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Bach Flower Remedies The Bach Flower Remedies are a completely natural and gentle way to help you gain clarity, balance and joy as you experience the myriad of trials and tribulations of life Dr. Bach realised that flowers and trees held natural healing qualities and so created the Bach Flower remedies. He discovered 38 different states of mind and emotions with a coresponding flower remedy to help to bring each one of those emotions back into a state of balance. The Bach Flower Remedies are beneficial for emotional conditions such as; stress, anxiety, panic attacks, sleep problems, lack of confidence or motivation, concentration, relationship challenges, anger and feelings of depression.

Dr. Bach realised that when the emotional state of mind is balanced there is often an improvement in physical conditions as well. With a course of treatments with the Bach Flower Remedies you can find your true self, gain clarity, motivation and renewed direction in your life. If you are feeling confused or have lost your way I can help you to understand your own feelings and the Bach Flower Remedies will help bring you back to a feeling of wellbeing and happiness. The Bach Flower Remedies were a life-line for me and this is why I am so passionate about them still, so many years on. Wherever you are I can help you. With a telephone consultation I can create a personal remedy to support you, delivered to your door by postal service. Many people feel relief and hope in the very first consultation, beginning their first course of flower remedies. Allow me to help you to help yourself as you begin the journey back to wholeness and a lif of fulfillment that you truly deserve. Dawn Chrystal


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