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Earth and House Healing

We have evolved at 7.83 Hz, but strong GS can vibrate as high as 250Hz. Even though you may not have heard of GS you will have felt the effects of it. We have all walked into a house and felt uneasy or wanted to get out - what’s more, some people always seem to be ill! Healing your house By working remotely to dowse your home with a pendulum it is possible to ascertain levels of Geopathic and Electromagnetic Stress and the causes of these. These issues can be neutralised and protective energy grids can be put into place, then the levels are then re-checked. This can take a period of time to complete as to avoid too much of a dramatic change in the energy, just like a healing


session on a individual, each session works on a slightly deeper level. As the energy settles down it is quite natural to notice a difference in the “feel” of the environment and a change in your own physical being. Healing does not have to be limited to a house but can be any property - work environments specifically carry higher levels of electromagnetic stress due to the amount of electronic equipment used. A simple way to help lower this slightly is to place clear quartz crystals next to any equipment which will neutralise the negative energy. For more information contact Pauline Street

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