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Traditionally Tarot packs are usually kept wrapped in silk in their own separate boxes. This does help keep them safe and also silk seems to be a very good material for containing energy raised during meditation exercises. Every now and then lay your cards out and either smudge them with a smudge stick or allow incense to be burned all around them. This is especially useful if you have allowed other people to handle them and will cleanse them. Now you have your own interpretations recorded we will look briefly at the first half of the Major Arcana as energetic forms. Tarot packs vary in their interpretations and the order of the major arcana. The pack I use the most is a very popular one called The Mythic Tarot by Juliet SharmanBurke and is based on the Greek Myths. Don’t worry if the order of yours is different the basic energetic aspects are virtually the same in all.


The Fool - Potential Energy about to be released.


Justice - Balancing energy, energy restored.


Temperance - Moderate energy, energy in flux, movement but between two places.

10 Strength - Emotional energy, either destructive or controlled.

11 The Hermit - Solitary energy form self, inner light energy, core happiness.

12 The Wheel of Fortune - Interconnecting Energy, the fates or web of wyrd.

13 The Hanged Man - Static energy, time in suspension.

14 Death - Rebirthing energy, energy in transformation.

15 The Devil - Resistance and unconscious energy.

16 The Tower - Sudden unexpected energy.


The Magician - Energy released and poised between inner and outer planes of existence.


The Empress - Fertile or infertile divine feminine energy, mother Earth.

18 The Moon - Subconscious energy, emotional,


The Emperor - Energy taking form to create physicality, masculine.

19 The Sun - Light energy, creative, masculine.


The High Priestess - Hidden energy, dark matter, intuitive.


The Heirophant - Energy forming beliefs, inner wisdom, knowing.


The Lovers - The power of love in its purest energetic form.


The Chariot - Dynamic energy, driven and in movement.

17 The Star - New positive energy. feminine.

20 Judgement - Karmic energy, cause and effect. 21 The World - Universal complete energy. This breaks them down into their most simplistic energetic forms. There is much more to each of them than this. But by keeping it simple you can add your own layers of revelations. Next time we will begin the journey into the people in your life as revealed by the court cards. Gill MacDonald /


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