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Presidental Inaguration Jan. 21, 2013

MLK Birthday Jan. 15, 2013

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Saving our girls! UnityinAction Mag Unity in Action Magazine is an independent run paper. Views expressed may not be reflective of the publication or others in the publication.

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Your Government

Exercise your right to vote.

This is the moment in history that we must work to create the change we seek. Martin Luther King, Jr. was a great man of character and courage that helped move our nation forward, but he did not do it alone. It took the people- white and black to come together to do what they could to help make the positive change a reality. Whether it was joining a national movement to end discrimination by organizing, joining a march in their town, working on a group with co-workers to end discrimination in their workplace, starting a petition, or starting a school. We can not expect the change we seek to come from one man. It has to start and be supported by the people. Just like Rosa Park, she started the change by her action, Martin Luther King, Jr. led the change. Tanya, 36 The re-election of President of Obama revealed the heart of the majority of our nation. A heart that says that our nation is ready to move past color. We value character, we believe in giving people a hand and a chance, we will stand for what is right even if it does not directly impact me. America had wealthy, white, black, asian, hispanic, gay, straight all taking a stance together to say that this is a democracy of people that can not be bought. We need everyone to stay informed with the facts on politics. Get involved in your local government. Vote in the Spring election, voice your opinion at city meetings, and petition.

OBAMA 2008-2017

To make our dream a reality, we must: 1. Put the people's thoughts and ideas about change into the forefront of political games. Our representatives need to step up or step out of position. Also, voters need to vote them out 2. Work together within communities to create support systems like they did in the good ole' days. Give outside of your normal circle. Give a hand, not just money. 3. Take a stand. Write your legislatures, petition, email Unity in Action Magazine. Vote in the Spring election, coming up soon! 4. Share your comments. Join Whitehouse on facebook and other social media to make your voice heard. Right now it is just one side of opinion that dominates. Make your side heard.

What this election means for Blacks? Now is more important than ever to raise the issues that have been plaguing our community for years. As a nation we are ready to move past color to do what is right for people. There is still a lot of racism in this country, but there are more people that are not.

John, 54

The #1 thing that is holding us back is our unwillingness to support each other. Before it was light and dark skin separating us. Now we are letting 'have and have not' separate us. I can't say rich and poor, because many blacks that consider themselves rich have not truly achieved wealth. When blacks make a little money, many try to distance themselves from other blacks. They feel the need to socially let everyone know that they are not like other blacks. Instead of putting some of their money and time into helping build and improve the community. Not just donating to their church.

We have to remember the media sources, businesses, and public figures are that were willing to be bought out during the election. They tried to use their money to support spreading lies about Obama and rig the election.

Black leaders like Susan Rice must not let the media pressure stop them from their call to leadership. If you make a mistake, dust yourself off and try again. We also need our leaders to stop selling us out for a quick buck and stop hatin' on each other..

Christine, 33 Balancing the federal budget in 4 years?! It takes longer than that to balance your family budget, why do you thing so many American's have credit card debt. Obama saved our economy from complete disaster and we are on the road to recovery. We are moving forward with President Obama!

Donna, 30 As soon as Obama got in office we started seeing more take home money in our pockets. He knew exactly what we needed to just began to grow- survival.

As spoken in the movie Family Reunion, “Take your place. It is time to stand up and be.� Stop hurting yourself, your family, and your community. Respect, Pride, and Action.

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Where diva's shop for cute shoes & accessories on a budget. Mon-Sat 10-7 1401 N. Prospect Plaza, Champ. Starts at 9pm sharp.

Kings & Queens Getting married and staying together is one of the best ways to build your family finances. It is easier on everyone in a dual income family to have enough money to pay living expenses, save money for retirement, buy insurance, and still have money to shop and vacation. Plus, you have someone that can stay at home with the kids if they are sick or run errands for the family. It is ironic that mainstream music and TV is teaching our kids the opposite!!

January 26, 2013 1401 McKinley Ave., Champaign

We have to teach our boys and girls that marriage and commitment is the best choice, and to love & respect others. The pimp mentality MUST STOP or we will continue to economically self-destruct.


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Your Money






Downside of the Outside Interview with Big “D� Many recently released persons are left to face a difficult challenge of adjusting to life on the outside. Below is an interview with Big D. After being locked up over a decade, and getting out was like stepping into a time warp. It is like you are somewhere that you haven't been. Everything has changed from the women, to drugs and everything. For a minute I was in a drawn up state. I didn't even want to go outside. The ex-con is objectified. This makes it socially hard re-adjusting. It is always a stereotype about who you are. Like if you went to jail for that long people would automatically think that you are homosexual. Adjusting is hard. Like, when you come out of the Federal system they are supposed to have re-entry into society programs to help you adjust. But, in reality these programs don't really help you, because as soon as you start making money you have to pay 25% of your income in order to stay there. So, where are they helping. In Champaign we only have the half-way house. We used to have the work release center that allowed you to be able to stack your money, so that you can save enough to move out. When you left was the I-Pod out? No, everything is so modernized now, I am still trying to understand what is going on. There is a lot to learn about technology. What do have to do to get back on track as a community? A lot of today's influences come from the TV and music that are working against our progress. The struggles are so stressful that we are not utilizing our mind and resources. We can go to school like anybody else. We have the opportunities, we have to take advantage of them. We steady trying to party and floss when we really living in the slow lane. We need to think beyond. Blacks are not supporting each other. If people could just stop hattin' on each other and come together we could get somewhere. Like, 5 people could put their money together and buy some property. We need the people with the knowledge to start sharing. When you haven't had anyone to groom you while growing up, you really don't know. When you come home with nothing. You are not going to find a job fast enough to survive. People need to start showing a little love out here. The issues with felons is something that is destroying our community.

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NEW ILLINOIS LAWS OF 2013 LAW ENFORCEMENT New law HB4081/PA 97-0846, adds an

exception to the state’s eavesdropping laws to allow law enforcement officers to receive approval from a State’s Attorney to record or listen with the aid of an eavesdropping device during the course of an investigation into a felony drug violation. The person listening or recording must be a party to the conversation. Senate Bill 3665 protects postal workers and letter carriers by allowing judges to consider harsher penalties for violent crimes against employees of the United States Postal Service. SPS workers are already protected by federal law, but in the event federal prosecutors don’t pursue cases involving crimes against postal workers, this law will allow state courts to consider USPS employment in their proceedings.

DRIVING LAWS Vehicle Seizure (HB 4863/PA 97-984): States that a motor vehicle used while driving on a suspended or revoked license is subject to seizure and forfeiture if the person’s driving privileges were revoked or suspended for a similar violation in another state if the offense involves operating the vehicle under the influence of drugs or alcohol; leaving the scene of a personal injury accident; refusing to submit to alcohol or drug testing; or reckless homicide. Commercial Motor Vehicle Cell Ban (HB5101/PA 97-829): Provides that, with some exceptions, a driver may not use a hand‐held mobile telephone or text while driving a commercial motor vehicle. Julie’s Law – SB 2888/PA 97-0833 - (which will take place in July 2013) increases penalties for serious speed-limit violations. Courts may not grant supervision to individuals who speed 31 miles per hour or more above the posted speed limit on highways, 25 miles per hour or more in urban districs which includes cities and most small towns.

Share your voice: WHAT DO YOU THINK ABOUT LOCAL POLICE TOW CHARGES? When you get your car towed by a Police you have to pay a tow charge as high as $250 to the police station and the tow yard a tow fee as much as $250 for just 1 day.

Laws start from people like you offering an idea. This idea becomes a bill with the help of state's staff. It is a good idea to call your local senator to help you change or add new laws.

SECOND CHANCE LAW Non-Violent Offenders (SB 3349/PA 97-1118): Creates a voluntary 12-month diversion program to allow persons charged with certain felony offenses such as burglary, felony theft, felony retail theft, forgery, or possession of a stolen vehicle, cannabis, controlled substances or methamphetamine to complete a program, instead of going to prison. Certificate of Good Conduct (HB 5771/PA971113): Reduces from three years to two years, the time frame a convicted felon must wait after the completion of his/her sentence before applying for a Certificate of Good Conduct or a Certificate of Relief from Disabilities. Also allows a person who was convicted of a felony more than twice to receive these certificates. Allows a person convicted of a crime in a jurisdiction other than Illinois to receive these certificates. A Certificate of Good Conduct provides evidence that the ex-convict has been rehabilitated for purposes of employment. Persons can have their records cleared of a reckless driving conviction once they reach age 25, if they have had no other reckless driving or DUI charges or arrests.

ABUSE Elderly Exploitation (HB 5653/PA 97865):Seeks to make it easier to prosecute cases involving financial exploitation of an elderly person or a person with a disability. Allows prosecutors to freeze assets of the defendant for purposes of restitution for the victim. Adds criminal intimidation to the definition of intimidation. Includes a paid or unpaid caregiver for the elderly person or person with a disability to the definition of a person who stands in a position of trust and confidence. Child Sex Offender Holiday Costume Prohibition (SB 3579/PA 97-699): Prohibits sex offenders from participating in holiday events involving children, such as handing out candy at Halloween or working or volunteering as Santa Claus or the Easter Bunny.

CHILD SUPORT & BILLS Child Support Payments (SB 3549/PA 97-1029): Provides the court with additional methods to pursue child support from a parent who is found guilty of contempt for failure to comply with an order to pay child support, and who conducts a business or is self‐employed. Self‐employed individuals cannot have their wages garnished. Requiring these individuals to provide monthly financial statements, provide detailed written accounts about job search efforts, and/or report to the Department of Employment Security for job search services, may help individuals obtain the employment they need to provide support or provide incentive for these individuals to pay their support. Debtors (HB 5434/PA 97-0848) Bill adds procedural protections in debt collection proceedings to ensure that debtors receive proper notice and opportunity to show an inability to pay the debt.

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“Wings” By Little Mix

This group is on the rise. This song is teaching girls to respect themselves. Don't let anyone hold you down.

“Girl On Fire” By Alicia Keys

You go Alicia Keys! Teaching our girls to be strong.


HELP PUT UNITY IN ACTION IN OUR COMMUNITY! Decatur: 1355 HWY 48 Decatur, IL 62526 217-423-UTOP(8867)

Springfield: 838 South Grand E. Ave. Springfield, IL 62703 217-527-UTOP(8867) Champaign: 802 W. Bloomington Rd. Champaign IL 61820 217-352-UTOP(8867) HOW IT WORKS! You can help create lasting positive change in your community. As a member you can participate in online forums to offer your solutions, comments and raise issues important to you. Members not only stay informed about what is going on in their community, but they network with each other and work together to offer communitywide solutions.

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Your News





Support Local Teens Using Tic-Tacs Like Drugs. Parents be on alert! Teens have been found crushing up TicTacs and sniffing it at local schools. No matter how silly it sounds, someone has been crazy enough to risk their life. Federal judge approves settlement in BP Class Action Lawsuit. A federal judge approves BP PLC's settlement with businesses and individuals affected by the 2010 Gulf of Mexico oil spill. An estimated $7.8 billion is to be paid to more than 100,000 businesses and persons who claimed to have lost money due to the oil spill. National unemployment rate at an all time low of 7.7%. California was the most recent to tout it's less than 10% unemployment. Other states have shown even lower rates. Illinois unemployment rate has a current drop to 8.7%. Sporting goods chain suspends gun sales of certain semi-automatic. Dick's Sporting Goods has taken a stand for social responsibility by deciding to remove all guns from its store nearest to Newtown, Connecticut, and is suspending the sale of certain kinds in all stores. Over 200,000 hispanic families have been torn apart since 2010 to strict immigration laws. Parents have been separated from their US born children. These children have been thrust into DCFS or placed with friends/family. New immigration laws effective 2013 is working to change this. It makes it easier for immigrants to stay in the US while they handle the issue. Chicago reaches 500 murders in 1 yr. Retired gang member says, that ''the problem is that all of the leaders are dead or put away and there is no more code of conduct or leadership. Kids are trying imitate the street life that they see in movies.''

US Senate (former-2012) Voted Against the UN Disability Act 61-38. This treaty extends the same disability rights that are currently in America to the rest of the world. The vote fell 5 votes short. Opposition was led by Republicans Sen. Mike Lee (R-Utah) and former Sen. Rick Santorum (R-Pa.). This treaty is supported by 153 other countries. US citizens have complained that this is another way that US appears cruel and hypocritical to the rest of the world. Pardon Attorney Ronald L. Rodgers Caught Withholding Significant Information and stepping outside of his boundaries by emailing a Justice Department official expressing hope that inmate Aaron's request be denied for his request for a Presidential pardon. Inspector General Michael E. Horowitz report found that Rodgers's advice was, “was colored by his concern ... that the White House might grant Aaron clemency presently and his desire that this not happen." Aaron was a 24-year-old college football star at Southern University. In 1993 he was convicted for his role in a drug conspiracy. Even though Aaron was not the buyer, user, supplier or dealer, he received a triple life sentence without parole, the stiffest punishment of anyone in the conspiracy. Rodgers shared his email and failed to share letters of support from the prosecuting attorney and judge on his original case. Rodgers, who took over the pardon's office in 2008 remains in office. Nearly all pardon recipients are preselected and personally reviewed by Rodgers. Aaron's is currently waiting to hear from Obama on his pardon reconsideration.


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By Leatrice Austin

Coming together in Gods time……Time is a strange thing to consider, just when you think you have missed out on life, life resumes and it is better than it was before. What makes it so intriguing? I believe it is God. God works in mysterious ways, we have heard this many times but to truly witness it is another thing. Witnessing God restoring time to your life that you thought was gone, Amazing! I don’t know how many times I have thought “Well I have missed it this time for sure” and then God does a new thing in my life and restores to me something greater than I had planned. Coming together in Gods time is the most precious realization of how He is working things together for the good of those who love God and are called according to His purpose. I never had seen this before “according to His purpose”. It is a predestined arrival of coming together in Gods time. Sooner would have been my time, but later is proven to be According to His purpose. *Romans 8:28 Be Encouraged Leatrice Austin

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