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long time - “Know thyself.” Samantha has a natural understanding that the answers we seek are within. As a life path number 7 suggests either a spiritual/teaching path or work which entails analysing and paying attention to detail. With 7 as a life path number there will be times when Samantha needs to retreat from the chaos of the world and connect to nature. Samantha’s natural strengths are a natural ability to lead and motivate others and to stay focused on what she is doing. She has a well tuned intuition which will often present itself as a “Knowing” and also has natural healing abilities. Samantha sets very high standards for herself and can be a bit of a perfectionist. Samantha - As Chief and Editor at Universal Magazine I feel that at long last I have found my calling. The motivation for starting the magazine is to share knowledge and information - knowledge is power and offers people the choices to make informed decisions. I do have to pay close attention to detail with all of the proof reading. I am a perfectionist, if a jobs worth doing, it’s worth doing well! I live in a beautiful little village in Norfolk by the broads, I have stunning views and a tranquil setting to live and work from. This is my retreat, surrounded by nature. When I feel the need to retreat I come home to recharge my batteries. I trust my intuition and listen to my body if something doesn’t ‘feel’ right. When I connect to spirit and receive messages, it is clairsentiently which is ‘a knowing’. I practice Reiki on my daughter and myself but decided against this as a career choice. Vikki - There is a great deal of sensitivity here and Samantha has the number 22 in her date of birth grid which suggests empathy. Whilst this can be overwhelming 68

at times there is an ability here to verbalise feelings and to ground the emotions. Samantha naturally puts family and others before the self and has a genuine desire to help people. It’s all about empowering people . Honesty is incredibly important

to Samantha and she is not afraid of hard work. There may be a tendency to over think at times and this can result in stress but as long as she makes time to connect to Nature she will be ok. Seven is also the number of music and so you may well find that you would benefit from sound therapy. Samantha - I am incredibly sensitive and try to keep my exposure to technology and the media to a minimum as I am easily

Universal Magazine issue 2  
Universal Magazine issue 2  

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