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Then on up to the throat chakra this one is blue and is where our voice is located allowing us to communicate and express ourselves. Here we can channel higher wisdom and increase our ability to become clairaudient. The next one up is our third eye or pineal gland and is purple this is important to be able to keep healthy as many things in our everyday environment and diet can calcify it and render is less active. Here we can visualise our imaginings and both transmit and receive information from inner planes of existence, guides, ancestors, angels, deities etc. and pick up psychically and telepathically from others. Once this is working is often feels like anything from a buzzing sensation to a really powerful throb sometimes. And lastly the crown chakra which is white and is a place that directs divine energy where both inner planes and outer ones converge. On the Kabbalah the crown is equated to ‘God’. It does take time and regular practise to get them all properly up and running so don’t worry too much if some are easier than others or if it seems hard to do. You will get there eventually. Now it is time to channel energy. Some people find it easiest to imagine the energy continuing to be drawn up from below and some like to add either sun or moon energy down from above. And many like to see two flowing rivers of energy from both directions surrounding you as two loops. All that really matters is that you attempt to imagine this energy as either golden, silver or white light flowing up and down your spine. If you are very lucky you might experience what is called a kundalini pulse. This can be likened to waves of divine bliss flowing up and down you. When you get this happen you will know it and it is proof that


your root chakra is healthy. Now to remember your card. Take a quick look at it and then close your eyes again and allow any images to come into your mind’s eye. Don’t force them. Just be receptive to it happening. Ask the universe to show you what the deeper meaning of this card is to you at this time. No matter what you get whatever you pick up on will have relevance. Remain open in a mild trance and meditative state and allow for any healing to take place that you might need at this time. We all need healing and this is a great time to ask for it. Once you feel you have done all you can in one session then you need to shut your chakras back down. See each of the lights getting dimmer in turn from the top downwards. Some people believe we should keep them active and open all the time and others disagree. My own opinion is that is you are highly sensitive then leaving them open can make you a psychic sponge and you could end up absorbing negative or harmful energy from people so I prefer to play safe. Even exposing wide open third eyes to modern technology can sometimes be bad for us let alone what we could pick up from a visit to a crowded place. Try doing this exercise as often as you have time for. Each time use a different card. Begin to keep a record and build up a story that hopefully your inner spirit or what many describe as your higher self is trying to relay to you. Our greatest individual spiritual work is to clear negative issues and become more aware in order to become the people we wish to be. To become a half decent psychic or intuitive person it helps to guide ourselves towards better states of being and heal ourselves or at least through insight seek any help we might need from elsewhere.

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