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Professional Products for the food processing industry


Gas Detection Devices – Draeger – Kitagawa Phosphine Pellet Dispensers MasterLine® Spray Rigs Sprayer - B&G Backpack Sprayers Foggers – gas powered – electric Safety Equipment – respirators (SCBA, Cannisters) – gloves – goggles D.O.T. Danger Signs

BIRD CONTROL Roost Repellents – gel – liquid – spikes Netting and Components Spring Wire Bird Barrier Products


Bonanza Fly Bait - Imidacloprid Elector Bait - Spinosad Golden Malrin - Methomyl Maxforce Fly Bait - Imidacloprid Maxforce Fly Spot - Imidacloprid Muscacide - Methomyl Stimukil - Tricosene/Methomyl UV Fly Lights Quickstrike Fly Strips - Dinotefuran



Aluminum Phosphide – pellets – tablets – Prepac – rope Magnesium Phosphide – Fumicel Methyl Bromide – Chemtura – Ameribrom ICL (Q Only) Delta Bags ECO 2 Fume Profume Vaporphos

Contrac, Maki - Bromadiolone Ditrac - Diphacinone Fastrac - Bromethalin Final, Talon - Brodifacoum Generation - Difethialone Quintox - Cholecalciferol Rozol - Chlorphacinone Zinc Phosphide

Rodent Control

Rodenticide Bait Boxes - tamper & non-tamper resistant boxes Attaching & anchoring devices for bait boxes Labels for bait boxes Glue traps & bulk glue Enclosed cover & tunnels for glue traps Live traps Snap traps


Archer Gentrol Nyguard Precor


Conquer - Esfenvalerate Cykick - Cyfluthrin Demand CS - Lambda-Cyhalothrin MasterLine - Bifenthrin Onslaught Suspend - Deltamethrin Talstar - Bifenthrin Tempo SC & WP - Cyfluthrin

Fogging Permethrin Pyrethrin Riptide Sector Vampyre Vapona

Always read and follow label directions and precautions for use. Not all products are available everywhere or registered in every state. Please contact your local Univar office for availability.

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Food Processing Products  

View a list of food processing products available from Univar Environmental Sciences

Food Processing Products  

View a list of food processing products available from Univar Environmental Sciences