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No matter how busy you may think you are, you must find time for reading, or surrender yourself to selfchosen ignorance Confucius

The Earth Changes by Anne Fallas Anne Fallas’s allegorical tale challenges us head on to question our views on our dependence upon consumerism; the politics of greed; our general apathy as to the power of nature; and asks should we consider alternatives before one or other catastrophe engulfs us, or will circumstance be allowed to dictate our ultimate condition?

form a close relationship. On an individual level they face personal challenges, overcome hurdles and move into positive change. As a group they build a small self-reliant community and together they face immense challenges. Supporting each other they adapt and with a greater awareness and a new vision, they help create a new world.

“This is a very rare animal, an eco-novel written well. Set in France at time when the Earth’s climate is unravelling, it tells the story of a group of people who are struggling to make sense of their lives, build a small, self-sufficient community and prepare for a post-technological world. Rather than being gloomy, it treats the exploration of a new way of living with optimism and joy. Encoded in the tale are metaphors about human and planetary evolution that would be familiar to students of esoteric psychology. The novel works. I read it cover to cover and enjoyed its style and structure and I didn’t find it obvious or preachy. Worth seeking out.” Maddy Harland, Editor, Permaculture Magazine

‘I realised when I was young that I was living in an unstable world,’ Charlie shrugged. ‘I didn’t and I still don’t, want to depend on a society I can’t trust.’ [ext chap 13]

A small group of people are drawn together and


‘The rules and confines of man were being replaced by an order that was natural, pure and whole. It had no limits. It was linked to and by the waves of celestial thought. This was truth radiating and illuminating itself.’ [ext epilogue] “We are nature, we are human, we are spirit and we all share the vision.” Anne Fallas. ISBN: 978-0-9568937-0-3

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