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SILICON SOLVES PROBLEMS FOR NEXT-GENERATION BATTERY TECHNOLOGY By replacing graphite anodes with silicon, it is possible to quadruple anode capacity in Liion batteries, according to a study published in Scientific Reports.

millilitres of camelina oil a day taken for a period of 12 weeks reduced overall and LDL cholesterol levels in people with impaired glucose metabolism. The study was published in Molecular Nutrition & Food Research.

SAUNA REDUCES BLOOD PRESSURE, INCREASES VASCULAR COMPLIANCE In a population-based study, UEF researchers have shown that taking a sauna is associated with a variety of health benefits. A new experimental study revealed the physiological mechanisms through which the heat exposure from a sauna may influence a person’s health. Tests involving 100 subjects showed that taking a sauna for 30 minutes reduces blood pressure and increases vascular compliance, while also increasing heart rate in a similar way to medium-intensity exercise.

UEF wins “Oscar of Education” for best use of ICT and e-Learning Lecturer Sanna Metsälä and IT Designer Aleksi Komu from UEF’s Savonlinna Teacher Training School were announced as the winners of the “Best use of ICT/e-Learning in the Classroom” category at the 2018 GESS Education Awards. THE WORK carried out at Savonlinna Teach-

“Finland and the Finnish curriculum are

er Training School is globally unique, and

held in high regard globally. The organisers

the school’s way of digitalising learning is

of GESS want to collaborate with us to make

something others are only starting to strive

Finland even more prominent at next year’s


event,” Metsälä says. “Our work is built around 21st century

GESS is an international education

skills. Pupils’ personal devices have enabled

exhibition that brings together educational

a change in the school culture, as well as

professionals from more than 90 countries

a systematic development of pedagogy,”

every year. The event was held at the Dubai

Metsälä says.

World Trade Centre in the United Arab

Currently, the school is testing and

Emirates on 27 February – 1 March 2018.

developing the use of artificial intelligence

The GESS Awards, sometimes also known as

and mixed reality in learning and teaching.

the “Oscars of Education”, were announced

Metsälä and Komu were pleased with

at a gala during the conference. The GESS

Finland’s prominence at the GESS confer-

Awards were presented to the best educa-


tional actors in different categories.

According to Aleksi Komu and Sanna Metsälä, the atmosphere in Dubai was great and Finland was prominent at the conference.

OPIOID USE DOES NOT INCREASE ALZHEIMER’S RISK Opioids are not associated with an increased risk of Alzheimer’s disease, even with long-term use. Opioids are powerful pain relieving drugs that act on the nervous system. A previous study from the US has linked them to dementia risk, but a new Finnish study, which is the most extensive research into the topic so far, does not confirm the risk. The nationwide register-based MEDALZ study included 70,718 people with Alzheimer’s and 282,862 controls. However, opioids do have adverse effects like drowsiness and reduced alertness. Their use may lead to addiction or tolerance and should thus be restricted to severe pain.

INFACT DEVELOPS SOCIALLY ACCEPTABLE MINERAL EXPLORATION TECHNOLOGIES INFACT – or the Innovative, NonInvasive and Fully Acceptable Exploration Technologies project – develops mineral exploration technologies that are increasingly non-invasive, socially acceptable and technologically advanced. Funded by the EU, the project has 17 partners in seven different countries. Finland is represented in the project by the University of Eastern Finland, the University of Oulu and the Finnish Environment Institute. The University of Eastern Finland focuses on issues relating to the social acceptability of mineral exploration.



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