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Mole Control

Repellents & Deodorizers

Tomahawk Safeguard Havahart Kage-All JT Eaton

Traps Mole Worms Repellents Fumigants

Raccoon Eviction Fluid PignX Detour Critter Ridder Vole Scram BAC-AZAP Aireactor DSV Fire-D Odor Assassin Stink Inc.

Bird Control

Animal Handling Catch Poles/Snares Animals Graspers Throw Nets Pole Nets Net guns Jab Sticks/Pole Syringe Bags

Personal Protection Equipment Gloves Respirators Coveralls Bee Suits Shoe Covers

Bird Barrier Bird-B-Gone Bird-X Traps Netting Electric Track Spikes Audio Units Bird Wire Hazing/Misting Repellents Clean-Up

Snake Control Cahaba MidWest Tomahawk Traps Repellents Tongs Hooks Snake Bags

Animal Baits and Lures Paste Baits Liquid Lures

Rodent Baits and Boxes Bell Labs Liphatech JT Eaton Victor Talon Kaput Rat-X

Insect Control Traps IPM Vacuums Insecticides Application Equipment

Rodent Traps

Mosquito Control

Snap Traps- Rat & Mouse Glue Boards Mole & Gopher Squirrel Choker Traps

Traps Repellents Granular Liquid

Bat Control

Chimney Products HY-C Products Chimney Caps Big-Tops

Exclusion Hardware Cloth Dryer Vent Guards Foam Roof Vent Guards Foundation & Soffit Vents Caulks & sealants Dig Defense Todol Products Copper Stuf-Fit G.M.T. Xcluder Wire Wool Deflecto

Insulation Supplies Vacuum/Blowing machines Removal Bags

Crawl Space Dehumidifiers Vapor Barrier Wall Liners Tape

Gutter Covers GutterLock Elite

Bat Netting Bat Cones/One Way Valves

For additonal product information, visit, email or call 1-800-451-6544 Always read and follow label directions and precautions for use. Not all products are available everywhere or registered in every state. Please contact your local Univar office for availability.

Wildlife Management

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Wildlife Management Line Card  
Wildlife Management Line Card