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Carlo Bo University of Urbino

Your Campus Set in a Unesco World Heritage Site URBINO CAMPUS The University of Urbino dates back to 1506 when Duke Guidobaldo I founded the “Collegio dei Dottori”, and from its inception, it has continued to grow and develop. While the student body and faculties gradually increased and developed over time, it was under the long and fruitful presidency of Senator for Life, Carlo Bo, that the University enjoyed unprecedented growth in size and prestige, prompting the former President of the European Community Commission, Roy Jenkins, to state that “the University of Urbino is an incisive presence in contemporary thought, contributing in original ways to the cultural and intellectual life of Europe”. The University of Urbino now has around 15,000 students and is known for the quality of its teaching and research. The size and organization of the University encourage a direct relationship between students and teachers and allow students to take full advantage of all campus services and

facilities. Urbino, the ideal Renaissance city, has become the ideal city for study, a lively and stimulating campus-town perfectly suited for student life. EXCELLENCE IN RESEARCH The latest national report evaluating scientific research (CIVR, the Italian Committee for the Evaluation of Research) ranked the University of Urbino first in the areas of Chemical Sciences and Sciences of Antiquity, Philology, Literature, History and Arts. It was ranked third in the areas of Medical Sciences and Political and Social Sciences and was in the top ten among medium-sized universities for completed scientific research projects. THE HISTORIC CITY OF URBINO Nestled in the foothills of the Apennine Mountains in the northeastern part of Central Italy, Urbino is a UNESCO World Heritage Site with a breathtaking, perfectly preserved historic center and fascinating history. During the Renaissance Urbino blossomed under the enlightened rule of Duke Federico da Montefeltro, a skillful statesman and enthusiastic patron of art and literature. Many leading historical figures lent their luster to the Montefeltro court, including the painter Piero della Francesca. Urbino is also the birthplace of Raphael, one of the most important painters of the Italian Renaissance. Today Urbino provides the ideal setting for a University. The old historic center houses most of the University’s faculties forming a studentfriendly campus where everything is still within easy walking distance, and locals, students and professors mix casually in the squares, narrow streets and cafés. WORLDWIDE CAMPUS The University of Urbino has developed a distance-learning program making highquality degree programs directly accessible worldwide. For more information on online degree programs visit: elearning

Faculties and Degree Courses




Business Administration

MASTER: TWO-YEAR SECOND LEVEL DEGREE PROGRAMME Economics and Business Management Marketing and Business Communication

Nutritional Sciences PHARMACY

Pharmacy (Five-Year Degree Programme - Master) Pharmaceutical Chemistry and Technology (Five-Year Degree Programme - Master) Law (Five-Year Degree Programme - Master)



Law Science for Labor Consultancy and Worker Safety Educational Sciences

Pedagogy and Educational Planning

Psychology - Sciences and Techniques

Clinical Psychology

Education Sciences for Nursery and Primary School (Five-Year Degree Programme - Master) Archaeology and Classical Literatures of the Mediterranean HUMANITIES AND PHILOSOPHY

Humanities and Cultural Heritage Studies Italian Literature, Language and Culture History of Art Philosophy, Science and Humanism


Foreign Languages and Cultures

Languages for Didactics, Publishing, Business


Political Science, of Economics and Governance

Governance and Political Communication

Sociology and Social Services also e-learning

Communication and Advertising for Organizations - also e-learning

Information, Media, Advertising also e-learning

Management of Politics, Social Services and Intercultural Mediation



Physical Education, Sports and Health Biological Sciences


Preventive Physical Activity and Health Sport Science Molecular, Sanitary and Nutritional Biology

Geological Sciences and Land Management Applied Geological and Environmental Sciences Environmental Sciences Biotechnologies

Molecular Biotechnologies

Applied Computer Science also e-learning Restauration (Five-Year Degree Programme - Master)

Services and Further Information

WIRELESS CAMPUS Urbino Wireless Campus (UWiC) offers an extensive wireless network allowing students living in Urbino and surrounding areas to gain direct access to all university services, effectively extending the campus over the entire area covered by the network.

It offers free communication services in the wireless campus network: voice over IP, chat and text messages STUDENT ACCOMMODATION AND SERVICES ERSU, the regional authority for university studies, is responsible for student residential halls, dining halls and other services. It also sponsors international and cultural exchanges, awards study grants and provides access to multimedia libraries and technological services ENROLMENT FOR EU CITIZENS & FOREIGN RESIDENTS EU citizens and non-EU citizens with an Italian residence permit, who have at least 12 years of education, can enroll directly, with no restrictions. They must provide the original copy of their secondary school diploma bearing authenticated signatures, translation and a Declaration of Value of the above-mentioned diploma issued by their local Italian representatives - Italian Embassy or Consulate.>applicationsandadmissions ENROLLMENT FOR NON-EU CITIZENS Non-EU citizens without an Italian residence permit must submit their preenrollment application to their local Italian diplomatic representative in order to be included in the lists reserved every year for foreign students. Please stay in touch with your local Italian diplomatic representative for information regarding the registration deadline because it changes every year.>applicationsandadmissions

grafica Francesco Biagetti - foto Donatello Trisolino

ITALIAN LANGUAGE AND CULTURE COURSES • Italian language courses are offered to foreign students registered at the University of Urbino, free of charge • Every year in August the University of Urbino organizes intensive courses of Italian language and culture for foreigners. For more details on courses, fees, lodging and other information go to italiano-L2. • The University of Urbino is an authorized centre for CILS – Certificate of Italian as a Foreign Language - which helps people gain entrance to university, improves job prospects and measures progress in Italian

Carlo Bo University of Urbino  
Carlo Bo University of Urbino  

• Italian language courses are offered to foreign students registered at the University of Urbino, free of charge • Every...