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Lemon Water A natural refreshing way to welcome a new day.... Simply drop a slice of squeezed lemon into a glass of boiled water, leave to cool to a drinkable temperature and take first thing in the morning on an empty stomach to benefit from the numerous cleansing and healing effects.

Strengthens the liver by providing energy to the liver enzymes when they are too dilute.

A source of vitamin C, an essential nutrient that protects the body against immune system deficiencies.

It aids digestion and encourages the production of bile.

It helps to purify the blood.

It helps cure the common cold.

It helps balance the calcium and oxygen levels in the liver.

Prevents the formation of wrinkles and acne. Having warm lemon juice early in the morning helps flush out toxins.


A great source of citric acid, potassium, calcium, phosphorus and magnesium.

Lemon juice helps replenish body salts especially after a strenuous workout session.

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