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How Depression During Pregnancy Can Affect Your Baby ?

Overview‌ 1. Depression During Pregnancy 2. The Impact of Depression on the Baby 3. Causes of Depression during Pregnancy 4. Methods and Strategies for Handling Prenatal Depression 5. What do the Reports indicate? 6. References

Depression During Pregnancy Pregnancy is supposed to be a happy time Many women suffer different ranges of depression during pregnancy.

14 to 23% 14 to 23 percent of pregnant women incur some symptoms of depression during pregnancy. (The American Congress of Obstetricians and Gynecologists reports)

The Impact of Depression on the Baby …Studies suggest Babies that are born to mothers who are depressed during pregnancy may have…  Decreased muscle tone and higher levels of stress hormones.  9 percent of children were developmentally delayed at 18 months of age.  An increased risk of intrauterine growth restriction, low birth rate and preterm birth

Causes of Depression during Pregnancy

Methods and Strategies for Handling Prenatal Depression

ďƒź Natural Ways ďƒź Pharmacological Medications

Natural Ways‌ 1. First lineup of treatment includes Psychotherapy, cognitive behavior therapy or light therapy for mild depression. 2. Get adequate rest 3. Acupuncture 4. Herbal remedies 5. Bring to attention of doctors

Pharmacological medications for Clinical/Severe depression All medications diffuse to the placenta. Since there is no psychotropic drug approved by the Food and Drug Administration for use during pregnancy.

Choosing to take pharmacological medications during pregnancy should always be done in close collaboration of a knowledgeable healthcare professional. Paroxetine use during pregnancy which is associated with ventricular septal and atrial ventricular defects. Studies completed to date reveal no increase in risk of major congenital malformations with antidepressants with the exception of Paroxetine.

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The information presented here does not substitute the expertise of a medical practitioner so always consult the physician before starting any of the medical treatments stated above.

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