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Society with a positive attitude towards education THE FINNISH comprehensive school system

“The school system can do its bit in pre-

has been characterised by equality for sev-

venting inequality, but the responsibility for

eral decades. Schools are highly homogene-

well-being and welfare needs to be assumed

ous, guaranteeing that children will receive

more broadly.”

an equally good education, regardless of where they go to school. “We see education as part of a child’s

Pietarinen points out that society’s support is crucial for the development of schools and for related research.

upbringing, and parents tend to have a high

“Our success story is rooted in the fact

regard for schools and for teachers,” Pietar-

that Finnish society has always had an en-

inen says.

couraging attitude towards education.”

The Finnish comprehensive school system also evens out families’ socio-economic differences, making sure that children will have an opportunity to engage in further study irrespective of their parents’ level of education or income. Although a growing inequality between families is a cause of increasing concern in Finland, the education system has been able to maintain its role.

We see education as part of a child’s upbringing.”


UEF Bulletin 2018  
UEF Bulletin 2018