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Hmm , and it is interesting If I promised you that knowing AIDA scheme , all your text ad will be almost perfect , with a marvelously developed content for your website, and the materials would only attract the attention of anyone who is about to get in touch with you, asking for an offer that you would like to read further ? So find out more...for my services Szkoleń NLP Hey, I'm reporting company and the boss , I want you to read me ... They call me an e -mail and just landed in your mailbox , click on me .... Oh, you're last! So much waiting for it , you know me , I am pleased I am advertising article , we will be closer? If he could talk, probably written texts in this manner would like to focus your attention on them, you read them and took concrete action : to respond to corporate affairs , to answer to a message from your friends ordered the service or product . But what if similar things are demanding millions or even billions of texts that do not want to be forgotten, and to fulfill its function only , which appointed the creator ? Climb to the heights of creativity and the use of schematic design of AIDA in the message, and do it , catching the attention of , deepening interest in responding to the needs and desires and pointing performance. What is a diagram of AIDA and how to create it as text ? I want to be , Attention (attention ) - design a compelling headline that is designed to catch the reader's eye and make know the rest of the text. If you are reading at this point , my headline fulfilled its role. A very important role , because made just spend your valuable time , believing that the letters in this article will bring significant value to your life . I can not give you a ready- header structure , because there are thousands of them , so the same resources , search the Internet and find the ones that appeal to you, and on this basis create your own . Who knows, maybe you will become a master of headers ? Interest ( interest ) - if somehow odszukałeś this article or encouraged clicked on a link leading to it , it could mean that you are looking for tips for writing good lyrics. It's not surfowałbyś the web without purpose , right? Some part of you need to learn how to effectively copy , create a compelling offer of the company , increase traffic on a nice website , write a professional report for your boss , hoping for praise , because you have found AIDA scheme . And do you know what your needs are your potential readers ? Knowing them and answering them , deepen interest , making the eyes will follow on , wanting to know the benefits. Desire (desire ) - have attracted the attention and depth of interest, you can take the benefits of development , building more images, sounds and feelings in the reader's mind and body . Just after that, you will learn the design scheme AIDA and fantastic lyrics that you hear from the ruler of praise about themselves , with well-done report that you reviewed the statistics of hundreds of surfers entering the site with the offer, and he felt great satisfaction from the fact that getting to know your customers brochure , procuring . Action (action ) - to customers began to bang your doors and windows , you need first to suggest that you should start banging in there , and the doors and windows have to do it. You would not want to have started banging on the competition? Scroll so the way , the action of which they take to order and buy your services . Say that to call this number , write a message to the address , use the contact form .

therefore undertake action. This is the AIDA scheme that was used to write the next his texts , because in doing so , actually increase the attractiveness of the material , and that means more readers and more customers. Follow on free materials , published in the portal , and if you think you have made something in your life , share the link on any social network , podeślij someone by e-mail , write a comment or contact by phone or online , and share your findings . Contact details can be found under Utilities . Szkolenia DLA FIRM The text comes from the

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