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mysterious source of what we truly are. The spirit thrives in natural surroundings and the wilder the environment is; the more powerfully it pulls us back into alignment and connection. This is the simple logic behind the Walking in Spirit retreat. It provides our guests with an opportunity to spend a concentrated period of time walking effortlessly through the breathtaking forests and mountains of Western Europe’s most pristine natural environment in a way that allows this spontaneous, spiritual cleansing to take place. Not Doing Unlike everyday life, no effort is required to fulfill this purpose. In fact, all “doing” and trying becomes obsolete and, as the internal dialogue fades away, we surrender to a profound, sensory engagement with the simple and immediate experience of being alive in a beautiful world. Walking in Spirit is like a homecoming for the soul, a precious opportunity for our nature to connect deeply with Mother Nature. And, amidst the wild tranquility, our defenses - guardians if you like happily step aside and allow our subtle energies to safely, show up in the world and play and mingle and merge with the abundant energies of Somiedo. A Divine Territory Alfred Korzybski famously observed that “the map is not the territory”, meaning that the world we apprehend with our senses is not the real world but rather a mirroring of the instrument of our perception – ourselves - abstracted from life’s mysterious flux into incredible forms. This is as true of the city as it is of the natural world but, unlike the city, the natural world generates itself in patterns and processes that flow directly from the source and, as wondrous as the constructions of humanity can be, without our maintenance they quickly crumble and return to nature’s ways. Nature Knows Nature The human spirit is also like this and, when we remove ourselves from the constructed environment and its mental projections and introjections; eventually and inevitably we realign with natural patterns and reconnect to the


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Universal Magazine issue 2  

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