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Not sure what to do with your Thanksgiving le tovers? Give these recipes a try! Ingredients:

Leftover Stuffing Waffles Ingredients: Vegetable Oil (for waffle iron) 41/2 Cups crumbled leftover stuffing 1/4 cup chopped fresh parsley 2 large eggs, beaten 2 cups leftover gravy, warm 1/4 cup leftover cranberry sauce

Preheat your waffle iron and brush with oil Combine stuffing, parsley, and eggs in a bowl. Evenly pack the waffle iron with the stuffing mixture, and cook for 4-6 minutes. Transfer each waffle to a plate, top with a scoop of mashed potatoes, cover with gravy, and finish with a dollop of cranberry sauce.

2 Tablespoons Vegetable Oil 1 tablespoon dried oregano 1 medium onion, diced 1 28oz can fire-roasted diced tomatoes 1 green bell pepper, diced 2 cups low-sodium chicken broth 1 jalapeno, seeded and diced 2 15-oz cans pinto beans 2 cloves garlic, chopped Leftover mashed potatoes for serving 1/4 cup chili powder Sour cream and chopped scallion, for topping 1 tablespoon ground cumin 3-4 cups leftover turkey meat, chopped or pulled

Heat the oil in a large pot over medium heat. Add the onion and bell pepper, and cook until the vegetables are soft, about 6 minutes. Stir in the jalapeno and garlic and cook for 1 minute, or until slightly soft. Stir in the chili powder, cumin, oregano, salt and pepper (to taste). Add the turkey and stir until well coated in the spices. Pour the tomatoes and chicken broth and scrape up any spices that have stuck to the bottom of the pan. Bring the chili to a simmer on medium low and cook, uncovered, for about an hour or until thickened. Add the beans, including liquid from 1 can, to the pot and heat until warmed through about 10 minutes. Season with salt and pepper to taste and serve over potatoes with a dollop of sour cream and chopped scallions.

HOW THANKSGIVING ORIGINATED Thanksgiving, which occurs on the fourth Thursday in November, is based on the colonial Pilgrims’ 1621 harvest meal. In March, after surviving a brutal winter anchored off the coast of Plymouth, the colonists from the Mayflower moved ashore and received a visit from an Abenaki Indian who astonishingly greeted them in English. Several days later he returned with, Squanto, a Native American from the Pawtuxet tribe.


Squanto taught the Pilgrims, who were weakened by malnutrition and illness, how to cultivate corn, extract sap from maple trees, catch fish in the rivers, and avoid poisonous plants. He also helped the settlers forge an alliance, with the local Wampanoag tribe, that would endure for more than 50 years.

In November 1621, after the Pilgrims’ first harvest proved to be successful, Governor William Bradford, organized a celebratory feast and invited a group of the colony’s Native American allies, including the Wampanoag chief Massasoit. This three day festival is now remembered as America’s “first Thanksgiving”, even though it was not proclaimed as a national holiday until 1942 by Roosevelt. While many traditions have evolved over the years, for many American’s Thanksgiving Day still centers around sharing a bountiful meal with friends and family. PAGE 2



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WHAT'S HAPPENING AT UNIVERSAL On Nov. 5th Universal Logistics Holdings purchased Roadrunner Transportation Systems' Intermodal business. Roadrunner Intermodal is a nationwide drayage provider that currently operates out of 20 locations near the nation's largest seaports and railway networks, with over 700 contractors and company trucks. "We are extremely excited to welcome the fine employees and contractors of RRIS to the Universal Family." stated Tim Phillips, EVP and COO (Transportation). "The acquisition of Roadrunner Intermodal is another great step in Universal’s strategy to become the largest provider of drayage services in the United States. I am extremely excited about the many opportunities that will result from this acquisition, including new customers, talented employees, and owner operators."


To read more on the recent acquisition check out the recent press release on Universal's website.

30LEE YEAR ANNIVERSARY SOMETHING Congratulations to Denise Malinoff from the Truckload terminal in Gary, IN who recently celebrated her 30 year anniversary with Universal! Thank you for everything you do Denise!!

INTERMODAL TERMINAL OF THE MONTH 3812 had a total revenue increase of 10.57% and truck count increase of 4% versus the same period in 2018! They also were able to decrease their O/R by 14.8% of revenue and improve the efficiency of their company trucks. Congratulations Memphis on winning Terminal of the Month in September NOVEMBER 2019


WHAT'S HAPPENING AT UNIVERSAL WAY TO GO LINDSEY! Congratulations to Lindsey Bialuski, Fleet Manager at the Truckload Terminal in Gary, IN, for earning her Bachelors of Arts degree in Transportation and Logistics Management from the American Military University on October 1st. She has also been accepted to their Master's program starting in January!

CIO VISIONS LEADERSHIP SUMMIT Lee Weisenberger, Universal's Managing Director of IT, spoke at the CIO Visions Leadership Summit. Check it out on our Facebook or LinkedIn pages! LinkedIn - Facebook

SAFETY AWARD RECIPIENT Tony, from the Intermodal Terminal in Columbus, Ohio, was the recipient of the safety award in September, 2019. Congratulations Tony!!




CONTRACTOR OF THE QUARTER NORTHERN REGION Marcus Joyner - 2126 Marcus has been an owner-operator for team Baltimore since 2011. In his time with us, he has been a top performer and maintained a good safety record. He does a wonderful job maintaining his equipment, as well as Universal's. He is easy going and has a great work ethic. Marcus was also one of the first owner-operators to get into the ports trade-in program and even got his 2012 International painted Baltimore Orioles orange. He has been happily married to Lakeisha for 26 years who he has two daughters and one granddaughter with. Congrats Marcus!


CONTRACTOR OF THE QUARTER SOUTHERN REGION Harpal Mundi - 9372 Harpal has been with Universal for 20 years and in that time he has always proved to be an honest, hard worker that keeps safety as his priority. He takes his job very seriously and we can depend on him to always be on time. We are very proud to have his on our team. Congratulations Harpal!



TRUCKLOAD CONTRACTOR OF THE QUARTER David Aujlay - 0513 David currently runs our Ford Coldwater/Windsor lane. He is always extremely professional with dispatch and on time to cover his route. He also maintenances his truck on the weekends to avoid any potential breakdowns and has been helping us navigate any Move-It app issues as he goes in and out of Canada. David started in our Grand Rapids, MI location and we are thrilled to be able to continue to work with him now at the On-Demand location. Congratulations David!

TRUCKLOAD COMPANY DRIVER OF THE QUARTER Joseph Whittaker - 9237 Joseph started with Universal in 2016 as a fleet owner driver before making the switch to company driver in 2018. He has made himself extremely familiar with all freight lanes and excels at all customer service facets. We can always count on Joe to do the extra work needed to help the team and even administer road tests for our new drivers. Congrats Joseph!



What's the buzz about hydrogen fuel At the biannual North American cells? Commercial Vehicle Show held last

Fuel cells are a clean way to produce

month, Hyundai Motor Co. unveiled

power, and similar to batteries, they

their Class 8 heavy duty hydrogen

produce electricity without combustion

fuel cell truck and trailer combo,

or emissions but they do not run down or

the HDC-6 Neptune, and Nikola

need to recharge. There is increasing

Motor Co., a Phoenix, Ariz., startup,

interest in hydrogen and fuel cells from

announced their plans of highway

the rail, truck, and maritime sectors,

testing a hydrogen fuel cell semi-

since these technologies have the

tractor next year. Even though you

potential to solve some of the biggest

won’t see these trucks on the road

problems in energy. Transportation is one just yet, there are more than 26,000 hydrogen fuel cell forklifts currently of the major culprits, so it is not in use across the United States in

surprising that many companies are continuing to invest in developing trucks that run on hydrogen fuel cells.

warehouses, stores, and manufacturing facilities.

5 ways to avoid the flu this season

1. Wash your hands as much as possible and keep hand sanitizer handy. 2. Get enough


3. Work out

regularly. 4. Eat enough fruits and vegetables. 5. Sanitize your

Hyundai Motor Co.'s HDC-6 Neptune

Favorite Podcasts of 2019

If you are looking for new

If you want some comic relief:


Punch Up The Jam or Alba Salix, Royal

All Songs Considered or Tiny Desk Concerts

Physician, and The Daily Show With

For the foodie

New and Noteworthy Odd Ball, DUST, and The City

For the techie

Plumbing the Death Star, How I Built This,


and cell phone.

Trevor Noah

The Splendid Table, The Alton Browncast, and Eater's Digest.

The Next Big Idea, BrianStuff, and Darknet Diaries

office space

Other favorites: TED Radio Hour, and Crime Junkie




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The Messenger November 2019  

"The Messenger" is the Official Newsletter for the Transportation division of Universal Logistics. Employees are encouraged to participate e...

The Messenger November 2019  

"The Messenger" is the Official Newsletter for the Transportation division of Universal Logistics. Employees are encouraged to participate e...