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A new study finds that particularly shallow lakes will emit significantly greater amounts of methane due to increasing eutrophication and climate warming, mostly in the form of bubbles. Published in Nature Climate Change, the study was carried out at Aarhus University, Denmark. Academy Research Fellow Jari Syväranta from UEF participated in the study.

In Finland, roughly one in five girls and boys follow a special diet for either therapeutic or lifestyle reasons, Researcher Heli Parviainen says. Girls tend to follow a special diet more often than boys.

Endowed professorship in spectral imaging continues THE JUHO AND LEMPI PITKÄNEN Founda-

cence microscopy from pathological samples.

tion has granted an additional 100,000 euros

Spectral imaging allows a pathologist to

for the development of biological and bio-

see changes in a sample that could not be

medical spectral imaging at the University of

discovered in any other way.

Eastern Finland. This brings the foundation’s

“The most interesting thing about

total endowment to 400,000 euros, and the

spectral imaging projects is that we get to

endowed professorship in spectral imaging

manufacture new tools that will eventually

continues. So far, the endowment has been

benefit patients,” says Professor and Chief

used to acquire and manufacture unique,

Physician Juha E. Jääskeläinen from the

state-of-the-art equipment for spectral

University of Eastern Finland and Kuopio


University Hospital.

“The applications of spectral imaging

“The Biobank of Eastern Finland con-

are virtually endless; spectral images can

tains an extensive set of samples, and they

be taken of all organic materials that have

could be utilised here, too.”

a surface. We’ve already done imaging in

“Spectral imaging can significantly

the fields of environmental and biological

improve the quality of medical examination.

sciences, as well as in dentistry,” Professor of

It allows for quantitative and chemical data

Biological and Biomedical Imagining Mark-

to supplement a physician’s own, some-

ku Keinänen says.

times subjective, evaluations,” says Dean of

One of the more recent openings in research is multispectral imaging autofluores-

the Faculty of Science and Forestry Jukka Jurvelin.

Professor of Biological and Biomedical Imagining Markku Keinänen.

DOES LIGHT AFFECT LEARNING? UEF’s School of Computing and physics researchers are collaborating with Joensuu Teacher Training School to investigate the possible effects of light on learning. In the project, a group of 13-year-old pupils will study in facilities with computercontrolled LED lighting, and a control group in facilities with normal indoor lighting. Both groups will complete the same set of tests to see if there are differences in their performance and learning outcomes. Findings from the project will become available in 2018.

YOUNG PEOPLE SOLVE SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT CHALLENGES Young people living in Eastern Finland are looking for ways to support the achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals. The action research constitutes part of the ALL-YOUTH project funded by the Strategic Research Council, seeking to facilitate the participation of young people aged between 16 and 25 in their own communities and Finnish society as a whole.

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