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Greetings and welcome to issue 1 of Universal Magazine. As the wheel of the year slowly turns we now get a glimpse of Spring, snow drops and daffodils are poking their tiny heads through the earth to feel the rays of the sun as the temperature finally seems to be rising and bringing a welcome change of season.

Cover image by Jena Della Grottaglia www.autumnsgoddess.com

We begin this issue on page 10 with a fabulous feature on Gratitude by Sandra Boatman; by giving thanks and counting our blessings we open ourselves to the infinite abundance of the Universe. What better way to begin your day than a heartfelt 'Thank you'? Intuitive Tarot by Gill Macdonald is our feature on page 26. A personal favourite of mine, I love the Tarot! Numerology by Vikki Fosdal takes a look at the energy of 2014, a number 7 year bringing opportunities to develop and learn to work with our spiritual gifts. Check out our free competition on page 60 to win one of three wonderful books by Singing Dragon. Also on page 30 we have The Book Shelf, for reviews and recommendations to add to your personal collection. There's lots more to inspire and tickle your taste buds.....so find a quiet place to relax, breath and enjoy! Love and blessings

Samantha xxx


Our UNIVERSAL Tribe Greetings, I’m Samantha; Editor and Chief at Universal Magazine. I have a passion for life, sharing knowledge, holistic health, any subject dealing with the hidden aspects of existence and our fabulous British weather! For me the secret of happiness is integration, blending the spiritual and the physical into a harmonious balance. I feel as excited and inspired today as I did when I began my spiritual and personal development journey many years ago. The magazine is the platform to share my discoveries and those of others, to offer an alternative perspective on reality and to infuse you with the courage and inspiration to embrace this amazing serendipitous journey that is LIFE! I wish you an abundance of love, laughter and happiness on your journey. Samantha Yates - samantha@universal-magazine.com Sandra became a registered nurse in 1980 and since 1996 has gained qualifications in a range of holistic therapies. These include Massage/Aromatherapy, Crystal Therapy, NLP, Hypnotherapy and EFT. Sandra offers Life Coaching and Crystal Healing in both personal sessions and group workshops, with the intention of bringing emotional balance, coupled with deeper clarity and understanding of how we can live our very best life, despite circumstances. AND she still has time to run a full-time dancing school! She believes passionately in people learning, exploring and discovering their own inner source of wellbeing and happiness, and then sharing that joy with the rest of the world! Sandra Boatman www.insightsandinspirations.co.uk As a qualified psychologist Niki had a very scientific view of life – until she suffered a stroke at the age of 24. This was her awakening, she found Druidry and she re-trained as a complementary therapist 20 years ago. Her deep connection to animals from the age of 8 led her to develop a unique animal healing technique which she has taught professionally for over 10 years. In 2010 Niki was awarded training school status and is 1 of only 3 in the UK that offers professionally certificated animal related therapy training; Animal Magic School of Animal Therapy. Niki Senior BSc (Hons) VTCTDip IIHHTDip AMHC BABTAC & Reiki Master Teacher – 17 Years. www.animalhealingcourses.co.uk Telephone: 07939 722792 I have always been at home with the spirit of nature, content with the trees and grasses, flowers,moon and stars. This affinity fuels my writing and is the source of my inspiration. Nature is the real world. Ecology, transition and positive change feature strongly in my work, so does esoteric thought. Man stands between the heavens and the earth and we are all equally linked to both realms. My writing expresses elements of this sacred space. Anne Fallas www.annefallas.fr


.....the Contributors

Greetings! Gillian here. I specialize in Tarot & Rune Readings but also offer Reiki healing and EFT Emotional Freedom Techniques as well as Past Life Regression.

I try to be flexible in my approach to my work and fit in with clients wishes as much as possible. There are many types of readings and deals to choose from. For clients living farther afield I can offer email and phone readings and also offer EFT via Skype. I am fully covered by third party insurance and accredited to AAMET the regularity body for EFT Therapies. For much more information please see my website. Gill Macdonald www.tarotandhealing.co.uk Barbara Ives is a qualified B.W.Y. Diploma and Foundation Course Yoga Teacher, Business and Health and Wellbeing Coach and NLP Practitioner. Barbara has a passion for people and it is through her love and passion of yoga and coaching that she is able to help individuals make positive changes within their own lives, to develop self-awareness, mindfulness, realise opportunities, discover their true Self and their vocation in life. She has a unique ability to inspire and instil in others, the philosophies of yoga and to inspire them to live a conscious, happy and healthy life. Barbara Ives(BWYDip) Yoga & Mindfulness Meditation Teacher Holistic Health & Wellbeing Coach www.yoganorfolk.com T: 07788581662 E: barbara.ives@tesco.net As a qualified accountant Pauline Street had always had a very logical approach to life. It was when her parents passed away in her early 20’s that she began to realise life wasn’t quite as organised and rational as the safety of numbers is. She began to explore her spiritual side and during the last 20years has trained as a qualified Crystal Healer and Reiki Master. Her business, Serenity For You, was launched in 2012 with a view to helping clients overcome obstacles and progress on their life path. At Serenity For You, treatments on offer are Crystal Healing, Reiki, Bach Flower Remedy consultations, earth and house healing,and spiritual counseling. Pauline can be contacted on 07900988138, email info@serenityforyou.co.uk, find her on facebook https:// www.facebook.com/serenityhealingforyou or www.serenityforyou.co.uk I’m Louis. I was born in Gods own county of Yorkshire. I’m from a line of psychics which are of Romany Jewish background, I’m very proud of my ancestry with all its colour and diversity. My Aunt is the famous Sheffield witch Patricia Crowther. I am a Seer & Psychic. There are many words to describe the mystic life. I give readings individually or for group or party bookings. I also teach in many subjects of occult and psychic sciences. I’m also a vintage entertainer and run psychic vigils. It’s a wonderful life. Be happy in all you do! Louis Loveridge www.norfolkpsychics.co.uk www.soulspirit.co.uk



Ursula was born in Stepney London, and now lives in Essex. She spent her younger years raising a family and developing her psychic ability to read tarot cards and palms. In her mid forties she trained to be Staff Nurse and enjoyed many rewarding years working in a local Hospice. Following her husband’s stroke, she stayed at home to care for him and began writing a series of books. The Wish Magic series came first, using her knowledge of crystal and reiki healing, she devised a formula of magical wishing and visualisations for personal enhancement, happiness and fun. Having been a vegetarian for over 25 years a vegetarian cook book became her next project and is due for publication in 2014. Ursula is also working on a compilation of events witnessed during the years she gave psychic tarot and palm readings, she would often receive loving messages from those who had passed over, these messages gave great comfort to the person receiving them and demonstrated the link which remains between the living and those who have passed to the other side. www.UrsulaOak.blogspot.co.uk


Phil Cole is a registered British Complimentary Medicine Association Therapist. A member of The Association of Light Touch therapists. He accomplished training in Touch for Health therapies in 1990, then for 2 years in 2002 with The School of Body Mechanics Therapy, Sarling Technique and several eastern therapies in recent years. Therapies include; deep or soft tissue Massage, Warm Bamboo Massage. Light Touch (Musculoskeletal re-alignment), Eastern and Western Cupping. Japanese Eastern & Western Reiki and Touch for health. For information on therapies & courses please contact: Philip R Cole B.C.M.A A.L.T.T 07879 243117 supacoley@hotmail.com www.sarlingtouch.co.uk As a Bach Flower Remedy practitioner and Reiki Master Dawn has worked in the care professions for many years. Dawn has a real passion for helping people to find the underlying causes of their emotional and physical dis-ease within their body. Therapies include Bach Flower Remedies, Reiki Healing & Attunements, Meditation Classes, Mediumship, Spiritual guidance and development workshops. Dawn helps you discover what may be holding you back, and how you can gain clarity, confidence and a more positive perspective in your life. She offers personal or, telephone consultations and distant healing. Dawn has written a spiritual development book to help you on your journey. Divine Intervention by Dawn Chrystal, she has also recorded meditation CDs for relaxation and peace of mind. Dawn Chrystal 01692 584796 / 07936 546 791 www.chrystalclear.co.uk dawn@astara.plus com

If you would like to join our Universal Tribe and become a contributor contact me; samantha@ universal-magazine.com with a brief outline of the subject matter i.e alternative therapies, books, Astrology, Herbal Medicine and anything else in the Holistic Living and Mind Body Spirit genre. I look forward to hearing from you

Samantha xxx


.....the Contributors

Vikki Lightweaver - I am an hereditary psychic and Empath and have worked as a Healer and Numerologist at events around East Anglia for over twenty years. I offer Intuitive Numerology Readings, Charts, courses and workshops. Tarot readings ,Sacred geometry readings, workshops and courses. Reiki Attunements to Master/Teacher level and Healer development. Meditation classes and development circles. I am fully insured and work mainly from home. Many of my courses and readings are available on-line via web chat or e-mail. For more information you can contact me at: www.lightweaver.co.uk www.facebook/TheNumberwitch vikki_lightweaver@hotmail.com

Shelly Coles – ‘Practitioner of The Sacred’ My sacred mission is to serve you in a way which enables you to reach your full creative potential and personal joy this lifetime. I have been privileged to work, share, train and study within the spheres of several holistic healing modalities. I believe there is always more to learn and experience whist part of this wondrous planet, so I always keep an open heart and mind. Having overcome difficult personal challenges, experienced great loss, and because of this gained gifts of untold love and joy – my wish is to empower you to walk your life path in the truth and beauty of your unique authentic self. I endeavour to facilitate healing sessions utilising, Shamanic Energy Medicine, Soulful Witnessing, Reiki/Spiritual Healing, Reflexology, Sound Therapy and Soul Contract Readings. I am also honoured to be a ‘Soul Midwife’ offering emotional and spiritual support to the dying. I look forward to supporting you on your healing journey, empowering you to claim back your Sacred mission, as we ascend with Mother Earth into a new Paradigm. www.butterflylight.co.uk With Love and Rainbow Light - Shelly I Jennifer Lynch is an experienced holistic therapist and life guidance counsellor who firmly believes that the key to healing involves integrating the mental, physical and emotional bodies, treating the client as a unique ‘whole person’. She works from her home in the Suffolk countryside giving Massage, Reiki and Angelic Aura readings whilst also attending various events throughout the UK. Author of 3 books;The Silver Lining, Skin Deep and Liberty Angel, which can be found on Amazon. She recently ventured onto a new path as presenter of a new radio show on Natural Health Radio called Natural Co-Creators, on Thursdays between 12.00 and 1pm. Jennifer is looking for therapists and creative people to interview for her show. For details go to www.naturalheathradio.co.uk More about Jennifer and her work can be found on her website: www.angelwisdom.co.uk



Are you missing out on your life?


Much has been written in recent years about the effects of positive emotions, and gratitude is seen as one of the most powerful of these. Research has proved that it is something we should seek to experience fully in our lives. However, due to the nature of emotions and our response to them, we will not receive the true benefits of gratitude unless we actively cultivate it. All positive emotions are fleeting. This is because firstly, our brains are hard-wired to negativity, and negative emotions tend to hang around long after they have outstayed their welcome. Secondly, we have an inbuilt ability to adapt to change, so we are always searching for something new. The novelty and excitement of having something new, or achieving something all too soon wears off, and we stop appreciating its value. It’s just the way we are! We have to focus to keep positive emotions in our lives. Remember, all emotions affect our physiology, mood, health, resilience, and therefore our performance in the world. They also impact our choices, and our level of success. They influence what we give out in the world, and so often, what we receive back, and yet, they come and go without our paying too much attention! Although we cannot control our thoughts, self-awareness means we can learn to control our reactions to them. With practice, we can also cultivate certain states of mind in which we receive thoughts and perceptions. Gratitude, appreciation, thankfulness – call it what

you will: they all come when we acknowledge something good; when we see the gift inside, and appreciate its value. Gratitude leads us to see life as a glass that is half full! It comes with so many benefits! It • Increases our happiness, optimism, enthusiasm and sense of well-being. • Makes us more compassionate, generous, and kind, and we experience greater life satisfaction. You cannot feel envy, resentment or regret at the same time as feeling grateful, and it simply dissolves fear and doubt. It can even reduce the frequency, severity and duration of episodes of depression! Sleep is better, immune systems are boosted and it can lower blood pressure. Plus it gives us greater resilience against stressful situations – we can cope better. It makes us open to seeing positivity in life, even in bad situations; helping forgiveness, easing loneliness and improving relationships. It helps you to gain perspective about what’s important in life, and you need far less to make you happy. Equally important is the effect gratitude can have on others – when we genuinely and sincerely embody and radiate our gratitude, it has the same vibration


“If the only prayer you ever say in your entire life is thank you, it will be enough.” Meister Eckhart as love, and it spreads, and positively affects other people. Everyone likes to be acknowledged for their efforts, so the simple words “thank you”, truly felt, will mean so much. Quite a list of assets, and certainly worth cultivating a new habit for! When we acknowledge that our busy, stress-filled lives cause us to take many things (and people) for granted, and we further realize the transient nature of all positive emotions, we come to understand why we need to develop a daily practice of becoming grateful. There are several ways to start: • Each night, before you go to sleep, go through 5 things for which you are grateful in this moment; this can be your health, your bed, family and friends, things from the past from which you have learned and grown, anything which made you feel good today. • You can repeat the process when you wake up in the morning – literally grateful to be alive – is there a lovely sunrise, are the birds singing (and you can hear them?) do you have work, are you breathing air, are you a walking miracle? • You can also keep a Gratitude Journal. Write down


every day whatever you are grateful for, whether the actual circumstances were good or bad. • You can express gratitude physically, and share your feelings with others – saying “thank you” with sincerity, writing a thank you note, or a Gratitude Letter to someone important to you; you can smile, touch, hug. You can even repay someone. • Use Gratitude Language consciously – words like Lucky, Fortunate, Blessed, Gifts. All give the sense to others (and yourself) that you are indeed grateful. • Savour every wonderful moment - notice them – don’t just let them pass by. Gratitude gives us time in the present moment; it is a gift we first give ourselves, and then we give to others. It can change the world – the one we live in, and the wider world we share. It serves as a reminder that we are living a miraculous life, and there is always something to be thankful for, so let’s get into the practice of simply saying “Thank You”.

Sandra Boatman www.insightsandinspirations.co.uk


Are you missing out on your life?


Soul Freind

Niki Senior Animal Healer shares her insights and knowledge in a wonderful series of features on case studies of our animal companions

Soul Friend - I had just 2 of those in human guise, but many clothed in fur. I’ll explain: It was August 1999 and I had been booked to communicate with Bobbin, a beautiful Welsh Cob, by his owner Elaine. Bobbin lived on a smallholding overlooking Lathkill Dale in The Peak District. Sadly he had become lethargic since being rehomed from Devon, 3 months previously. On the outside it didn’t show; Bobbin was a handsome boy who exhibited an air of authority and refinement. During animal communication I link directly to the etheric energy body, which gives me the ability to tap in to an animals’ life-force. This connection provides me with many answers in relation to the mental, emotional, physical and spiritual wellbeing of the animal. I felt a connection to Bobbin immediately and the words ‘Soul Friend’ came into my mind. Bobbin started to snort and move his head up and down; I knew these words were the start of a deep communication session. Bobbin took me on a journey where I could see an Exmoor Fell pony grazing beside a fast flowing brook. Surrounding this pony was the brightest shimmering light. I became a little emotional as I placed my hand over Bobbin’s butterfly chakra. He began to twitch and swish his tail uncontrollably as blue light emanated from Bobbin and connected directly to this gorgeous Exmoor mare in my vision. Bobbin turned his head and looked into my eyes and I knew I had uncovered the crux of his unhappiness.


Animal Healing

The whole session took around fifty minutes with much energy being grounded and healing given to an area of Bobbin that was sadly void of happiness; his heart. This wonderful Cob was pining for his Soul Friend – The Fell Pony. I shared with Elaine the information from our communication and she immediately telephoned Bobbin’s previous owner. Elaine became very emotional. Two weeks before he came to live with Elaine, Bobbin had lost his companion Tilly – an Exmoor Fell Pony. Tilly had contracted a neurological disease and was put to sleep. Elaine was told how these equine partners had grazed together at the foot of a tiny stream and how Tilly and Bobbin shared an unbreakable bond. It all made sense. On the way to my next appointment, something told me to take a walk around Bakewell, a lovely, ancient market town. Browsing in a bookshop one particular book caught my eye, I knew I had to buy it as I knew that Bobbin’s energy was still with me, thanking me for releasing his sadness. That evening I didn’t sleep. I couldn’t put down the book. Every word on every page resonated with me. It was as though this book was written by my own heart. The Book: Anam Cara (Soul Friend) by John O’ Donohue. Soul Friend – the very words Bobbin had spoken to me. 3 months later I met my very own Soul friend, my Husband Louis and that book has remained on my bedside table for the past 13 years. My final wish is for Anam Cara to be placed with me when I rest for the final time….. We all have a Soul Friend and through words, a horse, a book and listening to spirit, I certainly found mine. Niki Senior www.animalhealingcourses.co.uk


art by Jena Della Grottaglia www.autumnsgoddess.com

Sharing the Creative


The imagination and the intuition were accessed, utilised and valued by the ancient peoples. This link with the unconscious mind provided a gateway into the realm of creative source and spirit. We too can develop the skills associated with this realm for we are fundamentally creative beings linked to the higher creative source. The creativity of the ancient civilisations forged the expansion of their cultures. With stone, wood, clay, fibre and metal they produced furniture, pottery, paper, clothing, jewellery, musical instruments and decorations. They constructed their dwellings and produced a myriad of inventions. Creativity was a valuable part of their self-reliance and these early cultures revered the use of creativity and imagination. Einstein also realised the value of the intuition and the imagination. He said “I believe in intuition and inspiration. Imagination is more important than knowledge. For knowledge is limited, whereas imagination embraces the whole world, stimulating progress, giving birth to evolution.� Creativity and imagination are progressive and are unbound by rules or dogma. The imagination can enable us to form new images and combined

with intuition, it can produce a magical view of the world. Creativity, imagination and intuition are associated with right brain thinking, whereas knowledge is a left brain attribute. Most children are highly creative and imaginative before starting school but by the time they are 7 yrs old only 10% remain highly creative. The education system places emphasis on the left brain skills, such as maths, logic, language etc., and it leaves the right brain skills often neglected. By the time we reach adulthood only 2% of the population is highly creative. Some neuroscientists debunk the idea that the brain has specific attributes associated with each side, but many people believe that the attributes are real. RIGHT BRAIN THINKING is associated with holistic thought, music and the arts, intuition, creativity, philosophy and spirituality, it values wholes, the imagination is important. LEFT BRAIN THINKING is associated with



Sharing the Creative

analytic thought, language, logic, knowledge, reasoning, maths and the sciences, it values parts, facts are important. Creativity can help stimulate the under used senses and develop the imagination and the intuition. It can strengthen our links to the source of creation and to the realm of the spiritual world. There are numerous personal outlets for creative energy. Arts and crafts, music and sound, dance, movement and bodywork etc., can all be explored. We can each discover a personal pathway and develop skills. We can nurture the seeds of our own individual creativity and develop the ability to transcend traditional ideas, rules and ways of being. We can ‘Think outside of the box’, be inventive

and create new ideas, forms and patterns. We ALL have the ability. We can discover our own personal way, develop our own unique skills and expand our awareness. By stimulating and using the qualities associated with the right brain we can shift and re-align our perception and allow the creative, spiritual self to emerge. Our intuition can be stimulated and become finely tuned enabling us to freely access the higher energies that exist. This alignment is only the foundation for the evolution of our creative, intuitive, imaginative and integrated self, our holistic self. It is also only the foundation for the realistion of the gamut of our true spiritual nature. Anne Fallas www.annefallas.fr


Red Curry Squash & Len Thai red curry spices up this vegan squash and lentil soup. Ingredients:


Coconut Oil - 1 Tbsp

White Onion - 1, diced (about a cup)

Garlic - 3 cloves, minced

Coconut Milk - 1x 400ml can

Thai Red Curry Paste - 1 Tbsp- 4+Tbsp (depends on the brand you use, start with 1 Tbsp and taste)

Grated Fresh Ginger - 1 Tbsp

Lentils - 1x 540ml can, drained and rinsed

Butternut Squash - 1

Lime - 1, zest and juice

Water - 4 cups

Salt - 1 tsp

Red Chili Flakes - 1/8 tsp

Sriracha Chili Sauce - For garnish

Handful of cilantro - For garnish

ntil Soup

Instructions: Preheat oven to 350 degrees. Cut butternut squash in half and place open side down on baking tray. Roast for 45 minutes until tender. Remove from oven and scoop flesh out of skin and set aside. In a large pot, add coconut oil and heat over medium-high heat. Add onion and let cook a few minutes until translucent. Add garlic and cook a minute longer. Add coconut milk. Stir in red curry paste, starting with 1 Tbsp. Taste, and add more if flavour isn’t strong enough. Add butternut squash, lentils, ginger, lime zest and juice, salt, chili flakes and water. Bring to a boil, reduce heat, and let simmer for a few minutes. Using an immersion blender, blend soup until smooth. If using a regular blender, be careful blending hot soup. It’s better to let it cool first. Pour into bowls and garnish with Siracha swirl and cilantro.



Women &

Transformation We are in the midst of amazing transformational times, ripe with potential and possibilities, a time to review the past with an eye to assuring a brighter and better future. If the cycle of life is the path that we travel, transformation is the vehicle that we drive and change our compass of navigation. As I approach my fifth decade in this physical life, I feel as if I have lived through many mini life-times on my chosen path. I am not the same person that I was ten years ago, or even five years ago. I have learned to embrace change and to recognize that when I am unhappy, that a transformation is imminent. It takes a brave leap of faith to embrace change, trust and welcome uncertainty, with one foot in the old and the other in the new. I can say in all honesty that I have no regrets; I have learnt something essential, something life changing from each and every experience, situation and person that has crossed my path. I believe that before we incarnate into this physical life, we choose what we would like to study and learn on our journey. One of the most important discoveries that I have made is that I am not a victim of circumstance but a powerful goddess on a quest for knowledge, with the choice whether to react or respond in any given situation. To react is merely to repeat an action, but to respond is to empower ourselves and choose whether to feel positive or negative and discover the lesson within each and every experience. Our lives now, in this moment, are the sum total of the choices we have made in the past. We are where we are meant to be, right here, right now. There are no mistakes, rather a multitude of opportunities to learn and grow into the best human being that we could possibly be. By giving thanks for the past we free ourselves from regrets and disappointments and open ourselves to infinite new possibilities; gaining an awareness of the lessons learnt in every relationship and situation you have encountered on this journey called Life. Be particularly grateful for the obstacles and difficulties, for they are your greatest teachers from which you have learnt the most. Embrace change; be open and learn to trust that the universe is working for your highest good. Change is inevitable, stop resisting and surrender to the flow of life.

Some people do however, choose to stay in their comfort zones, believing that better the devil they know, unable and unwilling to experience all that this wonderful life has to offer. Desperately unhappy, allowing their fear to become bigger than their courage. The purpose of life is to change and transform, we either do this willingly or wait for a cosmic boot to help us on our way. Facing our fears is the only way to release the hold they have and to claim the life of freedom that we truly deserve. Each time that we do this, the fear diminishes, little, by little. Every single one of us has a warrior goddess within, patiently waiting to be discovered - find the warrior within and the freedom without - fear. Forgiveness is another huge lesson that I have learnt. Be open to forgive yourself and others; release negative emotions such as anger, resentment and guilt - all toxic emotions that eat away at your physical body and create dis-ease within. We are not perfect, we are not meant to be, sometimes we make mistakes. Everyone is doing their best, maybe not your best, but their best. Develop empathy for your fellow human being. Spend time with like-minded positive people that inspire you to be the best that you can be. Release with love and gratitude those that do not. Not every person that crosses your path are meant to stay in your life forever, even family members. As you change, so will the people around you. The people in our lives are the mirrors, reflecting back to us what we need to see, what needs to be worked on. The ones provoking the most extreme reactions being the ones we really need to pay attention to. Don’t play the victim, the power is yours. Within this physical life we are given the opportunity to experience every emotion, the good , the bad and the ugly. How would we recognize joy had we not experienced sadness? Practice gratitude; for all the wonderful people in your life and all of the simple pleasures that we take for granted on a daily basis. A gratitude journal is a wonderful way to end your day and to reflect on the days blessings. Gratitude is the key to abundance, the more that you give thanks, the more the universe will deliver. View your life as a beautiful tapestry; a vibrant work of art reflecting your inner and outer growth. Each delicate thread a lesson you have embraced to create the unique masterpiece that is your life. My greatest wish for my fellow warrior goddesses is to have faith and trust.... laugh and love...unconditionally. You are unique and beautiful...believe!

Love, light and abundant blessings Samantha Yates samantha@universal-magazine.com


Intuitive Tarot In the first of a series of features Gill Macdonald introduces us to the ancient art of Tarot card reading. Discover how to connect with your own personal deck and awaken your intuitive abilities to interpret the images, symbols and positions of the cards in the Major and Minor Arcana.


Intuitive Tarot is an easy way of reading Tarot cards without having to spend eons memorising the meanings from a book. To be able to do this you need to use what is termed as a fully illustrated deck. Traditional packs such as Rider Waite or Tarot de Marseilles are not suitable. You need cards that are all pictorial. This means that even the minor arcana are individually depicted in a picture format. It is also important that you get a true Tarot deck. There are 78cards in a set of Tarot. These are separated into two sections, 22 major cards and 56 minor ones. The major cards represent what is known as triumphs or situations we are all likely to encounter at some point in our lives and can have a major effect on us. The minor cards include people as represented by the court cards and less important issues that crop up. Once you have your set of cards you need to either work methodically through them in order or shuffle them and just work on each card as it randomly presents itself. I recommend one card per day. Take the card you have drawn and meditate on it. This means to focus on it for a period of time. Make notes of your initial instinct and the first word that occurs to you when you looked at it. Then make further notes of all feelings, thoughts and reactions that the card brings out in you. Do this with all 78 cards. Once you have done this you are well on your way to being an intuitive reader. Next separate the major cards and give them further consideration. If possible link them with major feelings, thoughts and reactions as well

as whatever they cause you to have in the way of inspiration. Make notes of all these. Do not worry about getting it ‘wrong’. The whole point of learning Tarot this way is that it will be your own unique personal way of interpreting the cards. You can, of course, compare your results with the book or booklet that came with your cards but this will affect your intuitive results. After doing all of this you are ready to start practicing with some simple spreads. Spreads simply being the term used to describe how the cards are laid out. Begin with three card spreads. EG Past, present and future of a particular issue or question. Try to avoid asking things that require yes or no answers as this doesn’t work. Simply enquire as to how things are going to progress when asking about the future. To increase your psychic ability spend a few minutes a day imagining roots growing out of the soles of your feet and into the earth, then, visualising white light (as if from the moon as this celestial body governs the subconscious) coming down into the top of your head. Then imagine an eye just above and between your eye that is made of purple light. See this light becoming brighter. This will slowly begin to increase your pineal gland activity. Learning about chakra activation and meditation will help enormously. My next article will go into more detail on this. Gill Macdonald www.tarotandhealing.co.uk


THE BOOK SHELF A book is the only place in which you can examine a fragile thought without breaking it, or explore an explosive idea without fear it will go off in your face. It is one of the few havens remaining where a man’s mind can get both provocation and privacy. Edward P. Morgan

Wish Magic for Love More Wish Magic Wish Magic for Christmas by Ursula Carr. This delightful trio of ebooks invite you to ask for your hearts’ desire and set your intention to the Universe by performing these wonderful wishes and healing visualisations. Introduction; What you are about to read will help you to love yourself, love others and bring love into your life. Performing the wishes will help you to add something extra to every area of your life, a little magical sparkle and fun! During your life I wonder how often you have said ‘I wish.’ You probably say it more often than you realise. These books will show you how to put your wishes into action. Love, is a powerful force. Love can change your life in so many ways, you don’t have to ‘be in love’ or find your soul mate to experience this love. It’s personal, it’s your own. Wish Magic uses your energy, your imagination and your ability to achieve whatever you set out to achieve. You can access this wonderful world of Magic without the need to be part of any group or religion. Wish Magic works alongside your personal beliefs, spiritual or religious, with no conflict. Available from Amazon www.amazon.co.uk


Liberty Angel by Jennifer Lynch This a great ‘chic flick’ in a book! The main character really resonated with me as she encountered the trials and tribulations of life as a single mother whilst searching for her true authentic self. Excerpt; Gemma’s life as a single parent rapidly changes as she discovers the real her. The road to personal freedom and liberty is strewn with obstacles which constantly block her path. However, she soon learns to find strength through her spirituality and begins to see the light in her relationships, first with her husband Tony and later with her friend John. Then she meets the charming Alessandro who she is immediately attracted to. Is it simply a call of destiny to take control of her life, or have they been together in a past life? Gemma weaves her way through the difficulties of being a single parent, judgements from her exhusband and finding work. Things are not quite as they seem, as Gemma discovers both the benefits and pitfalls of predicting the future!

Secrets About Life Every Woman Should Know by Barbara De Andelis This is my all time favourite book! My very first spiritual book and the book that set me on my spiritual and personal development path. The book practically jumped off the shelf to me as I wondered around a local book shop looking for inspiration. As I began to read the introduction, I was overwhelmed with emotion as I realised I had a choice whether to be a victim of circumstance or a warrior goddess, choosing whether to react or respond to the myriad of challenges and lessons that manifested in my life. This was my wake-up call! Secrets About Life Every Woman Should Know is an inspirational and practical guide for creating the kind of true freedom we are all seeking, the freedom that comes from knowing how to tap into a powerful inner state of confidence, clarity and peace. With her trademark blend of wisdom, compassion and warmth Barabara De Angelis offers invaluable tools for building an inner centre of emotional and spiritual self-reliance.

ISBN 9781 4929 5435 4

ISBN 0 72225 3997 5

Available on Amazon in paperback or ebook.

Available on Amazon and at all good book shops.



No matter how busy you may think you are, you must find time for reading, or surrender yourself to selfchosen ignorance Confucius

The Earth Changes by Anne Fallas Anne Fallas’s allegorical tale challenges us head on to question our views on our dependence upon consumerism; the politics of greed; our general apathy as to the power of nature; and asks should we consider alternatives before one or other catastrophe engulfs us, or will circumstance be allowed to dictate our ultimate condition?


form a close relationship. On an individual level they face personal challenges, overcome hurdles and move into positive change. As a group they build a small self-reliant community and together they face immense challenges. Supporting each other they adapt and with a greater awareness and a new vision, they help create a new world.

“This is a very rare animal, an eco-novel written well. Set in France at time when the Earth’s climate is unravelling, it tells the story of a group of people who are struggling to make sense of their lives, build a small, self-sufficient community and prepare for a post-technological world. Rather than being gloomy, it treats the exploration of a new way of living with optimism and joy. Encoded in the tale are metaphors about human and planetary evolution that would be familiar to students of esoteric psychology. The novel works. I read it cover to cover and enjoyed its style and structure and I didn’t find it obvious or preachy. Worth seeking out.” Maddy Harland, Editor, Permaculture Magazine

‘I realised when I was young that I was living in an unstable world,’ Charlie shrugged. ‘I didn’t and I still don’t, want to depend on a society I can’t trust.’ [ext chap 13]

A small group of people are drawn together and


‘The rules and confines of man were being replaced by an order that was natural, pure and whole. It had no limits. It was linked to and by the waves of celestial thought. This was truth radiating and illuminating itself.’ [ext epilogue] “We are nature, we are human, we are spirit and we all share the vision.” Anne Fallas. ISBN: 978-0-9568937-0-3


The language of the Soul

Chris Kimber is a renowned international musician and composer. The music is a stunning collection of beautiful melodies, soothing atmospheres and gentle rhythms. The albums cover a variety of styles of relaxation and meditation to help you to experience inner peace, rejuvenation and connection to the divine source of inspiration that is in each and every one of us.

Chris Kimber www.chriskimber.info

Yoga &

Weight Loss?

A question I am often asked the question, “Can yoga help me lose weight?”

amazing 70%, with the rest coming from 20% carbohydrate and 10% protein.

Many of the health specialists say that practicing yoga alone is not physical or cardiovascular enough for a person to lose weight. I beg to differ - I have seen my students and experienced myself a gradual and natural weight loss with a regular yoga practice. What is a ‘regular’ practice I hear you ask? I suggest at least three times weekly. The weight loss happens ‘naturally’ and I believe this is more to do with ‘mindfulness’ than just a ‘physical’ practice.

If you want to improve your ‘cardiovascular’ fitness you need to work at a rate of 69% or above but if you want to shed ‘body fat’ then you need to work at a lower intensity. In the lower intensity zone you are not only decreasing your body fat storage but also increasing your cardiovascular fitness. Therefore a moderately paced strong dynamic vinyasa yoga class will, for many people bring their heart rate into the full fat burning zone. If you would like to read more about the research study please read an article written by Camilla Leyland in ‘The Journal for the British Wheel of Yoga’, ‘Spectrum’ magazine, Winter, 2012, Camilla did her own research on her students and the results are very interesting.

Some studies show that in order to lose body fat we have to work within our ‘Weight Burning Zone’ or as it is often referred to ‘fat burning zone’. This zone is reached by working between 60-90% of our maximum heart rate. Working above the ‘zone’ can be a mistake if you are trying to lose body fat and can be counterproductive. It is said that “high intensity exercise causes us to use 90% carbohydrate, 3% protein and only 7% fat”. This is because when we work harder and push our bodies, our bodies suddenly kick in to making more use of our immediate energy reserves e.g. the food we have eaten that day instead of tapping into any stored body fat. It is said that if people stay within the lower intensity cardio zone of 60-69% of their maximum heart rate, the (weight management zone) then their usage of body fat would increase to an


In addition to the aerobic offerings of dynamic vinyasa yoga we have to remember that yoga has the added benefit of promoting ‘homeostasis’ in the body and by encouraging the reduction of stress induced cortisol in the blood. Homeostasis regulates our body temperature and water content. Pranayama, relaxation and meditation are tools used to relax our mind and body and improve our digestive and nervous system. If we look at a ‘typical’ exercise class, the class tends to push our bodies into the ‘fight’ or flight’ or sympathetic nervous system zone. See my last article in ‘Radiant’ – ‘The Art of Slow’ for an

Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food Hippocrates

exploration of restorative yoga and the Autonomic Nervous System (ANS). If our bodies are always in the ‘sympathetic’ nervous system zone our cortisol levels increase putting our bodies into a state of ‘stress’. If we fail to include relaxation or therapeutic postures in our practice we risk putting our bodies into ‘chronic’ stress. Therefore if we fail to bring our bodies back into a state of relaxation our bodies won’t lose weight because our digestive system is impaired by the stress hormone ‘cortisol’. Some research suggests that you do not need a dynamic yoga practice to lose weight and that a slower practice will have much more of a significant effect on weight loss due to the effect of the reduction in cortisol. If we disconnect for a moment from the ‘physical’ aspects of yoga and remember that yoga is a ‘discipline’ and a ‘mindful’ practice. If we are ‘disciplined’ and ‘mindful’ we can transfer that ‘discipline’ and ‘mindfulness’ into our eating habits and our relationship with food. This is where the weight loss can begin to happen quite naturally. Yoga is a journey of ‘transformation’ and helps us develop a greater understanding of the ‘Self ’ and selfawareness, when we slow down and become more in tune with our bodies and minds our thinking changes and our relationship with food can change too. It is not rocket science, we know


that in order to lose weight we have to take some form of moderate exercise and eat less. When we become truly ‘mindful’ our thought patterns can change and in turn our actions can change and new patterns of thinking can formulate. The mind body connection is a powerful one; if you tell your mind something, the body makes it so. If you continually hold the thought that you have to lose weight, your mind sends your body that very message, creating the neural pathways that make it so and actually affecting change in the physical body. The only problem here is that you are sending your body the wrong message. You are telling it that you “must lose weight” so your mind goes to work creating the neural pathways of “having to lose weight” rather than actually losing weight. At the same time, you are clinging so tightly to this notion of needing to lose weight that you are creating an energy of holding (storing), rather than releasing (losing). If you stop worrying about losing weight and focus on changing your thinking and eating habits you will release yourself from this negative thinking pattern. Samskaras According to yogic philosophy, we’re born with a karmic inheritance of mental and emotional patterns or more commonly termed ‘habits’ known as Samskaras. The word samskara comes from the Sanskrit ‘sam’ (complete or joined together) and’ kara’ (action, cause, or doing). In addition to being generalised patterns, samskaras are our ideas and actions, together they make up our thinking patterns or habits. Samskaras can be positive and negative. Through our practice we can create positive Samskaras, thus reinforcing positive changes in our neural pathways, our actions and eating habits.


Understanding your eating habits can be helpful in discovering what the ‘triggers’ are that make you want to run to the biscuit tin. Our habits can often be linked to past emotional trauma and stressful situations. If you know exactly what those ‘triggers’ are that make you want to eat when you are not hungry you have already started to develop self-awareness and moving in the right direction. However rather than dwell on the past (which cannot be changed) I encourage my clients to move forward and develop a positive action plan and to develop ‘mindful’ eating. How to eat mindfully Mindfulness is a wonderful tool to help adopt a healthy eating regime and it is mindfulness that differentiates yoga from other forms of exercise. Try this practice at least once a week and then increase the frequency so it becomes your new ‘intention’ and positive samskara. Firstly, choose fresh living food, colourful and vibrant. Before you eat your next meal take time to prepare your food, notice the colours, textures, fragrance, shapes and size, be curious about your food and its origin. Use colourful foods so you have a colourful plate of food that greets you and maybe try using a smaller plate.

first mouthful notice the flavour and texture, take small quantities and put down your knife and fork in between mouthfuls, chew slowly - enjoy your food. It is recommended we chew each mouthful of food at least fifteen to thirty two times as this helps the digestion of food. Approach each mouthful of food in this way. You may find that you don’t eat the quantity of food that you may have previously and you will feel much more satisfied and fuller a lot more quickly.

Learning to relax and quiet the mind can make you feel better, function better, and maintain better health. Frances Vaughan. Barbara Ives(BWYDip) www.yoganorfolk.com

Find a quiet space to eat, sitting at a table, turn off the TV, radio, smartphone and other electronic devices or any sound that may distract you. Try this practice sitting on your own so you do not have to make conversation and can be fully present. Take a moment to give thanks and gratitude for the food on your plate. Sit quietly pause, pick up your knife and fork – again look at what you are eating notice the colour and vibrancy of your food and as you take your



Do you ever feel lethargic, out of sorts, depress you feel insecure, have problems communicat balance and need to be realigned. One way of

Crystal Healing is an ancient complementary therapy that uses the natural energy of crystals and gemstones to improve health and well being. Crystal healing treats imbalances at all levels; emotional, physical and spiritual and not just the symptoms. Our body has seven major energy centers known as chakras (Base, Sacral, Solar Plexus, Heart, Throat, Third Eye, Crown) which should all be in a balanced state. If any of these are blocked or unbalanced this can cause physical or mental “dis-ease”. It is therefore important that these are rebalanced. During a treatment you will be asked to remove your shoes and lay down on a couch and relax. A quartz crystal will be placed in each of your hands to assist with the energy flow and I will then assess each chakra using pendulum dowsing. Crystals are selected and placed on and around these chakras to remove negativity and rebalanced to ensure a smooth flow of energy throughout the body. I also work on realigning your subtle bodies and repairing “tears” in your etheric body which if left can cause to “leaking” energy. These tears occur when we



sed, have no interest and can’t pin point why, ting? It could be that your chakras are out of doing this is to have a crystal healing session.

have experienced a negative event such as emotional or a physical trauma. Signs that you have a tear in your etheric body are lack of energy, tiredness, vulnerability to illnesses, insecurity, fearfulness. When we have relationships with others, whether platonic or sexual, cords between the people concerned are established are attach themselves to our chakras. The energy flows through these cords between each party, both negative and positive energy. Negative energy will flow if there has been separation, arguments or illness and generally will drain your energy. Even if a person leaves our lives these cords can still exist and we can still be affected by that other person’s energy. This can manifest as a “draining” feeling, unstable moods and result in general pains or illnesses. During a treatment any negative cords attached to chakras will be identified and gently removed, sealing the energetic hole. This does not mean letting go of the person but just removing the negative attachment. This can help to heal relationships and communication skills with another person and is also particularly useful for parent/child relationship.


Crystal Healing

Crystal Meditation Here is a very basic crystal healing meditation you can try at home. Begin by asking that the crystal energy is to be applied to each chakra. Clear quartz is a master healer and therefore this is ideal to be used:• Take a piece of clear quartz (ideally pointed) in each hand. If pointed, direct the point into the right hand and out of the left hand – this assists with the energy flow around the body. • Either lay or sit in a comfortable position where you won’t be disturbed and close your eyes. • Focus on your breathing and take slow deep breaths in and out for a couple of minutes, as you feel the tensions of the day slipping away and you begin to relax. • Working your way up your body from your feet, allow each muscle to gently relax feeling a release of your stresses and concerns. • Once you feel calm and relaxed turn your attention


to the crystals in your hands. Envisage the energy coming from the crystal in your right hand up through your right arm to your shoulder, going down your right hand side to your feet. Then see the energy coming back up your left side, from your left foot and entering into the crystal in your left hand until the energy flows out of the crystal. Think of this as a continuous cycle of white energy flowing in one hand through your body and out of the other side. • As this energy flows ask the angels (or your spirit guides if you prefer) to help the quartz energy remove any negative energy and to rebalance and re-energise each of your chakras with positivity as it moves throughout your body. Continue to do this for 10 minutes. • When you feel ready gently open your eyes and take a few minutes to ground yourself by sitting quietly and sipping a glass of water before resuming your activities of the day. Pauline Street www.serenityforyou.co.uk


STAR DROPS For those of you of a certain age, you may find a deliberate pun in my title, to me it says two definite things; two things that combine many, earthliness and spirituality, both have brought me where I am today and indeed writing this. I was born in Gods own county and the wee part of it called Sheffield, in medieval times it was called Escafeld. Sometimes when you looked around not much had changed, except cars are used instead of horses, I jest of course. I now live in beautiful Norfolk with my wife and gorgeous fur and feather kids. I was brought up in what I now call “a very in-tune, psychic household”; my mother clairvoyant and clairsentient, my siblings all practiced some form of psychic art. My ancestry without a doubt, gave me my spiritual genes; on my fathers’ side the whole enchiladas were German Jews and on my mothers’ side Kushty Bok Romanies, a strange mix, but a very interesting one, and one that I am extremely proud of. I had my very first psychic experience (in this life anyway) when I was a cherub of 6 years old; I was in the house with only my mother one day, she was doing mum things in the kitchen and I was in the living room supposedly occupying myself. I distinctly remember, we had french windows in the lounge, the beautiful morning sun made a ray of light on the floor like a brilliant torch beam. Everything was silent, you could hear a pin drop, then quite out of the blue, someone or something said “ Stuart”, at the very side of me, right in my ear!!. It was a male voice and although not scary, it did make me spin round, “What was that mum?” I asked, my mother in her usual Yorkshire way replied, “What you on about now?” I told her what had happened and she looked at me with a look I saw many times after, on such similar occasions, the knowing, the intrigue, the acceptance, always accompanied by a comforting smile.

I now know, that was my first experience of clairaudience, the hearing of voices out of our normal range - usually spirit. It never ever seemed ‘weird’ to me. When you grow up with something, you don’t challenge it or question, especially as a young boy, it was the norm. Over my next boyhood years, I saw my mother going to have her ‘tea leaves’ read, holding Ouija board sessions, giving readings with Tarot cards, playing cards, all manner of metaphysical meanderings, she saw ‘ghosts’ and had visions. I don’t want you to think I lived some sort of Harry Potter lifestyle, I didn’t, we were a working class Yorkshire family who faced the same hardships as many others, and my mums ‘ ghosts’ and ‘visions’ weren’t all good either. When you get to a certain age, I would be about 12 years old and your mum says “Did you see that man at the top of the stairs last night in the striped suit?” or “ I saw the girl who lives up the street in my dream, she was in a purple coffin”, it can make a young man a little wary. The life you live, the background you have, the people you meet ,do fashion the person you are today. Today I am a psychic, clairvoyant who loves to practice Fortune Telling. In the next issue, I will tell you how I got here, why I got here and what it took.

Louis Loveridge www.norfolkpsychics.co.uk www.soulspirit.co.uk


Let the Eos Programme help you figure out what really matters to you, and give you what you need to make it happen. I’ve thought about it a lot, and I can’t really describe what EOS is. All I know is that over the past two weeks, since I did Day 1, I’ve gone from ‘I’m not the sort of person who does anything out of the ordinary’ to ‘Just watch me! S.M. North Norfolk


Call 0843 523 5373 or visit: www.eosprogramme.com to find out more

Jena Della Grottaglia - www.autumnsgoddess.com


The Art of Pa

Ursula Oak introduces Part 1 in the first installment of a series of features on Palmistry - the ancient art of characterization and foretelling the future through the study of the palm. I have always been interested in Palmistry, so when, age 15, I was given an old copy of a palm reading book I was in my element! I read and reread the text and still have the book which takes pride of place on my coffee table. At that time I was becoming more aware of the psychic side of my nature, the Palmistry book taught me how to combine psychic, intuitive and scientific aspects into a palm reading. If you are able to combine some or all of these fascinating facets you will have the tools needed to become an accurate and compassionate palm reader. That first book gave me a marvelous grounding in palm reading, and started me on the path of lifelong learning. I have since read many books and conducted many palm readings, I am looking forward to sharing my personal palm reading style and knowledge with you. This series will give you an overview of palm reading and show you how to conduct a basic reading for yourself and your friends, it will help you to understand what the length, shape, and size of the fingers, and the lines marks and mounds on the hands represent. This knowledge can give you a wealth of information about the character of the owner of the palm you are looking at. A review of your palms can help you to understand more about yourself, your strengths and your weaknesses, it can also give helpful health information and romantic guidance. Your palms are a map of your life, they show the traits and characteristics you were born with, and also show


how you have applied those traits during your life. The lines on your palms do not remain the same, over the years they gradually change to reflect the changes which happen in your life. The Basics Reading palms is a combination of looking at both of the hands, the fingers, the lines and the marks on the palms, and listening to your intuition, no one factor should be taken in isolation, a good palm reading takes account of all factors. Did you know that no two hands are the same and no two palms are the same? The palms of your own

Palm Reading volunteers. You should not find this difficult as many people are intrigued to know more about the lines of their hands. Explain to your volunteers that you would like them to form your case studies for the length of the course. LEFT HAND tells of the past, your inherited traits and what is possible. RIGHT HAND (dominant hand) tells of the present and how you are using what you have been given. Reverse this if you are left handed. Before you can begin to read the lines and markings on the palms you must become familiar with the entire hand. Every hand is different. Every hand is a different shape and has a different look and feel. Take a look at your own hands first, then ask your five volunteers if you can look at their hands and take the following notes.

two hands are different. They may be similar but they will be different. Personal Rules: Never ever make a sweeping prediction unless you are sure of your facts, and even then if you think you are seeing something negative, keep it to yourself. Far better when events unfold to know your practice was correct than frighten or worry a person unnecessarily. Palmistry is not about how long will I live, or giving dramatic statements, it is about identifying and working with the positive aspects shown by various markings of the hands. Equipment needed; a notebook, pen and five

Let’s get S.E.T. Size: Look at the size of the hands. Are they small, large or average in relation to the rest of the body, are both hands the same size, or is one larger than the other? Etched: Are the lines of the palms fine and difficult to see or strong and deeply etched or somewhere in-between? Are there many lines or just a few? Touch: Feel the back of the hand, note how it feels, warm/cool, dry/damp, soft/hard, delicate/firm, then turn the hands over and carry out the same assessment for the palms. What colour are the hands? Are they pale, red, blotchy etc. In your notebook, make private notes about the person whose hands you assessed. Include the following information. The date. Name. Date of birth. Sex. Marital status. Number of children.


Career, past and present. Any known health conditions. Describe how what you know about their character fits with the assessment of their hands.

like and how that compared to the type of person they were, also write the content and context of the meeting you were having. Be as descriptive as possible.

Using case studies of people known to you will help you when you review the information you have gathered, you will be able to see how accurate it is, this will give you greater confidence if you move on to read the palms of strangers. It is also a good idea to observe the hands of people in the public eye, this can help you to associate the look of the hand and palm with the type of person they are.

You might write something like:

The handshake experiment. A handshake can tell you a lot about a person, it is a perfectly acceptable way of touching a complete stranger and finding out something about them. It is a personal introduction, in offering someone your hand you are offering them an insight into a part of your personality.


1. Mr. Jones welcomed me with a firm handshake, I felt as though he was pleased to see me, I felt confident about the appointment and his ability to help me. 2. Or, Mr. Jones shook my hand and crushed my fingers, I am concerned that I may find him too overbearing. 3. Or, Mr Jones welcomed me with a soft and non-committal handshake, he seems slightly distracted and this did not inspire confidence. 4. All of this groundwork will be invaluable as you move forward with your lessons.

While you are out and about, shake the hands of as many people as you can. Asses the handshake, was it strong and firm inspiring confidence, or strong and too firm causing concern, or was it soft and kind, or soft and feeble?

NEXT ISSUE Palmistry for beginners part two. Taking prints of the hands and examining the thumbs and the mount of Venus.

In your notebook write what their hand shake felt


Ursula Oak

explore your inner world 15th - 17th March 2014 Sat & Sun 11am - 7pm Mon 11am - 6pm

Mind Body Spirit Festival Hall 4, R.D.S Dublin Contact: Mary (353) 01-2859294 or email: abc21@eircom.net www.mindbodyspirit.ie/dublin-show

Bach Flower Remedies The Bach Flower Remedies are a completely natural and gentle way to help you gain clarity, balance and joy as you experience the myriad of trials and tribulations of life


I was first introduced to the remedies over 20 years ago when I was in emotional turmoil. My daughter and I both took the remedies and there was a remarkable improvement in my moods, and my daughter began sleeping through the night for the first time in 3 years. Many years later I had a emotional breakdown and once again was prescribed anti-depressants. I desperately wanted to stay off the medication and find an alternative, then I remembered the rescue remedy I was given by a very kind lady years ago.... I visited Carol and she recommended some remedies to help me through my torment. I became so inspired and intrigued by the effect the Remedies had on me and my daughter that I studied to become a Bach Flower Remedy practitioner myself. Dr. Bach realised that flowers and trees held natural healing qualities and discovered and created the Bach Flower remedies which are now widely available at many supermarkets and health stores. Dr. Bach discovered 38 different states of mind and emotions, he also discovered a flower remedy to help bring each one of those emotions back into a state of balance.The Bach Flower Remedies are beneficial for emotional conditions such as; stress, anxiety, panic attacks, sleep problems, lack of confidence or motivation, concentration, relationship challenges, anger and feelings of depression. Dr. Bach realised that when the emotional state of mind is balanced there is often an improvement in physical conditions as well. With a course of

treatments with the Bach Flower Remedies you can find your true self, gain clarity, motivation and renewed direction in your life. The remedies can be used by anyone at any age. They are not a replacement for medication but can be used alongside medication. They can even be used by pregnant women to help with stress and labour pains. The remedies help to bring emotions to the surface to be released; emotions may seem more extreme when beginning a course of Bach Flower Remedies, but this is completely normal and soon dissipates so the true healing can take place. If you are feeling confused or have lost your way I can help you to understand your own feelings and the Bach Flower Remedies will help bring you back to a feeling of wellbeing and happiness. The Bach Flower Remedies were a life-line for me and this is why I am so passionate about them still, so many years on. Wherever you are I can help you. With a telephone consultation I can create a personal remedy to support you, delivered to your door by postal service. Many people feel relief and hope in the very first consultation, beginning their first course of flower remedies. Allow me to help you to help yourself as you begin the journey back to wholeness and a life of fulfillment that you truly deserve. Dawn Chrystal www.chrystalclear.co.uk


Bamboo Massage Although bamboo has been used by many ancient cultures, it seems especially the Chinese & Japanese civilizations have utilised the qualities of its amazing pliable strengths for over 5 thousand years.

As with many modern day treatments and therapies,warm bamboo massage treatment (Thermotherapy), has seen a resurgence during the last ten years, especially in many spas, for a soothing pampering indulgence. A step on from hot stones, as the bamboo sticks also retain heat well, after a 30 minute warming time in a heat blanket or therapists portable heat bag. Natural sticks are cut & smoothed into varying styles and lengths; smaller sticks can be used for transferring heat to the body, while thinner canes can be used for rolling between the toes or fingers to promote relaxation, also triggering acupressure points. Warm Bamboo may be used in conjunction with methods of Swedish or deep tissue massage techniques. The pressure during the massage has to be lightened over sensitive areas of the fascia tissue, as well as bony prominences as the strong leverage of the sticks and deep application can produce an amazingly deep penetrating massage, deeper than many other hand massage techniques. The sticks can be used with natural oils, which


can also be warmed; essential oils compliment the technique to promote natural healing and a soothing sensation. Or the sticks may be rolled over the clothing in a dry method if required. Warm Bamboo Massage is a very effective form of deep tissue massage and a wonderful tool for saving the wear and tear on the therapists hands. The massage therapy will allow and assist the flow of the bodies natural Chi: internal energy, around the body and will also increase circulation. This wonderful form of massage offers deeper muscular penetration combined with heat transference, which is especially beneficial for back ailments. Other conditions which can be treated with Warm Bamboo Massage are; chronic aches and pains, Arthritis, head or neck aches and also for deeper relaxation. Bamboo treatments, like any massage style has its contraindications for certain ailments, always check with your therapist before embarking on a course of treatments. Phil Cole www.sarlingtouch.co.uk

Health is a state of complete harmony of the body, mind and spirit. When one is free from physical disabilities and mental distractions, the gates of the soul open B.K.S. Iyengar


From your date of birth to your time of death numbers influence your every move. Numerology can help you to live in the present moment and make the most out of your life by utilizing and being aware of the energy of the numbers that are all around you. Our Numerology series begins with a look at the number of the year ahead.

As we enter 2014 we have time to reflect on the past year. 2013 was a year six and represented a return to the divine feminine as predicted by the Mayan people who saw this as a time of great change. Astrologically we have experienced unusual alignments and super moons and an increase of sun spot activity. On a deeper level for many people this energy brought to the surface old energy patterns which needed to be changed. Many of us have been exposed to emotional hurts, and other old patterns many of which are inherited or ancestral, passed from generation to generation. Often these fears needed to be cleared on a Karmic level. We are often born into groups of souls whose mission is to clear these old patterns and heal the damage. We may not always understand why these things are occurring in our life because it is not our personal energy we are clearing. Once the energy has been dealt with we may find ourselves no longer able to connect to our birth


families. This can be an emotionally distressing experience and yet it is a necessary part of our own healing so that when we return, the relationships will be on a different level. Many of those who are experiencing difficult problems are those who will become the teachers, the way showers, here to guide us into a new way of being. I have recently worked on Numerology charts for young adults in their early twenties and without exception these young people had one thing in common. All of the charts were different to work on and forced me to explore other aspects of Numerology that I had not studied in order to complete their readings. All of these young people have been finding life difficult recently and yet despite being tired, all of them have been studying and walking their own path, steadily with an inner Knowing that they need to remain true to the self. Whilst the older generations struggle with the overwhelming tidal wave of confusion as

of many people’s, there are stories about shining ones, people who shone with a radiance that made them seem like gods. Think for a moment about people who glow with an inner light that radiates out into the world. People who have found their true calling and have become great at what they do, who love their work and live lives that fulfill them on all levels. It doesn’t matter whether their work creates an abundance of monetary wealth or if they are working as volunteers. When the spirit and the soul of the person are in harmony with their vocation, these people glow with inspiration for all to witness. We are all capable of this, we have simply been programmed to fear our own power.

old energy patterns are broken and dispersed, these younger people are Holding The Light for us to see our way through the storm. Purely by example they are teaching us how to move through the shifting energies so that we can raise our own awareness. 2014 is a year Seven which brings opportunities to develop and learn to work with our spiritual gifts. Seven teaches us to look within for the answers we seek instead of placing our trust and hopes in others. It enables us to expand the mind and to be more open to the unseen world. When we are open to this world and fully begin to understand that we are all connected, it becomes impossible to live a lie and so this year brings the energy needed to truly begin to walk our truth. It helps us to realize that it is ok to allow our inner light to shine, to nurture the inner spark of the divine essence of all that is, until it becomes a bright shining flame, which lights the way for others to see. Throughout history, within myths and legends

Seven enables us to continue to break through the veils of illusion and to be real. It is the number of the intellect and brings opportunities to connect with the new higher vibrational energy and work with it in an intelligent way. Instead of stumbling around ,feeling overwhelmed by it all, we will begin to see how to use this energy and incorporate it into our life. Seven is the number of Music and scientists have recently discovered the musical element of the Blue Stones at Stonehenge. I feel this knowledge will bring a new understanding of how these sacred sites were designed to be used. Seven is also the number of science and so we will begin to see more scientific breakthroughs. Seven brings opportunities to truly begin to feel comfortable within our own skin, to know that it is ok to stand alone, to be unique. Sometimes we need those moments of solitude in order to connect with nature and with who we are. It is important to recognize and embrace our individuality and to be proud of it. 2014 is a year of growth and development within the self. We need to trust our own intuitive thoughts and to be strong in who we are. Vikki Fosdal www.lightweaver.co.uk


Soul Contract Readings Have you ever felt that you are just plodding through your life, whether you feel you took advantage of all the educational opportunities laid out before you or not?

Do you feel unfulfilled, confused, apathetic and weary from seeking meaning and purpose in your everyday life, whether you felt encouraged and supported to persue your dreams or not? If you have ever experienced aspects within yourself debating with each other, and yes even sometimes ‘falling out’ about what fork in the road to take at differing junctures – a Soul Contract Reading can be the ‘Best Friend’ that reconnects and empowers you to reach your full potential. What can be causing the difficulty is a clash between ‘Ego Programming/Conditioning’ versus the ‘Soul Contract’ you made to yourself for this particular incarnation. A Soul Contract Reading will guide you in discovering the map of your life and align it with your ‘Soul Mission’. Each letter of your ‘Birth Certificate’ name vibrates to a particular frequency and can be decoded to reveal amazing things about your life path. This is achieved by converting phonetic Hebrew letters, sounds and symbols into the English language. As physical/ spiritual karma, talents and goals are exposed a clearer picture emerges to uncover ways to align your physical life with your ‘Soul Purpose’.


This in turn will also awaken your ‘Dominate Vibration’ at a deep cellular level. These gifts have often been masked by ego conditioning, unresolved trauma from a myriad of life challenges and negative limiting belief patterns. Each Soul birthed onto our beautiful planet, Mother Earth has encoded within a blueprint, which contains this unique contract. Certain life experiences were chosen by you alone for your life’s path this incarnation. Choices, such as, where you reside, the relationships you enter into and the opportunities you encounter. Your contract contains an agreement to ‘self ’ to attract particular people and situations into your life in order to experience lessons for ‘Soul Growth’. As each lesson completes, gifts of abundance on all levels, joy, love and fulfilment can be experienced, ‘true self ’ recognised and ‘Soul Destiny’ embraced and celebrated. When your Soul calls you to align with you Divine Contract, listen intently because your Spirit is awakening you to the life and dreams that you originally planned. Shelly Coles www.butterflylight.co.uk

Assisting our Sacred Mission


Archangel Michael Archangels are high ranking angels and their energies are very powerful. They are mentioned in many religions as having important work to do and they are held in high esteem. Archangel Michael – Electric Blue – Divine Will and Joy. “Call upon me in times of fear. I will guide you through the many trials and tribulations of life by offering you my divine protection. See my light spiralling around you, keeping you safe. I am with you.”

We can call upon Archangel Michael to assist us in our daily trials and tribulations of life. Michael’s positivity very quickly transmutes our negative thoughts as well as dispelling the negative actions of others. When summoning Michael, visualise him standing in front of you and ask for his divine protection. His sword of light has a powerful blue ray which brings in love, compassion and healing. It’s known as the sword of truth. Archangel Michael asks that we learn to ‘trust’ in who we are by feeling the light of truth and honour (integrity). His sword of light guides us when we are lost. He illuminates our path and brings us out of the darkness. He is by our side in times of need. He heals our hearts and brings in light love and compassion. Ask for him to be with you when fearful or alone especially when you are going on any journey


through life. He can also be called upon when going on a journey in your car. It is said that Archangel Michaels’ sword of light represents “Christ Consciousness.” This energy has a high frequency which helps to dissolve illusions and brings in wisdom. His light of truth enables us to move forward by releasing that which no longer serves our highest good. Christ consciousness is much evolved energy which is here now to help humanity evolve. This energy is accessible to anyone who asks. It is important for me to say that there are angels mentioned in many different religions and their associated religious texts, they do not belong solely to Christianity. For ease of purpose I have referred to the Angels as (him but they could just as easily be her). We can call upon Archangel Michael to help release us from situations in life that no longer

serve us. If you are finding it hard to move on from someone in your life, but you know in your heart that the situation is not right and time to let go, he is always there to help.

1. Close your eyes gently and visualize the person that you would like to detach from standing in front of you. Not too close, but see them in your imagination.

I love Archangel Michael. Not only does he give us divine protection but his energy is brave and strong. He picks you up when you are down and connecting with him restores your faith and willingness to let go.

2. Call in Archangel Michael to help you with his sword of light. Then see him making a figure of 8 which is around you and the person you wish to release.

When we part with someone in our lives, we should try not to feel anger or blame. Sometimes particularly in romantic relationships it is very hard to let go. Someone can feel like a soul mate to us but they they may simply be someone who has come into our life to show us the way. It is an experience that we have chosen to live through. We have agreed to do this on another plane of reality to balance, to learn and to grow. It can be very hard to accept this. We like to say ‘why me?’ Because I didn’t ask for this. I don’t need to be punished like this. As I said before, it’s not God’s punishment it is merely one of your soul fragment’s crying out for integration of the soul and spirit. It wants to be united with the truth. It doesn’t want to be in illusion any more. It is asking for light, illumination and truth. As you step away from the person who has caused you pain, on an emotional level the cords between you may be extremely thick. They generally attach at the solar plexus (because that particular chakra is your power centre) but it is possible for people to be corded at the throat which stops that person speaking out. I have observed this with clients particularly people who are finding it very difficult to express their true feelings. I would like to share with you a fabulous releasing exercise that I came across a few years ago. I have found this release exercise very effective particularly at the end of romantic relationships, or for a situation where someone is taking a large amount of energy from you.

3. Imagine yourself in one part of the eight and then imagine the other person in the other part of the eight. See the figure eight as moving energy which is pulsating and sending positive vibrations to you both. 4. Now ask Archangel Michael to break that figure of eight into two separate circles of light. He can do this with the tip of his sword. 5. See the person you wish to detach from stepping away from you now with the circle of light still around them. See them moving towards the horizon until they become smaller and smaller. 6. See the person disappearing over the horizon until completely out of sight. If this is difficult, don’t worry because in essence they have still gone. They are surrounded with light and they will remain protected. 7. Complete the exercise by affirming three times;’ It is done, it is done, it is done’. The power of three is very strong and sends a special energy out into the ethers to accomplish release. Colours associated with Archangel Michael are Silver and Deep Blue. Try carrying a Citrine crystal on your person to enhance the energy confidence. For dream recall place a stone of Red Jasper under your pillow as you sleep. Jennifer Lynch www.angelwisdom.co.uk


UNIVERSAL MAGAZINE We have 3 fabulous books to give away from Singing Dragon Publishing House - Authoritative books on complementary and alternative health, Tai Chi, Qigong and ancient wisdom traditions for health, wellbeing, and professional and personal development. Facial Enhancement Acupuncture 
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Based on Five Elements theory, this practical, fully illustrated guide to performing facial enhancement acupuncture (also known as cosmetic acupuncture, facial revitalisation or facial rejuvenation acupuncture) shows in detail the acupuncture points, techniques and equipment used in this procedure. Facial enhancement acupuncture targets points and muscles of the face in order to improve the elasticity of the skin and general overall appearance, as well as addressing constitutional points on the legs, arms and body to balance and harmonise the inner elements. The author clearly explains the rationale behind the needling of each face and neck point, which are shown in colour illustrations. He also discusses the advantages of acupuncture over surgical

guide to Peter Smith’s unique, 100% natural sleep solution. It:
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of colour healing from Ancient Greece to modern day. The characteristics of different colours are then given, as well as an explanation of how each colour relates to particular body parts and the major and minor chakras. The core of the book offers a complete treatment programme, teaching diagnostic techniques and a variety of approaches including healing with prana energy, healing with touch, healing with a colour therapy instrument, and absent healing.

The healing properties of colour and light have been recognised since ancient times; today colour therapy techniques are used to great effect in a range of complementary therapies and for personal wellbeing. This book provides a comprehensive introduction to colour healing and offers step-bystep instructions for treatment.

With useful illustrations and diagrams throughout, this book will be an essential guide for colour therapists, colourpuncture practitioners, kinesiologists, reflexologists and energy healers, as well as anyone with an interest in the restorative power of colour.

The opening chapters provide an overview of the science behind light and colour, and a brief history

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