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Cycles of Life- Your cosmic signature!

What is your celestial name? Who are you and why are you here?

ŠWritten by: Kody Bonaparte Every year the Sun travels on its everlasting cyclic journey using 12 unique channels to stream forth cosmic signals, radiating light to all that is from the source point outward. Human beings grounded into earth act as transmitters and antenna for cosmic frequencies, and can tune their stations into the Universal Radio, potentially being a focal lens for the cosmic symphony to play through. Each channel is represented by a Zodiac sign, which are star constellations along or near the ecliptic(Path of the apparent sun in its yearly cycle). These groups of stars can be seen as the disciples of the Sun, providing whatever is needed while He resides within their homes. As the sun moves from these 12 disciples mansions providing a unique answer for the past and future, the moon must distribute this all knowing light, by reflecting it in a nurturing manner into the unconscious minds of men as they sleep at night, for it is far to bright and would blind their sight as they saw this level of truth. This transcends most levels of conscious awareness and must be mirrored into the soul by use of shadows. Light is now experienced by the shade it casts, allowing for one to marry in duality, learning through oppositions. Too much light in the dark

depths of ones being may set ablaze all that is, causing one to become blind not accepting what one sees at his core. Now casting far to great of a shadow to face they passively succumb to the dark side of their character. The moon acts as the sunglasses to the Earth in that it softens the spirit which pours unceasingly through her gates, forming soul food for the Earth. From here life takes a reflective character, bringing to light that which lives in the darkness of ones being! This is the unconscious or dream state of ones being, it’s all that supersedes ones awareness during the day light. The average mind of man could NOT accept that which it has formed within its shadows, and if seen by the light of day, would destroy their mask of sanity, causing mass hysteria and mental annihilation. To the weak willed and dependent self, this may lead to destruction of matter(death) rather than absorption of spirit. (Life-reBirth) This Solar fuel is far to bright for the consciousness of most men to ingest, so it must be relayed through symbols and patterns into the unconscious, which rhythmically storm the shores of the conscious mind, until one can emerge as an island, aware of their ‘self’ and their relationships to Life and all its aspects (selves)! This emergence is a spiritual birth of the individual into a multi-

dimensional being now transcending the polarity of existence. No longer fully submerged in collective Human nature that operates through an unconscious character that’s forever swayed by the tidal currents of the formless seas. One has sufficiently brought light to their shadow aspect of existence birthing beyond the impulsive instinctive behavior into a refined, mature, objective individual who has become conscious of his power and relationships to Life. This individual has birthed free from his animal past and is no longer being ruled by organismic and animalistic, reactive tendencies. One may be living in a human body but that doesn’t mean they are expressing the nature which can potentially operate through that body, to its fullest potential. A more evolved being can identify himself to his Solar Consciousness(Helio-centric Identity)becoming God like by achieving greater states of potential through realizing and actualizing the nature which operates through him. If I wish to identify with a lion I will react to life with an animalistic nature, devouring all in my path, living the jungle life while in the city. If I wish to transcend not only animal nature of man but human nature of man, I will birth into a state of spiritual selfhood, identifying with God or cosmic nature. Sustaining oneself now from the Light within, the light which radiates from ones own Source, ones own Solar self. This level of being transcending the

realm of duality where darkness is present, because even in the darkness of space, a Sun illumines its neighboring bodies. At this level of operation one must provide endless source energy to its family or ‘system’ of bodies, while never losing its own identity and purpose. If the earth has a problem(daily) which needs answering, the moon is the one in charge of this (Monthly) need. She is provided the answer for this desired need of Earth as she wears her new lunar mask, and is symbolically filled with Solar Potential. After being impregnated by the solar ray ‘of the month’ she must release this creative force at the full moon phase, in a manner which can be distributed to Earth so it can be digested and absorbed by its organisms. This again shows us a similar process which humanity goes through when a woman gets pregnant and is having a child. The Male must give their inner creative force which surges through and sustains him, to a partner. Not only could this creative force which he donated, create biological life, it creates life on every level. If one desires to manifest his creations into matter he can do that, too can he manifest his creations into soul and spirit which pervades all of existence, in turn becoming one with all thus living eternally! Every human being has the potential to become their own ‘SUN’ which consciously creates not only children but also star systems and inter-dimensional planes of existence.

A Solar Identity must sustain itself through use of ones own radiant innergy and unique individuality which bathes in self awareness. As we move to matter we find that in the process of birthing a child, the male needs the female to unite, donate and house this creative force which was given and released by him as pure potential. However she may not accept the answer he has provided for the needs of their coming together and purpose, in turn not getting pregnant because he may have not been the solar ray she needed to release. One must find their own solar self or lunar partner that fits their Universe! Allowing for their creation whether it be a child, an art project, or a planet, to be apart of their System and to get fed by their inner core being, not someone else’s which can never fully sustain ‘their’ creations. From a Solar perspective the role and purpose at this level of identity is to sustain oneself through their own source, creating ones own meanings to life, in turn providing potential energy or ‘answers’ for the needs of the whole system which is centered around it. As one begins to fuel themselves from the unlimited light of spirit within, they must learn to distribute this fuel to their organic organism. Just because one can identify with their Solar self

doesn’t mean they can neglect the other aspects of themselves which assist in composing the system as a Whole. The consciousness of this individual can ascend into a Godlike state of being but they must marry that awareness with their bio-centric identity, bringing it down to earth to be grounded in their Bodies awareness. This is the moons duty, to nurture and assist in the process of spirit impregnating matter, through the use of soul! “You are so self absorbed!”

-Helio-centric identity

“You are so down to Earth!”

-Geo-centric identity

The moon acts as a servant to earth in that it distributes solar light to earth born organisms, feeding them through a smaller cycle (month- Moons travel around Earth) which connects a larger cycle (Year-Earths travel around the Sun) to an even smaller cycle (day- Earth spins around its own axis) Without months tracked by the moon there is no sectors within a year, being a continuous spiritual solar ray with no time or form. The moon ingests the ray of the sun to egest it through a cyclic monthly process, and by doing this the extreme solar radiation becomes softened and more easily understood and accessible to geocentric consciousness, centered around earth. The moon gives form to the spirit which emanates through and within all that is. She is the Earths mother in that she feeds her child in a way that

can be digested and absorbed through her own sacrifice and possessions. This monthly process the moon goes through is similar to that of a females menstrual cycle, which inevitably returns every month, becoming fertile then releasing this potential creative force during the ovulation phase. The children to be born are of spirit, and must birth THROUGH individuals not out of them! This process must be designed around the cyclic understanding of oneself rather than a physical response to what unknowingly happens. As this ‘release’ phase occurs, the subject must effectively express the potential which was set in the fertile stages of the cycle, the ideas which impregnated their consciousness and are waiting to be formed into energetic substance. The woman must tune her cycles with that of the earth and moon both internally and externally, to create a harmonic relationship which attracts nourishment and transformation, rather than reject this connection through misunderstanding, releasing tidal waves of destruction upon the shores of personal living. The moon and Earth are magnetically attracted, constantly pulling at each other, releasing water only to be returned at another stage to feed the parts which cannot be done by herself alone. If Earth were to hold onto these possessions fearing loss, she would actually become dehydrated from divorcing her cyclic

relationship, resulting in a static existence never recycling her materials. Earth must undergo many transformative processes which continuously recirculate and recycle its possessions, in turn allowing for the sustainment of biological life as we know it. Even dead bodies eventually decay and recycle back into the elements of Earth which birthed it, however sometimes the greed of the ego and misunderstood souls wish to trap this ‘possession’ within a personal box called a coffin. In doing this we as a species rape our Earth mother by not giving back the materials she whole heartedly donated for our birth. We wish to preserve our Identity(biocentric) and keep this body in an isolated form disconnected from nature and surrounding life. Life from an elemental level, the level which provides form and substance to the very ground we walk on, this is the skin of Earth, this is our nature which operates through the mineral kingdom. As we become aware of our own nature and its cyclic behavior, we notice birth and death are an ongoing relationship which inevitably occur many times on many different levels of life. As a baby is born it experiences a death or disconnection from the dark and watery, nurturing womb of the mother, birthing itself through the unknown into a dry airy very unfamiliar environment, which now demands of it’s individual awareness and operation. Every Fall we experience a seasonal death as the

leaves depart from their body and limbs, dropping to the ground to die and decay, only to feed the seeds beneath of the cycle to come. Every year as the Human experiences its existence, constantly interchanging ideas and transactions with self and others, ‘life’ is unfolding in a way to provide the most crucial answers for the actualization and concretization of self which was merely potential at the beginning of the cycle. This allows an answer to ones problems so long as they can accept what they illumine whithin the depths of self denial. First we must realize that every year at the same point which is ones Birthday, a cycle comes to an end and a beginning! This would be a death and rebirth in the most basic sense, hopefully achieving a “rebirth” by ascending to the next level, most call age, which would increase as one lived and expended ‘time’ on Earth. However age does not mean maturity, for that is an inward process which cannot be accurately measured by objective tools which help establish ‘Time’- days, months and years. A collective assumption which is blindly accepted is that every year on ones birthday they increase in age which means they decrease in health and ‘time’ available for life on Earth. This is a very linear view giving one a limited perspective and understanding of their existence and relationship to life. By

understanding that life unfolds in a spiralic pattern we notice we can either ascend or descend each year as we return to our ‘birth’day point. On the process of descending we could call this a deathday, having to descend into a past aspect of oneself to resolve what was unfulfilled, and unrealized into a fully actualized and realized self which fulfills its purpose. (More about deathdays in my other Article-coming soon…) When viewed this way we can see our relationship to life and death, never fully giving up our whole body(biocentric identity) to this inevitable meeting, because we know it’s a process not a destination. One must understand the nature of themselves and the vast environment which they share, for that is what Earth school is teaching in the marriage to life class. As one becomes more aware of their nature they can become conscious of these aspects and their relationships to them, which create more dimensions to self. If one is unaware of his abusive tendencies he stays flat in the dimension of love and nurturance, until he can accept his pain and stop giving it to others. Replacing his emptiness with the fullness of love, by using an angular perspective which dissected the nature of his behavior rather than reflect it into another, only to react outwardly to this shadow within, forever denying himself.

Life is allowing us in every moment to become ever more aware of the nature of ourselves and our responses to these relationships. As we become more conscious we can manifest more refined, mature states of our nature to become the quality of ones being, rather than it being determined from our reactions to the surroundings in response to the unstable states within.

* The Solar system in man provides 10 basic energies which are to be found in 12 different experiences using 12 different characters, however may have one character for many experiences, or one specific experience needed for 5 character, and so on. Life is the play which allows one to become conscious of these roles assisting them to become a self made star! Our Earth, as we know, is apart of a greater more complex body which is called the Solar system and is centered around our Sun. Because of this, Earth is subject to all Planetary influences which are always working for a larger, more complex purpose just as your body works together to supply oxygen and blood to your brain, whether you’re conscious or not. Each planet represents different, very unique organic functions within the nature of

earth, just as the liver has an individual function in the nature of man. In that it filters the blood assisting the kidneys, processes hemoglobin for its iron content, and many more roles for it is the General of the Organ system. Each planet may me stationed in a different experience which needs a specific character to activate and actualize its potential. Just as ones heart may be stationed in an experience of emptiness and isolation with the need of a Nurturing, self loving character. Every year when we return to the Month, day and time of birth we can look into the heavens to notice a very unique formulation of the celestial bodies which make ones very own cosmic signature. This is ones identity and cosmic orientation of their God nature so long as one can view this space as their ‘environment’ and identify to this level of nature. This allows one to see his unique purpose which the Cosmos needs of him, to fulfill his spiritual purpose as a whole while on earth as One. By using ones stellar logic they can learn their roles in the play of life, consciously acting rather than unconsciously reacting to the experience, which was nothing but a specific scene in the play which needed a specific character to fulfill its purpose and function, so that the rest of the play would continue. Western society places great fame and value upon roles such as Dr’s, lawyers, business CEO’s, yet forgets their role in the play of life

means nothing without the characters and scenes before and after. When looking at the Universal play holistically, one will realize values are something of an internal process, and cannot be measured objectively by possessions, money, fame, or any social standard of success and its related worth from society. As one learns to extract meaning from life he begins to understand more of his roles, becoming further involved in the evolving of self on the path to Stardom! He fulfills his roles superseding the current scenes expectations and becomes illumined in uniqueness with super star radiance. He doesn’t ‘out do’ his neighbors and take their role, he only fulfills his role, becoming full of himself he must now release this ‘build up’, expressing his purpose for the central stage to witness. He did this by extracting meaning from life, gaining now an understanding, he builds foundations from this new stance which supports his purpose. He now sees a life worth living for he has placed value upon himself and the fulfillment of his purpose, and will achieve it at all costs! This may cost him his job, material possessions, family, sanity, or even physical body but that which he loses at one level now frees him to soar ever higher, transcending levels all together into a state of oneness with all. No longer bonded with restraints which held down the identity of ones being by becoming attached to an experience or character which wasn’t there’s to play, but was

rather forced upon them. The cosmic play awaits for all to join as their conscious characters, to participate in creation as a whole, being co-creators rooted in a common purpose, yet grounded in uniqueness, fulfilling their destiny as a star seed which has been planted into organic nature to water itself through its relationship to Life. The goal of this star seed is to actualize into a budded flower or tree which then releases seeds of its own. These seeds being released from the Flower of life are of a spiritual descent endowed with super-consciousness for they understand the process they are on and the characters needed to fulfill their purpose. These are fully conscious, fully illumined beings who incarnate at a level which transcends human nature for their predecessors had released them from this transpersonal state. Some fish(Salmon) must fight the upstream currents swimming against nature, then must will themselves to jump over a barrier or waterfall, only to be caught by the invisible bear who overstands his inferiors. These seeds are birthed from an upstream location which isn’t influenced or conflicted with the surrounding environment which struggles to survive, and continues to operate in an unknowing manner forever reacting. This is analogous to the enduring journey of semen on its way to the fertile egg. Become aware of your nature and the cycles of life, see yourself not with sight but with vision, from a perspective

which pierces through illusions into the truth of existence. So my question to you, dear reader, is how do you view life, and what is your purpose here in the Cosmic play?

Your cosmic signature reveal the nature of your self!  

Read and understand more richly the relationship of Earth to the Sun on their Dance through the heavens!

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