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TKT Part 1 Class Unit 1 The Teaching Knowledge Test

General Objective ďƒźTo introduce the participants to the Teaching Knowledge Test, their modules and parts.

Specific Objectives  By the end of Unit One you will:  Identify the 3 modules of the Teaching Knowledge Test  identify the names and parts that each module has  familiarise with the different task types  interpret the assessment criteria that the TKT uses  use the online resources

The TKT aims are…  To test candidates’ knowledge of concepts related to language, language use and the background and practice of language teaching and learning.  To provide an easily accessible test.  To encourage teachers in their professional development by providing a first step in a developmental framework of awards for teachers of English.

Modules, timing, content  TKT consists of three free-standing modules.  There are 80 questions in each module.  In the TKT you will find different task types such as matching, multiple choice, sequencing, ordering, and odd one out. All of them are objective tasks.  The TKT timing is 1 hour 20 minutes per module and each question carries one mark.


TKT Glossary  Language relating to the practice of English language teaching (ELT).  The TKT Glossary is going to be used in this class as part of Cambridge ESOL TKT resources.

Portfolio ďƒź Cambridge ESOL Examinations recommends keeping a record of your professional development and reflections on your teaching in a portfolio. ďƒź See the resources section and the academic guide of each unit for the activities.

British English version  TKT is an exam created in the United Kingdom.  You will use British spelling during the course material and the test.  If you are aware of the differences between British and American English good for you! If not great opportunity for you to do so!

TKT Task Types ➘Four task types are used in TKT: Task Type 1 Task Type 2 Task Type 3 Task Type 4

Matching Multiple Choice Sequencing Odd One Out



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