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THEATRE VISIT FOLLOW-UP - MAP OF THE TOWN KS 1&2 curriculum links: links

EN1/ English – Speaking & Listening/Drama, PSHE, Geography, Art and Design & Technology

Key Vocabulary: Vocabulary

3-D / maps / landscape / story world

To encourage pupils to: • • •

Respond imaginatively to the imagined geography of the story Communicate their understanding of the storyline and imaginative responses through visual art Use everyday objects and a variety of materials to create a 33-D landscape

Resources: Resources

Cardboard, PVA and glue sticks, paint, fabric scraps, yoghurt or other small pots, coloured and patterned papers, tissue, foil, newspapers, modelling clay/dough – anything else you can find!

Activities The story of The Pied Piper takes place in its own geography and includes familiar features such as the town’s streets, the river, the mountains, but also environments which require a more imaginative visualisation, such as inside the mountain. Stimulate a class discussion by asking the children to describe the story of The Pied Piper, perhaps making a list of the different places the story took place. 3-D maps can be created in small groups or as a whole class to enhance the children’s imagination of how and where the story took place using an imaginative array of materials. Small puppets of the creatures and characters can also be created to add to the map.. Extended Activities Create opportunities for the children to use the map to retell the story. If you have space, making a really big map in the hall using large cardboard boxes and other large sculptures will give you a space to act out the story with the map becoming the theatre set. If you choose for the 3-D maps to be created on a small scale, they could be used to create a wall display to celebrate the project, maybe sharing these with other classes who also saw the production.

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