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.....the Contributors Vikki Lightweaver - I am an hereditary psychic and Empath and have worked as a Healer and Numerologist at events around East Anglia for over twenty years. I offer Intuitive Numerology Readings, Charts, courses and workshops. Tarot readings ,Sacred geometry readings, workshops and courses. Reiki Attunements to Master/Teacher level and Healer development. Meditation classes and development circles. I am fully insured and work mainly from home. Many of my courses and readings are available online via web chat or e-mail. For more information you can contact me at: www.facebook/TheNumberwitch I am a teacher/author (both non-fiction/fiction)/editor (academic/general/religious) living and working in Japan. I am an ordained Japanese Esoteric Buddhist priest (Shinnyo-en), Alexander Teacher, Sound/ Music Creativity Therapist, Indigenous Peoples’ Advocate, and involved in the Cathar revival. My mission is world peace and harmony. My religious pathway has been from Christianity, through Hinduism, Islam, Sufism, Humanism, Catharism, to schools of Hinayana, Vajiriyana, and Mahayana Buddhism (I am now serving and training in the final teachings of the Buddha Shyakyamuni). C. Linden Thorp M.A. (E.L.T.) Jennifer Lynch is an experienced holistic therapist and life guidance counsellor who firmly believes that the key to healing involves integrating the mental, physical and emotional bodies, treating the client as a unique ‘whole person’. She works from her home in the Suffolk countryside giving Massage, Reiki and Angelic Aura readings whilst also attending various events throughout the UK. Author of 3 books;The Silver Lining, Skin Deep and Liberty Angel, which can be found on Amazon. She recently ventured onto a new path as presenter of a new radio show on Natural Health Radio called Natural Co-Creators, on Thursdays between 12.00 and 1pm. Jennifer is looking for therapists and creative people to interview for her show. For details go to More about Jennifer and her work can be found on her website:

If you would like to join our Universal Tribe and become a contributor contact me; samantha@universal-magazine with a brief outline of the subject matter i.e alternative therapies, books, Astrology, Herbal Medicine and anything else in the Holistic Living and Mind Body Spirit genre. I look forward to hearing from you, Samantha xxx


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