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THE HANDBOOK 30 day programme to change your mind, body, spirit and life  through discovering your inner Universal Garden of Money

By Grace Brown Designed by David Thorley

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When I was young I thought that money was the most important thing in life; now that I am old I know that it is. Oscar Wilde

Sample Edition Contents About Me 8 Agreement 14 Introduction 16 Chapter One Cosmic Magnetism 24 Chapter Two Thoughts About Money 38 Chapter Three  What State of Mind are you in? 68

-7 -

About Me If you want your life to be a magnificent story, then begin by realizing that you are the author and everyday you have the opportunity to write a new page Mark Houlahan

My personal story You must understand that no matter where in your life you are at present, no matter how desolate, you can change your life for the better. I know this because I am I am going to share with you a very personal experience that really makes me feel uncomfortable to even think about it! I try not to think about my past experiences, no one can change the past, they are in the past and I personally think and feel that they should stay there, however I truly believe that by reading my personal experience, you will realise that you have the power and potential within you to make some very positive changes in your life right now, for the better. When things are tough and you feel that you are truly up against it, you feel like your world is tumbling down around you, life is difficult to face. I know because I have been there, in a truly dismal and desperate financial situation, where I personally lost everything, my home, my business, my dignity, my self worth and the saddest things of all some of my friends; the friends that I truly adored who were successful and wealthy in their own rights, who we seemed to have so much fun and laughter with. Sadly, they saw me as a failure and quickly dropped me like a red hot stone, looking back now I can see that they were not true friends, not as I initially thought; yes of course I have forgiven them, I am bigger than that. Even during that terrible time a positive element to this trauma emerged; I did not realise until later that I did not lose all my friends, a small number who I call my dearest friends rallied around to try to give me love and help when I needed it most, they helped to get me through that time and if possible are even closer to me now. When my catastrophe actually happened I found it very difficult to face anyone, I could not answer my own door, I was petrified in case it was another bailiff! During these times I merely existed, by taking a shower in the morning and taking my sleeping pills and anti depressants followed by staying in bed all day until the next morning, I was leading a nonexistent life, I simply could not cope, I was so frightened as my life was escalating out of control, I did not know what to do except pray for a miracle. I knew that I was a casualty of my own depression.

We are continually faced by great opportunities brilliantly disguised as insoluble problems Anonymous -8 -

Looking back on that period in my life I truly feel and believe that I brought on and attracted everything that happened to me, through my fear and worrying about money over a drawn out period of time. It all stemmed from a few years previous where I received my one only ever card reading (which was tarot). I was with a group of people who read the tarot cards on a regular basis and they persuaded me to have a reading. Two of the cards read that everything would go and when I say everything I mean everything, my business, my home, money, cars and my dignity. Over the next few days all I could think of was losing everything; this turned to weeks, months, years until it was affecting all parts of my life. Through these hard times my constant negative worrying ate into me like a cancer; if it was not for the love of my immediate family and a couple of very dear friends I dread to think what actions I would have sort to escape the torment. The inevitable happened my business folded I was personally declared bankrupt which resulted in my beautiful house being repossessed, I was now homeless and had to find a house to rent which was not a problem but finding a deposit was; fortunately a friend lent me the money for a deposit and we moved into a small house in a small town five miles away from my previous home.

Once things had settled down after a couple of months I felt it was time to lick my wounds and try to bring a little order to the chaos of my misfortune. During this time I recalled a book I read in the 70’s which included sections on how to create reality with your thoughts. I realised that yes I had had a terrible couple of years but that period was now behind me and there was no way I could change what had happened in the past, but I can certainly affect what happens in the future. This point in my life was a turning point and I realised the opportunity that was being offered to me; I began my affirmation journey with the simple affirmation

“I am healed, thank you” I knew that it took 21 days to break a habit and 30 days to form a new one and so began reciting my affirmation. At first I have to be honest here, it really didn’t feel true, it was as though I was kidding myself however I persevered and after a week things began to change. My partner found a new job, a friend loaned us a car and I also found a job within walking distance of our home. It was quite amazing how people, situations and general circumstances began to change.

When The Student Is Ready, the Teacher Shall Appear Chinese Proverb

- 10 -

As positive things started to happen for myself and my family I began to get a warm glowing feeling as I practised my affirmations, you will find that even early on in your affirmations you will have a feel good feeling when practising your affirmations. I know now that in the past my negative thoughts were overpowering my positive ones, so much so that I in the end allowed my negative thoughts to win and bring me financial ruin and despair.

I may have let those negative thoughts win that battle but I was not going to let them win the war.

Each problem has hidden in it an opportunity so powerful that it literally dwarfs the problem. The greatest success stories were created by people who recognized a problem and turned it into an opportunity Joseph Sugarman

- 11 -

As I carried on with my affirmations I also began recording them in a beautiful silk journal a friend bought me for Christmas. Whilst reciting your affirmations you will find it is greatly enhanced by writing the affirmation down in a journal. After four weeks of working and performing my one affirmation for what felt like a thousand times a day as well as writing the affirmation down in a journal, I started to have warm comforting feelings. As my positive thoughts were starting to overpower my negative thoughts; people I had not seen for a while would stop me in the street and comment how well I looked and that I always had a smile on my face. I knew the affirmations were getting more powerful which gave me the confidence to add another affirmation.

“I have unlimited, health, wealth and happiness and for that I am grateful” I knew the key to affirmations was to pay attention to how I physically felt when I spoke my affirmation.

The more you seek security, the less of it you have. But the more you seek opportunity, the more likely it is that you will achieve the security that you desire. Brian Tracy My life has literally changed for the better, I am happy, healthy, and very blessed beyond my wildest dreams, however no one else has done this for me except me and therefore no one else can change your life only you. I am not writing about anything that I have not experienced myself; these teachings come from my own personal experiences and I therefore know that they work if followed correctly.

- 12 -

The golden key to a healthy, happy, prosperous, successful life Focusing your mind on health, wealth, success and prosperity is the golden key to a healthy, happy, prosperous, successful life. If you are ready to help yourself and change your life for the better then this book will definitely change your life, just as I changed mine. The Money Garden will help you to discover that your subconscious mind holds the golden key to the portal of health, wealth, success and prosperity, your life will change beyond belief. It is your subconscious mind that will bring you health, wealth, success and prosperity. You have to understand that the subconscious mind is influenced by thought energy and that thought energy is fuelled by emotion. If you really think about this you will understand that emotions are the key way we live our lives. Just think how you feel when something upsets you or more importantly how you feel when something excites and elates you. By working through each individual chapter and completing the exercises given to you in this book, you too have the potentiality within you to transform your life and have those exciting and elated feelings of health, wealth, success and prosperity in your life.

A pessimist sees the difficulty in every opportunity; an optimist sees the opportunity in every difficulty. Sir Winston Churchill

- 13 -

Agree to Commit To create wealth, health and abundance in your life, you have to make a strong commitment to follow through everything within this book. To help you accomplish this I ask you to read through and sign the following agreement to ensure complete commitment to change your life for the better.

The Money Garden Life Plan Agreement I...................................... am making a strong commitment to myself and to Grace to change how I perceive money in my life, these feelings will then help me to transform my life for the better. I am fully aware that I have to commit time and energy to my money project and I am therefore committing myself to it every day...three times a day... morning...noon...and evening...for an unlimited period of time (a minimum of 30 days) I am fully aware that changing my life to one that I will love may be challenging at times... I am willing to begin journaling...create a manifesting box and build a seed map...set goals daily and accomplish them...I will de-clutter my life...mind...and environment and see all obstacles as stepping stones to abundance and prosperity... I agree to use all tools, techniques and exercises within this book. I understand that to change my life, I have to be completely honest with myself when moving through this book...I therefore promise myself and Grace I will be totally honest regarding all aspects of my life.

Signed by.............................................................................................


Imagination is everything. It is the preview of life's coming attractions. Albert Einstein

INTRODUCTION Making the choice to become abundant Everyone makes choices moment by moment, whether they are aware of it or not. You have a choice of being abundant in all areas of your life if you wish, or you can settle for how your life is currently; it is all down to the choices that you make. Being in a state of abundance is where you are feeling good about not only your finances but your relationships and health as well.

Feelings and emotions are a powerful key to drawing your desires to you or repelling them. Ask yourself this question; are you content with how much money is in your bank account today? .......... If you are reading this book you are probably not; how you think and feel about the money that you have in your life now is the key to what money you will draw into your life in the future. If you are happy with the amount of money that you have in your life, then great, however if you are not satisfied and struggle to meet your monthly bills, always fearing the knock at the door or next month’s gas bill then this book will help you to unleash your true potential and worthiness to be abundant and prosperous; finally free from all that worry!

- 16 -

The Gift of Life You have the ‘Gift of Life’ and for that you must be grateful; although to have the ‘Gift of Life’ with great abundance is a truly wonderful thing to experience. I know money is not everything; however to live an enriched and fruitful life, it is certainly a lot easier if you have money. You may know people who are more than happy with their lot in life and others who are not and are very dissatisfied. It is not down to the universe whether you have a lot or a little in your life it is down to you. The amount of money in the world is infinite and unlimited. As humans we are conditioned to thinking that there is not enough to go around and therefore have a tendency to hoard what money we do have. This is the incorrect attitude as hoarding stops the flow of money energy, creating obstructions within the money energy flow. The amount of money in the world is infinite and unlimited. As humans we are conditioned to thinking that there is not enough to go around and therefore have a tendency to hoard what money we do have. This is the incorrect attitude as hoarding stops the flow of money energy, creating obstructions within the money energy flow.

- 17 -

Your Personal Money Genie ‘The Money Garden’ offers effective ways to work with your personal genie, your genie being your subconscious mind. You will learn how to train your genie to manifest money and your desires. ‘The Money Garden’ uses a combination of tools and techniques that work hand in hand with the Law of Attraction. All of the tools and techniques guide you through activities for building your creative subconscious energy to manifest money and everything that you desire. To manifest anything there are three magic ingredients, commitment, belief and intention. Commitment is vital in the manifestation process because the universe reacts to commitment; anything is possible when fuelled with strong commitment. Beliefs can hold you back if they are negative and therefore need to be eliminated and replaced with new positive ones. Beliefs that were instilled within you by your parents and society require questioning to see whether you even believe or desire them anymore. Intentions are the key to good manifestations, so learning to be present in the now and aware of your thoughts is vital to manifestation.

Being present in the moment For everything in life there has to be an action, from that action there is a reaction. This book will guide you to understand that you have to be consciously aware and be in the present moment to create abundance in all areas of your life. Abundance and prosperity can be drawn to you through being fully conscious and in the present moment. You draw to you the things that you place the most focus on; because your thoughts are magnetic they draw to you what you constantly think about. Abundance and prosperity will not be drawn to you if you are worrying and fretting about money; you will be drawing more worrying and fretting; which in turn will attract more of a lack of money.

Making the habit of being present in the moment will change and enhance your life for the better. - 18 -

Fear and money There is so much fear regarding money; people are either scared of losing what they have or scared of not having enough. This worry is deeply ingrained within us from the programming of our parents and family who either experienced loss or lack in their life time. We are programmed from a very early age by our role models. Our role models are our parents, elders and teachers and their behaviour and communication with us affect how we turn out as we grow older. We are programmed by watching and replicating our role models. It is your inner programming by these role models that determines your destiny in life. If in your childhood there was much fear, worry and negativity being portrayed, then the chances are that you will have a very difficult time as an adult and when I say difficult I mean you will be a fearful worrier. You are the victim of negative programming that became ingrained within you during your childhood years. If in your childhood there was love, laughter, fun and respect then your inner programming will have been programmed for you to live a happy fulfilling life.

Reprogramming your subconscious mind If you really desire your life to change to a more prosperous one then there is only one thing to do and that is to change your subconscious programming from a scarcity viewpoint to one of abundance. This is exactly what the ‘Money Garden’ does; it re-programmes the subconscious mind with the unique tools and techniques offered in the Garden. ‘The Money Garden’ will help you to release any negative programming and re-install your subconscious mind with positive constructive programming.

Whatever you think, you are right The Money Garden will help you to understand that whatever you think and feel about money is exactly what you will receive in your life. If you think that something is unachievable then it will be exactly that; but the exciting thing is, If you think and feel that anything is achievable then it is and you have the potential to achieve it. The only person that can transform your life is you. Your thinking is all down to you, because no one else thinks for you, only you do. What is prevalent in your life now is down to your past thinking, your past governing thoughts have emphasised how you live your life now.

- 19 -

Your magnetic mind As you move through this book, thoughts being magnetic will draw more thoughts of the same kind to you, in a never ending cycle, unless you break that cycle, you will keep receiving the same. You can attract whatever you place your focus upon. The power within you, it is unlimited. It is your subconscious mind that draws to you magnetically people, circumstances and events into your life. Understanding that your thoughts are magnetic is an exceptionally important principle for your personal success, understanding this makes your personal success exceptionally easy to achieve. ‘The Money Garden’ has tremendous effect on your attraction abilities, training your mind with unique ‘Money Garden’ tools and techniques to attracting the things that you truly desire.

Money Garden Tools As you move though the book you will be working with the ‘Universal Garden Money Wheel’ establishing the areas where money does not flow freely and easily and areas that are beneficial to you. You will also be working with the ‘Money Garden Wheel of Fortune’ affirmation techniques. You will discover the ‘Manifesting Box Technique’ which is practical and also a very exciting tool to work with. Another great technique you will establish great rapport with is ‘The Universal Garden Seed Map’ where you learn to plant good seeds to nurture in the form of pictures. You will also discover ‘The Universal Garden Journaling Technique’ which is unique to the ‘Universal Gardens’.

- 20 -

Opening up your sensory channels ‘The Money Garden’ is a process of building a sustaining relationship of trust, harmony and understanding regarding money in your life. You will uncover your own ability to be on the right wavelength to connect you mentally and emotionally to all aspects of money.

You will discover the law of supply and its cycles and understand it is your divine right to obtain anything that you require. The universe is generous and provides an infinite supply of all your requirements. You will understand how things are attracted to you every second, of every moment, of every hour of every day and how the good and the not too good become attracted to you through the principles of the law of supply.

In ‘The Money Garden’ you will open up your sensory channels to working with various universal laws and by opening your sensory channels you will have the ability to see, hear, and sense changes to bringing money into your life.

- 21 -

Creating and filling a vacuum You will also learn how to create a vacuum to be filled with the amount of money that you desire. Being aware of vacuums will create beneficial changes in not only your financial affairs, but all other aspects of your life. ‘The Money Garden’ coaches you with specific techniques to raise the emotional intensity of your true desires. Raising your emotional intensity to your true desires aligns not only your emotions, but also the thoughts that you think. In ‘The Money Garden’ you understand that if the beliefs that you hold are of a negative tendency they will affect your true desire being drawn to you. ‘The Money Garden’ will teach you to bless all money that comes in to your life and all money that goes out of your life. By blessing your money with this great technique you command all money that leaves your account or that you spend to be returned back to you tenfold.

‘The Money Garden’ will help you to make it your quest to follow your dream and understand that when you think and feel you are on course to achieve your dream, then your dream will be your reality sooner than you think.

- 22 -

The meeting of preparation with opportunity generates the offspring we call luck. Anthony Robbins

- 23 -

Chapter One Cosmic Magnetism

Everything is perfect in the universe - even your desire to improve it. Wayne Dyer - 24 -

Do you know you are a cosmic magnet? It is important to realise that everything in this bountiful universe is made up of energy, including money. Energy is constantly vibrating, it never stops. It is vital that you understand the dynamics of thought, feeling and attraction. Understand that thoughts are energy and energy follows thought! You are a cosmic magnet drawing people, events and circumstances to you. Your thoughts transmit a magnetic vibration to the universe; the universe will process these thoughts and dutifully match your current vibration with more of the same, positive or negative. When your thought energy is fuelled with emotions of positivity or negativity it transmits out into the universe and resonates with a vibrational match by way of the law of attraction, which is then reflected back to form your reality.

Everything is energy and energetically connected, while all energy carries with it a vibration. If the vibration you are offering is strong and positive then strong and positive things will be drawn into your life. When your vibration is weak then anything that is drawn into your life will also be weak.

Summary î Everything and everyone is energy, animate and inanimate. î Thoughts are energy and vibrational, energy follows thought. î Through your thoughts combined with emotions you are literally drawing people, events and circumstances to you. î Thought energy combined with charged emotion is like ‘Rocket Fuel’. î A vibration match for your vibration will be mirrored back into your reality, positive or negative. î - 25 -

Thoughts and feelings of abundance = abundance attraction If your thoughts and feelings about money are abundance and joy, then money in abundance will be your vibrational match. You are what you think and feel you are and the law of attraction makes sure of that. Your thoughts and feelings create your reality. What you continuously focus on and affirm is yours for the asking. The universe is generous and does not differentiate between whether something is right for you or not, it simply mirrors it back to you. If you are thinking and feeling whoop-whoop-whoop about how rich and fortunate you are, rich and fortunate you will be and you will continue to attract abundance and also feel great in the process.

è Summary î Abundance is a feeling of trust and belief that whatever you wish for is already provided for, it is on its way. î The law of attraction ensures that whatever you think and feel is reflected back to you. This is called sowing and reaping. î Where you place your focus a vibration will be offered by you. î The universe is generous and does not distinguish whether it is right or wrong for you. î What you give out you get back by way of the law of attraction. î - 26 -

Thoughts and feelings of wealth in the future = lack attraction If you think you are wealthy, you will certainly attract wealth in your life. If you focus your thoughts and feelings about one day having wealth in your life you will continue to attract lack. This is because focusing, thinking and feeling about attracting wealth means that you are in a state of desiring and you are affirming that it is not in your life now. When you continuously focus on not having wealth yet, however desiring it, you will continue being in a state of not having your desire.

è Summary î If you believe you are wealthy now, you will be. î If you think and feel that one day you will have wealth in your life you will continue to attract lack. î Continuously desiring gives off the vibration that it is not present now and therefore never will be. î To create wealth in your life you have to generate such feelings within in your mind, body and aura. î Think, feel and act wealthy in all areas of your life and show gratitude for everything as if it is here now. E.g. “Thank you for my beautiful new car, I am grateful”. î - 27 -

Thoughts and feelings of lack = lack attraction If you are focusing and worrying about lack in your life and continuously think about being poor, you are without a doubt going to attract more poverty and lack. Thinking and worrying how, when and where money will come from will attract more lack. This is because you do not have trust or faith in the universe to fill the vacuum with what you have a desire for at that moment. What you think and feel will be attracted into your life. If you are thinking that you feel sad and let down in life, then sadly sad and let down you will be.

Everything and everyone’s energy vibrates at different frequencies with your vibrational frequency being unique to you including the vibrations you give out by how you are thinking and feeling. It is vitally important that you are consciously aware of how you are feeling as your feelings affect your vibratory frequency.

Summary î Sadly, most of us have been conditioned since our early experiences and parental models to believe in lack. î So many people believe that their life as it is, is their lot in life and sadly it is so wrong. No one should have to struggle to just get by, because struggle will bring more struggles. î Understand that worrying and wondering where money is going to come from demonstrates that you have no belief or faith in the universe to provide for you. î Whatever you think and feel is exactly what you will be. î Be consciously aware of how you are feeling, know that your thoughts and feelings affect your vibratory frequency. î

è - 28 -

“Follow your bliss and doors will open for you that you never knew existed. Follow your bliss and the universe will open doors for you where there were only walls� Joseph Campbell

- 29 -

Imbalances and obstructions When you continuously feel a certain way about something then you will continue being in that particular mode, whether positive or negative. When you are up one day feeling amazing and then down the next feeling disillusioned with life you will encounter many imbalances in your life. You will also continue experiencing these imbalances in life. These imbalances really are simply obstructions that can be removed by reprogramming the subconscious mind. As you move through this book following the exercises provided you will begin to feel and notice a shift in your life regarding money. You will turn your perception of money into one of flowing frequently without fear, embracing your new found abundance. Affirmations play a huge role in helping you, this is a nice affirmation to be saying right now, go on speak this affirmation out loud and feel good at the same time.

“Money Flows Easily and Effortlessly into My Life NOW, Thank You� How did that feel? Now speak it out loud with conviction and repeat 5 times..... How did that feel? I know even better!

- 30 -

Summary î How you feel within is what manifests into your outer world. Feelings about something negative will continue until whatever it is that is causing the problem is removed. î Having imbalances in your life can have damaging effects on your health. Imbalances occur because you are on the treadmill of life, up one minute and down the next. î Imbalances are basically emotional obstacles that can be removed with reprogramming the subconscious mind. î Every time you feel unsure about money recite the above affirmation as many times as possible and write it down too. î If you are continuously focusing on negative feelings about money, you will be continuously manifesting a struggling financial lifestyle. So come on chin up, let us move onwards and upwards together. î

The greatest discovery of my generation is that human beings can alter their lives by altering their attitudes of mind. William James - 31 -

How do you know how you are vibrating? The Law of Vibration is constant, it never stops working, whether you choose to believe it or not. Every thought that you have has a different vibration and through the frequency you are offering you are attracting like for like into your reality. You will definitely know how you are vibrating by how you are feeling. If you feel good then your vibrational offering will be strong and positive; if you are not feeling on top form you will be offering weak vibrations. There is a powerful universal law called ‘the law of vibration’ that identifies specific vibrational states. How you are feeling right now will be offering a vibration to the universe which will resonate with your frequency and find a similar match and mirror it back to you. We are all interconnected to the universal consciousness as a whole and to each other. We are all individual pieces of the universal jigsaw. The Law of Vibration is constant, it never stops working, whether you choose to believe it or not. Every thought that you have has a different vibration and through the frequency you are offering you are attracting like for like into your reality.

Summary î To understand your current vibrational offering you have to know how you are feeling. î Feelings are the key to how you live your life now, as feelings are your emotional guidance system. î You vibration is a combination of how you are feeling through your frame of mind, thoughts you are thinking, the emotion attached to your thoughts, what your beliefs are at present and what your desires are at present. î You are a piece of the universal jigsaw and have a part to play in this life, so be conscious of what you are thinking and the emotions attached to those thoughts. î Each thought has a different vibrational frequency and the law of attraction will always reflect a like for like into your reality. î All power is from within and is therefore under our control Robert Collier - 32 -

The power is within you You have within you the power to accomplish an amazingly enriched life for yourself. The power is and always has been within you to create the life of your dreams and therefore it is essential that you are vibrationally aligned for whatever your desires are. Vibrational alignment with your desire means your desire will manifest. To become vibrationaly aligned you have to feel your way, by feeling I mean generating the excited feeling of having your desire now. You have to firstly see it and then feel it and most of all believe in your dream, as believing is achieving. You have to feel that is with you now in the present tense.

Summary î You have the power within you, you always have had, however you have more than likely been unaware of this fact. î You are the master of your very own universe so take control of how you think and the emotions attached to your thinking. î To be vibrationaly aligned you have to offer no resistance to what you do not desire. Resisting is persisting. Resisting the things you do not wish for means you are not allowing your desires to come to you. î To manifest your desire, make it your intention to only offer vibrations of your desire. î See your desire and then feel your desire and most of all believe in your desire. î

I am no longer cursed by poverty because I took possession of my own mind, and that mind has yielded me every material thing I want, and much more than I need. But this power of mind is a universal one, available to the humblest person as it is to the greatest. Andrew Carnegie - 33 -

Thoughts, feelings and vibration cycles Thoughts create feelings and feelings lead to actions. Be aware that you are the co-creator with your subconscious mind of your life and accept that you are accountable for how your life turns out. You can see below in the diagram how thoughts and feelings offer a vibration and that vibration resonates with a matching vibration and it is then mirrored back into your reality.

1 You have a thought

Bingo! It is mirrored back to you as an experience

2 You add feeling to your thought

4 The vibration resonates with a matching vibration

- 34 -

3 Your thought and feeling send out a vibration

➊ You have a thought and that thought carries with it a vibration If you are conscious of the thoughts that you are thinking then you should be living the life you desire, however if your thoughts are chaotic, haphazard and unconscious then your life will not be as you wish for. A conscious thought is a cause and the effect of your conscious thought is the outcome. An unconscious thought is a cause and the effect of your unconscious thought is the outcome. Whether you are conscious or unconscious of your thoughts there is always an effect, so surely it makes sense to take control and become the master of your very own universe. The Law of Cause and Effect is always at work and is unwavering and for every cause consequently there is always an effect.

Take conscious control NOW. Having the knowledge that the Law of Cause and Effect is forever present and constantly working will enable you to accomplish all you desire in life. Equipped with the knowledge of this law, means you can take control and build and maintain the life of your dreams.

➋ When your thoughts are fuelled with emotion of either positivity or negativity they transmit vibrations out into the universe If your thoughts and emotions are in alignment with your desire there will be no resistance and you will be flowing and you will be receiving what you wish for. However if they are not in alignment you will be against the flow and resisting and not feeling too good and receiving what you do not wish for. When your thoughts are free flowing your vibration offering will be one of happiness and contentment. When your thought energy is not flowing freely you will be experiencing resistance. Be consciously aware of what you are feeling. Feel good strong positive emotions, if you are not feeling on top form use this affirmation by Emile Coue

“Every day in every way I am getting better and better”. You can also use this affirmation if you are feeling amazingly great. - 35 -

You are like a human radio wave transmitter and receiver, combined

Your thoughts and feeling have been acknowledged and you are sending a signal/vibration to the universe. The universe resonates with your vibration, your vibration being the sum-total of all of your desires, feelings, thoughts, and beliefs. Think about an email moving through cyber space, you hit the send button and within seconds the recipient has received it. The vibrations that you are offering are no different; this is the law resonance that works in synchronisation with the law of attraction and is the deciding factor that determines exactly what you will draw into your life based upon the resonance of the energy that you are offering.

➍ Your vibrational offering has resonated with the law of resonance and the law will now determine exactly what you have attracted based on the resonance of emotional energy The law of vibration is a creative source of supply on demand; by becoming consciously aware of the vibrations in your life while working with your vibrational offerings you will change your life for the better.

What your energy has resonated with, the law of attraction will direct it to you and you will experience as your reality

It is called sowing and reaping, what you give out, the power of law of attraction will give it back to you for you to experience it in your physical reality. The law of attraction is a powerful law, so learning to work with it and being conscious at all times means the world is your oyster.

Summary î The gateway to your dreams and desires means understanding and working with the law of vibration and the law of attraction while being consciously aware of your thoughts and any emotional attachments to them. It is all about having belief, a belief in your dreams and desires. î - 36 -

Take the first step in faith you don't have to see the whole staircase just take the first step Martin Luther King Junior

- 37 -

Chapter Two Thoughts about money When you think about money does it excite you with the opportunities ahead that it gives you, or do you feel sick to the bottom of your stomach? In this chapter we will be looking at how your thoughts about money effect the outcome of whether you embrace financial freedom or embrace the fear of where your next penny is going to come from. Towards the end of this this chapter you will discover an EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) exercise that is a an amazingly simple technique for clearing the fears, doubts and limiting beliefs that you may have in regard to money, therefore releasing the outdated beliefs and replacing them with new ones to allow money to flow easily into your life.

It is imperative that you understand that someone’s perception of reality has a huge effect on the outcome, as opposed to the reality itself.

è You receive only that which corresponds to your mental attunement William Walker-Atkinson - 38 -

Money Abnormalities If there are money abnormalities in your life it will be down to how you think and feel about money. If money is not flowing freely in your life this indicates to me that you have some limiting beliefs with regards to money. Through your subconscious programming your life experience will be reflecting the beliefs that you hold. It is possible that you can identify the origin of these limiting beliefs by discovering the beliefs and opinions of your parents, elders and elder siblings that they held about money when you were a young child. If you discover that they considered wealthy people to be selfish or bad, or they constantly repeated that they could not afford to buy things or that they were always in debt these are all major factors in limiting beliefs being ingrained deep within your subconscious mind. How your financial situation turns out, totally depends on you unveiling your beliefs regarding money. The unveiling can take time and you will need patience to unveil such beliefs that hold you back; however with practise it will certainly be worth the unveiling in the long run.

Fear And Money Have you experienced crippling fear in regards to money? If you have, you will probably have found it hard for you to speak about it. Your fear took control of your body and there was nothing you could do to stop it. Family and friends would tell you to get a grip and push through it, you really desired to and yet that fear is so powerful that you feel overwhelmed. It is as though the fear runs from the top of your head right down to your feet, fear is rooted deep wthin you and you feel that there is very little that you can do to overcome it. Usually this fear dictates peoples lifestyles in a very negative way, making their life much harder than it has to be. Well fear not anymore, ‘The Money Garden’ is groundbreaking in releasing fears regarding money, in particular the EFT exercise which when praticed several times a day on a daily basis will begin to release your debilitating fear.

- 39 -

The Universal Law of Cause and Effect The universal law of cause and effect does exactly as it sounds like it does! For every action=cause, there is a corresponding reaction=effect. By understanding that positive actions=causes, generates positive reactions=effects. Understanding this will cause you to have positive effects in your life now. If you think and feel positive and abundant then that is what you will be, however if you feel negative and pessimistic then that is exactly what you will be. Whatever you think and feel is exactly what you will be!

Think like a queen. A queen is not afraid to fail. Failure is another steppingstone to greatness. Oprah Winfrey

Cause and Effect in Life Like attracts like, there is no getting away from it. You reap what you sow, you give love to others and love is returned to you in your life, if you give out negatives things, then negative things will show up in your life, if you think that there is not enough money coming into your life, then there will never be enough money in your life. This is the law of cause and effect. Your life or the lives of people you know may be unhappy ones; this is the effect of past thoughts, actions and deeds that have caused life to be as it is now. Everything begins with a thought and therefore every effect is down to past thinking.

 

 

 

 

 

 

 

 

The game of life is the game of boomerangs. Our thoughts, deeds and words return to us sooner or later, with astounding accuracy. Florence Scovel Shinn - 40 -

Cause = Thoughts How your life is at present, indicates how you think and feel about things. The things you are attracting in your life, speaks volumes. What is currently present in your life is the effects, which in turn is the manifestation of your past thoughts and feelings, which is the cause of the manifestation.

For every cause there will definitely be an effect. The cause is your thoughts, feelings and actions which create the effects that have manifested in your life now. If you are not happy with the life that you have created, fear not, as you can change the effects of life through your thoughts, feelings and actions.

Happiness is not a reward - it is consequence. Suffering is not a punishment - it is a result. Robert Green Ingersoll - 41 -

Thoughts Become Things! Thoughts become things and therefore it is vital that you understand the profound impact your thoughts can have on your life and what you attract into it. You will discover throughout this book that I speak a lot about thought energy and thought magnetism. Please see the diagram of cause and effect below: you can see that the thought of prosperity = cause, with the effect bringing more prosperity. The centre column where there is a fear of money, the effect is more fear about money. The end column where the thought of poverty is the cause, then more poverty is the effect.

Thought of Prosperity is the Cause

Thoughts of Fear Thought of Poverty about Money is the is the Cause Cause

The Effect of the Prosperity Thought is

The Effect of Fear about Money Thought is

The Effect of the Poverty Thought is

More Prosperity

More Fear about Money

More Poverty

Until you become consciously aware of what your own thoughts, feelings and actions are, you will continue to draw to you the same effects and outcomes into your life. Life is now. There was never a time when your life was not now, nor will there ever be. Eckhart Tolle - 42 -

Filling in the blank thoughts! Fill in the blank thought diagram below with your own thoughts of which are the cause and discover what the effects of your thoughts are, be honest and you will realise how your thoughts truly determine an outcome.

Thought of ....... is the Cause

Thought of ....... is the Cause

Thought of ....... is the Cause

The Effect of the Thought is?

The Effect of the Thought is?

The Effect of the Thought is?

More of ........

More of ........

More of ........

I would strongly recommend that you go to and go to ‘Money Garden Downloads’ and download this diagram, make several copies and fill them out on a daily basis, you will very soon learn that how you are thinking is affecting your life greatly.

Once you replace negative thoughts with positive ones, you'll start having positive results. Willie Nelson - 43 -

Power of Thought When you begin to have control over your thoughts, you will be introduced to a positive mental attitude that will eventually lead to expansion, development and success, in all aspects of your life. A person with a positive attitude has high expectations of health, wealth and abundance, and always expects a successful outcome. Whatever the mind can perceive, the mind can achieve!

Does everyone have a Positive Mental Attitude? No, because not everybody believes or understands what a positive mental attitude is. Many think it is new age mumbo jumbo and really take the proverbial micky out of those people who believe in it.

To truly start to lead a life with a positive mental attitude, understand the following points are so important in achieving a positive outcome. î Thoughts become things. î Thoughts are extremely powerful. î Thoughts influence your attitude, your beliefs and your general persona. î Your attitude reflects in your appearance, your face, your eyes and your expression î Your attitude will also affect those people around you, and how those people react to you. î You have the power within you to take control now! î The attitude that you choose is down to you. î You always have a choice of a positive or negative attitude. î - 45 -

See the following diagrams concerning positive and negative thoughts and their outcomes.

Positive Outcome

Positive Well-Being Positive Attitude

Positive Feeling

Positive Thought

- 46 -

Negative Outcome

Negative Well-Being Negative Attitude

Negative Feeling

Negative Thought

- 47 -

What is the power of positive mental attitude? Having a positive mental attitude lifts up your spirits, your mind is filled with possibilities, inspiring thoughts that are energising to you and spur you into action. You will also be inspiring to those around you, who will be energised by your attitude.

What is the power of negative mental attitude? Having a negative mental attitude is totally draining to not just yourself but those around you. A negative attitude gives you the power of draining energy from not just yourself but other people, you become an energy vampire. You will suck the living daylights from those around you resulting in people trying to avoid seeing you in case you wish to sap more and more energy from them.

Attitude defines your focus Your thoughts are magnetic and therefore what you are thinking is being mirrored back to you moment by moment, in a never ending cycle. If your attitude is a positive one you will attract positive people, circumstances and events of a positive environment. A negative attitude will drive back positive people, circumstances and events and only mirror back to you more negativity.

See the cycles opposite

- 48 -

Postive Thought

Bingo! You Receive the Same

Positive Cycle

Vibration of Postive Thought

Postive Thought Resonates

Universe Reflects it Back

Negative Thought

Bingo! You Receive the Same


Vibration of Negative Thought

Negative Thought Resonates

Universe Reflects it Back - 49 -

Thought Cycle If you are focused on money being in abundance in your life then it will be abundant, if you are focused on money lacking in your life then it will be lacking.

Eternity is not something that begins after you are dead. It is going on all the time. We are in it now. Charlotte Perkins Gilman

Positive cycle

➊ You have a strong positive thought and good feeling combined with good intent about money coming into your life and you affirm “I am grateful for the constant flow of money in my life now, thank you”.

➋ This thought combined with the positive affirmation is magnetised with a specific vibration.

➌ The universe resonates with your positive thought. ➍ The universe reflects back to you a vibrational match. ➎ Bingo! You receive your vibrational match to your thought. - 50 -

Your positive strong thought combined with good intention and affirmation regarding money has magnetised power. Each thought you have has a frequency that is transmitted into the universe. When you are in a state of prosperity and abundance you will continue to be in a state of prosperity and abundance. Money will flow to you easily and frequently without you really thinking about it. Whatever you focus your thoughts on will in fact create within your personal reality. It is vital for manifestation that you are vibrationaly matched with your desire, as being in synchronisation with your desire gives rise to manifestation.

Points to Remember î Please understand that by simply desiring something, this will not bring it into manifestation. î When you are in a state of desiring something, wishing for it to be with you right now, or trying so hard to make something happen, you are in fact exclaiming to the universe that your desire is not present and therefore the universe will mirror back to you more of your desire not being in your life now! î It is imperative that you know what your desire is, and that you truly feel good about your desire and that there is no disbelief present. î Everything that you desire has to be as though it is in your life now, acting as if. The following chapters will help you to discover what your true desires are and how to go about achieving them. î

I don’t believe people are looking for the meaning of life as much as they are looking for the experience of being alive. Joseph Campbell - 51 -

Negative Cycle If your mind is a butterfly mind and you flit back and forth between feelings of abundance and feelings of negativity, you will discover that the very same pattern will be emerging in your life, sometimes you are up and sometimes you are down suffering a real blow to your abundance, this is the effect of the butterfly mind. An uncontrolled mind continually exists on the same thoughts and therefore continues creating the same experiences. You have to understand that your subconscious mind is always working, it is ceaseless, even when you are sleeping it continues its work. Your mind is so wilful and powerful that it can create what it wishes. Your subconscious mind gives life to the thoughts that you continuously think, so if you constantly think “I cannot pay all of my bills this month� then you will not have enough money to pay them, it is that simple, you are what you think you are! The conscious mind continually thinks about something...whether positive or negative, therefore when left uncontrolled, it can really cause mayhem and negativity, but do not fear everyone must realise they have the power to control their conscious mind and once mastered it can produce the life of your dreams!

- 52 -

The cycle of effects of negative thought patterns.

Negative Thought Creates

You feel Demotivated

Negative Thoughts

Worry and Unpleasant Feelings

Causes Stress, Anxiety and Depression

These Symptoms affect everything in this moment

There is so much that you can do to rectify your negative butterfly mind. You have the power within you to control your conscious mind.

You can experience amazing things, when you take control of your mind, however if you do not, it can be the foundation of negativity, anxiety and stress. - 53 -

Step by step negative thought analysis Many people are unaware when they are having a negative thought; sadly this is because they do not know any different, the negativity is so ingrained within them that there is no perception of their negative thoughts. In the case of the negativity being so ingrained within them, they perceive their thoughts as true, therefore experiencing it as their true reality. Negative thoughts, appear logical and true, this then creates a stress response in the body. You think that you cannot control these thoughts, however you respond by fighting back by reacting with more negativity and with resistance. Through your negative thought you experience feelings of vulnerability and resentment.Holding a strong negative emotion for long enough, you will discover yourself in various situations where you feel out of control and powerless, because the law of attraction naturally draws to you what you are most dominantly thinking and feeling. It is vitally important that you catch yourself in the throes of these chronic, negative and underlying thought patterns and stop them in their tracks with a positive affirmation.

“Everyday, in every way, I am getting better and better� Emile Coue

- 54 -

The affirmation will break the train of thought and will offer you some instant relief, as you now understand that you have taken back some control of your mind and now have a degree of personal power back. This seizing of power immediately disperses the negative energy that is associated with your thoughts; this is because as you recognised the thought, the thought has become powerless. By being consciously aware of your thoughts, your perspective is more purposeful and that helps you in assessing circumstances in a more rational manner. It is all about understanding that certain thoughts are unproductive and do not serve you well, you therefore have a choice to not allow those unproductive thoughts to take over and overpower you. Learning to release negative emotions and the tensions associated with these emotions means they will not have the same negative influence on your vibrational frequency. Learning to release negative emotions results in you consciously trying to adapt your thoughts and emotions to modify your vibrational frequency and energy pattern to a more positive one. Once you learn the skill of releasing negative emotion at its core essence, this will assist you with your skill of non-resistance and understanding non-resistance means you will embark on the journey of attracting more positive energy by design. When you discover your path of non-resitance you are accepting the moment for what it is, and this is your key to understanding you and what you represent! When you begin to focus on positive emotions and feelings of new positive thoughts, this is what allows an outdated belief to be replaced by a new one. You will be in a completely different emotional and vibrational place than you were previously; able to access the portal to all of your creative solutions, enabling you to unlock the key to your dreams and desires.

è - 55 -

Emotional Freedom Technique When I studied meridian psychology, I very soon discovered that Emotional Freedom Technique is a simple, fast and easy process that will help anyone to attain freedom from their emotions that have been the cause of problems during their lives. Emotional Freedom Techniques usually known as EFT is essentially psychological acupressure that entails the tapping of acupuncture points. Fear not, it does not involve any needles as it uses a technique of gentle tapping on these points with your fingers. EFT has been known to radically alleviate emotional disturbances as well as many physical symptoms and within minutes, the results are more often than not long lasting, with any side effects being 99.9 positive. Emotional Freedom Technique is adaptable and not only uses tapping it also involves verbalisation of the problem combined with a phrase of affirmation (reciting out loud an affirmation while tapping); combining the affirmation and tapping helps to balance your body’s energy system. Emotional Freedom Technique alleviates both physical and psychological pain. This allows the body for healing to occur. The EFT technique is safe, simple to understand and use and provides excellent health benefits. EFT can relieve many symptoms that have disturbed you for years, not just about money worries either, it can elleviate almost anything. Releasing all fears in relation to money will be a wonderful relief, you can finally claim your divine right to be, do and have the riches you wish for! Your right to enter into the Kingdom of riches definately does not come by default. You have to reclaim your divine right. Accessing your divine right to wealth involves accessing the best possible resources to change your thinking. I am going to teach you some EFT techniques that are quick and easy-to-learn. EFT tapping technique will create relief from stuck and stagnant emotions that have held you back from the Kingdom of Wealth for so long, in an astoundingly short time. It involves tapping on a series of points on the face and upper body, however initially we have to discover where your current vibrations are presently, therefore we are going to discover your current vibrational state and how to control it.

- 56 -

Fill in the simple Yes/No sections below, so we can find what emotional feelings you have concerning money.

What are your feelilngs about a specific subject? I am going to ask you to place your focus on money. What are your feeelings about

Are your feelings good, positive and powerful, making you feel good? Yes

Are your feelings negatatvie and unconstructive, making you feel not so good?




Are your feelings one of fear, anxiety and worry, making you feel nervous and scared? Yes


money? If you answered yes to the first question, that your feelings are good about money, then that is great, it will not take too long before you are manifesting your true desires. If you answered no then at least we know what your current vibrations in relation to money are. If you answered no to the second question then your current thoughts and vibrations will be good. If you answered yes then I know exactly what you need to do to eliminate these feelings and the stuck energy. The third question being ‘are your feelings one of fear, anxiety and worry, making you feel nervous and scared’. If you answered no, then all is well in your world. If you answered yes, we simply have to be diligent in performing your EFT Tapping several times a day.

Learning to believe and trust in prosperity and abundance, you will be stunned at how soon your desires begin to manifest. Learning to control your current vibration means that you can control what you attract to yourself in your life, on every aspect. If you truly believe this is your lot in life as it stands now, then this will be your lot in life now and always. If you truly believe in prosperity and abundance, you will be quite surprised at how soon your true desires are manifested in to your life. Understanding that by deleting your outdated negative beliefs you can and will raise your vibration, you will definately attract more of what you wish for in life by deleting those outworn beliefs.

- 57 -

The table below shows a list of negative feelings that you may have concerning money; you need to release the negative feeling and replace with the opposite positive feeling.

You are going to release

You will replace it with













So, in the table above you are releasing certain beliefs. You will release: ungrateful beliefs and replace with grateful beliefs and then in turn release, disregard for appreciation, dislike for love, unhappiness for happiness, sadness for delight and boredom for enthusiasm. By releasing the negatives in life and focusing on more positive feelings, you are without doubt raising your current vibration to one of a higher intensity, and you will therefore hasten the speed of magnetism for the abundance you wish for and your goals and desires. Before we move on to EFT or as my clients call it tippy tapping, you need to realise there are certain feelings and emotions that will slow down and lower your vibration for attracting prosperity and abundance, these feelings and emotions have to to be recognised and replaced.


- 58 -

See the table below.

Feelings and emotions that slow the attraction process down

Feelings and emotions that speed up the attraction process





















Everyone experiences these emotions that slow down the attraction process and feeling is the key here; if you show resistance and do not feel and process these negative emotions they will eventually become stuck. It is important that you are consciously aware of these feelings and do something about them, by changing your focus, and raising your current vibration to one of attracting abundance and prosperity. - 59 -

We need now to discover what your actual deep rooted fear is; answer the following questions honestly.

Fear Questions î What is your fear? î Within your body where and how do you feel it in your body? î Can you recall the first time you had this feeling? î Was there a single in depth incident related to this fear? î What do you feel is the worst case scenario regarding this fear? î

On answering your fear questions above, you should be aware of what you are fearful of; and with this knowledge you will be able to put together a short statement (set up statement)that will help you to negate this fear while tapping.

- 60 -

Set up statement A set up statement is where you comprise a statement that summarises your fears about money. I find it best if you keep it short and sweet. Your chosen statement is designed to start giving the subconscious mind a new message. It is empowering because you begin to comprehend that you do not have to stay stuck, you have a choice, you can choose a new reaction or response. This set up statement is ideal:

“even though I am scared of never having enough money, I totally love and accept myself�. Now that we have a set up statement, we can begin our EFT tapping combined with our affirmation.

EFT Tapping Exercise Tapping Points (See tapping diagram below) The sequence of the 8 tapping points is as follows:

➊ ➋ ➌ ➍ ➎ ➏ ➐ ➑

Eyebrow-each side Either side of the eyes Under each eye Under your nose On your chin Collar Bone Under each arm The Crown -top of your head.

- 62 -

As you can see there are 8 tapping points; when tapping you start at the top (crown) and work down.

Crown Eyebrow

➑ ➊ ➋ ➌

Side of eye

➍ ➎

Under eye

Under nose Chin

Collar Bone Under arm Karate Chop ●

But, firstly we need to start at the access point for all your tapping routines ‘the karate chop point’, we do this to release and let go of stuck emotional tension and also to clear your mind and energy for more tapping.

- 63 -

Now we are ready, the first section is:

Negative tapping sequence Now begin tapping the karate chop point ( in general where your hand would make contact with a table if you were performing a karate chop) continuously whilst repeating your entire set up statement for ten times.

“even though I am scared of never having enough money, I totally love and accept myself� Now tap on the following points ten times whist again repeating the affirmation

Top of your head Now the eyebrows Tapping at the beginning of both eyebrows (nearer to the nose) with both hands (left hand on the left eyebrow and right on the right) , using one, two or three fingers here.

Now the out-side of the eyes, where top and bottom eyelids meet. Tap on the bony ridge just outside the eye and on the softer temple. Use two or three fingers.

Now under each eye,on the orbit bone where you feel a little notch. Tap right on the notch just under the eye. Tap with one hand or two and use two fingers. Please be careful here as this is a tender area.

Now under the nose, tap between the nose and mouth. You should be tapping in the centre, using just pressure from your middle finger. You need only use one hand here.

Now your chin, using one hand only under your bottom lip, on the groove of the chin. Now with both hands on either collarbone, which is just off centre from bottom of throat.

Now with both hands under either arm, this should be in line with a ladies bra strap. Be careful here as this is a very tender area. Now take a nice deep breath in and repeat.

- 64 -

Once you have completed the above Negative tapping sequence you are ready for the positive tapping sequence As in the previous exercise repeat the tapping below whilst reciting the affirmations, you will see there is a different affirmation for each tapping point.

Positive Tapping Sequence Head ‘I attract prosperity and abundance in all areas of my life now’

Eyebrow ‘I truly know that I have resolved my fear of money’

Outside of the eye ‘I have released and let go of my fear of money’

Under each eye ’I feel so relieved that I have released my fear of money’

Under the nose ‘ I am so grateful that I have changed my thoughts and feelings regarding money’

Chin ‘I am proud of myself for releasing my fear of money, I have changed’

Collarbone ‘I choose to see money in a very different perspective’

Under arm ‘I feel good being free of my fear about money’

- 65 -

If you are at a low ebb with regards money, you will more than likely have difficulty in believing the affirmation, however just say it out loud. Try to repeat the affirmations with true emotion and feeling as this has a more powerful outcome, you may not feel to begin with that you can repeat the affirmations with true emotion and feeling but persevere as you are starting on a path to success. A point to remember at this point is that the cause of all negative emotions is a disruption in the body's energy system. All negative emotion is derived from certain thoughts or circumstances, which in turn, create a disruption in your energy system. Your fear of money will not be present for instance at the same time as you are watching something funny on the TV, as you are not tuned in to the problem regarding money, your focus has shifted to the TV. You can tune into your problem anytime and you also have the power to choose to not tune into your problem, the choice is yours.

Special Note î EFT is a completely different approach to "positive thinking”. î You are meeting head-on and dealing with your stress, anxiety and negative feelings, with deep acceptance to both your feelings, emotions and yourself. î EFT is not simply a mental trick; you are using positive phrases and tapping to tune into a true energy of positivity, affirmation and happiness that is embedded deep within you. î You are in fact changing your whole body's energy into one of a more positive flow, bringing with it positive vibrations. î

I recommend that you tap daily, several times during each day. There are no limits to the number of times you can tap in a day. EFT tapping is a very natural treatment; you cannot become addicted to it. You can do tapping at any time, and you can stop at any time without any side effects. People who have used EFT on themselves for many years are only reporting positive, long-lasting effects. - 66 -

When the imagination and will power are in conflict, are antagonistic, it is always the imagination which wins, without any exception Emile Coue

Chapter 3 What state of mind are you in? If you are going to manifest money or your dreams and desires you have to have knowledge of your brain waves! Within your brain in fact throughout your body electrical activity is constantly present and is a consequence of the actions within every living cell. As long as you are alive, your body cells will be involved in some sort of activity. Many people are so often unaware of the variety of activities that are happening within their body, these cells and activities are always working within you. As you are sitting here reading this book, within your body there is much activity:

Your heart is beating and pumping blood. Your blood is circulating within your body and carrying oxygen to various parts of your body. You are breathing in oxygen. Your kidneys are sieving out the unwanted elements from your body, Your intestines and stomach are digesting food you ate a few hours ago, Your hair and nails are growing. If you have any cuts or bruises they are healing. All of the above activities amongst many others are being performed at a subconscious level by trillions of living cells in your body. Your brain is made up of millions of brain cells called neurons, which use tiny electric impulses to communicate with each other.

               - 68 -

The amalgamation of these millions of neurons conveying signals to each other produces a vast amount of electrical activity in the brain. The combination of electrical activity of the brain is commonly called a Brainwave pattern; this is due to its cyclic, wave nature. So, we are going to look at brainwaves and there effects on your manifestations.

Your brain pulses and vibrates just like everything else in this bountiful universe. The pulse of the brain is measured in cycles per second or Hertz. The nerve cells in your brain fire off electrical signals that move back and forth in unique arrangements and these are your brainwave cycles. It is these cycles that are strongly linked to your thoughts, emotions, frame of mind and everything you do, and basically, who you are.

Habitual thoughts bring success or failure? Thoughts that come to mind easily and effortlessly are generally an automatic response to specific stimuli. These thoughts ultimately determine success or failure in life. If in the past you have tried using affirmations, positive thinking or focusing your mind but unfortunately failed to gain the results you wanted then the information you are going to learn within this chapter is vital for your future success. Did you know that on average a person thinks over 60,000 thoughts in any one day, of these 90% are negative and take place on a subconscious level? Habitual thoughts are dangerous if they are not airing on the positive side, I say dangerous because your subconscious mind carries out these thoughts without any participation of your conscious mind. When you decide to go somewhere in your car you drive to your destination without even consciously thinking about it, it is all done at a subconscious level. Why they can be dangerous, is because they are automatic and move into action as a reaction to stimuli.

               - 69 -

Taking back your control Thoughts are powerful, if they are positive and drawing to you the things you desire, then great, however if they are drawing to you the things that make you unhappy and are debilitating, then you have to take control, otherwise they will continue to create barriers and limitations on your ability to progress through life. As you move through this book you will discover the tools and techniques to actively change your belief system, as it is your belief system that triggers habitual thoughts. You have to understand right now that the victor in your life always has been and always will be your subconscious mind, as it is within your subconscious mind that your beliefs and habits are stored and sadly you will not change anything in your life until you change your subconscious programming.

Changing subconscious programming Changing subconscious programming is not easy, however with dedication, faith and belief you can do it. Your mind is programmed subconsciously to respond to specific stimuli through programmed habitual thoughts that guide your actions. Habitual thoughts are debilitating thoughts which are triggered by deeply rooted negative beliefs and thought patterns. So to take back control you are going to require trust, dedication, perseverance and true desire to release the debilitating negative subconscious programming that has been installed within you since a very early age and to do that we are going to look at the four key brainwave activities. - 70 -

Brainwave Activity To unleash the magic of your subconscious mind successfully, requires you to be in an altered state of awareness. This altered state of mind is the alpha state and the portal to your subconscious mind, if you think this is significant you are correct; this state is where all of your dreams and desires can be accessed. The alpha state is a state of daydreaming, where your mind is somewhere else, lost in space losing track of time. We are now going to look at the four brain states for you to consider. However, the one that we are really going to be focusing on is the alpha state. The alpha state is associated with relaxation and relaxation is our natural state of being. When relaxed you are more in control of events in your day to day life. You are more aware of situations and circumstances that are problematic and cause frustration in the beta state, however in the alpha state you are calm and at peace with the world.

The Four Key Brain Wave States Brainwave State

Description of State

Frequency of Brainwave

Understanding of State


Delta is the unconscious state

1-4 CPS

Delta is the brain wave signal of the subconscious


Theta is the portal to where the magic takes place

4-7 CPS

Theta brings you deep states of meditation


Alpha is the where the awareness expands and creative energy begins to flow

8-12 CPS

In Alpha, you access the wealth of creativity that lies just below your conscious awareness


In Beta, you are wide awake and alert

14-100 CPS

In Beta, your mind is sharp and focused

CPS - Cycles per second

- 71 -

Delta State Being in the delta state is when your brain frequency is at its slowest cycle of a rate of 1-4 per second (All brain waves are measured in cycles per second - CPS). When you are in the much deeper stages of sleep this is your Delta state. Being in the delta state is generally linked with unconsciousness and your inability to remember anything whilst in the Delta state; you are literally away with the fairies. Being in the delta state brings with it many pluses. One being that some people with high levels of delta waves has been found to have increased understanding of emotions and have great compassion for others.

The delta state is associated with "no thinking" during deep, dreamless sleep.

Delta State î Delta brainwaves are very rewarding. î Delta is said to be the entrance to non-physical states of reality. î A crucial state for renewal, healing, and rejuvenation. î The immune system strengthens in the delta state. î The delta brain state has long been associated to intuition and in diverse circumstances psychic ability. î The delta state has been associated with mind and body healing of an array of sickness and illnesses. î Being in the delta state allows you to tap into universal knowledge which is the collective knowledge and understanding of civilization. î The delta state offers the mind the opportunity to enter the portal that connects our perception with the collective unconscious. î - 72 -

Theta State Being in the theta state is when your brain frequency is higher than delta and lower than alpha and the cycle ranges from 4 to 7. The theta state which is an extremely relaxing state is associated with sleep and dreaming; it is activated when we are preoccupied, at peace with the world, relaxed and feeling emotional or asleep. Being in the theta state is just like when you were a child and you were in a relaxed and dreamy state.

Your emotions and gut instincts increase during the theta state; you will amplify your intuition, recognising certain gut feelings

Theta State î Your brains right hemisphere which is your subconscious is activated during the theta state; this is because the brainwaves are slower. î People who find moving into and being in the theta state offers high levels of creativity. î Being in the theta state will help you to discover, learn, feel and understand your emotions better. î The theta state is linked to lowering levels of stress, anxiety and many mental and emotional problems. î By going into the theta state as often as possible you will Increase the amount of brainwaves that will reduce and slow down your constant inner chatter that will make you feel more comfortable and at ease within your own body. î - 73 -

Alpha State Being in the alpha state is a state of relaxed brainwave activity. Alpha brainwaves are brainwaves that are generally produced in the brains right hemisphere. (Alpha can also be a corresponding pattern between both hemispheres of the brain). The alpha state is the state in which you create money, dreams and desires; these are achieved when your mind and body are stress free and totally relaxed. Relaxation, visualisation and creativity are effects that many people experience whilst in the alpha state. Your brain activity will slow right down from the swift pattern of beta to the more calm waves of the alpha state, when you become truly relaxed. In the alpha state your awareness expands and new creative energy begins to flow. All fears disappear and you discover a beneficial sense of peace and well-being welling within you. Going into the alpha state when you wish to attain deep levels of relaxation is essential to your health and well-being.

- 74 -

Alpha State î The alpha state is a state of deep relaxation, however not quite the meditative state. In the alpha state you access the wealth of creativity that lies just below your conscious awareness. î The alpha brainwave has the capacity to bridge the gap between your conscious thoughts and your subconscious mind. î The alpha state is the portal that leads to your dreams and desires. î The alpha state is considered as the brainwave of calmness, creativity and mindfulness. î Alpha brainwaves are considered the healthiest brainwave and the safest brainwave frequency to train. î The alpha state is the daydreaming state, where time is lost. î The alpha state is the natural flow of creativity that is just below your state of consciousness. î In the alpha state you are awake and yet extremely relaxed. î You learn in the alpha state to process and retain information. î In the alpha state fears, habits, and phobias begin to melt away. î Alpha brainwaves bring an effortless sense of comfort, peace and harmony. î The alpha state is simply amazing for accessing deeper states of awareness. î - 75 -

How to gain access to the portal of the alpha state Gaining access to the alpha state probably sounds complicated, however you move into the alpha state just as you are drifting off to sleep and when firstly beginning to awaken. I personally find that I am at my most effective when I first begin to awaken, I simply lie there and I intentionally direct my thoughts to the things I wish to achieve or the things that I would love to have within my life as if they are already in my life now (acting as if ), whilst doing this I hold my right hand on my solar plexus (about 3-4 inches above your naval) and my left hand on my chest as I find this relaxes me even more and I drift off in the flow of daydreaming. As you go into the alpha state each morning and night you will find it becomes easier and more powerful with practice, I find going into the alpha state second nature. It is not just when you fall asleep or awaken that you can go into the alpha state; you can drift off into it while you are cooking dinner, preparing the vegetables, ironing, vacuuming, showering indeed literally any time you are performing a mundane task it is an opportunity to easily drift off into the alpha state, it is your daydream state, you probably will have done it many times, however you were probably not aware of it. When performing certain tasks you will naturally go into it many times in a day, although, it will only be for a few moments.

One of my tutors used to describe the alpha state as being in the flow state, it feels effortless. Simply, you are the director, actor, producer and author of your life and through the alpha state you will direct your subconscious mind, you will act as if your desires are already in your life now, and you will produce powerful positive thoughts with powerful positive results, culminating in you finally bringing out the author in you to design the life of your dreams!

- 76 -

Alpha State Exercise To help you go into the alpha state at night and first thing in the morning I recommend playing an alpha meditation script which lasts between 10 and 20 minutes, the majority of my clients prefer to play it when going to sleep rather than when awakening, as when you drift off to sleep it is a very powerful time to visit the alpha state and to create.

You can purchase a Money Garden Alpha Meditation CD from or you can record your own for free as directed below.

Recording your alpha state exercise It is very easy to record your own alpha meditation exercise; most people have a phone if not some other type of recording device. I prefer a mobile phone set to flight mode which ensures when you play the recording you will not be interrupted with a call coming through. When making a recording ensure that you speak slowly, clearly and your voice is calm. You may feel a little awkward recording your own script but I find listening to your own voice is very effective, quite often people respond better to their own voice rather than someone else’s indeed some people have been known to dislike my Lancashire accent!! Do not read the script out quickly, indeed the secret is to pause often, try to read at a snail’s pace. I find a good guide is to take 3 breaths in between each phrase, in fact pausing...part way...through the phrase is extremely effective. The first section of the script is a grounding exercise; before you begin any visualisation or meditation you should always ground yourself. When I say grounding, I do not mean in the term grounding for being naughty, or grounding as in a strong basis in knowledge and experience. Grounding is a method that will help you to connect to the earth energies through your base chakra. If you are not grounded before a visualisation or meditation there is a huge chance that you will float off like a balloon in the sky, literally of course. Your physical body is your vehicle through life and requires care and attention and by grounding yourself, you are doing just that. In the beginning you may feel strange, however with time it will become easier and enjoyable. Now you are ready to record the script.

- 77 -

Script to be recorded for accessing the alpha state

Firstly before we go into the alpha state we need to ground ourselves. Take four deep breaths...releasing all tension on each out-breath...then continue to breathe normally. Imagine that you have on your feet a pair of oversized soft suede shoes...the soles of the shoes have roots that are moving down into the mother earth...the feet are huge...there are hundreds of roots coming out of each shoe...Feel the roots moving deeply into mother earth...pushing right the way down. Imagine the energy from mother earth is being sent up the roots into your feet...calves...thighs and up through your spine to your crown...filtering out of your crown like a fountain. Imagine above your head (about 12 inches)...that there is a ball of white light energy...feel this white light energy moving into your crown...moving all the way down your spine...into your thighs...calves and your feet...allowing the white light energy to move from your feet down into the roots...You are now grounded. Allow your feet and ankles to relax and release all tension in this area...continue with your breathing technique. Allow your calves and shins to relax and release all tension in this area...continue with your breathing technique. Allow your thighs to relax and release all tension in this area...continue with your breathing technique. Allow your tummy to relax and release all tension in this area...continue with your breathing technique. Allow your chest to relax and release all tension in this area...continue with your breathing technique. Allow your shoulders to relax and release all tension in this area...continue with your breathing technique.

- 78 -

Allow your arms to relax and release all tension in this area...continue with your breathing technique. Allow your head to relax and release all tension in this area...continue with your breathing technique. You will become more relaxed as you move deeper into the relaxed state... Your awareness will become focused on the process of relaxation and everything else will fade away... It is at this point that your conscious mind will begin to take a less important opposed to your subconscious mind which comes to the front of your mind. It is in the alpha state that powerful changes can commence... You are relaxed enough to enter into the alpha state... It is at this stage where your subconscious mind...will come to the forefront for you to make changes...and reprogram your subconscious mind. It is at this point that the mind is relaxed...and receptive to positive suggestions and visualisations... about the changes you desire to make. Now...Imagine you are looking at a large cinema screen within your mind... Make a moving picture in your mind’s eye...of what you truly desire...and project that image onto the screen. Just relax and see this picture... In your mind’s eye imagine what your dream is...

- 79 -

Stepping out of the would you appear and sound to an impartial observer...Do you look calm and relaxed...are you smiling, aware and full of life...Do you look wealthy...Are you paying close attention to where you are at you exude confidence... Are you soaking up the feeling of success... Generate amazing feelings of having this desire good and happy you feel...feel those butterflies in your tummy... When you are happy with your imaginary presentation on the screen...step inside the image of yourself on screen. See it...feel it...hear if it is really happening, right now...You are now looking out into the world from your own eyes...feel your clothes on your body...feel your hands and feet. Allow your movie to unfold in great detail...make it feel as real as you possibly can...allow your imagination to run wild...creating a rich and colourful panoramic view of you being successful... Pay special awareness again to your feelings...imagining the feeling of having your desire double the passion until it could not possibly get any better... Now, imagine it getting even better...! Keep this feeling going...... In a few moments time you are going to bring yourself back... by counting from 1 to 10...when you get to 8... you will find yourself back in the room...when you reach number 10... you will be wide awake and feeling amazing.............................................. 1...2...3...4...5...6...coming are back in the room... 9...and....10 you are wide awake and feel great!!

- 80 -

Now you have a recording to help you access The Alpha State, well done!! When you play back your recording and are ready to access the Alpha state, sit down in a comfortable chair, with both of your feet flat on the floor. When you listen to your script, listen to it at a low volume, adjusting the sound so it is loud enough to hear, yet quiet enough to be calm and relaxing. If there are other people in your house ask them not to bother you for 20-30 minutes; close your eyes and take in a breath on the count of 4 and hold the breath for 4 and release on a count of 4 continue with this breathing technique throughout this exercise. Listen to the relaxation script at least once a day, and learn to relax and let go. Using this technique for twenty minutes a day will train your brain to perform new behaviours. The results will amaze you. The important part about this exercise is that you have fun playing with the image until it seems as true as watching your life complete with your desires on a movie screen. If it is not a perfect picture, it will get better with time as practice makes perfect.

The point being is that you are reprogramming your subconscious mind to what you desire to have in your life NOW. Tips To gain maximum benefit from accessing your Alpha state you must see within your mind’s eye what it is you desire, feel the excited feeling in your tummy, cry with happiness from receiving your dreams and desires; imagine the smell of success wafting through your life. The more you act ‘as if ’ these images you see are actually in your life now the more powerful you will become in making your subconscious mind assume that is what actually should be in your life now.

Opportunity, often it comes in the form of misfortune, or temporary defeat Napoleon Hill - 81 -

Beta State Being in the beta state is when your brain frequency is higher than delta, theta and alpha with a cycle range between 14 to 100 CPS. Spending too much time in beta, particularly if you are an insomniac is not good at all on your immune system. The beta state is generally considered a typical rhythm and is prevalent when people are awake and alert. Most of your daily day to day living is in the beta state; with practically all adults being in the beta state upon awakening. Anything that is logical is performed in the beta state, as you are reading this book you are in the beta state. The beta state is one of focus, alertness and attention. Mental and creative blocks are apparent when too much of the beta brainwave is present.

- 82 -

Beta State î The Beta State is your predominant state when you are fully awake and alert. î Beta brainwaves make up much of our conscious mind. î Your conscious understanding is directed to the external world. î During stress, suspicion, anxiety, fear and worry your beta brainwaves are present. î The beta brainwaves are also present whilst you have feelings of being irritable, sadness, depression, hunger and moodiness. î When you encounter insomnia in life it is the result of producing too many beta brainwaves, you will encounter excessive inner chatter and negative inclinations. î If you spend too much time in the beta state your immune system will definitely be weakened, so ensure that you have sufficient rest! î Being in the beta state can intermittently impede certain emotions or not allow you to fully process your emotions. î

You should now realise how powerfully you can change your life for the better by placing yourself in the Alpha State as frequently as you possibly can. On doing this you are opening your life to one of wealth, health and prosperity in abundance. - 83 -

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- 90 -

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The Universal Garden of Money Handbook sample  

Universal Garden of Money, Chapters 1-3

The Universal Garden of Money Handbook sample  

Universal Garden of Money, Chapters 1-3