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June 2013

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Dear Faculty & Students, We are delighted to present to you the June 2013 edition of our enewsletter Pulse. Our objective of starting Pulse in August 2012 was to bring together all the UWSB campuses to share, update, interact and spread the learning and happenings that takes place at each campus during the month. The very thought of rain brings a smile on our face and a respite within. The first shower fills the atmosphere with amazing earthy smell, the thunder and lightning says goodbye to the scorching summer. The monsoon has a magical effect on everyone, right from the peacock dancing with joy, to the greenery all around. That's not all, it is a season of indulging in lip-smacking hot piping snacks, of children making paper boats and jumping in puddles. This is June for us. Keeping the spirits high, we have interesting reads for you even this month. There is a new section “Quick Clicks” wherein you can send photographs clicked by you on a particular topic given and send it across. So go ahead and capture some great shots.

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“ I found a quick fix for our company’s financial problems. I removed the red ink cartridge from the printer.”

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Sanely applied advertising could remake the world.


- Stuart Chase

A Day of Learning and Togetherness: Mid SIP Review 2013

Sometimes, it is very essential in the midst of a task to judge whether you are on the right path. If you are on the right track, you can crave for more success and if you are not, you can rectify your mistakes and start going in the right way. Such was a situation when all the interns from UWSBAhmedabad Campus gathered together at Kolkata in the presence of Mr. Jaideep Banerjee, Head of Operations and our beloved Sir, at the Unitedworld School of Business campus in Kolkata on 5th July 2013, to present in front of him our detailed presentation on the learnings achieved during our summer internships. The mid SIP review was conducted with the aim to understand students' progress at our summer internships and further guide us with reference to our project analysis, report and deep understanding of our profile in the company. Here under is what we presented while we simultaneously learnt with experiential learning from Jaideep Sir. The review started with Sudipto Ghosh giving us some insights about his promotional activities and event organization for Toyota. He gained the interests of all by showing us pictures of his interesting tasks for the company. It was then followed by Biswajit Choudhury (or Mr. Biswajit Choudhury as he wants himself to be called) giving us a detailed description about the Disclaimer: For internal circulation only.



recruitment and sourcing channel of Tata Consultancy Services. We came to know about the man power planning of the company which employs over 260,000 employees. However, one of the most appealing presentations of the evening came from Arindam Nag, who not only told us about the interesting campaigns and digital marketing of AMD Microprocessors, but also gave us pamphlets to have a detailed idea about those events and the product in general. This was followed by a presentation from Manjeet Singh, Ankit Gupta and myself from HDFC Standard Life Insurance Co. Ltd. We showed the people present there as to why one should choose HDFC Life as their prime insurer and also threw some light upon the insurance industry in general. This was followed by Raj Roy, who gave us a detailed description of the promotion and marketing strategies of Bharat Oxytech Ltd., which was then followed by Rajib Singh who enthralled all of us by showing the knowledge he has about his company Emami Pvt. Ltd. It was a very impactful presentation from Rajib. The presenter after the lunch session was RitikaBasu who provided us with the financial analysis of Rashmi Groups, which was then followed by MonuKhandelwal who showed us about the various interesting real estate projects undertaken by the Mani Group in various parts of India. This was followed by Rahul Bhattacharya who provided some insights about the SantoorDeo Distribution in Central Kolkata by Wipro. This was followed by one of the most powerful presentations by AnkurPratap 4

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Singh and PriyamTripathi who quite confidently handled their respective project titles of 'Inventory Management' and 'Vendor Management'. It was then followed by Swati Singh who gave us a brief about the Customer Relationship Management process of SREI Equipment Finance Pvt. Ltd... The remarkable presentations ended with Prayas Singh detailing about the Marketing Analysis of Mutual Fund and Portfolio Management. On the whole, it was a beautiful evening for all the interns to share their experiences with Jaideep Sir, who gave us some valuable suggestions for further improvements. Each of us were provided with useful tips to improve our understanding of our internship, improve our performance and look forward to the making of a top-notch SIP report which we would present at the end of our internship in Ahmedabad. However, the evening was not only about presentations and academics. As it is said“All works and no play makes Jack a dull boy�, the evening was also filled with gossips, laughter, snacks, and fun. To conclude, it was a delightful evening of learning and meeting your fellow friends after two months in the City of Joy.

Compiled by: Sayan Chakraborty PGDM, Batch 2012-14 UWSB - Ahmedabad Campus


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If Pac-Man had affected us as kids, we'd all be running around in dark rooms, munching pills and listening to repetitive electronic music.


- Marcus Brigstocke

UWSB-A Student Co-conducts Cyber Gaming Event Arindam Nag & his Team Organize a Gaming Fever in Kolkata

A one of its kind gaming event was organized in the city of Kolkata, called Game-o-Thon, 2013 and one of its administrators was a UWSB Ahmedabad student, Arindam Nag and his team. It was a fun fare in Lalani e-Tech City of Kolkata were around 400 gamers participated in the three days event, sponsored by AMD India Pvt. Ltd. The game lured the tech-savvy generation with the assurance of some crazy, hi-tech activity and cool prizes. Vivacious gamers from the city sneaked into this pumping event to fight it our virtually on different platforms. Gamers were permitted to come with their personalized keyboards, mouse and even mouse pads, to help them play better, in their comfort zone. An active facet of this event, our student Arindam Nag is himself an avid gamer, working as an administrator for major gaming tournaments. According to him, “That computer games reduce attention span or they corrupt brains are actually some over simplistic co-relations drawn by the so-called experts who never care to speak to gamers. Even after so many years of my association with computer games, my parents still think that I am wasting my time. I cannot blame them. They fail to understand the cyber world and how it has changed life altogether�. Disclaimer: For internal circulation only.



Some teachers and psychiatrists believe this is partially true. While cyber games can indeed improve your reflexes and teach you to take decisions in a matter of seconds, the long-term effects of hours spent on the computer could be quite disastrous, they pointed out. It was important not to get hooked on to them for it might lead to a disconnect form the real world, they warned. According to Nag, it is difficult for an outsider to assess the positive or negative impact of computer games. “I am, at least after I become 18, the best judge of the impact on me. In my case and in cases of my clan (TEXG) members, computer games have helped me to evolve as a better person. I am a quick decision maker now,� he added. Yet, the antagonists in this arena have their own views. Infact, before organizing the event, Umang, director of Lalani Infotech, had no idea that his city has such vibrant gaming communities. The event was covered by top news networks like Times News Network, ABP News, Channel 10, Akash Bangla, IBNS, Xtra Time, etc. Eventually, the game turned out to be such a hit that the organizers promised to make this annual event!

Compiled by: Arindam Nag PGDM, Batch 2012-14 UWSB - Ahmedabad Campus


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We must all hang together, or assuredly, we shall all hang separately.

UNIVISION | Ahmedabad

- Benjamin Franklin

Team Championship “A single arrow is easily broken, but not ten in a bundle.� The term TEAM BUILDING reminds me of the example of Pokemon where people often say that Pokemon player's success is determined by three things: team building, their luck and their ability to battle against others' force. Team building gets stronger when some motivating factors are attached to it. Every individual has a certain belief that they must feel motivated to perform the best at their work place. When every member of the group with similar attitudes, interest and taste come together to work for a same objective, a team is formed and for the functioning of the team, every individual has to contribute equally and perform to their level best in order to meet the team targets and the time when team will achieve success, then strong team building is formed. When we talk about the team building then it is viable to mention the example of Indian Force who sacrifices their life for their country. This becomes possible when the team work altogether with a strong motive that they will protect their country anyhow. From the business perspective, team building can be of two types – internal and external. Internal team is formed within the employees informally when their personal desires and wants matches with other. On the other side external formation of team building it represents that a team is formed under one head for specific projects within the company. But the question is whether everyone is aware of forming a proper team building or not. In team oriented environment, you contribute to the overall success of the organisation. Even though you have a specific job function and even if you belong to this specific group, you are unified with other organisation members to accomplish the overall objectives.

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UNIVISION | Ahmedabad

In some of the workplace due to some factors team building is under vain. For example, if the members of the team which have assigned for any specific project by the organisation is concerned about the diversity among them, jealousy with other colleagues due to their promotion then proper team building can't be formed. Strong team building can be seen in various places in various forms such as how doctors with his/her assistants operate the patient in Operation Theatre and the operation gets successful due to strong team building. Team Building in business can also be said that if the management of the company is able to form the team with those members who have similar interests, attitudes and same objective that they want to achieve for any kind of project and along with this if the company offers some incentives, rewards or honours then it will act as motivation to perform their level best and they will do all possible things that will bring them success. So, if anyone wants to understand team building then they must be aware of the story of jute where it has been shown how a single stick can be broken by anyone but if it is in a bundle then no one can break it. The same thing should be applied when someone is forming a team for getting any work done successfully as we now know that “Talent wins games, but teamwork and intelligence wins championships.�

Compiled by: Sudeshna Deb PGDM, Batch 2012-14 UWSB - Ahmedabad Campus


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Everyone has the brainpower to follow the stock market. If you made it through fifth-grade math, you can do it.


- Peter Lynch

Industrial Visit - National Stock Exchange

Firstly a huge THANK YOU to our respected Vibha Maam and Unitedworld School of Business for giving us students an opportunity to visit such an established place like NSE(National Stock Exchange). Now I would like to share about our visit at the Deshopriyo Park branch of NSE, the only eastern regional branch in Kolkata on 20th of May, 2013. The senior winter batch who attended the second session on that day and us,the junior winter batch the 1st session along with one of our faculty member were the priviledged visitors.We all reached the venue from our college campus at the scheduled time,reaching NSE firstly we had to register our names in the visiting register and entered the place, soon we all were asked to say our names along with our respective mobile no., photos and right thumb impression were taken no sooner did the id proof arrived at our hands and we were led inside a conference room for the session. Mr. Avik Gupta was the person holding the session greeted us all with a smile. The session began with the 1st batch and we all were engrossed into the subject.We all hardly knew anything about stock exchange before doing the session. As we proceeded with the session each one of us raised queries all of which were answered by Mr. Gupta. All of us did not even realise when the session got over. Disclaimer: For internal circulation only.



Some of the topics covered:    

Indian Financial system Stock exchange along with all its usage Regulators of India Modules advantageous for our career success

Also with the special request that Vibha maam had made, we were shown the trading process of the National Stock Exchange. At the end of the session we all were impressed about the visit and many of us planning to join the course, while leaving we had to return the id proof allotted to us for NSE's records.The next batch of our college went into the room. A small observation that I made was that people out there, Mr. Gupta and others had a busy schedule but inspite of all, they welcomed us so heartily and enriched us on such an essential field of which we would otherwise be unknown of. To sum up, would like to thank all the people at NSE and last but not the least our Unitedworld without whom this visit would not have been possible.

Compiled by: Durba Chatterjee PGPM, Batch 2012-14 UWSB - Kolkata Campus


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Effort only fully releases its reward after a person refuses to quit.


- Napoleon Hill

The Business of Making Life Colourful!

Compiled by: Pankaj Das PGPM, Batch 2012-14 UWSB - Kolkata Campus

On 7th July 2013 a session was taken by Mr.Pradip Bandyopadhyay, Manager HR, Berger paints, it was a very interactive session where he highlighted many things like Berger paints is an India Based MNC and has the Headquarter in Kolkata. And we have got to know that in Kolkata they have two manufacturing plant one in Howrah and another in Rishra, Howrah plant manufactures paint for the institutions only. They do business also in the countries like Nepal, Bangladesh, Poland, and Russia. He has also mentioned about the competition in India, he has admitted Asian paints is the market leader and Asian paints does the business double than the Berger paints does in India because of their rural market, but in Bangladesh Berger paints is quiet ahead then Asian Paints. He has shared about their supply chain i.e. B to B which deals with institutions like TATA Motors who takes paints for their automobiles, Indian Oil Corporation takes, Two wheeler company takes etc. and B to C which deals with the retailer. A new store of Berger paints are going to open which will be of design stories, suggestions about the Home DĂŠcor by Sussane Roshan an Interior Decorator. And about the recruitment process of their company he said for all areas they have a) Strategic department. b) Operation department, for strategic department they prefer to take from IIMs and for operational works they go to other Bschools and Unitedworld School of Business is one of them. So on behalf of Winter Batch-1, I would like to thanks Unitedworld School of Business for arranging such a valuable session for us. Disclaimer: For internal circulation only.


Study hist ory,in history lies all the secrets of statecraft.


- Winston Churchill

Hampi - Where History Comes to Life!

Scorching heat of the sun, dusty and humid environment, with boulders the size of mini mountains strewn all over. Doesn't sound much like a tourist destination does it? But this ordeal becomes worth it when the ruins of the one of the most flourishing cities of ancient India reveal itself to you in its ruggedly breathtaking beauty. Hampi was the capital of the Vijyanagar Empire from 1336 to 1565; the city was ruled by four dynasties – Sangama, Saluva, Tuluva and Aravidu dynasty. More than 500 monuments build by different rulers of the dynasties still stand as a witness to the ancient city's rich culture and prosperity. Located in present day Karnataka , the easiest way to access Hampi is from Hospet, the nearest town. Auto rickshaws are plentiful hence accessibility and transport is not a problem. But a caveat, if you are looking for a comfortable, laid back trip, this is probably the last place you should be. If you want the real feel of these splendid ruins, gear up your hiking boots, because lots of climbing and walking and hiking are essential.

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Temples are dime a dozen in the city, especially in the religious and ceremonial block. The Shivling and the Ugra Narasimha are worth a visit, the architecture is amazing. The Krishna Temple is also beautiful, simple but stately. Used as a ceremonial bath, the Pushkarini tank with its calm almost greenish waters is a must visit site. Time will stop when the calm waters touch your feet, all your problems and worries will disappear and only peace will prevail. Moving through the narrow dusty roads flanked by ancient hamlets, houses, tanks, gates, dormitories you are bound to get a sense of otherworldliness. You can almost imagine sounds of hooves, the rustle bustle of the everyday lives of the natives of the 15th century, hear the chiming of the temple bells. You will almost expect to bump into some native or walk into a busy street or a local bazaar from long ago. You will feel as if the city is alive, awake, waiting. It is a feeling that cannot be expressed; it can only be felt and experienced. This feeling is so real that when you initially get back into the civilization, the modern structures look temporary, out of place. As if the ruins are the only permanent thing in this world. They were there long before us and will always be there long after we are gone, instilling the same sense of grandeur and awe in civilizations to come.

Compiled by: Proma Bhattacharjee PGPM, Batch 2012-14 UWSB - Kolkata Campus


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Electricity is really just organized lightning.


- George Carlin

Maithon Power Ltd.

As eventful as it could be, was our journey, spanning a stretch of over 300km from Howrah station to Kumardubi and then to our destination (Maithon power plant). It was first of its kind where we were rendered with such opportunity from our college to enrich our learnings as well as savor the beauty of the place. Despite the scorching afternoon, we relished every stride we took. We were twenty two in number along with our very own Mr. Sandipan Panda of Career Services Dept. and Dulal da. It was 1330 hrs when we reached the entrance of the power plant, drenched in our sudor, yet endured it with our pursuance of wonder and zest. Despite being off the schedule due to the irksome journey, we endured all through the landscape of the State of Jharkhand, we were cordially received by Ms. Vajpayee at the plant. Ushered by Mr. Sathpathy and Mr. P.K. Bandhu, we were edified about the various operational facets of the thermal power plant, having a capacity of 1000mw and spread over an area of 1100 acres. Tata power is the sole promoter of MPL (Maithan Power Limited), and currently is in operations with DVC ( Damodar valley corporation). We were fortunate enough to catch a glimpse of the boiler and control room, under the counsel of Mr. P.K. Bandhu who discerned us on the operations and control aspects of the former units. The hospitality bestowed on us by Tata power has far exceeded our expectations. We were rendered with a delectable lunch and refreshments. Disclaimer: For internal circulation only.



Owing to a rigid schedule, we had to leave for Kumardubi station at around 1545 hrs from the plant. On our way back, notwithstanding our departure schedule, we failed to restrain ourselves from reining at the splendid Maithan Dam. The serenity of the place gave vent to our weariness, as we were completely absorbed in her resplendence, yet not for long as we left for Kumardubi station at around 1630 hrs. Our visit to the Tata power plant and the Maithan Dam, not only enriched our knowledge but it also added some values which will be treasured by all of us in the days to come. Taking this opportunity, I on behalf of the entire winter batch 2013-14 would like to extend my appreciation to our college, Sandipan sir and Dulal da for organizing such a trip .

Compiled by: Subhranil Ghosh PGPM, Batch 2013-15 UWSB - Kolkata Campus


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All publicity is good, except an obituary notice.


- Brendan Behan

Being Pubic Oriented – Job of a Publicist A publicist is a person whose job is to generate and manage publicity for a public figure, especially a celebrity, a business, or for a work such as a book, film or album. Most top-level publicists work in private practice, handling multiple clients. The term "publicist" was coined by Columbia law professor Francis Lieber (1800–1872) to describe the public-like role of internationalists during the late nineteenth century. In the world of celebrities, unlike agents or managers, publicists typically take a monthly fee for serving a client (whereas agents and managers tend to take a percentage of their client's gross income). Publicists can be at local, regional or national level. They can also have special expertise in areas such as entertainment or literary publicity. One of the publicist's main functions is to generate press coverage on behalf of clients and to serve as the bridge between clients, their public and media outlets. A publicist writes press releases, manages campaigns and performs other public relations functions. It usually takes many years to develop the media contacts, experience and relationships necessary to be an effective publicist. Some publicists specialize in representing ordinary members of the public to procure the maximum possible fee for stories they wish to sell to newspapers, television stations and magazines. A number have now sprung up on the internet and work as media agents gaining members of the public multiple deals with publications. An older meaning of the term is closer to pamphleteer: someone who circulates ideas by publishing them, perhaps in ephemeral forms Types of publicists :  Press representative  Public relations publicist – manages the public image of a client or a

work of art such as a film.  Special publicity consultant  Unit publicist – The unit publicist brings attention to the production

phase of making a film or other work of art by organizing media kits, sending out press releases, and arranging media visits to the production.  Media agent – liaises between the ordinary person (interviewee) and  publications or TV to 'sell' their story Disclaimer: For internal circulation only.



The main job of any publicist is to manage and promote a client's image. When it comes to movie stars and other celebrities, the job mostly involves personal brand management, which often includes creating hype about upcoming films or working to get ad sponsorships or other promotions. Many companies and private businesses also have publicists. The job of these professionals is similar in theory, but different in practice. Most of their work involves crafting press releases, pitching news stories about key achievements, and working with marketing staff to design advertisements and commercials.

Promotion Work People and companies hire publicists to improve their image in the public eye. The day-to-day specifics of what a publicist does depends a lot of the setting, but promotion is almost always the central duty. Publicists network constantly with journalists and marketing executives to ensure that their client's name stays in headlines and news reports. He or she also keeps on top of any developments or advancements with a client's business or personal life, and may act as the official spokesperson in the face of the media or other attention For every two minutes of glamour, there are eight hours of hard work. - Jessica Savitch, American journalist That aptly describes the life of a celebrity and artist manager. While the artiste or sportsperson has most certainly put in a lot of work to have "arrived", it's the job of a manager to help them reap the benefits and "live the life". And that is a lot of work. But that's what it takes if you want to be indispensable to the likes of Bipasha Basu, Sania Mirza, and Vijendra Singh. Celebrity careers can last as long as a few decades or might be over before you can say "flop". In that varying span, the celebrity manager has to get the in-demand person the right brand tie-ups and the best price. It is also the celebrity manager's job to recognise talent and nurture it before the medals and accolades prove the point. It pays huge dividends to identify a sport, or a genre (in the case of music) that is likely to catch the imagination of the masses in the coming years and pick a rising star in that field. And this takes foresight. "We did not want to limit ourselves to cricket, and based on the country's talent pool, the industry landscape and our gut feel, we identified sports such as boxing, wrestling, football, hockey, and squash. With boxing on the top of our charts, we signed-up Vijender Singh in 2005. And the rest, as they say, is history," says Neerav Tomar, co-founder, Infinity Optimal Solutions (IOS). Singh subsequently moved on to another agency. 18

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Publicity is like poison; it doesn't hurt unless you swallow it.


- Joe Paterno

Tomar's firm currently promotes boxers such as MC Mary Kom (four-time World Boxing Champion), Akhil Kumar (Arjuna awardee) and Pradeep Kumar (professional boxer) and wrestler Sushil Kumar (Olympic bronze medallist). Most of the existing top-grossers in the field of celebrity management have had unusual starts. "It all started with my passion for sports — being a National-level squash player, I always thought of promoting sports that got step-motherly treatment in India," says Tomar, who had to step off the squash court due to an injury. One of the earliest starters in Indian rock and now a well-known artiste management professional, Subir Malik says, "It all started in the way I managed my own band and how I marketed it. We were probably the first band with our own website (1995) and advertised the band through all available channels, including the Yellow Pages. They put us under 'orchestra parties'. I soon realised that there was no organised sector in India for 'live bands' and thus Parikrama Inc was born. Today, we manage and book more than 75 bands from over 40 genres," says Malik, whose band, Parikrama, has blazed a trail for itself in the world of Indian rock.. What's it about? A celebrity manager provides services such as celebrity/athlete grooming, managing his or her time schedule, public relation services, marketing and advertising campaigns, negotiating endorsements, promotional launches, parties, and personal appearances Clock Work 9.30 am: 10 am: 11 am: 12 pm: 4 pm: 6 pm: 8.30 pm: 10 pm:

Check mails; do followup Check on make-up person for photo-shoot Make F&B and other arrangements for client Pick up and accompany celebrity to shoot Meet soft-drinks company to pitch celebrity client Meet celebrity client for drinks Meet another client for dinner Pack up and head home

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The Payoff Starting salaries can vary between Rs. 7,000 and Rs. 20,000, depending on the size of the company and the grade of celebrities it manages. Striking out on one's own (typically after 10 years) can mean big payoffs but one should be prepared for lean periods too when the endorsement market cools off Skills       

An amazing amount of patience and maturity Ability to connect with people from varied backgrounds Ability to come up with quick solutions Understand media and image-building Business-minded Well-informed about brands Creative thinker

How does one get there? After senior secondary education, you can pick up a public relations or advertising degree or diploma. Marketing and media planning courses would also provide an edge. One can then intern at a celebrity/sports management firm. Industry insiders strongly recommend on-the-job training, developing brand awareness and deep knowledge of the endorsement market Institutes & urls After senior secondary education, you can pick up a public relations or advertising degree or diploma. Marketing and media planning courses would also provide an edge. One can then intern at a celebrity/sports management firm. Industry insiders strongly recommend on-the-job training, developing brand awareness and deep knowledge of the endorsement market Pros & Cons          

Hobnobbing with celebrities Working with big brands Travel all over the world Potential to develop a wide-reaching network Big deals can mean big pay-offs Prospect of starting one's own company in about 10 years Not a desk job Need to be available to clients 24/7 Dealing with celebrity quirks can be stressful Mundane to start with (a lot of coordination work 20

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The art of publicity is a black art; but it has come to stay, and every year adds to its potency.


- Learned Hand

Understand brands and endorsements : You can do without qualifications but not without awareness and curiosity, says a celebrity manager Excerpts from an interview with Indranil Blah, vice president, Kwan Entertainment & Marketing Solutions (Hindustan Times, March 2, 2010) : How did you get started in artiste and celebrity management? I always knew I wanted to be in the sports and entertainment industry and didn't want a conventional job. The buzz of entertainment fascinated me. Fresh out of college, I applied to a few celebrity management/entertainment companies and started as an intern. Later, while I was in a marketing function, celebrity management was one of the services the company I worked for provided. Over time, I realised that I enjoyed celebrity management and this was the career I wanted to follow. According to your experience, what qualifications can prepare an aspiring candidate for this field? Celebrity management isn't rocket science and doesn't require any qualifications, degrees or diplomas. However, it does help if the candidate is aware of the world around her / him and can converse intelligently with people from diverse backgrounds. If you were hiring for your business, what would be the personality traits you would look for? When we hire a celebrity manager, we look at someone who is smart, and a quick, logical thinker. In this profession, you need to be on your toes all the time and anticipate the situation. It helps if the candidate understands brands and the endorsement market because celebrities would want their manager to know which star is endorsing which product and what brands are looking for. Also, very importantly, the candidate should have brilliant communication and people skills, something that a degree can never teach you. So, if you are good with people, smart and logical, a quick thinker and have a general understanding of the entertainment industry, you have a shot at becoming a celebrity manager.

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Are there any courses for this field? Which ones would you recommend? There's absolutely nothing in India that I am aware of. There are celebrity management courses abroad, particularly in the United States but they are expensive and may not be very relevant to the Indian context. I would suggest interning with a celebrity management agency to start off; nothing better than learning on the job! How does one get started in this field? While the best way to start off is by interning with a celebrity management firm, the actual education can start in college itself. I suggest interested candidates keep a track, through commercials, of which celebrities are endorsing which products. Following brands and understanding their communication strategies go a long way in becoming a celebrity manager All this is all that you need to know to get started.

Compiled by: Pratik Parmer PGPM, Batch 2012-14 UWSB - Mumbai Campus


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The quest for peace begins in the home, in the school and in the workplace.


- Silvia Cartwright

Building Healtheir Workplaces a Comparative Study Workers and their representatives have an obvious self-interest to want a healthy workplace, this makes it significant to understand why is it important for Employers too. Workplace health programmes provide protection against occupational health hazards and first line treatment for medical disorders. It is important that India adopts “workplace wellness� as an important pillar of its growth strategy. One characteristic feature of most non communicable diseases (NCD) is that they are mainly caused by lifestyle, behavioural or environmental factors, most of which are modifiable. Objectives of Study The objectives of the study are to assess, understand, analyze: 1. The importance of workers' health 2. To understand various wellness programmes and activities, 3. To identify the reason that drives the employer to provide the employees with conditions above legislated minimum standards Company Profile - Welspun Projects Welspun Projects Limited is an India-based construction company. It is in the business of engineering, procurement, and construction (EPC) projects across various sectors like roads, water, and industrial structures. It has executed infrastructure projects in different domains, such as highways, bridges, industrial, residential and commercial buildings. It is the EPC contractor for the 80 megawatt Captive Power Project in Anjar. Mazagon Dock Limited Mazagon Dock Limited is the India's premier shipyard constructing warships as well as offshore platforms. Main activities are ship building, ship repairs and fabrication of offshore structures with facilities situated at Mumbai and Nhava. Repair work is also under taken using the available facilities. Healthy Workplace A healthy workplace is one in which workers and managers collaborate to use a continual improvement process to protect and promote the health, safety and well-being of workers and the sustainability of the workplace by considering the following, based on identified needs: health and safety concerns in the physical work environment; health, safety and well-being concerns in the psychosocial work environment Disclaimer: For internal circulation only.



including organization of work and workplace culture; personal health resources in the workplace; and ways of participating in the community to improve the health of workers, their families and other members of the community. Why the Workplace is Ideal for Wellness Programmes  An easy, concentrated population to target  Multiple levels of influence can be used – direct, such as the provision

of healthy food, and indirect, such as creating a supportive environment  Possible to link workplace health promotion to other programmes at the workplace, such as occupational safety programmes  Concentration of lifestyle-related risk factors at the workplace  The workplace has been recognized internationally as an important health promotion setting Benefits of Workplace Wellness Programmes to Companies        

Reduced absenteeism Reduced injuries and workers' compensation costs Reduced healthcare costs Reduced employee turnover Increased productivity and profits Greater worker satisfaction Improved morale Increased attraction of talent and potential employees to the workplace

Survey Analysis Indices

Mazgon Dock Ltd., Mumbai

Welspun, Anjar, Gujarat

Physical Health Index



Psychological Health Index



Workload Index A) Physical Load



Workload Index B) Time Pressure





Job Control Index

Findings Companies in various sectors design activities based on business core competency, viability of the employee wellness programmes and investments. 24

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On an average day, we allow ourselves the fiction that we own a piece of our workplace.


- Mary Schmich

Companies have started giving importance to more than just statutory benefits to employees and realized the benefits of the same. Employee Health has now become a part of their competency which has become their USP to attract, grow & retain employees. Some short comings do exist in the Indian government's policy to addressing work and family issues. Work and family balance issues are rarely tackled directly in policy statements. The approach is an indirect one and appears to be steeped in a patriarchal style of functioning that assumes that the worker is male, hence focuses entirely upon the overall worker welfare and health.  For example, as per the Factories Act of 1948, women could not be employed on the night shift. In recent years with increasing employment of women in the BPO/call center industries, the Ministry of Labour and Employment of the Government of India has made some amendments to this Act to allow flexibility for women to work on night shifts in 2006.  Many of the existing laws lack effective implementation, as organizations find ingenious ways of circumventing them. For instance, employers bypass the legislation requiring them to provide child care facilities if 30 or more women are employed in the workplace by employing fewer than 30 women as permanent employees and the rest as part-time or contract labor.

Conclusions  Employee not only seek monetary gains but also non monetary

benefits  India is a developing country which makes it potential enough to have

a dynamic workforce which not only works for a living but also passionate about the job.  Providing benefits is not only a necessity but an essential factor for employees when they seek out for job  Companies need to think out-of-the box ideas for employee health management not only physically but also psychologically  Today employees assess Job parameters as: “ WORK + Physical health, Psychological health, Workload and Job Control”

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Recommendations Based upon the research, a few important recommendations for organizations:  Employer must design activities which act as stress busters for employees and are not compulsory i.e free will of participation  Based on India's socio-economic context, many Indian families are extended. Hence family responsibilities apply not just to one's children but also to aging parents and parents-in-law. Provision of medical coverage for parents and a separate form of leave for dealing with family issues could be an important policy going forward.  It is quite common for male employees fulfilling their duty as son, to use up vacation leave and personal finances to deal with health issues of dependent parents.  Providing health insurance coverage that includes parents / in-laws in addition to children and contracting with well-known hospitals to provide quality nursing care, or compiling a vendor list of quality elder care providers, can be of help to those who are able to afford help but unable to arrange for it.  Investment in training for employees to build skills and to encourage employees to use technology more efficiently could improve productivity and work-life balance.  The rapid pace of urbanization in Indian has made commuting to and from work time consuming and exhausting, investment in transportation resources can assist employees with work conflicts and mitigate delays caused by long and difficult commutes.

Compiled by: Swati Sharma PGPM, Batch 2011-13 UWSB - Mumbai Campus


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There is no sincerer love than the love of food.


- George Bernard Shaw

Dominos Pizza Company Introduction: Jubilant FoodWorks Limited (the Company) is a Jubilant Bhartia Group Company, The Company was incorporated in 1995 and initiated operations in 1996, The Company got listed on the Indian bourses in February 2010, Mr, Shyam S, Bhartia, Mr, Hari S, Bhartia and Jubilant Enpro Private Ltd, are the Promoters of the Company. The Company & its subsidiary operates Domino's Pizza brand with the exclusive rights for India, Nepal, Bangladesh and Sri Lanka, The Company is India's largest and fastest growing food service company, with a network of 500+ Domino's Pizza restaurants. Restaurants (as of 31st March, 2012)The Company is the market leader in the organized pizza market with a 54% market share (Euro monitor Report 2010) and 70% share in the pizza home delivery segment in India, The Company has strengthened its portfolio by entering into an agreement with Dunkin' Donuts Franchising LLC, for developing the Dunkin' Donuts brand and operating restaurants in India. Domino's vision is focused on " Exceptional people on a mission to be the best pizza delivery company in the world!" We are committed to bringing fun, happiness and convenience to lives of our consumers by delivering delicious pizzas to their doorstep and our efforts are aimed at fulfilling this commitment towards a large and ever-growing guest base. Domino's believes that when a box of pizza is opened, family and friends come together to share the pizza. Hence, our brand positioning: 'Yeh Hai Rishton Ka Time'. Product & Services: Dominos products are pizza (core product), pasta, choco lava cake, rolls, donuts, etc. (side orders). Dominos also have a tie up with coca cola. Dominos core service activity is home delivery. Secondary service is dine-in. Head Quarters: Abroad: Dominos farm office park, Ann Arbor Township, Michigan, United States.

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India: North Regional Office - Uttar Pradesh. East Regional Office - Kolkata. West Regional Office - Andheri (e). South Regional Office – Karnataka. Revenue: $ 1,425 billion USD (2008). Founder: Tom Monaghan and his brother, James Monaghan. Key People: J. Patrick Doyle, CEO Recent News: Sales of pizza are going high because of rains. Home deliverys are increasing. Website: My Research: Domino's Pizza is going to redesign its Stores and have already redesigned its Logo for all the new upcoming stores. Domino's has developed a new “store of the future” design that looks like a 'Pizza Theatre'—visitors can see open kitchens “pizza-making artists” at work tossing dough and stuffing the best pizzas, according to the company. The new stores will feature lobby areas as well and ordering kiosks as well as boards for electronic orders. Not everything will be so 'futuristic'—there will be old-school chalk boards in stores on which customers will be able to leave feedback. Changed Logo:

The earlier the founders planned that the logo will contain as many holes as the number of stores. But then they realised that the logo will be very clumsy and it will be impossible the punch so many holes in one logo as many stores were coming up. So the finally decided that they will keep only three holes which will represent the initial three stores. The single hole on one dice represents the very first store and the other two holes on the another dice represents the next two stores. Now dominos wants to get much simpler and hit the audience customer with its actual motive of selling pizzas. So they made their logo more simple and compact than the earlier one. 28

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Compiled by: Varuna Sawant PGPM, Batch 2012-14 UWSB - Mumbai Campus

Photography takes an instant out of time, altering life by holding it still. - Dorothea Lange



Dear All Hi there! I am Arka Ganguly from Kolkata Campus. All my friends from all other campuses are hereby invited to join this column of Pulse. This is our blackboard which every month, we ourselves will fill up. Like me I know many of you do observe things around you and quite often click and capture them in your cameras as well. So every month I will come out with a topic for the next month and you all can send me pictures clicked by you on the same. I will compile them all and together we will express ourselves on this blackboard. This month I begin with some of my photographs and together I would call them Life @ Kolkata - A different Take.

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So friends, next month let us all observe and click on the topic Happiness. You can send your clicked snaps at And hey guys! Let us not just download stuff from internet. After all there is no harm in being a little creative at times.

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