high school in the early part of last century and many families have saved them through the years. It was full of popular culture references DeBauche said showed the importance of movies in the lives of young girls at the time. She started to look deeper into the lives of the other girls in that class, names written by Schloss in the scrapbook.

undertaking and an idealistic one — true to the Rev. Liggett’s original intent and resonating with the uncertain state of a country at war. The theme, stated in classic iambic pentameter, was that Education would help to uplift and enrich drama by reintegrating literature, dance, and music into “art re-born.” Civilized humanity would benefit. The separate Arts are united, the veil that obscured me [Drama] is lifted. Once more I am sought for my beauty; before me the paths of the future Life filled with a radiant promise for me and the powers that uphold me! The Class of ’17 also published a much less lofty monthly class newspaper filled with jokes and references to the

“As I read this scrapbook and did the research, I realized this was a pretty special group of young women,” DeBauche said. “And when I learned who Lydia Kahn (daughter of noted architect Albert Kahn) was, I thought there was something special about Liggett School.” She contacted Liggett and, with the help of archivist Kathy Campbell, began researching each member of the class. “I could never have gotten as far as I did without her great help,” DeBauche said. It was a project that took several years and is ongoing. “My expectations were that these girls would have lived pretty conventional lives and gotten married soon after graduating, but that wasn’t the case,” DeBauche said. Many of the women married, for the time, much older and they accomplished many notable things, DeBauche said. She wondered why that was. It might have had something to do with World War I, which the United States entered shortly before these girls graduated. They were called to help the country on the homefront in a way people, particularly young women, hadn’t been before. But there was another thing. “I think it had something to do with the curriculum of the school,” she said. “This was an incredibly well-educated generation. Miss Ella Liggett encouraged a kind of independence and a sense of responsibility in these students. They were given the message that they could make a difference. Based on the story of the pageant they wrote and produced (see main story), these girls took that message to heart.” DeBauche has presented her research on the Class of 1917 at a Women and the Silent Screen conference in Bologna, Italy, and said the audience was fascinated: “Nobody had looked at high school scrapbooks before.” DeBauche is working on a book proposal and hopes an academic press will publish her research. By Ron Bernas Fa ll 2012 3

movies and popular songs of the day.

senior lounge more “modest” by

Their basketball team won the school

dressing Michelangelo’s David

championship that year. In a variety of

in a “close fitting swimming

ways, earnest, lighthearted, and athletic,

suit with circular stripes. The

the members of this class demonstrated

Tortured Gaul [The Dying


Gaul] was bedecked in a Hula

The girls who graduated in 1917 made their own fun. Helen Schloss, president of her class, created a scrapbook in which she pasted and arranged treasured bits of her history at the Liggett School, including the prized school monogram she had won for good grades on her report cards and good attitude which encompassed school citizenship and consideration of others. She saved place

skirt which added immensely to his agony.” Throughout this scrapbook are good-natured jokes about classes and teachers: Albertine Osius’ mistranslation of a Latin phrase, “He stopped his voice with his foot,” and an English teacher’s mild double entendre: “(to the 12th Grade art class, studying Gothic vaulting) — ‘Yes, they developed their ribs

married right away. Anne Bedford

a great deal more in later work.’” Schloss

wed right after graduation; her young

must have found “Faculty Jabberwocky,”

husband, a flyer, would die in England

which included the names of nearly all

the following year. Frances Liggett was

the school’s teachers, an especially clever

engaged by December, 1917. She brought

nod to Lewis Carroll because she clipped

Frances Helen, Jr., the first baby of the

it from the Rivista and pasted it in the

Class of 1917, to its reunion in 1919.

scrapbook on the page labled “Stunts

Thelma Fox broke the school rules and

and Jokes:”

married William Murray the week before

governed the correct behavior of young

Along the Winny Lane

commencement. The Liggett sisters did

ladies, but it also showed the lively

J. Liggett Sanger little Todd

not allow her to graduate with her class.

irreverence of the girls in her class. One

Of Zeigler Breitenbach de Voss;

Decades later, this Detroit philanthropist

two-page spread in Schloss’s scrapbook

Then Thompson’s mead was Livingstone

would finally be granted a diploma. She,

juxtaposed Miss Ella’s essay for the

And Robbins Guest was Wright.

in turn, endowed a scholarship for senior

cards from parties she attended, recorded their menus, and remembered the singalongs that followed tasty meals. Schloss saved snapshops of both Miss Ella and Abu Ben Adam, the big stuffed camel that was their class mascot (named after the main character of a popular poem of the day). Helen Schloss’ sense of humor revealed an understanding that rules

Rivista titled “Power of Suggestion” about the successful campaign waged by the senior class to curtail “vulgar slang” in the school with the words to the “Anti-Slang Song Presented to the Senior Anti-Swear League by the Juniors.”

Almost half of the graduating class of 1917 attended college: Three went to Vassar, Miss Ella’s alma mater; four students registered at Wellesley, and two at Smith College. Margaret McDonald graduated from the University of

Goodbye slang we’re thru

Michigan while Marie Clippert and Clara

We say goodbye to you

Hemmeter travelled to Washington, D.C.,

To hell, damn, gosh and golly

to enroll at the Mt. Vernon Seminary,

And all that sort of folly.

a two-year institution that is now part

We’re going to talk like ladies

of George Washington University.

We’ll never mention Hades

Dorothy Kemp moved to New York

It’s a vulgar thing to do.

City for a year to study at the Ovide

“Schlossie” (nearly all the seniors had nicknames) described how her colleagues made the pictures of statues in their 4 P er sp e c t i ve

girls who demonstrate academic

Musin Music School for Violin, and Anne Bedford attended the Detroit Business Institute. Several of the girls

Thelma Fox Murry, who hadn’t been allowed to graduate with her class, later endowed a scholarship for future seniors.

Left: Frances Helen Liggett Stieff with the first baby of the Class of 1917 Frances Helen, Jr., Lydia Kahn Winston Malbin, Edith Meiser and Dorothy Kemp Roosevelt.

excellence, leadership and athletic

designed several of the Liggett School’s

talents to radio. Most notably, Meiser

abilities, but also, tellingly, a sense

buildings. She graduated from Vassar

wrote the scripts for “Sherlock Holmes,”

of humor.

in 1921. Beginning in the late 1930s

which was on the air from 1930-42. She

she amassed a formidable collection of

also produced shows for Jack Hope

modern art. Her special love was Italian

and the Marx brothers and was a script

Futurism, in marked and rebellious

editor for “The Shadow.” She appeared

contrast to her father’s admiration of

on television, including on “I Love

the French Impressionists. In 1940, she

Lucy,” and in the 1950s collaborated

helped organize the first show of abstract

with the artist Franck Giacoia on a

art at the Detroit City Club. Making

Sherlock Holmes comic strip. Meiser

art as well as buying it and sharing her

continued acting in the 1970s. She was

collection, Lydia Kahn completed a

a member of Actors Equity, and the

master’s degree in ceramics and painting

Edith Meiser Foundation has helped

at the Cranbrook Academy in 1944. In

fund an oral history project at the New

1961, together with Marcel Duchamps,

York Public Library, which documents

Malbin was awarded an honorary

the contributions of women in the

doctorate in humanities by Wayne

performing arts.

When the Liggett School surveyed its alumnae in 1921 (some 857 graduates), 15 members the Class of 1917 were still single. Three were social workers: Helen Milloy and Albertine Osius in Detroit and Alice Chamberlain in New York City. Ruth Bayles, who graduated from Wellesley, worked in Detroit at the Walker Branch Public Library and Dorothy Kemp was teaching violin and piano. Mildred McDonnell was employed at the Folk Handicrafts Shop at the Society of Arts and Crafts, St. Louis. Three of the graduates worked for a time at the Liggett School: Helen Schloss

State University.

“Kempie,” Dorothy Kemp Roosevelt,

helped to start a Red Cross chapter at the

Edith Meiser was Kahn’s roommate

studied music in New York in 1917

school in the fall of 1917 to make surgical

at college. At the Liggett School her

and at the American Conservatory at

dressings for the war effort, Fran Liggett

nickname was Aidee and when Helen

Fontainebleau, France in 1922. Music

taught English until her marriage that

Schloss captioned her picture she wrote

and politics were her twin passions.

winter, and Lucille Peterson served as

“Went to Vassar where she was very

She played with the Detroit Symphony

Miss Ella’s secretary for three years.

prominent in dramatics.” That proved to

Orchestra and in Washington, D.C.

be an understatement. After college she

with the National Symphony Orchestra.

performed in the American Shakespeare

Married to Hall Roosevelt, Eleanor’s

Company, toured on the vaudeville

half-brother, Kemp performed twice

circuit, and in the 1930s she applied her

at the White House. In the 1940s she

Three members of the class are worthy of special note because they earned national recognition. Lydia Kahn Winston Malbin, whose father, the architect Albert Kahn,

Fa ll 2012 5

became the State Supervisor of the Works

and Cressie Boggs of University Liggett

Projects Administration Music Project

School, and to S. Gary Spicer, Sr. for his

and later the Director of the Professional

help bringing Thelma Fox Murray to life.

and Service Division of the WPA. In 1942, Dorothy Kemp Roosevelt ran to represent Michigan in the U.S. Congress. She became the first women in Michigan

Leslie Midkiff Debauche will speak as part of our Celebration of Women Lecture Series early next year.

to win a primary, but was defeated in the election by about 5,000 votes by five-term incumbent George Dondero. The Class of 1917 chose the single word, “Loyalty,” as its slogan. How fitting. These remarkable young women had manifested that virtue throughout their school days. When they saw a need, they filled it to make their school better whether by creating Symmathetea and the class newspaper, The Cap and Gown, or conspiring in fun to clothe David. The true teamwork necessary to become school basketball champions bespoke allegiance to each other and a shared goal. The slogan was also prescient. In the fall of 1917, after graduation, Helen Schloss demonstrated a patriotic loyalty by helping to establish a working Red Cross chapter at Liggett and nearly 25 years later so did Dorothy Kemp Roosevelt when she ran for Congress. Thelma Fox Murray, who hadn’t been allowed to graduate with her class, showed surprising fidelity to her alma mater by endowing a scholarship for future seniors. Many thanks to Lydia Kahn Winston Malbin’s daughters, Sally Robinson and Ernestine Ruben, to Kathleen Campbell

6 P er sp e c t i ve

the common

Lecture Series Planned For the 2012-13 school year, Liggett is offering a close look at women in education with a lecture series titled Celebration of Women. The series began Nov. 8 with Dr. Jacqueline Eccles, a professor of psychology and education at the University of Michigan. She will address the importance of educating women in science, technology, engineering and math. As director of the Gender and Achievement Research Program, she studies why there are gender and ethnic group differences in career choice and leisure activities. Dr. Leslie DeBauche, an expert in film studies and mass communication, continues the series on March 14, 2013. She will discuss her experience Left: Illustration by a student of Class of 1917. Top: 1917 Tennis Team. Above: 1917 Hockey Team. Below: Class of 1917.

researching the effect of Hollywood on women in the early part of the 1900s and talk


about her research into the Liggett Class of 1917. The series ends April 18 when Dr. Beverly Daniel Tatum, President of Spelman College, visits Liggett. The internationally known and respected speaker will discuss racial and gender identity in educational contexts. All lectures are free and open to the public. For more information, visit www.uls. org or contact Sarah Gaines at 313.884.4444, Ext. 416.

Fa ll 2012 7

Middle School

Settled In The new

Middle School you read about in last Perspective has come to vibrant life with the students and faculty who fill the halls and the classrooms. The walls are a little bare still, but the feeling is one of community, enhanced by the divisionwide meetings held every morning and started with a song.


Pe r sp e c t i v e

Fall 2012


Department of Alumni Relations

An Exciting Year Ahead

2012-13 Alumni Board of Governors

As we head into a new year at University

Have a suggestion for us? We want to

Liggett School, I am incredibly pleased to

hear from you! Share your ideas on

be working with a dedicated, enthusiastic

our Facebook page, contact the Alumni

and fun-filled new Alumni Board of

Office, or stop in to see me. We’re always

Governors for 2012-13. The current

looking for feedback to make our alumni

Stacy Buhler ’82 – President

board is made up of 21 members

program stronger.

Booth Platt ’96 – Vice President

spanning seven decades at University

Pahl Zinn ’87 – Secretary Alice Baetz ’64 LIG

Liggett School. We are also fortunate to have regional board members living across six different states.

Aleisa Bicknell ’66 GPUS Carrie Birgbauer ‘93

This year, the Alumni Board of Governors is charged with bringing you high-quality

Don Blain MD ’41 DUS

events and communication pieces that

Elizabeth Bracher ‘87

aim to inspire you to get involved in the

William Canfield ’64 GPUS

life of our school and reconnect with fellow alumni. I hope you take advantage

Craig Durno ‘84

of all we have to offer, from Alumni

Page Heenan ‘82

Weekend on May 17 -18, to regional

Thomas Henry ’61 GPUS

events in New York, Washington DC,

Latia Howard ‘03

various cities in Florida, Los Angeles and

Abigail McIntyre ‘91

Chicago, to our top-notch e-newsletter, Knightline, our alumni Facebook

Jane Reuther ’55 GPUS Robin Russell ’59 GPUS Catherine Shell ‘79

pages and the forthcoming editions of Perspective. We are always looking for volunteers

Karen Sutherland ‘81

to help our board with many different

Beth Wood ‘89

projects and programming. Are you looking for a way to get involved?


and we will help you find a volunteer


opportunity. We are frequently in need of volunteers at our events, guest







Contact us at 313.884.4444, Ext. 415,

speakers for our programs, potential new board members, and much more.


Pe r sp e c t i v e

I hope you enjoy the year ahead with University Liggett School. I would love to see everyone on campus this year! Best, Savannah Lee Alumni Relations Manager

Department of Institutional Advancement

Rewarding Loyalty

The Alumni Loyalty in Annual

Susan Adams White ’62 GPUS shares her personal feelings about giving and receiving this award: “What a complete surprise and honor it was to be presented with the beautiful paperweight acknowledging my continued support of Grosse Pointe University School, aka University Liggett. It has been my pleasure to be able to do so in a modest fashion but nevertheless meaningful. My caring of school really goes back to my parents Dr. Charles W.

Giving Award is a new award

Adams, who said he graduated from

presented annually to alumni

kindergarten at Liggett on Burns, and

celebrating milestone reunions

my mother Helen Dodenhoff Adams,

who have participated in giving

who had a lifelong devotion to the

to the University Liggett School

school and her friends and classmates

Annual Fund for 20 or more

there. My mom was actually one of the

years. Recipients of the award

many women who were instrumental

are honored at the All-Alumni

in combining Liggett and GPUS.

Cocktail Reception during

My years at school starting at the

Alumni Weekend.

Quonset Hut for preschool, then onto Kayvan Ariani

The award this year was

Country Day and GPUS were never known for their great success in

presented to 19 recipients.

Arthur H. Getz, Jr. ’67 GPUS &

They are:

Elizabeth T. Getz ‘77

Mason Ferry ’57 GPUS

Bethine S. Whitney II ’67 GPUS

Wallace J. Gamber, Jr. ’67 GPUS

Kerry FitzSimons Wilson ’82

Judy D. Hodges ’77

Susan E. White ’62 GPUS

Helen E. Maitland ’52 CDS

Anne W. Birgbauer ’62 GPUS &

unprepared.” If we can say that we have

Bruce D. Birgbauer ’60 GPUS

been truly lucky. Well worth supporting

Leonard W. Smith ’52 DUS Kayvan Ariani ’82 Katherine Duff Rines ’67 GPUS Doris Ann Brucker ’47 CDS

Mathew A. VanderKloot ’72 Raymond R. White, Jr. ’47 DUS & Lynn White ’54 Liggett

academics or for that matter athletics, but looking back at it I have always felt that I received a stellar education from my time and also a real appreciation for how to live one’s life. To quote a classmate: “My total experience at school has never left me feeling

in whatever manner possible! Thanks for giving me the opportunity!” Sincerely, Susan Adams White

Elizabeth Small Watson ’37 CDS

Left: Ann Birgbauer. Right: Susan Adams White.

Fall 2012


Department of Institutional Advancement

We build on our past.You

At the heart of this is you, our alumni community...

It has been hard to catch a breath this

cheered our football team’s decisive

fall! There are so many exciting things

win, and our Upper School students

happening here at your alma mater —

celebrated the victory with their

I’ve been thrilled to be a part of such a

well-attended Homecoming Dance

wonderful frenzy of activity.

that evening.

Homecoming weekend was especially

Now is a great time to be part of

meaningful and fun. On Friday night we

University Liggett School: Enrollment is

hosted the Alumni Athletic Hall of Fame,

up, students are succeeding academically

honoring the athletic legacy at University

and athletically, and we are receiving

Liggett School and its predecessor

positive attention locally and regionally.

schools. We had a tremendous turnout, and let me tell you, there wasn’t a dry eye in the house as former student athletes and Coaches Bob Wood and Muriel Brock reminisced about their experiences on the fields, the courts, and the rink. While they remembered great plays and exciting games and other teammates, the seven inductees talked more about the relationships forged with other players and the coaching

is built on strong foundations and a tradition of excellence. We succeed as part of a larger community — the students who have come before and helped to make the school all that it is, and who continue to support the school — including as donors to our important annual fund. Thank you for your support in every

off the field.

way. As always, I would be delighted to hear from you.

October’s Homecoming. The day was


windy and chilly, but the sun shone and

Kelley Hamilton

spirits were high. The Logo Store was

Associate Head of School

busy selling Liggett sweatshirts that

for Institutional Advancement

kept participants warm while children dressed as knights enjoyed face painting, pumpkin decorating, pie throwing and generally celebrating this remarkable community. Current families and alumni

Pe r sp e c t i v e

community. University Liggett School

advice that still applies today on and

It was the perfect way to lead into


At the heart of this is you, our alumni

Department of Institutional Advancement

Thank You!

Your Support helped us meet our 2011-12 Annual Fund goal It is with great enthusiasm and pride that we announce the tremendous success of the 2011-12 Annual Fund campaign. Collectively we raised more than $1.1 million in contributions to the Annual Fund during the fiscal year ending June 30, 2012. Combined with other fundraisers, University Liggett School raised more than $1.5 million last year. Like at most independent schools, tuition only covers part of the costs of operating the school. The Annual Fund was created to raise funds to make up

Founders Cherokee Insurance Company Eleanor & Edsel Ford Fund Mr. & Mrs. William Clay Ford Mr. & Mrs. Manuel J. Moroun Mr. & Mrs. Matthew T. Moroun Mrs. Vivian W. Day & Mr. John W. Stroh III The Elizabeth, Allan & Warren Shelden Fund Mr. & Mrs. William W. Shelden, Jr.

Heritage Society ($50,000 to $99,999) Fidelity Charitable Gift Fund Weyerhaeuser-Day Foundation

the difference. Each year the school

Rivista Society ($25,000 to $49,999)

sets a goal and last year’s $1.1 million

McGregor Fund

target was the highest ever.

Helicon Society ($10,000 to $24,999)

More people gave this year than ever before. Nearly 100 percent of faculty and staff, 84 percent of parents – up four percent from the previous year -and 16 percent of alumni – up by more than 6 percent – donated to the fund. All money donated to the annual fund supports students and faculty in their classrooms. “We are grateful to those listed here, who stepped up who hadn’t before and to those who were more generous with their donations last year than they have been in the past. It was an ambitious goal, but the increase in donors shows that we have a lot of people who have a stake in the school’s future.” Joseph P. Healey, Ph.D. Head of School

John A. & Marlene L. Boll Foundation Mr. & Mrs. John A. Boll Mr. & Mrs. Stephen C. Brownell Mr. & Mrs. Edsel B. Ford II William & Martha Ford Fund Mr. & Mrs. Atanas Ilitch Mr. Robert S. Kaiser Mr. & Mrs. Charles P. Kontulis II Mr. & Mrs. James T. Mestdagh Mr. & Mrs. Scott A. Reilly Mrs. Peter Saigh Mr. & Mrs. Sam P. Saigh Tamer Foundation Henry E. & Consuelo S. Wenger Foundation, Inc. Drs. David & Bernadine Wu Mr. & Mrs. William H. Yates III

Periscope Society ($5,000 to $9,999) John and Connie Ahee edmund t. AHEE jewelry co.

Mr. & Mrs. Mark A. Baun Mr. & Mrs. Charles E. Becker The Thomas & Carol Cracchiolo Foundation Mr. & Mrs. Thomas A. Cracchiolo Mr. & Mrs. James A. Fitzgerald Mr. Henry Ford III Edsel B. Ford II Fund Dr. & Mrs. Georges B. Ghafari GroupeSTAHL The Halso Family Mark and Gretchen Higbie Mr. & Mrs. John F. Joity Mr. & Mrs. Arthur D. Jones Martha Ford Morse The Ninivaggi Family Mr. & Mrs. John R. Peracchio Mr. Brad D. Petitpren Petitpren, Inc. Claudia and Joseph Shannon Mr. & Mrs. Jeffrey W. Shell, Sr. Mr. Stephen M. Stackpole Mr. & Mrs. Ted A. Stahl Ms. Elizabeth Sullivan & Dr. Steven Gellman Kerry FitzSimons Wilson Mr. & Mrs. Ralph C. Wilson The Ralph C. Wilson Foundation Yates Industries

Pericon Society ($2,500 to $4,999) American Endowment Foundation Becker Ventures Ms. Elizabeth D. Black Dr. & Mrs. William S. Brusilow Mr. William R. Chapin Mr. & Mrs. Jonathon C. Clay Ms. Amanda Conti Duhaime Mr. & Mrs. J. Lewis Cooper Mr. Richard P. Dahling & Mrs. Nancy L. Sanborn Mr. Paul J. Duhaime Mr. & Mrs. Mark F. Elmer Fall 2012


Mr. & Mrs. Calvin R. Ford Mr. & Mrs. Timothy V. Fox Jason and Stacey Hall Mr. Robert R. Hammond Dr. & Mrs. Joseph P. Healey Indicon Corporation/Conti Electric Mr. & Mrs. David E. McCoy Joanne Nicolay Foundation James and Denise Palmer Elaine Peck and Rankin Peck Family Foundation Ms. Jennifer Peck & Mr. Richard E. Russell Mr. & Mrs. Richard B. Platt Point Gammon Foundation Mrs. Dean E. Richardson Dean E. and Barbara J. Richardson Foundation Mr. & Mrs. John M. Richardson Mr. & Mrs. Lawrence A. Simon Universal Tube, Inc. Mr. & Mrs. Ilja J. Vreeken Village Ace Home and Hardware Mr. & Mrs. Douglas M. Wood Dr. & Mrs. Clyde Wu

Spirit Society ($1,000 to $2,499) All State Fastener Corporation Ms. Kimberly R. Allen Mr. & Mrs. Ted H. Alpert Anonymous Mr. & Mrs. Donald F. Baty, Jr. Mr. & Mrs. William C. Beardslee, Jr. Beaumont Hospitals Dr. Marquita S. Bedway & Mr. Alger P. LaHood Mr. & Mrs. Edward Belcrest Belcrest Pest Elimination Tom and Karen Berkery Mr. & Mrs. Bruce D. Birgbauer Denis and Connie Bourke Mr. & Mrs. Brian D. Cadieux Ms. Kim M. Campau Mr. William Campbell Mr. John Canzano & Ms. Becky Dudash Mr. & Mrs. James P. Cassidy III Mr. & Mrs. Patrick A. Chaps Mr. & Mrs. William D. Dahling Mr. & Mrs. Daniel J. Deane Jon and Dana Deimel Mr. Douglass J. Diggs & Dr. Shauna 14

Pe r sp e c t i v e

Ryder Diggs Mr. & Mrs. John B. Dodge Mr. & Mrs. Peter A. Dow Mrs. William L. Drennen Doris & Don Duchene Foundation Mr. & Mrs. John D. Durno Mr. & Mrs. Anthony J. Eckridge Mr. & Mrs. John F. Engel Jim Fair Fishbone’s Mr. & Mrs. Hans F. W. Flick Janet and H. Richard Fruehauf, Jr. Mrs. Eleise Garrett Ms. Ellena Gatzaros Ted and Maria Gatzaros Anthony and Christine Giorgio Mr. & Mrs. Alfred R. Glancy III Mr. & Mrs. Edward C. Gotfredson Mr. & Mrs. Douglas J. Grimm Miss Helen J. Grinnell Mrs. Jessica L. Hall Harper Sport Shop Harvey Rice Foundation Mr. Palmer T. Heenan Ian and Cynthia Jones Ms. Meredith B. Jones Mr. & Mrs. James J. Jurcak III Kart 2 Kart Mr. & Mrs. Garland M. Knight III Mr. & Mrs. Peter T. Kross Legacy Foundation Margaret Loomis & James Quinlan Mr. & Mrs. Frank Lucido Mr. & Mrs. Edwin J. Lukas Sergio and Lora Mazza Medical Care Coordinators, Inc. Dr. & Mrs. Paul A. Meyering Ms. Patricia M. Nemeth Mr. & Mrs. Jonathan L. Neville Ms. Donna Orbovich Mr. & Mrs. Anthony O. Palleschi Hervey C. Parke III Peninsula Capital Partners LLC Molly Chalmers Pratt Joan Primo Raymond James & Associates, Inc. Mr. Blasko C. Ristic Robin Duke Harris Russell Mr. Frederic P. Satterlund Mr. & Mrs. William Anthony Scarfone, Sr. Laurence M. Scoville Lynn Johnston Scoville

Mr. & Mrs. Andrew W. Shelden Mr. & Mrs. Lloyd F. Simpson Mr. & Mrs. Lawrence E. Smith Ken & Maureen Solak Mr. & Mrs. James M. Stewart Paul T. & Suzanne M. Stockmann Mr. & Mrs. David P. Sutherland Dr. & Mrs. Robert A. Teitge TIAA-CREF Mr. & Mrs. Henry T. Ubik Mr. & Mrs. Jack Valente Mr. Lawrence E. Van Kirk III Mr. & Mrs. Mathew A. VanderKloot Carl and Dawn von Bernuth Ms. Dana M. Warnez Mr. & Mrs. Benjamin S. Warren III Arlene Rozzelle-Wray & Donald Wray Mr. Jason Yoder & Ms. LisaAnn Rocha Drs. Christopher and Marsha Zingas John and Carol Zinkel Mr. & Mrs. Mark S. Zmyslowski

Knights Society ($500 to $999) Mr. & Mrs. Darryl R. Almasy Dana M. Alpern & John M. Pollick Anonymous (2) Dr. Kayvan Ariani Alexandra Crain Armstrong Mrs. Beth P. Beckmann Mr. & Mrs. Ronald J. Bernas Dr. & Mrs. Robert E. Bodycombe, Jr. Mr. & Mrs. Kevin J. Breen Shelley Scarney Buchanan Mr. Walter K. Butzu & Ms. Ava Y. Butzu Dr. & Mrs. Michael D. Castillo James and Erika Combs Mr. & Mrs. Christer W. Crantz Mr. & Mrs. William D. Dahling, Jr. Dr. Vicki M. Diaz Mrs. Susan Dyson Mark and Janet Ellis Mrs. Charles M. Endicott Mr. & Ms. Edmund J. Fitzgerald Mr. & Mrs. Eric O. Fornell Mr. & Mrs. Timothy A. Fox Dr. & Mrs. Michael S. Fozo Mrs. Anne K. Galyean Mr. William Y. Gard Ms. Linda L. Gehrke Mr. John W. George III

Ms. Nancy L. Glander Mr. & Mrs. Harold T. Hagan III Mr. & Mrs. George A. Haggarty The Haggarty Foundation Mr. & Mrs. Chad W. Hamilton Mr. & Mrs. Timothy P. Heidmann Mr. & Mrs. Thomas J. Henry, Jr. Mr. & Mrs. John F. Hickey, Jr. Janet Staley Howard Mr. & Mrs. Joseph L. Hudson, Jr. Trudy Jackson Hung IBM Corporation Mr. James Jarosik & Ms. Deborah Perelmuter Mr. & Mrs. William F. Jerome, Jr. Mr. & Mrs. Brandon T. Johnson Mr. & Mrs. Robert R. Johnson Mr. David M. Katz & Ms. Jill L. Alper Mr. & Mrs. Peter J. Keane Mr. & Mrs. Lawrence A. Klimek Mr. William H. Knoell Ms. Lila Marie LaHood Paul and Molly Lanzon Mr. & Mrs. Frederick W. Leonard Ms. Mary Elizabeth Lewis Mr. Herbert W. Loner, Jr. Robert Loomis & Associates Dr. & Mrs. Vincent R. C. Maribao Mr. & Mrs. William J. Marx Mr. John Maurer & Ms. Mary Elliott Mr. P. Christopher McCabe Mr. & Mrs. Michael D. McCarthy Mr. & Mrs. Francis W. McMillan II Dr. T. Harrop Miller, Jr. Mr. & Mrs. Christopher J. Monsour Dr. Robert T. Morris Mr. & Mrs. Jeffrey J. Mott, Sr. Karen and Jibril Nettles Mr. & Mrs. Charles G. Nickson Mrs. Orval Opperthauser Reverend Gregory A. Otte Mr. Sanford N. Pensler Mr. & Mrs. William A. Petzold Dr. M. Michelle Pierron & Dr. Bruce Allen Jones Mr. & Mrs. Glenn S. Purvin Drs. Bobak & Anna Rabbani Dr. & Mrs. Raymond P. Rahi Mr. Christopher C. Ralstrom Dr. & Mrs. Curt S. Ralstrom Dr. Elizabeth F. Ralstrom & Dr. Samuel G. Blanchard

Ms. Laura M. Ralstrom Mr. & Mrs. Gene Renzi Drs. Steven & Michelle Rivera Mr. & Mrs. Errol C. Service, Sr. Mr. & Mrs. Christopher Sewell Mr. & Mrs. Craig I. Sherman Leonard W. Smith Dr. Rebecca Smith-Coggins Mr. & Mrs. Bretton A. Stahl Starcom MediaVest Group Dr. & Mrs. William A. Stefani Mr. & Mrs. Thomas B. Stevens Mrs. Robert M. Surdam Adena Wright Testa Susan Stuckey Thoms, M.D. Mr. & Mrs. Peter P. Thurber Patti and Geoff Tischbein Mr. Jay G. Trevorrow Mrs. Mary Ann Van Elslander Mr. Joseph J. Walker III Wells Fargo Community Support Campaign Mr. & Mrs. Raymond R. White, Jr. Mr. & Mrs. Thomas E. White Mrs. Michelle Williams-Stokes Mr. & Mrs. J. Eric Wise Janet Lynn Wood Mr. & Mrs. David J. Woodward Mr. & Mrs. Michael F. Wujek Dr. Atsushi Yoshida & Dr. Barbara Yoshida Mr. Michael R. Zarobe Mr. & Mrs. Josef K. Zehetmair

Cupola Society (up to $499) Mr. & Mrs. John M. Adamo Mrs. Bettejean Ahee Mr. & Mrs. Dike H. Ajiri Tony and Christine Alcantara Mr. & Mrs. Robert Alexander Dr. Marwan Alhajeili & Dr. Mona Alfares Mr. & Mrs. Charles AliAhmad Mr. & Mrs. Scott G. Allen Ms. Ashley E. Alles Mr. & Mrs. Leonard S. Alpert Mr. & Mrs. Eric J. Altimore Mr. & Mrs. Anthony M. Amine Mr. & Mrs. Alan S. Anderson Anonymous (4) Mr. & Mrs. Anthony T. Anusbigian Mr. Peter A. Armstrong Susan Whitford Arrigo

Artistry of Hair Gloria Jacobs August Mr. & Mrs. Aaron C. Bachman Mr. & Mrs. David M. Backhurst Mr. & Mrs. Andrew John Baetz, Jr. Mrs. Yun Bai & Mr. David S. West Mr. & Mrs. Douglas R. Baker Mr. & Mrs. Richard C. Baker Mr. David L. Balas Philip Balas Mr. & Mrs. Darren G. Baldwin Mr. & Mrs. John S. Bandos Jim Barnes Mr. James T. Barnes III Mr. & Mrs. Ryan P. Barrows John, Trina & Daniel Barta Susanne Kemp Bartlett Mr. & Mrs. John P. Bassler Mr. & Mrs. Ned A. Batchelor Mr. & Mrs. Adam C. Beck Mrs. Susan G. Becker Mr. & Mrs. John W. Bell III Ms. Ranlet S. Bell & Mr. Frank M. Bell, Jr. Dr. Jennifer L. Bencie Fairburn Suzi Wilkins Berl Bridget and Kyle Bettigole Ms. Alesia G. Bicknell Carrie Birgbauer Mr. & Mrs. Michael A. Bishop Mrs. Florrie L. Blackwell Dr. & Mrs. Donald G. Blain Mr. & Mrs. John C. Blaney Mr. Cole Blasier Mr. & Mrs. Bryan T. Boggs Peter B. Bogle Mr. James K. Bolton Mr. & Mrs. Russ M. Bonacci Deborah Borrego-Spoutz Mr. & Mrs. Stuart E. Boswell Mr. & Mrs. W. Robert Bowden Mrs. Susan B. Bowen Mr. Victor L. Bowman Mr. & Mrs. Troy C. Bracher Ms. Julia R. Brennan Dr. Timothy Brennan & Ms. Renee Siegan Mr. James J. Brewer & Mrs. Sara C. Day-Brewer Wendy Vaughan Brickman Mr. & Mrs. Lou S. Bricolas Mr. & Mrs. John M. Broder Fall 2012


Mr. & Mrs. John M. Brooks Todd and Kathy Brooks Mrs. Linda M. Brown Mr. Prentiss M. Brown, Jr. Ms. Rhonda Brown Nolan & Mr. John Nolan Mr. & Mrs. Peter Anthony Brown Doris Ann Brucker Ms. Leslie Bryant & Mr. Norman Schwartz Ms. Susan Bowen Bryant-Still Mr. & Mrs. Richard W. Budinger Mrs. Melissa Buescher Mr. H. Michael Buhler Mr. & Mrs. Kurt Buhler Mr. Alan Burchi & Ms. Barbara Patek Ms. Clare E. P. Burchi Ms. Terrill H. Burnett & Mr. Jason K. Wallace Mr. & Mrs. Bruce J. Burton Mrs. Kerrie K. Burton & Mr. Mark Bargowski Mr. & Mrs. J. Armistead Burwell, Jr. Mr. & Mrs. J. Armistead Burwell III Mr. & Dr. Thomas P. Buysse Ms. Elaine Michelle Calderon Christine McNaughton Cameron Lynne Garred Cameron Ms. Mary Jo Campo Ms. Libby Claire Candler Mr. William B. Canfield III Mr. & Mrs. Russell J. Canning Mrs. Tara Cardella Ms. Kathryn S. Carey Mrs. Helen I. Cargas Mr. & Mrs. Daniel S. Carmody Mr. Charles H. Carroll II, R.N. Mr. & Mrs. Eduardo Reynaldo Casanova Mr. & Mrs. James P. Cassidy, Jr. Mr. Brandon C. Celestin Mr. Stephen B. Cenko Martha Parker Chamberlin Mrs. Andrea C. Champagne & Mr. Joshua Huebner Sara Champion, Esq. Lauren & Ben Chapman Ms. Shau Jen Chen Children’s Hospital of Michigan Mr. & Mrs. Richard A. Chouinard Mr. & Mrs. Shirazul I. Chowdhury Mrs. Shirley M. Chuhran 16

Pe r sp e c t i v e

Mr. Daniel J. Cimini Mrs. Bliss Clark Mr. Nicholas Clark Mr. & Mrs. Stephen W. Clark Mr. & Mrs. G. Andrew Cleek Mr. David A. Clifton Mrs. Zina Clinton Dr. & Mrs. Eudoro Coello Dr. Monica Coello Mrs. Martin Cohen Ms. Paula L. Cole Mrs. Sheila Connolly Mr. Joseph M. Conway Mr. & Mrs. Thomas F. Coologhan Mrs. Ralph R. Cooper Mrs. William Cornell Mr. & Mrs. Ronald L. Cornell, Jr. Paula Mighion Cornwall Mr. & Mrs. John M. Couzens Mr. & Mrs. Paul R. Coyro Dr. Linda L. Crandall Ms. Brianna S. Crantz Sally Potter Cudlip Mrs. Charles E. Curtis Mr. & Mrs. Michael S. Daar Dr. Alan P. Darr & Ms. Mollie Hayden Fletcher Horace Davies Mr. Arthur H. Davis Mr. James V. Davis, Jr. Mr. & Mrs. Lowell W. Davis Mr. Robert E. Davis Mr. & Mrs. Dennis Day Mr. & Mrs. Donald E. Day, Jr. Mr. & Mrs. Brian M. Degnore Ms. Autumn DeGroot Mr. & Mrs. Jon H. Deimel Ms. Laura E. Deimel Ms. Sandra M. DeJoie Mr. & Mrs. Jayson Demchak Mr. & Mrs. Michael A. Demsey Ms. Lois Deneau Ms. Erica Denham Mr. Jeffrey A. Denyer Mr. & Mrs. Christopher A. deRuiter Mr. & Mrs. John D. DesMadryl Mr. & Mrs. Raymond DeSteiger Mr. & Mrs. Peter B. Dettlinger Ms. Sarah E. Dickinson Ms. Heather Diehl & Mr. J.F. Bierlein Ms. Sarah O. Diehl Dr. & Mrs. David G. DiLoreto

DiLoreto Dental Care, P.C. Mr. Clifford S. Dirksen Ms. Trina Dixon Shelley and Tim Dolan Jennifer Dossin & David Marshall Ms. Taylor D. Dougherty Mr. & Mrs. Chris Drake Mrs. Kenneth M. Dugan, Jr. Mr. & Mrs. Paul G. Dugas J. Richard Dunlap, D.D.S., M.S., P.C. Ellen Renick Durand Mr. & Mrs. David P. Dwaihy Mimi Kenower Dyer Mr. & Mrs. Robert H. Ealba Mr. & Mrs. Gottfried Eberhardt Edibles Rex Catering Mr. & Mrs. Roy W. Edmonds Dr. Lauree Anne Emery Mr. & Mrs. Thomas E. England Jane Petzold Enterline Mr. & Mrs. Richard P. Eriksen Mr. & Mrs. Robert D. Etherton Mr. & Mrs. Gerardo A. Evangelista Mr. & Mrs. Edward S. Evans III Leslie Heaton Evans The Ewing Family Dr. & Mrs. Richard R. Fanning Mr. & Mrs. Keith Fannon Mr. & Mrs. Michael J. Farley Ann Berman Feld Mrs. Michael P. Fellowes Mrs. Bette-Burr Meader Fenley Mr. & Mrs. Christian A. Fenton Dr. & Mrs. Richard J. Ferrara, Jr. Mr. & Mrs. Mason Ferry Mr. & Mrs. Stanley L. Fildew II Mr. & Mrs. Wilfred A. Finnegan Mr. & Mrs. Armond D. Fisher Mr. Curtis W. Fisher, Jr. Mrs. Joan R. Fisher Drs. John D. & Rosemarie L. Fisher Mrs. Sharon Fishpaw Mr. Ian S. Fitzgerald Ethel & James Flinn Foundation Mr. & Mrs. Gregory Ryan Flynn Mrs. Carol M. Forbes Mr. Coit C. Ford III Mr. & Mrs. Frank B. Ford Mr. & Mrs. John B. Ford III Mr. & Mrs. Peter H. Fortune Eleanore Stalker Foster Mr. & Mrs. John B. Foster

Mr. & Mrs. Robert Foster, Jr. Mr. & Mrs. Anthony A. Foust Mr. & Mrs. John W. Fowler Mr. Brion J. Fox Ms. Kimberly Frank Mrs. Michael J. Frank Ms. Patricia M. Frank Mrs. Harold L. Frank Mrs. Henry Welling French Mr. & Mrs. Thomas H. Fuller, Jr. Mrs. Margaret G. Gaines Mr. & Mrs. Peter B. Gaines Alexandra Day Gale Mr. & Mrs. Charles Galea Mr. & Mrs. Gregory T. Gallagher Mr. & Mrs. Wallace J. Gamber, Jr. Mrs. Robert L. Garbarino Mr. Eugene A. Gargaro III Mr. & Mrs. Peter B. Gast III Mr. & Mrs. Robert S. Gatzke Annette Longnon Geddes Mrs. C. Deana Georgopoulos Ms. Suzanne Gerber-Stroh Mr. & Mrs. Richard T. Gersch Mr. & Mrs. Arthur H. Getz, Jr. Mr. & Mrs. Charles Getz Mr. & Mrs. Mark D. Gilbert Mr. Bruce M. Gillis Ms. Judi E. Gladstone Connie Brown Glaser Mr. & Mrs. Russell W. Glenn Mr. John L. Golanty Mr. & Mrs. Todd E. Goldberg Mr. Richard L. Goodwin Mr. William J. Gore Mrs. Robert L. Gotfredson Lauren Gargaro Grace Mr. Carl Grady & Ms. Sandra Moreland Ruth Henderson Graham Mr. & Mrs. Robert W. Graham Mr. & Mrs. Richard D. Granger Ms. Ann Marie Gray Mr. & Mrs. Lawrence A. Griffin Mr. & Mrs. Woodrow W. Grissom, Jr. Grosse Pointe Yogurt, Inc. Sandra Brown Grotta Mr. & Mrs. Robert Grucz Mr. Thomas Guastello Mrs. Clare Gusmano Barbara and Richard Gutermuth Mr. & Mrs. Terry R. Gutermuth

Ms. Laura E. Haggarty Mr. & Mrs. William M. Haggerty Dr. & Mrs. Razmig Haladjian Glady Menge Hancock Mr. & Mrs. Donald C. Hankins, Sr. Hannah Bear Boutique, LLC Mr. & Mrs. John Harkins Kristen & Steve Harthorn Mr. David L. Hartigan II Mrs. Charles B. Hastie Ms. Elizabeth T. Hastie Mr. John O. Hastings, Jr. Mr. John O. Hastings Mr. & Mrs. Gregory D. Heald Dr. Jane F. Healey & Mr. Mark K. Benning Mr. Francis K. Heaney & Dr. Mary Jane Heaney Mrs. Patricia L. Heaney Ms. J. Page Heenan Rebecca Patterson Hein Mr. Adam W. Hellebuyck Robin and Bill Heller Mr. & Mrs. Andrew Hetletvedt Mrs. Michelle R. Hicks Mrs. Mary E. Hindle Craig and Bettyanne Hodges Ms. Judy D. Hodges & Mr. Peter S. Norton Theodore and Jean Hodges Ms. Elizabeth A. Holmes Mr. & Mrs. Bradley R. Homuth Ms. Kathryn V. Honn Elizabeth and Andrew Housey Mr. & Mrs. Donald P. Howard Mr. & Mrs. Edgar C. Howbert Judith Hubbard-Hutchinson Mr. & Mrs. Arthur Buhl Hudson Mr. Gilbert Hudson Mrs. Julius J. Huebner Mr. & Mrs. Jeffrey C. Huebner Mr. & Mrs. Paul J. Huebner Dr. David Hughes & Mrs. Gina Barnes Mr. & Mrs. Robert E. Hummel Mr. James M. Hund Mr. & Mrs. Frank Iacobell Mr. & Mrs. John W. Ingle, Jr. Mr. & Mrs. Charles Insley Investment Technology Group, Inc. Ms. Cherron Jackson & Mr. Lance D. McGhee

Mr. & Mrs. Laurence E. Jackson Mrs. Lawrence Jacobsen Jerry Jaglowicz Mrs. Jules R. James Mr. & Mrs. Renato Jamett Mr. & Mrs. Bernard S. Janicki, Jr. Gail Perry Janutol Dr. Mercilee M. Jenkins Mr. & Mrs. Thomas A. Jenkins Mr. Joseph N. Jennings, Jr. Mrs. Louise Rockwell Jensen Mr. & Mrs. George G. Jerome Ms. Ashaki T. Johnson Mr. & Mrs. Bobby Johnson Mrs. Yvonne Johnson Chris and Kristie Jones Mr. W. Magruder Jones Ms. Samantha A. Jordan Ms. Joyce D. Josaitis Ms. Ashley S. Jovanovski Mr. & Mrs. Jovan Jovanovski Mr. Frank T. Judge III Ms. Marguerite F. Judge Joan & Jim Justus Mr. & Mrs. Jonathan Kalmink Mr. Mohammed Kamal & Mrs. Morriom Rano Dr. & Mrs. Raymond Kaminski Mr. & Mrs. Kevin R. Karolak Ms. Karen R. Katanick Mr. & Mrs. Jarrod Kelley Mrs. George A. Kellner Kellogg Corporate Citizen Fund Mr. Jonathan Kempner & Ms. Lise Van Susteren Miss Joan Shurly Kennary Mr. & Mrs. Brian Kennedy Mr. Thomas M. Keydel Wendy and Howard Keys Dr. Saima A. Khan & Mr. Michael A. Krol Ms. Onnie Killefer Susan and Dan King Mr. & Mrs. Paul Kirouac Dr. & Mrs. Charles G. Kissel Mr. Ronald Kneiser & Dr. Mary Kneiser Mrs. Elizabeth Anne Knoell Mr. & Mrs. Kerry M. Knope Mr. J. Andrew Knote Mr. & Mrs. Joseph A. Koenig Mr. & Mrs. Ross J. Kogel Fall 2012


Mr. & Mrs. Kenneth N. Kokko Mr. James Kolioupoulos Michael and Robin Konarz Mr. & Mrs. William G. Kopicki Mr. & Mrs. William B. Krag Mr. & Mrs. Ernest S. Kratzet Mr. & Mrs. James M. Krebs Mr. & Mrs. Walter J. Kulesza Mr. Gregory A. LaHood Ms. Simone M.B. LaHood Mr. & Mrs. Joseph A. LaMagno Mr. & Mrs. Robert P. Lambrecht Mrs. Willard V. Lampe Mr. & Mrs. Benjamin P. Lampe Ms. Margery Lampe-Fullar Mr. & Mrs. Philip Langford Mrs. Paul Laughlin Mr. & Mrs. Henry J. Lavers Mr. & Mrs. Tuan T. Le Mr. & Mrs. Jaejoon A. Lee Mr. & Mrs. John R. Lee Mrs. Mary F. Lee Ms. Savannah Lee & Mr. Mark Coco Ms. Lynn E. Leithauser Dr. & Mrs. James P. Leleszi Mr. & Mrs. George Lemieux Mr. & Mrs. James C. Lieder Mr. & Mrs. Andrew B. Lightbody Ms. Anne Lilla & Ms. Diane McGee Mr. & Mrs. Jan T. Linthorst-Homan Tim and Joan Litle Ms. Sharon L. Litsky Mr. Michael S. Litt Mr. & Mrs. Peter S. Logan, Jr. Mr. & Mrs. Keith S. Lohman Mr. & Mrs. Richard A. Lorant Mr. & Mrs. Bradley T. Lott Dr. Robert E. Love Mrs. Sandra W. Lovell Ms. Mary Elizabeth Low, Esq. Mrs. Patricia L. Lowery Mr. William R. Lucken Dr. & Mrs. John L. Lumley Mr. & Mrs. Peter K. Lutken III Mr. & Mrs. Kevin R. Lynch Mr. & Mrs. Kevin Macaddino Mr. & Mrs. Edwin R. MacKethan IV Mr. William A. Mackey Ms. Motoko L. Maegawa & Mr. Chad P. Goeser Mr. & Mrs. Bruce A. Mair Mr. & Mrs. Gordon W. Maitland 18

Pe r sp e c t i v e

Mr. & Mrs. Gordon R. Maitland, Jr. Mr. & Mrs. Raphael A. Malkoun Mr. & Mrs. Philip J. Maniaci Mr. & Mrs. Brian S. Martin Mrs. Patricia T. Mason Mr. & Mrs. Richard B. Mason Mr. & Mrs. Randall L. Mauck David and Diane Maurer Dr. William D. Maxon Mr. & Mrs. Herman M. May III Mr. James M. May Mr. & Mrs. Myron R. May Joe & Peggy Maycock Mrs. Maureen C. McCabe Dr. Kathleen A. McCarroll Mr. & Mrs. David McCauley Mr. & Mrs. Douglas T. McClure The Honorable Renee McDuffee & Mr. Kevin Kavanagh Dr. & Mrs. William J. McFeely, Jr. Mr. & Mrs. Kenn E. McIntyre Maura McKeever Robin Senter McKenna Mrs. Deloris McKenzie Herman and Linda McKenzie Mr. Paul McKnight Ens. Stewart E. McLaren, USCG Mrs. Barbara B. McLeod Mr. & Mrs. Derek D. McLeod Mr. & Mrs. Kevin W. McMahon Ms. Linda S. McPherson Mrs. H. Hudson Mead Ms. Priscilla M. Mead Mr. & Mrs. Johannes T. Meijers Mr. Craig M. Melegari, Jr. & Dr. Kimberly K. Melegari Mr. & Mrs. David J. Mercer Mr. & Mrs. James R. Meredith Metro Development Group Investors, LLC Tracy Garred Meyers Mr. & Mrs. Leigh B. Middleditch, Jr. Kristine L. Mighion, M.D., MBA Mr. & Mrs. Keith A. Milenius Mr. & Mrs. Frank Miller Susie Boone Miller Ms. Sera Miller Mr. & Mrs. Jamshid R. Minwalla Francy Lucido Mirkazemi & Dr. Mehram Mirkazemi Mr. & Mrs. Neil Mitchell Dr. David C. Mitchell

Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Molesky Mr. & Mrs. Richard E. Molitor, Jr. Mr. & Mrs. Peter H. Monroe Ms. Jane F. Morgan Ms. Kenya Morris Dr. & Mrs. Phillip W. Moss Mrs. Natasha Moulton-Levy Mr. Raymond F. Mui Mr. William K. Muir, Jr. Mr. & Mrs. Michael G. Murphy Mrs. Clarke Murphy, Jr. Mr. & Mrs. Sean P. Murphy Wendy Evans Murphy Tracy Edwards Murtagh Ashu and Nita Nautiyal Mr. & Mrs. Jerry M. Nehr, Jr. Ms. Anne P. Nehra Ms. Katherine L. Nehra Ms. Mary E. Nehra Dr. & Mrs. Paul C. Nehra Beth Smilansky Neman Mr. & Mrs. Robert W. Nester Mr. & Mrs. Timothy F. Neuenfeldt Mr. Robert G. Neville Mr. & Mrs. Kurt D. Newman NFA Global Trade/ Quest Solutions, Inc. Ms. Melissa L. Ng Mr. & Mrs. David T. Niccolini Constance H. Nichols Kim Rossi Nichols Mr. & Mrs. Russell R. Noble Mr. & Mrs. Marshall V. Noecker Mr. Douglas F. Norris Mr. & Mrs. Mateusz M. Nowak Mrs. John Roger Nye Mr. & Mrs. Terence A. O’Brien Mr. Paul M. O’Brien Mr. & Mrs. Kevin P. O’Connor Mr. Forrest R. Old Drs. Michele & Steven Ondersma Mr. & Mrs. Michael J. O’Neill Mr. & Mrs. John J. O’Shea Mr. & Mrs. Robert M. Ottosen Ms. Carol J. Outland & Mr. Richard T. Knickerbocker Mrs. Ruth Joy Outland Mr. D. Eugene Overton Christine Watling Paddock Mr. & Mrs. Theodore S. Paisley August and Dawn Palace Dr. Elizabeth F. Pallante

Mr. & Mrs. James A. Pangborn Mr. Scott A. Pangrazzi Mr. Lawrence J. Paolucci Mr. & Mrs. Michael J. Paolucci Mr. & Mrs. John E. Park, Jr. Mr. George E. Parker IV Mr. & Mrs. John Pas Mr. Bernadino & Dr. Lisa Pavone Jeanne Worley Payeur Mr. & Mrs. Brian W. Peabody Mrs. Laura E. Perchersky Mr. & Mrs. William H. Peck, Jr. Diane Bader Perlman The Perry Family Ms. Rebecca B. Perry Mr. & Mrs. Jeffrey A. Petersen Merrill Peterson Mrs. Edward W. Pettigrew Mr. Ivan Petty & Ms. Michelle Treadaway Mr. & Mrs. Christophe Pierin Mr. & Mrs. Christ Pitses Booth Platt Dr. & Mrs. Michael P. Polis Mr. Anthony M. Provenzano Gary and Carrie Provenzano Mr. James Pujdowski & Ms. Marian Mudie-Pujdowski Kathleen Gordon Putnam Mr. Ian L. Quinlan Dr. Behi Rabbani Ms. Molly Radtke Mr. & Mrs. William C. Rands III Mr. Greg A. Reed & Mrs. Andrea Weston Mr. & Mrs. George J. Reindel III Mr. Gary W. Rembacki Mr. B. Kirk Renaud & Ms. Sarah Duggin Mr. & Mrs. Bruce J. Renaud John W. Renaud Mr. & Mrs. John B. Renick Mr. & Mrs. David F. Rentschler Mr. Donald C. Rentschler Mr. & Mrs. Alfred R. Reuther, Jr. Dr. & Mrs. William R. Richards Katherine Duff Rines Mrs. Vanessa M. Rivera & Mr. Kevin T. Letcher Lenita & Ray Robbins Larry and Betty Roberts Ms. Jean K. Robinson Mr. & Mrs. Howard H. Robinson, Jr.

Mr. Charles C. Roby Mrs. Douglas F. Roby, Jr. Mr. & Mrs. John F. Roche The Rock Family Mrs. Cynthia M. Rockwell Joyce and Bruce Rogers Mr. & Mrs. Dennis W. Root Mr. & Mrs. Charles M. Rosa Mr. & Mrs. Gordon W. Rose Mr. & Mrs. David Rowell Mr. & Mrs. Jeffrey D. Rowlands Ms. Alice M. Rucker Mr. & Mrs. Gerald Ruggles Ms. Julia Ryan & Mr. Tor Jernudd Drs. William H. & Exyie C. Ryder Dr. Karin Christina Ryding & Mr. Victor N. Litwinski Mr. & Mrs. Fred Saffold III Ms. Amy E. Salot Ms. Ernestine L. Sanders Ms. Kathleen M. Satterlund Mr. & Mrs. Robert J. Scarfone Mr. Ryan S. Schafer Eugene Schafranek Mrs. H. Ripley Schemm Mr. & Mrs. Steven J. Schick Cathy & Josh Schmidt Mr. & Mrs. Larry R. Schmidt Mr. & Mrs. Alfred H. Schrashun Schwartz Family Foundation Marianne S. Schwartz Fred and Darcy Scott Ms. Evelyn M. Scoville Mr. & Mrs. Robert J. Scoville Dr. Raj Sekhon & Dr. Jaspreet Sikand-Sekhon Mr. & Mrs. Adan Serratos Ms. Betty-Lee E. Seydler-Hepworth Ms. Katherine L. Shannon Margaret VanDeGraaf Shannon Mr. & Mrs. Morris G. Shapiro Christi Hodges Shatzel Mr. & Mrs. John Shehigian Shell Oil Company Foundation Dr. & Mrs. Alexander Shepard Mr. & Mrs. Christopher K. Shipe The Skillman Foundation Dr. & Mrs. Jared M. Slanec Mr. & Mrs. Michael Slanec Ms. Dorothy E. Slayton Mr. & Mrs. Joseph S. Slayton Curtis Slotkin

Elizabeth C. Smith John R. Smith Mr. & Mrs. Leigh Walton Gordon Smith Mr. Skip G. Smith & Ms. Jane A. Dini Dr. Leigh A. Solomon Mr. & Mrs. Richard J. Soyka, Jr. Ms. Leigh Anne Spaman Mrs. Richard A. Speer Mr. & Mrs. Andre’ L. Spivey II Suzanne R. Sprague Mrs. Judith R. Spurgin Mr. & Mrs. Joseph O. St. John Mr. & Mrs. James P. Stanley Ms. Judith Stanton Ms. Paula-Rose Stark Mr. Lowell Steffens & Mrs. Sandra Kay James and Leah Steger Sandy and Jack Steinberger Ms. Ashley F. Steitz Mr. & Mrs. John A. Steitz Eleanor B. Stephenson Ms. Stephanie R. Stevens Mr. & Mrs. Thomas J. Stevenson III Bill Stockard Carol Gregg Stratton Mr. & Mrs. Jeffrey M. Streberger Mr. & Mrs. Scott A. Streebing Mr. & Mrs. Thomas E. Strong Ms. Anita C. Suarez Mr. & Mrs. Alexander C. Suczek Dr. & Mrs. Kevin Sullivan Mr. & Mrs. Anthony Sumpter Mr. & Mrs. David M. Sword Mr. & Mrs. Raymond A. Sword Ms. Jan Sylvester & Mr. Edmund Mierzwa Mr. Mark & Mrs. Lee Ann Gusmano Szymanski Mr. & Mrs. Thomas L. Taber Steve Tait Mr. & Mrs. Ferdinand D. Talan Mr. & Mrs. Peter L. Tate Mary Boyer Taylor Sarah Pozniak Taylor Ms. Tammy Tedesco Mr. & Mrs. Robert L. Tengler Mr. & Mrs. Gregory I. Thomas Mr. & Mrs. Jacob R. Thomas Ms. Alice L. Thompson Miss Mary K. Thorn Fall 2012


Ms. Edith B. Thurber & Mr. Kevin O’Rourke Ms. Sarah Thurber & Mr. Blair Miller Mrs. Judith O. Tipton-Katzman Dr. & Mrs. Dino G. Tolias Ms. Christine T. Tomey Ms. Mary L. Toomey Mrs. Reba J. Torongo Ms. Brandi M. Towar Mr. James D. Tracy, Jr. Anne Hildebrandt Tranchida ‘92 Barbara Brucker Triggs Juliet C. Trofi Mrs. Robert C. Valade Mr. & Mrs. Fabrice Valiot Tina Van De Graaf Mr. Matthew R. Van Meter Ms. Karen E. Van Riper Mr. & Mrs. Gerald B. Varani Ms. Catherine C. Vatsis Mr. Dennis G. Vatsis Ms. Mara L. Vorhees Mr. & Mrs. Percy P. Vreeken Mrs. Geraldine M. Walencewicz Mr. Franklin M. Walker, Jr. Ms. Karen A. Walker Mrs. Frank B. Walker II Susan MacColl Walker Mr. William M. Walker III Beverly Curtiss Walsh Mr. & Mrs. Clune J. Walsh, Jr. Mr. & Mrs. John B. Warren, Jr. Mr. & Mrs. David K. Watkins Mr. John B. Watkins Mr. & Mrs. Warren H. Watkins Elizabeth Small Watson Ms. Octavia Watts Mr. & Mrs. Douglas A. Waugaman Drs. Elizabeth M. & Raymond H. Weiner


Pe r sp e c t i v e

Mr. David John Wellbrock Mrs. Nancy J. Wellbrock & Mr. Michael A. Kmiecik Mr. & Mrs. Richard D. Wellbrock Mr. & Mrs. Robert Wellbrock Mr. & Mrs. Bryan O. Welsh Mr. & Mrs. David K. Wenger Sidney and Jack Whelan Reverend & Mrs. Bradford G. Whitaker Mr. & Mrs. Edward J. White Lindley White Mr. & Mrs. Scott L. Whitford Ms. Bethine S. Whitney II Ms. Hilary E. Whittaker Mrs. Anne W. Widlak Martin F. Wieczorek Mr. Steven M. Wieczorek Mr. & Mrs. David C. Wiegel Dr. & Mrs. John H. Williams Mr. William W. Wilson Mr. & Mrs. Frank P. Wilton The Winston-Salem Foundation Mrs. Leonard P. Wittlinger Alison Q. Wolfson Mr. Daniel J. Wood Bob and Kathy Wood Hope Woodhouse Mrs. Hiram W. Woodward Susan Valk Woolworth Mr. & Mrs. Charles Wright IV Sally Pittman Wright Mr. & Mrs. Edward Wujek Ms. Maureen Zamboni & Mr. James Amicucci Mrs. Irma Zehetmair Dr. Shinin Zhu & Ms. Limei Zhang Mr. & Mrs. George H. Zinn, Jr. Mr. & Mrs. L. Pahl Zinn Mrs. Donna L. Zuehlke

Thank You!


Liggett Receives Largest Ever Donation - $4.25 Million University Liggett School announced in

Marlene proudly

October a gift of $4.25 million from John


A. and Marlene L. Boll Foundation. It is

six of their

the largest single gift in the school’s 134-


year history and will be committed to the

who have

creation of a new state-of-the-art athletics

attended or

facility, a long-time school goal.

are currently

“Gifts come in many shapes, sizes and forms,” says John Boll. “The only true gifts are those that go on long after they are given. As God has entrusted our family with much, we now leave a legacy to ensure that a superior educational institution will continue to champion the finest qualities of achievement, of excellence in sport, of character and of creativity. This is then a legacy of human beings who can lead the world toward the highest and the best.” “This gift is a catalyst for us to realize our vision for Liggett as a school worth attending and emulating,” said Head of School Dr. Joseph P. Healey. “It’s a profound measure of the confidence the Boll family places on the importance of Liggett for our community and region.” The Boll family has long been a generous supporter of University Liggett School; in 2006 a $1 million donation from the family allowed the school to create a department of student support that enhances the educational experience for all students in all grades. John and

attending Liggett. They are Amanda Boll (Class of 2008), Alex Boll (Class of 2009), Justin Mazza (Class of 2010), Jaco Mazza (Class of 2013), J.T. Mestdagh (Class of 2014), and Casey Mazza (Class of 2015). The planned athletic facilities – including a new field house, gymnasiums and all-weather playing fields – will expand opportunities for students and members of the wider community to participate in all manner of sports. Other strategic goals for Liggett include endowing the Liggett Merit Scholars program to provide scholarships to the best and brightest students in the region. The program, launched in 2007, has increased applications and enrollment, and raised the academic achievement of the student body.

Fall 2012


Parent Perspective

Liggett’s Family Atmosphere

By Louana Ghafari My husband, Georges, and I both grew up in Beirut, Lebanon. I attended a Catholic school for Lower and Middle School and then switched to a private one for high school. When it came time for our kids to start school, we both wanted a reputable private school with small class sizes that went from K through 12. Liggett was the answer. We really did not look at any other schools. We have three children, Mark and Carl, who graduated in 2012 and 2011 and attend Kalamazoo College, and my youngest, Carina, is in tenth grade. The Liggett community became our second family. The teachers and staff are genuine and take an interest in all aspects

Ghafari Family: Georges, Mark ‘11, Carina ‘15, Louana, and Carl ‘11.

of your child’s life — academics, sports

drama. Some will have the opportunity

have the honor to be the chairs of the

and social.

to play three sports and excel in all of

2012 Liggett Knight fundraiser. We are

them. Others will find their voice in

working with many volunteers and the

music, the classroom or as leaders and

Advancement staff to make sure we

they will use it with confidence. They

have a successful event in November.

will learn to interact, work and respect

I encourage every parent and grad to

others. You can be sure that your child

get involved one way or another. I have

will fit into the Liggett environment.

enjoyed giving back to the school that

Liggett has definitely played a positive

has given my family so much.

The students who come from many different backgrounds and beliefs form a long-lasting friendship even after graduation. Georges and I have met and become friends with many families who have the same passion for Liggett that we do.

role in our children’s lives. It has taught

When surrounded by family, your

them to be strong, compassionate,

children feel safe and cared for. They will

independent human beings.

feel confident and ready to tackle any obstacles they encounter whether in our challenging academic courses, our many different sports and clubs or in art and


Pe r sp e c t i v e

I have been an active volunteer since my children started in PreK 3, 17 years ago. This year my friend Ginny Simon and I

Student Perspective

Endless Opportunities My Liggett Experience

By Ariana Castillo Class of 2013 I remember my first day of high school

counselor for the sixth-grade Pleasant

the types of diversity among people

at University Liggett, walking through

Lake retreat. Working during this camp

including religion, race, socioeconomic

the Bell Tower entrance with a backpack

allowed me to showcase my leadership

background, ethnicity and other defining

full of textbooks, notebooks and folders.

skills as well as observe younger students

qualities. SDLC was truly eye-opening

Mrs. Minwalla greeted me along with

grow as individuals and overcome fears.

and I could not thank my school enough

the junior counselors who were helping

Working with the Middle School faculty

for allowing me to participate in this

the naive freshmen during orientation.

remarkable event.

How little I knew about the journey and

Another opportunity I would like to

world of opportunities I was about to

acknowledge is the Academic Research

embark on.

Program that University Liggett offers.

I always knew Liggett was an excellent

This course is an independent study on

high school because it has much to

a topic of my choice. I was able to take a

offer, but I never knew how many

whole semester my junior year to explore

opportunities I would be presented

topics that truly interested me, and from

with. Joining athletic council during

those interests I formulated a question,

my sophomore year allowed me

which I am researching my senior year.

to participate in several leadership

To give insight to this class, I dedicated

conferences such the Women in Sports

two months forming a prospectus as a

Leadership Conference and a MIAC

junior. Although this is a very difficult

leadership conference. From these

class I am proud to be in it because I feel

events I learned how to be a role model for others, take initiative and accept responsibilities. These, among other conferences I attended, provided me with insight and have helped shape

and students during this time illustrates the close community University Liggett

University Liggett continues to mold

strives to achieve. This community is one

me into a well-rounded individual.

of the best aspects of the school.

The community provides comfort and

me into the leader I strive to be today.

Another opportunity I took advantage

I was able to achieve my goal in

of was attending the Student Diversity

becoming an Athletic Council

Leadership Conference. SDLC was a

Co-President my senior year.

great learning experience. I travelled

I was able to display more of my leadership when I became a camp

it will prepare me for college.

with three other students and two

security, helping me grow throughout my high school career. I will forever be grateful to the opportunities offered by my school, which have provided me with experiences to share and learn from.

teachers to Philadelphia to learn about

Fall 2012


Cool Jobs

Flying High at NASA

Marlon Cox, Class of ’02

By Ron Bernas For a brief period after graduating from Liggett, Marlon Cox thought he’d study technical theater. After all, he said, he had a lot of fun working on theatrical productions while at Liggett. That’s what he started studying at Case Western but, he says, much to his parents’ glee, he switched to aerospace engineering. “I’d always been interested in space and manned flight,” Cox said from the Johnson Space Center in Houston where he works. Engineering schools encourage and facilitate internships with companies and organizations that need engineering students. “With engineering,” Cox explained, “you do most of your learning on the job.” Cox applied for several internships, including one at

in 2020. It would replace the white

see them in the grocery store and church

NASA, and was taken on. He worked

space suit most people associate with

and places like that. It’s like a family

there throughout college and, just a few

astronauts; it hasn’t had a major update

here.” Literally: Cox’s wife works in

months after graduating from Case, he

since the 1980s.

NASA Mission Control.

Working at NASA may just be Cox’s

He credits his success to Liggett where

To Cox, the funny thing is, that even

dream job, he says: “I find it hard to

the Detroit native came as a Skillman

though he’s on a team of 10 working

think of doing anything else.” The work

Scholar. “I definitely feel I would not be

on the life-support system attached like

environment is like that of a classroom,

where I am today without Liggett,” he

a backpack to the space suits, he’s not

he says. The more experienced workers

said. “It’s hard to point to one thing, but

doing much aerospace engineering.

act like teachers to the younger

if I had to, it would be a general sense

employees, who are educated and

of being expected to do your best every


day in everything that is what made the

had a job working at NASA.

“It’s all valves, pumps and things like that, getting oxygen to the astronauts,” he said. The goal is to have a new space

He says a big surprise is how, well,

suit with this life-support system that

down-to-earth astronauts are. “You grow

keeps an astronaut safe for eight to nine

up thinking that they’re something else,

hours ready for a manned space flight

but they’re just regular people and you


Pe r sp e c t i v e


NASA experience has senior looking up Senior Tori Wuthrich’s week at NASA as part of the space organization’s Women in Engineering program was tough, exciting and more than ever confirmed her belief that she wants to study aerospace engineering in college. Tori was selected as one of only 80 high school students from across the country to participate in a weeklong experience at the Johnson Space Center in Houston.

“I would not be where I am today without Liggett.”

The girls in the program were given the task of planning a manned mission to Mars and were split up into groups to focus on specific things. Her group had to figure a way to try to grow plants on the red planet. After a week of work, the students presented their proposals and research to a group of NASA engineers. “They did not go easy on us,” she said. “It was an entire afternoon and they asked us lots of questions.” In addition, the students talked with an astronaut on the International Space Station, visited the Apollo Mission Control room, attended a presentation by NASA’s first flight director and took part in a robot-building competition. “It was a great experience,” she said. Wuthrich applied and was accepted to the first part of the program, which included doing weekly assignments in math, space exploration and more. Their performance on this first stage determined whether they were accepted to the second stage. “I thought that even if I wasn’t accepted to the Johnson Space Center portion, it would be a good experience,” Wuthrich said. Wuthrich, who loves the analytic and quantitative analysis important in the study of science, has loaded up on science in her senior year and hopes to study aerospace engineering at Case Western, Johns Hopkins or Massachusetts Institute of Technology when she goes to college. Wuthrich is also a Liggett Merit Scholar who participates in the Women’s Awareness Club, the Greening of Detroit and worked as a lifeguard over the summer. She is also a key player on the volleyball team. By Ron Bernas

Fall 2012 25

News, Photos, Announcements, Memories


Class Notes DUS Class Secretary:

Liggett Class Secretary:

We would love to have a DUS class

Jean Downer Hodges

secretary! Call Savannah Lee @

429 Barclay Road

313.884.4444, Ext. 415 or email

Grosse Pointe Farms, MI 48236-2813


Greetings to the purple and white Class

Liggett Class Secretary:

of 1938! I have just completed a visit to

Mary Louise Goodson Drennen

old Liggett on Burns with a group from

106 Merriweather Road

our “new Liggett/ULS” school on

Grosse Pointe Farms, MI 48236-3623

Cook Road. Our old building is now The Detroit Waldorf School. The building looks wonderful! I could envision Misses Ogden, West, Craig, Neyrac, Creighton and Colburn — do those names ring any bells? This was a very nostalgic trip and I

CDS Class Secretary: We would love to have a CDS class secretary! Call Savannah Lee @ 313.884.4444, Ext. 415 or email

hope it brings back some good memories

DUS Class Secretary:

for all of you! Let’s all try to get in touch.

We would love to have a DUS class secretary! Call Savannah Lee @ 313.884.4444, Ext. 415 or email 1940 Liggett Class Secretary: Constance Haberkorn Nichols 176 Kendal Drive Kennett Square, PA 19348-2333 CDS Class Secretary:

Betsy Hodges ‘72 & Jean Downer Hodges ‘38 LIG

We would love to have a CDS class secretary! Call Savannah Lee @

CDS Class Secretary:

313.884.4444, Ext. 415 or email

We would love to have a CDS class

secretary! Call Savannah Lee @ 313.884.4444, Ext. 415 or email

DUS Class Secretary: William Klingbeil 201 Woodbury Avenue Mt. Dora, FL 32757-2865

Pe r sp e c t i v e

1941 Liggett Class Secretary: Jane Kilner Denny 125 E. Gilman Street Madison, WI 53703-1407 CDS Class Secretary: We would love to have a CDS class secretary! Call Savannah Lee @ 313.884.4444, Ext. 415 or email DUS Class Secretary: We would love to have a DUS class secretary! Call Savannah Lee @ 313.884.4444, Ext. 415 or email 1942 Liggett Class Secretary: We would love to have a Liggett class secretary! Call Savannah Lee @ 313.884.4444, Ext. 415 or email CDS Class Secretary: We would love to have a CDS class secretary! Call Savannah Lee @

Bill Klingbeil was cleaning house and has

313.884.4444, Ext. 415 or email

unearthed some wonderful photos from

the 50th Reunion. 26

DUS 1940

DUS Class Secretary:

the wonderful people there and has her

CDS Class Secretary:

Robert M. Tonge

daughter, Kathy, and a nephew nearby

We would love to have a CDS class

P.O. Box 357

— and a brother in Siesta Key. Her son

secretary! Call Savannah Lee @

Waterville, ME 04903-0357

comes to visit from California.

313.884.4444, Ext. 415 or email


Julie Harris is still keeping up with her

DUS Class Secretary:

Liggett Class Secretary:

theatrical interests. She has spent 30

Albert M. Mackey, Jr.

We would love to have a Liggett

years working with the summer theater

276 LaSalle Place

class secretary! Call Savannah Lee @

in Chatham, Mass., and is now planning

Grosse Pointe Farms, MI 48236-3107

313.884.4444, Ext. 415 or email

shows for next summer — already

having done ones like “The King and I”

CDS Class Secretary: Susanne M. Kemp Bartlett

and “1776.” She enjoys working on her garden in the fall.

1946 Liggett Class Secretary: Betsy Stanton

262 Mount Vernon

Helen Livingstone Bogle has sold her

805 Edgewood Avenue

Grosse Pointe Farms, MI 48236-3437

house on Merriweather Road and moved

Rochester, NY 14618-4823

to St. Clair Shores to a nursing center,

DUS Class Secretary: William Wilson 470 Cambridge Way

Shore Pointe Village. She says they do a wonderful job, and she loved the dog show they put on.

Betsy Stanton reports: “Four Liggett grads from 1946 were able to make it to the Liggett School Legacy event on September

Bloomfield Hills, MI 48304-3814

Margaret McKean Nickel and hubby,

8. We had such a good time with one

Ken, took a fabulous airplane and auto

another, although we regretted that there

trip this summer. The first stop was

was not more time just to catch up and

Montana to see her son Hunter’s new

gossip! The trip to the original Liggett

vacation home among the mountains

School on Burns Avenue was great fun.

near the Canadian border. Then they

Other than a lot of craft supplies in each

went on to Seattle and Yakima with

classroom, the school is pretty much the

a clipper ship trip to Victoria and the

same, now owned by the Waldorf School.

marvelous Butchart Gardens. Finally,

It is a worldwide organization; Burns

CDS Class Secretary:

on to Dallas and Houston visiting the

Avenue may be their largest campus.

Lydia Kerr Lee

George Bush Library and Museum, all

1030 Arbor Lane, Apt. 103

the while, visiting McKean and Nickel

Northfield, IL 60093-3356

relatives. She has to use a cane like the

Lorone Rickel Porter died this June in

rest of us, and then a wheelchair, which

Cheboygan, one month after her dear

gives her priority seating on planes. They

hubby, Bill Porter, died in Petoskey. As

returned to Charlotte, NC, in time for the

you remember they lived a wonderful

Democratic Convention and some rain.

life on Mackinac Island.

DUS Class Secretary:

M. Elaine Wallace Turner and Lydia

We would love to have a DUS class

Kerr Lee were able to attend their

secretary! Call Savannah Lee @

Vassar 65th reunion this June. The last

313.884.4444, Ext. 415 or email

time Lainie had been to Vassar was to


attend the graduation of her son,

her sisters. Sally Childs Coe was unable

Liggett Class Secretary:

Charles, in 1976. What fun!

to join us as she had just been in Grosse

We would love to have a Liggett

Pointe in August for a memorial for

A year ago Winnie White Tootle moved

class secretary! Call Savannah Lee @

husband Jack. She lives in Greenville,

to Ft. Lauderdale, Fla., and is very happy

313.884.4444, Ext. 415 or email

SC, now and really enjoys being near

1944 Liggett Class Secretary: Roberta Mackey Rigger 830 West 40th Street, At. 304 Baltimore, MD 21211-2125

in an assisted living facility. She enjoys

Hermine, Betsy, Anne, Elaine ‘46 LIG at Liggett Ladies Event.

We missed seeing Marian Hardy, who was at a family reunion in Maine with

her sons and grandsons.” Fall 2012


Hermine Roby Klingler now divides her

Joni Holinger ’68 LIG, from Hinsdale,

DUS Class Secretary:

time between Ann Arbor and Point Aux

Ill., who knows Anne’s son there; Joni is

We would love to have a DUS class

Barques. She is thrilled to welcome her

gasping that his sister is married to Gov.

secretary! Call Savannah Lee @

first great grandson, Beckett (6 months),

Jerry Brown and his mother was on our

313.884.4444, Ext. 415 or email

to the family. Beckett and his parents

Liggett trip.

spent a lot of time with her at Point Aux Barques this summer and she loved it. Hermine has also adopted a rescue dog and loves having his company, even to taking two obedience classes last winter. She loves life in Ann Arbor, with continuing concerts and plays and seeing friends. It was Hermine who warned me to pare down to make my eventual move


Elaine Kramer Martindale has taken a

Liggett Class Secretary:

quieter route and lives in Grosse Pointe.

Norah Moncrieff Williams

Her youngest son, Rob (48), is living

502 Glen Arbor Lane

with her now. Another son (Tom) lives

Grosse Pointe Woods, MI 48236-1506

nearby in Ann Arbor. Her third son, Bill,

lives with his wife and two daughters in Aurora, Ill., (near Chicago). Elaine is lucky to be able to see Rob and Tom a lot.

CDS Class Secretary: Constance Woodall Fisher 1485 Kingswood Terrace

easier. Thanks to her, my goal is to get rid

Jean-Faye Thomas Friedt writes of

We would love to have a Liggett

of 9” a week.

another busy year. With four daughters

class secretary! Call Savannah Lee @

and families (eight grand-children),

313.884.4444, Ext. 415 or email

Betsy Stanton continues working with the Friends of Susan B. Anthony House, which is about to present its annual fundraising afternoon tea. The program will be the YellowJackets of the University of Rochester (who competed

it keeps her busy. She is moving from graduations to weddings (four in 2012 and 2013), although graduations continue. Five of her grandchildren are pursuing advanced degrees. She is very

DUS Class Secretary: We would love to have a DUS class secretary! Call Savannah Lee @ 313.884.4444, Ext. 415 or email

proud. There was a bridal shower for a


grandchild given in Florida during our

Liggett Class Secretary:

Liggett weekend. Ted had a stroke a year

Ann Bolton Opperthauser

ago and is doing very well in their life

41140 Fox Run Road #610

care facility. They just celebrated their

Novi, MI 48377-4845

64th anniversary last week. I can’t believe

Unfortunately, I have little to report as

it – and I was there!

our class shrinks in size.

time in the summer on Lake Champlain.

CDS Class Secretary:

Talked to Mary Johnson Adams and

Son Neal is still doing eye research at the

We would love to have a CDS class

she was going back to Montana with her

Cleveland Institute. Son Bruce continues

secretary! Call Savannah Lee @

family to celebrate her “big” birthday.

teaching high school and honors physics

313.884.4444, Ext. 415 or email

She doesn’t plan to come to Michigan

and is very popular. All is well.

DUS Class Secretary:

Anne Baldwin Gust divides her time

We would love to have a DUS class

between Sylvan Lake in Michigan and

secretary! Call Savannah Lee @

The Villages in Florida. She loves both.

313.884.4444, Ext. 415 or email

Her ex-husband died in late August;


She said with this “big” year for all of

Anne’s five children and families had a

Liggett Class Secretary:

us, we can no longer claim to be “late

celebration of his life on a Saturday and

We would love to have a Liggett

middle-aged.” Had lunch with Phyllis

went to Kirk in the Hills on Sunday – and

class secretary! Call Savannah Lee @

Childs Walker and Dorothy Singelyn

then visited houses where they had

313.884.4444, Ext. 415 or email

Nelson. Dorothy’s son Tim is battling

on TV this spring in a group singing competition and placed second). Four of her grandchildren are in college; two are in high school. Daughter Janet was just promoted to executive VP of her bank, meaning that the next promotion will be to president! They spend a lot of

been raised and also their old schools, and then lunch at the country club. They loved it. What great arrangements Anne made. I connected with a photographer, 28

Pe r sp e c t i v e

CDS Class Secretary: Shirley Jerome McKee 9820 Oakhurst Holly, MI 48442-8610

this year. Had a Christmas card from Carol Serenberg Greenway, but she sent no news. Also had one from Beth Smilansky Newman with tons of travel news – Russia, India, Croatia and Italy.

leukemia again. Ann Oppertbaurer is still spending winters in Florida, but is always glad to be home with the family – nine grandchildren ages 18 to 3½. Would

love to hear from those whom I haven’t

Ellen on their annual trip to Michigan



from their home in Vero Beach, Florida.

Liggett Class Secretary:

Forman reports all is well with his

Valerie Oppenheim Hart

brother, David and his wife, Mary Lou,

6849 S Clayton Street

in New Jersey. While here, Forman got

Mount Dora, FL 32757-7024

together with DUS classmate Bill Cudlip

CDS Class Secretary: We would love to have a CDS class secretary! Call Savannah Lee @ 313.884.4444, Ext. 415 or email

’50 DUS and Bob Welchli ’49 DUS. Dick

DUS Class Secretary:

Sutherland ’51 DUS and wife Paula

We would love to have a DUS class

enjoyed a wonderful cruise on the Great

secretary! Call Savannah Lee @

Lakes this past summer. Paula’s son,

313.884.4444, Ext. 415 or email

Bill Yates, his wife Pam and their three


children, Alexa ’13, Olivia ’18 and William

Liggett Class Secretary:

IV ’14, all current Liggett students, sailed

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81 Lewiston Road Grosse Pointe Farms, MI 48236 Kathy Benson Collins has enjoyed several trips to Grand Bend, Ontario, Canada, to visit Joan LeGro Bushnell this past summer. Kathy is working to open a small clothing design business and plans to have several showings

’51 DUS were in Grosse Pointe this


this fall. Victoria Vidal had her play,

summer to attend the wedding of their

We would love to have a class secretary!

“Placebos,” produced at the Theatre

grandson, Samuel Baldwin Sherer III.

Call Savannah Lee @ 313.884.4444, Ext.

West in Hollywood, CA. Actress Lee

Our class sends our very best wishes

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to the newlyweds for many years of happiness. Pete and I were recently visited by Forman Johnston ’49 DUS and wife Fall 2012


Meriwether (former Miss America) played

Linda Ross Radionoff writes, “We are

GPUS Class Secretary:

a leading role. Victoria first met Lee in

very happy here in Houston and have

Lylas Good Mogk, MD

1957 when they were in summer stock

great neighbors. Both of us are busy and

1000 Yorkshire

together in Fishkill, NY. Victoria said it

active in our church. We have something

Grosse Pointe Park, MI 48230-1432

was nice to run into each other once again,

called Open Door where about 10

and she (Lee) is still the same wonderful

different crafts are taught. I teach

person she knew “way back when.”

Fabric Painting. It is open to anyone in the community. Both of us sing in our

1956 Liggett Class Secretary: Joanne Streit Stewart

church choir and in a group called the Prime Time Singers. The Prime Timers

George Jerome 40 Edgemere Road Grosse Pointe Farms, MI 48236-3709

go and sing at many different places. We

Most of our out-of-town classmates are

have about 40 in the group with a great

in late stage preparations for a moon

director. Our daughter has a business

flight and thus incommunicado until

and rehabilitates both singing voices

splashdown. As she climbed into the

Marian Dekeyser Baal and her husband

and speaking voices. It’s called Sound

capsule, however, Avery (Kimerly)

have resided in Grosse Pointe Farms their

Singing Institute. I have been working

Burns reported another wonderful

whole married life. Her husband works

for her two days a week making calls

summer respite in Leland and

as an attorney/CPA. Marian attended

and filing charts and doing whatever

recommended Detroit News writer Scott

the University of Michigan for two years

else she needs. Both of us are kept busy

Martell’s book Detroit: A Biography. On

and later graduated from Wayne State

doing projects for her. Lennie is building

that local note, this column will focus on

University as an accountant. She had five

and rebuilding things for her 1920’s

classmates who live no more than five

children, and seven grandchildren. Her

home. It’s great to be busy and needed.

miles from GPUS. We have cool lives too,

youngest daughter died from leukemia

We have three grandchildren and two

you guys. Detroit’s on the rebound.

when she was 11 years old. This was a

great-grandchildren living in Illinois

loss that will never be forgotten. Marian

George Jerome writes he and wife Ann

and Michigan. With them being so far

has been a substitute teacher in the

“spent some time in Hilton Head last

away we enjoy being able to Skype and

Grosse Pointe system for the past 14 years.

fall and took our annual trek to Harbor

see them.”

Springs this summer, but will stick

Gloria Jacobs August is living in El

Jo Streit Stewart writes “I just had

close to home this fall in anticipation of

Paso, Texas, with her husband. Her three

another birthday and as I look back

the arrival of our second (and possibly

grandchildren are in college, Trinity

I’m trying to figure out where the last

last?) grandchild. Son George and wife

U., Texas Tech, and the University of

60 years have gone! We love the Low

Wendy who teaches at the Grosse Pointe

Michigan. She is still working with Helen

Country and the life style here in Sun

Academy are the parents. Stay tuned for

of Troy skin care products. She spends

City, Hilton Head. I am swimming a half

an update next time. Son Tim is still looking

her time playing tennis, traveling, and

mile four times a week getting ready for

for a mate (and at his age, maybe not).”

taking care of her three dogs.

the Bluffton/Jasper Senior Challenge

Jay Fitzgerald and Patty Langs

Marcia Ward Dove graduated from the

Triathlon in October. In November, we

Fitzgerald ’58 LIG write they “have

University of Michigan with science and

start practicing for the synchronized

just concluded a major event in our life

art degrees. She married and moved to

swimming water show in March. Our

– selling most of my companies. All of

Minnesota where she had four kids (three

theme this year is “Swim The USA.” My

the plans I had made in anticipation of

girls and one boy). She was a caregiver

husband, Dana, is 92 years young and he

this event have changed and I will soon

for her mother until she died at 103 years

had a stroke in 2006. I spend a lot of time

hang a cartoon in our kitchen (of a retired

old. Marcia sold real estate while living

as a caregiver. I did buy a Toyota Sienna

husband announcing to his wife that he

in Minnesota and Michigan. She now

van with a lift and electric scooter. This

is now available to micromanage her),

lives in Sarasota, Fla., where she enjoys

has made our lives more mobile.

when I get the courage to show it to

5 Debeaufain Drive Bluffton, SC 29909-2500

doing ceramics, stonework, and photography. 30

Pe r sp e c t i v e

Patty. So I am looking toward all of our classmates for advice and sympathy (and perhaps part-time employment). “Global warming was very good to us this summer – most of which we spent on Lake Huron in Port Huron. A couple of car shows, visits from the kids and grandchildren, a renewed interest in mixing red wine with a view of lake freighters and the Canadian shore – life has been pretty good. As fall approaches we will be moving back home and I will spend time on several committees and boards. “University Liggett is most important and I am enjoying my opportunity to serve on the board, play a small role and bask in its success – enrollment is up and most grades have a waiting list; the students (especially the women) are succeeding in academics, arts and athletics; we have consolidated everyone on the Cook Road campus within a newly renovated portion of the Yamasaki wing; exciting innovations are being implemented by a diverse,

Dick Trim, Jody Jennings, George Jerome & Jay Fitzgerald at Liggett’s Homecoming 2010.

of the Michigan/Ontario Region of

daughter Marja an English prof in CA.

the Classic Car Club of America. (Jay

We all hope to read updates from you all

attached a picture of Patty in their

next time around!

beautiful car in front of her & Stark’s home on University Place.) We are in the planning stage for a 600-mile drive along the shore of Lake Michigan in September of 2014 – be warned Avery Lynn, all 100 cars and passengers expect to descend on your place in Leland!”

1957 Liggett Class Secretary: Diane Bedford Svenonius 736 Silver Spring Avenue Silver Spring, MD 20910-4661 GPUS Class Secretary:

accomplished and dedicated faculty and

Jack and Lylas (Good) Mogk were in

administration; plans, programs and

Grosse Pointe for the summer, after

participation are at an all-time high. All

Lylas’s great trip through Wales with

of us can be proud of our institution (and

daughter Marja, including a tour of

pleased that we don’t have to compete

Highclere Castle (Downton Abbey)


with these students!) I have included

on the way from Heathrow. Jack’s still

Liggett Class Secretary:

a photo one that shows Dick Trim and

teaching bright young law students,

Lois Dickinson Hutchison

Jody Jennings with George Jerome and

Lylas is still rehabilitating feisty older

135 Cochise Drive

me at the 2010 Homecoming football game.

adults with vision loss. Early mornings

Sedona, AZ 86351-7928

may find her rowing in a double or

quad with the Detroit Women’s Rowing

Martha Frederick-Douglas, writes:

Association or at yoga/weight-lifting

“Not too much news, my life has totally

class at the Park park’s recreation center.

changed since my husband began

Afternoons, between classes that is, Jack

suffering from dementia. He looks the

may be playing 4.5 tennis or (ungraded)

same but his responses are not those

golf. Adult kids provide stories to live

brilliant, incisive and funny comments

on (or die for): son Matt a zombie guru,

I was used to for so many years. My

daughter Tenley ’88 an ER nurse at

traveling is on hold. So many countries

Detroit Receiving night shift — as third

I had planned to visit are in the throes

world as the U.S. gets — and maybe

of chaos and revolution. Hopefully, I

the scariest in terms of next generation:

can find a way to get back “on the road”

“This November I will become the director (2-year volunteer position)

Patty Fitzgerald in the Fitzgerald’s classic car.

We would love to have a GPUS class secretary! Call Savannah Lee @ 313.884.4444, Ext. 415 or email

Fall 2012


again sometime soon. The summer flew

the marina to begin our 13 night cruise

guy and very loquacious—as am I, as is

by. It was hot in New York. We spent as

on our sailboat mid-July. We had a great

Ellis, as is Kelly, as is JD, as is Erin. All

much time as possible in our little place

time moving from Beaver Island to Lake

make me spill over with pride.

on the ocean in Quogue (the Hamptons).

Charlevoix to Boyne City and back. We

As usual, it’s a high-octane environment

spent 11 of our 13 nights on anchor and

if you want to jump into that game. We

the other two in marinas for showers and

like to relax on the beach and be with

a dinner out. August brought my kids

friends. I am still working full-time and

for two weeks and the Eighth Traverse

extremely busy. New York never suffered

City Film Festival. Susan Sarandon was

like the rest of the country.

the well-known celebrity. The fest is

Diane Finkel Hubert writes: “Hello to all! We are three days away from our departure for Lyon, France! We fly into Lyon where we are met by Uniworld who shuttle us to a river boat [River Royale] in Chalon. We cruise slowly south through Burgundy and Provence over seven days, visiting vineyards and small villages, ending in Arles. We did a river trip in northern France in the

becoming a big deal. Who would have thought? At one of the films I attended Michael Moore asked how many people were from out of state and lots of hands went up. Amazing. Well, that’s it for this update. I wake every day grateful for how lucky I am and for what a beautiful place I live in. I look forward to reading what everyone else is up to. I hope everyone is happy and well.”

“I’m also in Jon’s debt: He saved my life. Jon and I took the kids and the new raft down to the lake for its maiden voyage. JD, 12, and Erin, 10, took it on its first launch. After they returned and tied it to the dock, I thought I’d see what it is all about. I had fantasies of cruising the lake solo at sunset after they had all gone back to California. I climbed in and shoved off. I had no life preserver, no noodle, no floatation device of any kind, just me and memories of what a great canoer I was at 10. It was then I learned about wind squalls and that I am too cocky for my own good. The wind just carried me off screaming. I could not maneuver the vessel at all. So I did the next most

spring, 2011 and loved it. Educational,

Linda Weingarten Roth wrote: “The

stupid thing. I dove in the water figuring

regional, incredible guides, fab food. At

highlight of summer 2012 was the 16

I could sidestroke it home. Like hell.

the end of the trip we spent four days

days I spent with my son Jon and his

Well, if you ever want to lose weight fast,

in Paris (not long enough). We went

beautiful family at my house. Oh, they

go swimming against the current on a

with three others then, and now, on this

didn’t stay straight through; they took

windy day. I swam in place for nearly a

trip south, there are nine friends going.

side trips around the area, so nobody

half hour. When I was totally exhausted I

When the river part is over, Richard and

got on anybody else’s nerves. They

hollered for Jon to come get me. And my

I and two others rented a car. We have

went to the NASCAR races in Brookline;

boy, who used to pretend he didn’t hear

five days to get to Nice, from where we

toured Greenfield Village, The Henry

me, jumped right in, swam the distance

Ford Museum and the special Titanic

and brought both me and the raft back

exhibit, the zoo (where I rode the train

to safety. The raft now sits deflated on

first time since high school), Six Flags in

my garage floor where it will probably

Illinois and Chicago for a weekend of

stay until the next Goodwill pick up. (I

fireworks on Lake Michigan. In between

guess I’ll have to turn in my Liggett ring

excursions, we picnicked at the lake,

for being too dumb). My paint studio

fished and caught bass off the dock,

was closed while they were visiting. So

watched “Happy Feet Two,” “Puss in

I just worked in charcoal and pencil.

Boots” and “Titanic,” the children’s

The dog is Brutus (I call him Et Tu). My

favorite, (go figure it). The best times

eldest son, Steve,

were the mornings when we met on

rescued him from

fly home. We have decided to go to Aix

the deck to watch the sunrise, shoot the

the pound and

en Provence, and have a reservation,

breeze and drink our coffee. The talk

brought him over

and Cassis, where we have no lodging.

never stopped. Jon, an ex-football player

to meet the family.

That will be the unknown part of our

for Southfield Lathrup High School

It was love at

adventure! I’ve included a silly picture I

who would have been first string for

first sight of this

took with my phone as we were leaving

Kalamazoo College, is a sweetheart of a

abandoned dog

Richard and Diane Finkel Hubert ‘58 LIG.


Pe r sp e c t i v e

with a tracer chip who was first sheltered

daughter and sons families and us. I

vacation/retirement home on Tim’s Ford

then, when unclaimed, shipped off to

thought she wasn’t going to make it back

Lake in south-central Tenn. I had never

the pound where Steve stumbled into

to Florida due to Hurricane Isaac and

been out of the car in Tennessee — just

him while waiting to pick up his son. In

flights cancelled but she made it. One of

sped through it on the way to Florida,

a capsule: I’m well; Ellis is well; business

the highlights of the trip is that we got a

usually. So this was a treat, reminded me

is improving; Ellis is working. I’m

tour of our granddaughter Kalyn’s new

a lot of the rolling hills and mountains of

pursuing gestural portraiture in oils. I

school and first-grade classroom. For

the Blue Ridge in Virginia. To northern

will be studying with Szabo at the BBAA,

those of you who were teachers, it was

Illinois in June for a fabulous weekend

Birmingham Bloomfield Art Association.

unbelievable, very state of the art. Today

with cousins seeing the house, gardens,

I’m pretty serious about this. I’m looking

we’re expecting our niece from Florida

and museums at Cantigny, then seeing

forward to next year and our 55th, the

and her brother from Kansas City. We

the only purebred Lippizaners outside

OMG reunion. My house girls, 7 p.m.

planned on boating this holiday weekend

of Austria at Tempel Farms. Sat three

Follow my art blog at L.W.ROTH, Out

but we’re getting the backlash of Isaac.

feet away from the ringside to watch

on A Limb.

It’s been a crazy summer with the temps

some beautiful dressage and haute ecole

in the 100’s, really too hot to be out on

riding. Then up to Crystal Lake near

the lake. Spent more time indoors but

Frankfort and Lake Michigan in July for a

kept busy with my quilting projects.

weekend with sister Emmy ’62 LIG, and

We’re gearing up for our Homemakers

old family friends. First time there, also -

Club annual luncheon and auction with

gorgeous. Then up to Charlevoix and on

proceeds going to our scholarship fund.

up to Hessel in the U.P. for the Annual

It’s always a fun day but lots of work

Antique Wooden Boat Show in August

planning, making decorations, and also

— my second year there. Weather much

making items for the auction. We’ve

better this year, gorgeous boats, and a fun

rented a house in Gulf Shores, Ala., in

breakfast for the whole town and show

October, so we’re really hoping this last

attendees given by the Lions, plus a nice

hurricane is the last for that area. Health

little art show/sale.

News from Martha Sanford: “Went to Vermont in June to visit my sister, Gail. She went to Liggett as a little girl then transferred to the now abandoned Cass Tech for High School. It was great to see our Liggett in such a beautiful condition at our 50th. Skipping ahead in October I’m going to Seattle. Barrett my grandson is 3. Oh yes, check out I put my artist talent there to mend stuff. I am a volunteer at the local Ten Thousand Villages. The mission is,”to create opportunities for artisans in developing countries to earn income by bringing their products and stories to our

wise we’re doing good — of course a few aches and pains that seem to come with age. I had a good report this past August from my oncologist.”

“Summer is winding up with two trips to southwest Michigan — a reunion of nurses between South Haven and Douglas, and a big family reunion

markets through long-term fair-trading

News from Allison Friedman: I see

of cousins and grown children in

relationships.” I have logged in many

Sandy Roney-Hayes as often as our

Saugatuck. Wendy got me started on

years of making things by hand and

schedules allow. Last time, husband,

making bead jewelry two years ago and

now I repair items that need some TLC.

Sam, came along and it was great to

I am still doing that, mostly as gifts for

I love the people, fixing the beautiful

spend time with both of them. Also had

friends and family. I’m taking a class

handmade products, and I support Fair

a fun and full-of-laughs breakfast with

on working with precious metal clays

Trade. (Those of you who knew me when

Nancy Nahabedian Elby ‘62 LIG. She

this fall — should be a nice blend of

I was 15 are probably laughing, “Martha

has lived many fascinating and very

the jewelry and my ceramic/bas relief/

still wants to save the world.”) To learn

accomplished lives. This incarnation

carving interests. School starts tomorrow

more go to

she is a Native American Indian jewelry

in Birmingham so my fall schedule starts,

trader/seller, and lives part of the year

too. I am continuing the piano lessons,

in Phoenix, Ariz. I’ve been doing some

with two of my students now taking duet

visiting: after Arizona to see Wendy in

lessons as well. I continue to sit/nanny

December, I drove 13 straight hours this

and love having the regular contact with

spring for my first trip to Tennessee to

kids and their parents. Daughter Amy

visit dear friends who just bought their

and husband Mike are due here the last

News from Susie Kreis Champine: “Got back from the north lands a couple days ago. Our main reason for the trip was the wedding of grandson Josh in Wisconsin. Sister Sandy Gibson ’51 LIG joined us so it was a mini reunion with her, our

Fall 2012


week of September so will have more

as you can tell from all the traveling,

May; he was 85. The long-lived genes are

to report in the next Perspective. Thank

however I need to keep having chemo

on our (collective) father’s side! You can

goodness for the web/net; it’s made

indefinitely. My best to all.”

send me news any time you want; it will

keeping in touch so much easier. I love to

appear in the next Perspective. Lois”

read what you all are doing. Best regards

Mary Warren Eick celebrated her

to all. Allison”

birthday in Ontario, Canada, prior to

From Donna Sisk Carl: “As I write this

returning to their home in Kansas.

in September, I am still recovering from

News from Carol Nagle Lanz: “All

foot surgery that I had in June. Surgery

is well here; nothing exciting, but the

to fuse my tarsal to my metatarsal bones

other day a friend and I took a trip

(first joint) of my left foot — two months

down Memory Lane. My friend lived in

in a cast and in a wheelchair with no

Lafeyette Park during the 70’s. What a

weight bearing on the foot, then a month

beautiful place. Next we went to Indian

of walking with a walking boot. As you

Village. Liggett is now the Waldorf

read this in November in Perspective,

Lois Hutchison ‘58 LIG and Denis.

Bob and I are basking in the warm South

school. Still a wonderful neighborhood. Then we went to visit some other

Pacific sun and breeze and enjoying our

Louis Hutchison writes: “I am still doing

friends who now live near the Manogian

28-day cruise around Hawaiian islands,

manual labor as a massage therapist. I

mansion. These people said they had

French Polynesia, and Samoa — that’s

enjoy my work of massage and healing

bought Dr. Harper’s house (Terry Harper

the plan and the surgeon had said it

ever more than before. It’s amazing how

Ingram ’58 LIG, since deceased). They

was a go so I know we’re on the ship.

many of us are doing labor intensive

had other news too about the Johnsons

We enjoyed a number of visits from our

things. I hike with my dog (75-pound

and Irwins. Life goes on much the same.

family this past summer. We have also

black lab named Charcoal) at least four

We spent some winter time in Naples,

officially retired from participating in

days per week and play tennis twice

Fla., near the grandkids and otherwise

art shows with our stained glass, only

a week. I do avoid gardening as much

just keep active. Larry went ziplining

doing custom commissioned pieces now.

as possible so Denis is stuck with the

(on his bucket list) in Mexico. Going to a

More time for travel and family! My best

upkeep there. Like Wendy, we miss the

wonderful spa is on my bucket list and

to everyone.”

ocean and go to California to get our

I’ll be doing that in January at Canyon

ocean fix. You’ve already heard about

Ranch in Tucson. Hello to all. Carol”

Wendy Martin Blair writes, “We are leaving tomorrow for our annual visit to Maine and a dose of ocean, and I probably would have forgotten to connect. We have spent some time this summer at Pismo Beach in California,

our cruise in January and stay afterwards in New Orleans. Since then we been to California for my (half) sister’s 90th birthday and to Santa Fe to see her in July. My (half) brother passed away in

and enjoyed it so much that we have

Grosse Pointe Farms, MI 48236-3009

Kentucky. We live outside of Lexington

ocean (I guess I miss it from Hawaii)

in horse country. The horse farms

and Phoenix is uncomfortably hot in

around here are magnificent, as the

the summer. I am still keeping up with

thoroughbreds are such majestic animals.

my jewelry and I am gratified by the

We have grown to love them, especially

continuing response from enthusiastic

when they are racing at Keeneland, our

buyers. I am in fairly regular contact

home race course and it is like no other.

with Linda, Allison and Martha F-G

Judy is still writing and getting many

and it’s great to be in touch again since

Pe r sp e c t i v e

77 Muskoka Road

Judy and I are enjoying our retirement in

whenever we want. I feel good near the


Suzie Sisman Decker

From Gary Rembacki: “Hello everyone!

rented a cottage there so we can go

the reunion. I am feeling pretty healthy,

GPUS Class Secretary:

of her articles published in our area’s Mary Warren Eick ‘58 LIG.

three newspapers. We travel a lot locally

to Maui. In any event, I hope all my old

department. She created a small book

classmates are well and that their lives

illustrating Larry’s poetry which can be

have been very fulfilling. Keep your

viewed on her photography website —

chins up!” Her

From Lyn Robinson Darden: “Our big

work is outstanding!

news is that John and I are celebrating

Melinda Bryan Earle has traveled the

our 50-year anniversary on December

world shooting — June in Portugal for

29, 2012. We are taking our family

the FITASC championship, August in

of 12 — children, spouses, and all

Chicago for the World Championship,

six granddaughters — to Africa for

September in North Carolina for the

Christmas. It is a big bucket list for me.

East Coast FITASC champs. Next, off

because Kentucky has so many historical

I love Africa and I want so much to see

on a two-week bus trip through Eastern

and other interesting sites to see. I think

the kids experience nature at its best!

Europe from Vienna to Budapest,

Judy and I are more knowledgeable now

Dona and Peter Boone are making an

followed by an October trip back to

then the natives with our travels and

interesting trip to Cuba in October. Peter

Budapest to shoot pheasants in Slovakia

facts in the history and lore of Kentucky.

was last there in 1957 (pre-Castro).”

“at a beautiful chateau. I call this dress-

Carol Nagle Lanz ‘58 LIG and Larry.

Hope everyone else is doing well too.”

Suzie Sisman Decker writes: “I have

From Jeanne Bambas Denton-Nelson:

been encouraged hearing from several

“First, I have finished an important

classmates who are interested in having a

four-part bronze large diorama of

55th Reunion in May 2013.”

‘The Recession.’ The molds and waxes are being constructed at this time in Hollywood, Calif., at the Sandy Decker Foundry. After this process, they will be completed into bronzes by the lost wax process. So far it has been one

1959 Liggett Class Secretary: We would love to have a Liggett

up shooting with boots, feathered hats and a loader.” And she doesn’t slow down. Before spending Christmas in Grosse Pointe she’ll travel to China! Joel Gershenson is the proud grandfather of Cooper Maxwell Cohen, born in February to daughter Jill.

class secretary! Call Savannah Lee @

George Haggarty visited with Bob

313.884.4444, Ext. 415 or email

Wood when Bob came through G.P. on his annual trip to the national junior

and a half years in the developing and

GPUS Class Secretary:

working process. The sculptures are three

Robin Duke Harris Russell

human figures locked in contention,

2 Flagler Drive

in a home by a lone bronze door,

Rye, NY 10580-1848

indicating foreclosure. These pieces will

be mounted on a fourteen-degree tilted

Please keep Lynne Randall Battershell’s

granite pentagon. It is a design which

children, Kim ‘87 and Doug ‘90 and

husband, Mike, in your thoughts

looks like an unstable floor or base. The

Doug’s wife, Beth ‘89. George reports

and prayers. He has been critically

metaphor being economic instability.

that he and Peter Kross “are actively

ill since April 1 — four stays in the

So far I plan on one finished piece as

involved with Racquet Up Detroit, an

hospital, respirator, pacemaker, tons

an artist proof, a second for private

urban education program which uses

of medications — and is scheduled in

ownership, the third to be in the public

squash as the hook to attract Detroit

October for an evaluation for a double

domain. I hope to finish the project this

middle school students. The program

lung transplant. Lynne’s three grandsons

year. Suzie Buttrick McCready and I are

started in Boston 17 years ago and is now

help to keep their spirits up and Lynne,

planning a little reunion at my place on

in 12 cities. Liggett has been incredible

when possible, finds time to substitute in

Maui. This past summer I made a trip

helpful in our efforts through ovations

the Elkhorn school district.

of refurbished computers and other

Julianne McMillan Bockius is still

support.” If any of you would like to

pursuing her photography as a hobby

support their efforts, just let George

although she has had success in the sales

know at

across the county visiting grandchildren and making stops on Nantucket, in New York City, the Pacific Northwest- Calgary and Vancouver before returning home

tennis championships in Kalamazoo for which Bob has been a long-time volunteer. George and Thumper enjoyed a delightful dinner with Bob, his sister, Anne Birgbauer ‘62 GPUS, and his

Fall 2012


George’s other news: daughter Sarah

George is still active professionally,

such fond memories of our education

Haggarty ’90 just had her second child,

as well as being heavily involved in

at Liggett. This is where we had daily

daughter Laura Haggarty ’95 will be

church and government affairs. I’m still

assembly and word for the day, plays,

married in January, and sons George

doing the same old, same old — lots

song fest, ‘we thy seniors hail thee’ and

Haggarty ’84 and Kirk Haggarty ’86 are

of volunteering as well as running two

graduation ceremony. We went to the

busy with their familiars in California

small businesses. I’ll be in Grosse Pointe

library with its stained glass windows

and Grosse Pointe respectively.

in September for the University Liggett

and down the hall to the room where

School Board of Governors meeting and

we had the ring ceremony. After that

to visit with my sister, Danny ‘63 GPUS.

we went to the lower level and visited

Our children and grandchildren spend

Miss Ogden’s office. Then to the gym

time with us every summer at our home

where we not only had indoor sports,

on Nantucket and for the usual holidays.

but the fair, fashion shows, May Day

David lives in New Hampshire, works

and the presentation of the queen and

for Columbia Sportswear, and has three

her court and the May pole dance. When

very active boys — Peter (10), Mason (7)

we were outside we took photos of Miss

and Cooper (3). The Greenwich crowd

Ogden’s house, and of course we went

is heavy into sailing: son Christopher

across the street to where we played

and his wife, Carolyn, race Ideal 18s,

field hockey. In 1966 Liggett moved to

crew on a J44, and are members of our

the Briarcliff campus in Grosse Pointe

yacht club’s Safety and Rescue team.

Woods. At the same time the Waldorf

Their son, Parker (9), started sailing

School Association of Michigan acquired

Optis this year and raced with his dad

the school and reopened as the Waldorf

on an IOD as well. Daughter, Lane (7), is

School in 1967. The only surviving school

not far behind. Our daughter, Lindsey,

designed by famed architect Albert Kahn

commutes from Rye to NYC as a designer

and a key part of the historic legacy

for Ralph Loren Collection. Her husband,

of Detroit’s Indian Village. Natalie,

Alex, is the buyer for American Seafoods

Karin, Ingrid and I all felt that it was

and commutes to New Bedford, Mass., as

great to visit our old school and see

well as locales much farther afield.

and learn about the Detroit Waldorf

Mary Graves Jordan keeps busy volunteering for P.E.O., an international organization that raises money for women’s education, sewing dresses for her two granddaughters, and enjoying the fruits, literally, from her garden. Mary and her husband have also taken up bike riding and last May she and her daughter enjoyed a trip to Italy. Mary keeps in touch with Sue Shepherd Patterson who is still having fun working as an extra in films, most recently in “Bernie,” a comedy-drama starring Shirley MacLaine, Jack Black, and Matthew McConaughey, and “When Angels Sing,” a Christmas miracle story featuring, among others, Harry Connick Jr., Kris Kristofferson and Willie Nelson. Sue also writes the following about last year’s Bastrop wildfires which “destroyed 1,600 homes and thousands of acres of our forests. Devastating and scary…[but] we were very blessed to have a house


still standing after evacuating for several

Liggett Class Secretary:

days.” Sue is planning to post a video on

Anne Wrigley Molesky

her Facebook page.

19540 Butternut

Gordon O’Brien’s news includes the

Southfield, MI 48076-1764

School. It is doing a great job providing exceptional learning to its students from kindergarten through eighth grade. The Briarcliff campus has just moved to Cook Road and we can be very proud to have the whole Liggett School under one roof.

birth of his first grandchild, finishing

Natalie Deloe Riewe, Karin Ryding,

When returning to Cook Road we had a

fourth in the New Jersey Senior Olympics

Ingrid Sandecki and Anne Wrigley

delightful tea and luncheon.”

in the shot put, continued volunteer work

Molesky represented the class of 1960 at

on the oncology floor at a local hospital,

the Liggett Legacy Event on September

celebrating his and Pat’s 30th wedding

8. “We met with some 30-plus others

anniversary, and best of all, being cancer

and two husbands who accompanied

free for the past 12 years! Great news,

their spouses. A bus was provided

Gordon! He also reports that his brother,

and the group went from the Cook

Barry ’57 GPUS lives in Deland, Fla., and

Road campus down Jefferson to Burns

is doing well.

Avenue. It was a very conversational

Nothing exceptionally newsworthy to report from the Robin Russell clan. 36

Pe r sp e c t i v e

ride! First, we went to the auditorium. While in the auditorium, it brought back

GPUS Class Secretary: Alice Gage Schultes 511 Lakeland Grosse Pointe, MI 48230-1268 1961 Liggett Class Secretary: We would love to have a Liggett class secretary! Call Savannah Lee @ 313.884.4444, Ext. 415 or email

Susan White ‘62 GPUS

GPUS Class Secretary: Marion Polizzi Shanle 21 North Duval Road Grosse Pointe Shores, MI 48236-1108

times at breakfast, a few walks and being

and again, of course, the tour, reception

able to go to Anne’s, which as you know

and dinner. Many, many thanks to Kelley

is right down the block, and help out a

Hamilton, Savannah Lee, who has gone

bit getting ready for the dinner she had

over and above for me, Mariana Gilbert,

for us all! Anne ’62 GPUS and Bruce’s

Cressie Boggs and Trisha Shapiro for

’60 GPUS home and garden couldn’t

your work for the school and your caring

have been more spectacular. Everyone

and helpful monitoring of the alumni

so enjoyed the chance to catch up and

and our activities! I have received several

I think the consensus was that there

notes and phone calls after the fact that I

wasn’t enough time! The weekend just

wanted to share with you.

seemed to fly by, so we all owe a great deal to Anne and Bruce for having us for what turned out to be a fabulous dinner, and to hear a lot about school from the

Our own John Evans, it turns out, is a cofounder of CSPAN and he sent along his biography with regrets that he wouldn’t be able to make the reunion, possibly


Headmaster Dr. Joseph Healey. It really

Liggett Class Secretary:

is unbelievable all the great changes and

We would love to have a Liggett

things that are happening there. I think

John D. Evans

class secretary! Call Savannah Lee @

we probably all overstayed, but there

Chairman and CEO

313.884.4444, Ext. 415 or email

was always that last story!

Evans Telecommunications and

GPUS Class Secretary:

On to the reception at school and the

Susan Adams White

tour of the new library which was great!

John D. Evans is an internationally

11 East Bay Blvd.

It’s amazing I think, looking back on

recognized expert in telecommunications

Spring, TX 77380-2997

our years at CDS and GPUS what an

industry and a leader in technological

impact it has made on all of our lives.

innovation, including the Cable

Class secretary Susan Adams White

At the time, I certainly didn’t take into

Television industry and Internet 2,

writes: “Well it’s hard to believe, but

account how the great teachers and

a consortium of 221 U.S. research

here we are in September. Four months

staff would help us in untold ways

universities and institutes. He is

after our reunion, and a bit of time to

as we went through the last 50 years!

currently Chairman and CEO of Evans

think and reflect on what all happened!

Our sincere thanks to you all! I digress,

Telecommunications Company, an

As far as I was concerned, the reunion

back to the library tour and dinner.

investment, consulting, and operating

was all I expected, and more! What an

Several classmates had dinner in the

company in the cable television and

incredible experience to see all of you,

library which I understand was a great

telecommunications industries. To the

most whom I hadn’t seen in 50 years,

experience and the rest of us were at

general public, however, he is perhaps

hear your successes and down times in

Bliss Caulkins Clark’s for a great dinner

best known as one of the cofounders

our lives and realize what a wonderful

as well, many thanks to Bliss for both

of C-SPAN ( in

group of people we have turned out to

the dinner and all her help, and then we

1977 and its Chairman in the early

be. I like you all now even more than I

were joined later by most of the others.

1990s. He remains active on the board

did when we were young! Another of

All in all just a really special time and as

of C-SPAN, currently serving on the

the nice things that has happened as

I said, I think the overwhelming thought

Executives Committee, Chairman of

well is even those, who for one reason

was there just wasn’t enough of what is

the Audit & Finance Committee and

or another couldn’t come, have been in

so precious — time!

as a trustee of the C-SPAN Educational

touch and several of us have been able to

The alumni office really did a wonderful

get together!

job of taking care of us as well. The

It was nice to have some down time to go

Ladies Luncheon was very interesting

over old times. Patty, Judy and I stayed

— again with Headmaster Dr. Joseph

at the club and it was just perfect. Nice

Healey, giving us the update on school

next time.

The John D. Evans Foundation

Foundation. He serves on the board of Accelerator Technology Holding Co. in Amman, Jordan, a Middle East telecommunications investment company. Fall 2012


Mr. Evans graduated from the University

a stable and predictable life in Grosse

you for the fabulous job you did in

of Michigan, is an active alumnus, and

Pointe, you were better prepared than

organizing the reunion and in getting

serves on the School of Information

most to deal with the issues that life dealt

people to attend. It really turned out well,

and College of LS&A Deans Advisory

out to us. Thanks again, Susan, for all

I think. Harrop and I had a blast. My one

Councils to assist in developing plans to

your time and work. You did good!”

regret is that I did not get a chance to

meet the college’s long range educational goals. In 1998, he was appointed to The University of Michigan’s President’s Advisory Council to help guide the University into the Digital Age. In March 2000, he was appointed to the University’s Blue Ribbon Commission on Information Technology to study the impact of information technology on all aspects of University life. In 2009, he was

Bill Stockard writes, “Susan you did great. I had fun. You too, hopefully? Yearbook looks great, I’m even quoted! Wow! Pics were cool too. Thanks! I see many classmates put in some facts on their lives after GPUS. Like you and Tom. Like Harrop and his near-death stuff. Maybe my brain’s gone awry, but did you tell us you were doing another

talk to a number of classmates (including you, unfortunately) in the limited time we had together. I guess that means we have to have another reunion real soon. Also I was convinced (by Tina Gram) that I should be on Facebook, so thanks for friending me. I don’t know what that entails, but I’m sure I’ll find out. Best, John”

yearbook and ask us for some bio data?

A little humor from Martha Howbert:

Cannot remember, but you got the

“Hi Susan, what a party! Weren’t we

facts perfect on my little bike tour of

‘yar!’ I live on the coast of Maine in the

Torch Lake. Just don’t recall you asking

Fundy region for most of the year and

for a write-up of my life’s highlights

on a 60-acre wildlife retreat in the winter

after GPUS. I went to the University of

in Florida. I’m a steel sculptor and you

As a U.S. Navy Lieutenant, he served

Michigan and got two business degrees

can see my work at howbertsculpture.

aboard the aircraft carriers USS America

“with distinction.” Married Dianne

com. My mind’s eye can see our

and USS John F. Kennedy, as television

in 1968, divorced in 1984, but we had

homeroom and Sharky announcing she

project officer for “Sea Lab” project

three super kids: Tracy, 45, Brian, 39

has two pairs of stockings on to beef

and on the staff of the Chief of Naval

and Todd, 34. All live in Elmhurst, Ill.,

up her skinny legs. I thought that was

Operations at the Pentagon. As founder

and are doing well. I have four super


of the John D. Evans Foundation, Mr.

granddaughters: Alyson, Samantha,

Evans is committed to AIDS and cancer

Olivia and Ava. Sort of boring, but those

research, protection of the environment,

are the highlights.”From John Van

and improving the quality of life through

De Graaf, “Now that I have (finally)

technological innovation, education and

returned to Texas, I just wanted to thank

appointed to U of M’s Center for Global Health’s Advisory Board. In 2009, he was a commencement speaker for the University of Michigan’s graduating class in Communications.

the arts. He has two children, John Jr. and Courtenay. Wow what a career!!!! Now for a note from Anne Pongrace: “Many thanks for the Reunion Yearbook! To tell you the truth, I had hoped that more of the classmates I so fondly remember would have contributed an update of their lives, but you did really well putting it all together. And thanks, too, for the Aloha Hive picture. Such fun memories. How did you ever manage to keep track of stuff after 50 moves? I don’t think that I could have done what you have done. Although, maybe after having 38

Pe r sp e c t i v e

GPUS ‘62 BBQ at Birgbauer Home.

Tina Gram writes: “Hi everyone from Class of ’62. It was so nice to see everyone who came, but missed those who didn’t make it too. Maybe next time! A lot of fun was had, and thanks

to Susan Adams White who did a

You know those posters that used to be

flights make sense, without upsetting

fabulous job organizing and Anne

all around town with the snappy guy in

the rest of my family, but no go! My life

Wood Birgbauer for the dinner Friday

uniform, they said “Join the Army travel

has been pretty varied but I’ve never felt

night, our reunion was extra special.

to exotic places”? Well I’m going to join!

unprepared and I credit GPUS to much

I also enjoyed the school tour — so

Don’t know if we will make it to Aspen

of that. I am so sorry to miss this — and

many changes for the better — and our

this winter due to the hip, the baby

I send my best to all of those who are

special dinner in the beautiful library!

etc., maybe in the spring. Betsy Simple

making it back. Philip Angell”

An added bonus for me was staying

(Knight, Hart) and I are all bummed

with my cousin Bill Caulkins ‘70 who

out because our yearly Spanish trip got

is always so welcoming! There are a

cancelled! Bicky, her husband George,

couple of corrections I wanted to make

Tom and I were able to get together in

on the blue sheet under my name in case

Aspen for a short but really wonderful

you show up in Boston! You won’t find

lunch. I am so hoping to see lots of them

me under the name of Russel or living

in Colorado, New York and also at the

on Drane Street! Russel is my middle

next reunion.”

name; after my divorce I took my name back — Gram. I live at 65 Dane St. in Somerville, Mass., which is just on the fringes of Cambridge and Boston. My email is correct but somehow came out wrong on the sheet (it should read You can also find me on Facebook although I am not that active. I am heading over to Spain, Barcelona,

I just talked with Anne Birgbauer and she did really well with her back surgery! Thank goodness as that’s truly a scary one. The only problem is she can’t play golf or tennis for a while when she is recovering. Doesn’t keep her from bridge though, she’s going on a bridge trip to Mexico with friends very soon, good

I also received a call from Danny

luck! Again, I want to say thanks to Anne

Marentette! How fun is that? He is doing

and Bruce ‘60 for one great evening at

very well and spends time in New York

their home! Again, let me say how much

(where he lives) and ditto Paris. Said he

I appreciated your participation, help

really enjoyed getting the yearbook and

and the time you spent being a part of

having a chance to catch up with friends!

this whole adventure. I will look forward

Maybe we can talk him into coming to

to the next in five years, and am hoping

the next reunion. Surely hope so!

that Rosalie is still up for organizing it. Will be in touch with all of you but till

and northern Catalonia where I lived

Received an email from Polly Blake who

for 18 years. I’d love to hear about what

was attending a reunion from the school

you’re doing and your travels too! Have

she graduated from in Maine. She said, “I


a wonderful summer and be well until

really appreciated the mini yearbook that

Liggett Class Secretary:

we meet again. Tina”

I got in the mail a few weeks ago! What

Sharon Litsky

fun I had looking at the pics and reading

2000 California Street #402

about everyone!! Looks like not too many

San Francisco, CA 94109-4302

changes in faces again, thanks so much!”

Martha Kellner writes: “Judy and Holly Lomax and I indeed had a wonderful time at dinner in NYC, and it was WAY

then, my heartfelt thanks! Susan White

Gail Sake Niskar

too short a time to spend together.

Last but not least, from Philip Angell:

Yes, indeed, am getting ready for an

“I had so looked forward to this event;

onslaught of happenings, an outdoor

though I return to Detroit/Grosse Pointe

wedding in two weeks, (right now it’s

occasionally as my brother still lives

pouring rain), moving out of our house

there, I rarely link up with any of my

Sharon Litsky says that being appointed

because George won’t be able to handle

classmates from GPUS ‘62. One would

co-secretary for our Liggett class is “right

the stairs after his surgery, the big hip

think after 50 years out of GPUS, the

up my alley because I love keeping

replacement, the new baby (November),

basics of parenting and career would

in touch with everyone. Many of our

son Peter having a huge engagement

be behind me, in my case not so. The

classmates sent in something to share

party in NYC (organized largely by

weekend of the reunion, I will be in

and many are getting revved up for our

guess who) then Peter converting to

Switzerland with the graduation of

50th reunion in May 2013.”

Catholicism and getting married in NYC

my last child and only daughter from

in May. If my Catholic mother were alive

college. I had much looked forward to

she’d be happy about the conversion.

coming back for this one and even tried to find some way to make international

30030 High Valley Road Farmington Hills, MI 48331-2143

Joan Willens Abraham: “I’ve been delinquent because I am about to move out of Detroit. I’m leaving in three weeks Fall 2012


and taking a sabbatical in New Buffalo,

and the outside with a multitude of

travel to DC and London to visit them.

Mich., for eight months and then I don’t

Epiphyllum hybrids, aka orchid cacti. I

I occasionally also get into Chicago and

know where I’m going! I’m trying to

continue to work with Native American

Detroit for family occasions where I have

keep Detroit Pockets of Cool going

communities as I have for the past 30

the opportunity to see my sister,

because the content and the website is

years in the areas of housing, natural

there and I’ve gotten so involved with

resources, and sustainable development.”

educational development in the inner

Dell Litsky Rubin ’59 LIG and having a vacation house in Sonoma, Calif., affords

Renate Schmidt Latimer: “After decades

us many opportunities there enjoying

of discussing Thomas Mann and Kafka

friends and family. I retired as Director

with the young (who now prefer to text),

of Professional Development from Heller

Sandra Mattman Augustine: “John and I

I’ve been blissfully retired in Manhattan

Ehrman White & McAuliffe after almost

celebrated 45 years together this August.

the past 4 years. Our daughter Christina

30 years with this international law firm

He has a radio program, “Life-Lines”

teaches in Brooklyn; her husband is a

headquartered in San Francisco. Now

on public radio and continues to teach

playwright and director. We just came

I’m heavily involved with community

English part-time. I teach children’s art

back from a fun family trip to Ireland:

volunteer work, currently on the boards

classes and enjoy gardening, cooking,

from the Cliffs of Moher to the Joyce

of Jewish Family & Children’s Services,

singing and book club. We are blessed

and Yeats towers, we loved it all.

the Bay Area Arthritis Auxiliary, and the

with five children and six grands!” We

Sandy (Mattman Augustine), Gloria

Volunteer Council of the San Francisco

live in “Essexville, east of Bay City,

(Shenkman Cohen) and I had a great

Symphony. I’m also teaching a low-

Michigan, 30 minutes from Saginaw

reunion at Annette (Lonyo Geddes)

impact aerobics class at the Jewish

and Midland. We live in Hampton

place in Palm Beach last January. My

Community Center for seniors like me

Township on a road that wasn’t paved

best to all.”

living with the challenges of arthritis.

city and other areas of growth in Detroit. I will keep you posted.”

when we first moved here, about an acre of land, and a historic farm home that has endured many remodel-lings. Our 21- year-old son still lives here, works at

Carla Hoffman Levin: “So far, so good. I continue to live in Chicago with Michael, working part time as a psychotherapist.

Walking and dancing are still my favorite activities and I’m blessed that John also loves dancing.”

We are fortunate to have both children

Gail Sake Niskar: “I can’t believe we

living in the city near-by. Rachel and her

are coming to our 50th reunion! I am still

husband have two children (Taliah is 2

enjoying the memories and events of our

and Gabriel is 3 months old). Of course,

reunion 10 years ago. Sure would love

the great joy in my life is spending

to do it again, any ideas? Howard and I

Susan Heavner Becker: “Moved to

time being a “Bubbe.” Our son, Ari, is

have been lucky enough to be wintering

Brevard, NC, from central Florida in 2008

engaged to be married next April to a

in Florida, in Boynton Beach (the east

after retiring from a career in health and

wonderful woman. They plan to remain

coast) for the past six years. We arrive

social services. I remarried in 2001 to

in Chicago and hopefully our family will

in October and return to Michigan in

Michael Becker who has two sons, one in

continue to expand. I have many fond

May. I have stayed in touch with Gloria

Atlanta and one in Tampa. We have four

memories of my Liggett School days and

(Shenkman Cohen) and I am also lucky

wonderful grandchildren. We love living

send my best to everyone.”

to be in touch with Connie (Wineman

Meijers and attends college at SVSU. We have a lively golden doodle whom we like to walk/run around a fenced duck pond nearby.”

in the western NC mountains! We enjoy traveling, hiking, gardening, reading, playing with our two dogs, a pug and an English yellow lab, and spend a lot of time volunteering for local charities and nonprofits.

Sharon Litsky: “After graduating the University of Michigan, I lived in Birmingham, Mich., and taught third grade there before moving to San Francisco in 1970. After being single for 25 years, I married again in 1999 to John

Patricia Frank: “I live in a small

Sampson who has three children. Though

community in the hills just east of San

I never had children of my own, I became

Diego. I share the inside of my home

a Nana to five wonderful grandchildren,

with angelic four-legged creatures

now ages 5-10, and I’m enjoying lots of


Pe r sp e c t i v e

Jacob) and Tammy (Salisbury), but don’t see nearly enough of any of them. Our two grandsons have turned 9 and 7 and are very active in sports. They live in the area, so we are able to enjoy watching them grow (when we are here). I would love to have updates on the Class of ‘63, and hope that lots of us participate in this response to the Perspective. I hope that all are in good health, and wish that

we could all get together to celebrate our

“Some Time in Crime.” She was the 2008

how could we leave paradise? For sure,

50th. Someone, please take the initiative.

winner of the Midnight Sun Chapbook

it was the right decision at the right

Thinking of you all fondly.”

Contest for her “Pears in a Porcelain

time. David ‘slowed down’ by taking a

Bowl.” She remarried almost five years

position here at the U of M Health Care

ago and “inherited a bonus son, Josh.

System and loves what he’s doing. I am

He’s four years older than my only

over-involved, as usual, and enjoying

child, Max. They get on just fine and are

every moment. Son Aaron (Liv) and their

both great guys. My husband is truly

two girls live in Atlanta and daughter

a ‘menshes mensh’. Lucky for me once

Debbie (David) and their three kids

again. Just a wonderful guy.”

live in Evanston, Ill. So life is good!

Jenifer Hughes Parker: “Doug and I still live at Dataw Island, SC near Beaufort, and love it. We have put our Nova Scotia house on the market, and have purchased a 24-foot motor home, and plan to wander the country. My family has grown this summer, with two of my daughters having daughters this

Sally Ross Riley: “Bill and I both

summer. My grandson is now 3.”

retired in 2000 and have been enjoying

Suzanne Kogut Phillips: “Tom and I gratefully continue to be blessed with good health and good fortune. We’ve been “retired” for over ten years; I, from retail in Birmingham, and Tom, from the steel business in Detroit. We’ve lived in Troy, Mich., since 1971. We love to travel, play golf, spend time with our children, family and friends. Both of our children live nearby, Lisa, in Ferndale, and John and his wife, Jane, in Rochester. This past year has been particularly special and filled with joy: John and Jane presented us with our first grandchild, Piper Rei, a beautiful, precious baby girl in August, 2011. She is with us at least two days a week and we can’t believe how much

spending the year between Wheaton, Ill., and Marco Island, Fla. A year ago we moved into a new townhome in the city where I taught for 27 (of 32) years. We are getting to know our new

45th anniversary all year and this is yet another part of it.”

grandchildren (12) are in and around the

grown and out of school. I am the proud

Chicago area. When up north, it’s great

Nana of five beautiful grandchildren.

to spend more time with them and our

The newest was born on August 14, 2012.

long-time friends. In Florida, we enjoy

He is a beautiful, healthy boy named

our very social condominium building,

Nicholas Andrew. My daughter Joy now

playing golf, entertaining, the theater in

has four children, two girls and two

Naples, walking the beach and just the

boys ranging in age from 13 years to 3

great “winter” weather. I am looking

weeks. My son-in-law is in the army and

forward to hearing from all the girls and

they are stationed at Fort Campbell, Ky.

attending the 50th in the spring.”

My son Michael has one son, Michael

Detroit memories, all so unique to our

photographer for 44 years and we live in

amazing group of gals, are never very

Los Altos Hills, Calif. I’m still working

far away. I can’t wait to see and visit

part time as an interior designer. Our

with all of you at our — YIKES! — 50th

daughter and son, their spouses and two


grandchildren all live in Santa Monica,

bit. Her real passion over the years has

be very cool. We’ve been celebrating our

maiden name after my children were

to Jack, a psychiatrist and amazing

and scaling down her therapy practice a

Venice for Rosh Hashanah, which will

Tamara Salisbury: “I returned to my

day, for me, those so special Liggett and

that she was living in Bloomfield Hills

for a wonderful trip to Italy. We’ll be in

in our church. The children (six) and

Joan Caplan Simon: “I’ve been married

from Becky this year, last year she said

seeing the kids and now getting ready

neighbors, community and are involved

fun we are having being with her! To this

Rebecca Rank: Though I didn’t hear

Have been sooooo busy. Back from

Calif. I’ve been a practicing yogini for almost 40 years, enjoy gardening and I am continually trying to improve my bridge skills. Jack and I both love to travel, particularly to exotic places.”

James, who is now 4. He and his family live in Sonoma, Calif. I am retired but work a couple days a week at a friend’s resale shop. I keep busy traveling to see the kids at their homes at least once or twice to each every year. I am also very involved at church and am very grateful for all the close friends I now call family. I have no other family still living in Michigan. With all my friends and family who live out of state I could spend the whole winter in a warm climate and have a free ride. Lucky me. Fortunately, I am

writing, both poetry and nonfiction. She

Karen Jones Stutz: “In 2005, David and I

healthy and happy. I hope everyone else

has had her work published in a wide

made a reverse migration from Sarasota

is blessed too.”

variety of journals and the Feminist

back to Ann Arbor after 28 glorious years

Studies at University of Maryland

down there on the Gulf Coast. People

published an excerpt from her memoir

thought we were crazy questioning

Victoria Heftler: “I’m now 65, have had a stroke, walk with a cane, don’t work, Fall 2012


don’t play sports, but feel pretty chipper,

Shenkman Cohen, I know that


know the words to a vast number of

theyenjoyed a nice visit with each other

Liggett Class Secretary:

songs, read books at a pretty good clip,

at Ellen’s home in Los Angeles this

Karolyn A. Krieghoff Sewell

and was told tonight by my stepdaughter

year. Gloria is widowed and splitting

2046 Camino de los Robles

and her boyfriend (22 years old) that they

her time between Boca Raton, Fla., and

Menlo Park, CA 94025-5917

love being with two such hip people as

West Bloomfield Mich. The last I know

her father (my husband David Weight)

of Marijane Lazar Einstein is that she

and myself. Of course, this may not be

was living in Palm Springs Fla., Carolyn

entirely true, (my use of the word “hip”

Leech is or was working as a postmaster

alone may date me a bit) but I feel pretty

in Washington state, Annette Lonyo

good. And I even remember history

Geddes was splitting her time between

taught to me by Mrs. Giammanco,

Southampton NY and Palm Beach, and

French taught to me by Miss Weaver,

Connie Wineman Jacob was living in


Latin taught to me by Mrs. Wellsby, and

Franklin Mich. Hey, ladies—we hope to

Liggett Class Secretary:

English taught to me by Miss Craig.

hear from you next year. Unfortunately

Eugenie Corey Wagner

And I still remember the words to a lot

we have lost track of and have no current

604 Cressfield Lane

of Bach, Handel and Brahms taught by

contact information for Theresa Barton,

Ann Arbor, MI 48103-3105

Miss Brown: If I hear them on the radio,

Linda Schaitberger Buhalis, Lynn

I sing along. (Math taught by Mrs. Usher

Shelton, Susan Sidlow Wolff, Maureen

GPUS Class Secretary:

may — no fault to her — have been a lost

Smith Howe, and Marianne Moran

We would love to have a GPUS

cause.) A Liggett education is something

Eddy. If anyone has contact information

class secretary! Call Savannah Lee @

that lasts a lifetime. I love you all, and

for our missing classmates, please send

313.884.4444, Ext. 415 or email

will respond to anyone who writes!”

it to me. We also remark with sadness

Roberta Chamberlain Williams: “The last 50 years have been challenging and rewarding: I have been married and

on the deaths of classmates Adelaide Andrews Ford, Mary Mitchelson Partenski, and Marcia Trued Yamada.”

GPUS Class Secretary: William B. Canfield III 5307 Falmouth Road Bethesda, MD 20816-2916

1966 Liggett Class Secretary: Dr. Susan Stuckey Thoms 4937 Fairway Ridge Circle

divorced which produced a wonderful

Connie Wineman Jacob writes, “far

West Bloomfield, MI 48323-3321

daughter (Lisa) and two terrific

from retired with my art consulting. I

grandsons (Ryan, 13 and Kyle, 11); and

have worked on several unique projects

I have lived in Connecticut, California

these last few years, one at Ford Field

and Florida. I have now lived in Gibraltar

and the other an ongoing beautiful

which is a downriver suburb of Detroit

corporate project. My special time is with

for 33 years. I enjoy working around

six grandchildren ranging from 17 to 4.

the house and share my space with

Three boys and three girls. Also working

multiple felines (all female and rescues).

on supporting Multiple Myeloma and

In my spare time I still work 40 hours

presently president of the Michigan

a week as an administrative/medical/

Chapter of Camp Make-A-Dream. This is

GPUS Class Secretary:

executive secretary at the Kresge Eye

a camp for kids with cancer in Missoula,

We would love to have a GPUSclass

Institute which is part of the Wayne State

Mont. We send 65 kids of all ages from

secretary! Call Savannah Lee @

University Physician Group in Detroit.

Michigan every summer. It is a special

313.884.4444, Ext. 415 or email

Also, I have a fantastic boyfriend and life

dream for each one.”

is great!”

We had a beautiful day Saturday, September 8 to visit the old Liggett School, now the Waldorf school. It brought back a lot of memories. Deenie and I went on the school tour, and Mary Kuhn joined us for lunch at the Grosse Pointe campus. Our 50th reunion will be here in a few short years. Yikes!


GPUS Class Secretary:

Liggett Class Secretary:

And final notes from Sharon: “Though

We would love to have a GPUS

Jani DuCharme Gunsaulus

I didn’t receive anything from Ellen

class secretary! Call Savannah Lee @

74 Essex Road

Kuschinski Castleman or Gloria

313.884.4444, Ext. 415 or email

Ipswich, MA 01938-2548


Pe r sp e c t i v e



spent a bit of this summer with my wife

Liggett Class Secretary:

Liggett Class Secretary:

and our son Geb visiting a few colleges.

Joni Welch Hollinger

We would love to have a Liggett

He’s a high school junior in a New York

229 South Quincy Street

class secretary! Call Savannah Lee @

City private day school not unlike ULS.

Hinsdale, IL 60521-3949

313.884.4444, Ext. 415 or email

We traveled by car to rural New York

GPUS Class Secretary:

A note from Joni Hollinger: “On

Bettye Bee Friedberg Reis

September 8, about 35 of us toured

37 W. 72nd Street, Apt. 11B

the old Burns Avenue Liggett. It was a

New York, NY 10023-3488

gorgeous day to revisit our memories

and return to the Grosse Pointe campus

State (Cornell, in Ithaca) and to a couple of “city schools” (Penn in Philadelphia and Georgetown in Washington, DC). The idea was to get him to start thinking about the reality of going to college. Well, I thought we were going to have

Rev. Meredith B. Jackson

to drug him to get him into the car. A

500 Deepwoods Drive

road trip with parents was the last thing

Valley Grande, AL 36701-0404

he wanted to do. (Seems like a wise

kid, right?) He turned out to be fine on

sister) Karla Schwensen Ritter after a


the trip and seemed to engage with the

hiatus of only about 49 years. Photos

Liggett Class Secretary:

tour guides and information counselors

from our tour are on line at: http://jwh.

Renee R. McDuffee

pretty well. I, on the other hand, was

480 Lodge Drive

overwhelmed by the complexity of the

Please feel free to copy and paste any

Detroit, MI 48214

road to college. I kept thinking about my

you may want to enjoy. I think it’s safe

own college application process at ULS

to say we were struck by how little the

GPUS Class Secretary:

school had changed. The students of the

Pricilla Mead

current Detroit Waldorf School brown

461 South York Street

bag their lunches, so the cafeteria is no

Denver, CO 80209-2724

more. The wooden bleachers have been

for tea and lunch. I was the only 1968-er, there although Johanna Schwensen ’62 LIG also attended, enabling me to get back in touch with my classmate (her

removed from the gymnasium, and the little playhouse no longer stands in the courtyard, but much is identical to when we were there. Take a look at the photographs; I think you will agree. Old Rivistas were set out along with trophies and photographs. Truly a trip down memory lane as we recalled classmates,

my son’s world. What the heck did I (or my parents) know back then about early decision, early action, SAT tutors, SAT II subject tests, AP courses and exams, back door and side door admissions

been a quiet year so far, but in the next

tricks to get into top schools (e.g., apply

Perspective, we can report we have our

to Cornell’s agricultural or hotel colleges

first grandchild! Mike and Sabrina are

and after acceptance and a year shearing

expecting in December. Their due date is

sheep or delivering room service,

Christmas day. Another Getz December

transfer to the arts & sciences college)?

birthday! We’re so excited!!

I simply remember running to the ULS

Chuck Shreve reports “ Jim Perry, John

walked by doors sharing what used to

Danaher, Rob Robinson and myself

be behind them: ‘That was the nursery

get together at each of our birthdays

school nap room.’ ‘This was Miss Nan

and this year we have celebrated three

Cole’s fifth- and sixth-grade classroom.’

and await Jim’s in November (the 4th).

‘Remember Miss Ross?’ That was Miss

We all continue to see each other for

Ogden’s home across the field. It was

baseball and football games. We see others

a delightful event, right down to the

sporadically but still have an old bond with

sterling silver Liggett teapots holding

all ‘70 grads plus the rest of the ULS clan as

fresh flowers in their new capacity as

we see them. We wish all well and at our

table centerpieces. We are so appreciative

age, we are glad to be seen anytime!!!”

Cressie, Savannah and Trisha.

me understand what I was hearing about

Kathy Worcester Getz writes, “This has

be they Nancy, Marjorie, or Allene and

of all who made this possible, especially

and nothing came to mind that helped

George Bushnell shares his news: “I

bookstore across from the cafeteria to get more No. 2 pencils right before the SAT exam. That is the extent of my recollection of the college application process (perhaps there have been too many intervening gin and tonics. Who knows?). Nevertheless, I am now crawling up the learning curve and hope to be fully conversant in the mumbojumbo of today’s college application environment before long. But for my son’s sake I long for simpler times, as I am sure all of my similarly situated Fall 2012


classmates feel (or have felt) for their

to secure home, boat, farm etc. for the

granddaughter, Violette Hyde Smith,

own offspring. Warm regards to all.

arrival of Tropical Storm Isaac. Lots of

who lives in Miami Beach with her

Be well, George”

water but no damage, thank goodness,

parents, Megan Watkins Smith ’98 and

Tommy McDonell was named vice

Chris Hughes writes: “Living in Weston,

president of the College Club in

Mass., having retired in June 2011 from

Pinehurst NC. And in the Photography

PwC and have been spending time

Club of the Sandhills two of her

playing tennis, scuba diving, birding,

photographs have won awards. Please

playing poker and annoying Nancy

visit her website at http://tbmcdonell.

and our son Weston (15). Have also


com and leave her a message.

been teaching and coaching leadership

Class Secretary:

and strategy to high potential PwCers

Kevin Granger

from around the world in seven-week

943 Hidden Lane

chunks in Shanghai, Warsaw, Toronto

Grosse Pointe Woods, MI 48236-1522

and Boston. Leisure travel had included

On a sad note, Priscilla, Hudson A. Mead ‘79 and sister Mignon MeadShikaly are sorry to announce the passing of their dear father H. Hudson Mead ‘39.

Spain and the Caribbean. The best part of


retirement has been the freedom to spend

Class Secretary:

time with my at-home family and grown

Shanda Rumble

daughters Holly (Boston) and Julia

851 Westchester Way

(Seattle). Life is good!”

Birmingham, MI 48009-2917

The whole Starrs family was in Denver to celebrate the swearing in of their sister

James Smith. We have spent a lot of time in Miami Beach over the past year. Andrew Watkins ’00 and his wife are in Chicago, both work in consulting and travel weekly.

1973 Class Secretary: Anne K. Galyean 160 South Beach Road Hobe Sounds, FL 33455 1974

Shanda Rumble reports that she has

Liz Starrs for District Judge. Priscilla

assumed a prestigious position as

Mead ‘70 met up with Mary Starrs

institutional liaison and director of

Armstrong ‘70 and her husband Dallas

seasonally nagging for an elite group

in from Kenai, Alaska at Liz’s home for a

of ex- high school geeks. What follows

pre family celebration where we enjoyed

are the sharing of life’s special moments

the Armstrong’s fresh caught Salmon. Mary

from some of your beloved schoolmates.

sent a photo along with the caption I know


Jane Peabody Fennessy writes: “I

pride is one of the seven deadly sins...

We would love to have a class secretary!

Class Secretary: Sara Hendrie Sessions 900 Sunningdale Grosse Pointe Woods, MI 48236-1670

Call Savannah Lee @ 313.884.4444, Ext.

continue to ‘horse around,’ but this year I

415 or email

took a wonderful trip to Europe, visiting both our family’s Australian exchange


student Susan Nichols ’65 GPUS in

Rev. Carol Gregg Stratton

Paris and then staying with our Austrian

1148 North Lawn Park

sister Ulli Tack ’75 near Vienna before

Alma, MI 48801-2108

heading to Rome and boarding a ship

that cruised all the way to Amsterdam.


In Holland it was back to work looking for horses to purchase and import. I

Judge Elizabeth A. Starrs court room door.

found a really nice one so it made a great

And finally Warren Watkins checks in:

ending to a fun trip! I spent a month on

“Ann and I moved to Leland from Grosse

the road horse-showing between July

Pointe in March. We have been here

and August, culminating in the National

mostly full time for five years or so but

Pony Finals in Lexington, Ken., where

finally got around to selling in Grosse

my students made me proud by being

Pointe. We have a year-old

very competitive. I got home just in time 44

Pe r sp e c t i v e

We would love to have a class secretary! Call Savannah Lee @ 313.884.4444, Ext. 415 or email 1978 We would love to have a class secretary! Call Savannah Lee @ 313.884.4444, Ext. 415 or email



Class Secretary:

We would love to have a class secretary!

Catherine Sphire Shell

Call Savannah Lee @ 313.884.4444, Ext.

185 Ridge Road

415 or email

Grosse Pointe Farms, MI 48236-3554

Along with enjoying time with her husband Tom and 2 kids (Charlie age 12


and Lilah age 7), Wendy Krag O’Neil is

Class Secretary:

happy to announce the reformation of

Roxane Lie

her business Krag Silversmith. She has

29865 SW Rose Lane #5

designed and created a line of sterling

Wilsonville, OR 97070-8702

silver belt buckles, cufflinks and key

The Julie Fuller clan is busy as ever!

chains with the fly fisherman in mind.

The school year started by meeting

She has a whole line of unique and

our Korean foreign exchange student,

meaningful gifts for those hard-to-buy-

Euna. She is kind, wonderful and is

for men. In July she launched her web

enjoying getting to know country life


out in Fowlerville. Our eldest boy, Luke,

1981 We would love to have a class secretary! Call Savannah Lee @ 313.884.4444, Ext. 415 or email 1982 Michael Ottaway 252 Cloverly Road Grosse Pointe Farms, MI 48236-3304 1983 We would love to have a class secretary! Call Savannah Lee @ 313.884.4444, Ext. 415 or email

1988 Class Secretary: Joy Brzuchowski Nichols

middle school basketball season. Seth

is 12 and rocks out on his electric guitar

1989 Class Secretaries: Dike Ajiri 3031 Old Glenview Road 1985 Class Secretary: Andra Hirt Starshak 414 Woodland Court Glenview, IL 60025-3462 1986 We would love to have a class secretary! Call Savannah Lee @ 313.884.4444, Ext. 415 or email

with Lansing Community College. Sarah, who is 14, is gearing up for her

Class Secretary:

Grosse Pointe Woods, MI 48236-1982

colleges while doing dual enrollment

Bloomfield Hills, MI 48301-2655

Wilmette, IL 60091-2908

1898 Kenmore Drive

just turned 17 and is starting to look at

2688 Amberley Drive

1984 Lawrence Paolucci

Dike Ajiri & family

and Abby, 10, is actively trying to learn Korean words from Euna. My husband Greg is a carpenter and artist. He makes amazing wood burned signs and artwork as well as building furniture and random projects. I work as a nurse at Providence Park Hospital as well as a part time

Elizabeth Sieber Garant

graduate student at Frontier Nursing

17065 E, 105th Avenue

University. I expect to graduate in

Commerce City, CO 80022-0570

about 16 months with a master’s degree

in nursing and obtain my certificate

Dike Ajiri writes: Mobile Doctors is

in Nurse-Midwifery. Life is full and

strong. I’ve officially, probably, played

wonderful for the Fuller family. Thanks

my last rugby game so my body is

for letting me share it with all of you!

thankful! Thank goodness there are age


40+ tennis leagues. I’m coaching kids

Class Secretaries:

rugby, tennis and soccer. We love Chicago.

Brooke Hohmeyer Kemler

Kelly FitzSimons Barrett married

Hohenstaufenstr 36

William “Bill” Barrett of Arlington

Apartment no. 20

Heights, Ill., on May 19, 2012.

71696 Moeglingen Germany

Fall 2012


Dr. Sreedhar “Steve” Samudrala


Rachel Calderon

9143 Concord Hunt Circle

Class Secretary:

3208 Silva Street

Brentwood, TN 37027-8762

Carrie Birgbauer

Lakewood, CA 90712-3014



life in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan.

Class Secretaries:

Class Secretary:

Jennifer loves the natural beauty of

Natasha Moulton-Levy

Peter Brown

Marquette and enjoys hiking, biking

5400 Bucksaw Court

5605 Trousdale Drive

and swimming regularly. She is an

Columbia, MD 21044-5717

Brentwood, TN 37027-4308

adjunct professor at Northern Michigan


Samina Qureshi Romero

We would love to have a class secretary!

2016 Norwood

Call Savannah Lee @ 313.884.4444, Ext.

Grosse Pointe Woods, MI 48236-1746

415 or email

Jennifer Silverston has been enjoying

University teaching Tai Chi in the Physical Education department. She has also helped grow the University’s Senior Exercise Program creating Tai Chi exercise classes at local Assisted Living

Evan Wilhelm Jahn married Julie

and Memory Care communities. For

This summer Katy Campbell moved

Smith Jahn on Saturday June 2, 2012

fun Jennifer sings, dances, and plays

back to Grosse Pointe Woods with her

in Chicago. Many alumni were in

percussion in a band called LogJam.

daughters, Anna (sixth grade) and

attendance including Allison Ridder

Kathryn (third grade). She is currently

’95, Laura Haggarty ‘95. Ann Clark ‘97,

working at Ford Motor Co. as a software

Lauren Elizabeth Marchal ‘95, Kelli

program manager, managing software

Haarz Unkle ‘95, Tara Elizabeth Blake

launches that assist their sales and

‘95, Francis Blake ‘95, James Brock ‘94,

marketing teams. Moving from GM to

Kate Wells ‘95, Betsy Belenky Housey

Ford was quite a change, but she reports

‘95, and Kara Feemster ’96.

that she enjoys the work tremendously.

1997 Class Secretary: Peter Birgbauer 124 East 85th, Apartment 5F New York City, NY 10028 1998 We would love to have a class secretary!

Abigail McIntyre is currently living in

Call Savannah Lee @ 313.884.4444, Ext.

Grosse Pointe Park. After 12 years as a

415 or email

social worker, she decided to go to law school. Abby has been in practice for five


years, general civil litigation practice

We would love to have a class secretary!

with an emphasis on family law in

Call Savannah Lee @ 313.884.4444, Ext.

Detroit. She was recently elected to the

415 or email

University Liggett School Alumni Board


of Governors.

Class Secretary:


Celeste Hubbard

Class Secretary:

636 S Cochran Avenue, Apt. 205 Julie Smith Jahn and Evan Wilhelm Jahn

Los Angeles, CA 90036-4036



Class Secretaries:

Class Secretary:

Jennifer Silverton

Christal Phillips

Anne Hildebrandt Tranchida

445 West Baraga Avenue, #4

1533 Chesapeake

Marquette, MI 49855-4558

Royal Oak, MI 48067-4529


We would love to have a class secretary!

Lila LaHood 1624 Vallejo Street, Apt. 2 San Francisco, CA 94123-5115

Call Savannah Lee @ 313.884.4444, Ext. 415 or email


Pe r sp e c t i v e



Class Secretary:

Class Secretaries:

Brandon Celestin

Maria Russo

1126 Berkshire

Grosse Pointe Park, MI 48230-1341

Laura Hicks



Class Secretaries:

Class Secretary:

Rachel Costello

Bianca Aviolo

126 East Pointe Lane, Apt. B23

4884 Kensington

East Lansing, MI 48823-1984

Detroit, MI 48224

Rachel Farber will be graduating this

coming spring from Case Western

Carly Croskey

Danielle Kress is getting ready to

180 Country Club Drive

graduate with her bachelor’s degree in

Grosse Pointe Farms, MI 48236-2902

creative writing from Beloit College this

coming spring of 2013. Afterwards, she

Meghan Doletzky 1365 Pinellas Road Belleair, FL 33756-1061 2005 Class Secretaries: Caitlin Costello 800 Cadieux Road Grosse Pointe, MI 48230-1232 Kimberly M. Dickinson 240 Brown Street Providence, RI 02906-1527 2006 Class Secretary: Alyssa Bronikowski 1221 N. Dearborn #211N Chicago, IL 60610-8376

Nolan Hughes and Jessie Foster.

Reserve University with her chemistry B.S. She is currently applying to chemistry Ph.D. programs with the hopes of being on her way to a Ph.D next fall.

is playing around with the idea of grad

Cristin Mason will be graduating from

school, and would really enjoy writing

the University of Rochester with her

for the video game industry.

BA in psychology this coming spring.

Brandon Smith Woods will be graduating from the University of Dayton in spring 2013 with a bachelor’s

Afterward, she will be gaining experience by shadowing and working with people who have careers in psychology.

degree in vocal performance. He intends

On the third year anniversary of their

to continue on to graduate school.

first date, Jessie Foster said yes to Nolan

Alexandra Boll will be graduating from Adrian College this December with her bachelor’s degree in business administration. She has accepted a financial managing position at a white water rafting/ outdoor adventure resort in West Virginia following her graduation. Quinn Scillian is finishing up her last year at Michigan. She will end up graduating with a BFA in theater performance and BA minor in global

Hughes’ offer of marriage. Her ring was his grandmothers and they are ecstatic to be taking this next step in life, together. Her family and friends are overwhelmed with joy and anticipation for the wedding of the lovely couple. Jessie will surely make a beautiful and radiant bride. 2010 Class Secretary: Mary Grech

media studies. Then she’s off to Los



Angeles to continue her career in the

We would love to have a class secretary!

We would love to have a class secretary!

movie business.

Call Savannah Lee @ 313.884.4444, Ext.

Call Savannah Lee @ 313.884.4444, Ext. 415 or email

Mary Neilson spent a semester in

415 or email

Washington, DC, where she interned


with the Federalist Society. Currently, she

We would love to have a class secretary!

is applying to law school and hopes to

Call Savannah Lee @ 313.884.4444, Ext.

study law in the UK. Aside from school,

415 or email

she got second runner-up at Miss All World Beauties 2012. Fall 2012


In Memoriam

Brittany Karlon, Stacey Dzendzel, Tiffany

Christine Helen Boomer ’47 LIG,

Funeral services were held at Woodlawn

of Southfield, Michigan died from a

Cemetery Chapel. Donations can be

heart attack on Monday, August 20 at

made to: University of Michigan School

Providence Hospital. She was 83 years old.

of Music, Charles H. Gershenson

Christine was born on May 18, 1929 to Helen (Clippert) and Roy Boomer of Detroit. Mr. Boomer owned and operated the Boomer Company in Detroit. Christine graduated from the Liggett

Cook, Shineka Stephens and Rita Marra.

Piano Fund -711300, The University of Michigan Office of Development, 3003 South State Street, Suite 9000, Ann Arbor, MI 48109-1288 or American Macular Degeneration Foundation, PO Box 515, Northampton, MA 01061-0515.

School in 1947 and then continued her

James Bulkley ’45 CDS

Courthouse after having had his “good character” attested to by Steve Shanzer,

studies at the University of Michigan,

James Bulkley ’45 CDS, a longtime

the father of Boomerang proprietor

where she graduated in 1952 with a

resident of Aspen, Colo. and former

Charlie Paterson.

degree in music. Christine loved classical

president of the Aspen Valley Hospital

music and was a giftfed pianist who

board of directors, died peacefully at

taught piano for many years.

his home in the Maroon Creek Valley on

After her divorce in the early 1970s,

Tuesday, March 13, 2012. He was 84 years old.

As the town grew, Edgar Stern, the developer of Starwood, recommended Jim as attorney for the Starwood Homeowners Association, a position

Christine moved to Orlando, Florida to

Jim was born in Detroit, Mich., on Aug.

he held for many years. Jim was also

be near her sister, Susan Brumback, and

17, 1927 to Eleonore Adele Rohnert and

president of the Aspen Valley Hospital

her three adored nieces, Cynthia, Helen

Leavitt James Bulkley and later attended

board of directors and on the board

Leonard (Mrs. Anthony) and Christine,

Millbrook School. He graduated from

for 14 years. In the early ‘70s, he, along

her namesake.

Princeton University in 1949 and earned

with Rose Stanton, Wilton Jaffee Sr., Elli

a law degree in 1955 from University of

Bealmearand and others, was pivotal in

Michigan in Ann Arbor. He served in

the fundraising for and building of the

the U.S. Navy toward the end of World

new hospital on Castle Creek Road that

War II and was seconded to the Pentagon

opened in October 1977.

She returned to Detroit in the 1980s. Christine was a gentle, compassionate woman with a great sense of humor; she loved unconditionally all of the people who were fortunate enough to be in her life.

as an intelligence officer. While living in Washington D.C., he met Katharine MacKenty Bryan (Kit) who he married in

Christine is survived by her older brother

1953 in her hometown of Princeton, N.J.,

Robert Boomer (Anne), of Port Austin,

with a wedding reception at the home

Michigan and Boca Grande, Florida, her

of his bride’s mother’s dear friend Dr.

younger sister, Susan Brumback ‘53 LIG

Muriel Gardiner Buttinger, the mother of

(Mrs. John), of Orlando, Florida, Cynthia,

longtime Aspenite Connie Harvey.

Christine and Helen Leonard (Mrs. Tony), additional nieces and nephews; Anne Milligan (Mrs. Edward), Catherine Germic (Mrs. Stephen), Ellen Boomer, George Boomer (Alison), Robert W. Boomer (Julia) and several great-nieces and nephews.

northern Michigan on the lake in the Bulkley cottage. He was also passionate about gardening and building projects of all types, including constructing rock walls around his Aspen home. Known for wearing shorts and colorful knee socks in all seasons, Jim loved telling stories about

childhood friend Peter Stroh ‘45 DUS,

old Aspen, the many characters he knew

Jim and Kit were original guests of the

and adventures he had in his life.

new Boomerang Lodge in the early 1960s. The family moved to Aspen permanently in 1966, where Jim practiced law and enjoyed skiing and the outdoors. He was immensely proud of being admitted

special thanks to her caretakers: Charlene

to the Colorado Bar, sworn in by Judge

Cook, Arden Lipinski, Brooke Drexler,

William Shaw at the Pitkin County

Pe r sp e c t i v e

spent summers with his family in

Having been told about Aspen by his

Christine’s family would like to give


Jim had a lifelong love of sailing and

Jim is survived by his wife Kit; his son, James Bryan Flint (Jim) of Gloucester, Mass.; his daughter, Katharine Gilman Bulkley (Kate), and his son-in-law Ross Biddiscombe of London, England. At Jim’s request, there was no memorial

service, but the family suggests gifts in

Avenue — and the property was selling

Farms Foundation; Cottage Hospital,

Jim’s memory be sent to the Aspen Valley

for $2,500 a lot. Mr. Higbie was always

now Henry Ford Cottage, Grosse

Medical Foundation; P.O. Box 1639;

known to say, “Grosse Pointe is the best

Pointe Farms; Grosse Pointe Farms

Aspen, Co. 81612.

kept secret.”

Beautification Commission and was a

Alden “Denny” Edgar Gordon ’51 CDS, passed away peacefully in her Vero Beach, Florida home on May 29, 2012, after a long struggle with Alzheimer’s disease.

After graduating from the Taft School in Connecticut and Williams College in Massachusetts, Mr. Higbie entered the real estate business July 6, 1948, with the firm of Sweeney & Moore. He

member of the Christ Church Grosse Pointe Vestry. He, along with his wife, “Slim,” was a 30-year member of the Christ Church chorale and sang in the Berkshire Choral Festival in Sheffield, Mass., for more than a decade.

Elise Hahn Sherer ‘51 CDS attended

served as sales manager and officer until

Denny’s funeral, and said, “I wish each

1967. Along with general brokerage,

Mr. Higbie’s wife, Marian Chapin

one of you could have been there. It was

Sweeney & Moore was prominent in

Higbie ‘47 CDS, whom he married in

everything it should have been and more.

the development of many well-known

1954, died in 2007. He is survived by his

Remembrances from her family and

Grosse Pointe subdivisions.

children, Mark Scherer Higbie ‘75 of

friends captured the huge impact she had on all of our lives.”

In 1967, Mr. Higbie founded the Higbie Realty Company. He acquired Maxon

Pete and Janie Dow ‘51 CDS stopped

Brothers Real Estate in 1972 and renamed

to see Denny a year ago on their way

the joined firms, Higbie Maxon Realtors

from their home in Florida. Janie reports,

Inc. In 2000, the name of the firm was

“Denny and I had great fun reminiscing

again changed to Higbie Maxon Agney,

about our post college jobs working in

when Kay Agney became a co-owner.

Boston. We shared our apartment on Beacon Hill with Alice Hooker ‘51 CDS, another CDS classmate. It was a special time in our lives. When Fred Fordon’s ship was in port, we would always get together.” Denny was a special friend and her sister, Lauren Chapman, described her best: “Denny, lover of life, lover of God, mother, grandmother, sister and friend to all.”

He served as treasurer and president of the Grosse Pointe Brokers Association, was active in the Grosse Pointe Real Estate Exchange and was a founding member of the Grosse Pointe Board of Realtors.

Grosse Pointe Farms, Faye Tiedeman Higbie ‘77 of Grosse Pointe, Katrina Higbie Lowe ‘79 of Rowayton, Conn., and Hope Higbie Philson ‘83 of Walpole, N.H.; grandchildren, William ‘19 and Carsten Higbie ‘21 of Grosse Pointe Farms, and Oliver, Avery and Brooke Lowe of Rowayton, Conn. A memorial service celebrating Mr. Higbie’s life was held at Christ Church Grosse Pointe, 61 Grosse Pointe Blvd. Donations may be made in Mr. Higbie’s memory to Christ Church Grosse Pointe - DeHaven Endow-ment for Music,

Mr. Higbie served on the boards of the

61 Grosse Pointe Blvd., Grosse Pointe

Episcopal Church Foundation, New

Farms, MI 48236.

York, N.Y.; University Liggett School, Grosse Pointe Woods; Grosse Pointe

Joyce Mulkey Jipson ’46 CDS, passed on Thursday, April 26, 2012.

Hugo Scherer Higbie ’45 DUS, founder

She graduated from Grosse Pointe

of Higbie Maxon Agney Realtors in

Country Day School. Now University

Grosse Pointe Farms, died at his home

Liggett School and attended Ogontz

Saturday, April 14, 2012. He was 85.

Junior College. She was a member of the

A life-long Grosse Pointe resident, Mr.

Junior League of Detroit, Sigma Gamma

Higbie sold real estate for more than 62

Association and Detroit Zoological

years. His love for the community was

Society and volunteered at Henry Ford

chronicled in the newsletter of his real

Medical Center and Cottage Hospital.

estate firm in a column entitled “Hugo’s

Mrs. Jipson is survived by her daughter

Corner.” In a 1995 issue, he reminisced

Pamela (Scott) MacKenzie and nieces Debra

about the days when a prominent Grosse

(Daniel) Carvill and Madeline Joyce Mulkey.

Pointe family was subdividing their estate that ran from the lake to Mack

Hugo Scherer Higbie ’45 DUS

Fall 2012


She was predeceased by Charles Winship

24th 2012. He was the son of Lt. Harry

included Prismatic and Witenamagote.

MacKinnon and Thomas William Jipson;

H. Mead of Valparaiso, Indiana and

He also belonged to the Wood Workers,

her brothers, Hugh and William Mulkey

Priscilla Wood Mead of Wilmington,

Waweatanong, Sons of the Whiskey

and her parents. Family and friends may

Ohio. Mr. Mead was born in Detroit,

Rebellion, Cooley Club, Grosse Pointe

share memories at

December 16th, 1921. After attending

Historical Society, and was the president

the Columbus Academy in Ohio for

of the Grosse Pointe Audubon Society in

Frederick John Lepley M.D. ’47 DUS,

four years, was educated at Grosse


age 82, passed away peacefully Sunday,

Pointe High and graduated from Detroit

April 8, 2012 at Sunrise on Vernier, after a

University School in 1939. He attended

lengthy battle with Alzheimer’s disease.

Loomis School in Windsor, CT for one

He was born August 3, 1929, to Ethel and

year before entering Williams College,

Dr. Fred O. Lepley. He was a graduate

graduating with the Class of 1944. After

of Detroit University School, Amherst

two years in the Navy, being discharged

College, and Case Western Reserve

as Pharmacists Mate Second Class, he

University Medical School. He also

entered the University of Michigan Law

served as a captain the U.S. Air Force.

School and graduated in 1950. Mead

Dr. Lepley was an ophthalmologist in Grosse Pointe for more than 40 years, both in private practice and with Grosse

thereafter practiced law in Detroit for the next 50 years principally with the firm of Tolleson, Mead Welchli and Dahn.

Always interested in history, Mead was appointed by Governor George Romney to the Michigan Historical Society board on which he served from 1965 to 1978. He also served on the Detroit Historical Society board. He served a term as President of each of these organizations. In 1979, Mr. Mead was instrumental in the resurrection of the Grosse Pointe Historical Society which had ceased to function during WWII. He carried on his interest by being a

Pointe Ophthalmology. He loved

By his own admission, Mr. Mead was

member of the Michigan Civil War

spending time with his family, especially

a joiner. He started with Gamma Delta

Roundtable. In its company, he visited

at the family cottage at Menonaqua Beach

Psi fraternity at D.U.S. In college, it

the sites of all the major battles of that

in Harbor Springs. He was a longtime

was Theta Delta Chi and in law school,

war. He gave lectures on certain phases

member of the Grosse Pointe Memorial

Phi Delta Phi. Clubs have included the

of that conflict as well as WWI and the

Church, where he served as a trustee. He

Country Club of Detroit, Grosse Pointe

Spanish American War. He appeared

was also a member of the Senior Men’s

Club, Yondetega Club, and St. Andrews

in a nationally televised documentary

Club of Grosse Pointe.

Club of Delray Beach, FL. Literary clubs

of Lakeshore Road and “Voices of a

Sr. Lepley is survived by his wife Nancy; children, Anne (Matthew) Wilkins, Susan (Daniel) Hinger, Frederick Jr. (Deborah) and Jeffery; grandchildren, Julia and Grace Wilkins; Matthew and Scott Hinger; David (Amy) Gerrow, Amy (John)Shafer and Thomas, Jeffrey and Jack Lepley and great-grandchildren. Emma, Ashton, and Madison Shafer. A memorial service was held April 14 at Grosse Pointe Memorial Church. Donations may be made to Sunrise on Vernier, 1850 Vernier, Grosse Pointe Woods, MI 48236 or Grosse Pointe Memorial Church, 16 Lakeshore, Grosse Pointe Farms, MI 48236. Harry Hudson Mead ’39 DUS, usually called Hudson or “Huddy”, died June 50

Pe r sp e c t i v e

Harry Hudson Mead ‘39 DUS

Never Ending Dawn” which was a film

Mr. Mead was always elegantly attired.

of tribute to those men mainly from

He refused to engage in the so-called

Michigan who called themselves “Polar

fashion trends which followed the 1950’s

Bears” as a result of having participated

wearing a Fedora and upon occasion

in the American Expeditionary Force

a Homburg until the end. He had an

sent to northern Russia in 1918 in a

unusual hobby: starting in the 1980’s,

vain attempt, in the words of Winston

he saved obituaries of friends, indexing

Churchill, “to strangle the Russian

them and pausing to reflect on them

revolution at its birth”. Mr Mead’s father,

when inserting them into the file “They

Harry H. Mead, played a prominent part

used to call me Huddy. He used to

in this ill-fated venture and in concert

observe facetiously, “They are not dead

with two buddies, wrote the definitive

until I am”, and now they are.

book on the subject.

Hugh Gaine Nutter ’44 CDS, the world’s

Hudson took after his father. In his

best husband, father and grandfather,

eighties, Hudson wrote his class notes for

Hugh Nutter, died on April 17 after a

the Williams College Alumni Review as

long fun and adventure-filled life. He

well as the newsletter for the Yondotega

was 85 years young.

Club. Mr Mead’s principal eleemosynary activities included advising the Detroit Artists Market from 1967 to 1984 and the Senior Center (now Adult WellBeing Services) for 30 years. A member of Planned Parenthood since 1955, he served on its board in 1958. Mr. Mead is survived by his wife Mary Ella Mains, widow of Dr. Alexander Blain and his children by his first wife Frances Alger Boyer ‘47 CDS who died in 1998, daughters Priscilla Mead ‘70 of Denver, CO and Mignon Mead-Shikaly, husband Dennis, their sons Dakota and Dylan of Boulder, CO, and son Hudson Alger Mead ‘79 and wife Diana, their children Catherine, Parker and William. He is

Hugh Gaine Nutter ’44 CDS

bridge, backgammon, trading houses throughout the country, big family

He was born to Marie Russel and

trips, jokes, pranks, and almost any new

Augustin Nutter in Montreal, Canada

adventure. He was also an avid sailor

on May 26, 1926, and soon moved to

and SCUBA diver.

Grosse Pointe, Michigan where he grew up with his mother and older brother, Russ ‘42 CDS. His father died when he was an infant. Hugh spent two years in the US Navy, graduated from Cornell University, was employed by General Electric in Detroit, then self-employed as an electronics engineer. He married Suzanne Schlaff in 1953. Hugh and Sue moved to Del Mar,

He lived at La Costa Glen in Carlsbad, CA the last five years, where he was often seen racing around on his scooter and organizing resident outings. Pass the NuSalt! Hugh is survived by his wife, Sue Schlaff Nutter; his children, Patrice, Nick, Jay and Ted and his grandchildren, Brooke, Tim, Lauren, William and Forest. He will be missed at the Wizard game table.

California in 1966, and enjoyed over 40

Sign Hugh’s guest book at obituaries.

years in their home on “top of the hill”

on Serpentine Drive.

Lorone (Lornie) Rickel Porter ’44 CDS,

also survived by his brother Taylor Mead

He invented the ubiquitous parking-lot

of Mackinac Island died peacefully

who has achieved more than his fifteen-

“ticket-spitter” at age 24, and a device

Friday, June 22, 2012, at Vital Care

minutes of fame as an Andy Warhol actor

that closes the convertible top of a car

Hospice House in Cheboygan. She was

in the famed Silver Factory in the 1960’s

when it senses rain. He invented the

85 years old.

as well as being a poet and artist in his

Visiguide used at the San Diego Zoo

own right in NYC.

for many years RAIM (random-access

Services were held at Grosse Pointe Memorial Church where Mr. Mead had

information machine) and other unique electronic devices.

been the longest living member of the

Hugh and his wife started the San Diego

church. Arrangements made by the

Backgammon Club, enjoyed tennis, golf,

Lornie was born December 27, 1926, in Grosse Pointe, where she attended Grosse Pointe Country Day School. She graduated in 1948 from Wellesley College

William R. Hamilton Funeral home. Fall 2012


organizations, including Junior League, Tau Beta, and Memorial Church in Grosse Pointe, Wawashkamo Golf Club, the Cottagers Association, and the Little Stone Church on Mackinac Island. She helped inspire the formation of the Mackinac State Historic Park’s friends group, Mackinac Associates, and was an active and generous supporter for 30 years. Mrs. Porter was proceeded in death by her husband, Bili, on May 21, 2012. She is survived by three sons and their families, Armin and Nancy, Phil and Valerie, and Matthew and Melinda, a daughter and her family, Julia Porter and Brent Heerspink; 10 grandchildren and three great-grandchildren, and her sister Lorone (Lornie) Rickel Porter ’44 CDS

Gloria ‘43 CDS.

in Massachusetts with a degree in

A funeral service took place at Ste. Ann’s

English literature and composition.

Church on Mackinac Island on June 28

Mrs. Porter spent the summers of her

with the Reverend Vince Carroll and

youth living in the family’s West Bluff

Father Jim Williams officiating.

cottage on Mackinac Island, swimming

The family asks that memorial gifts be

in the Straits of Mackinac and horseback

made to Mackinac Associates or Little

riding along Mackinac Island’s trails.

Stone Church.

She continued to pursue these activities into her 80’s. It was on Mackinac Island

Sara Cynthia Rasdorf ’52 CDS, of

that she met Bill Porter, and they were

Arlington, VA passed away peacefully on

married in Grosse Pointe in 1950.

Tuesday, April 24. 2012. Beloved wife of

The Porters settled in Grosse Pointe, where they reared four children and, eventually, began spending their summers living in the Rickle cottage on Mackinac Island’s West Bluff right next to the Grand Hotel.

the late Roger J. Rasdorf, loving mother of Mark Rasdorf of Boone, NC, Gretchen Rasdorf (Gary Sansone) of Live Oak, FL and Katherine Rasdorf of Manassas, VA, devoted grandmother of Gary and Roger Sansone. A mass of Christian burial was offered on April 30 at St. Agnes Catholic

Mrs. Porter was a stay-at-home mother

Church in Arlington, VA. Contributions

whose life and activities were focused

in memory of Sara can be made to

on her children, grandchildren and

Culpepper Garden, 4435 North Pershing

great-grandchildren. She was an

Drive, Arlington, VA 22203.

active member of many community


Pe r sp e c t i v e

Alumni Events


Liggett Alumnae Lacrosse game, Saturday, May 19, 2012.

Romilly Stackpoole, Faculty Emerita and daughter Cara ’92.

Bruce Birgbauer ‘60 GPUS, swings his club at the Alumni Men’s Golf outing.

Mac Jones ‘55 GPUS, Booth Platt ‘96, Bruce Birgbauer ‘60 GPUS and Palmer Heenan ‘39 DUS.

Catherine Sphire Shell ‘79 presents the Class Cup to Stacy Miller Buhler ‘82.

Joe Healey, Head of School and Miles O’Brien ‘77, Distinguished Alumnus for 2012.

Alumni Weekend cocktail reception, Saturday, May 19, 2012.

Susan Cleek Azar ‘87, Eva Dodds ‘87 and Kristine Mighion ‘82 enjoy alumni photos.

Tom Dow ‘83 and David McCoy ‘77.

Fall 2012



Kiki Fox ‘10 and mom Betsy Fox ‘78.

The Farewell Barbeque was held Saturday, May 19.

Eva Dodds ‘87 and son Jack.

Alumnae from the Class of ‘92 at the Briarcliff barbeque.

Sandra Molitor, Faculty Emerita, hugs Tamara Lie Fobare ‘92.

Anne Tranchida ‘92 with her parents Tony and Joanne Hildebrandt and son Alexander.

60th Reunion DUS Class of 1952 ULS Alumni Weekend May 2012


Pe r sp e c t i v e

50th Reunion GPUS Class of 1962 ULS Alumni Weekend May 2012

40th Reunion University Liggett School Class of 1972 ULS Alumni Weekend May 2012

Reunions 35th Reunion University Liggett School Class of 1977 ULS Alumni Weekend May 2012

30th Reunion University Liggett School Class of 1982 ULS Alumni Weekend May 2012

25th Reunion University Liggett School Class of 1987 ULS Alumni Weekend May 2012

20th Reunion University Liggett School Class of 1992 ULS Alumni Weekend May 2012 Christopher Nichols ‘88 and son at the Chicago Alumni event 2012.

Michael LaHood ‘95 and Kara Feemster ‘96 at the Chicago 2012 Regional event.

Jona Smith ‘91, Sara Smith and daughter at the Chicago 2012 regional event.

The Alumni Soccer game was held Saturday, August 19.

Fall 2012



Football: Liggett 43, Parkway Christian 13 56

Pe r sp e c t i v e


Soccer: Liggett 1, Inner City Baptist 3

Fun: Everyone! Fall 2012


Alumni Athletic

2012 Alumni Athletic Hall of Fame Inductees: Art Getz ‘67 GPUS, Heather Heidel Petty ‘93, Lauren Ealba ‘02, Bob Wood ‘59 GPUS, Allen Taber ‘80, Kevin Crociata ‘90 and Muriel Brock, Faculty Emerita.

Laurie Granger, Therese Chouinard and Julie Granger.

Heather Heidel Petty ‘93 gives her acceptance speech.

Mike Getz, Tom Taber, Faculty Emeritus, Chuck Getz and inductee Art Getz ‘67 GPUS.

Booth Platt ‘96 and Jody Jennings ‘61 GPUS enjoy a conversation with Chuck Wright ‘66 GPUS.

Nancy Renick, Jack Renick and Romilly Stackpoole, Faculty Emerita, before the ceremony.


Pe r sp e c t i v e

Hall of Fame

Lauren Ealba ‘02 and her Hall of Fame award.

Former faculty Glynn Conley, David Tidwell and Gene Overton.

Bob Wood ‘59 GPUS, Athletic Director Emeritus.

Muriel Brock, Faculty Emerita accepts her Hall of Fame induction.

Inductee Kevin Crociata ‘90 with his children Marisa, Alexa and Hutch.

Fall 2012


Connected - At Last


Pe r sp e c t i v e

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Perspective Fall 2012  

Magazine, Alumni Events, Feature article Class of 1917, Annual Fund.

Perspective Fall 2012  

Magazine, Alumni Events, Feature article Class of 1917, Annual Fund.