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Freewill Monthly Serving East Central Illinois

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UnityinAction Mag Unity in Action Magazine is an independent run paper. Views expressed may not be reflective of the publication or others in the publication. P.O. Box 7764 Champaign, IL 61826 Phone: 217-255-3961 Fax/VM 206-203-0380 contact@unityinactionmaga

Ms. Linda passed the torch to carry on our communities largest annual event featuring CU'S TOP RISING STARS!

Lemon Shake-Up with the Purchase of a Daily Special. Must present coupon at the time of purchase. One coupon per order. Exp. August 31, 2012

Sell your Art at the Disability Resource Expo Saturday, October 13 The Expo will be enriched with artwork made by people living with a disability. Here are some of the details: The Expo will provide an 8 foot table and two chairs. Tablecloths will be provided.


Set-up hours are between 7:30 - 8:45 am on Saturday 10/13/12. Please be ready to receive visitors at your booth by 9:00 a.m. The Expo will be open from 9 am to 2 pm. Your table must be manned at all times. There will be some volunteers to take over for you while you take a needed break, but they will not be there to sell your items. Business cards in print are fine, but any brochures should be sent to us in advance electronically in Microsoft Word so information can be put in alternative formats. September 10 is the deadline for that.

Register for a table, please contact: Vickie Tolf 217-356-9176 X256

Champaign-Urbana Day Passed the Torch to Continue the Historical Annual Showcase of Talent

Listen here online! PERFORMANCES BY: XFourRadicals CoCo Rocky LewwyKnox, J.Welz, Charles Young All of Nothing Miss Bri Jim Smiley Sean Caddy

SBE Squadd Madico Truth Be Told GQ TWICK Triple A K-otic Chali Knox Legacy

Every year during the second weekend in August you can count on Champaign-Urbana's Douglas Park being packed! People from all over the world return to celebrate community and showcase area talent! From amateur to Illinois finest- you can count on a great show, food, vendors, and more. This year was kicked off with a “Stop the Violence Rally”. Also, our dedicated organizer for over 15 years, Linda Turnbull passed the torch to her daughter and current President, Shawanna Edwards to continue the tradition! Unity in Action salutes all performers and organizers on a job well done.

Miss Bri- " I am proud to say that none of my songs encourage or suggest any sort of criminal activity , I was raised in rough areas from Champaign,IL to Atlanta, Ga and have witness several close friends fall victim to the streets.” Although Miss Bri does not partake in street crime she is not to be messed with on the microphone".Producing HEAD BANGING productions and spitting HOTT lyrics, Miss.Bri has made it very clear that she is headed to the top. O'Briena "Miss.Bri" Hope began writing songs and producing music at age 14. Her star styled image and incredible ability to entertain, leaves the crowd extremely attracted to her. With her amazing talent and her outstanding personality Miss.Bri is a rare commodity. SHE IS the FUTURE of FEMALE RAP!! Miss.Bri has opened up for artist like Gorilla Zoe, Yo Gotti, Zed Zilla, Wacka Flocka, Sylver Karats, PBZ and more. Miss.Bri truly makes music for everyone mixing genre's from alternative rock to pop and hip-hop!! Record labels are fighting for her and her fans are cheering. She is the new Million dollar baby, and a great investment. Miss Bri's mix tape will be released this fall.


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Your Community

#1 in Cause Marketing

Photo by L. Brian Stauffer

GET TO KNOW: Bryan McMullan

28 year Maintenance Supervisor University of Illinois

INSIDE ILLINOIS, May 17, 2012 | Christian Gollayan, News Bureau Intern Like many young boys, Bryan McMullan wanted to follow in his father’s footsteps.

“It was great; I had a good time,” McMullan said. “I recommend it to folks all the time. If you’re not going to college, go in to the military. If you’re going into the military, choose the Air Force.”

“I grew up in a construction family,” McMullan said. “That’s what my father and At the end of his military career McMullan was stationed at Chanute Air uncle did. I used to wear a hard hat when I visited my father’s work.” Force Base in Rantoul, and he started looking locally for civilian work. But instead of constructing buildings, McMullan maintains them. A 28-year UI employee, he has worked for University Housing’s maintenance department for most of that time. As maintenance supervisor, he oversees a staff of 10 maintenance inspectors and is responsible for all Housing residence halls in Champaign, the Memorial Stadium kitchen, Ashton Woods Apartments, Housing Food Stores and Orchard Downs Apartments. “Our team is on call every day, all year.” he said. “We supply the best customer service in the industry. We have carpenters, electricians, laborers, maintenance inspectors, pipefitters, painters, plumbers, refrigeration workers, sheet metal and temperature control workers all working together to assist as needed.” “We work holidays, weekends … it doesn’t matter,” he said. “You name it, we do it – everything but cleaning. We answer pages and calls and we also have routine work to do. We check mechanical rooms and public areas daily, as well as roofs.” Every day, McMullan and his team face a different challenge. “Like today with the rain, we have some leaks here and there because of weather issues,” McMullan said. “You’ve also got to deal with cooling and heating, especially when we go from winter to summer. Some residents want to have air-conditioning and others want heat. We try to keep our people as comfortable as possible.” McMullan’s penchant for service can be seen in his upbringing. Born and raised in Gary, Ind., he has always been active in his community. When he was 13, McMullan coached little league baseball teams. By 15, he was the youngest team manager in the city. At 17, he started working as a gas station attendant but was shot in the chest and neck during a robbery attempt.

He was hired by Service Master three days before discharge and ended up working for Service Master and at the UI for the next 12 years. “I basically worked two full-time jobs,” McMullan said. “I worked at the university 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. and then I went to Service Master from 5:15 p.m until midnight as the night supervisor.” His first position at the UI was in the donor records department with the UI Foundation. He moved to UI Housing after six years, working as a maintenance inspector. He said the inspector job gave him the experience to become supervisor, a position he’s held for the past five years. “It’s a very busy job,” he said. “The best thing about this job is that it changes constantly. There’s nothing routine. You don’t have to stay still and you don’t have to sit in one area. You look up and the day’s over.” He said Housing’s responsibilities cover some 3.4 million square feet of property on campus including 1,000 student apartments, 24 residence halls and six dining facilities, which is a lot of ground to cover as a supervisor, considering the average age of the buildings is 50 years. “During nine months each year we house more than 10,000 residents,” he said. One of the proudest accomplishments during his time as supervisor has been leading his department toward becoming more diverse. He said he has tried to increase the department’s diversity through the university’s learner-trainee program and would also like to see more women apply. In his spare time, the Urbana resident likes to bowl and has played in community leagues for 30 years. He also has roller-skated for more than 40 years.

Although he enjoys his job, he hopes to retire in the next few years. “My mom put her foot down and told me I would not be going back to that job,” he said. “As you can imagine, that was the end of my gas station career.” “I’m exploring several options when I retire,” McMullan said. “Travel is in the plans.” He joined the Air Force when he was 19 and was stationed at Reese Air Force Base, near Lubbock, Texas. He has two children: a son, who is now 28, and a daughter, age 26.

Your Health






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At Prime Sole they WALK da' WALK! Prime Sole doesn't just talk about it, they be about it! This business reaches out and helps the community every chance it can. From donating school supplies to supporting community programs, Prime Sole definitely WALK da' WALK! When you stop in for the top kicks & gear in town, make sure you tell Rhonda thanks for walking da' walk in our community. Do you know a business that Walk da' Walk? Let us know! 217-255-3961




OFF ANY SHOE PURCHASE $30 Minimum with coupon per pair, not valid with any other offers. Expires 9/30/12. Code: MMP0712

“I challenge all mainstream mediaradio, TV, print, and online to step up and be more socially responsible. Example, if you have all kids calling in on your radio show then stop with all the sex and violence.” -Tanya Parker, Publisher of Unity in Action Magazine

LOCKING PEOPLE UP FOR CHILD SUPPORT? Maybe it is just me, I don't get it. What good is it to lock somebody up for not paying child support? They can't work or look for a job then. In the first place, you already know that black men finding a job is slim to none. I have noticed it has gotten better since Obama got in; but it is still a slim chance. What do you think?

At -risk youth are not making the middle school sports team? What a wrong turn to make! For some youth middle school may be their first time actually trying to play the sport. Most of us don't have money to send our kids to camps outside of school. It is a fact that extra-curriculum activities like sports, can help engage youth in school. I say all middle school youth should be able to make the team whether they are good or not. We had the A team and the B team...bring it back. What do you think?

Unity in Action Magazine is your voice on community issues that affect you, your family, or your community. Don't think you are the only one, because you are probably not. But, if no one ever says anything than how can we fix anything? Share your voice- call, write, IM, tweet, Youtube, FB us just say something! You would be surprised how much you could help the community.

Kids can't take their books home from school? Well how are they going to study? How are parents going to help them? Parents need the book to help them remember how to do it. When I was in school, studying at home is what got me the A. It is not like parents are paying less at registration, now that we aren't buying new books. I say, let them take the books home. If they lose it or break it- charge them. What do you say?

“If you stand for nothing, you fall for anything.� Malcolm X

Tanya Parker, Founder of UAMAG Winner of 2012 CU Day Community Leadership Award 2010 Social Entrepreneurship Innovation Award 2010 History Maker Award

unityinaction mag


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Your Community

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Support Unity 360 Project Unity in Action Magazine was created by Tanya Parker a single parent, living in poverty concerned about the condition of AfricanAmerican communities. She wanted to create real, lasting positive change. The magazine hopes to financially support Unity 360 Degrees needed community programs and services. What we hope to accomplish by supporting Unity 360? Currently ready to start, but unfunded. - Start a jobs program across America that provides transitional jobs and financial support for under-skilled, unemployed, youth, and felons. - Start a program that helps our kids perform better in school. - Open community resource centers in the hood. - Provide a voice to the people. Connect the people. - Help agencies better connect with the people that they serve. - Provide on-going financial support to programs that help build healthier families and communities. What have we accomplished? Our work has helped over 100 youth participate in free career & character development programs. Ways to support? Advertise with Unity in Action Magazine!! Volunteer Support Unity 360 Project Buy a T-shirt Donate to the bowling party.

How it works? Unity in Action Magazine is not your ordinary newspaper. We are a community development initiative. There are many ways to get involved. Businesses- Advertise and support your community. We ask each business to commit to at least 1 month per year. We donate a percentage of advertising profit each month to support community programs. Agencies- Send us your announcements. Collaborate with us! We can help you connect with the community. Residents- Use our coupons. Send you ideas, comments, and concerns about any issue important to you that affects you, your family, or your community. Together we will build healthier families and communities.

Watch the full interview online unityinaction mag UATV1

Martel Miller tells it like it is about youth gun violence in our community. We need men to step up and talk to these youth. We have to get the guns off the street and teach about gun safety. We have had 4 shooting deaths this summer. We don't want this to carryover into the school year. Also, someone really needs to speak up about who shot that girl in Garden Hills. As a community we can and have to do more. We have to help black men find jobs, so they can develop a sense of self-worth.

Get to Know Sam Banks New Executive Director of the Don Moyer Boy's & Girl's Club Sam Banks shares his vision for the club. DMBGC is a safe, fun place for youth K-12 to learn and develop. I want to help youth reach their full potential. I have been blessed to work with kids for the past 30 years. I worked at Children's Cunningham home the past 16 yrs. Where I worked with kids with challenges. With that background I feel that I can bring a level of understanding. Being very preventative in nature. We want to catch kids and help them before they get into trouble. One of the things that I would like to emphasis from a community stand point is that this a place for all kids with all background. We need mentors and volunteers to come. Registration has started! For more info: Call 217-352-4229

I am excited with making sure that they have places to come to learn, have a positive place to connect with the community and learn how to be successful in life. A place for kids to develop character and what it means to be a member of the community. Whether it is basketball, playing games, they always have opportunites for learning.


“Let's support all the wonderful community events.” Email yours to: Contributed by Carletta Donaldson Monday, August 13 1:00pm – 5:00pm - Special Enrollment Event for people who lost their IL Cares Rx or Medicaid benefits at Provena Covenant Medical Center in the Auditorium (1400 W. Park Street, Urbana). Free parking is available on the south and east sides of the hospital. Refreshments will be provided. Sponsored by: CCHCC, Provena Center for Healthy Aging, Regional Planning Commission, Family Service, Carle, and other local agencies. PLEASE CALL TO PREREGISTER at (217) 819-4054 for Regional Planning Commission or (217) 337-2022 for Provena Center for Healthy Aging. Please bring a list of medications that include dosage & frequency and Medicare, and/or other insurance cards, as well as proof of income and assets. 6:00pm – Champaign School Board Meeting 7:00pm – Urbana City Council Meeting 7:00pm – Champaign County Veterans Assistance Commission meeting at VFW 630, 101 Hartle Ave., Urbana (East Main Street and Hartle Ave., Urbana). Friday, August 17 6:00pm – Mt. Olive Baptist Missionary Baptist Church’s B.Y.F. presents “Back to School Gospel Explosion!” Rapp Session begins at 6:00pm and Worship Service at 7:00pm. There will be music, praise dancing, skits, the word of God and school supplies to those who will be going back to school. Come out and be blessed!* 6:30pm – Elder Joseph Williams’ Appreciation Service at New Generation (306 Tiffany Ct., Ch.) as he leaves for college.

Saturday, August 18 8:00am – 10:00am - Listen LIVE to Higher Ground on WEFT/90.1FM Radio or on-line at, hosted by Eunice Boone. Listen in and/or call in to 217-359-5483 or 217-359-6545 for comments and/or questions.

9:00am – 3:00pm – Free School and Sports Physicals in Rantoul (location to be determined). No appointments, walk-ins only. For more information or to volunteer, call 217-359-6920.* 10:00am – Heavenly Seven sponsored 5th Annual Back to School Give Away at the Urbana Neighborhood Connections Center (1401 E. Main St., Urbana) for grades Kindergarten – 5th grade. Donations of money, gift cards and/or school supplies may be dropped off at 613 N. Fourth St., Ch. or mailed to P.O. Box 904, Champaign, IL 61820. Email if you have questions.* 10:00am – 12noon – St. Luke C.M.E. Church Food Pantry – 809 N. Fifth St., Ch. 11:00am – 2:30pm – Welcomehome event for recently returned Iraq and Afghanistan veterans, activeduty service members, National Guard and Reserve members and their families at Sholem Aquatic Center, 2205 Sangamon Dr., Champaign. Swimming will be available until 7:00pm, weather permitting. Space is limited, so RSVP to Rusti Stahl at 217-5544315. 11:00am – 3:00pm – Second Annual Community Outreach Picnic at Wabash Park in Rantoul, sponsored by City of Truth (formerly the New Covenant Worship Center). FREE: games, food, entertainment, bounce house, backpacks, and face painting; register to vote and/or change your address. August 24 6:30p-8:30p Unity in Action Magazine Appreciation and Open House Event. All are invited to learn more about Unity in Action Magazine and ways you can get involved. August 25 & August 26 University YMCA Big Sale at the U of I Stock Pavilion on Pennsylvania Ave., U.

Saturday, August 25 7:00am – 12noon – Urbana’s (Farmers’) Market At the (Lincoln) Square (Mall) 8:00am – 10:00am – Listen LIVE to Higher Ground on WEFT/90.1FM Radio or on-line at, hosted by Aaron & Carol Ammons. Listen in and/or call in to 217-3595483 or 217-359-6545 for comments and/or questions. 9:00am – 12noon – Church of the Living God presents The Love Clinic at the TLC Annex (310 E. Bradley. Cholesterol and diabetes screenings, health assessment survey, temporary prescription refills (bring medication bottles/no pain medication). For more information, call 359-6920. 12:00noon - 1:00pm – Mo’ Betta Music performing at the Urbana Sweet Corn Festival with Bow Dacious String Band. 12noon – 4:00pm – Salem Baptist Church Youth Quake Picnic at Hessel Park.* 5:00pm - Salem Baptist Church’s Annual Youth Quake Gospel Night at the Apollo at Salem Baptist Church.* 9:00pm – 30 & Over Jazz Saturdays at the Arrowhead Bowling Lanes (1401 N. McKinley, Ch.) with R & B, Old School, Jazz and Steppin’ Music. Cost: $5.00 after 10:00pm. Go to for more information. Sunday, August 26 10:00am – 4:00pm – Quad Day at the University of Illinois on the Quad 3:00pm – 7:00pm - Canaan Safe House Benefit Concert at Hessel Park. Talents include: Mo ’Betta Music, Baptist Fellowship Choir of Champaign County, Eastern Star Baptist Church Praise Team of Indianapolis, Danville Community Choir, Canaan Praise Team and Rap Ministry, “AS ONE.” Go to for more information or to donate.*

Monday, September 3 - Labor Day 10:00am – Labor Day Parade from the south end of Lincoln Square on Broadway, to Washington, east on Washington to Lierman, and north on Lierman to the Brookens bulding grounds for food and fun.


Submit your announcement & photo.

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Obama to move 3000 troops to Africa to help them plant food, build shelter, and protect people. Federal government is offering an insurance plan that accepts US resident with pre-existing conditions and no insurance. For requirements visit When blacks don't vote the Tea Party wins. That is what happen again in Texas when Ted Cruz (R) won the state's Senate primary runoff election, giving the Tea Party one of its biggest victories of the election cycle. Register to vote today! Vote in Nov. and next year in March. The second election is the most important, which most black people miss. For more resources on helping your family cope with financial challenges, check out Help for Difficult Financial Times.

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