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found in the Airbnb community, where

is something that supplements available

DESPITE CRITICISM, the sharing econo-

people specifically purchase apartments to


my is associated with plenty of goodwill

make them available for rent to those who can pay for the service. “Sharewashing is something that

“However, alternative forms of econ-

and not-for-profit mentality. In Finnish

omy can be seen as possible versions of

ridesharing groups, the sharing of a good

the world we will be inhabiting in the

feeling is emphasised.

comes up in connection with the sharing

future. For instance, what would the social

economy. If you make something avail-

consequences of the sharing economy’s

economy is whether economic activities

able at market rate and call it sharing,

expansion be?” Venäläinen asks.

are based on private gain, or whether they

there really isn’t much difference

From a legal viewpoint, the sharing

“An interesting aspect of the sharing

could be built with more regard to values.

between what you are doing and what

economy is a grey area that is often chal-

If economic activities are looked at from a

constitutes market-driven activity,”

lenged by its operators –the difficulties of

narrow perspective, what really motivates

Venäläinen says, making a critical ob-

Uber in Finland being a recent example.

people is overlooked.”


“The idea of testing boundaries is

“When ridesharing, you can share ex-

ingrained in the sharing economy. Nation

periences with an interesting person and

CRITICAL QUESTIONS should be posed.

states will have to adapt to major econom-

this exchange can turn out to be meaning-

For the time being, the sharing economy

ic developments in the future.”

ful for the rest of your life.”

Ridesharing groups on social media make it easy to meet new people.

UEF Bulletin 2018  
UEF Bulletin 2018