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Professional Products for the POULTRY INDUSTRY AEROSOLS

Crack & Crevice Aerosols – dust – flushing chemicals – total release aerosols


Roost Repellents – gel – liquid – spikes Netting and Components Spring Wire

EQUIPMENT Sprayers – B&G – Chapin – Maruyama – Solo Backpack Sprayers Dusters – hand operated – electric Foggers – gas powered – electric Safety Equipment – respirators – gloves Insect Light Traps



Brigand Ag, Contrac, Maki - Bromadiolone Ditrac - Diphacinone Fastrac - Bromethalin Final, Talon - Brodifacoum Generation, Hombre - Difethialone Rozol - Chlorphacinone Zinc Phosphide

Fly Baits Bonanza - Imidacloprid Golden Malrin - Methomyl Maxforce Fly Bait - Imidacloprid Maxforce Fly Spot - Imidacloprid Muscacide - Methomyl Stimukil - Tricosene/Methomyl QuickBayt-Imidacloprid Quickstrike Fly Strips - Dinotefuran


Rodenticide Bait Boxes - tamper & non-tamper resistant boxes Attaching & anchoring devices for bait boxes Labels for bait boxes Glue traps Enclosed cover & tunnels for glue traps Snap traps

INSECTICIDES IGR’s Archer - Pyriproxyfen Gentrol - Hydroprene Larvadex - Cyromazine Nyguard - Pyriproxyfen Precor - Methoprene

Liquids/Residuals/Fogging Boric Acid BP-100 & BP-300 - Pyrethrin Conquer - Esfenvalerate Cy-Kick CS - Cyfluthrin Cyzmic CS - Lambda-Cyhalothrin Demand CS - Lambda-Cyhalothrin Demon EC & WP - Cypermethrin Dominion 4L - Imidacloprid Dragnet SFR - Permethrin Optimate CS - Gamma-Cyhalothrin PBO - Piperonyl Butoxide, Technical Permethrin 10 Pyrenthrin Pyrocide 100 - Pyrethrins Ravap - Tetrachlorvinphos (Rabon & Vapona) Resmethrin Riptide - Pyrethrins Sector - Permethrin Suspend - Deltamethrin Tempo - Cyfluthrin

For additonal product information, visit • 1-800-609-9414 Always read and follow label directions and precautions for use.


Antibiotics Bleach Herbicides Hydrochloric, Muriatic Acid Mineral Oil New Balance - Surfactant Potassium Permanganate Xphate Feed Supplement

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Poultry Products  

View a list of poultry products available from Univar Environmental Sciences

Poultry Products  

View a list of poultry products available from Univar Environmental Sciences