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How to Become a Volunteer Becoming a volunteer at University Hospital is a


simple but thorough process. We want to make sure the needs of all involved are being met and that all volunteers are well trained and confident in their positions. The application process can be expected to take about a month. Whether assisting patient care departments or being involved in fund-raising and organizational efforts, as a volunteer at University you will make an impact on our community. If you believe you can make a difference, we FIRST-CLASS MAIL

plete and return the attached information card or call the Volunteer Office, 706/774-8877. We also may be reached at the University Web site,






invite you to consider spending time with us. Simply com-






1350 Walton Way, Augusta GA 30901-2629 706/774-8877 9670-6985 01/08

Time Well Spent

length of service. The hospital’s code of conduct and

The Time is Now … Tell Us About Yourself

infection control policies apply to all volunteers.

interests and on the hospital’s need. Although located at

If you think it’s time for you to become a volunteer at University, please fill in the requested information below. Then drop this card in the mail, and we’ll send you an application to submit. Remember, the minimum standard of service is six hours per month.

1350 Walton Way, University Hospital has a number of

Name ________________________________________________

There are more than 30 volunteer service areas in the University system. The variety of available assignments is based on the volunteers’ talents, abilities and

additional sites in the community, and most of them have volunteer opportunities as well.

Address ______________________________________________

Some special volunteer opportunities, such as Rape

City __________________________________________________

Crisis and Sexual Assault Services, have their own

State ________________________________________________

requirements. Most involve additional training, more specific duties and longer and more varied hours of service. Arrangements may also be made in certain areas of the hospital for college students who are interested in

ZIP __________________________________________________ Phone ________________________________________________ E-mail ________________________________________________

experiencing a field of interest on a volunteer basis. Corporations and businesses interested in arranging corporate volunteer opportunities also are welcome.

our time is a valuable resource with incredible


Junior Volunteers

potential to help others. How would you like to

The Junior Volunteer Program is for students 14-18

make a personal investment of your time in a place that

who are interested in volunteering in health care. Those

makes a difference in our community?

who apply and are accepted into the program are

University Hospital is that place. Hundreds of men

required to attend an orientation held yearly in early

and women of all ages have found fulfilling volunteer

June. They are expected to volunteer at least one day

positions and provided much-needed services at University

(eight hours) a week during the summer, with addition-

Hospital since 1949. From laying the groundwork for an

al opportunities available year-round. A limited number

active, viable program in the late 1940s to accepting the

of Juniors are accepted each year. Those interested

challenge of creatively meeting today’s ever-changing

should contact the Volunteer Office early in the year

health care needs, volunteers at University Hospital have

they wish to apply. The selection process, which includes

been recognized leaders in their field.

a reference check and an interview, is completed in April.

Volunteer Opportunities

Volunteer Board of University Health

I am interested in the following volunteer service opportunities (check all that apply): o o



o o o o o o

Transportation Gift Shops o Sunshine Gift Shop o Celebrations! o Cardiac Tower Shop* Information Centers o Main Lobby o Outpatient Lobby o Women’s Center o Second Floor o Cardiac Care Center* Waiting Room Liaison o Critical Care Units o Emergency Room o Cardiovascular/Open Heart o Surgery Care Center Coffee Cart Clerical/Office Assistant Emergency Department Neonatal Unit (rocking infants as needed) Flower Arrangements/Plant Wrap Assistant in Patient Care Areas o Inpatient Areas o Outpatient Areas Rape Crisis/Sexual Assault Services Palliative Care

Adult volunteers at University, those 18 and older,

The Volunteer Board of University Health, a not-for-

are expected to give at least six hours a month in a

profit corporation, was founded in 1949 as the Women’s

designated service. All volunteers are required to go

Board. Over the years, members have provided hours of

through an orientation process. Special uniforms desig-

service in many positions throughout the hospital as

nate University Hospital volunteers, and purchase of a

well as hours of fund-raising to support various hospital

uniform is a requirement of the program. Name tags are

projects. All adult hospital volunteers are extended an

provided by the hospital. There are also some tangible

invitation to join the Volunteer Board after three months

o o

benefits to volunteering at University; most depend on

of continuous active service.

*available in late 2008


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