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Fuel: Performance


Make Better Please

Stevenage Wed 25 - Thu 26 Apr | 8pm


Bring us the troubles of the world, gather with us, read the day’s newspapers, speak and listen.

£10/£8 discounts

This is a town hall meeting and a radio broadcast, a public protest and the news of your world.


The Pirate Project

Uninvited Guests create a unique performance from the day’s news and whatever matters to you.

Fri 27 - Sat 28 Apr | 8pm

Swashbuckling female pirates of the past combine with stories of performers’ personal piracy as Improbable return to unitytheatre!


tickets £12/£10 discounts


About Us

It’s easy to book tickets for unitytheatre!

unitytheatre is Liverpool’s small-scale professional theatre presenting a mix of comedy, drama, physical theatre, music and dance in our two studio spaces.

Online (50p card transaction fee)

In Person

unitytheatre, 1 Hope Place, L1 9BG Mon: 1pm - 6pm Tue-Sat: 12pm - 6pm (or showtime + 15mins) (50p card transaction fee)

By Phone

0844 973 2888 Mon: 1pm - 6pm Tue-Sat: 12pm - 6pm (or showtime + 15mins) (50p card transaction fee)

We are Merseyside’s and the North West’s key organisation in the development of new companies, practitioners and artists with our Making Art scheme to aid the development of new work. We hope you can visit us, find out about the work we create and present, let us know about your experience and discover something new, innovative and great value! Errors and omissions excepted

Fuel: Performance

Black T-shirt Collection Fri 9 - Sat 10 Mar | 8pm What would you do for your brother?

From Fringe First winner Inua Ellams comes a new story about two brothers building a global t-shirt brand. On their journey from the markets of Nigeria to the sweatshops of China, Matthew and Mohammed discover what brotherhood really means. Inua Ellams writes about his upbringing, experiences of immigration and living in the UK today with pace, rhythm and cadence. tickets

£12/£10 discounts

£12/£10 discounts


Thu 15 - Sat 17 Mar | 7:30pm

Tue 10 - Fri 13 Apr | 8pm

Beside The Seaside

Fri 2 - Sat 3 Mar | 7:30pm

A multimedia solo performance by transgender artist Mandy Romeo exploring interlinked lives in August 1968.


One fine day, a girl named Mags, Decides a trip is needed and fun to be had. Teapot Tantrum’s brilliant comedic treat. tickets

£10/£8 discounts


Baby: The Musical Wed 21 - Thu 22 Mar | 7:30pm

Three couples, six expectant parents-to-be, one smart musical treasure revived in a collaboration of brilliant LIPA students.



£8/£4 discounts


Much Ado About Wenlock

Gold Mountain

Tue 17 - Wed 18 Apr | 8pm /10 Liverpool Echo | 8/10 Click Liverpool

A captivating comedy celebrating the Olympics Games’ unlikely UK roots!


Award-winning Les Deux Mondes & unitytheatre’s acclaimed production returns, bringing back this spectacular emotive multimedia production with stunning imagery, film, music and soundscape to the Liverpool stage. David Yee is trying to piece together the pieces of his father’s life. In an epic journey from a small village in China to war-torn Liverpool, through the horrors of the Atlantic convoys, follow Yee Lui’s story of friendship, addiction and adversity. tickets £12/£10 discounts

tickets £10/£8 discounts

David Yip

Eugene Salleh


Shutterland  hairline |  Broadway Baby One man finds himself running from the system he spent his life serving. tickets

£10/£8 discounts


Wed 28 Mar | 8pm

Fri 20 Apr | 8pm

Bruised knees, laughter, urine stained beds and sore heads. Award-winning The Paper Birds ask, why are we so thirsty?

Direct from Edinburgh Fringe Festival 2011

Robin Ince


Following a sell-out national tour of ‘Uncaged Monkeys’ Robin explores the human condition. tickets

£10/£8 discounts




Thu 29 - Sat 31 Mar | 8pm

Sat 21 Apr | 8pm

A marriage in crisis, a mistress at the door, two incompetent Guardian Angels, will Jenny be able to save the day?

unitytheatre’s acoustic night returns with The Midnight Ramble, Megan Thomas, Richard Batty and David Goss.

Acoustic Night

Angel Delight



£10 - £12/£8 - £10 discounts


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Thu 19 Apr | 8pm




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boxoffice: 0844 873 2888 |





Fuel: Immersive

Thu 9 Feb | 8pm

Wed 22 Feb | 8pm



Wed 1 - Sat 4 Feb | 8pm

Tue 6 Mar | 8pm

Fri 17 - Sat 18 Feb | 8pm

4 hormonal teenagers. One delayed plane. A holiday that they’ll never forget.

Funk, soul and jazz grooves combine as Wonder, Mayfield and Simone are shaken up. With Josette Bushell Mingo OBE.

 Independent |  Scotsman John Osbourne won a box of records on a competition on John Peel’s Radio show.

A twisted tale of desire and self-worth told through the eyes of an idiot, blending dark clown, multimedia and unusual physicality!

You are invited to attend a secret meeting.




Departure Lounge

The Voyages Of Sinbad The Sailor Until Sun 22 Jan | 2pm, 5:30pm & 6pm Imagine a life on the high seas filled with action, adventure and adversity!


Jordan, Ross, Pete and JB have had the time of their lives, but who is being fully honest and when the truth comes out will their friendship survive?

Set in a beautiful Bedouin tent, explore mysterious islands and faraway kingdoms in this magical tale told with extraordinary puppetry, song, dance and traditional storytelling, let the whole family’s imagination run wild! Now with Friday and Sunday performances in January! tickets



Wed £8 preview Thu £10/£9 discounts Fri & Sat £12/£9 discounts 10% off Thu - Sat tickets until 6 Jan

The Art Of Falling Apart


Thu 12 - Sat 28 Jan | 8pm

Shakespeare’s tragedy of ambition and guilt unfolds...

An all-new show following a number of out-of-sorts people living out-of-kilter lives against a backdrop of a city on the edge of badly organised chaos. Big Wow bring their trademark ferociouslypaced, wilfully-anarchic comic theatre to a piece of intricate storytelling about how we all cope with just being alive.

“They bridge the gap between theatre and comedy” The Guardian tickets


£10/£8 discounts

Sat 11 Feb | 8pm

Sat 25 Feb | 2pm & 4pm

Tue 13 - Wed 14 Mar | 7pm

China Pearl invites you to an evening of Chinese culture with an eclectic mix of dance and music.

A young girl, a hungry wolf and a walk through the woods, it sounds like a recipe for disaster, but Red Riding Hood’s not afraid!



£10/£8 discounts

Tue 14 Feb | 8pm

Perrier nominee Simon Munnery returns with a beautiful mix of sublime jokes, bad guitar riffs and one-man punk musicals.

Employing sparse staging, whilst keeping the play intact, compelling, and fresh. Platform 4 create a taut electric drama where characters appear from the shadows and disappear into the darkness as part of a nightmarish vision.

“Platform 4’s strong visual approach creates theatrical rough magic.” The Guardian on Platform 4


Simon Munnery

Tue 7 - Wed 8 Feb | 7:30pm



Red Riding Hood


The Dancer and The Devil Tue 28 Feb | 8pm

A story of those displaced by war, those hiding, running away, scarred by secrets... tickets

£10/£8 discounts


Tue 21 Feb | 8pm

Wed 29 Feb | 8pm

Exploring Alzheimers and coastal erosion with storytelling and humour. RedCape Theatre are not to be missed! tickets

£10/£8 discounts

TJ & Murphy Following the release of their 2nd album, an eclectic night of acoustic/finger-picking style songs with interwoven harmonies. tickets

Love Hurts

A young person’s view on the perils and pitfalls, pinnacles and pleasures of human entanglement. Performed by Perform L8.

£8 adults, £6 children


1 Beach Road

£12/£10 discounts

£10/£8 discounts





£12/£10 discounts


Spirit Of Dragon

This award-nominated comedy musical is given its Liverpool debut by the acclaimed InSTEP Theatre.

£12/£10 discounts £7 children £32 (2 adults + 2 children)

£10/£8 discounts

John Peel’s Shed



£3/£2 discounts

You may not know other participants by name but you will recognise them. They have driven you home from airports. They have employed you. They have smiled across crowded pubs. They have engaged you with small talk. But that small talk was never small, in fact everything that has been said so far has been to protect you.

Ring is a sound journey in complete darkness. tickets

£12/£10 discounts


The Games Fri 23 - Sat 24 Mar | 8pm

  Three Weeks  The Public Reviews  British Theatre Guide Spike Theatre present a story of three Greek nobodies caught up in a celestial bet!

Incorporating sporting equipment with a thousand uses, an original musical score, clowning, shadow puppetry and scenes of simulated nudity!

‘Definitely triple gold’ The Stage tickets

£12/£10 discounts

Fuel: Performance

Going Dark Fri 24 - Sat 25 Feb | 8pm How far can you see? A mile? Hundred miles? The edge of the universe?

The Planetarium, Max challenges dwindling audiences with the mysteries of the stars. But in a society polluting the night with light and happier seeing waxworks where does he fit in? Yet an unexpected turn will help Max discover that understanding the universe needs a different kind of vision. Sound&Fury use immersive surround sound, darkness and imaginative lighting to reveal the wonders of the cosmos and one man’s vision. tickets

2 | boxoffice: 0844 873 2888 | 3

4 | boxoffice: 0844 873 2888 | 5

6 | boxoffice: 0844 873 2888

£12/£10 discounts

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