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PILLAR ($2,500 TO $4,999)


Jo Ellen and Paul Abraham, M.D.

Christopher and Alfrieda Baldwin

Matthew Bleecker

Peggy Steif Abram

John G. Banken

Mary K. Blue

David M. Adams

Jake and Sherri Barker

John Blumenfeld

Debb Adams

Dudley and Sabine Barksdale

Otis Blyton

Kathy and Russ Adams

Richard and Joyce Barnes

Thomas and Susan Boardman

Mark Addicks

Lisa and Peter Barnett

The Bobyak Family

Douglas A. Affinito

Bob and Cathy Barr

Brian and Sara Boevers

Sandra R. and Salim Ahmad

Sherman L. Bartz

Joe and Kim Bohlke Family

Karen M. Albertson and Jack S. Petty ω

Mike and Ruth Bash

Charles and Cathy Bomberger

Isaiah Allen

Jeffrey and Paula Bata

Mark Borin

Rolf Almquist

Jim L. Bauman

Lisa and Kirk Bormann

Jim Alt

Kenneth and Prentice Beadell

Ginny and Rich Borncamp

Jean W. Ambler

Sally S. Bean

Lydia and Brian Botham ω

Scott A. Anderegg

Rob and Cammie Beattie

Joseph E. Bougie

Ami and Scott Anderson

Brian and Karen Bebel

Jeffrey and Shawn Bouslog

Cynthia Anderson

Brian and Mary Beech

Karen Bowie

Edmund and Barbara Anderson

John and Mary Beerling

Ruth Ann and David Bowman

George and Barbara Anderson

Steven J. and Mary Beilke

Felicia J. Boyd

James Anderson

Jeff Bellairs

Ronald G. Boyd

Keith Anderson

Tom and Marian Belle

Jay M. Bozicevich

Patricia Anderson

Bill and Mary Benjamin

Michael J. Bradley

Paul and Mary Anderson

Ed Benka

Pat and Bev Bradley

Roy Anderson

Olester Benson

Ted W. Braggans

Victor E. Anderson

Darren and Torrie Bentley

Paul A. Brand

Wes Anderson

Jane K. and Gerard J. Berenz

Robert Branham

John and Cherl Andrews

James S. Berghs

Jim Breitenbucher and Sandy Hoffman

Heather Anfang ω

Scott and Jeanne Berglund

Brenden-Mann Foundation ω

Paula and Kevin Ario

Thomas R. Bergstrom

Charles and Theresa Brenner

Elaine and Daniel Arndt

Glenda Dee Berkheimer and Albert DeNigris

Brindley Family

Philip Arndt

David Berman

Mark and Betty Brost

Steve and Shannon Arndt

Laura and Joe Bethke

Steven and Cynthia Broste

Frederick D. Arny, M.D.

Doug Bethune

Richard Browne

Alan J. and Carol Arthur

Dale and Janet Beumer

Matthew Brunner

Mary K. Aubart

Pam and Norbert Biderman

Teresa A. Bulver

John and Sarah Audet

Don and Deb Bierbaum

Todd Buness

Shanon M. Aufderhar

Teresa Biss

Michael Burbach

Michael J. Baden

Jeffrey and Kimberly Bjustrom

Lorinda Burgess

James L. Baillie and Jacqueline McGlamery

Joel D. Black

Donna Burke-Anderson ω

Margaret Elizabeth Baird

Mark E. and Patti L. Blackwell

Jody and Connie Burkholder

Joe and Sarah Baker

Allen Blaich

Jennifer Burlingame

Michael Baker

Trent Blain

William M. Burns

Steven Bakk

Luanne and Thomas Blake

Paul and Gail Busch

Gay Bakken ω

Susan R. Blake

William Busch

Mark and Margaret Bakko

Willy and Jane Blanco

Lawrence Bussey

Please forgive us. While we make every effort to ensure the accuracy of our records, we occasionally find errors. If we have omitted, misplaced or misspelled your name, please accept our apologies and contact us so that we may correct our records. Please call Donor Stewardship at (612) 340-7404. Lists are based on information received as of June 30, 2010.


♠ = great giving ω = women’s leadership council ∗ = deceased

PILLAR ($2,500 TO $4,999)


John L. Butenhoff

Anita and Michael Cook

Joe Dowling and Siobhan Cleary

Janice M. Butler

Kathy Cooney

Rick and Natalie Doyle

Laura Calhoun

Bob and Lynette Corbin

Christopher and Patricia Drahn

Christine Campbell

Michael Corbin

Charles D. Drennen

Paul and Elaine Campbell

John and Barbara Corness

Dave and Pat Drew

Adam and Jennifer Cantor

Jeanne Corwin

Laurel M. Dubbels

Peter Capell

Michael G. and Julia A. Costello

Judith Dudziak and Glen Wachowiak

Joseph Carlin

Monica Coulter

David and Mary Dunn

Mark and Lori Carlson

Dennis and Kathy Cousins

Daniel Durkin

Erin P. Carnish

Tom, Michelle, and Tyler Crandall

Thomas Dybsky

Paul M. Carr

Brad and Christy Crary

Dan Dye

Jeff and Jennifer Carter

Steve and Amy Culbert

Heidi M. Dzieweczynski

Robert R. Cass

Dan and Jamie Cullen

Kevin Earley

Alex Casterton

Beth and John Culp

Susan and Michael Ebertz

Caroline Chambers

Kevin and Sonia Curran

Dennis Eckberg Family

Pratik and Varsha Chandan

Daniel Currie

David P. Eckenrode

Scott Chandler

Gregory Cutler

Carol Edison

Jin and Carrie Chang

Dean and Lynda Czarnetzki

Anne R. Edwards

Kenneth Charles

David Dahl

Marilyn R. Eelkema

Keith and Rachelle Chase ω

Steve and Janelle Dahl

Tom Ehlinger

Don and Judy Cherrey

Andy H. Dahlen

Delmar Ehrich

Dominic and Susan Chione

Doreen D’Aigle ω

Bryan Eichenwald and Jane Helsing

Roger Chizek

Kathleen Danakis

Gary Eichten

Laura L. Christensen

Suzanne and Brian Danielson

Jonathan and Jill Eisenberg

Jay D. Christiansen

Wendy Wenger Dankey ω

Peter C. Eisenberg

Robert G. Christiansen

Emily Danov

Tom and Sparky Eisenstadt

Craig Christianson

Jeff Darr

Stephen and Margaret Ellingson

David and Michelle Christianson

Donald E. Davidson

James and Ronna Ellis

Sheryl A. Christopherson

William Davidson and Claire Olson

Eugene Elvecrog

Angela Christy

Ken and Abby Dawkins

Daniel Enebo and Laura H. Crosby

Kari Cierzan

David and Aimee Dayhoff

Robert A. Engebretsen

Paul and Sandy Cimmerer

Curtis Deering and Anne Holloran

Terry and Debbie Enger

Alex C. Cirillo, Jr.

Theresa Deggendorf

Bruce M. Engler

Barbara J. Clark ω

Allison DeGraffenreid

David and Nancy Engler

Susan M. Clark

Thomas DeJoseph

Evy Engrav-Lano and Greg Lano

Stephanie Clawson

Jeanne and Tom Denz

Frederick and Carol Entwistle

Sharon Clements

Kevin and Amanda Deters

Paul and Elizabeth Erdahl

Christine Clifford ω

Lisa and Jay Deverell

Muriel R. Erickson

Brad and Debbie Clift

Kathleen and Vincent DiGiorno

Scott R. Erickson

Scott F. Clugston

Steven J. and Margaret M. DiMarco

Robert Ernt

Larry and Ellen Cochrane

William and Janice Dircks

Larry D. Espel and Cynthia M. Hasselbusch

Michael and Jesseca Cockson

Kristin Dittmann and Stephen Huffman

Debbie and Ralph Estes

Jason and Kimberly Coffel

Edward W. and Sandra G. Dobbles

Jennifer Estes

Christian Colbert

Therese M. Dokman

Dave Etzwiler and Sarah Truesdell

Douglas and Lorrie Collison

Todd Dooley

Jennifer A. Facciani

Anne Colombo and Mark Allen Houge

Karen Dorn and Larry Semler

Tami and Tim Fagely

Mike and Cindy Colson

Mike and Monica Dougherty

Charles Farlow

Vickie Conley

Brian Douville

Elizabeth A. Farrell ω

Katy J. Conley-Nagel

Peter Dowd

Julie Faulhaber

♠ = great giving ω = women’s leadership council ∗ = deceased


PILLAR ($2,500 TO $4,999)


Bruce and Diane Feist

Bruno Gaston-Carrere

E. A. and J. G. Gutzmann

Angie Fenske

Carie Gaytan

Daniel and Audrey Haag

Al Ferber

Randy L. Gegelman

Jeff and Karna Haan

Robert and Juanita G. Fernandez

Thomas Gehring

J. Susan Argall Haas

Terri Ferrise ω

Maggie Shannon George

Richard J. and Carol E. Habstritt

Carol and Dan Fertig

Margaret George

Susan Haffield

Doug and Jennifer Fick

Thomas B. Gerdes

John Hagen

Tim Fieldhouse

John Germanson

Jodie E. Hagstrom

Billie Fienhage

Larry and Debbie Getlin

Susan A. Hagstrum ω

Jim Fife

Nancy Giacchetti

Andrew Hahn

Jim and Peggy Finkowski

Eric and Kathy Gibson

Anita Hall

John R. Finnegan, Jr.

Steven Gibson

David and Concetta Hall

Travis and Madaly Finstad

Howard and Heidi Gilbert

Peggy Kubicz Hall and Edwin B. Hall

R. Todd and Daisy Firebaugh

Tom Gilde and Mary Orr

Jerry and Lois Halloran

Michael and Leigh Fisco

Erich Gill

Sue and Mike Hangge

James and Teresa Fisher

Scotty and Peter Gillette

Kristen V. Hansen

Linda and Robert Fisher

Angela and Kevin Gilligan

Laura Hansen

Paul D. Fisher

Joseph D. Gilpin

James Hanson

William and Deborah Fisher

Matt and Colleen Ginter

John and Claudia Hanson

Jim and Judy Fitzhugh

Barry and Sarah Gisser

Timothy and Jane Hanson

Jeffrey and Cynthia Flake

Pete Gjerness

Vicki and Clayton Hargrove

George Flannery

Ginger Glaser

Debra and Bert Harman ω

Susan A. Fleitman

Jim and Martha Glass

Mona and David Harmann

Michelle Fliehe

Cecilia R. Glenn

Frank Harris

Ray and Ellen Flies

James Glick and Katie Conley

Maggie and Randy Harris

Jason Flinn

Kathleen Glover and Dan Carr

Greg and Kathy Hart

John Flottmeier

David and Pamela Gobran

Lee Ann Hartert

N. Douglas and Susan Fluke

Bill Goerdt

Paul J. Hartman

Beth Flynn

Janet and John Gohman

Wendell Harvey

Michael Fons

Miriam F. Goldfein

Aimee Hatlestad ω

Brad and Arlene Forrest

Andy Goldman-Gray and Tonya West-Gray

John Haug

Frank Forsberg and Mary Heer-Forsberg

Christopher Good

Jerry and Sally Haugen

Rich Forschler and Kari Breen

Gregory S. Good

John and Linda Haugen

Caroline Fortmeyer

Mark Gorham

Gregory Hawes

Jan Foster

Sherri Hallerman Gould and Jay Gould

Scott and Michele Hayes

Tony and Vickie Foster

David Grabski

Jodi Hayes-Roth

Perry and Wendy Fox

Timothy L. Graf

Lance and Carol Hazzard

Lorinda Fraboni and Doug Schlauderaff

Susan Grafton

Constance Heath

Thomas Fraser and Mary Strand

Karen and David Grandstrand

Adrian and Niki Hebig

Annette and James Frawley

James A. Graner

Chris and Heidi Hedberg

Kevin and Kathy Freeland

Jeffrey B. and Leigh Ann Greavu

Jay Heflin

Barrie Froseth and Maeve Murphy

Cliff and Kim Greene

Frederick A. and Sharon S. Hegele

Jill Fryling

Joseph and Jodie Greene

David Hegewald

Dean Funk

Susan Grelling

Renee J. Heinbuch ω

Brian L. Gabbard

Laura Groschen

Jim and Lynn Heinze

Dan and Michelle Gahlon

Kevin and Theresa Groth

Robert Heithoff

Amy and Don Gales

Terry Grove

Tim and Betty Heitke

Theresa A. Galchutt

Paul C. Guanzini

Steve and Joan Heller

Christopher Garland

Michael and Michelle Gust

Garry and Sarah Hellmich

Shawn Garoner

Barry F. Gustafson

Lori M. Helmer ω


♠ = great giving ω = women’s leadership council ∗ = deceased

PILLAR ($2,500 TO $4,999)


Elaine Heltne

Andrew and Alison Humphrey

Julie and Donald Kemp

Scott and Jo Ellen Hemink

Anne B. Hunter ω

Christina M. Kennedy

Michelle and John Henningsgard

Douglas E. Hunter

Steven C. Kennedy

Diane Herman

Linda Hurlburt

Matt and Laura Kenney

John H. Herman

William K. Husen

Kelton and Cindy Kent

Mark Herreid

Saundra and Kal Inman

Mike and Jan Kentala

Zachary P. Herringer

Mark and Robyn Isaacson

Lloyd G. and Karen P. Kepple

Lisa Novacek Hertel and Heath Hertel

Stephen and Carol Jackson

Chad Kerlin

Peter Hespen

Tom and Brenda Jacob

Pam and Marc Kermisch

Gail Hesselbrock

Donald Jacobs and Jill Julsrud

Laurie and Jay Kernan

Benjamin Hesser

Margaret and Stanley Jaffy

Kevin and Candace Ketelsleger

Ann Higgins and Russell Last

Mary Janisch

Peter Kiedrowski

Don and Connie Hilger

Jeanette and Mark Jedele

Heather Kielpinski ω

Byron K. Hill

William Jeter

Peter Killilea

Dawn and David Hill

Danette Johnson

Kurt and Angela Kimber

Larry Hill and Linda Mohr

James E. Johnson

Ruth Kimmelshue and Gary Reding

Lisa Hilton

John and Tana Johnson

Gary and Kathy King

Janet and Dennis P. Himan

Kenneth Johnson

Sharon King

John H. Hinderaker

M. A. Johnson

Bob and Margee Kinney

Jeff Hingher

Terri Johnson

Mary C. Kinney

Virginia K. Hinzman

Tim Johnson

Chris Kirk

Paul and Michelle Hirschboeck

Todd and Kari Johnson ω

Michael and Debra Kirst

Adam Hjerpe

David Johnston

Karen Kirwan

Christine and David Hobrough

David Johnston

Jim and Carol Kitchen ω

Tom and Pam Hockenberry

Brett and Tracy Jokinen

Bradley D. Klein

Jonathan Hoden

Douglas and Marcia Jolstad

Karen and Thomas Klein

Susan Hoel

Carlyle Singer Jones

Gary and Janean Kleist

Karen Hohertz and Matt Jacobs

William Jones and Denise Flaherty

Dana and Lori Klimp

Cindy and Jeffrey Holker

Deborah and Michael Jonikas

Ron and Lisa Kline

Chuck and Heidi Holley

Lani Jordan and Tom Harm

Amy and Eric Kloss

Pamela Holm

Myer and Monica Joy

George and Eva Mae Kluempke

Michael and Tami Holsten

Joseph and Renee Joyce

Thomas P. Klun

Mark Holten

William R. Joyce

Chuck and Colleen Knapp

Sherry Holtz and Peter Rudolf

John C. Junek

Sue and Tom Knight

Philip J. Homan

Muhammad Kahar

Briggam Knott

Scott Hood

Randall Kahnke

Brian and Debbie Knutson

Dave Hoogmoed

Bonnie Kalen

Keith Koch, Kristina Kliber and Owen

Mike and Amy Hooley

Cathy and Joe Kalkman

Lou Anne and Fred Koerschner

Deborah Hopp ω

Patricia S. Kane ♠

Linda E. Krach

Jodi E. Hopper

William L. Kaphing, Jr.

Steven Krikava

James and Helen Hotze

Richard Kastner

Scott and Arlene Kringle

John R. Houle

Mary Kaul-Hottinger and David Hottinger

Amy Kroll

Rita Houle and Dennis Weirens

Carolyn and Jerry Kauppinen

David Kroog

Scot and Susan Housh

Eva Kaustinen

Stacy A. Kruse

Claire Hoyum and Richard Morrison

Ann and Timothy Keenan

Tim and Monica Kryzer

Joanna Hsu

Michael T. Kehoss

Barbara and Darrell Kula

Gary D. Hudson

Sandra K. Keith

Pam and Rick Kunkel

John E. Hueg

Anthony Kelley

David and Laurel Kuplic

Scott and Cara Hull

Daniel Kelly

Maurice H. Kuypers

Penny and Scott Hults

Warren P. Kelly and Ruth R. Stoner

♠ = great giving ω = women’s leadership council ∗ = deceased

and Denise R. Rutherford ω LEADERSHIP GIVING | 5

PILLAR ($2,500 TO $4,999)


Don and Maureen Kvam

Ted Loftness, M.D.

Jan-Marie McCabe

Joyce and Byron Laher

Paul and Laurie Lokar

John McCabe

Stephanie Laitala-Welch ω

William S. Long

Laura McCarten

Christopher Lambe and Amelia Kendall

Laura and Daniel Longacre

Michael D. and Brenda K. McConnell

John Lammers

Dana R. Lonn

Kathleen McCray

Christina Lamont

Michael Loos

Martha L. McCusker

Richard R. Lancaster

Linda Lorenz

Julie and Tom McDaniel

Jane Lanctot ω

David and Kim Loskota

Sherri and John McDaniel ω

Patricia L. Landers

Ellen Goldberg Luger and Andrew Luger

Dennis McDevitt

Christopher Lange

LeAnn Lundberg

John and Kim McDevitt

Amy Langer ω

Carol Lundquist

Gary McDonald

Wendi Lanning

Tim and Denise Lutz

Thomas P. McDonough

Paul J. Lapadat

Ward and Marylee Lyndall

Kevin and Kathy McFadden

Christopher J. Larson

Garrett Maas

Mike McGough

Heather Larson

Gregory Macfarlane

Sean P. McGuire

Kent and Jean Larson

Thomas MacLeod

Patrick J. and Toni McHale

Nancy A. Larson

John and Caroline Macwherter

Dave and Jennifer McIntosh

Thomas J. Larson

Sophia Madison

Ixchel McKinnie ω

Tim and Susan Laske

Michael D. Maher

Brianna McLain

Jeff and Kelly Lavers

Susan K. Mahle

Margot McManus ω

Brian J. Lavin

Ray L. and Roxanne Makepeace

Brian McMenamin

Lisa M. Leavens

Maria Malark and Steven Sinton

Scott McMillan

Stephane Le Conte

Michael and Colleen Malone

Tammis A. McMillan

Beth and John Lee

John and Kristine Mandler

Kevin and Jean McNamer

Donald Lee

Brian Mann

Gordon and Deborah Medeiros

James A. Lee

William Manuel

Timothy J. Meginnes

Mike and Cynthia Le Jeune

Sandi Marinaro

Shirish Mehta

Mark LeMire

Rick and Karen Markowski

Ann Peddle Meitz ω

Bruce and Carolyn Leslie ω

Bill and Josie Markwardt

Jeffrey P. and Lisa E. Mellas

Tom and Sheila Letscher

Steve Marschner

Kevin Mendel

Shannon Levang ω

Denise Lynn and Douglas Marsolek

Dr. Kofi A. Mensah

Barry and Renee Levins

David Martin

Karine M. Mensch

Eric and Celita Levinson

George D. Martin

Jeri Meola ω

Mark Lewry

Joe Martin and Bonnie Theis

Eric and Jeremie Mercer

Carol and Jeff Ley ω

Melissa Martin ω

Veronique and Pierre Merlin

Kenneth A. Liebman

Richard and Nancy Martino

Mary Merrill ω

Gregg and Laurie Lien

Carol A. Martinson

Bill and Diane Merritt

Tim and Amanda Lieser

Terry Martinson

Marcus and Connie Merz

Stephanie Lilak

Janice Marturano and Peter Thompson

Bill and Stephanie Messmer

Dennis and Laddie Lindahl

Sue and Chuck Martz

John and Ellen Metsker

Joy Lindsay ω

Charles and Marilynne Marvin

Edward J. and Nancy J. Metzger

Ken Litke and Pam Arechigo

Salvatore Mascaro

Christine L. Meuers and Steven E. Rau ω

Calvin and Christine Litsey

Nona and Tom Mason

Chris Meyer

Frank Little

Phillip and Paula Mason

Leo J. and Donna K. Meyer

Jeff and Jennifer Little

James B. Massie

Sherry and Ken Meyer

Monica Little ω

Rick and Mo Massopust

Michelle Micka

Wes Little

Mary and Todd Mathisen

Kjirsten Mickesh

Laura Liu and Ken Pomerantz

Pat Matre

Wanda M. Mies

Bryan L. and Theresa Ljung

Todd J. May

Julie and Bill Mikkelson

Darlene M. Loberg and Mark C. Gans

Glenn McCabe

Brent and Janet Miller


♠ = great giving ω = women’s leadership council ∗ = deceased

PILLAR ($2,500 TO $4,999)


Clark L. Miller

Sean and Belinda O’Connell

John and Jeanne Peppel

David B. Miller

Mr. and Mrs. Timothy E. O’Connor

Daniel and Janell Pepper

Kevin and Rhonda Miller

Kathleen Odegaard

Nancy and Dick Perrine

George and Karen Millet

Steve and Bev Ogren

Mary Lynne and Michael Perushek

Michael E. Mills

Marc and Deborah Olmon

Peter and Lora Pesheck

Jerome A. Miranowski

Carolyn E. Olson

Mary and Bill Petersen, M.D.

David Mitchell

Craig and Beth Olson

Dan and Arlys Peterson

Kathy Mock

Dennis R. Olson

David Peterson

Mike Mohan

Don and Kathy Olson

Diane Peterson

Shawn Monaghan and Greg Plotnikoff

Joan E. Olson

Ellen and Gary Peterson ω

Thomas Montminy

Marian Olson

James H. Peterson

Julie L. Moore

Rod and Sue Olson

Jenny Peterson

Kathy Moore

Ron and Lynn Olson

Warren Peterson

Stephen J. Moore

Sheri Olson

Randy and Nyla Pettinger

Harlan and Jessica Mork

Elizabeth Jo O’Mara

Joseph and Shannon Pettini

Jerry and Karen Morris

James A. O’Neal

Donald Phelps and Kathi Kones

Jean Morrison

Brian B. O’Neill

Joshua Phillips

Ann Morrissey and Bruce Jacobson

Maria and Tim O’Phelan

James C. and Mitzi Pickard

Atom Mortice

Beth Opperman

Walter Pickhardt and Sandra Resnick

Joel and Shelly Moryn

Dan and Cheryl Osborn

Bill and Annette Pieper

David and Kimpa Moss

LaRaye Osborne and Mark Ten Eyck

Matt Pierre

Erin Mott

Cindy O’Shaughnessy and Steve Anderson

Stephen and Andrea Pilotti

Jennifer Mowdy

Kelly Osterbauer ω

Kathleen Pinkett

Paul and Sue Moyer

Steve and Leigh Ostrander

Jane and Robert Polansky

Laurie A. Murphy

Diego Osuna and Sara Tobon

Colleen and Bob Porter

Noreen Murphy-Andrews

Margaret Otte

David B. Potter

Sara Mushlitz

John J. Owens and Patricia L. Strong

Mr. and Mrs. David Powell

William and Catherine Myers

John Pacheco, Jr.

Jeremy and Alicia Prahm

Brad Nagel

Wendy Page-Rieken

Sheila Pratt

Michael Nagel

Fernando Palacios

Greg and Barb Prescher

Carl L. Nanoff

Ken and Nancy Palmer

Abigail and Paul Pribbenow

Sylvia Nasla

Susan and John Palombo ω

Joseph M. Price

Karin M. Nelsen

Paul J. Pankratz

Ronald and Kimberly Price

Ann Nelson ω

Todd Pannek

Randall A. Propp and Randy L. Nelson

Jean Delaney Nelson and David Nelson

Thomas and Deborah Pantalion

Chris and Susan Pryce ♠ω

Kristen C. Nelson

Jeffrey and Susan Pape

Charles and Cheryl Puleston

Richard and Nancy Nelson

Lance Paradis

T. Jeffrey Putnam

David and Nancy Ness

Karen Paris and Gordon Griffin

Mary Quist

Judi and Jerry Nevonen

Doug and Jeannette Parr

Mark Rabinovitch, M.D.

Andrea L. Newman

Robert and Julie Paschke

David Rader

Tom and Tamara Newman

J. Thomas Paul

Keith and Jody Radtke

Donald M. Nicholson and Lesly Harder

Mike and Patty Paul

Thomas and Kristen Radtke

Susan Nielsen

Katherine Payne

Laura Raether

Steven Noble

Gary and Laurie Pearcy

Gregory and Katie Ragland

Kathy and Duane Noecker

John and Sandra Pearman

Mark Ramsland

Lisa Novotny and Mark Flaten

Suzanne Pecore and Frederick Dock

John and Laura Randall

Michelle Nye

Lars and Juanita Pekay

Eric Rangen and Maureen Byrnes Rangen

Norm and Marge Nystrom

David Pelka

Jeff Rankin

Kristine Oberg and Chris Geist ω

Mark and Valerie Pender

Michael and Mary Ranum

Timothy and Judie O’Brien

Leslie Penrith

Teresa Rasmussen and Jon Trangsrud

♠ = great giving ω = women’s leadership council ∗ = deceased


PILLAR ($2,500 TO $4,999)


Purbita Ray

Tom and Kim Ryan

Mark and Elizabeth Simones

Dan Raynak

Nain and Ana Saez

Duncan and Pat Sinclair

Terry and Deb Reishus

Marge and Steve Sagstetter ω

Jesse Singh

Marianne Remedios and John Wald

Joe and Martha Sakry

Jay and Diana Singleton

Barb and Ron Renner

Marlene Salkin

Nancy and Brian Siska

Josh Resnik and Zoe Adler

Myros and Kathleen Samilo

Bethany Sjoblad

Jan Reyers

Tim and Melinda Samsel

Tom and Kathy Skalitzky

Sherry Reynolds ω

Stacy B. Sandler

Lisa Skluzacek

Kevin Rhodes

Rupesh Santoshi

Jay Slagle

Paul Rhodes

Matthew C. and Jodi L. Sargent

Helene and Jeff Slocum

Corrine and Louis Ricard

Donn Satrom

Clarance M. Smith and Denise Kettelberger

Kent E. Richey

Tom Scalf

Drew R. Smith

David B. Richter

Mary Schaffer and Kevin Senander

Jeffrey D. Smith

Howard Riebling

Debra J. and Rodney C. Schaffran

Lisa Smith

Sheila and Scott Riggs ω

Victoria Scheiderer

Mary Anne Smith

Kathleen Riley ω

Sheri Schellhaass

Peter and Liz Smith

Paul and Jo Rimmereid

John Schenk and Deborah Fowler

Randy A. Smith

Mitch and Judi Marie Ringe

William C. and Sandy Scherer

Robert W. and Anne Smith

Todd Ringgenberg

Rachel M. Schermann

Jerry W. Snider

Robin Ritter

Ann and Edward Schlueter

Mark and Anne Snoeyenbos

Laurie Rivard ω

Kathleen Schmidlkofer

Tim and Mary-Ellen Soldan

Rob Rizzo

Bradley and Lynn Schmidt

Todd and Cathie Soller

Sheila Robb *

Robert Schmidt

Linda Soranno and Howard Bolter

Lauri Roberts ω

Joe and Cheryl Schmura

Sylvia Soucheray*

Ralph and Estella Roberts

Thomas and Jeanne Schnack

Colleen Soukup

William L. Roberts

Kevin and Polly Schoen

Randall V. Sparer

Tom and Deb Robison

Merita D. Schollmeier

April Spas and Kris Burhardt, Th. D.

Winthrop A. Rockwell

Jim and Nancy Shoppenhorst

Kathy A. Spence

Rick and Marie Rodier

Paul and Cleone Schreier

Thomas M. Spielbauer

Paula and Roger Roe

David and Angela Schroeder

John A. and Sharon L. Spies

Charles and Terri Roehrick

Todd Schultz

Sharon A. Spies

James E. Rogne

Adam Schwartz-Lowe

Trent Spurgeon

Jim and Kris Rollwagen

Kathy Schweikart and Jim Johnson

Russell St. John

Art and Cheri Rolnick ω

Randy and Cathy Schwichtenberg

Julie R. St. Marie-Bingham

George and Sylvia Roman

Annette and Christopher Scotti

John and Kathie Staby

Jerry Rose

Gretchen and Chris Sebald

Deb and Tim Staiger

Paul and Sandra Rosso

Gregory Sebald

Jean and Charles Stark

Kenneth and Teresa Rowe

Dick and Marianne Seidenstricker

John and Melissa Starkey

Dudley* and Marjorie Ruch

Ken and Nancy Seim

John Stauch

Carol Rueppel

Charles and Yvonne Selcer

Frederick P. Stecher

Julie and Dwight Rueter Family

Ross and Kathy Serold

Gregg and Kathryn Stedronsky

Michael R. and Julie A. Ruether

Tom and Patti Shadick

Matt Steele

Althea M. Rupert ω

Richard and Barbara Shank

Mike and Angela Steenberg

Michael and Mary Rusinko

David J. Shannon

Jim Steffen and Margaret Zverinova

George and Gale Russell

Bruce and Becky Shay

Lee and Eugenia Steffens

Mary Russell

Donald C. Shepard

Marina Steger

John Russett

Kevin and Sarah Shriver

William E. and Judith C. Stephens

Robert Russoniello

Peter and LuAnn Sidney

Jim Stephenson

Terry and Cindy Rust

Fernando Silva

Michael R. Stewart

Dennis M. Ryan

Charles and Anna Silverman

Mary and Paul Sticha


♠ = great giving ω = women’s leadership council ∗ = deceased

PILLAR ($2,500 TO $4,999)


Amy L. Stitt

Michael Train

Daphne Walmer and David Herreid

Carol Stodieck

Donald and Marcia Trevarthen

James Walsh

Mark and Lee Stoering

Ronald J. and Anita M. Tuch

Bill and Judy Walter

Todd and Julie Stohlmeyer

Sarah Turley

Steven and Tara Wander

Joe and Chris Stone

Andrea Turner

Andre Wanzenried

Michael Stork

Moria Turner ω

Scott and Kathy Ward

Jean Storlie

Brian Turnwall

Nancy and David Warner

Keith Strodtman

Steve and Sandy Twedell

Sandy and James Warner ω

Peggy Strom and Brian Brommel

Steven and Sally Twelves

Sheila Warren

Alan W. and Judy K. Stromback

George E. Tyson

Warren J. and Ann M. Wasescha

Mary E. and Roger S. Stumo

Mark and Anita Udager

Darrell Washington

Mark and Julie Sullivan

Bill Udelhofen and Marla deNirod

Mary L. Waters

Leslie Summer

Denise and Richard Udicious

George and Mary Wawro ω

Paulette Sunde Livingston

Myron Uecker

Scott L. Weatherby

Ellen Sundell

Michael and Paula Ujhelyi

Karen and David Weathers ω

Al and Vicki Sussman

William Umsheid

Chana Weaver

Karen and Les Suzukamo

Wendy and Thomas Underwood

Clay and Cathy Webb

Kurt and Andi Svendsen

Darrel and Gayle Untereker

Chuck Webber

Linda S. Svitak

John and Mary Ursu

Al Weber

Arlene and Tom H. Swain

Joseph Utecht

Jean Weber

Tom and Laura Swain

Paul Vahle

Sandy and Mark Weber

Cynthia Swan and Robert Gage

Warren and Lisa Vala

Paul Wehling

Barb and Chuck Swanson

Jason and Tami Van de Loo

Les and Alice Weibye

Christopher Swanson

Scott VanOrsdel and Lil Lundeen

Kreg Weigand

Nancy and Richard Swanson

William Varner

Lora and Bill Weimer

Thomas and Jeanne Sween

Barry and Heather Vaughan

Ralph and Katie Weinberger

Kurt and Janet Swiecichowski

Laurie and Kirk Velett

Jane and Joe Weissenborn

Jeff Taylor and Amy Abouelenein

Dominic V. and Michelle B. Venturo

Stuart and Mary Weitzman

William and Donna Tedlund

Steve Vestal and Pam Binns

Christopher Welsh and Susan Steger Welsh

John and Kristin Tengwall

Peter and Bev Vesterholt

Myron Werley

Alan and Barbara Tennessen

Anton Vincent

David Wheaton and Michele Moylan

Gary and Jeannie Thalhuber

Richard and JoAnn Vincent

John R. and Kelly Wheaton

Robert and Nancy Theiler

Nicholas and Jacqueline Vlietstra

Jim and Sandy Whisler

Donald and Colleen Theissen

Dennis and Kim Vogel

William Whitely

Jon and Lea Theobald

Kenneth and Jane Vohs

Elise Wiener

Beth and Mark Thiebault

James L. Volling

Nancy J. Wigchers

Gerald and Mary Thole

Michael Von Wald

Craig and Melissa Wiklund

Jeffrey S. Thomas

Mary Sue and Peter Vorbrich

Dan and Liz Wilczek

Mark Thome

Jeff and Dawn Vrieze

Wendy J. Wildung

Daniel M. Thompson

Lisa Wacek

Scott M. Wilensky

Greg L. and Grace Thompson

Thomas W. Wacker

Chad and Diane Wilkins

Jill Thompson

David and Christa Wagner

Bradley and Julie Willems

Mark and Roberta Thompson

Renee A. Wagner

Kimberly Willenbring

Matthew L. Thompson

Tony and Marie Wagner

Kevin and Anne Williams

James Thorson

Edward T. Wahl

Jacqueline Williams-Roll and Michael Roll

Laraine D. Thulin ω

Stephanie Waisanen ω

Hal and Kathy Wilson

Leo Timmons and Kate Havelin

Nancy B. Walczak

Michael and Heidi Wilson

Martyn J. Tiplady

John Wald and Marianne Remedios

Jeffrey M. Wilson

Dave and Arlene Tourville

Sean Walker

Kevin and Debbie Wilt

Kris and Mike Tracy

Stephen and Robyn Wallner

Nancy and Greg Winter

♠ = great giving ω = women’s leadership council ∗ = deceased


PILLAR ($2,500 TO $4,999)


Don and Betty Winton

Carol Ander Wooten

Bill Zajieck

Karen D. Winton

Klaus Wormuth

Tami and Juan Zaragoza

Stephen A. Withrow

John and Rosalind Wright

Raymond W. Zehr, Jr.

Laura and David Witte

Susan Wuollett

Steve and Deb Zeller

James Wittenberg and J. Pamela Weiner

Shay Wyley

Phil and Sue Zietlow

Linda Wiza

David Yerich

Brad and Jenifer Zinke

Bryan Wold

Arna and Thomas Yetter

Dave Zitnak

Benno and Gertrude Wolff Family

Randi S. N. Yoder and Michael Henley ♠ω

Cate Zottola

Lawrence York

Jill Zullo

Warren and Margaret Zaccaro


Fund of the St. Paul Foundation David Wolter


GATEWAY ($1,000 TO $2,499) Dale Aaberg

Mukesh Agarwal

John and Kelly Allgaier

Patrick and Colleen Aaberg

Emily Ahachich

Pauline P. Allison

Steven Aanenson

Dave and Diane Ahlers

Scott and Lorraine Allison

Gale and Sonia Aaroe

Kathryn Ahlstrom

Mary Allton

Nancy Abbott

Bridget M. Ahmann and Greg Haase

Judith Alnes and Bernie Kruse

Abdel Abdelrahman

Kathleen and Ronald Aho

Barry Alpern

Baidah Abdul-Rasool

Matthew and Marcia Ailport

Lisa Alsaker

Howard W. Abel

Bill and Jeannette Aimutis

Marshal Alsaker

Christine Abell

Scott E. Aksamit

Thomas L. Althauser

Mary Abler

Philip and Elizabeth Albert

Judy Altmaier

Andrew Abraham

Bruce G. Albrecht

Mary Alvestad

Jon Abrahamson

Nate and Jessica Albrecht

Al Ambrose

Markus Achord

Timothy Albrecht

Daniel J. Amen

Paul R. and Valerie C. Ackerman ♠

Raymond Albright

Julie Ament

Dick and Connie Adair

Steve Aldrich and Jane Maetzold

Paul and Mary Amos

Philip Adam

Salo and Jane Ale

Craig and Kris Amundson

Andrew and Jennifer Adams

Gordon and Marian Alexander

David and Laurie Jo Amundson

Brian and Linda Adams

Nadia Alleman

Rick Anastasi

David and Stephanie Adams

David and Janet Allen

Clint Andera

Gary Adams

Gregory D. Allen

Cheryl Andersen

Linda and Larry Adams

Jane and Paul Allen

David Andersen

Ruth and Rodgers Adams

Jim and Diane Allen

Mark Andersen

Mary Adamski

Larry J. Allen

Andrew C. Anderson

Gretchen Adelmann

Melanie and Calvin U. Allen

Barbara S. Anderson

Paul Adelmann

Steve Allen

Beverly S. Anderson

Thomas Ademite

Richard Allendorf

Brett Anderson

Please forgive us. While we make every effort to ensure the accuracy of our records, we occasionally find errors. If we have omitted, misplaced or misspelled your name, please accept our apologies and contact us so that we may correct our records. Please call Donor Stewardship at (612) 340-7404. Lists are based on information received as of June 30, 2010.


♠ = great giving ω = women’s leadership council ∗ = deceased

GATEWAY ($1,000 TO $2,499)


Brian and Karen Anderson

Woodbury H. and Cynthia A. Andrews

Greg Austin

Brian T. Anderson

Martin Andrusiak

Kathleen A. and Brandon J. Austin

Bryan and Judy Anderson

Steven Andrzejewski

Carl Awalt

Carol Anderson

Phil and Sue Ankeny

Rick and Ellen Ayers

Cheryl Anderson

Todd Anlauf

Nancy Ayinde

Cornell and Patti Anderson

Dr. Lee Antell

Neil and Amy Ayotte

Damon Anderson

Jennifer and David Antila

Michele Azar

Dave and Joyce Anderson

Scott A. Anton

Kojo Baafi

David T. Anderson

Deborah Antonelli

Ronald Baar

Debra Anderson

Chuck Antony

Stefan A. Babirad

Donald and Diane Anderson

Carol and Gerald Arel

Yvonne Bacchus

Gary Anderson

Christopher Arend

John Bachhuber

Greg L. Anderson

Craig and Cynthia Arends

Leo Bacik

Gregory Anderson

Andy Arendt and Lennae Grahn

Kimberly and Bradley Bacon

Janet and David Anderson

John Arenivar

Rodney Bacon

Janice Anderson

Catherine Arentsen

Robert Badger

Jean Anderson

Jon and Melissa Arfstrom

Xenia Mora Badilla

Jerrold E. Anderson

Bonaparte A. Armah

Mike Baehr

Jim and Donna Anderson

Tiffany Armas

Terry Bagaus

Joel and Kimberly Anderson

Jeanne Armstrong

Amy Bailey

John Anderson and Judith Bechtum

Stephen Armstrong

David and Lisa Bailey

Joshua Anderson

Robert and Penelope Arneson

Michael A. and LuAnn Bailey

Katherine Anderson

Amanda Arnold

Michael Baillargeon

Kathryn Anderson

Eric Arnold

Michael Bain

Kelly Anderson

Jack Arnold

Barry Baines

Ken Anderson

Leonidise Arnold

Carole and Doug Baker, Sr.

Kevin and Kristyn Anderson

Mary Lou F. Arnold

Jim and Mary Baker

Lucas Anderson

Matthew Arnold

John Baker

Marc and Molly Anderson

Robert and Barbara Arnold

Joseph Baker

Mark Anderson

Valerie J. Arntson

Mary J. Baker

Mary Anderson

Christine and Timothy Arntzen

Randall and Abigail Baker

Matthew Anderson

Mark Arps

Rich Baker

Michael E. Anderson

Lori Arrell

Bradley Bakken

Mike and Peggy Anderson

Kris Artis

Jeff and Sue Bakken

Richard Anderson

Ray and Margaret Artz

Patrick Bakker

Richard and Judith Anderson

Daniel P. Asfeld

Barbara and Dan Balik

Robert Anderson and Katherine Miller

Thomas M. Aslin

Judith Balk

Roger Anderson and Margaret Anderson

Gary and Amy Asmus

Robert and Michelle Ball

Roger E. Anderson

Douglas P. Astry

Stephanie Ball

Rolf Anderson

Richard and Cynthia Atkinson

Elisha Ballantyne

Ruth Anderson

Deborah J. Atterberry

Mike Ballard

Sabrina Anderson

Bill and Janine Atwell

Shari L. Ballard

Scott and Cindy Anderson

Chris and Heather Aud

Kevin and Julie Balon

Scott Anderson

David Auerbach

Pamela and Paul Balthazor

Steven and Lisa Anderson

Brent Aufdembrink

Pete Bannochie

Steven Anderson

Virginia Aug

Arun and Anita Bansal

Terri L. Anderson

Jon Auge

Stan and Amy Baratz

Kristi Anderson-Hocamp

Susan Auger

Louise and Don Barber

Glenn and Jennifer Andis

Brock and Jane Austin

Robert A. Barbosa

James and Kathleen Andrews

Bryce Austin

Bruce and Susan Barclay

♠ = great giving ω = women’s leadership council ∗ = deceased


GATEWAY ($1,000 TO $2,499)


Douglas C. Barclay

Bobbi Bauerfeld

Aaron Bender

Gene and Margaret Bard

Jim and Margene Bauhs

Garth Bender

Scott A. Bardell

Gay and Ron Baukol

Sherieda Bender

Carol B. Barkley

Matthew Bauler

Angie and Gregg Bendtsen

William A. Barksdale

Barb and Mike Baumann

Heidi Benedict

Gregory and Christine Barnard

Bernard G. Baumann

Joyce Bengtson

David and Tasha Barnes

Diana B. Baumer

Sarah and Andrew Benish

James Barnes

David and Rita Baumgardner

Darlynn and Lindsay L. Benjamin

Nancy Barnes

John Beam

Steve Bennek

Robert Barnett and Marlena Bromschwig

Matt Beam

Patrick and Joni Bennett

Scott L. Barnett

Alan J. Bear

Shannon Bennett

Sarah Barntsen

Joel Bearden

Shari Benoit

Paul and Kelly Baron

Charles Beardslee

Justin Benshoof

J. Michael Barone

James Beardsley

Beverley Benson

Gregory Barr

Lee and Barbara Bearmon

Ian Benson

James W. Barrett

Dan and Sarah Beaty

Randall Benson

John J. Barrett

Erika Beaucage

Scott Benson

Alison Barrick

Deborah L. Beaudway

Tim Berardinis

Kara Barrow

Kathleen A. Beck

Mark Berens

Christine Barry

Linda Beck

James and Betty Berg

Benjamin Bartels

Steve and Merry Beck

Joan Koerber Berg

Ross Bartels and Brenda Weigel

Jodi Becker

Larry and Karen Berg

Kenneth W. Bartelt

John A. Becker

Mary Louise Berg

Lynne Barten

Robert S. Becker

Tom and Margit Berg

Myrna Barthel

Sherry Beckey

Vicki R. Berg

Peter Bartholome and Denise Rupp

Bruce Beckman

Matt Bergan

Catherine Bartle

Sara Beckstrand

Stephen and Teresa Berge

Patricia and Gregory Bartley

Mandy Beech

Larry Berger

Carla and Luis Bartolomei

Lee H. Beecher, M.D. and

Mary and Paul Berger

John and Jill Barton

Mary Jane Heinen, Ph.D.

Michael Berger

Glenn Bartsch

Nancy M. Beegle

Deb and Steve Berghs

Nancy K. Bartsch

Edman Beek

Daniel Bergin

Cathryn Bashore

Tim J. Beers

Heidi Bergland

Tom Bass

Tomme and Dara Beevas

Eric and Lisa Berglund

Helen Bassett

Al Begeman

Glenn Bergman

Patrick and Andrea Bassett

Brian Behm

Howard Bergman and Julie Wannamaker

Catherine Bates

Brian and Karen Behm

John A. and Elaine A. Bergquist

Bill and Ellie Bathe

Jerome and Kathryn Behrens

Harley Bergren

Farrokh Batliwala

Deborah Beiersdorf

Barcy Bergrstrom

Vickie J. Batroot

Steve and Nancy Beiersdorf

Erica Bergsland and Doug Rose

George and Mary Battis

Kelly Belanger

Joel Bergstrom

Robb and Christine Battist

Matt and Kristina Beliveau

Brent Berheim

Donald Battles

James Bell

Charles Berkowitz

David Baudler

Jim and Julie Bell

Leslie Bershire

Cindy Bauer

Judy Bell

Steve and Kari Bernardy

Donna and Philip Bauer

Peter Bell and Sharon Bottorff

Michael J. Bernaski

Douglas and Cheryl Bauer

Thomas and Helen Bell

Alan E. Bernick

Gerald Bauer

Mary and Bob Belongie

Ralph L. Bernstein

Lanida L. Bauer

Patricia Belousek

Barb and Tom Berosik

Marvin E. Bauer

Michael B. Belzer and Ellyn Wolfenson

Bonnie Berquam


♠ = great giving ω = women’s leadership council ∗ = deceased

GATEWAY ($1,000 TO $2,499)


Peter Berrie

Tony and Jessy Blaine

Jacquelin Bortnem

Angela Berry

Tom and Ingrid Blair

Ellen and Andrew Bosl

Byron Berry

Christopher M. Blake

Eric Bosler and Wendy Lutter

Mike Berryman

Valerie M. Blanchett

David and Lisa Boss

Mark Bertelsen

Valerie Blanco

Bruce E. Bostwick

Charlotte Bertling-Erland

Scott Blank

Mark Bouljon

Jennifer and Tom Bessinger

Steve Blaske

Ann Bourg

Kevin Bethke

Beth Blaylock

Brett Boutwell

Joseph and Kathleen Betlej

Roger Bledsoe

Hildy Bowbeer

Kelli Betz

Gregory Blindauer

William Bowden

Christine Betzel-Larson

Jon and Gayle Blom

Beth and Kevin Bowen

Todd D. and Mindy L. Beukelman

Thomas Blong

James E. Bowlus

Samuel Beveridge

Wendy and Mark Bloom

Candace L. Bowman

Vijay Bhalla

Steven J. Bloomquist

Judy Bowman

Mansi Bhandari

Debbie and Kevin Bloss

Trent and Sarah Bowman

Robert Biaggio

Robert Blue

Kit Boyd

Stephen and Susan Bianchi

Eelco Blum

Mark Boyd

Jennifer Bichsel

Gerald Board

Donn Boyer

Lawrence A. Bick

Michael M. Boardman

Paul Boyer

Jill Bickford

Paul Bochan

Kelly S. Boyle

Lora Bieber

Mithun Boda

Jeffrey Boyum

Marta Biegle

Timothy and Terri Bodin

Amy Brachio

Rita Bielinski

Jason Boeck

Neil Brackin

Paula Bieniek

Sheryl Boehm

David and Ann Braden

Susan E. Bies

Tom J. Boehme

Nita M. Bradford

Jane Biessener

Brad and Holly Boehne

Jeff Bradley

Sue Bignall

Meg and Ted Boehne

Stephen L. Bradley

John and Katharine Billman

Jeffrey R. Boelsen

Tom Bradley

Teresa Binish

Laurel T. Boerger

Todd R. Brady

Christine J. Biondi

Patricia Bogusz

Bede and Julia Braegelmann

David Bipes

Tony and Tracy Bohmert

Ryan Brager

Veronica Vala Birk

John Bohn

Thomas and Janine Braman

Kullen J. and Jeanne L. Birkeland

Robert and Kimberly Boisvert

Michael and Patricia Branch

Stan and Sharon Birnbaum

Brenda Bolar-Ford

Agnes Brandon

Scott and Betsy Dobel Birney

Robert Bollweg

Barry Brands

James Bishop

Tom Bombeck

William Brands and Heather Wells

Beth and Doug Bitney

Jason Bonfig

Laran Brandt

Richard Bittner

Steven Bonfig

Thomas and Kelleigh Brandt

Lee Bjerke

Michael and Meredith Boo

Roger D. Branigin

Michael Bjerke

Garth and Carol Booms

Tim and Katie Bratland

James Bjorgan

Timothy Booth

Laurel Braun

Brenda Bjorklund

Richard and Virginia Bopp

Michael and Deborah Braun

Lee and Toni Bjorklund

John S. Borden

Lynn Braunworth

Patricia and Glen Bjornson

Billy Boren

Tony and Celeste Brausen

Mark and Lori Blabac

John P. Borger

Christine Bravo-Rosenberg

Sherman and Lynette Black

Carla Boria-Weiss

Laura and Matt Bredesen

William and Wendy Blackburn

Karen and Todd Borman

Daniel Breit

Gary and Kathy Blackford

Sonja Bornus

John M. Breitinger

Mary Ann Blade

Gene and Jane Borochoff

Troy Breitkreutz

Patrice D. Blaeser

Julie Borris

Dale Breiwick

♠ = great giving ω = women’s leadership council ∗ = deceased


GATEWAY ($1,000 TO $2,499)


Pat and Julie Brekken

Kofi Apagya Bruce

Christine and Shane Buntje

Matthew and Vivian Bremer

Rick Bruce

Sarah and Doug Burckhardt

Pat Brennan

Jacqueline A. Brueggemann

Ryan J. Burgus

Thomas and Sharon Brennan

Ryan and Brianna Bruers

Michael J. Burkard

Mats and Mary Brenner

Steve Bruess

Adam Burke

Keith Brenny

Michael L. Bruggeman

Ann Burke

Charles and Alice Bresnahan

Michael Brugh

David Burke and Amy Samson-Burke

Vicki Brewer

Cynthia Brumbaugh

Deborah and James Burke

Larry A. Brey

Marion Brummer

Joshua Burke and Penny Thompson-Burke

Nancy A. Breyfogle

Deane Bruner

Mark Burke

John Bridge

Marsha J. Brunkhorst

Joseph and Nancy Burkhardt

Michael and Jessica Bridgeford

Gina Brunko-Marquez and Jose Marquez

Cindy Burlet

Michael and Shamiere Bridgeford

Kent Brunner

Daniel P. Burling

Barbara J. Bridgeman

Kim and Tedd Brunner

Cassidy and David Burns

Janis and Robert Briesemeister

Peter and Kim Brunner

Michael J. Burns

Judy Briggs

Abram Brustein

Leah Burquest

Richard Briggs

Carol and William J. Bryan

Rick Burrock

Tim and Marian Briggs

Juliet Bryan and Jack Timm

Michael Burstein

Steven P. Brinduse

Terrianne Bryant

Michael G. and Doreen F. Burton

Karin Brinkman

Rudy and Elvi Brynolfson

Steve Burton

Tom and Cindy Brinsko

Rod Bubke

Susan Busch-Nehring

Stephen Brissett

John Buboltz

Nancy L. Bushek

Bill and Judi Britt

Joseph Buchan

Paul W. Busse

Charles Broadnax

Joseph F. Buchan

Mary Bussman

Laura Brock

Kurt and Kathryn Buchanan

Greg and Madeline Butler

Rawley D. and Virginia S. Brodeen

Aaron S. Buchholtz

Henry Butterworth

Joe and Mardy Brodil

Brian B. Buchholz

Mary A. Butts

Linda Brody and Abraham Ettedgui

John L. Buck

Susan Buxton

William Brody and Bronwen Cound

Molly Buck and Jerry Ennett

Jennifer Buzbee

Charlene Broman

Mary Buckett and Norm Tiedemann

Heather R. Bye-Kollbaum

Bill and Mary Brooks

Larry Buckley

Matt Byers

Darrell and Susan Brooks

Mark Buckley

Christopher Byrne

Raymond Brooks

Charles and Catherine Budd

Dennis and Bonnie Byrne

M. Scott Brophy

Theodore Budd

Gary L. Bystedt

Don Broscha

Fred Budde

Gina M. and Joseph M. Bystedt

Natalie Broshar

Lakshmi Buddhavarapu

Mary C. Cade

Sharon Brotzler

Jim Budnicki

Carol Cady

Nora and J. Kirby Brower

Kathleen Buechel

Daniel A. and Kris Cafferty

David Brown

Robert Buelow

Mary and Mark Cahill

Deborah Brown

Michael and Debbie Buersmeyer

Gary L. Caison

James Brown

Greg and Barbara Buhl

Ron and Martha Caldwell

Jason Brown and Marta Sibirica

Mary Jo Buhl

Bruce Calhoun

Leo and Mary Ellen Brown

Clifford N. Buikema

Charles A. Calisto

Michael T. Brown

Roland A. Buller

John W. Callahan

Peter Brown

Steven A. Bulmer

Kevin Callahan

Randall P. Brown

John and Cindy Bultena

Mary Callahan

Tami Brown

Marc D. and Tammy J. Bumgarner

Sean and Cathy Callahan

Kathy L. Browne

Kerry Bundy

Michael F. Campana

Stephen and Ann Broz

Mary Kay Bunker

Patricia Campanaro

Neil Brozen and Mary Wertz

Todd Buntin

Beverly Campbell


♠ = great giving ω = women’s leadership council ∗ = deceased

GATEWAY ($1,000 TO $2,499)


Christopher Campbell

Tod Carpenter

Pamela M. Chapman

Janet M. Campbell

Walt and Heather Carpenter

Michael Chappelle

Jennifer Campbell

Richard Carper

Teri L. Charest

Keith and Carolyn Campbell

Mike and Nancy Carr

Gary and Sharon Charles

Kyle and Katie Cannon

Sylvia Carrillo

Karen M. Charlson

Jerry and Rebecca Capecchi

Roger D. Carroll

Michelle and Ryan Check

John T. Capecchi

Andrea M Carruthers

Thomas Cheesebrow

James Caputo

Molly and Mike Carson

Jeff and Isabel Chell

Efrain Cardenas

Stephanie Carter

Jill Cherbow

Curt P. Cardinal

James and Victoria Carver

Dana Chesness

Sara Cardwell

Melissa Carver

Sheldon and Lili Chester

Vernon Cardwell

Kurt J. Casby

Gerald Chezik

Angela Carl

Dale Case

Terry and Sally Chial

Kathleen Carlsen

Glenna Case

Todd Childers

Bruce Carlson

Tim and Dawn Cashill

Michael Chmiel

Dan Carlson

Michael R. Cashman

Suzanne and Thomas Chochrek

Daniel Carlson

Renee C. Cassel

Billie and Kenneth Chock

Eric Carlson

Robert and Debra Castle

Gary and Paula Christensen

Eric J. Carlson

Brian and Chandra Castro

Kyle Christensen

Gary and Robin Carlson

Darren T. Castro

Leif Christensen

Gary and Sue Carlson

Thomas B. Caswell

Rod and Louise Christensen

Janet Carlson

Timothy J. Cattrysse

Calie Christenson

Jeffrey B. Carlson

Anne Caucci

David P. Christenson

Joanne C. Carlson

Eric E. Caugh

Eugene and Kay Christenson

Jack Carlson

Mike Cavanaugh

Mark J. Christiansen

John G. Carlson

Edward Cavello

Sarah A. Christiansen

Jon and Jean Carlson

Mary Caven

Kim Christianson and Paul Slininger

Kristi Carlson

H. Mead and June S. Cavert

James C. Christie

Laura Carlson

CDF Foundation

Melissa Christie

Michael P. and Lisa M. Carlson

Mara Ceason

Keith Chrysler

Nancy Carlson

Barbara Cederberg

Gary Chu

Pam and Paul Carlson

Meredith Ceh

Wendy Chudek

Paul Carlson

Paul Ceplecha

Juliana Chugg

Rex and Judy Carlson

Javier Cerda

David and Terri Churchill

Ricky Carlson

Mr. and Mrs. Bernard Cerles

Holly W. Churchward

Robert and Roxanne Carlson

Brian Cermak

Joan Cichoski

Rommel D. Carlson

Debbie and Dave Cermak

Vincenzo Cistera

Shayn Carlson

Maylee Cha

Chet and Josephine Cizio

Stephen D. Carlson

Bob and Sue Chad

Beth Claas

Vicki Carlson

Paul B. Chaffin

Patrick Clancy

John Carmean

Lindsay Chaika

Jim Clare

James Carnahan

Tammy Chalmers and Walt Blatter

Justin C. Clarine

Arlene Carney

Greg Chamberlain

Allen and Carrie Clark

Mary Lou Carney

Laurie and Loralie Chamberlin

Andrew and Sandy Clark

Ben Carpenter

Rick and Theresa Chamlin

Christopher B. Clark

Donald Carpenter

Karen Chandler

David Clark

Kim Carpenter

Jane C. Chao

David B. Clark

Mark Carpenter

Yi Ju Chao

Greg and Carol Clark

Mark J. Carpenter and Ann M. Kraemer

Gregg and Teresa Chaplin

Leonard A. and Susanne G. Clark

Shawn R. Carpenter

Bill and Dianne Chapman

Lisa M. and Jay J. Clark

♠ = great giving ω = women’s leadership council ∗ = deceased


GATEWAY ($1,000 TO $2,499)


M. Chris Clark

Steve and Vallie Collins

Rich and Jackie Cowles

Matt Clark

Rick Collison

Lyle Cox

Susan Clark

Cathy S. Colman

Regan and Rochelle Cox

Susan Clark and Chip Howard

Philip and Patricia Colwell

Timothy Cox

Cathy J. Clarke

Tom and Jill Combs

Barbara Coyle

John Clarke

Phyllis Comstock

James Cracchiolo

Mr. and Mrs. Shaun C. Clasby

Chad Conard

Steve J. Cramer

Kathy Clayburg

Valerie Conard

A. Stoddard Crane

Randy Clegg

Tom Condie

David J. Crane

Jennifer Clelland

John Conlin

Craig Cranfield

Lawrence Clemens

Mark L. Conlon

Debra Crea

Kathy and Paul Clements

Doug Connell and Gail Murton

Dean Creighton

Michael Cleveringa

Glen Connell, M.D.

Wayne and Sara Criger

Rick and Cathy Clevette

Daniel J. Connelly

Michael Crist

Chad Cliff

John E. Connelly

Steven Crist

Beth Cliffe

Keith and Pamela Conner and Family

Richard Cristan

James Clifford

Frank P. and JoAnn Conney

Katherine Croatt

John A. Clifford

Bruce G. Connolly

Susan and Dick Crockett

Robert Cordell Clifton

Colleen Connors

Rob and Maaike Cronin

Tony and Kathy Clinch

Collin Conroy

Stephen Crooks

David Cline

Richard Constable

Dan Croonquist and Beth Gallagher

David and Sharon Cline

Daniel Consuegra

Larry Crosby

Gregory Cline

Karen Conti

Shawn P. Crosby

Patrick Cline

Alan Conzemius

Brad and Cynthia Cross

Mary Clough

Eric and Gwen Conzemius

Brian Crow

Alexandra Clyde and Thomas Meskan

Stephen Cook

Benjamin D. Crowder

Bob Clyne

Donald E. and Betty L. Cooke

Nora Crowley

Cheryl Cochrane

Mark L. Cooper

Terry W. Crowson

Michael Coddington

Paul and Becky Copenhaver

Nicholas Cucci

Renae L. Coddington

James Corbey

Brian Cuffel

Linda and Don Coffman

Michael Corcoran

Marty and LuAnn Culhane

Rusty and Burt Cohen

Scott and Jill Cordes

Linda and Craig Cullen

Marnie and Tasso Coin

Jenean and Peter Cordon

Laura Culp

Eduardo Colangelo

Maya Corey

Deniz Cultu

Chris Colantti

John J. and Gretchen Corkrean

Bob Cumming

Paul J. Colbert

Kathleen Cornils

Dave Cummings

Anne M. Coldwell

Robyn Corson

Scott T. Cummings

Chris Coleman

Maureen Coskran

Roberta J. Cummins

Thomas P. Coleman

Theresa M. Coskran

Trisha Cummins-Kauffman

Kenneth and Diane Collier

Terry Coss

Chris J. Collin

Ellen Costa

Craig Cundiff

Betsy Collins

Peter Cote

Deborah A. Cundy

Billy Collins

Jeffrey A. Cotter

Daniel G. Cunningham

Cheryl and Pat Collins

Cathy and Larry Coughenour

Charles and Jacque Curran

Cinda J. Collins

Rich and Kris Coughlin

Colleen Curran

Gail Collins

Mike and Joni Courchaine

John and Kathleen Curran

Isetta Collins

Brian Cousins

Paul and Patricia Curran Foundation

Pam and Greg Collins

Becky and Steve Couture

Roxanne Current

Rick and Anne Collins

Gerald Coward

Sharon and Todd Curtis

Ron Collins

Jay and Page Cowles

Larry and Marcia Cutler


and Ken Kauffman

♠ = great giving ω = women’s leadership council ∗ = deceased

GATEWAY ($1,000 TO $2,499)


Kevin and Patti Czech

Mark Deady

Eric and Kelly Dettmer

Matthew Czech

Mark G. Dean

Bryan Deutsch

George and Pam Daft

Kelly Dean-Bailey and John Bailey

Fiona Devan

Pamela M. Dagoberg

Michael Deasey

Tim and Sheryl Devaney

Eugene Dahl

Kimberly DeBaere

Ann-Kristin and Pontus de Verdier

Greg Dahl

Mark K. Debe

Mary Devine

Gregory Dahl

Maura Debeck

Carol and Steve Devitt

Rick and Shirene Dahl

Jay and Rebecca Debertin

Scott Devor

Tucker and Carolyn Dahl

David Dechaine

Gary and Ruth DeVore

Brian Dahlberg

David Decker

Terri Devries-Carter

Ken Dahlberg

Karen Decker

Amy Dewald

Keith T. Dahlen

Katie B. Decker

John Dewitt

Bobbi and Bryant Dahlgren

Bob Declark

Dal D. and Maria Dewolf

Rob and Susan Dahlin

Mike and Barbara Deede

Donald and Ruth Deyo

Gregg Dahlke

Larry and Cathy Deeney

Jeffrey and Michele DeYoung

George and Janet Dahlman

George and Shannon Deer

Nikki and Rob DeYoung

Michael M. Dai and Gail Engstrom

Tim and Mary Defoe

Sumit Dhawan

Terry and Judy Daily

Kerrie L. Defusco

Lia Dias Abeygunawardena

Todd and Linda Daily

Dennis Degidio

Mary Dick

Kevin F. Dalager and Erin Ceynar

John F. Degrood

Tom and Katy Dickson

Jim and Sonja Dalbey

Michelle and David DeGroot

Patricia and Robert Diedrich

Steve Dale

Paul and Terry DeGroot

Mike and Sandy Diegnau

Doreen Dalesandro

Andrew L. Dehler

Mark C. Dienhart, Ph.D.

Kevin Daley

Jane M. Delage

Paul Dienhart

Mark Dalrymple

Paul F. Delahunt

Pierre and Rikke Dierssen-Morice

Michael Dalton

Barbara J. Delaney

Raymond H. Dietman

Greg and Janice Dames

Douglas DeLeeuw

Richard and Mary Lu Dietz

David and Laurie Dana

Michael and Stephanie Delkoski

Timothy and Elizabeth Dietz

Bobbi Danielson

Michael and Rebecca Delmore

Colleen Dillon

Loren Danielson

Paul and Kitty Delperdang

Maria Dillon

L. Robert and Susanjane Dapper

Luis and Kelley Del Valle

Timothy J. Dillon

Kathleen Datta

Deb Demars

Neal Dimick and Joan Bibelhausen

Lou Davenport

Mark Demeranville

Bob and Sherrie Dimond

Elizabeth A. David

Jim Denham

James D. Dingel

Carlos and Supawan Davila

Vicki and Greg Dennis

Beth Dinndorf and Ted O’Connell

Ron Davies and Candace Lindow-Davies

K. Dennison

Paul and Kathy Dinndorf

Gloria Davis

Tonia Denzer

Mark Dion

Harold Davis and Elizabeth Peterson

David Depaepe

Thomas J. DiPasquale

Harry L. Davis

John and Wendy DePaolis

Laura Dirks

Mark B. Davis

Edward J. DePauw

Denise Dirnberger

Paul and Rachael Davis

Maynard Derby

George Dirscherl

Sandra and Lynn Davis ω

Bill Derendal

Steve and Meri Ditschler

Tom Davis

Julie deRosier-Paul

Rebecca M. Dittmar

Bridget Dawkins

Kim Derricott

Joe and Genie Dixon

Michael Day

Tushar Desai

Mark Dixon

Michael H. Day

John Desmond

Jim and Marlene Doak

Scott Day

Ann and Robert de St. Aubin

Julie Dobesh

Virginia Day

Brad and Lori Determan

Bradley Doble

Barry Dayton

Seth J. Detert

Curtiss Doble

James and Megan Dayton

Jonathan W Dettmann

Jackie L. Doehling

♠ = great giving ω = women’s leadership council ∗ = deceased


GATEWAY ($1,000 TO $2,499)


Carl Doeksen

David E. Dovenberg

Maggie Durbin

Daniel Dohmeier and Sandra Jenniges

James R. Dow

Dan and Shari Durdin

Anthony Doina

Philip Dow

Leon Durivage

Brad Dolan

Craig Dowd and Janel Anderson

Kim Durkee

Chris and Ryan Dolan

Judith A. Dow-Grant

Michele Durkin

Dolan Family Fund of the

Jane Doyle

Lori Durose-Schrimpf and Dean Schrimpf

Minneapolis Foundation

Suzanne Doyle

Arne Duss

Matthew and Kathleen Dolliff

Bruce L. Drake

Graham Duthie

The Dolynchuk Family

Harry M. Drake ♠

Dave and Rebecca Duvick

Thomas J. Dombrovske

John Drake

Paul J. Duwenhoegger

Linda Domholt

Robert D. Drake

Michele Dvorak

David Dominick

Cynthia Drantch

John Dwyer

Ann M. Dominik

David and Susan Draxler

David Dye

Joseph Donaghue

Thomas Draxler

Maurice Dyer

David Donahoo

Terri Draxten

Don Dyess

Gary Donahue

Claudia Drayton

Ted and Julie Dyste

Jack Donahue

Ivan Drazul

Brian J. Dzekute

Mark and Michelle Donahue

Brian Dreibelbis

John Earney

William Brooks Donald, M.D.

Craig Drevecky

Dennis and Christine Eaton

Henry E. Donatell

Duchesne Drew and Angela Davis Drew

Beth A. Eberbach

Kathi Donnelly-Cohen

Matthew Drewek

Kevin Eberman

John Donner

Renamaire Drey

Philip Eckhert

Camie Donohue

Tim Drier

Jeanne Eddy and Leland Renz

Karen Donohue

Steven Drill

Sharon Edelman

Daniel and Dawn Donovan

Marcia and Ed Droege

Ron Edgar

Kelly and Brian Donovan

Gary Drtina

Penny Edgell

Kevin P. Donovan

Julie Drysdale

Timothy Edman

William and Cathy Donovan

Jeanette Dubanoski

Carol J. Edmand

Tom and Denise Dooher

Laura Duckett

Kenneth Edmonds

Julie Doorenbos

Frank L. Duda

Russell and Ann Edmonds

Michael D. Dop

Karen Dudley

Cindy J. Edwards

Pam Dopko

Steven Duea

Richard Edwards

Belinda Dorau

Gary and Joy Duenwald

James Edwards-Toepel

Paul Dorey

Blake and Sharla Duerre

David Eenigenburg

Richard and Kathy Dorfner

Dennis and Lois Duerst

Miles and Genelle Efron

Jacob Dority

Dennis S. and Debra A. Duffy

Catherine Egan

Rich Dorn

Walter J. Duffy, Jr.

Theresa Egan and Gary Strain

Stefan Dorn

Melissa DuFoe

John and Terry Egge

Thomas Dornack

John Dumas

Amy L. Eggers

Kitty and Dave Dornfeld

Scott Dumbauld

Robert Eggers

Jennifer Dorniden

Brian Duncan

Michael Eggert

Clint Doroff

Richard A. Duncan

Scott and Susan Eggert

Colleen M. Dorsey

Karen and Larry Dunlap

Thomas Eggerud

James E. Dorsey

R. Neil and Karen Dunlap

Craig Eggleton

Thomas and Paula Dosland

Erin Dunn and Ted Wentink

Tom and Mari Oyanagi Eggum

James Dougherty

Rich Dunn

Randy and Vickie Ehalt

Michael and Joann Dougherty

Doug and Jeanette Dunning

John and Rachael Ehresmann

Richard Dougherty

John E. Dupay

Karen M. Eiden

Christine Doughty

Lise W. Duran

Alan and Lovilla Eidsness

James M. Douglas

Vincent J. and Anna Duray

Peter M. Eisenberg


♠ = great giving ω = women’s leadership council ∗ = deceased

GATEWAY ($1,000 TO $2,499)


Kristen Eisma

Joe Ens

James Falteisek

Gabriel Ejebe

Jeff Enz

Matthew A. Fanta

Peter J. Ekberg

Alan Epp

Michael Farlow

Craig and Sharla Ekegren

Jim and Barb Eppel

Adam Farm

Bruce P. Ekholm

Jeffrey Erb

Judy Farniok

Dorene Eklund

John A. Erhard

Kevin Farnum

Scott Ekman

James Ericksen

F. M. Farrell Family Fund of the

Peter Ekola

Donald O. Erickson

Kristine M. Ekstrand

Gary Erickson

Jill Farrington

Les Elder

Heide Erickson

Doug and Wende Farrow

Wyatt Elder

Jennifer Erickson

Jon and Beth Fasching

Steve and Annette Elison

John and Gloria Erickson

Daniel Fasold

Karen and Jeff Elkin

Linda Erickson

Wally and Cecy Faster

Rick and Kathy Elkin

Pamela Erickson

Peter Fastner

Jayne Ellegard

Whitney Erickson

Michael Faulk

Bobbi Ellenberg

Joe Erjavec

Laurie D. Faust

John and Elizabeth Ellenberger and Family

Pat and Laurie Erlandson

Jim Fay

Laura Elletson and Gary H. Schwartz

Dean Ersfeld

Renee Fearing

Debbie Ellingboe

Shirley Erstad

Kay and Bob Fecke

David Ellingrud

Andrew Ervin

Curt and Troy Fee

Jason Elliott

P. A. Ervin

Lily and Michael Fee

Scott Elliott

Lisa Eskelson

Paul Fee

Heather Elliott-Kirsch and Ken Kirsch

Kristine Eskuchen

David Feider

Ian Ellis

Farshad Esnaashari and Rebecca Church

Christopher Feile

Steven and Julie Ellis

Ileana Essig

Mark J. Feinberg

Lori Elsen

William and Bridget Essma

Eric Feld

April Emerson

Jim and Kristie Estes

Christine M. Felling

Pamela J. Emerson

Diane Ethier

David G. Fellner

Colleen M. Emery

John R. Ethier

James and Marcie Felt

Dale J. Emter

Sara Ethier

Brian Felton

Jill Enabnit

Michael Etzel

Mark D. Felts

Holly S. A. Eng

Robert and Frances Eue

Steven Fenlon

Alan Engberg

William and Robin Evans

Audrey A. Fenske

Tony Engebretsen

Robert Evenson

John Fenske

Denise M. Engebretson

Richard and Michelle Faber

Laurie J. Fenwick

Robert A. Engebretson

Judy Fadden

Rick and Nancy Fergesen

Cindy Engel

Mark Fagan

Steve Ferley

Gregory Engel

Bradley Fagerstrom

Kareen and Steve Ferry

Stephen Engel

Geoffrey and Stephanie Fages

Andrea and Brad Ferstan

Jim Engelhart

Kathy Fahey

Stacy and Julio Fesser

Jim and Betsy Engelking

Steven and Marcey Fahrenholtz

Nancy J. Fessler

Linda Engels

Patricia M. Fair

Daniel Fetter

David Engelstad

Dean and Diane Fairchild

Jeffrey S. Fetterman

Barbara B. Engen

Frank Fairman and Jill Harmon

Roger and Susan Feulner

Clem Engen

Amy C. Falatic

Ron and Kathy Fiala

Rolf and Nancy Engh

David N. Falde

Charles Fiedler

Christine and Darin England

Brian and Betty Falk

Mark D. Fiegen

Mary and Mark English

Elizabeth Falk-Thompson

Charles F. Field

Daniel Englund

Nicole and Michael Fallon

Chris Field

Chris Engstrom

Daniel Falstad

Mrs. Litton Field

♠ = great giving ω = women’s leadership council ∗ = deceased

Catholic Community Foundation


GATEWAY ($1,000 TO $2,499)


Rae Fimon

Shari and John A. Foley, Jr.

Leonard and Cynthia Fretland

Fred Finch

Patrick J. Foley

Craig Freudenberg

Michael Fincher

Thomas Foley

Ronald Frick

Brian D. Findlay

Tracy Foley

Pamela R. Fricke

Cameron Findlay

Ann and Brian Folkman

Steve Fridinger

Robert L. Findorff

Gary J. Follett

Tom and Ellen Fridinger

Michael and Cathy Fine

Keff Fonseth

Paul Friedman

Mike and Ruth Fingerson

John Fontecchio

Jennifer Burrock Friedrich

Marcia Fink ω

Joanna L. Foote

Jonathan Friese

Matt and Elizabeth Finn

Larry Foote

Missy and Matthew Frigaard

Sue and Darryl Finn

Ed Foppe and Angela North

Raymond Frigo

Charles O. Finne, M.D.

Jeanne Forbis

Michael and Bernice Frisch

Steve and Sarita T. Finnie

Mark and Cindy Forsberg

Fred and Marie Friswold

Becky Mallory Finnigan

William J. Forsmark

Mark Fritsch and Charlotte Morgan

Robert Finocchiaro

Paul and Jenifer Forst

Wendy Fritz and Mike Gelein

Sue Finstrom

Philip C. Forve

Tim and Julie Frojd

Maximillian Fiore

Stephen Foss

Joseph Fromm

Douglas and Shelley Fischer

John and Kirstie Foster

Debora K. and Brian L. Fronczak

Martin Fischer and Mary Kate O’Connell

Joy Foster

Daniel Fronek

Ronald E. Fischer

Wood Foster

Kirsten Fronek

Steven Fischer

Barbara and John W. Fox

Robert Frost

Darlene J. Fish

Bill and Karen Fox

Raymond and Sheryl Frounfelter

Lisa Fisher

Catherine Fox

John Fruit

Tim and Lisa Fisher

Herbert and Virginia Fox

Mark Fryling

John G. Fitzgerald

Jeffrey and Kristi Fox

Craig A. Fudge

Julie Fitzgerald

Mary Fox

Les and Jolene Fujitake

Steven J. Fitzsimmons

Ronald Fraboni

Bryce Fuller

Bev and Patrick Flaherty

Sally A. Frahm

Lisa P. Fulton

Cynthia Flaherty

Len Frame

Dr. Margaret and Mr. Rob Fulton

Julie C. Flaherty

Patricia France

Jerry Fultz

Keith Flanders

Gary Francis

Daniel and Tami Funk

Paul J. Flannigan

James Francis

Jim Funk

Susan M. Fleege

Alex Frank

Jan Funke

Fred Flemig

Karen and Mark Frankel

Arnold W. Funkenbusch

Eugene Fleming

Cathryn Frankenberg

Eric F. Funkenbusch

Dan Flesher

Myron L. Frans and Susan L. Segal

Lisa Kiava Furnish

Steven R. Fletcher

David M. Franske

Patricia Gaarder

Thomas Fletcher

Paul and Deborah Franson

William S. Gabby

Daniel J. Flicek

Lynn Franz and Joseph Krueger

Mary R. Gabe

Joe Flicker

Todd E. Frascht

Lee E. Gabler

Craig and Susan Flom

Jane E. Frazier

Micheal Gaboury

Henry C. Floreal

Angelique Frederiksen

Richard and Barbara Gabriel

Patrick Flowers

Chris Freeman

Lisa Gabrielson

David and Erica Flynn

Vanessa L. Freeman

Susan Gadbois

John and Hilde Flynn

Amy Freestone

Bob Gadola

Richard Flynn

Timothy Freier

Gerard Gaerlan

Tom S. Flynn

Maria Elisa and Eduardo Freitas

Karin Gaertner

Robert Foehl

Barry French

Kathleen M. Gaertner

Rick and Lois Foggia

Walt French

Todd Gaffin

Don and Colleen Fogle

Lane and Michele Freshwater

Richard Gaffney


♠ = great giving ω = women’s leadership council ∗ = deceased

GATEWAY ($1,000 TO $2,499)


Cindy Gafford

Nancy Geertz-Larson

Scott A. Gillings

Ryan T. Gage

Dennis Gehler

Bruce J. Gilman

David Gagnon

Luana Gehring

Michael H. Gilmore

James Gagnon

Ron and Patricia Gehring

Eva Gjerdahl

Paul Gagnon and Katie Vox

Robert Gehrz

Susan Glander

James Gahlon

Twyla Geier

Brian and Bonnie Glass

James Galarneault

Marlys and Bill Geiger

Nancy Glass

David M. Gale

John and Juliette Geisen

Garrett and Patricia Gleason

Scott Gale

Mr. and Mrs. Tim Geldert

Jeffery C. Gleason

Bill Galik

Heidi Geller

Mary L. Glennon

David B. Galle

Paul Gengler

Rolland E. and I. Jean Glessing

Edward and Genevieve Galle

Richard Gengler

Lori Glick

Karen Gallivan

Richard Gentner

Kim and Dan Glienke

Mike Gamache

James and Linda Geoffrion

Tatiana and Roman Glistvain

John Gamlin

Kelly George

Scott Glover

Terry Gamradt

Martin Gerber

Mike and Lisa Glowack

Deepak Ganapathy

David E. and Sandra Gerdes

Brent Gmeinder

Nick and Carol Ganas

Valerie Gerlich

Anita Goebel

Gary Gandrud

Annette Geroy

Robert Goedken

Mark Gang

Diane Gerth and Daniel Kueny

Roxann Goertz and Will Repp

Gregory Gappa

Lawrence Gessini

Gina Goetter

Angela Garcia

Christa Getchell

Gary Goetzke

Christin Garcia

Gregg and Julie Getchell

Richard Goffin

James P. Gardner

Bruce Getting

Bob Golaszewski

Joan and James Gardner, Sr.

Kerry Geurkink

Daniel Goldberg

Marcia L. Gardner

Bill Gevers

Sanford and Marlene Goldberg

David Garfield

Jyotsna Ghai

Dr. Stanley M. and Luella G. Goldberg

Michelle M. Gargaro

JoAnne M. Gibbs

Alan and Lynn Goldbloom

Rick and Ann Garland

Gregory G. Gibson

Bethany Golden

Wilson C. Garland

Nathan Gibson

Scott Golden

James and Julie Garmaker

Michael Giefer

Matthew J. Goldsberry

Tim and Piper Garmon

Melinda B. Gieselman

Joel Goldsmith

Katherine Garretson and George Weed

Allen Gifford

Harold and Susan Goldstein

Evan Garrett

Craig Gifford

Marijo A. and Harris Goldstein

Michael Garrett and LeVon Spruill-Garrett

Mark Gilberstadt

Jesse Bethke Gomez

Gaston and Karen Garrido

Melissa Gilbertson

Norah Gondeck

Kathy Garrison

Rolf E. Gilbertson

Mike and Chelle Gonzo

Terry and Linda Garvert

Laura Gildemeister

James R. Goodchild

Joseph F. Garvey

Charla Giles

Frank and Denine Goode

Donna Gary

Sherry Giles-Olson

Ian Goodkind

Alan Gaschott

Bob and DeeAnn Gill

Kris and Eric Goodman

Janet Gaskins

Crystal Gill

Michael Rodriguez Goodson

Mark M. Gates

John T. and Temple R. Gill

Lorraine and Jerry Goodwald

Mark Gauer

Candace Gillard

Ben and Heather Goodwin

Charles Gauker

Daniel Gilleece

Paul Goodwin

Rhonda Gaulke

Kimberly and Paul Gillen

Frederick J. Gooley

Robin Gault

Robert Gilles

Venkatraman Gopalakrishnan

Valerie Gay

Dan Gillett

Carl Gordon

Kirk Geadelmann

Jim and Cindy Gilliam

Dan Gordon

Jill A. Geary

Kenneth Gillies

Marc and Susan Gordon

♠ = great giving ω = women’s leadership council ∗ = deceased


GATEWAY ($1,000 TO $2,499)


Scott G. and Terri Gordon

Carol Greenland and Dean Bachmeier

Barbara Gunther

Thomas G. Gordon

Molly Greenman and Michael Kehoe

Caroline Gunther

Michelle Gordon-Stroh

Jennifer Greenquist

Steve R. Gusa

Stephen Gorman

Jon and Anne Greer

Celia Gust

Grace Gorringe

Kent Greff

Craig Gustafson

Ricki Goschey

Dave Gregg

Dianne M. Gustafson

Timothy and Anne Goshert

Kathy and Lee Gremillion

Frederick Gustafson

Peter Goss

Mark Grenfell and Sharon Wang

Kevin and Mary Gustafson

Pam and Steven Gotz

Mark Greninger

Mark and Kerry Gustafson

Robert Gotz

Brian Gresens

Tom and Shelley Gustafson

Sean Goudy

Patricia Gretsch

Joyce Gutkowski

Jeffrey and Wendy Gould

Pam Greve

Collette Guyott-Hempel

Richard Gould

Marjorie Grevious and Lisa Robinson

James Guyre

William Gould

Jonathan and Joan Griebel

Maximo Guzman

Kurt and Sarah Goulet

Mary L. Griep

Rita Guzzetta

Joe Gouws

Liz Griesse and Randy Woodworth

Douglas and Mary Gwost

Barb Gove

Catherine Griffin

Christopher Haack

Dave Graden

Julie A. Griffin

Kevin Haaker

Jeff and Carol Grady

Larry Griffin

Meghan Haapala

Jerome Graf and Gina DeNardo

Kendall and Suzy Griffith

Robert J. and Pamela J. Habeger

Paul Graf

John and Karen Griffiths

Jessica Hack

Paula and David Graff

Elizabeth Grimes and James Swanson

Marc Hackett

Barry and Mary Jo Graham

Michael Griswell

Sandra L. Haddad

Carol Graham

Walter T. Grivna

Chris Hadland

Chris and Judy Graham

Deb Grocholski

Blaine A. Haefner

David P. Graham and Therese M. Pautz

Gregg Groechel

Jeffery Haekenkamp

Jerry and Jenny Graham

Mark and Keralyn Groff

Liz and John Haesler

Jim and Megan Graham

Bryan and Lynn Groll

Terry Haffield

Barbara J. Grahn

Douglas Gross

Gayle Hagberg

William and Paula Gramer

Mary Lou and Gene Gross

Lee T. Hage

John Grams

Dean Grossmann

Kenneth Hagebusch

Robert and Jean Grams

Elle and Daren Grothaus

Barbara Hagen

Robert Grams

Carolyn Grove

Scott Hagen

John A. Grandberg

Pamela Grove

Jon and Selena Hager

Robyn Grangaard

Christopher Groves

Joseph Hager

Nicholas Gratz

Reggie Groves

John A. Haglund

Melissa Graul

Michael and Mellisa Gruenes

Richard M. Hagstrom

Jane A. Graupman

Laura Gruys

Angie Hahn

Jeremy Graveen

Thomas and Mary Gualdoni

Patricia W. Hahn

J. Hazen Graves

Dorothy Guanella

Kathryn S. Hahne

Rhonda Graves

Kurt Gueldner

Janel Haider

Eric V. Gray

Mitchell C. Guenther

Paul Haines

Joy and Keith Gray

Denis G. Guenthner

Rosa Hakala

Renee Gray

Teresa Guindon

Robert A. Hakes

Pamela A. Grayson

P. Michael Gulan

Lee and Carolyn Halbur

Dan Green

James Gulenchyn

Ann Hall

Jonathan R. Green

Steve M. Gullickson

Donna Hall

Roger and Nancy Green

Catherine and Tom Gump ω

Grant Hall

Michael Greene

Thomas and Stephanie Gunderson

Mark and Anne Hall

David and Sheryl Greening

Trevor Gunderson

Mike Hall


♠ = great giving ω = women’s leadership council ∗ = deceased

GATEWAY ($1,000 TO $2,499)


Peggy Hall and Gary Peterson

Ron and Kathy Hansen

Charles and Amy Hartl

Antony Hallada

Barbara J. Hanson

Dan and Molly Hartnett

Dale Halladay

Byron Hanson

James Hartnett

Russell Hallenbeck

Cheryl J. Hanson

Barbara L. Hartwick

Alison and Mark Halley

Don Hanson

Lyth and Mary Hartz

Cathie Hallich

Greg and Eris Hanson

Vic and Nan Harwood

James and Elaine Halls

JoAnn Hanson

Renee Haselman

Peter Halls and Janet Westrom

Kimberly Hanson

Dave Haslerud

Pat Hallstrom

Mark A. Hanson

Tim and Mary Hassett

Sheri and Thor Halverson

Matthew R. Hanson

Rebecca J. Hasslen

Mark Halvorsen

Michael Hanson

Laura M. Hatch

Suzanne Halvorsen

Mike Hanson

Carol A. Hatcher

Beth Halvorson

Sandra K. Hanson

Crystal D. Hatcher

Kathy Halvorson

Scott Hanson

Troy Hatcher

Kristin Halvorson and Dean Remer

Suzanne Hanson

Cheryl and David Hatfield

Brent Halweg

Michael Happe and

Gary Hatfield

Carolyn Ham

Shannon Fitzsimmons-Happe

Christopher Hathaway and

Stan and Debra Hamann

Eric and Amy Harcourt

Kory Hamel

Richard and Kate Hardegger

Bruce and Maureen Hatteberg

Greg J. Hames

Paul and Deb Harder

Thomas Hauan

Edward Hamil

Darlene Hardie-Muncy

Greg and Mary Haubrich

Albert Hamilton

George E. Harding

Kelly and Kristi Hauenstein

Brad and Elizabeth Hamilton

Lance Hardisty

Bill and Kathy Haug

Joseph E. Hamilton

Cordell Hardy

Mark and Kathryn Haug

Cushing Hamlen

Jay and Kathy Hare

Joan McCusker Haugland

James Hammar

Roger Hargreaves

Mark Haugland, M.D. and Margo Struthers

John Hammargren

The Hari Family

Deanna and Mark Haugh

Mark Hammel

Thomas Harjes

Tim Hause

Dan and Jenny Hammer

M. K. Harkcom

Helen B. Hauser

Gregg and Stephanie Hammerly

Dave and Lillian Harkness

Connie L. Hauswirth

James Hammes

David Harlan

Harold and Ethel Haverty

Kurtis and Susan Hammitt

Michael and Maureen Harlander

David Hawken

Mary J. Hammond

Thomas P. Harm

Stephen and Susan Hawley

Susan Hammond

Rhonda and John Harman

Tom Hawley

Debra Hampton

Paul and Sherri Harmel

Rick Haws

William Hancock

Darren and Tammi Harmon

Scott Haws

Douglas A. Hanggi

Robert and Marlene Harms

Bud and Carol Hayden

Allain M. Hankey

Jodi and Stan Harpstead

Mark D. Hayes

Todd Hanneman

Mr. and Mrs. Robert B. Harrigan

Michael C. Hayes

Michael Hannigan

Ann Harrington

Sheila and Tom Hayes

Susan E. Hannigan

Arthur E. Harris and Karen O’Brien

Michael and Deidre Headrick

Cole Hannon

Bev and Hal Harris

Timothy Heady

Ann Marie Hanrahan ω

David Harris

Michelle Healy

Jeff Hans

Dixie Harris

Dr. and Mrs. Michael D. Heaney

Clarence (Pete) Hansen *

Michael L. Harris

Elizabeth Hearn

David and Christine Hansen

Sandy Harris

Darrin Hebert

Diane Hansen

Fred Harrison

Eugene Heck

Diane and Gary Hansen

Lester Harrison

Andrew Hedberg

Hal Hansen

Randall W. Harrison

Steven Hedberg

Jeff and Shannon Hansen

Sally and Bob Hart

Tami Hedblom

♠ = great giving ω = women’s leadership council ∗ = deceased

Patricia Bach-Hathaway


GATEWAY ($1,000 TO $2,499)


Elizabeth Hedlund

David Henrickson

Sara Hill

Jeffrey D. Hedlund

Steven L. Henry

Ted and Danette Hill

Steven and Delores Hedrick

Krista and Drew Hensel

Michael Hiller

Thomas Hedrick

Joan Henzler

Karen E. Hillerman and Curt Boschee

Steve Hedtke and Julie Pritchard-Hedtke

Thomas J. Herbrand

Karl Hills

James and Kristina Heer

Susan Herder

Gloria Z. Hiltner

Loren M. Heeringa

Robert Hergenrother

Richard Hilton

Faye Heffele

John N. and Pamela K. Hericks

Ann Hiltsley

Douglas J. Heffernan

Christopher Herman

J. M. Hinchman

Wanda Heffron

Robert Hern

Jody and Tobin Hinkle

Mark Heggestad

John Heroff

Kevin R. Hinrichs

Reid Hegland

Thomas M. Herr

Bill Hintz

David Heidel

Mark Herrick

Shannon Hinz

Paul M. Heim

Peggy Herrick

Stephen Hinze and Margret Donohue

Thomas J. Heim

Timothy P. Herrlein

Thomas G. Hinze

Greg and Trisha Heimann

Peggy and Michael Herrmann

Linda Hipkiss

Natasha M. Heimer

Galen Hersey

Misato Hirano

Steve Heimermann

Randy Hertog

Robert E. Hirsch

Dynnell Hein

Murray Hertz

Tom and Julie Hirte

Derek Heinecke

Megan Hertzler

Mark Hjelle

Gary Heinen

Mark and Susan Hervey

Karen Hladky

Michael W. Heinks

Earl and Eileen Herzog

Doug and Christy Hlavacek

Jeff Heinrich

Kathy and Joe Herzog

Douglas and Brenda Hoadley

Rob and Jodi Heinzen

Sharon Herzog

Joshua Hobday

Wayde Heirigs

Mike and Annemarie Hess

Victoria Hockman

John and Kris Helberg

Peter Hess

John and Della Hodler

Gregory and Nancy Held

Richard Hess

Tony and Cindy Hoeben

Steven J. Helgen

John Hesse

Lauren Hoen and Sharon Henderson

Roger Helgeson

Catherine Hesser

Michael and Ellen Hoerle

Scott Helgeson

Raymond Hessling, Jr.

Sharon and John Hoeting

John Heller

Glenn and Vivian Heuer

Nancy Hofer

Robert H. Heltemes

William Heussler

Traci Hoffe

David and Sara Heltner

Amy Heyer

Curtis Hoffman

Dee and Walt Hemgren

Mark P. Heymans and Donn C. Burleigh

Scott Hoffman

Scott Hemken

Kirsten Hibbard

Amy Hoffmann

Jeffrey A. Hendel

Dave Hickok

Lawrence T. Hofmann

Jennifer D. Henderson

Jim and Darcy Hield

Chris E. Hofstad

Kristine M. and David Henderson

Mark and Peg Hier

Peter and Cynthia Hogerton

Michael D. Henderson

Robert E. Higashi

Michael Hogy

Kim and Glen Hendrickson

John Higgins

Jon Hohenstein and Cherryl Mesko

Paul Hendrickson

Clarence and Beverly Hightower

Mark and Renee Hohol

Paul M. Hendrikson

Jayne and Al Hilde, Jr.

Mark and Kathrine Hoien

Mary Henehan

Bradley and Marcia Hildebrand

Mark Hoisser

Ann and Robert Hengel

Joyce W. Hildebrand*

Rody S. Hokens

Thomas J. Henkel

Larry and Jan Hildebrandt

Kenneth and Arlene Holdeman

Lacey Hennen

Deborah Hilke

Sara and Craig Holje

David and Kathy Hennes

Anthony L. Hill

Gregory Holl

David Hennessy

Brian Hill

Kathy Holladay

Kevin and Mary Hennessy

David Hill

Kristina F. and Jeremy J. Hollerman

Dale Henninger

Kathryn Hill

Mark H. Hollermann


♠ = great giving ω = women’s leadership council ∗ = deceased

GATEWAY ($1,000 TO $2,499)


Jean Holloway

Craig Housworth

David G. Hurrell, M.D.

John C. Holman

Allan Hovda

James Huss

Nick Holman

Debra Hovland and Douglas Dorow

Karen Huss

Chris Holmes

Karen and Keith Hovland

Anwer Hussain

Darryl Holmstrom

Edward and Peggy Howard

Kimberly A. Hutchens

Laurel Holschuh and John Grimstad

Melani Howard

Stephanie Hutchens

Mark Holt

Aaron M. Howe

John Hutt

John S. and Jean M. Holten

Lovey and Thurston Howell III

Lynne C. Hvidsten

Craig A. Holtz

Benjamin Hoxie

Jeff and Teresa Hyde

Lynn Holtz

Karen Hoyle

Ron Hyland

Tom Holzer

Lisa Hoyne

Harold D. Hyman

Matt and Janna Homan

Debi Hruby

Valerie Hystad

Chris and Beth Homeister

Hoyt and Zhen Zhen Hsiao

Jeannie Iannello

Ed and Dori Hondl

Donna Huber

Robert Ibler

Brad Honold

Dorothy Huber

Thierry Ibri

Dennis and Brenda Hoogeveen

John and Julie Huber

Bill Idzorek

Angela Hooker

John Huberty

Thomas Imdieke

Lawrence and Karen Hooks

Cynthia Hubred

James M. Infanger

Jacqueline Hoolihan

Mike and Christina Huck

Diana S. Ingraham

Bill and Kerry Hooper

Larry C. Hudziak

Dennis Inman

Vicki Hooper

Katy Huebsch

Kent Inman

Kenneth A. Hoover

Timothy Huebsch

Mona J. Inman and Dan Wetterlin

Alec Hopkins

William Hueg and Hella Mears

Robert Intihar

Todd D. Hopps

Alfred Huf

Jeffrey Ireland

Stephen M. Horan

Dawn Huffman

Mary Lou Isaacson

Barbara and John M. Horn, Jr.

Kristina M. Huffman

Darwin and Joanne Isdahl

Mike Horn

Paul Huffman

Brent Iserman

David and Dara Lynn Horner

Bryan and Kim Hughes

Barb and Jim Iverson

Steve Hornig

Diane Hughes

David Iverson

Andy Horstman

John Hughes

Dodi Iverson

Angela Horstman

Robert and Nancy Hughes

Fran Iverson

James and Jennifer Horton

Barb Huibregtse

Audrey and David Ivester

Jareck Horton

Autumn Huiras

Francis and Rosemary Ivory

John and Patty Horton

Diane Hulke

Inella Jack and M. Abdi Jama

Kristofer Horton

Bill Hull

Ann G. Jackson

Mary Horton

William and Mary Hullsiek

Bill and Shirley Jackson

Michael G. Horton

Richard and Christine Hulse

Christine Jackson

Ellyn Hosch

Christine Hult

Daniel A. Jackson

Cathy S. Hosek

Matthew and Maria Hultman

Jerald and Jane Jackson

Gary L. Hosfield

Sharon Hundley

Jerri Jackson

Rick Hosfield

Matt and Michelle Hunt

Joel and Nikki Jackson

Rita Hosie

Stanley and Eileen Hunt

Nancy Jackson

Joachim and Emilie Hossick-Schott

Thomas and Jeanne Hunt

Todd and Jill Jackson

Edward Hotchkiss

Thomas Hunt

Robert and Kirsten Jacob

John Houghtby

Jack Hunter

Frederick R. and Janet Jacobs

Nicholas J. Houle

Rob Hunter

Jeffrey Jacobs

Yvonne Houle

Ronald Hunter

Michael E. Jacobs

Stephen A. Houliston

Ronald D. Hurd

Pete J. Jacobs

Bob and Ann Houser-Fogerson

Ronald Hurlbut

Robert Jacobs

Allen and Jean Housh

L. M. Hurlocker

Jeffrey Jacobsen

♠ = great giving ω = women’s leadership council ∗ = deceased


GATEWAY ($1,000 TO $2,499)


Camri Jacobson

Eric Johansen

Patrick and Mary Jo Johnson

John G. Jacobson

Gary Johansen

Paul A. Johnson

Kent and Kim Jacobson and Family

Cheryl M. Johnsen

Philip R. Johnson

Michelle Jacobson

Gary Johnsen

R. D. Johnson

Robert and Jayne Jacobson

Kathleen M. Johnsen

R. D. and Marlene Johnson

Susan Jacobson and Doug Tidrick

Alfred J. Johnson

Rebecca Johnson

Douglas and Laura Jaeger

Alice H. Johnson

Roger Johnson

Greg and Becky Jaeger

Allan H. Johnson

Roy A. Johnson

Linda Jaeger

Andrew Johnson

Steve Johnson

Carl Jaeschke

Anni Johnson

Steven J. Johnson

Ben and Pat* Jaffray

Barbara A. Johnson

Susan J. Johnson

Diana Jagiella and Charles Thorbjornsen

Blaine Johnson

Tad Johnson

Robyn and Alison Jagler

Bonita K. Johnson

Tamara Johnson

Kathryn Jakuc

Bruce Johnson

Terri Johnson

Stephen James

Burgess R. Johnson

Thad C. Johnson

Julie Jamieson

Carmen Johnson

Thomas Dale Johnson

Christine Meyers Janda

Carrie L. Johnson

Thomas H. Johnson

Frank Jandric

Chad Johnson

Todd W. and Catherine Johnson

Julie Jandrich

Charlotte S. and D. Ward Johnson

Tracy Wessel Johnson

Donald L. Janes

Chelen Hey Johnson

William Johnson

Tim and Anji Janes

Cindy Johnson

Alan and Judy Johnston

Stuart Janis

Dan Johnson

Anne Johnston

Christopher Jansen

Darrel W. Johnson

John A. and Rita L. Johnston

Jeff and Kim Janssen

Dave and Lisa Johnson

Mary Johnston

John Janssen

Dean Johnson

Mike Johnston

Kendra Jantzen

Deborah A. Johnson

Richard and Patricia Johnston

Barb and Jim January

Debra Johnson

Jeff Joiner

Charles Edward Janus

Derrick Johnson

Anthony Jolly

Steve Japs

Diane S. Johnson

Dan and Susan Jones

Steve and Susan Jasinski

Dirk Johnson

David W. Jones

Penny Jaskulke

Don and Wendy Johnson

Elizabeth Frenzel Jones

Jack and Kay Jasper

Edwin H. Johnson

Jason R. Jones

James Jefferis

Eileen Lund Johnson

Rita Jones

Gregory Jeffers

Elizabeth Johnson

Sharon L. Jones

Edward Jeffreys

Gary R. Johnson

Todd D. Jones

David M. Jellison

Glenn Johnson

Janice and Walter Jopke, Jr.

Bob and Elle Jenkins

Gregory Johnson

Timothy Jordahl

Brenda Jensen

James P. Johnson

Benjamin Jordan

Eric Jensen

Jana and Stephen Johnson

Catherine Jordan and Steve Lick

Eric D. Jensen

Jeffrey Johnson

Janelle Jordan

Marcia Jensen

Joann Johnson

Nancy Jordan

Michael Jensen

Julie and Dwayne Johnson

Paul R. and Juli A. Jordan

Tara A. Jensen

Karen Johnson

Ron Jordan

Bruce Jermeland

Keith Johnson

Rosemary Jordan

Gerri Jessen

Laura Johnson

Donna M. Jorgensen

Theodore Jessen

Leroy Johnson

Corey and Tonia Jorgenson

Jesse Jett

Lisa Johnson

James D. Jorgenson

Mark Jirik

Lynden and Kathleen Johnson

Steve Jorissen

Gerald Jirsa

Marcia Johnson

David M. and Joan M. Jorstad

Michael Johannsen

Mark Johnson

Robert W. Josephson


♠ = great giving ω = women’s leadership council ∗ = deceased

GATEWAY ($1,000 TO $2,499)


Kenneth Joslyn

Kaye Kath

Michaeleen A. Kelzenberg

Erik and Denise Jostes

Vivek Katyal

James W. Kemble

Anne Joyce

Randal Katz

Michael J. Kemen

John Joyce

Dave and Sue Katzke

Rolf and Marcia Kemen

Patrick Joyce and Jean Giltner

Jack Katzmark

Amy Kemmetmueller

Richard J. Juelich

Chris J. Kauffman

Laurie and Christopher Kemp and Family

Kerry Juhl

Lisa Kauffman

Robert Kempainen

Patricia Juliette

Bill and Maryellen Kaufman

Noel Kempfert

David Jungkunz

Stanley Kaufman

Brian Kenady

Stacie Jungwirth

Stephen R. Kaufman

Mary Kenefick

John and Jody Juntti

Sharyl Kaufmann

Beth Kennedy

Arthur Jurchisin

Darci and Peter Kaul

Bridget Kennedy

Chad Jurgens

Harpreet Kaur

Mike Kennedy

Debra Justesen

Mark L. Kausch

Robert and Jean Kennedy

Rebecca Justin and Todd Fisher

Wilford and Delia Kavanaugh

Robert J. Kennedy

Timothy Jyrkas

Michael Kaveney

Stacy Kennedy

Jason Kabe

Thomas Kayser

Martin A. Kenner

Brad and Pat Kadrie

Jenn and Jennifer Kazin

Julie Kenow

David and Julie Kadrie

Thea Keamy ω

Thomas Kent

William J. Kaelin Family

Robert Kean and Mary Tinkham

Laura Keogan

Gregory Kaihoi

Michael L. Kearn

Kim L. Keprios and John T. Everett

Dale and Elaine Kain

Sean Kearny

Darius Kermanshahani

David E. Kaiser

Timothy J. Keefe

Dwayne and Beccy Kerr

Jeanne E. Kaiser

Gretchen E. Keenan

Jeffrey J. Kerr

Dave Kaldor

Linda and Robert Keene

John and Anita Kes

Carol Flint Kaliebe and Ron Kaliebe

Richard Keeney

Dawn Kessler

Todd Kalina

Brian and Kaia Kegley

Michael Kesti

Jerry and Susan Kaminski

Steven Kehr

Thomas A. Kestner

David Kampa

Deborah Keifer

Kim Kettler

Mark Kampmeyer

Gregory D. Keil

Michael W. Kettler

David and Jo Kane

Michelle and Robert Keith, Jr.

Patricia Kettles

Debra Kane

Lyla Keithley

Daniel Kettleson

Jeffrey Kannas

Jeffrey D. Kelberg

Diane and Karl Keup

Andrea Kanten

Holly Kellar

Greg and Cathy Keup

Raye Kanzenbach

Kimberly Keller

Tom and Barbara Kiedrowski

Greg Kapsner

Shannon Keller

Tom Kiekhafer

Kevin and Linda Karas

E. J. Kelley

Troy Kilfoyl

Gerald L. Karel

Kathleen (Katie) A. Kelley

Steve and Jane Kilgriff

Jim and Kathleen Karges

Suzanne M. Kelley

Jeffrey Kilian

Linda Karges

Dion Kells

Kathleen M. Kilian

Steve and Linda Kari

Bill and Pat Kelly

Wiliam Killion

Gary Karn

Charles Kelly

Bo Young Kim

David Karpinski and Denise Anderson

Christina A. Kelly

John Kimball

John and Kristen Karpinsky

Heather Kelly

Lloyd and Vickki Kimball

Chris and Shelly Kartschoke

Kathy Kelly

Michael A. Kimball

Cathy E. Kasel

Mary Kelly

David Kimbel

Jane E. and Bert Kasiske, M.D.

Mary and John Kelly

Mary and Jim Kimmel

Mike Kasper

Robert and Erma Kelly

Lori Kimmet-Mobley and Andy Mobley

Gary and Laurie Kassen

Suzanne Kelly

Denise M. King

Gina and Kurt Kastel

Barry Kelner

Jody Collis King

♠ = great giving ω = women’s leadership council ∗ = deceased


GATEWAY ($1,000 TO $2,499)


Laura King

Frank W. Klink

Aaron J. Kopel

Louis and Beverly King

Dave Klis

Susan Kopher

Madonna King

Susan Klobuchar

Kristin K. Kopischke

Scott King

Patrice Kloss and Rob Machalek

William Kopka

Tom and Jean King

Patrick Kluempke and Tracy Lovness

Lindsey R. Kopp

William A. King

Mike Kluetz

Christopher Korba

William Kingsbury

Michael Klutho

Steven E. Kosch

Daniel and Donna Kingston

Carla and Brian Knapp

Nancy Kosciolek

Jamie and Nina Kinnear

Kevin Kneisl

Jim Koskan

Julie and George Kinney, Jr.

Denise M. Knight

Bryan Koster

Mark Kinney

Margaret Knoke

Constance and Alan Kotula

Tricia Kinney

Jayne Knowles

Fredrick Koury

Justin D. Kipp

Susan H. Knox

Carolyn Kovach

Nicholas Kirby

Gary H. Knudsen

Douglas Kovaleski

Brian and Stephanie Kirchhoff

Anya and Neil Knudson

John Kowalczyk

Brian T. Kirchner

Lee and Julie Knudson

Tami and Mark Kozikowski

Terry Kirihara

Sue Knudson-Schuhmacher

Tim Kraemer

James Kirkland

Katie Knudtson

Bruce A. Kraft

Susan Kirkpatrick

Brenda Knutson

Allyn Kramer

Robert Kirscht

Dick Knutson

Zack and Jenny Kramer

Ronald Kisch

Kent and Deb Knutson

Lynette Krampf

Timothy Kiser

Marlys M. Knutson

Brad Kranendonk

David and Maureen Kispert

Ruth S. Knutson

Don and Patty Krantz

Gerald Kissell

Susanne and Jim Knutson

J. Jeff Kranz

Stephan Kistler

Cindy and Dan Koch

Adam Krasnoff

Paul Kitching

Fran and Linda Koch

David Kraus

Amy Kittelsland and Travis Kjerstad

Thomas and Diann Koch

Jason Kraus

Beth Kittelson

Todd J. and Nancy Koch

Debra Krause

Mark Kivel

Tracey Koch

Michael A. Krause

David Klaassen

Maria Kochiras

Michael Krauss

Jeanne M. Klaers

Jennifer L. Kocourek

Peter Krech

Rick L. Klahsen

Jodi Koehler

Richard C. Kreider

James and Betty Klande

Rebecca A. Koehler

Cathy Krentz

Chad Klatt

Gregory Koehnle

The Kressler Family

Paul Klaverkamp

Mara Koeller

Richard Krichmar

Helen A. Kleaver

Steven Koepke

Jeff Krick

Annearle Morris Klein

Mike T. Koetting

Rick and Julie Krieger

James Klein

Tracy Kofski

Robert Kriel

Marikay Klein

Rex Kohl

Paul T. Krier

Mark Klein

Marty and Colleen Kohne

Thomas Krippner

Mark Kleinschmidt

Karen Koke

Denice D. Krish

Kerry and Michael Klemm

Dr. Steve and Laura Kolar

Robert Krish

Kevin Klemz

Michael Kolb

Jama Kriz

Ruth Nicholson Klepfer and Jeffery Klepfer

Christopher Koller

Ivanka Krogh

Christine Kletti

Steven Kollmann

Bradley R. Krogman

Cynthia Kleven

Bradley Kolstad

Steve and Janet Krohmer

Fred and Adele Klietz

Dylan Koncan

Andy Kroll

Jeffrey Kline

Richard Konecki

Erin and Kennan Kroll

Joseph E. Kline

Robert and Mary Kooiman

Tana Krona

Joe and Shannon Klingsporn

Lisa Kopas-Lane

Virginia Krones


♠ = great giving ω = women’s leadership council ∗ = deceased

GATEWAY ($1,000 TO $2,499)


Martha A. and Jeffrey C. Kroschel

Daniel LaBrosse

Bret Lanning

Rushford W. Krouse

Roger Lacey

Pamela J. Lanning

Terry and Chris Krouth

Joy Lachermeier

Brian G. Lansing

Judith E. Krow

Timothy LaCroix

Carol Lansing

Caryl Kruchowski

Ariel Lacsamana

Mike Lapicola

Randy Kruck

Shannon Lacy

Terri Larae

Daniel D. Krueger

Katie Ladas

Mr. and Mrs. Richard G. Lareau

Dawn and Matthew Krueger

Bill and Laurie Laden

Jody Larimore

Mark and Leann Kruempel

Gary LaFine

Deanne Larin

Michael and Laurie Kruempel

John and Karen La Fond

John Larkey

Mark and Kary Kruger

Michael LaFontaine

Joseph D. Larkin

Sharon Krumm

Steven Lai

David and Karen Larsen

Dan and Becky Kruse

Suzanne Laidlaw

John Larsen

Laurel Kruse

Edward Laine

Kurt A. Larsen

Brian and Angela Kubik

Richard Laino

Mary and Bruce Larsen

Richard Kubista

Vanessa Laird and Timothy Raylor

Bradley Larson

James Kucera

Diane Laitinen

Christl H. Larson

Neil and Rachel Kucker

Brian P. Lally

David Larson

Steven Kuczenski

Michael and Sarina LaMarche

Duane P. Larson

Dennis Kudelka

Michael and Ellen Lamb

Elaine H. Larson and Wallace Stukel

Kyle Kuepker

Michael and Gretchen Lamb

Heather and Dwight Larson

Frank and Jacinta Kuhar

Angela Lambie-Severin

Jerrold Larson

Tyler Kuhlmann

Larry Lambrecht

Karen Larson

William and Diane Kuhlmann

Jessica Lamker

Mark Larson

Kevin Kuhn

Jon and Kathryn Lammers

Mimi Daly Larson and Dean Larson

David Kuhnau

Bob and Holly Lamond

Nancy L. Larson

Susan and Gene Kujava

Craig L. Lamp

Rachel Larson

Michael and Kathleen Kukielka

Mark Lamps

Sean Larson

Thomas Kukla

Roberta C. Lamps

Susan C. Larson

Dave Kult

Stephen and Connie La Nasa

Todd and Terri Larson

Patrick Lee and Kim Kulzer

David Land

Gary Lasche

Ashwin Kumar

David L. Lande

Roisin and Gary Laskin

Jean Kummerow and John Loban

Jim and Mary Lande

Katrina Lasota

Robert Kunimura

Tom and Gwendolyn Lander

Jean A. Lastine

James R. Kunitz

Gregory Landmark

Robert Latta, Jr.

Mark S. Kunkel

Deborah Lane

Phil Lau

William and Katherine Kunze

Jeremy Lane

Wade and Renee Lau

Diane and Allen Kuperman, M.D.

Colleen Lang

David Laube

James Kuphal

Debbie and Dave Lang

Timothy Laudenbach

Maryanne Kurenitz

Keila Lang

Steven Lauder

John and Carol Kurila

Annabel F. Lange

Michael and Sandra Laughlin

Helen Kurtz

Debbie Lange

Thom Laurion

Michelle Kurtz

Kelly Lange-Haider

Joel C. Lauterbach

Bill and Sharyn Kusterman

Paul S. Langeness

Mr. and Mrs. David Lauzon

Karen Kutz

Justin Langenfeld

Claude Lavallee

Richard and Candis Kvamme

Matt and Deb Langenfeld

Chad Lawler

Don Kwak

Michael Langer

Katherine A. Lawler

Richard Kyle

Donna Langer-Hansen

Tambri Lawless

Steven Laak

Steven Langlois

Catherine A. Lawrence

Joseph Labajo

Ricky Langness

Laura Lawrence

♠ = great giving ω = women’s leadership council ∗ = deceased


GATEWAY ($1,000 TO $2,499)


John A. Lawson and Robin M. Smothers

David and Jorié LePlavy

Michael Lindahl

Pamela Layton

Richard Leppala

Carol A. Lindbeck

Benjamin and Ruth Leadholm

Janet and Steve Lerch

Julie Lindberg

Leslie M. Lebow

Michael Lerol

Kirk and Diane Lindberg

Gary M. Lechko

Michelle Leschisin

Ken and Carol Linde

Robin LeCuyer

Helen Leslie

Eric Lindell

Terry LeDell

Rod and Patti Leslie

William and Leann Linder-Scholer

Annamarie Lee

Jerald L. Lester

Bernadette and Gordon Lindholm

David A. and Elizabeth H. Lee

Kathy Lester

Avis Lindquist

Jeffrey T. Lee

Krista Lester

Linnea Lindquist

Jim and Linda Lee

Jim Lethert

Kyle Lindstrom

Richard and Cathy Lee

Daniel Leverty

Maribeth Link

Robert L. Lee and Mary Schaffner

Harry and Pegi Levey

Norm and Pat Linnell

Ron and Lori Lee

David and Laurie Levi

Matt Linson

Steven H.C. Lee

Mary Levi-Baumgarten

Susan J. Linzmeier

Thomas A. Lee

Michael Levin and Holly Lindsay

William Lipschultz

Thomas and Mary Lee

Edward L. and Noreen R. Levine

Calvin Lipscomb

Diane Leeke

Kenneth S. Levinson

Marilyn Listvan

Gloria Lefebvre

Daniel and Suzanne Levitt

Mark and Sarah Literski

Joseph Lefto

Diane Dovenberg Lewis

Elmer and Janet Litke

Denise Legato

Dickson and Deborah Lewis

Luke and Lisa Litteken

Thomas Lego

Gloria C. Lewis

Douglas and Diane Little

Pat Legrand

Joseph Lewis

Raleigh Little

Brian Legried and Carolyn Brue

Sandy Lewis

Lynn R. Littlejohn

Benjamin Lehman

Mark G. Lex

Anthony Livorsi

Joe and Nancy Lehman

Laurel and Tim Ley

Don Loberg

Paul J. Lehman

Peter Ley

Chris and Becky Lobsinger

Jennifer Lehtinen

Paulette B. Liabo

Megan B. Loch

David Leick

Keith A. Libbey

Kevin G. Locke

Donald Leifer

Cindy Libhardt

Steve Locke

Dave F. Leiker

Brian Libman

John Lockhart

Ronald Leino

Jim and Carrie Lichtenberg

Korwin Lockie

Phil and Heidi Leise

Scott and Brenda Lichtenberg

Tim and Sue Lockrem

Dan and Jolene Lema

Daniel Lieberman and Suzanne Fenton

Dean and Robin Lockwood

Sandra J. Lemaniak

Hal Lieberman

Jodi and Brad Lockwood

Renee Lemieux

Paul Liebig

Jean Lodermeier

Gary Lemke

Jerome Liedl

Ralf Loeffelholz

Travis Lemke

Patricia Lien

Amy Loew

Catherine and Peter Lenagh

Mary Lou and Donald Liepold

Jonathan Lofgren and Lissa Jones

Wayne A. Lenander

Michael Lieppman

Mark and Dora Lofstrom

Patrick Lenertz

Joseph Liesch and Marcia Hansen

Perry W. Logan

Lorelei Lenort

Kevin L. Lile

Willie Loh

Steven and Renee Lentsch

Nanci Lilja

William W. Lohman

Kathryn A. Lentz ω

George and Beverly Lillquist

Hang K. Loi and Rodney A. Ough

Steven G. Lentz

Joel Limoges

John and Beverly Loken

Kathie Lenzen

Margaret Lin

Steve Lokensgard

Michael and Sharon Leonard

Matthew S. Linabery

Kara L. Lombard

Robert and Darcy Leonard

Lynette Linaman

Cory and Molly Lommel

Robert B. Leonard

Miguel Linares

Todd Loncorich

Robert Leopoldt

Barbara Lind and Craig Poeschl

Anne and Jim Long


♠ = great giving ω = women’s leadership council ∗ = deceased

GATEWAY ($1,000 TO $2,499)


Christopher Long

Christopher and Sara Lyche

Kristine Maki-Olson

Douglas P. Long

Wade and Nancy Lykkehoy

Ann and Chris Malecek

Phil and Sue Long

Keith Lyksett

Grace Malilay

William M. Long

Ted Lyle

Henry F. Malin

John Longabach

Michael Lynch and Sandra Masterson

Robert Maline

Robert Longendyke

Thomas Lynch

Lynne N. Malknecht

Dennis Longnecker

Chris Lynd

Thomas Mallon

Randy Longsdorf

Thomas Lyngholm

Carol Malnati and Dwight Degiacomo

Lynne E. Looney

Laura A. Lyons

Joy Malone

Mr. and Mrs. Carlos Lopez

Nancy K. Lyons

Charles and Cathleen Maloney

Ray Lorenz

Paul and Charisse Lyons

Kaama and Robert Malvin

Raeone B. Loscalzo

Sara Lyons

Bee A. Manchanthasouk

Jeri and Stephen Lose

Dick Mabbs

C. Marvin Mandery

Lila Losli

D. Charles Macdonald

Richard and Linda Manke

Pam and Fritz Lott

Bruce MacGibbon

Steven Manker

Ed Lotterman and Victoria Tirrel

Bruce and Andrea Machmeier

Jackson Manley

John Loughlin

Andy Mack

Gary Manney

Anne and Sean Loughrey

Christi Mack

Ed Manor

Kerry Lovera

Gregory Mack

The Mans Family

Dean Loveridge

Michelle Mack

Aaron Manse

Karen Lowery

Clifford MacLeod

Dave and Kelly Mansell

Ann Lowry and J. W. Overton, Jr.

Chris W. Macosko

Michael Manske

Vicki Loyd

Holly Madden

Julie Manworren and Ellen Rowell

Janice Lubar

Nicole Madden

Guoping Mao

Vicki M. Lubben

James Madich

Scott L. Mapstone

Adam Lubbert

Jack and Mary Madill

Mirela Marasteanu

Andice Lucas

Daniel B. Madsen

Andrew L. Marble

Johan Lucas

Patrick and Tonnja Magee

Tony Marcello

Mark Lucas

Annette Maggi and Dan Sweeney

Susan Marcinelli

Philip Lucas

Ben Magnuson

Linda A. Marcotte

Bret W. Ludwig

Daniel L. Magnuson

Scott Marcoux

Scott M. Luecke

Tim Magnusson

Tom and Lezlie Marek

John Luedke

Regina and Frank Maguire

Krishnan Margabandhu

Paul S. Lugg

Philip Maher

Joseph and Patricia Kalil Margarit

Michele Luke

William M. Mahlum

Sharon Margiotta

Michelle L. Lukes

Daniel M. Maholias

Andrew and Colleen Marine

Paul and Nancy Luna

Cheryl and Terry Mahoney

Chris and Cindy Mark

Robert Lund

Janine Mahoney

Lisa and Eric Markley

Alan Lundberg

John H. Mahoney

Amy and Charlie Markon

Jane Lundberg

Larry and Susan Mahoney

Catherine and William Markovitz

Jennifer P. Lundblad

Lisa Mahoney

Dorothy and Toby Markowitz

Gail and Wayne Lundeen

Tom Mahowald

Keith and Corinne Marks

Cindy Lundin

Tom and Donna Mahowald

Phil Marks

Mark Lundin

Helmut and Mary Maier

John E. and Jill Marmar

William Lundsten

Holly Maier

Michael W. and Mary Jo Marolt

Mary Jane Lunetta

Jennifer Maina

Andrew and Shawn Marquis

Rosemarie Lunka

Jeff and Cindy Mains

Thomas J. Marr, M.D.

Leigh Luoma

Elizabeth R. Mairs

John Marrow

Joan Peterson Lussenhop

Katherine Majkrzak

Ann L. Marsh

Justin Luther

Jeffrey and Sonja Maki

Chris and Angie Marsh

♠ = great giving ω = women’s leadership council ∗ = deceased


GATEWAY ($1,000 TO $2,499)


Terry Marsh

Debbie Mausolf

Peter and Jessica McDonald

Cary Marshall

Stephanie J. Maxam

Kimberly McDounough

Richard A. and Gayle A. Marshall

Holly Maxwell

Chas and Patty McElroy

Lee Marske

Perry D. May

Paula and Ben McEvers

Dexter J. and Mary E. Marston

Russ and Syd May

Gerri and Patrick McFarland

Edward Martell

Steven May

Susanna McFerson

John Martens

Thomas M. and Susan T. Mayerle

Thomas McFerson

Sandy Marthaler

Steve Mayle

Meeghan McGahan

Carey Martin

Penny and Kent Mazal

Bernie and Karen McGarrigle

Christine Martin

Greg and Jill Mazanec

Jeninne McGee

Gary D. Martin

Patrick and Barbara Mazorol

Mike and Kathy McGill

Jim and Cathy Martin

Michael C. Mazur

Patrick and Kelly McGinnis

Kimi Martin

Anne Mazurowski

Dan and Deb McGlynn

Kristen Martin

Paula McAllister

Leo B. McGough

Lynn Martin

Todd McAloon

Susan McGovern

Steve and Jane Martin

James McArdle

Diane McGowan and Mitchell Pearlstein

Thomas Martin

Michael J. McBride

Brian and Katy McGrane

Jennifer Martinez

Virginia McCain

Brian and Susan McGrath

Michael Martinez

Kevin and Theresa McCaleb

Kevin McGrath

Jeff Martinka and Tessa Coons

Laureen Ross McCalib

Catherine McGraw-Haffa

John and DeAnne Martinsen

Marie and Michael McCallum

Greg McGuire

David Martinson

Diane and Michael McCann

Pat and Nancy McGuire

Phil Martinson

Patrick McCann

Tim McGuire and Diane Vandeberg

Karen Martodam

Thomas and Sheila McCarr

Donna McJunkin

Pamela K. Martyn

Bill and Marie McCarthy

Darwin McKeen

Joyce Maruniak

John McCarthy and Gail Greener

Gord McKenzie

Tani Maruyama

John P. and Nancy G. McCarty

Roisin McKinley

Anne Mascia

Sally and Mark McCarville

Trent and Felicia McKinster

Patrick E. and Lisa K. Mascia

Susan McCaskey

Phil and Karen McLain

Cheryl Mason

Mark W. McCaughey

Chris and Amy McLaughlin

Eugene A. Mason

Carolyn B. McClay

Paul J. and Susan B. McLean

Lawrence and Paulette Massa

Kelly McCleary

Norma McLoyd

John B. Massopust

Nancy and Walter McClure

Bev and Dennis McMahon

Boyd and Betty Mast

J. Scott and Brigitte McConnell

Colleen and David J. McMahon

Kevin Matheny

Kevin McConnell

Damian and Katherine McManus

Nikhil Mathew

Ed McCormick

Michael McManus

Shari Mathewson

John and Lisa McCormick

Greg and Sheila McMath

Anne Mathison

Mark and Sharon McCormick

Carmen McMeen

Chuck Mathna

Michael and Donna McCormick

Linda M. McMonigal

John Mattes

Timothy McCormick

Rebecca McNally

Lois Mattheisen

Tina McCormick

Gene P. McNamara

Larry Matthews

Stephanie McCracken

Paddy and Susan McNeely

Jennifer and Josh Mattson

Geoffrey and Debra McCray

Richard McNeil

Margaret M. Mattson

Debi and Steve McCullough

Helen R. McNulty

Raymond Matz

Dan and Kimberly McDonald

Deborah L. McPartland

Peter Mauch

Darren McDonald

John McPhee

Scott Mauer

Kathy McDonald

Katheryn B. McQuade

Jerome C. Maule

Lee McDonald

John M. McQueen

Mary Maurice and Sandra Sedo

Maryan and William McDonald

Frank McQuillan

Dan Maus

Michael J. McDonald

Todd McVay


♠ = great giving ω = women’s leadership council ∗ = deceased

GATEWAY ($1,000 TO $2,499)


Rick and Jill McVenes

Steven Messer

Barbara J. Miller

Jon and Renee McWilliams

John Messier

Christopher Miller

Chad Mead

Robert Messner

Don J. Miller

William H. Mead VI

Richard Meszaros

Frederic Miller

Kim J. Mechelke

Jennifer and Reggie Metcalf

James Miller

Joyce Medrud

Rod and Sue Metcalf

Jeff and Deb Miller

Jack and Donna Medved

Erin M. Metoxen

Jerry M. Miller

Jody Meegan

Cathy Metzger

Jim Miller

Jeff and Lisa Meek

William J. Metzger

Joel W. Miller

Brad and Terri Meeks

Linda Metz-Lone Tree

John and Kris Miller

Janet Meeks

Lisa Meunier

Keith Miller

Steven and Beth Meenan

David F. Meuwissen

Kimberly Miller

Matthew Mehlbrech

Christopher Meyer

Paul Miller

Daniel C. and April E. Mehls

Jason and JoAnn Meyer

Roger J. and Tracy Miller

Adele M. Mehta

Mark F. and Dawn S. Meyer

Ronald L. Miller

Betty Z. Mei

Michael Meyer

Ron L. Miller

David and Cyndi Meier

Mike and Barb Meyer

Ryan T. Miller

Heather Meier

Steven W. Meyer

Stephen P. Miller

Michelle M. Meier

Susan Meyer

Steven Miller

William Meingast

William Meyer

Sylvia M. Miller

Michael Meis

Zachary Meyer

Terry Miller

Derek Meisner

Christoph Meyer-Grimberg

Arthur Mills

Mark and Sara Mekler

Peggye and Harold Mezile, Jr.

Deanna Mills

Beth Melcher

Jim Michaels

Jim and Peg Milosevich

Tom Melchior

Susan Michaud-Lee and Donald Lee

David O. Milton

Brian Melendez

Tom Michel

Shelia Minske

Jeffrey Melgaard

Peter and Lynda Michielutti

Mark Miraldi

Edmund M. Mellgren III

Gale Micka

Michael J. Mirvis

Christina Melloh and Michael T’Kach

David Mickelson

Elizabeth Misura

Ron and Cindy Mellum

Bill and Arlene Mickols

Craig Mitchell

Raquel Melo

Daniel Mickus

Judy Mitchell

Julene Melquist

Cynthia Middaugh

Lisa Mitchell

Scott Melter

Patrick and Alison Midden

Michael Mitchell

Mark and Jean Menard

Sherri L. Middendorf

Robert H. Mitchell

Melvin Menke

Lisa Midgarden

Pat Mittelstaedt

Brian Mensink

Curtis and Kathy Midthun

Terry Mix

Eugene and Adelyn Menzel

George L. Mikan III

Keita Miyamoto

John Mercer

Kevin Mikkelsen

Brad and Nicki Mlynar

Tom Mercer

Lisa Milan

James R. Mock

Mr. and Ms. Michael J. Mergens

David Mild

Donald and Susan Mockenhaupt

Steven and Phyllis Merrick

James and Laura Miles

Chuck and Carol Modell

Ann Merrill

James P. Miley

Gregg Modrack

Nancy L. Merritt

Robert and Susan Milis

Gary Modrynski

Ray Merritt

Maret Millard

Curtis Moe and Kathy Harker ♠

Richard Merry

Brian and Laura Millberg

Paul and Karine Moe

William Mershon

Daniel and Jacalyn Millea

Paul and Susan Moe

Stephen and Sheryl Mertz

Alvin E. and Mildred H. Miller

Robert J. and Sharon L. Moeller Family

Eugenio Meschini

Andrew Miller

Kim and Ron Meshbesher

Art and Paula Miller

Scott Moeller

Don and Linda Messer

Artie Miller

Robert W. Moen

♠ = great giving ω = women’s leadership council ∗ = deceased

Fund of The Minneapolis Foundation ♠


GATEWAY ($1,000 TO $2,499)


Sandra Moen

Michael L. Morin

Nancy and Greg Mullen

Mike and Claudia Moffitt

Stan and Carrie Mork

Mark V. Muller

Patricia L. Moga

Donald Mornes

Barbara Mundahl

Patti Mogensen

Ann Morris

Boake Munsch

Teresa Mogensen

Brian Morris

Elizabeth Munson

Larry and Jeanne Molan

Holly J. Morris

Gary J. Munson

Thomas and Deborah Molano

Mary Morris

Susan and Manny Munson-Regala

Arnie Molde

Sandy and Bob Morris

MaryAnn Murakami-Brower

Alvin Moldenhauer

Eric D. Morrison

Cassandra and Tim Murphy

Eric Molho

Joseph Morrison

Daniel and Jane Murphy

Julie A. Molitor

Melinda S. Morrissey

David Murphy

Michael Molitor

Michael Morrissey

Greg and Judy Murphy

Anne Mollerus

Cindy Morrone

Katherine and Kingsley H. Murphy, Jr.

James Momon

Jamie Morrow

Linda Murphy

Eileen and Richard Momsen

Kelly Morrow

Mark E. Murphy and Kathryn G. Ludwig

Dave and Linda Mona ω

Teresa Morrow and Dale Pippin

Marlene Murphy

Andrew Monasky

Berit Sunde Morse

Maura Murphy and Steve Fillbrandt

Seth Monette

Rob and Natalia Morse

Michele Murphy

John Mongare

Katie and Mark Mortenson

Patrick and Sherrie Murphy

James and Sarah Monner

Jim and Nicci Morton

Thomas Murphy

Andrew Monson

Michael Morton

William S. Murphy

Robert J. Monson, Ph.D.

Molly Morton and Barbara Schubring

Douglas L. Murray

Sally Monson

Scott and Janet Moser

Gary and Susan Murray

Larry Montan

Susan Moses

Mike Murray

Alan B. Montgomery

Edward Moss

Nicholas Myers

Karen and George Montgomery

Verna Mostad-Sawyer

William W. Myers

Amy and Eric Moon

Susan A. Moulder

Dayna M. Myos

Jeanie and John Mooney

Tom and Missy Mound

Laura Myrum

Allen and Terry Moore

Bruce Moyer

Shari Myszka

Dr. and Mrs. Bryant M. Moore

John and Nancy Moynihan

Stacie Nabedrick

Dave Moore

Tiberiu-Ro and Astrid Mozes

Andrea and Terry Naef

Doug Moore

Archie Mrkvicka

Mark Nagorka

Jodi Moore

Michael Mrosko

Paul Narog

Michael Moore

Dion and Amy Muchow

Robert Nartonis

Reed Moore

Markus Muehleisen

Linda and David Nash

Richard J. Moore

Clifford Muehlhauser

Sheri and Steven Nash

Terry Moore

Mueller and Guy Families

Michael K. Nation and Janet B. Sauers

Victoria A. Moore

Brad and Kim Mueller Family

Kate and Brian Nau

Luc Moors

Lynn L. Mueller

Patrick and Melissa Nault

Ramon Morales

Mike and Betsy Mueller

Simon and Elaine Navickas

Beth Moran

Dorthy Mueller-Dodge

Jodi and John Naylor

Jack and Jane Moran

Gary and Mary Jo Muellerleile

Julia C. Neal

Colleen S. and James Moravek

Dyshaun Muhammad

Matthew Neale

Dean Moren

Patricia and Paul Mulcahy

John Nealon

Shawn Moren

Scott Mulert

Scott Neamy

Bruce and Anne Morgan

Alisa Mulhair

Bill Neary

Glen L. and Jeanne G. Morgan

John and Cheryl Mulhausen

Kris Nebel

Judy Morgan

Timothy P. Mulhere

Mary Beth Neddersen

Julie Morgan

Patrick Mullarkey

Elizabeth Neiman

Daniel and Maurreen Moriarty

Erika Mullen

Beth M. Nelson


♠ = great giving ω = women’s leadership council ∗ = deceased

GATEWAY ($1,000 TO $2,499)


Cheryl Nelson

Vinh Nguyen

Thomas R. Novak

Chris and Lisa Nelson

Robert Nichols

David Novy

Constance Nelson

Dick and Nancy Nicholson of the

Walter Nowocin

Craig and Sally Nelson

Nicholson Family Foundation

Jon Nudi

Darin and Kristy Nelson

James E. Nicholson

Dave Nuernberg

David J. Nelson

Ray and Teresa Nicholson

Randy and Barb Nuernberg

David L. Nelson

Dan and Janet Nicol

Al Nuness

Dennis and Patty Nelson

Ruth Nicolai

Clarence Nunn

Erik J. Nelson

Tom Nicoski

Elizabeth D. Nunnally

J. R. Nelson

Tom J. Nicoski

Greg Nuss

Karen Nelson

Todd and Barbara Nieland

Samuel Nyakundi

Kathleen J. Nelson

Andrea Nielsen

Eric N. Nyberg

Kelly Nelson

Dave and Shelly Nielsen

Gary Nyberg

Kerry and Patty Nelson

John and Sharon Nielsen

Danny Nygaard

Megan L. Nelson

Karen L. Nielsen

Donald L. Nygaard and Linda Dupere

Micheal Nelson

Matt and Lanna Niemeyer

Jon Nygren and Anna Horning Nygren

Michael V. Nelson

Tom and Elizabeth Nientimp

Mary O’Laughlin

Phil and Holly Nelson

Cindy and Bob Nihart

Brent Oatis

Richard and Kristen A. Nelson

Kevin J. Nilan

Don and Cindy Oberg-Hauser

Russell Nelson

Mark Nippa

Sarah Oberlander

Sarah Nelson

Bruce E. Nixon

Katherine Oberstar

Shannon Nelson

Chukwuma Nnolim

Dan and Sallie O’Brien

Shelly Nelson

Gayle M. Noakes

Jason O’Brien

Stephen Nelson

Lonnie Noble

Mark and Mary O’Brien

Suzanne Nelson

Mary Noble

Michael and Kay O’Brien

T. Jeff Nelson

Susan C. Noe

S. Vincent O’Brien

Teri Nelson

Robert Noirjean

Chris and Anne Obst

Thomas N. Nelson

Mark and Jackie Nolan

Teresa Ocar

William Nelson

Michael Nolan

Andrew and Andrea O’Connell

William J. and Susan D. Nelson

Gregory Noll

Jerome M. O’Connell

Windsor Nelson

Gerard M. Nolting

Patrick J. O’Connor, Jr.

Juliann Nelson-Duffy and Ron Duffy

Rich and Nancy Nonini

Sheryl A. O’Connor

Todd Nemoir

Douglas and Bonnie Nord

Tim and Christine O’Connor

Ann and Doug Ness ω

Renee Nord

Robert J. Odenthal

Kimberly Netland

Christine H. Nordahl

James M. and Sonja C. Odland

Ellen Neuenfeldt

Pam and Fred Nordahl

Lisa Odom

Bernice Neuman

Mark and Lisa Nordland

Terri L. Oen

Rhett Neuman

Gregory A. Nordmeyer

Dustin Offersen

Dean and Mary Neumann

Colin Norman

Douglas Oglesby

Mark G. Nevils

Michael Norona

Bruce Ogren

Michael Newell

Penny and Scott Norquist

Elizabeth S. Ogren

John Newland

Dan and Ruthann Norrick

Gary J. O’Hara

John S. Newlin

Michael T. Northquest

Amy M. O’Hern

Christie L. Newman

Helen Northrop

Jeffrey O’Hern

Jason H. Newman

Jeffery A. Notch

Jennifer Ohm

Monty and Linda Newman

Ralph and Sheri Notch

Kathy Ohmann

Shirley and Jason Newman

Jeffry and Carol Notto

Kim and Norman Okerstrom

Wayne Newton

Jay A. Novak

Sue Okerstrom

Genie Newville

Lance and Lisa Novak

Janet Olfason

Paul Neyers and Mona Fraki

Monica Novak

Tom and P. J. Olander

♠ = great giving ω = women’s leadership council ∗ = deceased


GATEWAY ($1,000 TO $2,499)


Lisa Olberg

Nathan Oppedahl

Gregory Palmer

Sandy and Scott Olds ω

Dwight Opperman

James D. Palmer

Angela A. O’Leary

Jeffrey Opperman

Kevin and Kathy Palmer

Cameron Olig

David Orbuch

Jane M. Pamperin

James Olive

Dennis and Janet Orke

Joy and Bruce Pankow

David and Kristin Oliver

Thomas and Kris Orluck

Andrew Pann

Jennifer Oliver

Tom and Jolene Ormand

Lisa Pannell

Ben Olk, Jr.

John and Kathy Orner

Patricia Ann Pannkuk

Lisa L. Olsen

James and Gail O’Rourke

Lane Paolocci

Barbara Olson

Lorraine M. Orrben

Marc Paper

Bradley Olson

Mike and Jenny Orrie

R. Steven and Susan Paquette

Brian A. and Christine Olson

David Ortmann

Todd Parent

Curtis Olson

Kim and Kevin O’Shaughnessy

Bill and Terri Parfitt

Cynthia Olson

Mark and Carol Osojnicki

Brandon and Kelley Paris

Dan Olson

Renae Osorio

M. Paris

David Olson

Jeffrey and Jacquie Ostapeic

Ernie Park

David and Carolyn Olson

Richard A. Ostby

Jeff and Kathy Parker

Donald R. Olson

Steven and Cathy Ostlie

Josiah Parker

Doug and Mary Olson

Scott Ostrander

Barbara Parks

Edward G. Olson

Katherine M. O’Sullivan and James Duffey

Charles T. Parks Jr.

Elaine and Eric Olson

Louise Otten

James and Marlene Parks

Gail M. Olson

Debra J. and Christian H. Ottesen

Robert A. Parr

Jayme Olson

Mike Ottesen

Nadine Parris

Karen A. Olson

Matthew and Michelle Overbeek

Barbara N. Parrish

Keith and Jane Olson

Todd D. Overgard

Lisa and John Parrish-Greenberg

Kimberly Olson

Jon Overlie

Chuck and Jo Parsons

Lance Olson

Arlen Overvig

Steve and Denise Paskach

Laurie Olson

David Owen

Anthony M. and Ingrid Pasko

Mark and Marde Olson

Laura Owen

Jonathan Passman

Mary C. Olson

Linda K. and Glen A. Owen

Maggie and Richard Passmore

Melissa Olson

Tom Owen

David and Margarida Patchen

Michael John Olson

Alice L. Owens

Priti Patel

Nancy S. Olson

John Owens

Stephen and Jana Patrick

Rick and Katharine Olson

Marja Owens

Thomas Patrick

Scott and Karen Olson

Kenneth Oxford

Kristin and Bill Patt

Steven A. Olson

Joseph Oxman

James J. Pattee, M.D.

Tharlie and Charlotte Olson

Cory Paape

Thomas and Sally Patterson

Tim W. Olson

Christopher Paar

Debbie Patterson-Sicard

Vicki and Ken Olson

Yoerg and Lanae Paaverud

Gerald Paul

Dayna Olson-Gay

John and Karen Packard

John and Marianne Paul

Jay and Jennifer Olson-Goude

Thomas Packer

John and Wendy Paul

Diedre O’Malley

Dave Paeper

Sara Paul

Ellen O’Malley

Jeffrey and Heather Page

Shari Paul

Tim Omdahl

Mike and Lori Page

Gerald A. Paulsen

Janine Ontko

William R. Page

Marilynn and Duane Paulson

Tim and Lori Oolman

Gregory Paine

N. Dana Paulson

Justin Opatrny

Gary Painter

Timothy and Karen Paurus

Douglas and DeAnn Opheim

Joel Palesh

Ann Pavelka

Laurie and Douglas Opheim

Mary Palkovich

Mary and James Pavelka

Roger Opp and Patricia Hvidston

Joan Palm

Lee A. Pavelka


♠ = great giving ω = women’s leadership council ∗ = deceased

GATEWAY ($1,000 TO $2,499)


Jeffrey Payne

Allen and Carol Peterson

Scott and Angela Piering

Natalie Payne

April Peterson

Steve D. Pierson

Juan Paz

Charlene Peterson

Theresa A. Pietenpol

Patrick J. Pazderka

Daniel E. Peterson

Keith Pike

Greg Pearson

Daniel H. Peterson

Marie Pillai

Kim A. Pearson

Donald G. Peterson

Christine Pint

Brenda Peavie

Douglas Peterson

Mark Pinta

Patrick and Janice Pechacek

Geoffrey Peterson

Brian and Patty Pioske

Harvey and Susan Peck

H. Geoffrey and Kathleen A. Peterson

Rudy Pitera

Gregory Pedersen and Robin Torgerson

Jeff Peterson

Eugene Pittenger

Paul E. Pederson

Jeffrey Peterson

Marsha Pitts-Phillips and Earle Phillips, Sr.

Robert R. Pederson

Jerry Peterson

Sue Piva

Eric and Kimberly Pehle

Kent and Paula Peterson

Mark Pixler

David and Marnie Peichel

Kevin J. Peterson

Warren and Tamara Planitzer

John and Lisa Peichel

Lori Peterson

Louise Benz Plank

Craig Peifer and Larry Lozano

Michael L. Peterson

Perry C. Plank

Daralyn and Art Peifer

Patrick Peterson

Michael and Stephanie Platteter

Paul Pekarek

Robert and Jenifer Peterson

Kevin T. Pleasant

Michael Pekula

Scott C. Peterson and Christine M. Larsen

Michael and Kimberly Plehal

Jenny Pelkey

Scott J. Peterson

Andrew E. Plesko

Anthony Pellegrin and Amanda Williams

Susan J. Peterson

Bill Plocharski

Shannon Peloquin

Todd Peterson

Linda and Timothy Ploog

Lana Pemberton

Von Peterson

Jeffrey Plotnik

Robert and Barbara Pence

Noel J. Petit

Katherine Pluhar

John Pendray

Ruth Petran

William and Barbara Poblete

Mr. and Mrs. Michael Pendy

Monica Petrov

Robert S. Poferl

Daniel and Patricia Pennington

Gonzalo and Mary Petschen

Dan, M. J. and Allie Pohl

Jeffrey and Kathleen Pepski

Charles E. Petter

Richard Pokorny

Wendy Perben

Tom Pettit

Paul and Heather Macrafic Polivka

Guy and Jeanine Perera

Thomas Pettyes

John W. Polley

Silvia Maria Perez

Stacey M. Pexa

John and Anne Polta

Mark and Celine Perkins

Brain Peycke

Joseph Poluka

Barbara G. Perron

James M. Pfau

James and Lori Pomroy

Steven Perron

Steve and Barbara Pfeffer

Brent and Mary Kay Pond

Rev. James M. and Kareen K. Perry

Andy and Marnie Pfeifer

Russell Ponessa

Mary Perry

Daniel N. Pfeiffer

Joan and Guy Pontius

Robert Perry

Julie Pfeiffer

Michael A. Ponto

Steven and Barbara Perry

Sharon A. Pfeiffer and Kristin E. Johnson

Jeff Poore

Suzanne Perry

Jeff and Mary Jo Pflaum

Amy Poppe

William Perry

Tom and Diane Philbin

Mary Poppendieck

Johnathan E. Pershing

Larry Phillips

James Poradek

Steven D. and Susan M. Person

Patty and Mark Phillips

Alton W. Porter

Jennifer Perzichilli

William H. Phillips

Jeffrey S. Portlance

Geoff Pescheret

Jay Picconatto

David Post

Charles Peter

Christine and William Piche

Venkateswarlu Pothapragada

Dan and Patricia Peterka

Andrea Pickenpack

Terry Potts

Rich and Eunice Peters

Robin Picray

Christine Pouliot

Mark R. Petersen

Karen Piehler-Shaw

Nathan Poundstone

Sara J. Petersen

Joseph R. Piepgras

John and Fran Povolny

Aaron Peterson

James Pierce

Nancy Pilgrim Powell

♠ = great giving ω = women’s leadership council ∗ = deceased


GATEWAY ($1,000 TO $2,499)


Debra A. Powers

Christopher Putnam

Mike and Christa Ray

Mary K. Powers

Ron Putney

Jan Raycraft

Nancy and Damon Powers

Steven Putney

James W. Reagan

William Powers

Shaohua Qie

Cathy and Mark Reardon

Diane M. Pozdolski

Douglas Quade

Patrick Reason

Julie and Stephen Prager

Bethany and Jess Quam

Dave Recker

Joan Prairie

Larry Quandt

Vidyotham Reddi

Barbara Pratt

Tammy Quant

Tom Redding

Ava and Tom Pratte

Tim Quello

Venkat Reddy

Dennis Prchal

Richard Quest

James S. Reece

Walter Precourt

Stephen Quinlivan

Sherol Christian Reece

Gloria Preisler

John and Beth Quinn

Barton L. and Kim Reed

Stephanie Prem and Tom Owens

Michael Quinn

Jill H. Reed

Ardeshir Press

Timothy R. and Mary D. Quinn

Chris and Jennifer Reedy

Mike Presseller

Susan and Steve Quint

Gary and Lynn Reeves

David and Peggy Price

Virginia Quintana

Barb and John Regal

Doug Price

Marcia Quist

Jennifer Rehder

Laura Price

Janine M. Quitter

Nancy and Greg Rehkamp

Leah Pride-Monson

Valerie Raatz

Marianne and Greg Reich

Lisa Primm

Adona Rabago

Tim Reichenbach

Christopher C. Pritchett

Jean and Steve Rabens

Joyce Reichow

Paul and Mary Probst

Andy Rabins and Teresa Borzcik

Mark Reid

Mary Prochaska

Sandra and John Racek

Rob Reid

Jodi Aronson Prohofsky

Paul and Michelle Rademacher

Steven Reid

Jolene Prokop

Frank and Maribeth Radermacher

Craig Reidlinger

Tim Prokott

Tim Radermacher

Mark and Kathleen Reiling

Ervin Prom

Jeffrey Rageth

William and Joan Reiling

Ann Prosser

Tena M. Rainer

Mark Reilly

Charlene Provost

Paula Rak

Michael D. Reilly

Ronald and Maureen Provow

Paul J. Ramos

V. Philip Reim

Kathy Prudhomme

Jack and Nancy Randall

John Reimann

Greg and Carly Prussman

James A. Randle

Kathy Reimler

Sharon Pryor

Brian Rank and Joyce Yoshimura-Rank

Todd Reimringer

Dr. Timothy D. and Marilyn Pryor

Charles O. Rankins

Patricia Rein

Joseph and Robin Przepiora

Andrew Rapoport

Nicholas Reinbold

Joe Pucel

Edward Rapoport

Raymond and Robin Reinfeld

Doug Pudvah

Louise and Timothy Rashleger

Bryon and Paula Reinhart

Jennifer and Corey L. Pudwill

Belva H. Rasmussen

Charles and Susan Reinhart

Beth Pulsipher

Dana Rasmussen

Susan Reinhart

Brian Pulvermacher

Karen Rasmussen

John W. Reinke

Joel Puncochar

Merlin Rasmussen

Thomas Reinke

Debbie and Mike Pung

Thomas Rasmussen

David Reints

Arthur J. Punyko

Tanya Raso

Thomas Reischel

Kathy and Rick Purcell

Joseph F. Rastetter

Al and Sue Reiss

Ronald and Janice Purcell

Glenn Rath

Amaza Reitmeier

Dale and Evelyn Purdy

Susan Rathmanner

David A. and Carol S. Reitz

Scott and Annette Purrington

Scott and Andrea Rauser

Mark Rekucki

Ann and Ian Purtle

Brian Raver

Lew and Connie Remele

Andi Putnam

John P. Rawlins

Richard J. Remiarz

Ann C. and Matthew D. Putnam

Edward Rawson

Laurie J. Rengel


♠ = great giving ω = women’s leadership council ∗ = deceased

GATEWAY ($1,000 TO $2,499)


Rick Renzaglia

Ward and Sandy Ring

B. J. Roelike

Richard Repasky

Robert Ringgenberg

Aric Roeller

Debra and Joseph Repya

Rolf Ringgold

Yvonne Roeller

Mary Kathryn and Thomas Reschenberg

Kathryn M. and Rodger F. Ringham, Jr.

Arnold K. Roese

Chuck and Sharon Rescorla

Jean Ringold

Deborah Roesler and John Kephart

Brad Reuter

Michelle Ryan Rinken

Amy D. Roettger

Cindy Reuter

Jan E. Rintamaki

Joseph G. Roffers

Brad Reuvers

Anne Riola

Mike and Shari Rogalski

John Revolinski and Nancy Hansen

Tom and Barb Rippberger

Mary E. Rogness

Kathryn Revord

Mike Rippe

David and Patricia Rogowski

Peter Reyes, Jr.

Mark Risinger

Britt Rohde

John Reynolds

Mark G. Ritt

John J. Rolando

Karen and Tom Reynolds

Andrew J. Ritten

Richard Rolando

Crystal and Donald Rhodes

John and Jane Ritter

Eric Roling

Kelly and Jeff Rhodes

Koleen Roach

Beverly J. and John A. Rollwagen

Tim A. Ribbens

Michael Robach

Don and Patricia Romanaggi

Felix Ricco

Mark Robbins

Steven D. Romer

Brian Rice

Mark and Tina Robbins

Tammie Romero

Thomas Rice

William E. Robbins

Tom Romine

Thomas J. Rice

James Roberge

Stephen E. and Beth T. Ronald

Timothy Rice

Brent Roberts

Kamas L. Rooney

Barbara Richards

John B. Roberts

Todd Roorda

Hallie and Steve Richards

Michelle L. Roberts

Thomas E. Roos

Scott Richardson

Sean and Jackie Roberts

Thomas and Kelly Rosback

Ken Richelsen

Sonya Roberts

Alan Rose

Bill W. Richmond

Steven Roberts

Bill and Kathy Rose

Robert Richmond

Brian and Karen Robey

Robert J. Rose

Alfred Richter

Toby Robillard

Kevin Rosemann

Barb and Tim Richter

Cary S. Robinson

Tim Rosen

Jason Richter

Christopher Robinson

Susan and Bob Rosenberg

Keith and Darlene Ricke

Jeffrey A. Robinson

Amos Rosenbloom and Marsha McDonald

Megan and Larry Ricke ω

Jennifer Robinson

Troy and Holly Rosenbrook

Ross Ricker

Kath Robinson

David Rosene

Deborah Rickert

Mary Jo Robinson

David F. Rosener

Gary and Patti Rickheim

Scott Robinson

Nancy J. Rosengren

Pat Ridgely and Sharon Harrington

Scott and Amy Robinson

Samuel Rosenstein

Jean M. Ridley

Steve and Teresa Robinson

Stephen C. Rosholt

Ellen L. Rieck

Tim and Karin Robinson

Jim and Susan Ross

Carol Rieger

Carolyn Roby

Keith D. Ross

Steven and Cathy Rieke

Richard Roche

Susan Rossbach

Patricia A. Riemersma

Tom and Joyce Rock

Richard Rossiter

Andrew Ries

Walter H. Rockenstein II

Susan and Thomas Rostkoski

John Ries

Norton and Bert Rockler

Patricia Rosvold

Allen and Peggy Riess

Thomas E. Rockne

Benjamin and Pamela Roth

Kenneth and Julie Riff

Eric G. Rodgers

James B. Roth

Kathy Riggins

Erin Rodgers

Dr. David A. and M. Kathleen Rothenberger

Martin Rigney

Peter and Connie Rodosovich

Robin Rothenberger

Mary Riha

Rudy Rodriguez

Emily E. Rothschild

William Rinehart

Steven P. Roeder

Sara Rottunda

Robert and Marcy Rinek

Anne Roehrl

Erin Rourke

♠ = great giving ω = women’s leadership council ∗ = deceased


GATEWAY ($1,000 TO $2,499)


Charles R. Roush

Dudley Ryan

Neal Sawatzke

Peggy and Bill Roush

Elizabeth Ryan

Jonell Sawyer

Peter J. Rowcliffe

Lawrence P. Ryan, Jr.

Steve and Katie Sayre

Todd Rowekamp

Mary Ryan

John J. Scanlon

Doug and Sue Rowen

Michael and Anne Ryan

Tammi Scanlon

Randall Rowland

Richard M. Ryan

John and Linda Schaack

June Rowley

Gary and Wendy Rychley

Lucas J. Schaan

The Philemon C. and Barbara Blanch Roy,

Anders and Ewa Rydaker

Peter and Susan Schadegg

Grant D. Rykken

Tracy Schaefbauer

Steve and Wanda Rozek

Mike and Paula Rylander

Bruce Schaefer

Steven and Anne Rozek

Scott Rynda

Dave Schaenzer

Pat Rozman

Susan and Mark Ryshavy

Barbara and Bruce Schaepe

Marc and Renee Rubenstein

Tim and Laura Saarela

Robert and Janet Schafer

Stacy Rubsam and Elizabeth Draxten

Lisa Sabasteanski

Jack S. Schafers

Rick and Candy Ruckdashel

Gebran Sabongi

Lynne Schaffler

Paul and Hope Rudeen

Matt Sackmaster

Arlyn Schaible

Gerald and Debbie Rudolph

Michael D. Sackmaster

Betsy Schaller

Gerald and Pamela Rudolph

Diane Sahr

Beverly A. Schannach

Brent and Anne Rudser

Glen Salow

Ronald Scharf

John and Carol Rueb Fund of the

Julie Sample

Steven Scharfenberg

Benno G. and Marlys Gapstur Sand

Carol Schaubach

Mark and Nancy Ruechel

Bryan and Paulette Sandager

Andrew Scheck and Michelle Gabrielli

Cathy L. and Jeffrey J. Ruehl

Paul Sandager

Charles and Jeanne Scheiderer

Jeffrey and Kersti Ruehle

Asitha Sandanayake

Mary Schell

Corrine Ruether

Rich A. Sanders

Deanna Schellin

Ann Ruff

Jane Sandness

George and Diane Schember

Steve Ruffing

Mary Sandok

Bart and Wanda Schempp

Mark and Margaret Ruffino

Sandy E. Sandquist

Thomas Scheppat

David and Lyndsey Ruhland

William and Susan Sands

James and Clarita Scherer

Kathleen and Michael Ruhland

Terry and Ann Sandvik

Kelly Schermer-Maass and Todd Maass

Kathy Ruhland

Leroy and Dorothy Sanford

Jan-Peter Scheurwater

Paula Ruhland

Joseph Sanguinetti

John Schewe

J. P. Ruiz-Funes and Mary Shields

Tim and Sara Sanken

Barry Schiefelbein

Jon Rundquist

Glenn Sansburn

Mike Schiena

William Rupp

Carol Sansome

Kathleen S. Schier

Todd and Vicki Ruppert

Pamela Z. Santer

Mark and Wendy Schierman

James M. Rusch

Sidney and Linda Sapakie

Arleen Schilling

Richard Todd and Julie Rushton

Edmond E. Sarquis

Tony and Julie Schippers

Mike Russell

Annie Sarver-Bodoh and

Dean Schiro

Jr. Fund of the St. Paul Foundation

Catholic Community Foundation

Peter W. Russell

Ray Cameron Sarver

Cheryl L. Schissel

Thresa Russell

Philomena Satre

Joel and Kimberly Schlachtenhaufen

Ben Rust

Andrea and Joseph Satter

Greg Schlafer

Jeff Rust

John H. Sauer

Debra Schley

Jon and Susan Ruth

Matthew A. Sauer

Bradley Schlichting

Timothy Rutten

Patrick Sauter

Joe Schlosser

Paul Rutzen

Ronald and Ann Sauter

S. Schlosser

Sally and Alan Ruvelson, Jr.

Fancine Savage

Paula W. Schlotfeldt

Andrew Ryall

Christina Saville

Jennifer and Mark Schmaedeke

Courtney Ryan

Mark D. Savin

Thomas and Debra Schmelz

Dawn Ryan

Beth Savre

D. Schmid


♠ = great giving ω = women’s leadership council ∗ = deceased

GATEWAY ($1,000 TO $2,499)


Linda Schmid

Gayle Schueller

Staci Seibold

Bruce Schmidt

Tamara Schuette

Teresa A. Seide

Bruce E. Schmidt

Martin Schuetze

Amy Seidel

Craig Schmidt

Mary E. Schuh

David and Mary Seidel

Daniel P. Schmidt

Scott C. Schuknecht

Lois Seidenkranz

Dennis Schmidt

Gary J. Schulte

Steve and Mary Seidlitz

John Schmidt

Kiren Schulte

Melinda Seifert

Julie A. Schmidt

Deb and Bill Schultz

Douglas Seim and Kathleen Hokemeir-Seim

Kyle and Jill Schmidt

Helene and David Schultz

Jill M. Seinola

Mark G. and Jill M. Schmidt

Debra Schultz-Ademino

Patricia L. Selbitschka

Matthew Schmidt

Jay Schulz

Jacob Seljan and Hilary Crook

Nicholas Schmidt

Dan Schulzetenberg

Jane Sellberg

Elizabeth Schmiesing

Dean Schumann

Jeff and Ruth Semlak

Terry and Lee Schmitt

Tom and Yvonne Schuneman

Steve and Colleen Semmer

William Schmitt

Dinah Swain Schuster

Cahide Sen

Richard C. Schmitter

Susan and Paul Schuster

Mary and Ray Senkus

Douglas and Cindy Schnabel

John J. Schutz

Christine Senn

Jack Schnabel

Greg and Cindi Schwab

Christine and Kevin Senn

Michael J. and Lynette J. Schnaus

Terrence Schwagel

Betsy Serkes-Granzow

Joy Schneck

Kevin Schwain

Dwight Sevaldson

Kurt Schneewind

Sue Schwanke

Mark D. Sever

Allan and Deborah Schneider ♠

Colleen Schwartz

Terry Severns-Williams

Michael Schneider

Patrick Schwartz

Jon Severson and Jennifer Boentje

Brian Schnell

Rosemary Schwartz

Mary C. Severson

Robert L. Schnell, Jr.

Thomas and Sandra Schwartz

Steven L. Severson

Randy J. Schnieders

Todd A. Schwarzenbach

Jeff Severts

Todd and Jenni Schnobrich

Brian and Stacey Schweitzer

Mark Sewald

Frank and Freda Schochet

Kelly and Jeff Schwenn

Thomas G. Sexton

Brian Schoeberl

James and Carrie Schwert

Mr. John W. Seyer

Shannon Schoeberl

Elizabeth K. Schwie

Joan and John L. Seymour, M.D.

John and Catherine Schoenherr

Jennifer Schwiebert

Robert Shadduck

Kent Schoenherr

Shelly A. Schwieso

Craig Schafer

James E. Schoenrock

Jon J. Schwingler

Denise Shaffer

Mark Scholtes

Ronald Scriver

Seema Shah

Debbra L.and Lee Schoneman

Joseph and Diana Scimeca

Winifred L. Shanabrook

Richard Schossow

Janet Scoblic

Ed Shanks

Brian Schouvieller

Karen A. Scofield

Zina Shannon

Ann and Joseph Schrader

Jodie A. Scott

Daniel Shapiro and Emily Durham-Shapiro

Steven A. Schreiner

Tia Scott

Michael Sharkey

David and Nancy Schrimp

Valerie Scott

Janice Sharp

Andrew R. Schriner

L. Ann Scovil

Michelle Sharp

Michael and Catherine Schrock

Timothy Searle

Craig and Bonnie Sharpe

Karl Schroeder

Bill and Michele Seehafer

Allan Shaw

Kate and Roy Schroeder

H. Natasha Seel

Ann C. Shaw

Thomas S. Schroeder

Christi Seelan

Neal F. Shawaluk

Tracey Schroeder

Bill and Jane Seeley

Jeffrey and Lynnette Shawd

Donald Schrooten

Kurt W. Seestrom

Robert and Rebecca Shawgo

Douglas C. Schubert

Steven Segarra

Margaret Shea

Mary Beth Schubert

Daniel and Carol Segersin

Meredith Shea-Perez

Nancy Schuelke

Troy J. Seibert

Mark W. and Kimberly K. Sheahan

♠ = great giving ω = women’s leadership council ∗ = deceased


GATEWAY ($1,000 TO $2,499)


John Sheehan

Gregory and Rebecca Silvestri

Kari Smith

Thomas Sheehan

Mark and Beth Simenstad

Kenneth Smith

Rich Sheffer

Kathleen Simo, M.D.

Linda and Tracy Smith

Ann and Tom Sheldon

James Simon

Matthew Smith

Todd Sheldon and Mary McGahley

John and Mary Simon

Michael B. Smith

Chrispian Shelton

Richard Simon

Patrick S. Smith

Guy Shelton

Mark and Sue Simonett

Pete M. Smith

Michael S. Shepard

Bill and Maureen Simoni

Rachel E. Smith

Tracy Sheperd

Chris Simons

Rick Smith

Michael Sherick

Jean and Peter Simonse

Sherry C. Ihrig Smith

DeAnne and Dudley Sherman

Judy Sinclair

Steven R. and CeCelia Smith

Nirav V. Sheth

Scott and Kim Singer

Terrance P. Smith

Sonia A. Shewchuk

Russell Sinkler

Terry L. Smith

Marirose Shields

Loren Sinning

Thomas J. Smith

William L. Shields

Phoutthasone Sinouthasy

Timothy Smith

Richard Shimkus

Gary J. Sirek

Val R. Smith

Julie Shin

Jack F. Sjoholm, Jr.

Mark Smith-Lossiah

John Shinar

Jeffrey and Linda Sjolander

Robert Smithson

John Shinnick

Michelle Sjoquist

Steven Smits

Susan Shir

Anna and Brad Skar

Cheryl A. Smokovich

David Shively

Bonnie Skelton and Thomas Fraser

Carol and Terrance Smorch

Kelly Shoberg

Ellie Skelton and Tony Thomas

William Smyth

Robert N. Shockman

Darrell Skogen

Melanie Snead

Guy and Susan Shoemaker

Dave Skoglund

Marcy Snider

Steve and Catherine Shonka

Michael Skoglund

Laura and David Snodgrass

Nathan K. Shores

Nance and Paul Skoglund

Larry Snow

Kathryn Short

Steven E. Skolnick

Dr. Daniel C. Snustad

Sonja Short and Mike Vraa

Brenda and David Skora

Mark Snuttjer

George Shouse

Shelley Slachowitz

Annamay Snyder

Joe L. Showalter

Leonard and Jane Slade

Barry S. Snyder

Robert Showalter

Kevin Slama

Phil and Sharon Snyder

Tonia M. Shupien

Jennifer and Bradley Slater

Trish Snyder

Mary A. Sicora

Gordon C. Slattery

Wayne Soehren

Charles Sidebottom

John and Maria Slavens

David Soenen

Joyce and James Sidman, M.D.

Lynn Slavik

Phillip E. Sogge

Ellen Siebenborn-Forsyth

Diane E. Slayton

Elaine Sokolowski ω

Jim and Cristy Siede

Sandi Slick

Jeanne and Leif Solberg, M.D.

Leslie and Zack Siegel

Mary Ann Slipka

Carl Soldner

Leslie and John Sieleni

Steven and Michelle Smalley

Linnea Solem

Teresa L. Sierzant

Todd and Christine Smalley

Mark Solfest

Christine Siewert

Mike Smeby

Christopher Solheid

Doug and Rosemary Siewert

Ann Cullen Smith

Julia Sollien

Howard and Rhoda Siewert

Brett R. Smith

Steve and Diane Solmonson

Jeffrey and Jill Siewert

Cynthia M. Smith

Todd J. Solow

Mike Sigrist

Dale R. Smith

Frank Sommerfeldt

Sheldon Silberman

Daniel and Catherine Smith

Lori J. Sommerfield

Barbara Silbernagel

Felton L. Smith

John D. Somrock

Brian Sill

Jeanne Y. Smith

Susan and Fred Sonderegger

Mary and Mike Sill

Jennifer Pearce Smith

Linda and Leonard Sonterre

Ellen Silva

Jennifer Thulien Smith

Vijay Sood


♠ = great giving ω = women’s leadership council ∗ = deceased

GATEWAY ($1,000 TO $2,499)


Dave and Kathy Sorensen

Michael Stans

Miles Stimac

Kenneth L. Sorensen

Patti Staples

Amy and Todd Stinson

Inmaculada Soria

Amy Stark

Katy and John Stites

Mark D. Sorlien

Charles Stark and Jane Terpstra

Charles W. Stobbie

Scott and Christine Sovereign

Carla B. Stark-Parrish

Mark A. Stockburger

Frank Spadafora

Robert and Michelle Starr

Rich and Anne Stoebe

Jeff and Cheryl Spangler

Dan and Sue Statsick

Anna Stoesz

Barbara R. Spannaus

Richard Stauble

Mick Stoffel

Robert Sparby

Ryan and Shannon Stauff

Nancy Stojevich

Janet Sparkman

Scott Stearns

Val Stoker

Cory Sparks

Steven Steen

Tony Stokes

Ephraim Sparrow

Ken and Lisa Steffes

Jason Stoll

Cynthia and Michael Spellman

Jack and Nan Steger

Glenn Stolt

Thomas Spence

Rick and Cathy Steigerwald

Abigail Stone and Michelle Cerame

Debbie Spencer

Steven Stein

David B. Stone

Scott Spencer

Ryan Steines

Patrick Stone

Ralph W. Spicer

David and Mimi Steinhaus

Steve Stone

Richard J. Spieker

Allen Steinkopf

Thomas Stotts

Brian and Kristine Spiewak

Dave Steinman

Dana Stoudt Family

Kirby and Julie Spike

Catherine Stemper

John and Marcia Stout

Daniel and Jennifer Spiller

Jon Stender

Joanne Stowik

Sarah Spindler

Sheryl Stennett

Shane and Suzanne Strack

Judy Spitale

Steven Stensrud

Ralph Strader and Mary Cook

Ted and Jody* Spooner

John Stephan

Strahota Family

Eric Sposeep

Kimberly and Lawrence Stephan

Brad Straight

Brian and Anne Spott

Greg Stephanie

Tam Strand

Shawn Spott

Sean Stephens

Tara Strang

Bill Sprattler

David Stephenson

John Stratton III

Trudie Sprenkle

Cynthia Stepka

Stephen J. and Cecilia C. Strauss

Julie K. Springman

Rick and Kris Sterling

Arnold and Sigrid Strebe

Craig and Mary Ellen Sprowls

Lloyd S. Stern

Mark Streed and Mary Streed

Tanya Srepel

Greg Sterner

Richard Strelow

Andrea C. St. George

Eric M. Stetz

Mark R. Strenger

Michelle St. Ledger

Daniel Stevens

Edward C. and Virginia L. Stringer

David A. St. Louis

James Stevens

Wade K. Stritesky

Joe Stackhouse

Nancy J. Stevens

Brian Strittmater

Edward Stafford

Silke M. Stevens

Stephen L. Strobel

Timothy V. Stagg

Cathy A. Stevenson

Shirl Stroeing

Trevor Stahl

Scott Stevenson

Joseph and Rebecca Stroh

Mara L. Staiger

Andrew Stewart

John and Nancy Strom

Randy L. Stalker

Ann Stewart

Lee Strom

Lee Stalwick and Kathy Otto Stalwick

Barbara Stewart

Phyllis J. Stromberg

Michael A. Stanchfield

Curtis Stewart

Brian Stromen

Todd C. Standbrook

Stacey E. Stewart

Katherine Stromseth

Steven G. Stang

Christopher A. Stickney

Rick Struntz

Keith Stangeland

Colleen Stieg

John Struthers

Jeanne Stanislawski

Wayne Stifter

Darci Strutt

Scott Stankiewicz

Jed Stillman

Edward Stuart

Gwen N. Stanley

Robert and Estelle Stillman

Michelle A. Stuart

Denise Stanoch

Family Foundation

♠ = great giving ω = women’s leadership council ∗ = deceased

Thomas Stuart LEADERSHIP GIVING | 43

GATEWAY ($1,000 TO $2,499)


William Stuckert

Krag and Donna Swartz

Tony B. Taylor

Brenda J. Studley

Scott and Paige Swayne

Tony Teale

Gary Stueven

Lee Swearingen

Martin and Debi Teall

MaryAnn Stump

Brian S. Swedeen

Joseph Teff

Timothy A. Stump

Jim Sweeney

Bruce N. and Barbara J. Telander

Dennis Sturges

Patrick and Susan Sweeney

Patty and John Telischak

Edward J. Sturm

Tom Sweeney

Meri Jo Tepe

Janessa Sturtz

Brian Sweet

Barbara and Tom Teresi

William Stute

Danielle Sweet

Susan Tettemer

Richard and Anne Stutz

Michael D. Swendsen

Amala Thakkar

Alvin Styles

Christopher Swenson

Linda S. Thalhuber

Paul H. Stypulkowski

David Swenson

Andrew and April Thanos

Rafael Suarez

Donald Swenson

Debra Thayer

Joseph A. Such

Susan Swenson

Kevin and Jean Ann Thayer

Chris Suedbeck

Wayne and Gretchen Swenson

Pam and John Thein

Jennie Suedbeck

Jerianne Swierzewski

Brian Theisen

Albert Sufka

Robert and Joanne Switz

Michael A. Theisen

Ken and Sue Suhling

Jeffrey M. Swoboda

Paul Theisen

Karen L. Sullivan

Lawrence Swope

Melissa Thering

Virginia Sullivan

Terry and Jill Swor

David J. and Linda A. Therkelsen

Mary Sumners

Pat Sykes

Amie Thesingh

Teressa Sund

Rich and Carla Sykora

Antonius Theunissen

Walter Sunderland

Arkady and Sally Synhavsky

Marcia Thibodo

Debra Sundin

David and Kathleen Synstegaard

Christopher and Melanie Thiel

Kimberley Bow Sundy

Ron and Margaret Tabar

Lyle and Joyce Thies

Robert Sundy II

Kristen A. Tagliamonte

Steve Thimjon

Susan and Danny Super

Wendy Tai

David Thoen

DuAnn Surbaugh

Jim Tako

Eric Thole

Robert E. Sutton

Ram Talasila

Kristi Thom

Donna Nicholson Svendsen

Sarah Talcott

Alan Thomas

Penny Svenkeson

Zoran Talijan

Andrew J. Thomas

Rampraveen Swaminathan

Mary Tall

Barbara E. Thomas

Ben Swanson and Carrie Rigdon

Paula and Steve Tamanaha

Donna and Tim Thomas

Craig and Rebecca Swanson

Marilyn and Morgan Tamsky

Jack Thomas

Daniel P. Swanson

Jeffrey and Katherine Tane

Jeff and Kathy Thomas

David S. Swanson

Myron and Linda Tank

Mary Thomas

Donald F. and Virginia H. Swanson

Mark Tarnowski

Roxanne Thomas

Brooke Tassoni

Scott and Cristina Thomas

Doreen Swanson

Molly Tatalovich

Susan Thomas

Emily C. Swanson

Martha Tateosian

Amy Thompson

Genevieve A. Swanson

John and Alison Tauer

Ann Thompson

Jay Swanson

Joyce Tava

Cindy Thompson

Katherine and David Swanson

Gary Taverna

Dave Thompson

Mark Swanson

Debra A. Tayerle

G. Atmar Thompson, Jr.

Mary Swanson

Adam and Marika Taylor

Greg Thompson

Ricky G. Swanson

Benjamin F. Taylor

Greg and Hattie Thompson

Ronald P. Swanson

Joshua Taylor

James K. Thompson

Timothy Swanson

Kate Taylor

Jane and Roby Thompson, Jr., M.D.

John Swartchick

Mary Taylor

John and Carol Thompson

Suzanne Swarthout

Robert Taylor

Jon H. Thompson

Fund of The Minneapolis Foundation


♠ = great giving ω = women’s leadership council ∗ = deceased

GATEWAY ($1,000 TO $2,499)


Kevin Thompson

Corey and Rhonda Topp

John and Cathy Ubelhor

Kristine Thompson

Cindy and Ron Toppin

Gary Uecker

Marilyn J. Thompson

Earl Torguson

David and JoEllen Uhl

Matthew Thompson

Stephen A. Tornio and Virgina Bell

Kris and Ron Ulbrich

Robert Thompson

Kimberly Torseth and William Conroy

Mark and Mary Ellen Ulfers

Stan Thompson

Jeffrey Tostenrud

Teresa Ulrich

Steve and Noreen Thompson

JoAnn C. Toth

Charlene Ulstad-Warkentien

James Thomson

Heather Totman

Bret Undem

Joe and Mary Beth Thomson

Julie Trabant

Michael W. and Jeanne H. Unger

Dennis Thonvold

Thomas Tracy

M. Belen Urquiola and Paris Tsobanakis

Ahna Thoresen

Tom Trainor and Deborah Sullivan-Trainor

Nicole Vachon

Susan J. Thoresen

Tom and Holly Traub

Michael Vail

Kyle and Cynthia Thormodson

Mr. and Mrs. Chuck Trautmann

Scott Vaillancourt

Thorn Gribben Wealth Management Group

Jon Trautz

The Valure Family

Adrienne Thornton-Felix

Joyce G. Traver

Kelle VanBeek

Greg and Tammie Thorsen

Jeffrey and Susan Travis

Elizabeth Vance

Thomas and Kathleen Thueson

Mark Traynor

Jerry D. Van Cleave

Inge and Helene Thulin

Tracey R. Trembley

Todd M.VanDenAvond

Ann Thureen and Jim Dew

Jon and Donna Tremmel

Phillip Vander Haar

Jacqueline A. Thureson

Katrina Trescott

Douglas Vander Linden

David W. and Keiko Thurston

Jeremy Tri

Debora and Stephen Vander Schaaf

Jill Ties

Joel A. Trinkle

Joseph Vanderbeck

Lesa and John Tieszen

Bruce, Rebekka, Erin and Elsa Trippet

Julie and Steve Vanderboom

William C. Tietema

Randy C. and Ruth Ann Tronnes

Kenneth Vanderlin

Mark and Jan Tiggas

Allen Troshinsky

Bill and Kathy Vanderwall

David and Yuiko Tilford

Troskey Family

Gregg Vandesteeg

Kim Tillmann

Nancy and Dave Trossen

Philip Van De Velde

Aaron Tinklenberg

John Trotman

Phillip J. Van De Werken

Cynthia Tintner

Jack and Lana Truong

Christine Van Eeckhout

Bill and Sheila Tippie

Wade Trupke

Tim Van Egren

Alexander Tittle

Chris and Jeannette Tschida

Bao Vang

Susan Titus

James Tschida

William Vangen

Heidi and Steve Tjeltveit

Chi-Ming Tseng

Nancy and John Van Gieson

Richard Tkachuk

Kim Tsujimoto and Kevin Hamer

Sherri Vangrevenhof

Bruce and Karen Tobin

Mark Tsutsui

Steve Van Hefty

James and Lorayne Tobin

Eric and Gretchen Tuck

Aaron Van Oort

Kimberly Todero

Ann C. Tucker

Michael Vanyo

Patrick and Sandra K. Tokach

Gwendolyn Tucker

Michael and Lori Varecka

Ross Gunnuf Tollefson

John Tullbane

Pat and Mary Vaske

Wade Tollison

David and Lori Tuomala

Howard Vasquez

Carol Tomai

Cliff and Carol Turnbull

Jacque and Bruce Vatne

Mark A. Tomai

Andrew and Sara Turner

Jim Vaughan

Paul and Saundra Tomascak

John T. Turner

Dorothy E. Vawter

Robert Tomaschko

Mike Turner

Kevin Veenstra

Joe M. Tombers

Robin and Steve Turner

John and Candace Vegter

Bridget A. Tompkins

Jerry Turney

Willy R. and Wendy J. Velarde

Guy and Jennifer Tonder

Christopher Turoski

Susan Veltum-Hall

Lisa and Steven Tonder

John Turpen

David Venberg

Scott Tonneson

B. Twamley

Karla K. Venell

David Toole

John Tyler

Andrew and Emily Vennerstrom

♠ = great giving ω = women’s leadership council ∗ = deceased


GATEWAY ($1,000 TO $2,499)


Tom and Jan Verdoorn

John Wahlstrand

Jack and Marguerite Watson

Andy and Tammy Vergeront

Becky Wahlund

Jeffrey Watson

Eric Verseman

Teresa Waibel

Linda Watson

Patricia H. Vessey

Kristin Walbourn

Lois Wattman

Gordon and Laurie Vetsch

David J. Walcher

Gracy and John Waugh

Paul and Mary Vetter

Joel Waldon

Ralph and Cindy Wawrzyniak

Craig Veurink

Steven Walker

Rena Waxman

Jeanine Viani

Vicki J. Walker

Scott Weatherhead

Alfred Viehbeck

Wayne and Michelle Walker

Howard J. Weaver

Gordon and Diane Viere

Curtis and Sharon Wall

Thomas Weaver

Marc Viers

John and Patricia Wall

Ted Webber

Kyle Viesselman

Craig Wallace

Bob and Eileen Weber

Keith Viggers

David and Elaine Wallace

Darcee Weber and Brad Anderson

John and Mary Vignalo

Karen Wallace

Gordon Weber

Michael and Karla Viland

Scott Wallace

Keith and JoAnn Weber

Paige Vinhall

Rebecca J. Waller

Mike and Carol Weber

Mary T. and Keith R. Vinje

Thomas P. Wallisch

N. Nicole Weber

Mike and Diane Vipond

Louise Wallner

Susan Weber

Karen Viskochil Fund of

Cathy Wallraff

Thom and Laura Weber

Lorrie J. Walsh

Thomas Weber

Michael Vitelli

The Minneapolis Foundation

Nancy E. Walsh

Tiffany Weber

Brian and Susan Voelker

Tim and Andrea Walsh

David F. Webster

Gerald and Beth Voermans

Anthony Walske

Douglas Webster

Jennifer Vogeler

Patricia Walstad

Kim Weckert

Tom and Dana Vogen

Allyson Walters

John and Michele Weddle

Gerald Vogler

Stacy Walters

Jackie Wedell

Dale F. Vogt

Mary Walton

Mike and Greta Wedell

Stacey and Alan Vokrot-Mello

Ranelle Leier Warcken

Kurt Weeding

Frank Volkers

Brad Ward

Ronald C. Weeks

Satya Volla

Debbie Ward

Rosanne Wehland

Thomas J. Vollbrecht

Doug and Carol Ward

Randall T. Wehrle

Kimberly Voltz

Lyle G. Ward

Timothy and Mary Weidenhaft

David VonWeiss

Mark and Jennifer Ward

John Weigel

Tim Vorgert

Sheila Ward

Cathy A. Weik

Ippocratis Vrohidis

Cynthia A. Wardell

Donna M. Weimelt

John E. Vylasek

Jody Warden

Ed Weingartner

Kurt and Susan Waananen

Jane Wardhana

Gary and Dori Weinstein

Carolyn Wacker

Bobby and Denise Warfield

Jim Weinstein

Wallace and Jeanne Wadd

Donna Warner

Jeffery and Julie Weirens

Arlin Waelti

Stephen and Anita Warner

Karen Weis

Donald Wagner and Rebecca Johnson

Steven and Diana Warner

Tom and Julie Weisbecker

Lori Wagner

Brian Warnert

Daniel Weiss

Michael Wagner

Kevin and Greta Warren

Jennifer L. Weiss

Phyllis Wagner

Charles Warta

Verne and Phyllis Weiss

Shelly Wagner

Gene Washington

Jennifer and Nathan Weixel

Tom and Rebecca Wagner

Gerald J. Wasiluk

Jennifer R. Welch

Todd R. Wagner

Kathryn R. Waters

John Wellborn

Dave and Jean Wagy

Jessica Watje

Joseph and Barbara Welle

Dean Wahlin

Patricia Watkins

Michael Wellner

Dewey and Carrie Wahlin

Frederick Watson

Steve Wellner


♠ = great giving ω = women’s leadership council ∗ = deceased

GATEWAY ($1,000 TO $2,499)


Patti Wells

Ellen White

Gregory Wilson

James Welsh

James White

James L. Wilson

Anthony Welter

Jesse White

John Wilson

Mark Welty

Jeanne and Joe White

Pamela Wilson

Larry A. Wendling

Kent White

Theresa J. Wilson

Dale Wendorff

Theron Whitehorn

Margaret Winchell

Dan J. Wendt

Duane Whitney

Pete and Margaret Winchell

Robert and Ra-Nae Wendt

Cami Whitt

Gary J. Windels and Barbara Berg Windels

Janice L. Wenker

Jennifer Whittaker and Matthew Jolly

John W. Windhorst, Jr.

Steven P. Wentworth

June Wiberg

Mark and Laurie Windisch

Tom and Mari Wenzinger

Deborah Wichman

Thomas Windram

Karen and Steve Werden

Steven Wick

Bekki Windsperger

Paul M. Werger II

Colin Wicker

Nigel Wingate

Robert L. Werner

Tim Wicker and Carolyn Deters

Ryan Winkels

Theresa Werner

Kurt Wickstrom and

Dennis and Jill Winslow

Stephen Wernersbach

Cora Warkentin Wickstrom

Mark Winston

Doug and Julie Wersal

Brian and Sonja Wieber

Paul Winter

Ellen Wersan and Tim Sandry

John Wiebold and Hillary Panowitsch

Christine Winterkamp

Henry Wesley

Michael J. and Pam Wiehe

Douglas Winters

Bill and Rosemary Wesmann

Troy Wiehoff

Keith G. Winters

Suzanne Wessels

Elizabeth Wiens

Greta Wintheiser

Scott and Christy West

Doug and Marcy Wiesner

Alan Wirbisky

Katherine Westberg

Katherine A. Wilcox

Nancy Wirth

Steven R. Westby

Richard Wildsmith

Ken and Nina Wise

James Westcott

John S. Wilebski

Steve and Jennifer Wistrcill

Gary Westeen

Debra Wilfong

Joe and Michelle Witchger

Don and Sue Wester

Betsy Wilhelm

Benjamin Withhart and Laures Young

James Westerman

Mark Wilhite

Peter J. Withoff

Mark Westin

Bob and Cindy Wilke

Mark Witmer

Sue Westrich

Linda Wilkinson

Joe Wittig

Robert Wetherbee

Annetta and Robert J. Willers

Joan and Wayne Wittman

David and Kristine Wetmore

Georgia Willett

Caroline Wnuk

Linda Wetterlin

C. Arthur Williams, Jr.

Daniel J. Woehrle

James Wetzel

Charles and Rachel Williams

James and Yvette Woell

Joy M. and John T. Wetzel

Gary Williams

Peg and Dick Woellner

Peter Weum

Geri Williams

Warren D. Woessner and Iris C. Freeman

Mark and Muriel Wexler Foundation

Jim and Julie Williams

Christine Wold

John Weyers

Larry Williams

Greg and Barb Wold

Barry and Stephanie Whalen

Linda Williams

Gregory Wolf

Frank Wheeler

Patricia C. Williams

Michael and Marikay Wolf

Michael Wheeler and Robert Smith

Patrick and Lori Williams

Rob and Michelle Wolf

Dennis and Pat Whelpley

Robert D. Williams

Colleen Wolfe

Roger and Kathleen Wherry

Wendy Williams

Mike Wolff and Jean Blaeser-Wolff

Tom and Peggy Whisler

Catherine Williamson

Ryan Wolff

Doug and Kathy Whitaker

Loren and Kim Willis

Timothy Wollmuth

Jack and Sue Whitaker

Raymond and Elizabeth Willis

Paul F. Wolner

Steven and Shannon Whitaker

Allan D. Willits

James T. Wolter, Ph.D.

Nancy and Bill Whitaker, Jr.

Kay Willshire

Robert Wolter

Pat Whitcomb

Michael J. Wilm

Gail Wong

Bryce and Darci White

Ken and Katie Wilmer

Timothy Wong and Jodene Pope

♠ = great giving ω = women’s leadership council ∗ = deceased


GATEWAY ($1,000 TO $2,499)


Henry Woo

April L. Wyland

James Zavodny

Steven and Beverly Woo

Barbara Wysoske

Barbara J. Zeches and Keith Rudolph

Brett Wood

James Wyvell

Mike Zechmeister

Michelle Wood

Ray J. Yakimchuk

Charles and Julie Zelle

Monte Wood

David Yale

Lawrence and Hannalee Zelle

Michael and Pamela Woodard

Jim Yanisch

Paul and Barb Zeller

Timothy and Lori Woodfield

Jon Yeager

Craig A. Zellmer

Dr. and Mrs. Donald Woodley

Mary C. Yeager

Jeffrey Zeman

Robert Woodrow

Fay Yeomans

Michael Zenk

Eugene and Carol Woodward

Ken Yoerg

Tony and Beth Zeuli

Steve and Susan Wooldridge

Brad Yopp

Richard A. Zgodava

Kenneth Wooley

Patrick H. Yorek

Terry Zickrick

Margaret Wooley

Kent and Cindy York

Tammy Ziegenbein

Ghita Worcester

John Yorkovich

Aaron Ziegler

David and Roberta Worrell

Peter Yost

Mark Ziegler

John A. Worrell

Tim and Christine Young

Ronald Ziegler

Susan L. Woulfe

Valerie Young

Stephanie J. Ziegler

Beth A. Wozniak

Wendy L. Young

Dana and Travis Zielinski

Bryan Wray

Donald and Sandra Youngdahl

Michelle Ziemann

Kindra Wray

Mike and Corinne Youso

Ann Zierman

David Wright

Cesar Yu

Denis and Michelle Zilmer

Kevin Wright

Mark Yungner

Amy L. Zimmerman

Kimberlee Wright

Robert J. Yunker

Jonathan Zimmerman

Rebecca Wright

David W. Yutesler

Marcia Zimmerman and Frank Hornstein

Robin E. Wright

Frank Zabel

Patrick G. Zimmerman

Robin Wright

Leon Zaczkowski

Shirley Zimmerman

Scott W. Wright

John Zaic

Roy Zimmermann

Paul and Yea-Huey Wu

Michael Zalk and Sissel Ilstad

Phil Zins

Roberta Wu

Shahed Zaman

Billie Zippel

Susan Wudi

Linda Zammit

Paul and Debbie Zisla

Barbara Wurdeman

Mitchell Zamoff

Dave and Cheryl Zitur

David Wurm

Joy Zangl-Meilleur

Jack G. Zouber

Bryan Wurscher

Joseph A. Zappa

Lori Zumwinkle

Brenda Wurst

James P. Zappia

Dan and Lora Zwonitzer

Christopher J. Wurtz

David and Carol Zaudtke



♠ = great giving ω = women’s leadership council ∗ = deceased

GAT E WAY LEADERS ( $ 1 , 0 0 0 ($500 T O $ 4TO , 9$999) 99) EMERGING


Anne Abbe

Regina Artley

Julie Benick

Dorothy Abellard

Jill Ashley-Grochowski

Lewis Bequette

Douglas P. Abrahamson

Kelly and Brian Aubrey

Raquel and Michael Berg

Therese Addy

Brian J. Avery

Richard Berg

Kimberly Agnew-Heard

Martin Awcock

Joan and Jeff Berge

Sheriff Ahmed

Darell and Susan Bach

Clark and Lisa Bergholtz

Theresa Aleckson

Gary E. Bacher

Brent Bergland

Kimberly K. Alexander

Jim Badzinski

Sharon and Joe Berglund

Roy Alexander

Donna Bailey

Peter Berlute

Sarah Alexander

Vicki Bailey

Wendy Berndt

David and JoAnne Alkire

Mara and Jason Bain

Scott A. Berning

Carolyn Allard

Leona Baker

Barbara J. Berquist

Nancy Allen

Sheri J. Bandle

Lynn J. Bertrand

Kim L. Alstrup

Kari Banick

Jason Besler

Thomas J. Alton

Brian R. Barber

Bruce Bester

Jeffrey G. Alverson

Donna Barbour-Talley

Jean-Paul and Shawna Beyak

Doris Ames

Doug and Carolyn Barinsky

Donald J. Bezek, Jr.

Barbara Andersen

Robyn and Vicki Barker

Andi Bidwell

Joe and Riva Andersen

Marta Barnett

Richard Bintzler

Aileen Anderson

Michael M. Barrett

Yolanda Bircher

Bonnie Anderson

Ron Barthell

Jim Bishop

Brent Anderson

Eugene Bassett

Robert M. Black

Bryan D. Anderson

Richard A. Bates

Kathryn Blaul

Chris Anderson and

Stephanie Battle

Troy Bizzard

Timothy Bauer

Tammy Block

Chuck and Diane Anderson

Mark Bauleke

Aaron Bloomquist

David A. Anderson

Brad Baumann

Chad C. Blumeyer

Gary R. Anderson

James and Martha Baumbach

Tom Boardman

Gregory J. Anderson

Reid J. Baynes

Steven M. Boehm

Gregory L. Anderson

Matthew C. Bazzano

Theresa Boehnlein-Kearby

James L. Anderson

Karen Beadie

Kelly and Brian Boelke

Laurinda and Dan Anderson

Melissa Bearth

Susan L. Boettcher

Lisa Anderson

Barbara Beats

Douglas Boldon

Michael and Elizabeth Anderson

Kathleen Beaty

Jill Bollettieri

Michael and Sarah Anderson

Lisa Beaudry

John R. Bonifaci

Troy Anderson

Paul and Susie Beaumaster

Wendy B. Boosalis

Charles H. Angelo III *

Roy Bechtold

Jo A. Borchers

David Antonneau

Daniel Beck

Susan M. Borgen

Gustavo Aramayo

Carol Becker

Robert Borgeson

Bernice Arias-Sather

Karen Becker-Gemmill and James Gemmill

Rebecca A. Borrell

Nicole Arness

James J. Beckstrom

Brian Bosak

Eileen Arnold and Craig Hohensee

Tom and Ann Begich

Mary Helen Bosquez

Sally H. Arnold

Lee Belka

John and Sara Boss

Lindsay G. Arthur, Jr.

David T. Bell

Elizabeth Botkin

Thelma Gutie’rrez-Anderson

Please forgive us. While we make every effort to ensure the accuracy of our records, we occasionally find errors. If we have omitted, misplaced or misspelled your name, please accept our apologies and contact us so that we may correct our records. Please call Donor Stewardship at (612) 340-7404. Lists are based on information received as of June 30, 2010.

♠ = great giving ω = women’s leadership council ∗ = deceased




Jerry Bourdon

Michael Cahn

Scott H. Costello

Ellen P. Bourgeault

Rebecca A. Cahn

Amy Cotton

Richard Bourgon

Mark and Molly Calkins

Vicky E. Couillard

Jim Boyd

Michael and Laurie Camilli

Eric Cowan

John Boyden

Leslie Campbell

Holly and Chris Cox

Keith Bradach

Cary Cardell

William Craig

Allison Bradford

Dan Carlson

Paul L. Craij

Norris Brand

Diane Carlson

Beth Crain

James Brandt

Donald A. Carlson

Alicia Slindee

John and Beth Bredemus

Jonathan Carlson

Kathleen Crary

Jeff Brennan

Laura J. Carlson

Sandra M. Crawford

Sarah J. Brenny

Sharon Carlson

Jennifer Crews

Mary R. Breslin

Lisa C. Carriere

Jacqueline Crisp

Mark W. Brimacombe

Jonathan Levain Carter

Patricia Croal and Delbert Meismer

Barry Brooks

Denise Carter-Christianson

Gregory Cronin

Carole A. Brouellette

Cheryl Cartony

Bow Crosby

Beth A. Brown

Daniel Casar

Scott B. and Julie A. Crossman

Chad A. Brown and

Suzanne Case

Nancy Crothers

Mary Ellen Cash

Sharon Crow

Mary Brown

Jim and Kim Cassens

Dawn Cunningham

Paul Brown

Debra Casserly

Phillip D. Cykana

Wil Brown

Michael Casserly

Kenneth and Lorilee Dady

Bruce Bruemmer

John Castellano

Andrew Dahlgren

Sharron Brunette

Michael Caza

Pat and Patty Dale

Linda R. Bryant

Michael and Clare Ceballos

Joyce Dallin

J. Mark Bryant

Eric Cepek

Michael R. Damasin

Eric Bryhn

Robert T. Cesena

Stephen Daniel

Sandra L. Buboltz

Mary Chilinski

Nathan Danielson

Elizabeth Buchholz

Vivian Chow

Kim J. Darsow

Donna Buchta

Gustavof Christensen

Karen Darwin and Heidi Reasbeck

Donna Budde

M. Theresa Christiansen

Edward Dau

Brent and Jennifer Budke

Donald Christopherson

Rita I. Dauka

Daniel Beuchler

Heidi Christopherson

Gregory Davignon

Lea Buerman

H. Young Chung

Jana L. Davis

Thomas R. Buirge

Walter Cisewski

Joseph Davis

Amy Bunch

Tim and Barbara Clarity

Jim and Bonnie Davy

Joseph Burgess

Brad Clark

Chuck Day

Ryan Burggraff

Craig Claude

Christopher DeBeer

Justin Burke

Laurie Clauson

Julie A. DeHaan

Michael J. Burkstrand

Lisa Clifford

Debra Deibel

Lois S. Burnett

Jay Clough

Mark De La Forest

Kris Burns

James and Dorothy Cobb

Michelle M. Delamielleure

David and Mary Burrill

Michelle Cohen

Donna and Tom DeMatteo

Sharon Burstein

Steven M. Cohoon

Tami L. Demorrett

Tom Bushnell

Gregory Coil

Celeste C. denDaas

Carla Bustrom

Anthony Colanino

Dori Denelle

Brian D. Buxton

Giuseppe Commodaro

Darlene DePass

Dale Bychinski

Tracy and Kathy Connell

Susan Deters

Connie Cadden

Timothy and Donna Conners

Noreen Detwiler

Pamela and Mark Cady

Jeff Coombe

Derek Devgun

Charles W. Botzenmayer ♠


♠ = great giving ω = women’s leadership council ∗ = deceased



Vicki DeVore

Deborah S. Elsey

Chad Freeman

Allan Devries

Lloyd and Makesh Elson

Paul I. Freeman

Jim and Mary Dewey

Rosealee C. Emerick

Sharon Freeman-Whitton

Serra and Nicholas Dewey

Peter D. Engebretson

Marilyn R. Froelich

Gail J. Dexter

Maureen Engelstad

Susan Frye

Susan Dick

Jennifer Engh

Shawn Fuller

Lea Dickinson

Carla Engstrom

Vincent Fuller

Nancy J. Dickinson

Christiaan Engstrom

Jason Gabrick

Amy and Mike Dickson

Susan S. and Tom Enlow

Helene Gagoud

Ronald J. Diedrich

Gary Eppinger

Michelle Gainey

Wayne Dilling

Sandra L. Erben

Genevieve Gallagher

Susan Dillon

Bruce Erickson

Jeffrey and Kim Gans

Roger Dittmer

Michael Erickson

Jennifer Garber

Ed and Patricia Doboszenski

Norman Erickson

Michelle and Paul Gardner

Jon A. Dobson

Todd Erickson

Timothy J. Gardner

Stuart Dodds

Richard and Cynthia Ericson

Harry Garfield

Gayle Dodson

Nick and Kelley Esch

Mary Ann Garvey

James P. Doerfler

A. Robert Etteldorf

Norman Gaskins

Thomas J. Dokken

Mark Evans

Susan Gauthier

Rod and Linda Dolan

Delores M. Eversman

Marissa Gautsch

Rosemary Dolata

Kevin Eye

Lisa Geehan

Richard Dolski

Brenda M. Falck

Elliot Gerard

Sharon Donovan

Becky J. Featherston

Jon Gerdes

Jeff Doorenbos

Randy and Kathy Felch

Elizabeth Gerlach

Michele Doran

Annette Fellows

Suzanne Geroux

Holly Dornbach

Michele Ferguson

JacQueline Getty

Daniel and Julie Dosek

Ricardo Fernandez

Alvin and Jackie Ghylin

Gus and Alecia Dotterweich

Jacqueline K. Filter

Robin and Janaan Gibis

Lillian M. Drake

Janet and John Filter ♠

Beth Gieseke

Lisa A. Drake

Anne Finch

Jason and Stephanie Gieseke

Ron and Jan Draper

Tony and Linda Finnerty

Dennis Gilbertson

Stacey Drentlaw

Debbie Fischer

Brad and Lisa Gilbertson Family

Marc and Janel Drews

Larry and Marian Fischer

Jeannie and Steve Gilfix

Eric DuChene

Robin Fisher

Melanie Gill

Robert Dumas

Jodi F. Fish

Michael Ginal

Jill E. Dunning-Harris

Karen F. Fitch

Roy Ginsburg

Patricia E. Durst

Paul H. Fitzenberger

Fredrick H. Girres

Timothy A. Ebeling

Sarah B. Fjelstul

Lou and Mark Glad

David Eckholm

Joshua V. Flatla

Kathy Glover

Kate Ecklund

Mark and Connie Fleigle

Tim Gluszak

Sue Edblom

Timothy P. Fogarty

Brianna Goad

Pamela L. Edison

Julie A. Foiles

Lee and Colette Goderstad

Thomas Eich

Keith Folkert

James Gohman

Stacy Eichenlaub

William and Joann Foreman

Douglas Gold

Linda Elbert

Eric Fox

Jason Golde

Steven Elbert

Douglas L. Frame

Daniel and Laura Good

Elizabeth Elicerio-Nelson

Brian A. Franchuk

Don Good

Marge Ellert

Christine M. Francis

Charles Goodall

Alan Ellison and Lorna Hunt Ellison

William and Kathryn Fredell

David Goodman

Glenn M. Elo

Carol M. Frederick

Peter Goodwin

♠ = great giving ω = women’s leadership council ∗ = deceased




Scott and Tina Gorden

Matthew and Patti Hankes

Jeffrey Hendrickson

Terry Gorham

Kathy Hanlin

Jamey Henne

Danica Goshert

Jean Hanna

Ray C. Henningson

Barbara Gould

Scott Hannah

Erik R. Henriksen

David Goulet

Jeffrey Hanratty

David Henstrom

Kannan Govindasamy

Darin Hansen

Douglas Herberg

William Gower

Gary L. Hansen

Mark Herting

Mickey and Gwen Grabowski

Cheryl K. Hanson

Tim Herzog

Janet and Philip Gracia

Craig and Anne Hanson

Julie Hessler

Timothy Grafe and Karen Seal Grafe

Darin and Leah Hanson

Jonathan and Amy Hester

Desmond Miyazaki Granrose

James Hanson

Crystal Heublein

Sarah Grauze

Jodi Hanson

Stephanie Hiatt

Gary and Jill Gray

Jon L. Hanson

Pam Hietalati

John Greenzweig

Kathleen A. Hanson

Doug Hildre

Aaron Grell

Kimberly Hanson

Steven Hiles

Ronald Grell

Tracie Hanson

Bonnie A. Hill

Jason D. Greni

Mr. and Mrs. Daniel G. Happe

Rev. Dr. Darcel Hill

Jamie Greshowak

Donald Haryson

Paul Hill

Jason A. Greves

Wendy Harden

Douglas J. Hillstrom

Dean Griffith

Patricia A. Hardman

Kathryn Hilpisch

David Grimes

Nicole Harr

Janel E. Hinde

Lee Groehler

Colleen Horn Harris

Stephen and Kathleen Hiner

Michelle Grogg

Karen Harris

Kimberly Hinrichsen

LeAnn Groth

Pat and Laura Harris

Catherine Hintz

Carol Grothem

Vashondra Harris

Thomas Hitch

Daniel Grunklee

Judith Hartfiel

Ron Hoff

Eric Gugger

Shelley Hartman

Dennis and Denise Hoffbeck

Catherine Gunsbury

Ellen Hatfield and Jon Tevlin

John R. Hoffman and

Kristen Gupta

Jeremy P. Haug

Marlys Gurtiz

Lori Hauge-Gunther

Mark T. Hoffman

Angela and Brian Gustafson

Michael Haugen

Robert Hofmann

Mark S. Gustafson

Dianne and Braxton Haulcy, Jr.

Renee Hogan

Steve and Catherine Gustafson

Maynard Havlicek

Tess Hohman

Julia H. Gutz

Carla Hawley

David Hoiland and Rhonda Kuehl

Danielle Gutzmer

Darin Hawley

Brant Hollenkamp

Steven C. Hackett

Cheryl A. Hayne

Gregory G. and Lori A. Hollenkamp

Raydenne A. Hagan

Gregory R. Heaton-Hill

Karen C. Holmen

James L. Hageman

Robb Heckmann

Teresa Holten

John G. Hageman

Ron and Susan Heddleson

Qui and Sara Hong

Mark J. Hager

Joseph W. Heegard

Bill and Casey Hooke

Brian Hall

Paul E. Heerwald

Christopher Hooks

Richard H. Hall

Ron Heeter

Paul Horky

Nick Halstead

David W. Hein

Jodi Horne and Richard Nuss

Maureen Halverson

Dawn Heinonen

Bruce Hoshor

Sandy Hamel

Jonathan Heinrichs

Sheryl R. Hough

Becky Hamilton

Katrina Heinze

David Howell

Jeff Hamilton

Kellie S. Helgerson

Holden and Yu Wen J. Hsiao

Toby Hammer

Lisa Helland

William P. Hsu

Peter and Susan Hancuh

Mike and Denise Helmen

Randall Hubin

Lindsay Besser Hank

Dean Heltemes

Julie Hudak


Debra Neubauer-Hoffman

♠ = great giving ω = women’s leadership council ∗ = deceased



Jennifer Hudlow

Paul L. Johnson

Joe Kenyon

Y. M. Huffman

Paul T. Johnson

Laurie Kerschner

Susanna Hui

Susan and Doug Johnson

Elie Ketchum

Dorothy F. Hull

Susan J. Johnson

Jeremy Kidd

Jeff Hultgren

Theodore and Karen Johnson

Steven Kidder

Dawn Hunter

Thomas and Michella Johnson

Becky Kieffer

Tom and Lauren Huntington

Tracy L. Johnson

Paul and Carol Kieffer

Allan Hurd

Jillian Johnson-Biancamano

Kenneth Kierzek

Richard Hurt

Bo and Melissa Johnston

Darrell J. Kieser

Robert Irlbeck

Debra Johnston

Alexia P. Kilpatrick

Steven Iverson

Cindy Joice

Hyon Kim

John J. Jackson

Barbara Jones

Noel Kim

Dean Jacobs

Judy Jones

Rebecca and Justin Kindelspire

David Jacobson

Julian Jones

Sharon L. King

Bruce and Sandy Jacoby

Ron and Rosa Jones

Audrey and Ron Kintzi

Michael and Jennifer Jagielski

Theresa Jones

Joseph Kiolbasa

Lisa and Jeff Jahn Family

Loralean A. Jordan

Mark and Beth Kirchhoff

Robert Jakse

Aaron J. Jorgensen

Guri Kirkeng

Dan Jakubic

Richard Jorgensen

Renee L. Kirscht-Rascher

Paul Jeannotte

Luann Joy

Eric Kirsling

Troy A. Jenison

Don and Alyca Judge

Thomas J. Kleich

Joni Jenkins

Carleen and Duane Juran

Randy Klein

Mark Jennen

Mary Kaczmarek

Mavis A. Klemmensen

Carrie and Richard Jensen

William F. Kaemmerer

Shannon and Matt Klick

David L. Jensen

Kenneth J. Kalina

Delmar and Jan Kloewer

Erica Jensen

Lee Kalivoda

Andrew J. Klosinski

Jean Ann Jensen

Mark J. Kalla

Adam Knutson

Jenessa Jensen

Joel and JoAnn Kamerud

Cathy Kobayashi

Shereen J. Jensen

Susan Kamper

Richard Kobes

Lisa Jewison

Ryan Kane and Colleen Tahnk

Kevin Kohler

Pauline Jezierski

Colleen Kangas

Cindy Kokott

Kyle, Kalee, and Natashia Johannes

Lani Kangas

Joe and Maureen Kolstad

Scott A. Johansen

Tenley Kanwischer

William H. Komp

Timothy Johanson

Andrea Kao and Dan Greenfield

Jon Kortebein

David C. Johns

Jeffrey Kapala

Joanne V. Kosciolek

Alan and Barbara Johnson

B. Colleen Kargel

Jessica Koster

Alan M. Johnson

Brett Kasak

Doug Kotowski

Barry Johnson

James Kastanek

Lori J. Koutsky

Bob Johnson

Elizabeth Kathan

Roman M. and Nancy A. Kozak

Cathy E. Johnson

Susan Katzenberger

Daryn Kracht

Curt and Ana Johnson

Andrea Kaufman and Jim Jacobson

William Kraft

David and Deborah Johnson

Akshay Kaura

Jamie Kramer

Elizabeth Johnson

Cindy K. Kehus

Jeanne Krantz-Swenson

Jack D. Johnson

Lawrence Keller

Tom M. Kranz

James C. Johnson

Tim Kelley

Jennifer A. Krause

Janet Johnson

Mary B. Kelly

Kumar Krishna-Kishore

Kristi Johnson

Ronald I. Kelner

Thomas Kristensen

Maria Johnson

Penny Kennealy

Daniel Kropp

Maria Johnson

Michael and Emilie Kennedy

Wendy S. Krueger

Mary K. Johnson

Jean Kensy

Timothy Kubicek LEADERSHIP GIVING | 53



Kamie L. Kueneman

Kevin Lepel

Moira Majerle

Jonathan and Tanya Kugel

John and Stephanie Levy

Timothy Makens

Shawn M. Kuiper

Brandon and Jolene Lew

Linda J. Maki

Alexander Kunau

Kara Lewis

Thomas Malaske

Barbara Kuntz

Lynn C. Lewis

Shawn Malek-Zedegan

Connie Kupferschmidt

Roy Liang

John Malone

Thomas Kurtz

Robert Lies

Jeff Malsam

Victoria LaBau

Bryan and Debra Lillehaugen

Ellen M. Manderfeld

Patricia LaBerge

Paul A. Lindemann

Kelly Manderfeld

Jennifer L. LaChance

Paula and Tim Lindgren

Jacquie Manick

Thomas Laduke

David Link

Kenneth Manke

Winona Lakin

Anne Louise Liska

Sandra Manson

Scott Lamberton

Dan and Lenora Little

James L. Manuell

Richard A. Lamers

Jim and Lila Little

Ronald Markusson

Marilyn E. Lamoreux

Ann M. Lloyd

Jeff Marone

Heather Lande

Dee Lo

Beth Marshall

Todd Landon

James Lockhart

Jayme L. Martin

Karla Landry

Seth Lockner

Jennifer H. and Richard J. Martin

Karen Lange

Peter R. Loewenson

Melodie Martin

Craig A. Lanoue

Kenneth P. Loher

Rebecca L. Martini

Tom and Michelle Lanz

Julie Lokken

Geoff Mason

John B. Laprairie

Connie Long

Andrew Massaro

Geoffrey Laramy

Marty Long

Nene Matey-Keke

Joseph Lardy

Shelley Long

Sandra M. Mathisen

Hans H. Larsen

Ann Marie Longo

Jaimie and Jim Mattson

Merwyn R. Larsen

John Loosbrock

Debra May

Carol Larson

Nancy Loosbrock

Jeffrey May

Cheryl A. Larson

William L. Looser

Gerhard Mayer

Dave Larson

Alan F. Loquasto

Robert S. Mayer and Jody Beresford

Sherri L. Larson

Maria Loucks

Carmen Mazza

Leann and George Latus

Ben and Nancy Louwagie

Patrick McArdle

Randall S. Lau

Jason and Jill Loven

Laurie McBane

Michael Laughlin

Nancy and Tom Lucas

Courtney McBean

Bricker Lavik

Mark Lueking

Theresa McCarthy-Pohl and Daniel Pohl

Tinh T. Le

Michael Luker

Suzanne and Robert McCarty

Curt Leaf

Cindy Lund

Jeanne McClish

Janet Leavitt

Terrance W. Lundberg

Lisa McClure

Alyce Leblanc

Richard Lupient

Christina McCoy

Melanie Leckey

Aileen Lyle

Jayne Barnard McCoy

Charles Lecrone

Jenny Maack

Kristopher J. McCoy

John P. Lee

Tim L. Maag

Tim McCoy

Mary Lee

Stephen P. Maciosek

Michael McFarlane

Janeen Leick

Abigail Mackenzie

Peggy McGinnis

Melissa Leick

David MacLeod

Patricia E. McGrath

Sara Leiste

Michael A. Madden

Gerard J. McGraw

John R. Leiviska

Jerry Maddox

Chad M. McGuire

Tony Lemaire

Deborah and Brian Madson

John P. and Sarah McHugh

Karen Lemmons

Peter J. Magnuson

William McKearn

Shelly Lenzen

Laura Mahutchin

George Jay McKoskey

Chad Leonard

Kim A. Main

Rebecca McManus




Tim and Terri McNeal

Anthony Morse

Lori G. Noel

Blair McNeil

Matthew Morse

Karen and Mike Nohr

Daniel McPherson

Rod J. Morton

Emily and Tim Nolan

Kathleen McPhillips

John Moser

Kevin C. Norby

John and Juanita McRell

Mark R. Motzel and Wendy K. Stulac-Motzel

Thomas A. Nordstrom

Jeffrey McVay

Laurie Mount

Juyali Nortman

Steve and Teri Meads

Tim Moynihan

Mark and Nina Novitzki

Tanya Mears

Dale Mueller

Daniel Nugteren

Fuad Mehawej

Greg S. and Wendy E. Mueller

Ranga Nutakki

Gregg Mekler

Jeffrey Mueller and Randy Sands

Ellen Nyberg

Brent Mellum

Kurt Mueller

Susan Nygaard

Thomas Melnyk

Jennifer Mukhtiar

Paul Nyhus

Trudi Meloche

Karen P. Muller

Daniel Oase

Sharyl Melson

Ismael Munar

Daniel O’Brien

Angela Mengelkoch

Carol Mundy

Terry E. O’Brien

Katie and Todd Messerli

Amanda and Hazzen Munoz

Ojonimi Ocholi

Eleanor H. Meyer

Robert Murnane

Michael Oden

Gerald N. Meyer

Geoffrey H. Murphy

John O’Dwyer

Matthew Meyer

Linda Murphy

Karl and Theresa Oestreich

Scott and Elizabeth Meyer

Tricia L. Murphy

Erin Oglesbay

William M. and Kay E. Mezzano

Mary Nadeau

Matthew O’Hara

Dickson Michael

Ashok and Rashmi Nangia

Carol and David Oliver

Joel and Kaye Mickelson

V. Narayanaswamy

James Oliver

Mark Middendorf

Gladys Negrete-Lampat

Geary and Gail Olsen

Peter M. Mikelson

Dixie Neilson

Toby Olsen

George A. Miketa

Susan Neis

Cynthia Olson, M.D.

Michael and Suzanne Milacnik

Chris Nelson

Gregg E. Olson

Marsha Milgrom

Dana Nelson

Mark Olson

Alison Miller

David Nelson

Melissa G. Olson

Jacalyn Miller

Eric Nelson

Roger B. Olson

Larry Miller

G. Douglas and Lynn A. Nelson

Valdemar J. Olson

Michelle M. Miller

Gregory Nelson

Sherry Olson-Justice

Vija M. Miller

Jennifer M. Nelson

Abidemi O. Oluwole

Wendy A. Miller

Kristi J. Nelson

Jim and Kristi O’Neill and Family

William Millinczek

Lisa D. Nelson

Julie Opheim

Mike Milne

Mark R. Nelson

Crystal Opse

Barbara Milon

Nicolee Nelson

Daniel O’Reilly

J. David Mingus

Scott and Lori Nelson

Brian and Mary O’Rourke

Timothy Missling

Scott Nelson

Kevin R. Orth

William A. Mittelstadt

Sharon and David Nelson

Jacque Osmian

Martha J. Modrynski

Stephen Nelson

Gerianne Ostendorf

Khadar Mohamed

Beth and Nelson Neubrech

Nancy Ostlund

David A. Montecalvo

Keith Newhouse

Louis Oswalt

Kimberly A. Montgomery

Justin Nguyen

Paris Otremba

David K. Mooers

Eugene M. Nichols

Melissa Otto

Holly Morehead

Everil Neibuhr

Robert Owen

Cheryl A. Moreland

Todd Nielsen

Allason (Al) Owens

Maureen Morem

Kevin Nieman

Mark K. Owens

Julie Morey

Gregory Niemann

Margie Oxborough

Mark Morrow

Cathy D. Noblet

Richard W. Ozer LEADERSHIP GIVING | 55



Robert B. Pagnucco

Greg and Rhonda Polanski

Jordan Roberge

Cynthia Palm

Brooks F. Poley

David T. Roberts

Jeffrey J. Pankoff

Michael Pollack

Lee and Ann Roberts

Zoanne Paradis

Steven G. Polski

Steven J. Robertson

Richard Parran, Jr.

William Polston

Daniel P. Robinson

Nancy Parten

Angela Poppe

Jacqueline Robinson

Dihren Patel

Christopher Post

Ricardo Robles

Lance and Alexis Patrick

Mary and Greg Poul

Michael M. Rock

Carolyn Patten

William Prebil

Erik and Amy Roell

Daniel J. Paulsen, Jr.

Shane and ShawnMarie Prevost

Steven H. Roers

Brian S. Paulson

Julie L. Pribnow

Jessica Rogers

Tom Pauly

Linda Prichard

Patrick Rogers

Joan Paumen

Katrena Proffitt

Tami Rogers

Richard and Darcie Payne

Heidi Pross

Gerald O. and Anna C. Rohlfsen

Erin Payton

Kae Pumarlo

Janna R. Rohrer

Tina Payton

Travis Rabe

Carla and John Rokke

Kimberly Pearce

Patricia A. Rada

Jim and Judy Romlin

Rita Pearce

Jean M. Radke

John P. Ronhovde

Jill Pearson

Amy Radloff

Amy Ronneberg

Dennis Pederson

Keith A. Rahn

Frederick Roos

Gary Pederson and Mike Dugan

Brenda Raiche

George and Karen Lee Rosar

Carmen Pehler

Makram and Kanthimathi Ramanujan

Shannon Rosati

Pat Peine

JoBeth and Mike Ranfranz

Randall J. Rosauer

Gaylen Perkuhn

Pam Ranta

Beth and Ralph Rose

Olivier J. Perrin

John R. Rash

Amy Rosendahl

Amy Perrizo

Aimee and Mark Rassier

David Rosenmeyer

Beth Peta

Michael D. Raymond

Darren Roslansky

John A. Petek

Benjamin Reagan

Julie Rothstein

Lynn M. Petersen

Teresa Rebischke

Thomas Roushar

Todd Petersen

Deborah Redmann

Elisa Rucker

Beverly Peterson

Mike Regan

Bradley Ruhl

E. Daniel Peterson

Scott R. Reid

Tom P. Rusch

Eric and Janelle Peterson

Earl and Ellen Reinhardt

Mary and Steve Ruzek

Erika Peterson

Margaret Reinhardt

Julie Ryan

Kera Peterson

Frank Remley

Karen M. Ryan

Kurt Peterson

Marcus W. Rentschler

Marjorie Ryerson

Timothy A. Peterson

Dale Reschke

Karen Sachs

Jason Pfarr

Theresa M. Restivo

Steve Sallstrom

Sean Picht

Matthew Reuter

Glenn Salvo

Ellen Piepgras

Bobby Rhodes

Carolyn Sandgren

Margaret and Bill Pierson

Carleen K. Rhodes

Michael Sandmann

Troy Pierson

Marie Rice

Sandra Sands

Bernard V. Piorek

Daphne Rich

Joseph Sarageno

James Pipkin

Brian Riches

Paul V. Sariego

James Pittenger

Sue Richey

Shantanu Sarkar

Paul Plahn and Debra Bly

Lou Riebe

Greg A. Sasik

Karen Plaman

Chad Rieschl

Shelly M. Saunders

Ronald Plante

Gary Rimmey

Stephanie Savage

Steve O. Plunkett

Annette F. Rivard

Suzanne Sawyer

Thomas Pogreba

William Robeck

Craig Scanlon




Therese Scherber

Sanders Shapiro

John and Patty Stang

Carroll Schiley

Russell W. Sheaffer

Dan Stangler

David Schimke

David and Suzanne Shearon

Karmin Stanley

Kevin Schluender

Gloria Sheehan

Theresa Statz

Kurt and Rebecca Schluter

Craig Sherwin

Jason Stauffenecker

Grant Schmalzer

Daniel Shin

Linda Steck

Jeffrey Schmidt

Beth Shipman

Graham D. Steele

Traci Peterson Schmit, Mya and Rylen

Michael and Julie Shoup

Robert J. Steffel

Thomas A. Schmitt

Susanne Shuler

Michael Steiner

Ellen Schmitz

Jeanne Siedow

Roger Steiner

Timothy Schmuck

Kristin A. Siegesmund

Dorris Steinhoff

Amey Schnabel

Duane K. Sigrist

Ms. Marianna C. Stershic

Clayton Schneider

Lisa G. Silberg

Debra Stewart

Mychelle Schneider

Jennifer and Stuart Simek

Steffanie Stewart

Sue and Jeremy Schneider

Cher Simer

Sharon L. Stieg

Donald B. Schnotala

Elaine M. Sinn

Steve and Gail Stocker

Allen Schoenborn

Michael J. Sinn

Natalie Stoer

Mark Schoening

Gretchen Skarohlid

Eugene Stoffel

Jodi L. Schoh

Elisabeth Skoglund

Kristin Stoffel

Randal Schreiner

Katherine Slaikeu

Rodney K. Stoffels

Brian Schroeder

Rick Slingerland

Mary Stoffers and Mathew Stanek

Krystle Schroeder

Laura Smisek

Patrick Stokke

Tim Schroeder

Erika Smith

The Stolar Family

Tamara Schryver

Errol Smith

Hugh Stoll

Kimberly Schuck

Jim and Kathy Smith

John A. Stoltzfus

Mike and Marlene Schuele

Kenneth W. Smith

Jen Stolz

Mark Schuffenhauer

Marcia Smith

Kim Storey

Amy Schulte

Matthew Smith

Alan Stovall

Ed and Georgie Schulte

Mindy A. Smith

Michael P. Stowe

Tracy Schultenover

Peggy Smith

Anne Straka-Leland

Kim Schulzetenberg

Thomas Smith

Mike and Linda Strand

Mark S. Schumacher

Timothy E. Smith

Colin Strathman

Yvonne Schumacher

Walter L. Smith

Ross Strehlow

Dale and Holly Schuveiller

Rodney Smoliak

Tom Streifel

Mark W. Schwieters

Boyd Sneddon

Jasmine Stringer

Jeffrey Scott

Kathy and Tom Snouffer

Christina Strong

Kristin Seela

Stephen Snyder

Elizabeth Strong

Jennifer Seidel

Karen A. Solfest

Steve Stuber

Patrick and Maria Seiler

Elizabeth Songalia

Pete Stuckert

Lisa Seiple

Anne Sonnee

Amber J. B. Sufka

Richard Seitz

Chuck Spadaccini

Susan M. Summitt

Jason and Holly Semerad

Dana Spaulding

Terri L. Supalo

Sarah Senaratna

Gary Spears

Krista Suronen

Kari Sentz

Megan Speas

David Sutherland

Julie Sergot

Teresa Sposito

Pamela Svedberg

Craig W. Settem

Michael Sprunger

Jeffrey Swanhorst

Debra Setterberg

Natalie J. Sprute

Wendy Swanson

Kim Severson

Mark Staba and Sabrina Lau

Michael Swenson

Charlie Shaffner

Mike Staeger

Anthony Szczepaniak

Carle Shanks

Josh Stahl

Cheryl L. Tabbert LEADERSHIP GIVING | 57



Lynn C. Taffe

John W. Turner

Michael and Anne Wayman

Sue Talley

Dominic Turpin

John and Robi Wazlawik

Bob Tannehill

Meredith and Sam Tutterow

Kelly Wearn

Clark A. Taylor

Danny Tyndell

Melissa Webb

Craig and Deborah Taylor

David Tynes

Randi P. Webb

Cynthia Taylor

Matthew Uhan

John and Candace Weber

Eric and Eileen Taylor

Jorge and Martha Ulate

Timothy Webert

Dave and Laura Telschow

Mike Urgo and Lisa Nelson

Shawn T. Webster

Kyle O. Tengwall

Steven Vagle

Andrea Wehrung

Loree Terry

Elaine Valerius

Dean Weigel

Thomas Tessman

Julie VanDale

Bob and Libby Weil

Katie Tharp

Dan and Sandy Vandenberghe

David Weiner

Robert Thayer

David VandenEinde

Jeff Weiner

Vincent and Deborah Therrien

Julia and Edwin Van Hamm

Shelly Welch

Richard Thiele

Gene Vant Hof

Theresa Welinski

Douglas Thielman

Patty and Jim Vathing

James and Babette Wellnitz

Greg and Elizabeth Thom

Anastasia Vavoulis

Candi Welman-McCausland

Don and Peggy Thomas

Kimberly Vchulek

Marlene T. Werner

Paul C. Thomas

Tim Virant

Robin A. Werrbach and Jeff Tentinger

Shirley Thompson

Thomas Vitt

Kristin Wessels

Tiffany Thompson

Richard L. Voelbel

Michael J. West

Terry Thoraldson

Kayleen A. Vogel

Michelle Westberg

Jennifer Thorson

Melissa Vogel

Denise and Karl Westenfield

Scott Thorson

Michael VondeLinde

Gregory Weyandt

John E. Till, Jr.

Charles Von Feldt

Scott A. and Melinda J. Whipps

Dave Tillman

Kevin Wacek

Linda and Curt White

Laura A. Tillotson

Sarah H. Waite

Margaret White

Theresa C. To

Charles Wakefield

Patrick White

Lynette F. Todd

Wendy Walden

Timothy R. White

Tony Tolliver

Jeremy Waldman and Judith Belzer

T. J. and Cristan White

Lica Tomizuka

Adrian Walker

David Whitman

The Paul Tomsche Family

Daniel S. Walker

Russ Wibben

Paul Torgerson

Sheila Walker

Erik Wibholm

Alex Torkelson

Cameron Wallace

Mary and David Wiebusch

Jason Toso

Gary L. Wallstein

Maureen O’Brien

Mark Toth

Julie D. Walsh

Brad Wiggins

Sarah A. Tovar

Lynn Walstrom

Cheryl Wiitala

Tom and Lori Tracy

Barbara Walter

Wynn and Beata Wiksell

David N. Traub

Donna Walther

Karen Wilcox

Jessica Treft

John A. Walthour

Mary Wildenberg

Dale W. Trepanier

Maxine L. Walton

Patty Wilder and Ryan Schroeder

Bradley C. Tressell

Marlon Wandrick, Sr.

Lori Wilhelm

James J. Trobec

Linda Wandt

Amy Williams

DeeAnne Trost

Melissa J. Wannigman

Carolyn Williams

Anne M. Truax

Lori A. Ward

David Williams

William E. Trunnell

Theresa Ware

Ryan Williams

John and Lydija Tschumperlin

Brad and Eryn Warne

Christopher D. Williamson

Kathy and Jeff Tucci

Daniel Warne

Mary Willocks

Stefanie Tucker

Jennifer Waterman

Suzie Wilmot

William Tully

Daniel Watje

Jim Wilson and Amy Lam




Tina Wilson

James Woodworth

Darren W. and Anupama V. Young

Brenda L. Winkelman

Mary Jo Woolf

Kevin and Pat Zahler

Richard J. Winship

Stacy Woolhouse

Robert L. Zak

Ruth Wintheiser

Lucia J. Worth

Kris Zell

Susanne Wintz

Clarence Wright

Joel G. Zeller

Justin Wisner

Christopher Wrobel

Thomas Zemanick

Peter and Lisa Wocken

David and Heidi Wuerger

Gary and Katie Zibley

Scott and Lisa Wold

Timothy E. and Joy A. Wuestenhagen

Nathan Zietlow

Keith and Barbara Wolf

Jeffrey Wyman

Lynn M. Zigan

Nancy J. Wolf

Michael Wynne and Susan Curry

Jane Zilch

Susan T. Wolf

Binglin Yang

Nancy Zinter

Susan and Brian Wolff

Mary Yarger

Dennis and Shelly Zuzek

Kenneth M. Wolford

Janice Yetmar



Paul R. and Valerie C. Ackerman

Roger J. * and Mary M. Burke

Neil and Ann Ahlstrom

Catherine E. Burnside *

John E. Andrus III

Raymond Alexander Burr *

Bob and Joanie Dayton

Arnold A. Angeloni

Patrick and Aimee Butler

Edward and Sherry Ann Dayton

Gordon and Joyce Asselstine

Family Foundation

Edwin W. and Catherine M. Davis Foundation

Amos Deinard

Aida Azman Endowment Fund

Sandra and Peter Butler

James Deininger *

Earl E. and Doris Bakken

Bob and Gail Buuck

Eleanore and Edward Dickhaus

Toby Balsimo *

Jim and Carmen Campbell

George V. Doerr

H. M. Baskerville, Jr.

Susan and Jon Campbell

Esther B. Donovan *

Bill and Barb Beard

Arleen M. Carlson *

Peter M. Dougall *

Merton Bell, Jr. *

Vicki Carlson

Charlotte and Carl Drake, Jr. *

Harold Bend Foundation

Edna Carr *

Harry M. Drake

Diane M. Berthel

John and Linnea Castro

Joseph C. and Lillian A. Duke Foundation

M. Blumenson *

Charmaine S. Chapman *

Tracy J. Dwight *

Thomas Boright

John W. Clark Estate

Audrey Eisenhardt

Robert Bratnober

Jessie Coddon

Mabel V. Emblom

Aloysius and Margaret * Breher

Fredric and Glenda Corrigan

Kittie Fahey

Judith S. and Richard F. Corson

John Faley

L. G. Brennan *

Gail and Alec Covington

Janet and John Filter

Paul Brick *

David and Vicki Cox

Dorothy Fobes *

Elinor D. Brodie *

Mrs. Thomas Crosby, Sr.

G. M. Foley *

Chad A. Brown and Charles W. Botzenmayer

Edith Czarlininski *

Barbara L. Forster and

Elizabeth Bufton *

Howard and Liz Dalton

Bob and Gerry Bullard

Jo Marie and George Dancik

Charitable Trust

Lawrence H. Hendrickson Michael W. Fraze *

Please forgive us. While we make every effort to ensure the accuracy of our records, we occasionally find errors. If we have omitted, misplaced or misspelled your name, please accept our apologies and contact us so that we may correct our records. Please call Donor Stewardship at (612) 340-7404. Lists are based on information received as of June 30, 2010.

∗ = deceased




Kathleen Frey *

Joyce and Dick McFarland

Charles Sansby *

E. C. (Skip) and Barbara Gage

Faeth McGowan *

Malana and Jeffrey Schmidt

Donald E. and Adele Garretson

Carolyn McKnight

Allan and Deborah Schneider

William W. and Penny George

Mary Bigelow McMillan

Christopher Schoedinger

Charles Duncan Gilfillian Trust

Norman and Eleanor Mears

Alyce Scholten *

Nettie Grabschied *

Karl A. Meyer *

Elizabeth Schutt *

Jane S. Griggs

William and Fern Miller

Norma V. Schwartz Trust

Marion D. Groth *

Ellen Mitchell Gallagher

Ethelda Seaman

Rose Grunwald *

Curtis Moe and Kathy Harker

Augustus L. Searle Trust

Harold W. Gulden *

Robert J. and Sharon L. Moeller Family

Susie M. Selcer *

Fund of The Minneapolis Foundation

Gertrude Shiely *

Oliver Hamlin * John L. Hannaford *

Gertrude S. Moore *

Paul Siever *

Erling Hansen *

Linda S. Moore

Lee H. Slater Trust

Arthur J. and Susan * S. Hanson

Micheal and Michele Moore

Estate of Ruth Sleeger

Helen Harrington Charitable Trust

Mort and Alice Mortenson

Emil J. and Emily D. Slowinski

Nancy Otis Harris *

Mrs. John M. Musser

Charlotte N. Smith *

Alfred and Ingrid Lenz Harrison

Philip * and Katherine Nason

Frank Eli Smith *

Mr. and Mrs. Robert E. Haugen *

Irving Nathanson *

Robert H. Solmonson *

John Frederick Hayes *

Glen and Marilyn Nelson

Robert Spong

Gustavous L. Heegaard *

Estate of Nelson S. Neuman *

Paul and Nell Sponheim

Albert H. Heller *

Dorothy H. Newberg *

Warren and Mary Lynn Staley

Helen Herschler *

Eastate of Myron W. Nilson *

Charles L. Steinbert *

Sandy and John Hey

Bonnie Ostlund

Dorothy H. Stevenson *

Doris Hill

Constance S. Otis

Robert and Ruth * E. Swanson

Susan Hodgson

Elinor S. Otto *

James H. Thomas

Mr. and Mrs. John S. Holl

Estate of Hannah D. Palank *

Clarence B. Thompson *

Allen F. Jacobson

Justin and Meredith Palecek

Edith and A. Skidmore Thorpe

Betty and Bob Johnson

Anita M. Pampusch

Edward and Julie C. Titcomb

Frank E. Johnson *

A. Arnold Peilen *

Robert M. Townsend *

Sandy Joiner

Richard H. Pendleton *

John and Leslie Turner

Patricia S. Kane

Dagny Naeseth Peterson *

Kenneth T. and Maureen D. Tyra

Morton Katz *

Estate of Evelyn Mae Peterson *

Roger and Eileen Wahldick

Joanne Kay Knoll *

Mildred C. Peterson *

Janny and Platt * Walker

John P. Knutson *

Jeannette S. Pleis *

Joyce Watson *

Barbara Koch

Margaret and William H. Plummer Trust

Elise Lee Wear

David A. Koch

Carl and Eloise Pohlad *

Weesner Estate

Rodney H. Kosloski

David Poretti

William H. Weitzman *

Richard and Mary Jo Kovacevich

Irja S. Pratt *

Mary and Jeff Werbalowsky

Thomas J. Lawson *

Chris and Susan Pryce

William * and Jean West

Flora Levine

George E. Quinn *

Lee and Dorothy Whitson *

Karen and Bob Libke

Edna N. Quinnell *

W. T. Wilke, Jr. *

John and Nancy Lindahl

David and Ellen Raisbeck

Mrs. Charles J. Winton, Jr. Estate

Tom and Mari Lowe

Darwin and Geri Reedy

Penny and Mike* Winton

W. Duncan * and Nivin

Elizabeth M. and Walter W. Richter

Kirt and Nicole Woodhouse

Robert * and Kathleen Ridder

Margaret B. Woodworth *

Chris LaVictoire Mahai and Daniel Mahai

Karl H. Rose *

Angus and Margaret Wurtele

Ellen J. Mammen *

Fannie Rosenblum *

Berdie S. Yetter *

The Ted and Roberta Mann Foundation

Eino Salo *

Randi S. N. Yoder and Michael Henley

Linda Mazzuco

Medora Sanford Trust

Anonymous = 6

MacMillan Foundation


∗ = deceased



Karen Albertson

Cynthia Goplen

Judith Murphy ω

Heather Anfang

Beverly Grossman

Ann Nelson

Erin Ascher

Susan A. Hagstrum

Marilyn Nelson

Gay Bakken

Jan Hale

Ann Ness

Alison Balan ω

Debra Harman

Kristine Oberg

Nancy Ballsrud ω

Lynne Harrington ω

Laura Oberst ω

Katherine Bassett

Aimee Hatlestad

Sandra Olds

Barb Beard

Renee J. Heinbuch

Carla Olson ω

Patricia Beithon

Lori M. Helmer

Kelly Osterbauer

Mary Blegen

Suzanne Hodder

Cindy Page

Lydia Botham

Deborah Hopp ω

Susan Palombo

Blythe Brenden

Anne B. Hunter

Mary Payne

Jeannie Buckner

Ann Johnson

Ellen Peterson

Donna Burke-Anderson

Kari Johnson

Judy M. Poferl

Ann Burns

Thea Keamy

Anne Policinski

Barbara Burwell

Heather Kielpinski

Susan Pryce

Susan Campbell

Nancy Kimball ω

Jeanne Ravich

Cynthia Cargill

Carolyn Kitchen

Sherry Reynolds

Jennie Carlson

Pamela Knous

Kim Ries

Sarah Caruso

Virginia Kremer ω

Sheila Riggs

Lynn Casey

Stephanie Laitala

Kathleen Riley

Rachelle Chase

Jane Lanctot

Laurie Rivard

Barbara Clark

Amy Langer

Lauri Roberts

Carol M. Clark

Carolyn Leslie

Sheryl Wallace Rogers

Christine Clifford

Shannon Levang

Cheri Rolnick

Karri Copman

Carol Ley

Rebecca Roloff

Sarah Cuthill

Nancy Lindahl

Abigail Rose ω

Doreen D’Aigle

Joy Lindsay

Elizabeth Russomanno

Wendy Wenger Dankey

Monica Little

Lauren Segal

Sandra Davis

Sallie March

Nora Slawik

Theresa Davis

Melissa Martin

Sara Sternberger

Jacquelyn Daylor

Lisa Mauer

Mary Thompson ω

Janet Dolan

Sherri McDaniel

Diane Thormodsgard

Kittie Fahey

Margot McManus

Laraine D. Thulin

Terri Ferrise

Bonnie-Kae McPhee

Cathleen Tobin ω

Beverly Fink

Jeri Meola

Carol Truesdell ω

Linda Fiterman

Mary Merrill

Moria Turner

Sarah Foster

Karen Meslow

Emily Anne Tuttle

Leslie Frécon

Christine Meuers

Cathy Van der Schans

Phyllis Garon

Gwendolyn Meyer

Sandra Warner

Jean Geisler

Megan Mourning

Karen Weathers

Heather Geraghty

Catherine Muggee

Randi Yoder

Please forgive us. While we make every effort to ensure the accuracy of our records, we occasionally find errors. If we have omitted, misplaced or misspelled your name, please accept our apologies and contact us so that we may correct our records. Please call Donor Stewardship at (612) 340-7404. Lists are based on information received as of June 30, 2010.

ω = Women’s Leadership Council President’s Circle Member

= Tocqueville Society Member



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United Way Leadership Givers 2010  

Thanks to the support of our leadership donors (those who give $1,000+), as well as members of Emerging Leaders, Great Giving and Women's Le...

United Way Leadership Givers 2010  

Thanks to the support of our leadership donors (those who give $1,000+), as well as members of Emerging Leaders, Great Giving and Women's Le...