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No two events have rendered the Ummah more shocked and paralysed, than have the destruction of the Khilafah and the creation of the entity known as the state of Israel. The events in Palestine this month continue to provoke tears in each and every Muslim home the world over. The policies of our leaders to the escalating genocide that is Israeli policy continue to be characterised by a singular lack of vision, a singular lack of ideology, a singular lack of Islam - they don't know what to do.

Our duty towards Palestine



News from around the world


The EU Summit - wallpapering over the cracks


It’s not hear say, it’s true …


US - Violators of human rights


US troops in Philippines


America increases its military budget


Steel Wars


ISAF (International Security Assistant Force): Afghanistan


“Education”, Bush Style

Saudi Arabia’s Peace proposal for Palestine


Scrutiny of this proposal, allows us to assess what its true source is. The example of Egypt is useful to assess the effects of normalisation with Israel as a sovereign state. Israel is a very small and weak country. Its whole population are conscripted just in order to maintain security against a few thousand Palestinian stone throwers, and even this they find hard to achieve. They are surrounded on all sides by Muslim lands including Turkey to the West. In order to import, export or travel, they must pass through Muslim lands. At one point, Israel was sur rounded on all sides by “enemy” states.


Gujarat; “An expression of national sentiment”

The criminal destruction of the Babri Masjid and presumably the coldblooded murder of over 2000 Muslims that followed was an, “Expression of national sentiment”, so said Atal Behari Vajpayee in addressing the biggest terrorist cell in the world; the Indian Parliament.


The Hunt for War Criminals




The Hidden Crusade


The UK television channel, Channel 4, recently broadcast a series of programmes that addressed the relationship between the Muslim communities in Britain and British Society. The conclusions drawn by the programmes which have been broadcast up until the time of writing clearly indicate that there is a large gap between the Muslim communities and British society in terms of values and goals. Thus the debate and investigation is likely to continue in British society to seek a more effective way to integrate the Muslims so that they do not oppose Britain’s future actions such as a new bombing campaign in Iraq, for example


Rogue Democrats

By far the worst example of fake democracy is in Uzbekistan, where General Elections can only be defined as a ‘one horse race’, the only true runner being Islam Karimov, the current president. The only candidates allowed are those with no hope of ever winning - the crippled mares in the political stables. In the 2000 elections Karimov allowed only one opponent. This was perhaps a sign of insecurity. This ‘chal lenger’ was Abdulhafiz Jalolov, an obscure professor and a former Marxist from the Uzbek Communist Party. However, even Mr Jalolov could not resist but vote for Karimov. Jalolov said after posting his ballot, “I voted for stability, peace, our nation’s independence, for the development of Uzbekistan … So as paradoxical as it may sound, I voted for Islam Karimov.”


On December 20th 1989, President Bush ordered a military assault on Panama using aircraft, artillery, helicopter gunships and new weapons, including the Stealth bomber. In the El Chorillo district of Panama City alone, hundreds of civilians were killed and between 15,000 and 30,000 made homeless. US soldiers buried dead Panamanians in mass graves, often without identification. The head of state, Manuel Noriega, who was systematically demonised by the US government and press, ultimately surrendered to US forces and was brought to Miami, Florida, on extra-territorial US criminal charges. The US invasion of Panama violated all the international laws Iraq vio lated when it invaded Kuwait and more. Many more Panamanians were killed by US forces than Iraq killed Kuwaitis. President Bush violated the Charter of the United Nations, the Hague and Geneva Conventions, committed crimes against peace, war crimes and vio lated the US Constitution and numerous US criminal statutes in ordering and directing the assault on Panama.


Open letter to the ‘Ulema

O pious and noble ‘Ulema: The time has come to take the opportunity to save your Ummah from the control of the Kuffar, and from being disgraced before them, and from the tyranny of their thoughts, rules and systems implemented over you. The time has come for you to work with those sincere and pious sons of your Ummah, to re-establish the glory of the Islamic Ummah by applying your honourable Islamic Sharee’ah and uniting your ranks before the enemies of Allah and your enemies. The time has come for Islam to lead the world and save the whole of mankind from the crimes and oppression of the capitalist system. This is by establishing Islam as a ‘Aqeedah and a system, under the shade of the righteous Khilafah state,..

Big Fat Scam


Obesity on the societal level, as it stands in the west, is the product of a paradox. On the one hand there is an obsession with being thin. There are sever al cottage and trans-national industries that thrive on this obsession. On the other hand there is another industry that thrives on selling low quality high calorie over-processed and overpriced food. One would have thought that these two would oppose each other. However, the companies and individuals that benefit from the “well-being sector”...



April 2002 Khilafah Magazine



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Assalamu Alaikum wa Rahmatullahi wa Barakatahu, Taqiuddin an-Nabhani, the founder of Hizb utTahrir, in his book, The Islamic State describes the events at the turn of the twentieth century. He writes: "Western culture was the dagger drawn by the West in the face of the Islamic state, and by which it fatally stabbed her. Then, taking the weapon, dripping with blood, to her sons proudly said to them: I have killed your ailing mother, who deserved to be killed because of her poor guardianship and mismanagement and I have reserved for you the kind of life in which you will relish happiness and prosperity. They then offered to shake the hand of the murderer whose dagger was still stained with the blood of their mother. This, it is claimed, is just what the hyena does to its prey. The prey stands still, stunned and astonished, and does not come back to its senses until it is dealt a hard blow that makes it bleed, or is taken down to the valley to be eaten." The poignancy of these words cannot go unheeded this month. The dagger that is the occupation of Palestine is firmly embedded in the heart of the Muslim world. The hyenas run free in Afghanistan and India, tearing pieces from this noble Ummah, while vultures encircle Iraq. And the murderer's 'hand shake' is as firm as ever, most notably in the guise of the Saudi peace plan and the rhetoric of Kofi Annan. No two events have rendered the Ummah more shocked and paralysed, than have the destruction of the Khilafah and the creation of the entity known as the state of Israel. The events in Palestine this month continue to provoke tears in each and every Muslim home the world over. The policies of our leaders towards the escalating genocide that is Israeli policy continue to be characterised by a singular lack of vision, a singular lack of ideology, a singular lack of Islam - they don't know what to do. On 23 November 1967, the PLO issued a statement in Cairo rejecting UN resolutions 242 and 338, declaring, "the determination of the Palestinian people to continue their revolutionary struggle to liberate their homeland". It called on Arab states, "to meet their national responsibilities and mobilize all their resources for this battle of destiny". On 15 November 1988 in Algiers, Arafat read from a prepared text: "In the name of God, in the name of the Palestinian people, the Palestinian National Council proclaims the creation of the state of Palestine, with Holy Jerusalem as its capital!" His next words accepted UN resolutions 242 and 338, the right of Israel to exist and live peacefully in the Middle East.

Israeli forces to leave Gaza and Jericho before permanent status negotiations on the future of the West Bank, Hebron and Jerusalem. Over a period of fifty years they have gone from rejecting the state of Israel to acknowledging living side by side with her, to begging her for withdrawal from a few nominal cities. As for the fate of Al-Quds, that is up for debate. After the capitulation of the PLO, and the rulers of Egypt and Jordan, the Saudi plan proposes that the rest of the Ummah follow suit and accept Israel's occupation of the Islamic land of Palestine. A plan stained by the same ugly pragmatism, borne of despair and of the impotency of the current regimes to define a plan and a vision. This is echoed by the popular press, Radwan Abdullah, an Arab commentator said in an article entitled, "Arabs Puzzled Why Sept 11 Didn't Change US Policy" said: "Everybody is baffled, including the leadership in the Arab world. Nobody understands the US policy. They don't know how to deal with it. If they tried to convince the public that by following a proAmerican stance they can exert some influence, it is now out in the open that their influence is near zero." The Intifada pits fifteen to twenty year old youths equipped with stones and Second World War pistols against American made tanks and Apache helicopters. An uprising designed not to gain control of a situation but to implore the rest of the world to act, by showing Israeli soldiers breaking the bones of unarmed Palestinian youths. Is it possible to detect a single strand of cohesive thought in any of the responses that the people who represent the Ummah of Rasoolallah (saw) have made to the dagger that is Israel? Contrast the lack of vision to the lives of the Sahabah. It has been narrated by Ibn Masoud (ra) that when the Ayah was revealed;

"This is nothing but a reminder to mankind, Jinn and all that exists." [TMQ Al-Qalam: 52]; that the Muslims knew then, even though they were few in number that they would one day rule the world. They saw Islam as the ideology that it is, capable of providing a vision, a goal and a plan. At a difficult time their confidence was such that they would be derided by the Mushrikeen who would say "Here are the masters of the Earth who will defeat Chosroes (of Persia) and Caesar (of Rome)". The whole problem of the Israeli and Palestinian conflict is distinct by the absence of the ideology that makes this region special in the first place, the ideology of Islam. Dr Saqib Latif

In September 1993, the Declaration of Principles was signed between the PLO and the state of Israel, on the White House lawn. The main idea was for 4

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Ummah takes to the streets - Cairo

Our stance as Muslims

• Palestine is a land that Allah (swt) has blessed and linked to the Aqeedah of the Muslims • Allah (swt) made it the first Qibla, and the point of departure of the Prophet (saw) to the seven Heavens, and many of the Sahabah, may Allah be pleased with them, led by the glorious commanders such as Abu Ubayda, Khalid bin Walid, Sharhabeel Ibnu Hasana among others, have gained martyrdom over its pure soil

Arabs Puzzled Why Sept. 11 Didn’t Change U.S. Policy “Arab officials have reached a state where they can’t give people justification or tell them ‘we are working on something,..” Hisham Youssef, Spokesman for the Arab League Saturday, February 2, 2002

“At this moment in history, we have become so dependent a people that we expect our political destiny in Palestine to be determined for us by capricious rulers in foreign capitals,..” Fawaz Turki, Saturday, February 2, 2002

“Everybody is baffled, including the leadership in the Arab world. Nobody understands the U.S. policy. They don’t know how to deal with it. If they tried to convince the public that by following a pro-American stance they can exert some influence, it is now out in the open that their influence is near zero.” Radwan Abdullah, Saturday, February 2, 2002

• Despite the subjugation, the killing and the humiliation which the Jews exercise against the Muslims everywhere, we find the Muslims rulers, without any pressure applied upon them by any side, rushing to seek conciliation with Israel • The current initiative announced by Crown Prince Abdullah represents a collective betrayal of the Muslim Ummah by rewarding Israel for her oppression and aggression against the Muslims of Palestine • The PLO was not established to liberate Palestine from the Jews, it was only formed to surrender Palestine to the Jews • Arafat and the PLO capitulated in depravity to the orders of America and the wishes of Israel, and sold Palestine, the Muslim land, as well as the Muslim people of Palestine, in exchange for himself and his administration

• The Ummah is under no obligation whatsoever to abide by such agreements or accept such surrender, for they violate the Shari'ah rule • Arafat, the PLO, and the Muslim rulers are not lawfully commissioned by the Islamic Ummah nor by anyone else for that matter to hold such agreements or to surrender even one inch of the Muslim land of Palestine to Israel or to any other disbelieving state • These agreements and concessions are acceptable neither to Allah (swt), nor to His Messenger (saw) nor to the believers • If Muslims keep quiet about these agreements which Arafat, the PLO, and the Muslim rulers have signed or are about to sign, and about the concessions which they made to the Jews, they would be partners in the crime which Yasser Arafat and the Muslim rulers have perpetrated • The duty of every Muslim would be to categorically reject these agreements, and to prevent any other such agreements with Israel from being held; and there is no other way to do this but to work seriously towards establishing the Khilafah and giving the Bay'ah to a Khalifah who would apply the Book of Allah (swt) and the Sunnah of His Messenger (saw) in order to implement Islam

• The agreements which Yasser Arafat and the PLO have signed with Israel in Madrid, Oslo, Paris and Cairo, are all illegitimate and so is the surrender of Palestinian land to Israel April 2002 Khilafah Magazine


News From Around The World

The EU Summit - wallpapering over the cracks Leaders of the European Union congregated in Barcelona for a two-day summit to focus upon economic reform and prosperity for Europe. Meanwhile anti-globalisation activists took to the streets and engaged in running battles with the Spanish authorities. The European leaders did not fare much better and signs of political infighting and squabbling were quick to surface. In particular France was keen to avoid dis cussion upon the opening of energy markets to protect its giant state owned company EDF (Electricitie de France) which itself exploits the liberal free energy markets within Europe. France was also hoping that their candidate, Jean Claude Trichet, governor of the Banque de France would gain succession to the head of the European central bank from Wim Duisenberg, who is stepping down. The German government faces elections this autumn and in the face of internal pressure has failed to endorse new company take over rules, thus blocking a reform measure within the European parliament. Another contest was the tag team clash between Blair, summit host Jose Maria Aznar of Spain and Silvio Berlusconi of Italy, who wish to free up labour markets against France and Belgium who propagate the ‘European Social model’ with emphasis on workers rights. Romano Prodi, the President of the European Commission expressed his frustration: “There is still a gap between making policy declarations and turning them into practice.” Such friction and stubbornness is unsurprising if one considers the reality of the European states as capitalist nations each pursuing their own interests. Indeed, the fifty-odd Muslim states would do well to realise that unity between them cannot be achieved by the formation of unions and confederations such as the OIC and the Arab league. Such organisations recognise the independence of their member states with inevitable conflicting interests. Such alliances will never lead to the progress of the people, for unity implies the coordinated and complementary efforts of these nations. Such events only provide opportunity to battle for the


Khilafah Magazine April 2002

position of self-interest.

US - Violators of human rights

Faisel Chaudhury

On December 10, 1948 the General Assembly of the United Nations adopted and proclaimed the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. Article 5 States, “No one shall be subjected to torture or to cruel, inhuman or degrading treatment or punishment.” These declarations are supposed to represent a common standard of achievement for all peoples and all nations. All except America it appears.

It’s not hear say, it’s true … The recent voting extrava ganza sur rounding “Pop Idol” only goes to show, if Gareth Gates or Will Young can get 8.7 million votes in the final, and the Conservative Party in the 2001 UK General Elections only attracted approximately 8.2 million votes, that more of the public are pressed about who to vote as a pop idol than to vote for who will run the country. This is indicative of the publicity and stardom that celebrities attract. Thousands of screaming boys and girls look up to and emulate their favourite stars, to be thin like Naomi Campbell, sing like George Michael, or act like Winona Ryder. Maybe they would like to emulate their favourite stars in all their behaviour. -Winona Ryder was arrested and has been accused of stealing clothing and jewellery worth more than three thousand pounds at Saks boutique in Beverly Hills. She was released on $20,000 bail (£14,000) and denies all the charges. -Naomi Campbell 31, claims breach of confidence and invasion of privacy over a story about her visit to a Narcotics Anonymous meeting and possible drug abuse. -George Michael was arrested in New York for indecency in a men’s public lavatory. -Will Young recently announced his sexual orientation, declaring himself to be homosexual. The media subsequently claimed that if his career fails it would because of public prejudice. These are the ideals that the Kuffar aspire to and attempt to emulate. Surely for a Muslim living in the West our ideals are not based on desire and fame,

The report of Amnesty International states that a “disturbing level of secrecy” continues to surround the detentions of Muslims by the US and suggests, “that a significant number of detainees continue to be deprived of certain basic rights guaranteed under international law.” In some cases detainees charged with minor immigration violations have been held in solitary confinement for up to 23 hours a day under conditions that “appear to be unnecessarily harsh and to constitute cruel, inhuman and degrading treatment.” A detainee at the Metropolitan Detention Centre in New York writes in a letter: “I have now been in solitary confinement for three and a half months and by the time of the next hearing I will have been here for four months. If it hadn’t been for the Koran and prayer, I would have lost my mind or had a nervous breakdown … Why am I imprisoned? … Why in solitary confinement? And why under maximum security measures? I have many questions and no answers. What are they accusing me of?” Shebarghan jail in northern Afghanistan was home to 3,300 prisoners squeezed together in grossly overcrowded, unsanitary cells where many died from disease. An inspection team from the Boston-based Physicians for Human Rights (PHR) visited the prison recently and declared it “a quiet atrocity”. These disturbing reports have touched the hearts of many across the globe. Is there any wonder why the world dislikes this pirate nation, America? All except our subservient Muslim rulers who join them in their practices. Ruksana Rahman

US troops in Philippines rather the Shari’ah. “Verily in the Messenger of Allah you have the finest example” [TMQ alAhzab: 21]. Nur Al-Ameen

With the arrival of the first batch of 160 US Marines in the Philippine island of Basilan, the long arm of global law stretches out to scourge ‘terrorism’ from the face of the American globe. The arrival of the troops comes a day after

two bomb blasts, blamed on opponents of the government, killed at least 5 and injured at least 43 people. Like Afghanistan, the island does not carry a technological threat to America, but justification for its presence comes from the existence of ‘Abu Sayyaf’, the most notorious group who claim to espouse the goal of an Islamic state and whom the Pentagon insists, without much evidence, has links to Osama Bin Laden. The US would like very much to help crack down on Islamism, even those who kidnap for their money and their cause. Perhaps it is not so much the threat of the Abu Sayyaf, but a shopping list of where the US wants to go, with a slice of the Philippines going down nicely. And who are the ones to suffer? Already the Muslims in the Philippines have no rights, are mistreated, humiliated, and many live in slums and ghettos; and this includes Muslims living in Manila, the capital. With the presence of American troops, the situation of the Muslims can only worsen. If American troops arrive in any region, it is surely an ominous sign of colonisation.

“And when it was said to them: ‘Make not mischief on the earth,’ they say: ‘we are only peace-makers’. Verily they are the ones who make mischief, but they perceive not” [TMQ al-Baqarah: 11-12]. Dawud Abdur Rahman

America increases its military budget President Bush during a visit to Fort Bragg, home to the US Special Operation Forces, on March 15th announced his plan for a $48 billion increase to $379 billion in military spending. This is the largest increase in over two decades. “Nothing is more important than the national security of our country. So nothing is more important than our defence budget,” said Bush. “The best way to secure the homeland is to unleash the mighty US Military.” The very next day the US performed a successful test of its Missile Defence System, intercepting an Inter-continental Ballistic Missile in space 30 minutes after it was launched. These statements and actions by the US are appropriate to any ideological

News From Around The World nation, which by its nature seeks to secure its interests at home and abroad. America’s interests are the capitalist interests and we can see vivid examples of these goals being pursued in Afghanistan at the expense of the blood, honour and property of the Muslims living there. Whilst America is increasing its military spending, we see a different reaction from the rulers in our lands. Our rulers like the Saudi royal family, have squandered billions of dollars on American military hardware. But is it being used to further the interests of Islam? Clearly not. Our rulers only move our armies in response to the interests of America and Kufr, and not to the interests of Islam. The steps taken by Bush are undoubtedly aimed at strengthening the stranglehold his nation has on the world. However, what the Muslims find lacking is a leader who unites them and undertakes the actions necessary to protect them. Where is the unifying entity and the Amir of Jihad, who is in charge of the departments of Foreign Affairs, War and Internal Security? Without this the blood, honour and property of Muslims remains unprotected and free for the taking.

“Make ready for them all you can of armed forces and of horses tethered, that thereby you may dismay the enemy of Allah and your enemy, and others beside them whom you know not. Allah knows them” [TMQ Al-Anfal: 60]. Abdul-Kareem Newell

Steel Wars Recently George W. Bush incensed the EU by stating that the US would be imposing tariffs on steel imports. Pascal Lamy, EU commissioner, claimed that such tariffs would hurt the EU in an “unjustified and unfounded way… We will do everything we possibly can to protect our own industry and our own interests.” The EU fears that her access to the lucrative US market, in which she holds a 25 percent stake, will be severely hit as well as the fear that the European market will now be the destination for foreign

steel, which in turn will affect her own industry and jobs. Bush’s decision comes after the consis tent decline of the US steel industry, which has seen 30 bankruptcies in the last five years or so. This is not the first time that trade conflicts have arisen between the US and EU. Disputes over beef and the famous “banana wars” are the legacies of interventionist policies adopted by the two to protect their own industries. These incidents have all escalated the accusations of hypocrisy, which have been directed towards the US as she has been the primary advocator for free trade. Globalisation, the pinnacle of capitalist economic theory, proposes the lifting of trade barriers between nations, which allows companies to have unrestricted access to foreign markets in which they can compete on an equal footing. However, this dream has never fully materialised, which led to the creation of the WTO, which acts as a regulatory body over world trade. The WTO’s very existence exposes the fallacy of the capitalist ideology, which gives its adherents the mentality of self-interest. On a state level this viewpoint will lead governments to pass policies that serve the interests of their own domestic industries and will undoubtedly go against free trade. When the US advocates free trade, she does so to countries whose domestic industries can’t compete with the larger US industries. Thus in reality the US will sign such agreements purely with the intention of taking over a given market and avoid free trade when required to protect herself. The Islamic Ummah must protect their own markets against this shape of neo-colonialism in her lands. Mohammed Ashifuddin

ISAF (International Security Assistant Force): Afghanistan The US State Department has a talent. It is a talent that exhibits itself often, with far reaching consequences. This talent is the ability to make countries from all around the world spend their money, their time and the lives of their citizens to secure US interests. It is in this way that the US keeps the funding of its crusade of global dominance to a minimum. A fitting example was the Gulf War, funded mainly by Saudi Arabia which is

now massively in debt. Another from the same conflict was the use of mainly Syrian and Egyptian troops to fight the Iraqis, keeping US casualties to a minimum. In Afghanistan, Afghanis were used to fight the Taliban, directed by the CIA. The most recent example of this phenomenon is the pressure being applied to Turkey to head the International Security Assistant Force (ISAF) in Afghanistan. In October of last year, this was a prestigious role, allowing its owner to gain some influence in Central Asia, and sta tus in the international community. Britain secured the post at that time. Now that the large part of the war in Afghanistan is over, it will be a burden for whoever has the misfortune of suc ceeding to it. It is now a question of who will shoulder the responsibility of stabilising US interests in the region while the US concentrates on new concerns, with Turkey as a prime candidate. Turkey will be further disadvantaged by the $60 million required to increase the number of its troops in Afghanistan in order to perform the role, as its economy is already in shambles. Muslim countries should not be subservient to the capitalist west, neither should Muslim soldiers be required to put their lives on the line to secure the interests of those who oppose Islam. This is the Turkey that Mustafa Kemal established, and the status quo that the Muslims must not accept any longer. There is no power, dignity, honour, independence or strength except with Allah (swt). Hani Jamal Uddin

“Education”, Bush Style Bush announced that 10 million school books and many teacher trainers will be sent to Afghanistan. The objective set by the American regime is to meet its goal of “educating” the next generation of Muslims, including women, and children. He alleged that the textbooks would teach tolerance and respect for human rights, instead of indoctrinating students with what he called fanaticism and bigotry.

ronment they are supposed to be. Capitalism has spread its seed into the youth and led them to believe that the products they buy, the clothing they wear, and the kids they associate with are what will define them as people. The education system in the US is a system which propagates respect for the spurious concepts of freedom and toler ance which have made atrocious massacres, like at the Columbine School, an all too common occurrence. And the slo gan of human rights that the US speaks of is just a mirage, which she ignores and applies when it suits herself, as can be seen with the hundreds of captives kept in Camp X-Ray,Cuba. The education system of Islam, as applied by the Khilafah, produced peo ple like Imam Abu Hanifah, Muhammad ibn Qasim and Imam Shafi’i who memorised the Qur’an and the Muwatta of Imam Malik by ten, is known as the founder of Usool al-Fiqh and one of the greatest mujtahideen ever. As Hizb utTahrir mentions in the draft constitution of the Khilafah State, the education system is highlighted in the following points amongst others: Article 173 It is an obligation upon the State to teach every individual, male or female, those things which are necessary for the main stream of life. This should be provided freely to all… Article 174 The State ought to provide the means of developing knowledge, such as libraries and laboratories, in addition to schools and universities, to enable the continua tion of research in the various fields of knowledge, like Fiqh, Hadith and Tafseer of Qur’an, thought, medicine, engineering and chemistry, research and development etc. This is done to create an abundance of mujtahideen, outstand ing scientists and innovators in research. Asif Khan

The same education system in the US, which Bush wishes to export, needs close scrutiny. Schools in the West, and particularly in the US, are a mere social circus, as opposed to the learning envi-

April 2002 Khilafah Magazine


Saudi Arabia’s Peace proposal for Palestine


he West Bank city of Ramallah became Yasser Arafat’s prison for much of February and March of this year and he remains under house arrest through the order of Ariel Sharon, the butcher of Sabra and Shatilla and now of all the West Bank and Gaza. Branded as a terrorist himself in his youth and admired by many Arabs and Muslims the world over for his efforts to remove the Zionist occupation of Muslim land, he now spends most of his time struggling to arrest the youth of today who try to do the very same thing. Fatah, his nationalistic political party, now openly assert that the only solution to the situation in Palestine is for the USA to control Israel and impose upon her a two state treaty, with America enforcing such a deal. There are no secret plans to win back all of al-Quds, let alone the suggestion of winning back the rest of the Muslim land. Fatah, particularly Arafat, can do nothing but beg. He begs the Arab rulers, he begs Israel and he begs the United States of America. The only thing he can offer is the arrest of the courageous Palestinian civilians who are not willing to sit down and accept the domination of kufr over their land, and even this he performs quite unsuccessfully, fearing the wrath of his own people who love them. During the Clinton administration, Arafat was built in the world media as an internationally accepted and respected leader of the Palestinian National Authority (PNA). Rewarded with a Nobel Peace Prize in 1993 for the negotiation of the Oslo peace accord, the world was relying on him to convince his people that it was acceptable to give away their land, their honour and their religion for the sake of lasting peace. However, those familiar with the public opinion within Palestine realised that he was extremely unpopular as the people knew at what price the peace he offered came, and the majority of the people were not willing to make such an expensive trade. Although many attempts


Khilafah Magazine April 2002

were made to restore his popularity with the Palestinian people by making him appear strong against Barak and later Sharon, they failed. For the last 6 months, a concerted effort to discredit Arafat internationally has been undertaken by Israel and, in a limited role, the United States. Israel has blamed every suicide bomber, every gunman and every stone thrower on Arafat personally. They have ordered him to arrest members of Hamas and Islamic Jihad, groups whose members are far more popular than himself, with a police force currently occupied in defending itself against Israeli tank attacks. When a Jewish child was killed, it was Arafat’s fault, when a nightclub exploded, Arafat was to blame, and even the death of the Palestinians was Arafat’s fault because he allowed them to throw stones. Sharon even went to the extent that he stated at a press conference that he wished he had killed Arafat 10 years ago when he was defence minister. It is astonishing that Arafat still wants to negotiate with a man who wishes him long dead.

The United States and Israel; who controls whom? It is believed by some that Israel controls the United States of America through a strong Jewish lobby, pow erful Jewish-American politicians and Jewish billion aire contributors with close ties to the government. Although this may have some effect on US foreign policy, America is an ideological nation, that has through its ideology and efforts, become the dominant nation on earth. It did not achieve this by serving the interests of other countries (particularly those in unstable regions with expensive demands) but rather by serving her own interests with ruthless greed. US involvement in the Zionist conflict is primarily for American interests. There are two prominent issues

for the United States in the Arab lands; namely, oil and Islam. The United States is completely dependent upon oil as has been elaborated variously by many observers, and that dependence is increasing, with Saudi Arabia and the other Gulf countries being important suppliers of that vital resource. Secondly, the Arabs, with their strong Islamic influences both historically and due to current movements, have been fought mercilessly over the last 50 years by their rulers to prevent the return of an ideological Islamic State that might unite the Islamic lands in the Middle East and all over the Islamic world into a new super power in the form the Khilafah. This of course would be very dangerous for the United States as it would no longer be able to exploit the Arab oil fields as it can now; its global free market would be challenged and would probably collapse as the hundreds of nations it has exploited abandon it in favour of the new interna tional economic order established according to the Shari’ah; its international influence would fade and its own people would begin to call for the establishment of Islam, eventually ending with the acceptance of the ideology it had once fought so viciously. It is important to mention that this can be achieved simply through the intellectual superiority, justice, and consistency of the Islamic ideology as presented by a state and the example that the Khilafah will give to the world, without firing a single bullet. This having been said, an Islamic State could never tolerate injustice or ignore the rights of a population oppressed by their own rulers, and such a state would always be ready to fight for the truth. Thus, the United States is concerned about what happens in the Middle East and is keen to keep close controls over the regimes there, both politically and militarily. Unfortunately, there are strategic problems in military observation of the Arabian Peninsula. It is surrounded on all sides by Muslim countries, many of which are not immensely friendly with the exception of Turkey. The Americans have bases in Qatar, Yemen and Saudi but with a strong naval opposition in the Red Sea, Indian Ocean and the Suez Canal, it could become very difficult to supply such troops over a long period of time. The sheer distances involved would make it very difficult to deliver reinforcements or a ground force to the region and, if they were to attack an Islamic State in the region that had not committed any aggressions that the US could use as an excuse, she would find it difficult not to alienate the rest of the Islamic world further by opposing it, which the Khilafah could easily capitalise on. The US would have been virtually helpless against Saddam Hussein and Iraq if the Arab countries had not permitted her to launch her attacks from the Arab lands, it would have simply been out of range to do anything meaningful. There is however, one site in the Middle East which overcomes some of these problems, and that is the Golan Heights. Along with the Suez Canal but for dif-

Middle East Conflict

“The Zionist plan is to attack and kill as many Palestinians as they can, and make their living conditions unbearable with the objective of forcing them to accept any settlement that the Israeli regime want.” ferent reasons, they are the most strategic positions in the Middle East. The Golan Heights overlooks the whole Arabian Peninsula and from them, an aerial or missile attack can be launched to almost any position in the region. Due to its proximity to Europe and Turkey it can be supplied with relative ease (as com pared to troops in Saudi Arabia). Hence, control of the Golan is important to America. For the United States, the Palestinian situation ties into this overview in two main ways. Firstly, the plight of the Palestinians breeds resentment in the Arab world for the US and therefore the agent Arab rulers, which are vital to the US to maintain her geopolitical and strategic dominance in the region, secure the pro vision of oil, and prevent the return of an Islamic State. Secondly a settlement between Israel and Palestine makes it possible to achieve a settlement between Syria and Israel over the Golan Heights, with “UN” peacekeeping forces occupying the Golan, which can be manipulated by the Americans in order for the US to occupy the mountains. America has no interest in prolonged war between Palestinians and Israelis. But she has one big problem in securing these interests. The Muslims do not trust her, they dislike her intensely and view her as a colonial force allied with the enemy; Israel.

American forces overlooking the Arabian Peninsula and the Muslims. If the United States had proposed such a plan, the Arab press would have ridiculed it and the Muslims never would have accepted it. What better way to legitimise American interests in the region than to pass them through a state that some recognise to be both Islamic and Arab? The Saud family have once again sold themselves to the imperialist powers and contradicted the interests defined by Allah (swt) and Islam in favour of the Kuffar.

Crown Prince Abdullah, the proxy ruler of Saudi Arabia in Fahd’s illness, has come into the interna tional focus recently for his proposed “solution” to the Palestinian situation. His proposal was quite simple. If Israel withdrew to the 1967 borders, agreed upon by the United Nations as the borders of Israel, then all of the Arab countries would recognise Israel as a sovereign nation and grant her complete normalisation.

to maintain security against a few thousand Palestinian stone throwers, and even this they find hard to achieve. They are surrounded on all sides by Muslim lands including Turkey to the West. In order to import, export or travel, they must pass through Muslim lands. Their water supplies reach them via Muslim lands and they have little fossil fuel resources so acquire it through trade. At one point, Israel was surrounded on all sides by “enemy” states. The country was under constant threat of attack and on some occasions, it looked feasible that the Muslims could have liberated the whole of Israel. However, fortunately for Israel, the Arab rulers of that time were not really interested in removing her, whatever their rhetoric, and after some Israeli excursions into neighbouring states with subsequent counter-attacks, the 1967 borders were agreed upon in the United Nations. Then came peace with Egypt. Suddenly, Israel became much stronger than it had been before. It had a buffer on one of its borders, a front on which it did not fear an attack. It could trade with Egypt, fly over its airspace and sail through its waters without fear. Adding Jordan and Turkey to this left Israel stronger still, consolidating its power and leaving it free to invade southern Lebanon and expand its settlements all through the West Bank as it now had “friends” on its borders. In theory, the possible opposition it has left in the region comprises Syria, Iraq, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Yemen, Iran and of course the Palestinians. The Crown Prince’s plan - in one deft blow to the Muslims - proposes to remove Syria, Iraq, Saudi, Qatar, Yemen and Palestine from that list. Israel would become completely secure. It would be recognised and accepted. It could trade throughout the Middle East, start to influence the politics there and would become an accepted regional state with the right to control the land it has stolen. If such a plan succeeded, and given sufficient time, the Muslims in the Arab world might even forget that Israel is an occupying force that invaded the Muslim lands 54 years ago and it may also forget the lives of the martyrs that were lost in order to rid Palestine of oppression.

Scrutiny of this proposal, allows us to assess what its true source is. The example of Egypt is useful to assess the effects of normalisation with Israel as a sovereign state. Israel is a very small and weak coun try. Its whole population are conscripted just in order

Without the constant instability caused by the fighting in Palestine, the Arab rulers could consolidate their power and stabilise their regimes, a further set back to the return of the Khilafah. Finally, Golan and possibly Al-Quds would become international, probably with

Even the press in so-called “moderate” Arab States such as Egypt and Jordan criticise the US zealously, probably in order to divert attention away from their own corrupt rulers. With Bush making characteristically untactful threats in the direction of Iraq, the US is ill placed in such an environment to portray itself as an impartial mediator. The US realised it would not be able to change its image in the sight of the Arab Muslims, short of actually attacking Israel and the special envoy she sent to negotiate a cease fire, General Anthony Zinni, was clearly a token gesture without any real chance of achieving anything at all. It was at this point that the stage was set for the Americans to call in a favour from its “good friends” the Saud family.

The Saudi plan

The Islamic Opinion

“And fight in the Way of Allah those who fight you, but transgress not the limits. Truly Allah likes not the transgressors. And kill them wherever you find them, and turn them out from where they have turned you out. And tumult and oppression are worse than killing. And fight not with them at Al-Masjid-Al-Haram, unless they (first) fight you there. But if they attack you, then kill them. Such is the recompense of the dis believers. But if they cease, then Allah is OftForgiving, Most Merciful. And fight them until there is no more fitnah (disbelief) and worship is for Allah (Alone). But if they cease, let there be no transgression except against Az-Zalimun (polytheists, wrong-doers, oppressors)” [TMQ Al-Baqarah: 190-193]. The past few months have been amongst the bloodiest in Palestine, the land of the Prophets (as), since the 1970s. Sharon and his Zionist regime have responded to the small resistance that the Palestinians have managed to put up with vicious cruelty. They have openly admitted that their plan is to inflict heavy casualties upon the Palestinian Muslims. One Israeli commentator asserted that Sharon was aiming to kill at least 10 Palestinians for each Israeli killed in order to demoralise the Muslims to the point that they realise that their only option is to accept Israeli domination over their land and accept any settlement that they are offered. In the first intifada almost 15 years ago, there were roughly 25 Palestinians dead for each Israeli dead. “It’s much better than the past”, said Dr. Nizar Rayan, a member of Hamas. “Now, if one Israeli is killed, it equals only three Palestinians.” However, the attacks of the Zionists have been cowardly and brutal.

April 2002 Khilafah Magazine


Middle East Conflict

When the Israeli tanks rolled into Jabalya, the largest refugee camp in the Gaza strip with 100 000 inhabitants, they fired at anything that moved. In one small house at the edge of the camp, Abdur-Rahman IzzaDin, a 54 year old Palestinian man, father of 11 and grandfather of several dozen children, told his family to stay down as the Israeli forces rumbled closer to his house. He then went upstairs to close the door leading to his roof, where he was shot three times and killed, apparently by an Israeli sniper. Moments later, when Izza-Din’s 36 year old son, Walid, rushed to his fathers aid, he to was shot and killed. The marauding army has bulldozed schools, hospitals, police stations and private homes, as well as intentionally damaging main water pipes and electricity cables and barricading main roads. At one Israeli checkpoint in February a pregnant woman was shot dead after being stopped for security purposes. The following day, a second pregnant woman was shot dead at the same checkpoint. The Zionist plan is to attack and kill as many Palestinians as they can, and make their living conditions unbearable with the objective of forcing them to accept any settlement that the Israeli regime want. There can be no Islamic ruling upon such a regime, which mercilessly attacks Muslims, other than to fight against them. This is even more pressing as they have occupied Muslim land, including Masjid al-Aqsa in al-Quds, the third of the holy Masajid. Al-Aqsa was the first Qibla of the Muslims, it was the place from where the Prophet (saw) ascended to heaven in the Night Journey, it is the graveyard of thousands of martyrs and is mentioned as a blessed place in the Qur’an many times, even in the same verse as the Ka’ba, as Allah (swt) says:

“Glorified (and Exalted) is He (Allah) who took His slave (Muhammad) for a journey by night from AlMasjid Al-Haram (at Makkah) to Al-Masjid Al-Aqsa (in Jerusalem), the neighbourhood whereof We have blessed, in order that We might show him (Muhammad) of our signs. Verily, He is the AllHearer, the All-Seer” [TMQ Al-Isra: 1]. It may be true that the Saud family organise the Hajj, provide food and water to the pilgrims and beautify the Holy Mosques, but did not the Quraish do the same for the Mushrikeen before Islam liberated Makkah? Does their poor custodianship of two of the holy mosques permit them to give the third to the oppressive Zionists? Does their organising of the Hajj permit them to abandon Jihad? Allah (swt) says in the Qur’an:


Khilafah Magazine April 2002

“Do you consider the providing of drinking water to the pilgrims and the maintenance of al-Masjid al-Haram (at Makkah) as equal to the worth of those who believe in Allah and the Last Day, and strive hard and fight in the Cause of Allah? They are not equal before Allah. And Allah guides not those people who are the Zalimun (polytheists, oppressors)” [TMQ At-Taubah: 19]. Is their excuse that they are too weak to fight and pro tect their Muslim brothers and sisters in Palestine? Is it that they can propose to all of the Arabs that they make peace with Israel, but cannot propose that they all fight together as one Ummah for the honour of their brothers? Do not the Palestinians themselves fight with their bare chests and rifles or stones against tanks and helicopters. As Allah (swt) asked the believ ers about the Quraish, we must ask the Saud family about the Jews and Americans;

“Do you fear them? Allah has more right that you should fear Him if you are believers” [TMQ AtTaubah: 13]. The Muslim armies of the region are not weak or unable to defeat the army of Israel. They are vast in number and have sufficient equipment to be victorious. How can this be denied when Allah (swt) says:

“O Prophet. Urge the believers to fight. If there are twenty steadfast persons amongst you, they will overcome two hundred, and if there be a hundred steadfast persons they will overcome a thousand of those who disbelieve, because they (the disbelievers) are people who do not understand” [TMQ Al-Anfal: 65]. The proposal that the Saud family has presented to the world does not emanate from Islam. It serves the interests of America and of Israel but not the Muslims. Withdrawal from Muslim land is a righteous proposition and it is not only acceptable but also obligatory for the Muslim rulers to demand this from Israel, but not at the price of recognising and legitimising Israel, giving away the rest of Palestine or al-Quds, or aiding the Kuffar in maintaining their dominance over the land of the Muslims. If there was any doubt in any one’s mind as to whether Saudi Arabia was truly an Islamic State that strove in the path of Allah (swt) or a

colony of the Kuffar, surely there can be no more. The Muslims must not allow the image of Saudi Arabia, nor her scholars to confuse them into believing that this proposal is in the interests of Islam or the Arabs, for the interests of the Arabs are the interests of Islam, and the interests of Islam is the liberation of the land that has been subjugated under the oppression of Zionist rule for the last 54 years. Surely if it is the case that the Saud family itself is serving the interests of America, then any ruler facilitating or commending this plan must share such a role. Hosni Mubarak’s approval and invitation of Sharon, the Americans and the Arab rulers to Sharm al-Shaikh to negotiate upon the basis of the Saudi plan, places him squarely in the American camp serving none but US interests in the region. It is unnatural for human beings to like war and killing and the Palestinian situation is no exception to this. However, there are circumstances in which the matter of life and death must be taken in order to uphold justice, as Allah (swt) says;

“Fighting is prescribed for you, and you dislike it. But it is possible that you dislike a thing which is good for you, and that you love a thing which is bad for you. But Allah knows, and you know not” [TMQ AlBaqarah: 216]. Those who uphold the truth will always face trials and difficulties, but if those who carry the truth did not uphold it, falsehood would prevail and the world would be plunged into oppression and suffering. Many generations of believers throughout history have faced adversity far greater than what we face today, but they proved their sincerity and their reward is with our Rabb Insha Allah.

“Or do ye think that ye shall enter the Garden without such (trials) as came to those who passed away before you? They encountered suffering and adversity, and were so shaken in spirit that even the Messenger and those of faith who were with him cried: ‘When (will come) the help of Allah?’ Ah! Verily, the help of Allah is (always) near!” [TMQ Al-Baqarah; 214] Hani Jamal Udin

Gujarat - India

“The latest episode of religious cleansing in India demonstrates only too clearly the weakness and inability of the secular democratic system in achieving social cohesion and harmony.”

Gujarat; “An expression of national sentiment”

Moreover, the story of Asif Ali as reported by the BBC best sums up the plight of the Muslims of India, may Allah (swt) protect them. Asif Ali sat displaying a blank expression with incomprehensible emptiness in his gaze as he cradled his badly burnt son. His wife and two other children were thrown into a fire by a Hindu mob and burnt alive before his very eyes. The cradled baby boy had not uttered a sound since his, no, our mother, brother and sister were killed his fragile limbs and body scarred with wounds which seemed to weep for the loss of our loved ones. Further reports flooded in of how the police either took part or looked on as the tensions reached a crescendo with Hindu mobs revelling and rejoicing in the massacre of Muslims and in the destruction of Muslim property. One thing that was conspicuously but rather predictably absent was the intervention by the United Nations but then they were the very ones who assisted the Serbs in the massacre of Muslims in Bosnia.

Cause of the Dispute he criminal destruction of the Babri Masjid and presumably the cold-blooded murder of over 2000 Muslims that followed was an, “Expression of national sentiment”, so said Atal Behari Vajpayee in addressing the biggest terrorist cell in the world; the Indian Parliament.


Whilst the reports of how, exactly, a train passing through Gujarat came to be set alight resulting in the deaths of some fifty people vary; there is absolute unanimity about its aftermath. Hundreds of Muslims were ritualistically, religiously slaughtered as sacrifices - to their Gods presumably - by mobs of bloodthirsty Hindu savages. The multitude of accounts about what happened, and what is still happening, in Gujarat are testimony to the Indian populace and government’s (both state and federal) affection for the Muslims. On 4th March 2001 Peter Popham, a journalist working for the British Newspaper The Independent, said in relation to the village of Sadarpur in Gujarat, “The Hindu-majority villages descended on Sadarpur and in little more that an hour slickly eviscerated this little community of about 140 Muslims.” One of the few sanctuaries the Muslims found refuge in was the Shah Alam Mosque in Ahmedabad, where some 4,500 congregated. The mosque has few facilities and by no means is it equipped to cope with the medical demands of its occupants. The local authorities did not even visit let alone arrange for much needed urgent supplies to be delivered.

The main cause of the current tensions has been attributed to the burning of the train carrying Hindus returning from Ayodhya where the Babri Masjid used to stand and where the Vishwa Hindu Parishad (VHP) is intent on building a Hindu temple. However, a recent letter submitted to the Jang newspaper cited a series of events starkly different to those reported in the Indian Press. The submitted letter states how the train stopped at a station and the Sevaks sat to drink tea and eat some food at a stall belonging to a Muslim. After causing some disturbances and failing to pay, they boarded the train and repeated the same affray at the next station where a Muslim also owned the stall. Only this time they began to beat the bearded man. The daughter of the Muslim stall owner then pleaded with the men to stop beating her father to which they responded by forcefully taking her onto the train as it moved off. By this time other Muslims had arrived on the scene and pleaded with the Hindus to release her to whom they responded by closing their cabin and shutters. This agitated the Muslims who had come to help and they, in an attempt to save the girl poured petrol onto that section of the train. Not pre-meditated but rather a spontaneous reaction with the use of petrol canisters kept at the station. The act in itself cannot be defended. The Muslims were provoked but the retribution was merciless. The Indian media, not renowned for its objectivity did, metaphorically, what the Hindu mobs were doing on the ground; crucified the Muslims.

The Origins of the Dispute This is, rather predictably, not the first time that Gujarat has been the focal point of tension and violence resulting in the deaths of hundreds of people, mainly Muslims. Indeed, the first recorded incidents of religious violence can be traced back to 1853. The violence was centred on the Babri Masjid, which was built by the Moghul ruler Baber in 1528. The Hindus claim, without any semblance of proof, that the Masjid marks the spot where one of their most revered deities, Rama, was born. In 1949 idols appeared in the Masjid allegedly placed there by Hindus and both parties filed civil suits. In 1986 a district judge ordered the gates of the Masjid to be opened to allow Hindus to worship there. In 1991 the BJP came to power in Uttar Pradesh where Ayodhya is located. In 1992 the Babri Masjid was torn down causing nationwide rioting between Hindus and Muslims in which more than 2,000 people died, almost entirely Muslims. Muslims feel a religious attachment, as do Hindus, to the site of the Babri Masjid but in a nation where the Muslims are a minority (representing between 10 13%) with the Hindus being by far the vast majority, there is little chance of seeing this dispute going any way other than in favour of the Hindu nationalists. In the unlikely event that this dispute does go in favour of the Muslims the Hindus will probably find some other pretext to spill or burn Muslim blood. It is very important to analyse the parties involved in these tensions to provide us with an insight into why the present Indian government did very little to help the Muslims as the flames of ethnic cleansing flared up once again.

The Philosophies of the Hindu Parties The four main parties which have meddled in the affairs of Ayodhya are the Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS), the Vishwa Hindu Parishad (VHP), the Shiv Sena (SS) and the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP). It is of crucial importance to identify the pervasive philosophies of these parties and the reasons for their inception because only then and then alone will the true purpose of such organisations become apparent. It can be said, without any shadow of a doubt, that the common thread running through all these groups is that of a defined sense of religious identity and political purpose. The forerunner to the VHP, SS and the BJP is the RSS. Its philosophies provide sufficient evidence for it to be properly proscribed as a terrorist organisation by both the UK and America, April 2002 Khilafah Magazine


the ‘enemies’ of terrorism. Of course that is not going to happen because America’s war on terrorism is in truth a war on Islam. India fits neatly into this plan.

rallied the masses around a common objective and provided the release valve for their hatred of Islam. Of course there is no archaeological or historical proof that their ‘Lord Ram’ was born there.

The RSS arose to “Hinduise” the Indian nation, to develop a communal spirit built on the principles of Hinduism and to present Hinduism in a comparable form to most other world religions. It seems on face value a very sincere view but below the surface it is patently obvious that central to the RSS philosophy is the belief that real national unity and progress will come only when India is purged of non-Hindus or when members of other communities in India subordinate themselves willingly to Hindu superiority.

The BJP came to power in Uttar Pradesh in 1991, following which in 1992 the Babri mosque was torn down and reduced to rubble in a matter of hours and in full view of the world. In the ensuing riots two thousand people died nationwide, mostly Muslim, at the hands of VHP, SS and BJP supporters. Lal Krishna Advani was present when this demolition took place and took part in inciting the baying mob. In the ten years following the razing of the Babri Masjid the government of India have not been able to bring the perpetrators of this terrorist incident to a police station let alone to a court of law even though they have an eyewitness; Lal Krishna Advani. How ironic then, that the same well oiled machinery of the BJP was able so quickly and seamlessly to conclude that the perpetrators of the attack on the Indian Parliament were Pakistanis; conveniently producing a list of their names. Similar parallels can be drawn to the unsolved assassination of Kennedy and the conclusions following the 11th September episode in New York. But then someone once said “birds of a feather flock together.”

Indeed one M S Galwalkar in 1952 is reported to have said, “Violence should be used as a surgeon’s knife…to cure society.” He was, not altogether entirely surprisingly, a member of the RSS. Another organisation called the Bajrang Dal which unites all these Hindu nationalist groups under the banner of Hindu Unity is not at all averse to using terror to realise its objectives but rather this is its preferred approach. It was reported by The Times of India News Service on 13th June 2001, that to the sounds of booming guns a hundred “workers” had gathered near Sarojini Nagar to participate in training sessions, which, according to the Bajrang Dal and VHP leaders, were for galvanising the public for construction of the Ram Temple in Ayodhya. “We are preparing these able-bodied persons to fight any eventuality…. these people are being trained to challenge the anti-Hindu forces”, said Ved Prakash Sachchan. The article continued to elaborate upon the aims of the camp; “We have to create the same euphoria which existed when Babri Masjid was demolished”, said Hari Dixit, a VHP leader. Training camps, learning how to fight and use weapons, a force of some 500,000 activists; surely they should be listed under the terrorist groups of the world; but they are not. The VHP was established by senior members of the RSS in 1964. Again rather predictably, their philosophy remains the same; to either subjugate the Muslims to Hindus or to ethnically cleanse them from society. The BJP was established in 1951 as a political wing to the RSS to counter rising public revulsion after the revered independence figure Mahatma Gandhi was assassinated by a former RSS member. Accordingly, it can be seen that all these groups have been fashioned upon the same principles, they are supported by one another and each contains strong elements of the other. For instance, the BJP has members who support the VHP very openly. The 12

Khilafah Magazine April 2002

VHP itself was an offshoot from the RSS, therefore there is very little to differentiate between these organisations.

The Rise of the BJP The BJP did not gain much influence or make any impact as a political party or command public support in the early days. Indeed the BJP was close to extinction in 1960s when Jawaharlal Nehru led the Congress Party and held a virtual monopoly on political power. However, after serving brief prison sentences Atal Behari Vajpayee and L K Advani, a former Pakistani citizen and a fugitive from Pakistani justice, having tried to kill the entire Pakistani leadership in the late 1940’s, gained near stardom in 1975. Even still, it was not until the early 1980s that the BJP began to find a foot hold in the world of politics. A series of events in the 1980s including the mass conversion of lower-caste Hindus to Islam was seen as an unforgivable insult to the core principles of the BJP. The VHP saw this as a serious threat to its notion of Hinduism being the “instructor” of humanity and initiated whipping up a frenzy of support for its idea of Hindu nationalism. There were religious meetings, marches, demonstrations and cross-country processions throughout the 1980s, which coincided with the BJP using the “Hindu vote” as a calculated part of its electoral strategy. The emergence of the Hindu nationalist sentiment was co-ordinated by these four groups and began to yield dividends for the BJP and enabled them to capture the Hindu vote. In 1984 the VHP announced a programme to “liberate” the site of Ayodhya from the mosque to make way for a temple. This was without a doubt a pivotal point for the Hindu nationalist movement. They had by now gathered support from the public especially in UP and this support was gathering rapid momentum. The programme to “liberate” Ayodhya was key to this success because it

In 1996 the BJP inflicted the worst ever electoral defeat the Congress party had ever suffered. In 1998 the BJP formed a coalition government and Advani and his cohorts were, in recognition of their excellent results in Gujarat, given the reins of power to implement their Gujarat Doctrine on a national scale. There can be no other conclusion from this series of events other than the fact that the BJP used the Hindu nationalist vote to come to power, and fanned the flames of hatred amongst Hindus and Muslims in order to gain political credibility. Once in power they continued to rely on their tried and tested formula for success MB = PS; Muslim blood = Political success.

Are the Recent riots Coincidental? It would be nothing short of ignoring the glaringly obvious to view the recent carnage in Gujarat as being unrelated to both the history of this region and the Hindu fundamentalist organisations mentioned above. After suffering losses in the local elections in Uttar Pradesh having previously inflicted a defeat on the Congress never seen before, the BJP failed to gain an outright majority of seats in the recent round of local elections, needing approximately 200 seats they managed 100, well short of the mark. Which was quite surprising given the recent events surrounding Pakistan and India. One would have thought that the BJP would have been able to whip up support for itself after taking a tough stance against Pakistan. What this goes to show is the fact that even the best planned policies can sometimes fail to deliver. Reeling from the worse than expected performance, the BJP and its co-defendants have stoked the flames of Hindu nationalism early and ratcheted up the vitriol in good time for the next general elections. It is quite clearly in the vested interests of the leadership to see continued tensions

Gujarat - India

between Hindus and Muslims, as this is the only way they can guarantee a victory in the elections. All in all, the Muslims of India or for that matter the Christians, many of whom were slain by the same Hindu nationalists, are not safe in a country that both Clinton and George W Bush heralded as the world’s largest democracy.

Musharraf’s Response President Musharraf’s response was as anticipated, the General announced that Gujarat was an internal Indian affair and thereby abandoned the Muslims of India to the savagery of the Hindu nationalists. The General has re-written the Shari’ah by first turning his back on the Muslims of Kashmir and now the Muslims of India generally. This response was, however, in stark contrast to the General’s comments whilst addressing the Azad and Jammu Kashmir Legislative Assembly the General proudly boasted of having been appointed by Allah (swt). According to that logic Allah (swt) also appointed Benazir Bhutto and Nawaz Sharif in authority. In Musharraf’s twisted reason, his appointment by Allah (swt) also means he alone has free reign to contravene all of His (swt) laws, after all he is the chosen one. Chosen to rule his people, like Fir’awn was. America is using India as the dominant player in the region to buttress and further her interests. America wishes to destroy the only challenge to its global hegemony, China. In order to achieve this it must ensure the subservience of Pakistan to India, to use the latter as the counterweight and challenger to China. The American engineered debacle that was the Kargil conflict, was the clearest illustration of this fact. The Pakistani surrender, before imminent victory, to India turned potential defeat and humiliation into a victory for the BJP, which was at the time teetering dangerously at the edge of the political abyss in Indian politics. General Musharraf was the Chief of Army Staff at the time and willingly obliged his American masters in creating public opinion in Pakistan to make his usurping of power smooth. Had he wished to put “Pakistan first” then surely and quite properly he would have disobeyed Nawaz Sharif’s orders to withdraw from Kargil. The reality was of course quite different. In the event that the BJP machinations do not succeed in whipping up Hindu fervour in their favour, they do have an able and willing ally in Pakistan who will provide them

with another Kargil to facilitate the American plan. The Musharraf government’s signing of the Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with Iran to build the gas pipeline (through Pakistan) from Iran to India is further proof of the General’s unstinting support for the enemies of the Muslims and Pakistan. The Indian army is on the Pakistani borders but the General has demonstrated no hesitation but rather enthusiasm in assisting India to solve its crippling energy problems. This very energy will fuel the Indian economy and be instrumental in the production of armaments that, amongst other things, will be used to murder Muslims on both sides of the IndoPakistani border. The latest episode of religious cleansing in India demonstrates only too clearly the weakness and inability of the secular democratic system in achieving social cohesion and harmony. Democracy is in essence the will of the people and if the will of the people is to see Hinduism dominate then so democracy decrees. There is no concerted effort by any democratic nation to prevent parties and groups from arousing shallow nationalist sentiment and identity. Indeed, America uses this concept to fund other nationalist groups in the Muslim lands thereby causing sectarianism and instability. The very fact that Altaf Hussain has achieved political asylum in Britain and is the leader of a nationalist group known as the MQM shows the capitalist creed’s promotion and recognition of this ugly concept of nationalism as a matter of law. The hollow claims of the Indian government to being a totally secular state, and thus able to represent all religions, are exposed by the Cow Agitation Act. How is it that they claim to be secular but have allowed the Hindu belief to be used as a basis for legislation? In contrast, despite the view Islam has of the pig, non-Muslims have a right as a matter of law in the Shari’ah to rear, slaughter and eat it. So how then can the secular and democratic government of India guarantee the rights of minorities be they Muslim, Christian or of any persuasion whatsoever. Not entirely startling when one considers that the essence of such a system depends on legislation emanating from the mind of a human beings. Whereas in Islam the human being is responsible solely for implementation of the divine law and is absolutely prohibited from re-writing the law, or put another way, continually shifting the goal posts. The noble history of Islam and the Khilafah is littered with examples of the justice dispensed by the Islamic State to non-Muslim citizens of the state. The Messenger of Allah (saw) said, as reported by Abu Dawud:

covenant (Mu’ahid) or imposes on him more than he can afford and humiliates him or takes anything from him without his consent I will challenge him (i.e. the oppressor) on the Day of Judgement.” The creation of separate homelands for Muslims in various parts of the world over the last 78 years has not resolved the problems of the Islamic Ummah. Whilst the creation of Pakistan was due to the fear of a Hindu/non-Muslim dominated government, the problems of the Muslims of Pakistan were not solved by a secular Muslim state; the episode of Bangladesh bears gruesome testimony to this. This strategy has been none other than the divide and rule strategy. The encouragement and the blind acceptance of the concept of Muslim statelets only serves to advance the plans of the most powerful nation, America. The anticipated use of the Kurds by America to fragment Iraq highlights how it is not in the interests of the Muslim Ummah to have a land as their identity. Let us not forget the dismembering of the Ottoman Khilafah, which in essence is the root cause of not only Muslim but also world misery under the yoke of capitalism. This state of affairs was the result of Arabs being incited to fight Turks yet both were Muslim and it was against their belief to do so. By contrast when certain states in America tried to declare their independence the American civil war ensued. The Confederacy was defeated with the slaughter of countless Americans and America was kept together by military force. Unity is strength and the Ummah of Muhammad (saw) saw unparalleled strength and dispensed unmatched justice to Muslims and non-Muslims alike - it fused peoples possessing diverse cultural, racial and religious beliefs into a harmonious society. The experience of the secular capitalist creed in India amongst other places is testament to the fact that it is an ideology, which exacerbates the differences between peoples and oppresses the minorities. The only comprehensive and true solution to the Indian and for that matter the world’s problems is the noble Khilafah on the method of the Prophet (saw). Basharat Ali and Zia Faruqui

“Surely, whoever oppresses a person under the April 2002 Khilafah Magazine


The Hidden Crusade “What started as a probe into the cultural lifestyle of Muslims in Britain turned into a typical propaganda piece warning people of the dangers of Muslims who believe in Islam, showing that they ran the risk of turning into separatists and militants.” Top Blunket at Mosque Above Badawi with Rabi & Archbishop


jockey) Imran Khan interviewed some of his old Muslim friends who had turned “religious” in the years since he had left his hometown of Peterborough, to be drawn to the bright lights of London fifteen years earlier.

Muslims and Britain

This programme was trying to explain why ‘ordinary’ young Muslim men who had enjoyed a British upbringing in ignorance of Islam were turning away from British culture and society and returning to Islamic lifestyles. This was portrayed as very strange, since the secular lifestyle as presented in Britain guaranteed “fun”, or so it seemed. In the discussions that proceeded many issues arose which only highlighted the differences between British society and Islam.

he UK television channel, Channel 4, recently broadcast a series of programmes that addressed the relationship between the Muslim communities in Britain and British Society. The conclusions drawn by the programmes which have been broadcast up until the time of writing clearly indicate that there is a large gap between the Muslim communities and British society in terms of values and goals. Thus the debate and investigation is likely to continue in British society to seek a more effective way to integrate the Muslims so that they do not oppose Britain’s future actions such as a new bombing campaign in Iraq, for example

2001 was a testing year for the Muslim community in Britain. In the summer we saw riots in the north of England involving Muslims from the Pakistani community and then after the attacks of September 11th the Muslims became the focus again after their overwhelming disapproval of the Western attacks that obliterated Afghanistan. Muslims also embarrassed the British Government when a number of proTaliban and Al-Qa’ida fighters were found to have British citizenship. In the meantime, the arranged marriage debate rattled on in the background, every so often leaving it for the foreground. These events where even “moderates” opposed the government stance clearly exposed the fact that the UK Muslim community has retained its ideals of Islam and is not yet fully integrated into the British society clearly differing with its beliefs, values and goals. Thus in March 2002 the liberal broadcasting corporation, Channel 4, broadcast its “Muslims and Britain” series. It began with “The Hidden Jihad”, a programme where Muslim Journalist and DJ (disc 14

Khilafah Magazine April 2001

Of course this type of presentation is nothing new for the media has presented similar programmes highlighting the gap between the Muslim lifestyles and the West on many previous occasions. However unlike before where programme makers would go to Pakistan, Saudi Arabia or Iran to show that Muslims are different, having different values and dress codes and so on, now the focus was inside Britain. In short, what started as a probe into the cultural lifestyle of Muslims in Britain turned into a typical propaganda piece warning people of the dangers of Muslims who believe in Islam, showing that they ran the risk of turning into separatists and militants. The programme covered some typically controversial topics like Jihad as well as some trivial ones. Despite the one on one interviews where the presenter’s friends were allowed to participate freely, the programme still managed to give a negative picture of Islam, and particularly of Muslims who practice Islam, portraying them as irrational, separatist and not living in the real world.

After seeing such a programme, where Islam is once again portrayed negatively, even with the free input of Muslims, we begin to question; is it ever possible to have a TV programme that presents Islam in a positive way? Even on shows where scholars of Islam are interviewed it is not uncommon for the show to end in arguments between them further damaging the image.

Islam and the Western Media A brief analysis of these programmes shows that the main reason this type of TV presentation fails Islam and damages the image of the Muslims, is that it fails to acknowledge what Islam is in the first place. As society at large only accepts a secular definition for a religion, the media also accepts only that. Hence, they apply the secular model of spiritual religion (i.e. it affects only a person’s spiritual matters) to Islam. Then they move on to describe political or other subjects from Islam which contradict the secular model of religion and suddenly the discussions on societal affairs and other problems seem radical or extreme. The reason for this is that here in the Western world where the secular way of living is the only way to live, religion is naturally restricted to the place of worship, one day or one hour per week. Religion has no say in life’s affairs, rather man must be free from religion and God to judge his own life the way he pleases. So what people describe as fun is fun and what Islam permits is dull at best and wrong at worst. The West’s only acceptable lifestyle is the Capitalist lifestyle, which has a secular creed and establishes the freedoms (including that from Religion) and prioritises the material value over all other values. So if a person disagrees with the secular creed and the freedoms and does not prioritise the material values he or she is seen as one who has lost.

Home Affairs

As a result of this viewpoint here and the historical conflict against Islam, which started with the Crusades about a millennium back and continued with the Missionary invasion and political and intellectual campaigns to get the Muslims to leave Islam as a way of life, Islam is seen as negative in the West. At best it is seen as a religion, whilst those that regard it as an ideology are seen as outlandish. Due to this ignorance, adopting Islam is seen as a return to the dark ages. The presenter saw his lifestyle of DJ-ing and clubbing as the only happy lifestyle available, any alternative he thought as negative.

The Islamic Ideology If we look into Islam though, we don’t see this reality, for in the period when Islam was implemented properly under the Khilafah of the past, the Muslims who practiced Islam achieved great heights in their pursuit of material goals. The same Sahabah who pursued the pleasure of Allah (swt) above anything also achieved success in their businesses like Uthman bin Affan (ra). Another example of that is of Abu Bakr (ra) who also traded to meet his needs whilst serving as Khalifah. The Khilafah had formed a great civilisation by the time of the Abbasid era, where universities and hospitals and roads were constructed for the people, who pursued their lives under the shade of Islam where they traded, became scholars and doctors and so on. Large parts of this civilisation can still be seen today in Egypt, Syria and in many other parts of the Muslim world. The Muslims back then, like those today, who choose to follow an Islamic lifestyle did not do so under misery but by their own choice, and in happiness. The knowledge that their way is what Allah (swt) had revealed as the right way gave them peace of mind. Allah (swt) says in Surah al Ma’idah:

“This day, I have perfected your deen (religion) for you, completed My Favour upon you, and have chosen for you Islam as your religion” [TMQ AlMa’idah: 3]. Furthermore Islam is the deen that is in harmony with man’s nature and is built upon the mind - since Muslims believe in Allah (swt) and the Messenger (saw) through intellectual conviction, realising the existence of the Creator of the universe and the need for messengers and the miracle of the Qur’an proving Muhammad’s (saw) Prophethood.

In Surah Ar-Rum;

“And of His signs is the creation of the heavens and the earth, and the difference of your languages and colours. Lo! herein indeed are signs for men of knowledge” [TMQ Ar-Rum: 22]. Once the person accepts this belief he naturally accepts what had preceded this life, Allah (swt), and believes in that which is after this life, the Day of Resurrection. Inevitably, a Muslim must realise his relationship with Allah (swt) when undertaking any action, and direct his actions according to the commands of Allah (swt). The ultimate aim of directing Muslims’ actions according to the commands of Allah (swt) is to attain His (swt) pleasure. Islam allows human beings to meet their needs, and this is through its laws, which are so numerous that they have been categorised by the Islamic scholars. Consequently Islam has its own ruling system, economic system, social system, penal code, foreign policy and so on. Through these collections of rules people can meet their needs as individuals and as a collective body in a single society. So when we look at aspects of Islam we see these aspects in the context of Islam as an ideology and religion. So prayer for example is obliged upon the believer. Prayer as an action lets man worship his Creator (swt) and satisfies the spiritual instinct in man - it is the same for other worships in Islam. Islam also regulates what we eat and drink regulating how we satisfy our organic needs. The social laws in Islam such as those governing marriage allow people to satisfy their procreation instinct. Islam has other laws like those of jihad, which is a worship that allows the Islamic state to interact with other countries and peoples. States naturally interact with each other via diplomacy and war, in Islam this is where the rules of Jihad come into play, for the purpose of interaction with other states and peoples is to allow the Muslims to convey the message of Islam. Here the Muslims first invite the people to Islam, if that is rejected they offer them the chance to remain disbelievers and live under the Islamic State’s authority, if that is rejected they then conquer them. This is how Islam is spread and was spread to lands such as the Indian subcontinent, Persia and Iraq. Those people who were conquered became Muslims out of their free will, and remain Muslim to this day - if there was any injustice in this process then surely these people would have abandoned Islam, but till this day they live for Islam.

Christians from al-Sham who called on Omar ibn al Khattab (ra) to rule over their land or the Jews who migrated to Istanbul following the Spanish inquisition. Furthermore in 1525 the Venetian ambassador said of the Khilafah under Suleyman al Qanooni, “I know no State which is happier than this one, it is furnished with all God’s gifts. It controls war and peace; it is rich in gold, in people, in ships, and in obedience; no State can be compared with it”. This is very far from what the Western society or its media says about Islam. However, this is the reality of Islam, and Muslims who believe in it and are aware of what it is, are obliged to carry its message. Recent events have clearly shown just how much there exists a link between Muslims living in such lands and the rest of the Ummah and it has become obvious for anyone to see that the Westerners still consider the Muslims living in their midst as part of the Islamic Ummah. The test that the Muslims are undergoing should not pass without drawing lessons from it. It should not end by leading us to abandon our obligation of working to revive the Islamic Ummah, even if we live in the West. Today the whole world is in need of the Light and Justice of Islam. It is clear how horrible the domination of capitalism over the world is and how criminal its tools are which label Muslims as terrorists and attach to us all sorts of labels from which we are innocent. The rules of Islam oblige us to take a heroic and dignified stance and to trust that the victory is for us and that truth is on our side and that Allah (swt) will make our Deen prevail and to know that difficulty is followed by ease and that the victory is for the truth over the falsehood. However long the zulum (oppression) lived and no matter how long the fabrication of the facts and the slander against the Deen of Allah (swt) continued, the dawn will appear to drive away the doom and the light will come to eliminate the darkness.

“Alif, Lam, Ra. (This is) a book which We have revealed to you in order that you might lead mankind out of darkness (of disbelief) into light (of belief) by their Lord’s Leave to the Path of the All-Mighty, the Owner of all Praise” [TMQ Ibrahim: 1]. Asim Khan

In Surah Ale-Imran, Allah (swt) says;

The Leading Light

“Behold! In the creation of the heavens and the earth, and the alteration of night and day, these are indeed signs for men of understanding” [TMQ AleImran: 190].

The study and presentation of Islam should be as what Islam is, presenting it as anything other than an ideology with laws affecting every small and every big matter would be false. It is only by seeing it as an ideology that explains how it has managed to affect so many people, even non-Muslims like the

April 2002 Khilafah Magazine


“We think that the USA can stay on the territory of Uzbekistan as long as they need to, in order to put an end to the machine of terrorism.” President of Uzbekistan, Islam Karimov

Rogue Democrats Above Mugabe, Right Karimov & Rumsfeld


Mugabe’s win in the Zimbabwe presidential elections generated much controversy and interest across the globe. The Western outcry began in the months preceding the voting as the international media reported of the President’s underhand tactics in keeping his opposition subdued. Via his legislative powers he erected obstacles in the path of his challengers, primarily by denying the media the right to criticise him whilst disqualifying opposition supporters from the right to vote. The subsequent withdrawal before the voting of foreign observers, bar the South Africans, added further suspicion on Mugabe. There were many polling stations for areas in support for the President whilst few polling stations were set up in areas of opposition, where voters were forced to wait hours. The final result was no surprise; with the main opponent Tsvangirai defeated, Mugabe ensured that he would hold the reigns for another term. Since Zimbabwe’s independence in 1980 he has been the only leader and has taken decisive action to ensure his continual hold on power. Mugabe’s tactic in finally removing his strongest foe emerged in the form of treason accusations, which would ensure a long court battle and the possible penalty of death. As Mugabe revelled in the glory of his inauguration ceremony, which would mark the beginning of another 6 years in ruling, Tsvangirai’s cries of “robbery” and cheating floated softly through the rising heat of the Zimbabwean air, only to meet with the rowdy polyphonic objections spewed out through the houses of ruling in the West. By far the loudest was the distinctive voice of Tony Blair, the British Prime Minister, who found reprehensible the proposition of a Commonwealth state not playing by democratic rules. The punishment seemed obvious: removal of the offending state from the Commonwealth. Mugabe isn’t the first to bend the rules defined by the proponents of democracy. More interestingly, the reaction from the West exposes the double stan16

Khilafah Magazine April 2002

dards that have directly resulted from their seeking of benefit. The majority of rulers in the Muslim land are either transparently undemocratic or only thinly veiled as democracies. The obvious examples are the kings and princes of Arabia who transfer power via hereditary lines. The Al-Saud family simply pass the reigns of power within the family, denying the Ummah any say. In states such as Syria elections are held with the results known before the counting. By any method the son shall undoubtedly inherit the throne, but he may have to sit through the staged drama before doing so. Why does the West not reprimand these states if the very principles of the West’s definition of justice and freedom are being contradicted? On the contrary not only are trade agreements signed but the Muslims are given the privilege of being host to Western leaders and their entourages - this is direct evidence of approval. By far the worst example of fake democracy is in Uzbekistan, where General Elections can only be defined as a ‘one horse race’, the only true runner being Islam Karimov, the current president. The only candidates allowed are those with no hope of ever winning - the crippled mares in the political stables. In the 2000 elections Karimov allowed only one opponent. This was perhaps a sign of insecurity. This ‘challenger’ was Abdulhafiz Jalolov, an obscure professor and a former Marxist from the Uzbek Communist Party. However, even Mr Jalolov could not resist but vote for Karimov. Jalolov said after posting his ballot, “I voted for stability, peace, our nation’s independence, for the development of Uzbekistan … So as paradoxical as it may sound, I voted for Islam Karimov.” Mr Jalolov provided further evidence as to the true nature of the election. When asked why he had run in the first place he said, “I ran so that democracy would win.” As elections cannot be democratic if there is only one candidate the obvious loophole for any cloaked dictator is to choose opponents that have no hope of winning or as in this case are his own supporters! However, for the record, Karimov

denied that he had picked a weak opponent to make the re-election look fair. The results were 92% in Karimov’s favour; an outcome intended to strengthen Karimov’s position, apparently demonstrating the unconditional support of the people. No candidate in the West can ever dream of such a success. However amazing the result may seem, the true measure of his popularity lies with sentiments of the people. In January 2002, a referendum was held to determine whether the President’s term should be extended from 5 years to 7 years. Not surprisingly the government quoted 91.8% voting in favour of the extension! The United States and the European security organization, the OSCE, refused to monitor the voting at such an event. Karimov has been President for the past 12 years, since the country’s separation from the former USSR. Despite being one of the most populated states in Central Asia and with the largest army in the region, the economic success of the people has been far from grand. Many Uzbeks cannot support their family on the $20-$30 equivalent monthly wage. In addition, Islam Karimov has hunted, persecuted, imprisoned and killed many Muslims calling to Islam and the resumption of the Islamic way of life. It seems appropriate that a man capable of rigging elections is also capable of removing (and

War Criminals

also killing) anyone who challenges his authority and legislation. However, Karimov’s reputation as a tyrant has yet to exceed his capacity for tyranny. The average man does not support the President, but his lips are silenced by Karimov’s iron fist. The government holds a tight grip on the media, with most of the 400 circulating newspapers being owned by the government, state companies and state organisations. With the exponential growth of the call to Islam and the supporters of the re-establishment of the Khilafah numbering millions, it seems preposterous to assume that Karimov can have the support implied by his result figures. However, there has been no question of his authority by the West. This dichotomy in attitudes towards the holding of fake elections is the strongest incriminator of Western intentions. Where Mugabe has tried to resist Western influence, Karimov has proven himself to be an indispensable tool in gaining regional control. Karimov is a strong ally to the US, as demonstrated in the recent campaign in Afghanistan. His stay in power not only provides a means for suppressing the resurgence of Islam in the region but also provides another base for future US expeditions in the area. The West should therefore not look too closely at the workings of democracy in this state. Hence a blind eye is turned over Uzbekistan and the foundations of the American way life, in terms of self-defined justice and freedom, are placed in the dustbin. There seems to be no absolute right or wrong only shades of Western benefit and harm. Despite democracy’s contradiction to the Islamic ‘Aqeedah the above examples of the democratic process alone show that there is no solution in it for mankind. The limited and ignorant cannot and shall not surpass the Supreme. Inevitably, the layperson cannot run for authority, contrary to the myth generated by democrats, but only those able to afford the cost of the campaign. In Western democracy, gaining the reigns of power doesn’t ensure the freedom to rule and address the real needs of the people, but the term in office is spent fulfilling promises to the companies that supported the campaign with their donations. The West has managed to project democracy as the gold standard by which all states must run in order for there to be justice. The political scene in the US and Britain contradict this. By this system the layperson has no ability to legislate and has no real power to change the laws imposed upon him - so much for ‘the rule of the people, by the people, for the people’. Furthermore, the rulers of the Muslims have remoulded this false system in order to ensure their stay in power, despite the Ummah’s objections. The West simply targets undemocratic states when its purpose is served by doing so, and remains silent when this is beneficial to it - the hypocrisy that is democracy. Samiul Muquit

The Hunt for War Criminals fter the indictment and the subsequent arrest of Slobodan Milosevic, former President of Yugoslavia, last year by the so called International Criminal Tribunal for the Former Yugoslavia, the Hague war crimes tribunal turned to the infamous Bosnian Warlords Radovan Karadzic and Ratko Mladic. There has been much televised coverage of Milosevic’s arrest and the trial that followed it, coverage which still continues to be broadcast by the Western media machine, as if to highlight to the world their determination to bring retribution upon all the war criminals of the earth. Of course this renewed impetus by NATO (headed by the self righteous America) to demonstrate this determination to hunt down those that they regard as ‘war criminals’ is perhaps just another means of letting the world know who exactly is calling the shots in the political arena today. It is a well known fact that Karadzic and Mladic are just two accomplices amongst many who took part in what is being called the worst single atrocity in Europe since the end of World War II, i.e. mass genocide and crimes against humanity, or more specifically in their cases, against the Muslims of Bosnia.


The charges Like their leader, Milosevic, Karadzic and Mladic have both been charged and indicted by the United Nations war crimes tribunal at The Hague on 16 counts of genocide, crimes against humanity and violation of the laws of war in Bosnia-Herzegovina between April 1992 and July 1995. The indictment says Mr Karadzic, a former Bosnian Serb leader, and Mr Mladic, who was a chief of the Bosnian Serb army, are responsible for persecution of Bosnian Muslim and Bosnian Croat civilians on national, political and religious grounds.

The tribunal charged Mr Karadzic’s and Mr Mladic’s squads with killing thousands of Muslims at Srebrenica in 1995, “in order to kill, terrorise and demoralise the Bosnian Muslim and Bosnian Croat population”. They continued stating that Mr Karadzic and Mr Mladic were responsible for the unlawful confinement, murder, rape and inhumane treatment of civilian population in Bosnia Herzegovina. Mr Karadzic and Mr Mladic were also accused of shelling Sarajevo and of using 284 UN peacekeepers as human shields in May and June 1995.

The search for Karadzic and Mladic When NATO’s peacekeepers first arrived in Bosnia, diplomats worried that arresting the two would provoke a furious Serb backlash. Many Serbs being consumed with their hate and instilled of the poison of nationalism considered the two heroes. The Americans, in particular, were thought unwilling to do anything that could entail casualties, either in an initial snatch operation or in managing the Serb reaction to it. However recently a number of massive NATO operations carried out near the southern towns and villages of Bosnia (widely believed to be the hideout for Karadzic) have failed to locate him. A large contingent of soldiers from Bosnia’s Stabilisation Force (S-For) undertook these operations. “The primary objective - which was to detain Karadzic - we didn’t succeed in”, said NATO spokesman Mark Laity, “Karadzic was not at his location.” This was despite the fact that they acted on “very good intelligence” that Karadzic was hiding in those areas. Of course this either says a lot about NATO intelligence or NATO is taking the whole world for a ride. As for Mladic he is as elusive as ever, however some believe he is in Republika April 2002 Khilafah Magazine


Srpska, the autonomous Serb area of Bosnia, or that he has taken refuge in the mountains of Montenegro. NATO, it appears is ever so determined to apprehend him as well. However, some international officials in Bosnia were wondering whether S-For’s decision to hunt Karadzic after years of inaction was for show, rather than real.

Who’s going to indict and try the other war criminals It is indeed very unfortunate that in these times we are witnessing unprecedented numbers of mass genocides, indiscriminate killings, and many “crimes against humanity” being purported by military personnel and many governments across the world with impunity. The questions one has to ask is who is going to bring them all to trial? Are there states in the world today that truly believe in achieving justice, indeed do they know what justice is? Alas, the events of the last century and the recent events in the world at large clearly demonstrate that it is injustice that is the order of the day. Take this incident that took place in the 1960’s: Mass murder in Indonesia elicited a response from Western leaders but they supported it. A bloody CIAbacked military coup toppled President Sukarno and brought General Suharto to power in 1965. Following the coup, an estimated 500,000 to one million members of the Indonesian Communist Party (PKI), trade unionists, peasants and ethnic Chinese were killed in one of the most barbaric mass slaughters in history. The US government supplied Suharto with a list of several thousand Indonesian communists it wanted to see eliminated. Researcher Kathy Kadane discovered through interviews with former US embassy personnel that, “as many as 5,000 names were furnished to the Army, and the Americans later checked off the names of those that had been killed or captured…” As the Indonesian Army hunted down and butchered its victims, US Secretary of State Dean Rusk cabled the embassy in Jakarta that the, “campaign against the PKI must continue”, and urged embassy officials to, “get across that Indonesia and Army have real friends who are ready to help.” The US Ambassador to Indonesia, Marshall Green, responded to Rusk that, “we have made it clear that Embassy and USG [US Government] generally sympathetic with and admiring of what army doing.” Who’s going to bring the governments and individuals involved in these crimes against humanity to justice or take justice to them?

The United States intentionally bombed indiscriminately throughout Iraq and invaded Panama unjustly In aerial attacks, including strafing, over cities, towns, the countryside and highways, US aircraft bombed and strafed indiscriminately. In every city and town bombs fell by chance far from any con18

Khilafah Magazine April 2002

ceivable target, whether a civilian facility, military installation or military target. In the countryside random attacks were made on travellers, villagers, even Bedouins. The purpose of the attacks was to destroy life, property and terrorise the civilian population. On the highways, civilian vehicles including public buses, taxicabs and passenger cars were bombed and strafed at random to frighten civilians from flight, from seeking food or medical care, finding relatives or other uses of highways. The effect was summary execution and corporal punishment indiscriminately of men, women and children, young and old, rich and poor, all nationalities including the large immigrant populations even Americans, all ethnic groups, including many Kurds and Assyrians, all religions including Shi’ite and Sunni Muslims, Chaldeans, other Christians, and Jews. Deliberate US indifference to civilian and military casualties in Iraq, or their nature, is exemplified by General Colin Powell’s response to a press inquiry about the number dead from the air and ground campaigns; “It’s really not a number I’m terribly interested in.”

intact in Russia.

On December 20th 1989, President Bush ordered a military assault on Panama using aircraft, artillery, helicopter gunships and new weapons, including the Stealth bomber. The attack was a surprise assault targeting civilian and non-combatant government structures. In the El Chorillo district of Panama City alone, hundreds of civilians were killed and between 15,000 and 30,000 made homeless. US soldiers buried dead Panamanians in mass graves, often without identification. The head of state, Manuel Noriega, who was systematically demonised by the US government and press, ultimately surrendered to US forces and was brought to Miami, Florida, on extra-territorial US criminal charges. The US invasion of Panama violated all the international laws Iraq violated when it invaded Kuwait and more. Many more Panamanians were killed by US forces than Iraq killed Kuwaitis. President Bush violated the Charter of the United Nations, the Hague and Geneva Conventions, committed crimes against peace, war crimes and violated the US Constitution and numerous US criminal statutes in ordering and directing the assault on Panama.

Terror War

Who’s going to indict and charge Bush senior and other individuals in his government involved in these numerous crimes against humanity to justice or take justice to them? Since 5th September 1999 Russia has been engaged in renewed aggression against the Chechen people. Approximately 400,000 Chechens have fled their homes under the onslaught of Russian bombardment, many for the second time in five years. Mosques, hospitals, market places and refugee convoys have all been attacked. According to Chechen government estimates, between 05/09/1999 and 01/11/1999 over 3,000 people were killed by bombs and shells. Nobody has counted how many have perished from exhaustion and hunger. By their new war, the continuation of their genocide of 1994-96, the government of Yeltsin and Putin have demonstrated one thing clearly: the Stalinist tradition has survived

Who’s going to indict and charge Yeltsin, Putin, Sharon, Gaddafi, Mubarak, Bouteflika, Saddam, Ecevit and so on and so forth? It is of the utmost importance that the rulers of the Muslim countries are included alongside these people in the list of criminals. Sometimes they kill their own like Gaddafi and Saddam have but even when they do not by their own hands kill, they still kill through assisting the West, like Fahd of Saudi Arabia in the Gulf War helped kill the Iraqis and Musharraf aided the US in the murder of thousands of Muslims in Afghanistan. The rulers have the armies at hand to defend the Ummah and in not doing so their indifference kills with no less certainty than the rape camps of Karadzic and Mladic killed or the missiles of NATO, America and Britain kill. Saleh Ahmed

“The war on terrorism,” says Professor Paul Rogers, of Bradford University’s Department of Peace Studies, “is simply a euphemism for extending US control in the world.” Professor Paul Rogers The Observer 10/02/02 In public, Mr Karzai is anxious to play down concerns about the precarious state of his country. “We have had 20 years of war and disaster in Afghanistan,” he says. “Do you expect us to have peace in a few months? Bearing in mind the seriousness of the Afghan illness, we are doing remarkably well.” In pri vate, he is blunt. “I do not control the country,” he says. The Sunday Times , 10/02/02 Nine weeks after being ushered into power by the Bonn agreement, Mr Karzai is beginning to look like a leader afflicted by Gorbachev syndrome: being wildly fêted in America and Europe while remaining largely impotent at home. The Sunday Times , 10/02/02

From the leaflets of Hizb ut-Tahrir

Open letter to the ‘Ulema from Hizb ut-Tahrir - Indonesia To the pious and noble ‘Ulema in Indonesia: Assalamu ‘alaykum wa rahmatullahi wa barakaatuh. Allah has honoured you, and due to your knowledge and Taqwah. He has made you the inheritors of the Prophets and has described you in the following manner:

“It is only those who have knowledge among His slaves that fear Allah” [TMQ Al-Fatir:28]. Your exalted rank above other servants of Allah is because of your Fear of Allah, that fear which is the prominent characteristic of the Ulema. That was so of al-Hasan al-Basri, one of the scholars of the Ummah, who opposed the oppression of al-Hajjaj b. Yusuf ath-Thaqafi the ruler of Iraq at the time. He publicly criticised his bad actions and proclaimed the word of truth in his face. He was well known for his saying: “Allah has taken a covenant from the people of knowledge that they should explain the truth to the people and not conceal it,” which entails bearing the harm and suffering. Also, we have the example of Sufyan ath-Thawri who opposed what Abu Ja’far alMansur, when he spent a large amount of money of the Muslims from the Baytul Maal (state treasury) on himself and his followers, to make pilgrimage to the Sacred House. He objected to it, to the extent that alMansur’s police nearly killed Sufyan for it. This was the stance of the pious scholars towards the governors and rulers. All of them came out as great people in the eyes of those in authority, and strong by the help of Allah, and protected by His Protection. Since the authority in the Islamic Sharee’ah is for the Ummah, and since the ‘Ulema guide and steer the Ummah, they have a great position, not just in the eyes of the people, but also in the eyes of the sultans

and rulers. However, when the ‘Ulema have a low opinion of themselves, and neglect their duty, then the rulers turn them into followers, to support their regimes, and to use them to distort the rules of the Deen and to glorify those rulers in the eyes of the people. Thus, they make Halaal that which Allah has made Haraam, and they make Haraam that which Allah has made Halaal, and they make themselves as lords besides Allah, as the Messenger (Sallallahu Alaihi Wasallam) explained in the Tafseer of the fol-

lowing ayah: “They (Jews and Christians) took their rabbis and monks to be their lords besides Allah” [TMQ AtTaubah:31]. The fact that the Sultans and rulers of the Ummah today are themselves agents of the Kaafir colonialist states, and the support given to such rulers by the scholars of the Ummah is treachery against Allah, His Messenger and the Muslims. This is clear in the case of Afghanistan, when America and her allies attacked it, and they actually were fighting the Islamic Ummah and not just Afghanistan. The rules of war that apply to them include severing relations between them and us. So it is surprising that one man, who was described in the media as a scholar, said that severing relations between them and us would make the country bankrupt. This of course is false and contrary to the reality. This is false because the bankruptcy of this rich country is due to the economic, political, cultural and military control by America and other countries. Indeed, America and other kaafir colonialist countries were poor countries that became rich when they started to colonise the Muslim lands, which include Indonesia. You have seen what has happened when America imposed her control over Afghanistan and sent her armies to Somalia, the Philippines and other Islamic lands. She is declaring her intention to attack Iraq and Indonesia under the pretext of fighting terrorism. Though this is deceit, and deception of the people regarding her (true) evil aims, which is to fight Islam

“O pious ‘Ulema: Do you accept America, her agents and her Shayateen to control your Ummah and your Deen? Do you accept for misguided America to teach you the meaning of truth, values, good and evil?”

and the Muslims, for fear that the Muslims might become an Ummah which is deep-rooted in her creed and Islamic civilisation. America and her agents, such as Singapore, began to threaten Indonesia and accuse her of having terrorist cells. Singapore claimed, through its Prime Minister Lee Kwan Yew on 18/2/2002, that the terrorist leadership that threatened it is present in Indonesia. Were America and her allies satisfied with that? No. Rather they continued to threaten Indonesia until they answer their demands, which include the passing of an anti-terrorism law according to the American definition of terrorism, which is ‘whoever is not with America is a terrorist.’ She applied pressure to take our sons to train them herself in America on how to fight terrorism as she defines it. America and her Kaafir allies have planned all these, to attack Islam and the Muslims, as was made clear from the statement of Bush that this is a crusade and that it will take a long time. O pious ‘Ulema: Do you accept America, her agents and her Shayateen to control your Ummah and your Deen? Do you accept for misguided America to teach you the meaning of truth, values, good and evil? Even though she is the worst of creation according to the saying of Allah (Subhanahu Wa ta’ala):

“Verily, those who disbelieve from among the people of the Scripture and the Mushriqeen will abide in the Fire of Hell. They are the worst creatures” [TMQ Al-Bayinah:6]. Will you be silent whilst they kill your Muslim brothers without right, and arrest the innocent ones amongst them, to protect their interests and impose their laws, thoughts and systems over you and your Ummah? Do you accept that they make you their agents in the war against your Deen, your Lord (Rabb), your Messenger and your Ummah? You are obliged to hold onto the rules of your Deen

April 2002 Khilafah Magazine


and bite onto it with your teeth so that Allah will keep you to be good in the midst of the corruption of people, even though you may look strange to the corrupted people. Do not sell your Deen for the crumbs of this Dunya while the Satans from the men and Jinn deceive you, and Allah (Subhanahu Wa ta’ala) warns you about them when He (Subhanahu Wa ta’ala) says:

“O mankind! Verily, the Promise of Allah is true. So let not this present life deceive you, and let not the chief deceiver (Shaytan) deceive you about Allah. Surely, Shaytan is an enemy to you, so treat him as an enemy. He only invites to his followers that they may become the dwellers of the blazing Fire” [TMQ Al-Fatir:5-6]. Al-Qurtubi was right when he said that Shaytan is whatever rebels against Allah. America and her allies have rebelled against Allah. Not only that, they have waged a war against Allah, His Messenger and the Muslims masses under the pretext of fighting terrorism. Will you not reflect on the saying of Allah (Subhanahu Wa ta’ala):

“Hatred has already appeared from their mouths, but what their breasts conceal is far worse. Indeed We have made plain to you the Ayat (proofs, evidences) if you understand” [TMQ Ale-Imran:118]. After that, do you believe them when they deceive you and your Ummah? O pious and noble ‘Ulama: Let not their speech that you are terrorists, just because you stick to your Deen, grieve you. As Allah (Subhanahu Wa ta’ala) says:

“And let not their speech grieve you (O Muhammad Sallallahu Alaihi Wasallam), for all power and honour belong to Allah” [TMQ Yusuf:65]. The power and honour is for Allah, and not for America and her allies. The war of America and her allies against Islam and the Muslims has shown the misguided nature of her civilisation and her view of the world. It has demonstrated that she only strives to colonise and plunder the resources and not to spread peace and security. Their fate will be that of ‘Ad and Thamud before, when they transgressed the limits in the land and spread the corruption. As mentioned in His (Subhanahu Wa ta’ala) saying:


Khilafah Magazine April 2002

Big Fat Scam

“As for ‘Ad, they were arrogant in the land without right, and they said: ‘Who is mightier than us in strength?’ See they not that Allah, Who created them was mightier in strength than them. And they used to deny Our Ayat (proofs, evidences, verses)” [TMQ Fussilat:15]. And He (Subhanahu Wa ta’ala) said:

“Did you (O Muhammad Sallallahu Alaihi Wasallam) not see (think) how your Lord dealt with ‘Ad (people)? Who were very tall like lofty pillars. The like of which were not created in the land? And (with) Thamud (people), who cut (hewed) out rocks in the valley (to make dwellings)? And (with) Fir’awn who had pegs (who used to torture men by binding them to pegs)? Who did transgress beyond bounds in the lands (in the disobedience to Allah). And multiplied iniquity therein? Therefore your Lord is ever watchful” [TMQ Al-Fajr:6-14]. O pious and noble ‘Ulema: The time has come to take the opportunity to save your Ummah from the control of the Kuffar, and from being disgraced before them, and from the tyranny of their thoughts, rules and systems implemented over you. The time has come for you to work with those sincere and pious sons of your Ummah, to re-establish the glory of the Islamic Ummah by applying your honourable Islamic Sharee’ah and uniting your ranks before the enemies of Allah and your enemies. The time has come for Islam to lead the world and save the whole of mankind from the crimes and oppression of the capitalist system. This is by establishing Islam as a ‘Aqeedah and a system, under the shade of the righteous Khilafah state, whose glad tiding the Messenger (Sallallahu Alaihi Wasallam) gave when he said: “...Then there will be Khilafah on the way of the Prophethood.” [Reported by Ahmad] We pray to Allah (Subhanahu Wa ta’ala) that He returns for us the glory of Islam and the Muslims in our days, and at our hands, and to make us of those who work in obedience to Him (Subhanahu Wa ta’ala). Wassalamu ‘alaykum wa rahmatullahi wa barakaatuh

Hizb ut-Tahrir Indonesia On the Day of ‘Arafah 1422 AH 21/2/2002

n January 2002 a report appeared highlighting the health dangers associated with obesity. It stated that more than a million British children under the age of 16 are obese, while more than half of all adults in the UK are officially overweight. The cost of healthcare for the seriously overweight drains the NHS of more than £500 million a year and costs society almost £2 billion in lost work time and economic output. Obesity is a risk factor for cancer, strokes, increases the risk of heart disease and is known to predispose to diabetes. In the US, the Centres for Disease Control (CDC) estimate that 300,000 Americans now die each year from obesityrelated illnesses. In short, fat is a big issue.


Obesity on the societal level, as it stands in the west, is the product of a paradox. On the one hand there is an obsession with being thin. There are several cottage and trans-national industries that thrive on this obsession. On the other hand there is another industry that thrives on selling low quality high calorie over-processed and over-priced food. One would have thought that these two would oppose each other. However, the companies and individuals that benefit from the “well-being sector” live in a milieu of mutual benefit with the junk food sector. One, quite literally, feeds of the other. Between the two, both the clinically obese and the chronic anorexic exist in a neurosis governed by body weight. Junk food industry For the first time in history, in some societies, the majority of adults are overweight. In Europe as a whole, more than half of those between 35 and 65 years of age are overweight, whilst in the US the figure is bigger. The trend shows that these numbers are not reversing. It is hardly any wonder that the average bodyweights, in the West, are increasing at dramatic rates; the issue of life-styles, coupled with the over consumption of junk food has contributed to this. Cities are designed for cars and people enforce exercise deprivation on themselves. Those that do decide to exert themselves don’t do it in the natural


two hours a day. The typical American kid watches on average 21 hours of TV a week. Which approximates to one and a half months a year spent on the sofa. This exposes them to roughly 30,000 commercials a year. So each child becomes immersed in information about all latest fads, the latest Disney paraphernalia and of course the latest free-gift offers from McDonald’s, Burger King and KFC.

Diet industry

course of their daily lives. They pay good money to a health club to ride on non-bicycles or row in nonboats that don’t actually go anywhere. Few humans have to hunt for their food or go to the forest to collect edible berries. Readily available food can be purchased at the “hunter gatherer” freezer of any supermarket. Alternatively it can be delivered to the doorstep for just £5 via the Internet. Then there is the other option open too many; that of pre-prepared takeaways. Fast food is one of the US’s most lucrative industries. The success of the fast food industry is nothing short of a phenomenon. The Golden Arches (the “M” for McDonald’s sign) are now more widely recognised than the Christian cross. McDonald’s has replaced Coca-Cola as the world’s most famous brand. The Golden Arches have taken on a symbolic value that has far surpassed that of the swastika and the hammer and sickle. With such a profile it is not surprising that juvenile obesity is rising rapidly. In the US, where at least 1 out of 10 youngsters between the ages of 6 and 17 years is overweight; the incidence of obesity among children has more than doubled over the last 30 years. Not only does juvenile obesity typically translate into adult obesity, but it also causes metabolic changes that make the disease difficult to treat in adulthood.

Believe the children are the future This situation is to be expected considering how much effort McDonald’s, Burger King, and their like, put into trying to attract children to their wares. All of their efforts are handsomely rewarded. McDonald’s have perfected the art of appealing to young children. For single mothers, a trip to McDonald’s is a cheap and easy way of feeding their kids and keeping them happy for the afternoon. The décor, the free gifts and the whole experience are geared to keep mum and kids satisfied with a shortterm fix for boredom, hunger and many other things. It is not only the working class that Ronald McDonald has a grip on. The middle class lifestyle

results in men and women, who are big achievers in their careers, finding it difficult to devote adequate time for their children. Thus a trip to McDonald’s is a quick fix that may be enough to convince some children that there parents love them. This is best explained in Ronald McDonald’s own words. Recently published confidential documents expose just what Ronald really thinks of his customers. According to an internal marketing memo they set out to explain the psychology behind parents going to McDonald’s. It’s because they; “want the kids to love them…it makes them feel like a good parent” [E. Schlosser, fast food nation, 2001]. So this is the start of the fast food addiction. The kids love it as an experience and thus develop a psychological craving for the experience. Thus, building customer loyalty that will last into adulthood, or at least long enough for them to badger their parents for regular visits. They develop a physical addiction based on our innate need for food and preference for all that is sweet, salty and fatty. Paramount to the whole experience are the trinkets that accompany the happy meals. The 1997 free Beanie-Baby promotion has been lauded as the most successful advertising campaign in US advertising history. That is in terms of increase in sales in proportion to money spent on advertising. The secret weapon, in their vast arsenal, is the free-gift. I say secret, but it’s actually no secret at all. It’s just most parents choose to ignore this.

Room with a view - from the sofa Modern urbanisation has systematically eliminated exercise from our lives. Workers commute by car from home to work, driving quite literally from door to door. Lifts and escalators have replaced stairs. Leisure time is spent watching television. In the United Kingdom, the two lifestyle variables that correlate most closely with obesity are television viewing and automobile ownership. Children who watch television five or more hours a day are five times as likely to be overweight as those who watch less than

The other side of the coin, or silver dollar, are methods of obesity reversal. This industry would not exist if not for the above-mentioned situation. The cosmetic-surgery industry may be worth $300 million, the health and fitness sector may be worth $1.5 billion, but the diet industry is estimated to be worth between $33 and $77 billion each year. The US diet industry is America’s fifth largest industry. According to the Lancet more than half the female population of the US are on a diet. In Australia, 30% of the female population are on a diet, including 68% of all 15-year-old girls. A survey of 10-year-old girls in the US found that 80% were already on diets. A survey in Newsweek magazine reported that 11% of parents in the US would have an abortion if they found their child were predisposed to obesity. Dieting is not just a female preoccupation; one in 20 men (UK) buys over-the-counter slimming pills each month.

Diet dollars We are all familiar with the hoards of junk E-mails that inform us of novel ways of making dollars or novel ways of losing lbs. So what are all these diet dollars spent on? Diets themselves contribute significantly. There are more than 30,000 “new” diets introduced into the market each year. Then there are the other associated money-spinners such as the various miracle cures. These include: sweat suits, liquid lunches, exercise-enhancing electrodes, breastenhancing creams, thigh busters, tummy busters, and cellulite creams. In addition there are fat pinchers, scales and tape measures etc. More than 800 new diet books weighed down bookshop shelves in time for Christmas 2001. Membership of health clubs leapt by an average of 50% in the following New Year period. Supermarket sales of low-fat products grew by more than £300 million in the past five years.

Up hill struggle How well are the diets, exercises, potions, lotions and pills really working? As many as 98% of all women, using the products and services supplied by the diet industry, fail to achieve their objective of losing weight. 95% of all weight loss due to diets is regained, most of it within a single year. For every 10lb of lean muscle lost on a crash diet, 12lb is put back on - much of it in fat - because the body is still operating in famine mode. After a crash diet the body’s energy conservation capacity fights back with a vengeance, making it easier to store fat. Therein lies the rub. The basic biology of the issue shows that most people are seeking the unobtainable. Adipose tissue (fat) is a natural store. Its regulatory mechaApril 2002 Khilafah Magazine


nisms have an innate ability to recognise adverse conditions. By dieting the body is fooled into thinking that it has hit starvation and should reset its fat building rates and processes. So, like demented dogs chasing after their own tails people pursue new fad diet after new fad diet. There are no magic cures for fatness. The industry is spinning a lie that the gullible have bought; and are continuing to buy by the bucket load. Imagine how it must affect the confidence and selfesteem for one who fails to maintain a diet that has been promoted as being simple and flawless. This low self-esteem is what the parasites of the diet industry feed on. This is analogous to the way the cosmetic industry make a killing by telling women that they are ugly without their products. Those who believe that it is important to be beautiful rush out and buy the chemical waste of the cosmetic industry. Similarly, those who are desperate to lose weight become more vulnerable to an aggressive and deceptive dieting industry and more likely to believe whatever quick fixes it offers, however dangerous and unhealthy they may be. This lack of self-esteem within such large numbers of the population may explain, in part, why psychiatrists are so busy and why psycho-pharmaceutical use is so widespread in the US. These pathetic figures are the by-product of the industry.

Body image The average person is bombarded with 3,000 direct or indirect advertisements per day. Every day, flawless, slim young women assail us from every angle. They seem the embodiment of eudemonia, worthiness, wealth, health and popularity. However the glossy allure leaves many feeling somewhat less than human. There is little immunity that can be built against the influence of advertising. Most sensible people know that most of what we see in advertising is a blatant lie, but that doesn’t stop the constant barrage of messages filtering into the sub-conscious. 1.1% of women in the west have the same waist-hip measurements as a standard shop dummy. Coincidentally, this is the same percentage of the female population that suffers from anorexia. Physiologically, the typical figure of a shop manikin is not wholly compatible with the natural state of a

woman. Manikin measurement woman is usually menstruation-free woman. It is the norm for anorexics to completely suppress menstruation altogether. In order for a woman to maintain healthy regular cycles a certain fat to lean body ratio must be achieved. The only cycle that these women know about is the self-assembled cycle of indulge-guiltabstention, guilt being the driving-belt for the cycle. The source of fuel, for this guilt, is the diet industry and its symbiotic associate sectors. Those such as the magazine, fashion, film, lifestyle and cosmetics industries. Although there are many facets to the issue of body image, a comprehensive discussion of the subject cannot be presented here. However these are a just a few of the issues that are relevant to the diet industry.

Full spectrum diet dominance The McDonald’s Corporation is the most important symbol of America’s service economy. It is responsible for 90 percent of the US’s new jobs. It is estimated that one in eight of workers in the US have at some point been employed by McDonald’s. The corporation is America’s largest purchaser of beef, pork and potatoes. It spends more on marketing than any other brand name. It is America’s biggest distributor of toys. Internationally, American fast food chains have taken on a wholly different significance. American fast food represents Americana and the promise of modernisation. After the fall of the Berlin Wall within months McDonald’s opened its first restaurant in Eastern Germany. In 1992 thousands of people waited patiently in Beijing outside the city’s first McDonald’s store at its grand opening. When McDonald’s opened in Kuwait the line of cars waiting at the drive-through window extended for seven miles. At around the same time, Kentucky Fried Chicken hit its all time record earnings for one week; $200,000, during Ramadan, in the Holy city of Mecca-al-Mukarramah. Simply eating at Pizza Hut or McDonald’s and drinking Coke or Pepsi, as if by magic, can lift one’s social standing. This is the image that goes hand in hand with the sparkling clean tables and counters of the fast food take away stores.

The fast food chains have become imperial fiefdoms, sending emissaries far and wide. Den Fujita, the man who brought McDonald’s to Japan 30 years ago once promised his Japanese countrymen, “If we eat McDonald’s Hamburgers and potatoes for a thousand years we will become taller, our skin will become white, and our hair will be blonde.” Support for growth of franchising has even become part of US foreign policy. The State Department now publishes detailed studies of overseas franchise opportunities and runs a Gold Key Program at many of its embassies to help American franchisers find overseas partners. These two industries of fast food and dieting are not in conflict at all. They totally complement one another. They aid one another in maximising each other’s profits. The downside is that their existence is at the detriment of the people. The big companies are prepared to poison, abuse and lie to the common people in order to make a fast buck. In the short term some rich individuals get richer. In the long term the whole nation pays dearly, through the strain on the health budget etc. The other point that is noteworthy is that these two industries have just about reached saturation point in the US. So, fast food culture and the quick fix diets will slowly seep into all other parts of the world including the Islamic world. Fast food and the body image obsession are pernicious and we should be on our guard against them.

Food - a human basic need An adult needs an intake of 2,350 - 2,600 calories per day. Below are the percentage calorific intakes in relation to the average physical requirements for different nations.

To date McDonald’s has over 15,000 restaurants outside the US in more than 117 countries. Salim Fredericks

Quotes “It’s easy to imagine an infinite number of situations where the government might legitimately give out false information. It’s an unfortunate reality that the issuance of incomplete information and even misinformation by government may sometimes be perceived as necessary to protect vital interests.” Theodore Olson, Solicitor-General (US Government’s top lawyer) “This is an age of wondrous technology and huge wealth, neither of which has yet been put at the service of those dying for them.” John Lloyd - On six Months after 9/11- The Independent - 10-03-02


Khilafah Magazine April 2002

“President Bush thinks the Axis of evil is Iran, Iraq and North Korea, and the Europeans think its Donald Rumsfeld, Dick Cheney and Condi Rice.” Thomas Friedman in the New York Times on the Transatlantic split (16/02/02)

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“Will the Americans ever fight a war through NATO again?” asks Carl Bildt, former Swedish Prime Minister. “It’s doubtful. The US reserves the right to itself to wage war, and dumps on others the messy, expensive business of nationbuilding and peace keeping.” The Observer 10/02/02

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Khilafah Magazine April 2002  

Khilafah Magazine April 2002

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