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Say YES to the ALTO MasterCard® A simple, convenient way to manage your office payments

Simple, easy way to manage petty cash Convenient – all transactions can be viewed on-line Cost-effective – NO monthly fee and no point of sale fee Budgeting – you can only spend what is loaded on the card

Introducing the ALTO MasterCard prepaid card developed specifically to be used by your employees, trustees, directors and volunteers.

The new ALTO MasterCard® prepaid card gives you complete freedom and control over your office expenses, and it’s suitable for almost any type of organisation. Developed specifically for employees, trustees, directors and volunteers, the ALTO MasterCard prepaid card has been designed to help give you total control over your money. Why? It’s not a debit or credit card, so you can only spend the amount loaded on it – but you can use it just like a debit or a credit card everywhere you see the MasterCard Acceptance Mark

Organisation BENEFITS • Simple, easy way to manage petty cash.


• Cost-effective – no monthly fee* and no point of sale fee, making it easy to run and administer.

• Convenient – all transactions are available to view on line.

• Corporate and individual application, top-up and authorisation process – quick, simple and on-line.

• Can be used for web / phone bookings and mail order – you’ll be able to take advantage of best prices on-line.

• Budgeting – nobody can spend more than is loaded on the card. • Suitable for trustees, directors as well as employees and volunteers.

*A one-off management fee applies

CARDHOLDER BENEFITS It’s Convenient • Application is simple and there’s no need for any credit checks. • All of your outgoings can easily be tracked, managed and reconciled via the on-line reporting. • It’s a cost-effective way to manage your finances; it’s free to use when you buy something* and your ALTO MasterCard® prepaid card is valid for three years. •  You can use your card wherever you see the MasterCard Acceptance Mark.

• You can use your card to make purchases on-line, over the phone or by mail order – and you’ll get the benefit of any discounts that way. • You can withdraw cash at any time from cash machines*. • Up to £10,000 can be loaded on a card at any time via the on-line interface. • Saves using personal funds and then claiming them back.

It’s Secure • Because your card will only work with a PIN, your card is a safe alternative to carrying cash, and can be stopped if lost or stolen.

*Additional costs apply if you use your card abroad and some ATMs may apply a surcharge, see our separate summary box for full details

0845 350 0011

It helps to give you control of your office finances. Speak to your development manager, or call 0845 155 3355, or go to our website – for more details. The office manager / administrator should complete the application form. You’ll need to load the card with funds – the minimum load each time is £10 and the maximum amount you can have on the card at any one time is £10,000. Your card and password* will be with you shortly, usually within 10 days. (*password is sent separately)

WHY SHOULD I CHOOSE THE ALTO M aster c ard ® PREPAID Card OVER ANY OTHER? The ALTO card has been developed specifically for customers of Unity Trust Bank, as you’ll need to have a bank account with us to enable you to fund the card. It has no monthly fee, is valid for three years, and, depending on how you use it, it can be one of the most affordable prepaid cards currently available. All the costs are set out in a separate summary box.

ALTO Cardholder Services Nine Brindleyplace, Birmingham B1 2HB T 0845 350 0011 F 0845 113 0003 The ALTO MasterCard® prepaid card is brought to you by Unity Trust Bank, one of the leading banks for charities, social enterprises and credit unions, and its partners CorporatePay and Newcastle Building Society. Unity Trust Bank plc is registered in England and Wales no. 1713124 Registered office: Nine Brindleyplace, Birmingham B1 2HB. FSA Registration No. 204570

MasterCard and the MasterCard Brand Mark are registered trademarks of MasterCard International Incorporated. The ALTO card is issued by Newcastle Building Society (“NBS”) pursuant to license by MasterCard International Incorporated. NBS is authorised and regulated by the Financial Services Authority as an issuer of e-money (registration no. 156058).

AL028 November 2009

It’s Easy to Apply

ALTO MasterCard prepaid card for corporate users  

Learn about the new ALTO MasterCard prepaid card from Unity Trust Bank - a simple, convenient way to manage your office expenses and petty...

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