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If you look at the example below, you will see that the thumb digit itself is in two sections representing will power and logic, and below that is the mount of Venus representing love. The large arched line to left of the mount of Venus is the life line. In this example the top section of the thumb, representing the person’s will power is the larger of

the thumb, this area represents a person’s ability to love and be loved. You can see from the photo that this mount is of average size, it is not over large or flat, this represents an average loving nature. If the mount of Venus was large and fleshy, the person is likely to have a love of all aspects of the good life. A firmer mount is often owned by very practical people, they may come across as distant or restrained, they like to keep their emotional feelings to themselves. The angle of the thumb will also give you a great deal of information about the person’s character. In the example the angle is about 45 degrees, this person is confident and believes in themselves. If the angle of the thumb to the hand was 90 degrees you would be looking at a very confident person, happy with themselves and not afraid to take chances, any greater angle would indicate over confidence. Should the thumb be held close to the palm the person probably lacks confidence in themselves and lacks belief in their ability to succeed, if the thumb is tucked away under the palm the person is likely to be shy and anxious. For your notebook. Observe and make notes about how people hold their thumbs in relation to their hands. Look at your friends and family, notice how the thumbs will be held differently depending how they are feeling at that moment.

the two sections. This would mean that this person is very strong willed, they will achieve whatever they set their mind to. If a person has a short section of will they are likely to find it very difficult to stick to a decision or a life path, they can do it, but it is likely to be harder work than for the person with a long section of will. On this person the middle section which represents logic is the smaller of the two sections, this person probably makes instant, sometimes impulsive, decisions, they are likely to think ‘if it feels right it is right’. A person with a longer logic section is likely to take longer to make any decision as they weight up all of the pros and cons. They are not likely to be impulsive. The Mount of Venus is the large area at the base of


Look at photos of people in the public eye. If their thumb is held straight and away from the hand they are likely to be feeling confident and happy, a thumb tucked behind a person’s palm could mean they are insecure and not happy with where they are at that moment in time. Hiding the thumb is like hiding a part of the personality. Think about a time when you have felt insecure or anxious, you more than likely tucked your thumb inside your palm. This groundwork will continue to be invaluable as you move forward with your lessons. NEXT ISSUE Palmistry for beginners part three. The fingers.

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