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Animal Healing

What on earth are you doing with daily from my parents during th 8, Dad bought home a scrawny company’, I nam After just a few days Timmy had to see the Vet. He was thin, not able to eat and very unhappy. Numerous tests showed a renal tumour - the size of a small orange. The Vet gave Timmy 6 weeks to live and put him on medication. I was distraught and concluded I would not allow this to happen to my best friend. Every day I sat with Timmy on my knee and placed my hands over his tiny body. Out of nowhere I saw a white light surrounding him. I knew it was doing him good. As the days turned into weeks he began to eat, regain strength, play and become like any normal cat. We took Timmy to see the Vet a few months later and he was astounded. The tumour had gone. Who can say whether it was the healing energy or the medication, but one thing for sure is that Timmy lived happily with us for another eight years passing to spirit aged around 16. He even saved the lives of my Mum, Dad and me, but that’s a story for another time. So what is animal healing? In a nutshell it’s working with the animals’ own energy field and linking it with our own and that of the vibrational energy that we are part of everyday. I teach many forms of animal healing but the modality that proves to be ever popular is ‘hands on healing’.


Animal healing is an exchange of energy. The energy is channeled through the healer’s hands into the animal by placing hands on specific points throughout the animals body. There are many energy centres from which the healing is absorbed.

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