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Spirit Made Flesh

‘Spiritual pathway.’ We hear this phrase quite often today, but it seems to separate people into two groups: those on the path and those not. Similarly, we become divided into clergy and lay, men and women, young and old, etc., such is the dualism at large in the diversity of the modern world.

Perhaps ‘pathway’ then is a mistaken metaphor, bound by concepts such as space and time. The way to achieve spiritual peace and enduring happiness is inside us all, all along. We don’t have to go anywhere, let alone on a vague route to an unknown destination. Through materialistic attitudes to modern life we have mostly lost touch with our own hearts. We allow fear and guilt to overwhelm us and slam closed the doors of our hearts, or we project emotions on to others. We may even reinvent ourselves instead of embracing what we already are and have.

in this universal way is precisely why we are here in human life, and what equips us to live with compassion.

The gods and Holy Beings once dwelt among us making the divine accessible. Our purity was once breathtaking, untarnished, our karmic debts nonexistent. In recent times we need intermediaries, temples, churches, rituals, etc., and we need to make our debts good. The route to the divine in ancient times was not an interminable winding path leading to a summit as it is today. If the aspiration was there, the flame could burn quickly, so we could transcend.

Spiritual elevation or training seems to imply hardship, sacrifice, loss of identity, or making continued effort with little reward. But there are two important and glorious jewels to be unearthed in this pursuit: one is unearthly and pure joy; and the other is a realization that the spiritual world (invisible world) and the human world (visible world) are one, so we cannot regain our spiritual purity without our original spirit, our true self. Perhaps we can call this joyful uniting of visible and invisible ‘integration,’ an ability to live fully in the moment; to live as if we are candles, giving of ourselves to provide a bright light for others.

Another way of looking at our divinity is as our ‘True Nature.’ This so-called ‘true’ nature is at one with the Universe, connecting us with all beings of spirit or flesh in eternity. Communing


Accordingly, we each have a choice in the way we use the power of our minds. We each have the potential to be either beastly or beautiful.

My most striking experience of this integration was during my time with indigenous Australians. In their natural state they live without thinking or making concepts. Their way of integrating is through ‘The Dreaming,’ the belief that every element of nature has a spirit form. Their Creation Heroes work in the landscape to make stories or indications of the lessons they must learn.

Artist: Mariko Kinoshita

Today, we each have that divine spark inside us still passed down faithfully through the line of our ancestors. But we need to watch carefully that it does not go out, taking time to kindle it with mindfulness. Putting aside thinking and speculating means we can focus fully on preserving that unique spark.

So, instead of working hard always to apprehend the spiritual outside ourselves, we must realize that we are originally beings of spirit with divine connections.

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Universal Magazine issue 2  

The digital magazine for Mind Body Spirit and Holistic Living. FREE to download to all devices.