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To engage and attract a group with such influence to your product, service, or workforce, you must think like one: understand what drives them and what they value. To do this, companies need to have them on staff.


Then, why is it so hard to attract, hire, and retain this brain-power?


I’m going to let you in on a little secret—it’s not because they all have ADD; it’s often because companies haven’t changed the processes and mindset in how they attract, recruit, and retain employees. Millennials are the fastest growing segment of the workforce, and that’s not going to change. Employers need to adapt or be left behind. They need to throw out that company manual right now. It’s time to start fresh.

by Scott Span A few weeks ago, Jay Leno said good night one last time as host of The Tonight Show, with Jimmy Fallon taking over in what many assume is an effort to attract a younger crowd to one of late night’s most famous hours. Millennials, or Generation Y as they are also known, make up one of the most sought-after target markets today—from both a marketing and advertising and a recruiting and hiring perspective. This new audience brings with it a large amount of social influence and is a demographic to help grow ratings and profit. Attracting Millennial talent takes a change in mind set.


Here is what you need to know to attract, engage, and retain Generation Y employees. Recruiting. Don’t over promise and under deliver. Millennials expect to be challenged and perform the type of work they have an interest in and want to perform. If an organization can provide these opportunities, it is likely Generation Y employees will stay engaged. If, as an organization, you

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